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Satuerday, November 30, 2019

No More November

 Well, just for now.  I can almost guarantee you that November, in terms of as an abstract concept and how we comprehend it, and not just specifically what it is right now, will repeat itself in roughly 8 or 10 months into the future.  And then roughly 3 years after that.  Then we gotta wait till 2525.  Something along those lines.   Anyway, I'm gonna do something new this entry-- try to write it well.  I can't believe I haven't tried that in the past!  Anyway here are some jokes I thought of recently:

Joke # 1: I got a burrito
Joke #2:  I got a burrito bowl.
Joke #3:  I will split the burrito shell between both technical Burrito and technical Burrito Bowl
Joke #4: Should be here in half an hour
Joke #5: Will put it in the oven for 30, 40 minutes.
Joke #6: Start eating and writing this entry at the same time.
Joke #:  Jokes!  I'm apparently some sort of non threatening and obedient Laugh Riot.  Is Laugh Riot all that different from Pussy Riot?  Personally, I'd be very happy with either one.


    Watching a bit of The Irishman (Mostly around the torso and the limbs) and I don't like being exposed to Jimmy Hoffa.  WTF UNIONS ARE GOOD THING BUT SOMETIME BAD THINGS? THAT'S TOO COMPLICATED FOR MY SENSITIVE SENSIBILITIES #CANCELNETFLIX.  #IMEANWHATISAY. Anyway, the debate between Chipotle Burrito With Shell and Chipotle "Bowl"-- the burrito with no shell, bring me back to NYU.  I had a job for half a year or maybe a full year and we would on occasion get Chipotle (I WOULD ALWAYS INSIST AND FOR SOME REASON I WAS OFTEN SATIATED.)  And I remember Peer Pressuring my friend into getting the Burrito.  I don't think I ever recognized that its more calories or not nutritional or anything.  I was just like hey we're in College We're Supposed To Be Men EAT SOME TORTILLA C'MON.  Oh how the mighty have fallen.  Hey, but the point is that there was Chipotle at all. #blessed. I f I was on twitter when I was 18, that'd be pretty much what I'm all about.  Cause it'll be like silly thing to make what You're All About all about but also Fuck yeah Chipotle Here is aweome.
Plus, it made me feel special to even be exposed to Chipotle.  Musta had several hundred franchises across America, but that's not so much!  It really makes you feel like You're In On Ground Zero [somehow that analogy doesn't seem eight] so I was REALLY HAVING FUN. The point is yeah I had friends in NYU.  Well, a friend.  And not so muh of a friend except that we'd have lunch tougher because we worked at the same place.  And no so much of a friend because 90% of the ime he wanted to go to a speicfic NYU Dining Hall [Downstein] and I didn't so he was just like Well Fuck You I Could Give A Crap If You Accompany I'm Getting NYU DINING HALL FOOD.  Maybe one one of he most purest friendships I've ever had.
    Cool.  What paragraph are we into roughly. 
Let's say FIFTH.  Does looking forward to Mr. Rogers Movie make me a creep?  I don't think so!  For me, its uncharted terrain.  Might have been on somewhere when I was a kid in 1990's, but I ain't never seen it!  Also, all those times I missed elementary school, either for legitimate sicknesses/colds/fevers, as well as the other 50% the time I was faking it, STILL don't remember seeing any of it.  Won't you be my neighbor.  Well, look.  You've already got 2 neighbors AT BEST.  How he Hell are you gonna fit me in?  Are you gonna murder one of your neighbors becaus they just weren't that much fun-- but even still-- what exactly makes you think I'd be any better??! Anway.  The Irishman (so far, 45 minutes into the movie, not 100% sure who the Irish man is and wht hes all about)-- but it made me think.  The run time is like 3 and a half hours.  You'd think it'd take twice as much to make, right?  It's like WE'RE GONNA DO AN ENTIRE 1 HOUR 45 MINUTES, AND ALL THE EXPENSES THAT ENTAILS... THEN ONCE MORE TO GET US TO WHERE WE ARE.  Sounds like a scam of some sort and I Want In!
  Got a birthday card from Aunt and Uncle.  The card has a bunch of candles smiling (yeah anthropomorphic candles GET OVER IT) so I was like hey it looks like a Chanukah Card BUT NOPE IT WERE BIRTHDAY CANDLES.  II figure at this oint, every birthday, I'm just gonna continue asking my parents for the HDTV they promised me 2 years ago either as a birthday present or a graduation present [or neither/both.]  Hey anyway I'm seeing Jennifer Lopez is Next SNL Host.  I'll always remember her because She Was My First.  You know, not in real life.  In masturbatin world.  I've always thought about it as normal, but there's some sick shit me and my group of friends when we were 12/13 that we were up to.  No Homo--Spoiler Alert-- but one of my friends was like hey we should hump each other and just pretend the other one is a woman.  I went along with it What Else Do I Know. 
    Anywya, same friend would often bring up the game soggy biscuits.  Where everyone cums on a biscuit (either American biscuit o in the British sense, where it just means a cookie.  And the first person who can't cum has to eat it.  Never actaully came to it because it sorta seemed like well the first time you go around, assuming you don't have to wait that long for everyone to do their business... the odds ain't in your favor.  On the plus side he had a subscription to Maxim Magazine and I enjoyed looking t those ladies for Penile Stimulation Purposes.  The point is My Latest Bestfriend would only hang out with me if I adopted apolicy of Appeasement in terms of Lunch.  He couldn't give a shit about my friendship or companionship.  WTF WHY ARE PEOPLE SUCH ASSHOLES.
    You know what?
  Chipotle can use a mascot.  A character-spokesman.  I'd Like To Throw My Hat In The Ring!  I'd be like Hey kids as you grow into adults you're gonna want an adult fast food NO MATTER WHAT YOUR COLLEG FRIEND THINK FUCK 'EM IN THE WAY WHAT YOU WANT IS SOME BURITOBOWLS. Anyway gonna wrap it up after this paragraph.  I'm not a fan of hving a birthday in mid December because when Uncle and Aunt spend Birthday Card & Gift, and I get it the last week of November, it's obiously a lot eaiser to wait ntil Christmas, when I see them, to thank them for it, BUT that's an entire month of them wondering DID HE APPRETIATE THE SENTIMENT AND GIFT?  WE'RE GOING OUT OF OUR MINDS TRYING TO FIGURE THIS ONE OUT!  Hey no more entry.  8 paragraphs is what I said and I'm sticking by it!  See ya later.

-:202 P.M.


Friday, November 29, 2019

I Will Title This BullShit All Over The Place.

 How how as it come to this point.  A lot of Titling without any tangible results.  Just keep doing the same thing and over time you end up somewhere new!  I think that's the definition of insanity,, though.  Doing the same thing an expecting different results.  That's what I've learned either from experience or from school or from reading or from films or from televisions.  OR ALL AT ONCE it's a really big phrase.  The point is I have 1/4th of a Pizza Pie for lunch and at some point soon I will stop talking about my lunch so much, I'm building up to that stage, just be patient with me please!
    Hey, with The Sopranos being Dunzo until, lets stay, Winter 2020/2021 [OH RIGHT THE MOVIE NEXT FALL LEMME BUMP UP THAT EXPECTATION A BIT!] I started and finished binge watching Hello Ladies.  Probably the 4th time around with that series, I'd guess.  The funny thing is yesterday I feel like I started Hello Ladies and watched 2 or 3 episodes, and then I get up today, and its like READY FOR EPISODE 8?  THE PENULTIMATE EPISODE?  Jeez I musta been Some Sort of Drunk.  I think that's one of the easiest ways to measure how drunk I am.  There's buzzed-- you're gonna remember everything even though you were buzzed.  There's drunk-- you'll remember What You Did the next day but maybe not the specific moments.  Then there's More Or Less Really Drunk, where you can't remember what you did at all while you were More Or Less Really Drun. 
    I love getting drunk enough to forget what I was doing when I was drunk.  Finally, a respite from having to be conscious about my life.  Can't I just live in a scenario where its constantly a fresh start, a blank slate, a way out from the past and a way into the present.  IAnyway, I dunno.  Thanksgiving was okay.  My brother ended up coming and we hung out for a few hours and then I kind of feel like I went to sleep while drunk but I dunno for sure.  I didn't have no traditional Thanksgiving Meal, though.  Just asked myself what kinda crap will make me the happiest?  So I got a cheeseburger with some fries.  You know, JUst Like The pilgrams Intended?  When The pilgrims started celebrating Thanksgiving presumably with the pretense its about getting along with Native Americans, did any Native American Tribes go along with it?
    Possibility 1-- Thanksgiving wasn't really about getting along with Native Americans even then.  Possibility 2-- It was about getting along with Native Americans, but don't bother them with your holiday let em live their own life.  Possibility 3--- white people were like hey we're gonna celebrate a holiday all the time every year about us being friends and the Native Americans were like nah I don't think we're gonna do that.  Speaking of food--fuck it-- I'm eating 2 slices of pizza WITH PEPPERONI HOLY SHIT.  I was looking at some pizza my mom got a week or 2 ago and I was like oh yeah, cheese wise, that's how a pizza is supposed to luck.  Then I consulted internet and it said someting like meat goes on top of pizza, vegetables go on bottom of cheese.  So I realized I'd been fucking up the composition of regular pizza just because I wanted some eggplant.  Oh well, you live, YOU LEARN.
    Trump pardoned Turkey again, even after pardoning Turkey for invading Syria and committing genocides and crap.
  Guess He Didn't Get The Message The First Time.  Anyway, I was having a Frozen Breakfast Burrito from Supermarket and I realized, you know what?  Next time I get Chipotle-- IMA GET THE BURRITO SKIN!!!  To keep it at roughly the same amount of calories, I'd have to eat only 50-75% of it, but HOLY SHIT TORTILLA SHELL.  The good news is after about half a year, I haven't gotten crumbs or anything stuck in the crevices of my chair. And you all doubted me for some reason thanks a lot.  Sure I could just pizza with no topping.  I was strongly considering it!  Figure I'd go nuts, though.  It's part of who I am.  Going nuts.
    Anyway I think I've been masturbating the wrong way.  I can't go into further detail because I DON'T KOW THE DETAILS YET but there is some evidence that oh not everything is going as it should be. The point is, I must have, "Gone There," before, but when I was a kid I'd leave over the pizza crust.  WHAT KIND OF SOCIOPATH DOES THAT?!?!  I guess I can continue HBO 1/2 Hour Comedies.  That multi-series about Australian School was pretty good.  Because I Lvoe To Laugh!  Sixth paragraph.  Lets see how this goes.  I like seeing my Brother, especially when my Parents engage him in conversation which he doesn't seem to like, because its like Hey there's a real world beyond Me, My Mom, My Dad, and MSNBC.  HOLY SMOKES I WANNA HER WHAT ITS REALLY ALL ABOUT.  I remember when I was younger, in between First Getting Suck and Going Back To Queens College Full Time, all my Mom (and, by extension, my Dad) was watch Dexter.  Man Oh Man did I HATE Dexter.  Looking back, I'm not 100% why.  But I did not like it one bit.
    Seventh paragraph!  If I finish This Block after this one, the next roughly-same-sized block gets us to 15--  A PERFECT MULTIPLE OF FIVE.  The great news is I picked up Pizza on my walk myself because I figured I didn't wanna order enough to meet their minimum threshold for Delvery and I asked them when I was there And I was RIght Their Minimum is 15 dollar.  So if I really wanted to get it delivered I've have to add on a Hot Antiposto or something and make it 2 meals WHTATA BULLSHT I AIN'T FALLING FOR THAT BULLSHIT AND CRAP.  Hey I get to take a break now!  See ya later!

-1:18 P.M.



Wednesday, November 27, 2019

I Will Be Writing This Entry To The Plurality Of My Abilities.

 C'mon Sounds about 100% right.  Got some Halal Food going on.  Is that insensitive or EXTRA sensitive, colloquially calling it Halal Food..  When I say it, in my mind, its like Hey these Muslims and whatnot have this great food I'm gonna refer to it based on how they refer to their cuisine.  But its like, how would I feel if someone was like HEY I LOVE KOSHER FOOD.  Plus, its like hey I kow you gys take your relgion and communal background seriously i'm gonna use this one word to epitomize what you're best for here in My Life At Least For Now. Because its the asme thing.  And I wouldn't know how to feel!  I've have to spend several hours pondering religion and spirituality and figuring out how I relate to all thatcrap.  So THANKS for it in the end, it really made me think!  I'm having a lot of trouble getting them to put on the amount of white sauce I want.  I can go very little, too much.  I go, extremely little, the smallest amount possible.  I can go DON'T PUT ANY WHITE SAUCE ON AT ALL! and they're like wok I get I well that's about four squirts then, I hear ya buddy!
Thanksgiving is coming up  Just me and The Father and That Mother Who Hangs Around Both Me And My Father these days.  Anyway.  My habit of paying for things with quarters-- either completely with quarters or some bills supplemented with quarters-- has finally made its way to Halal Cart Food.  I feel awkward not when you'd think( when I'm like HERE'S YOUR QUARTERS FOR REAL THINGS) but the moment after that where they just take em and are happy for me to go on my way.  I mean, 2 dollars worth of quarters, you can't figure out by eyesight immediately I'm paying the right amount!  Over 50% of the time I actually go you wanna count it?  Just to be sure!  I'm not here to rip anybody off I just want some Halal Nonsense.  Anyway, people overeat on Thanksgiving, but I think I'm gonna do that today instead and go Way Further Into This Meal than I should be. Or I stop Like A Man halfway through.  At this rate I can do that, sure, why not!
It's a Thanksgiving 4 Day Holiday Miracle!  The other good news I put the container the Halal Food came in in the microwave for 2 minutes and Hey Great News The House Didn't Blow Up!  So basically I've already won Thanksgiving-- you know-- being alive after tempting fate with Microwaving.  Anyway.  Got a Bonus Matzo Ball Soup in the fridge, so I can eat 2/3rds of Halal today, and tomorrow pair 1/3 of Halal with Matzohball soup.  HALAL AND MATZOBALL SOUP?  SOUNDS LIKE NATURAL ENEMIES.  HALAL IS MUSLIM AND MATZO BALL SOUP IS JEWISH CANT WE ALL JUST GET ALONG.  It's It' been almost 25 or so years since that-- and, SPOILER ALERT-- Nope!  What if I just went nuts and had ALL THE HALAL FOOD AT ONCE!! LIKE A FUCKING ADULT.  I fell like it would help me Write Better Entry and that's the ultimate goal with all decisions and whatnot right?  I gotta find another Halal Cart that really knows the meaming of Have It your Way. 
    I can't imagine that Too Much White Sauce is exclusive to This One Guy.  My guess is its a prerequisite when you graduate from Cart School.  How do you get to own a Halal Cart.  Is it like Taxis where you need some sort of medallion.  Are you born into it?-- your cart was your fathers cart was his fathers cart?  I'm really interested in this now I'd consult my local library but its too far away and I don't feel like making that trek.  If anyone asks, today was MY Thanksgiving.  I celebrated with Halal Food THAT'S MY PERSONAL CHOICE GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT IT.  Anyway I've been gaining weight for 4 of 5 months might as well gain an extra 1/5th of a point at this point whose gonna give a fuck I've Been Watching The Sopranos as long as they're morbidly obese people the rest of us All Get A Pass!
    Also, its a gender thing.  Now, I have no prospects either way-- fat or thin-- but once you're in a situation where you could potentially have SexFriendsWhoAlsoCareAboutYou SO FUCKIN' WHAT I WILL DROP ANY NOTION OF RELYING ON KEEPING HEALTH WITH MY BODY WHO GIVES ACRAP.  Let Them be worried about their weight and BodyOCDInsecuritiesAnxiety.  I've moved on to Not Giving a Crap because apparently in this situation Apparently I'm Getting What I Want Out of Life (SexAndAlsoTheyCareAboutYou) anyway!  AND I get to eat Crap!?!?  That Sure Seems Like A Wonderful.  Anyway, new topic.  I haven't gotten into a new  band in like 8-10 years.  Thee's a lot of pop music I can endure but its not really what I'm about.  Hey have you ever though tabout how 90% of people who get Halal Food eat it all a tonce?  OH YEAH WELL AHVE YOU THOUGHT ABOUT MOST PEOPLE'S STANDARD WEIGHT ISN'T 120-130 POUNDS THEY CAN EAT MORE THAN THE REST OF US FOR MAINTENANCE.   
    What else.
  Sopranos almost done.  I'm a little confused AND TROUBLED how Tony Sopranos Real Life Son is playing Tony Soprano in Upcoming Movie but the math doesn't seem to add up.  Takes place in mid-late 60's.  Tony Soprano was born around 1960 based on dialogue in The Sopranos.  His Real Life Kid is like 20.  How he gonna play an 8 year old CMON WHAT KIND OF RUBE DO YOU TAKE ME FOR All I'm ASKING FOR IS A LITTLE CONTINUITY.  I figure it I keep eating enough eventually my metabolism will get the message and let me eat more without getting weight.  It's all on my metabolism's ability To Get A Hint.  Anyway in an ideal world tomorrow I would just get a Turkey Leg and some stuffing.  Doesn't need to be any more complicated than that, nor anymore OverEating.  Just a turkey leg and a surface area of stuffing.
    One more paragraph!  Seven over all!  Just finished Halal Food.  Oh well, some you win, some you lose.  Some were just born to sing the blues  I heard about it an episode and a half into the fuure.  I know people like to speculate what happens to Tony Soprano at the very final end of the series, but ME?  I'm wondering about Meadow.  The rest of Sopano Immediate Family are at the Diner Table eating onion rings.  And she's parking the car.  For a long time.  They just keep shooting the shit and every 20 seconds its like Well Meadow is still busy parking the car.  And that lasts into the final scene when Tony Might Be Getting Clipped.  C'mon Meadow PARK THE FUCKING CAR ALREADY!  Alright, see ya later.

-1:30 P.M.


Tuesday, November 26, 2019

I've Been Here All Week For Months

 C'mon lets move on with stuff and whatnot.  Anyway, I just almost peed my pants standing at my toilet.  How do you Almost pee your pants.  I'm Glad I asked!  I made just the tiniest effort to start peeing-- putting some effort into the whole thing-- for about a half second (500 million nanoseconds for those of you who like who don't like division) but somehow I succeeded in stopping myself JUST IN TIME.  Anyway.  Now, whenever I use the phrase In Time I just think of The Exorcist.  That There Exorcist was with Possessed Girl (Who, for some reason, I like to call HER 'The Exorcist,') and she does something supernatural or something nad he's like can you do that again? and she goes In Time.  The point is I get all my inspiration from The Scariest Thing I've Ever Seen.
    Anyway, lunch in about 15, 20 minutes.  Gotta do something in some amount of time is my feeling. She kind of is the exorcist, c'mon.  The preacher had some demons with his mother in the hospital and doing the Exorcism got him to overcome his guilt and It's a Win/Win/Win!  Little girl loses demon.  Preacher gets his soul back.  Demon travels on!  The Devil has got better places to be and better people to possess!  He's thinking, Job well done this time around, making people better, now I'm off!  Whatta hero.  Why is it a priority for the Devil to infect some preteen girl.  HEY SO MUCH CRAP I CAN FUCK UP THINGS WITH ON EARTH... I'm gonna put all that evil energy into making life suck for this one unfortunate girl and her mother.  Seems kind of below him, right?  Who cares in the end.  Unless if it was because her Mother was an (famous?) actress and the Devil is just a starfucker which is a term I've heard used in relation to Exorcisms Here And There.
    Hey hey what can I do.  What else is going on.  Just once I'd like to see an Exorcism movie where the ending is nope girl was just mentally ill all the time.  Oh well thanks for all your efforts, come back next year when Girl Goes Crazy Again!  LETS MAKE A TRADITION OF IT AND EVERYTHING WHY NOT.  Anyway I drank so much yesterday I forgot I had to go to the supermarket today so when I got up today I was like Fuuuuck I gotta go do something for an hour WATTAFUCK I NEVER SIGNED UP FOR THIS SHIT.  But it happened and it's over and I think we can all agree the best thing we can do is move on with our lives.  Anyway.  Usually Supermarket is pretty empty, but it was well populated today, cause of Thanksgiving.  And I really digged shopping in a relatively crowded supermarket because te assumption is Hey Hey Look At This Adult Kid I'm Impressed With How He's Buying Food And Drink Products For Himself And Maybe Even Family ID LIKE TO GET TO KNOW THIS ADULT KID ONE WAY OR ANOTHER MAYBE I SHOULD ASK HIM IF HE LIKES MUSIC.
    Sweeet.  G
Got some Chicken Parm for lunch.  I feel like I'm on a good enough basis with Italian Food to call it chicken parm for short.  I think I'm ready to take our linguistic signifiers to the next level.  Linguistic, Linguini, you know, you get it.  Maybe I'm just an idiot for assuming Later Who Albums are nothing special, but the 3 tracks available on their next album are like Hey These are Straight Up Good The Who Songs!  Wonderful! I like it when music is good because I enjoy it more and also Get Off My Back About It if I wanna enjoy listening to good music why is everyone trying to get in the way of that LEAVE ME ALONE ALL OF YOU PLEASE.  Something along those lines, right?  Figure I'll write one more paragraph then start eating.  Multiples of Fives Strike again!
    Cool.  Is it possible that Social Media has ruined humanity.  I don't have any way to continue that thought but it feels about right.  Instead of doing good things to help or serve or advance society we're just sharing, MEMES and Hearting Pictures and Tweeting MEMES and Hashtag MEMES.  I dunno crap like that.  Been off Participating in social media for a month or 2.  And look at me now!  I I said, LOOK AT ME NOW!!!  WTF NO ONE IS LOOKING AT ME AT ALL SAVE ME SOCIAL MEDIA!  Something along those lines, right?  I'm upset the actors that played Tony Soprano Family haven't done much lately.  It's really unfortunate because I dunno I'm done with this section of the entry.


I Don't Think I've Ever Used Spice.

 Spice is synthetic marijuana.  I Knew It Was Something and internet has Helped Me Fill In The Blanks.  The closest I've come to using Spice is when in the 1990's there were 2 or 3 premium Pay-Per-View "Adult" channels and Spice was one of them.  Anyway-- ADULT TALK COMING UP SOON-- You've Been Warned-- is it just me or do people who bite their nails ever save their bitten off nail and be like this was great I'm Gonna Save This One For Later!!  That's also assuming that people who bite their nails keep it in their mouth a little bit.  Ya know, using your tongue to mimic Flossing It between your teeth, stuff like that.
  Anyway, pretty late lunch considering when I got up!  I am EVER SO CLOSE to finishing The Sopranos.  Then, onto the Baritones, then the Altos, and probably even some sort of 4th thing I don't reme--- THE TENORS OF COURSE.  One of my favorite characters in The Sopranos is the Asian kid (well, in his 20's probably) whose on the same Nursing Home/Psychiatric/Prison that Junior was in. A nd he has a big anger problem and is traumatized by overbearing parents.  Mostly because that described Half the Guys I Knew In Highschool and about 80% of The Guys I Was Friend With In High School.  It's a Chicken or The Egg thing but I'm pretty sure being my friend corresponds with being More Like This Character From The Sopranos.
    I've probably said this before, but I remember when I was first just starting to become interested in sex, I would stay up late until everyone was sleeping, then go on my family's one desktop computer, and google breasts.com that was my first instinct.  Second was playboy.com good for them they were doin' their brand well in the late 90's.  And then when I was a Full Blown Teenager [no pun intended even though there's 1/2 a pun there!] I had my own computer and I used P2P programs to download dozens and dozens and scores of porn.  I dunno if this affected me anyway, but we have a bunch of art and paintings and crap in our house, cause my grandfather worked in an auction house or something we we got an abundance of Cool Stuff, and also I believe it was a Grand Uncle who was an artist himself, but anyway the point is Lots of Art and also Lots of Nudes.  And seeing Breasts All The Time (although its abstract and crap-- it might just be a circle on the top part of a lady's torso-- nothing pornographic at all) but still really makes ya think.
2 paragraphs to go!  The great thing about having a really late lunch is you get to be like Ya know what it isn't that much of a stretch to start looking forward to dinner HALFWAY THROUGH lunch.  I wonder if anyone was on the verge of Liking Me on Facebook only to find out I No Longer Exist.  i guess we're all gonna have to get used to the idea I No Longer Exist According to Mark Zuckerberg.  Oh well such is life.  You figure out a social media that's combined with pornography and combined with not making people uncomfortable, maybe I'll come back on board for something like that  Sounds like a real money making algorithm if you can accomplish all three at once somehow.  Oh well give me 300,000 dollars for the idea, you can make billions but All I Want Is 300,000 Dollars.
    What else.  Tuesday.  Tuesday Afternoon!  I crunched the numbers and I don't have to go back to the supermarket for rouhly a week.  And Family Time is in 2 days!  Why, it'll be such a fun 2 hours, I can't wait until NEXT NEXT thanksgiving might as well get started being exciting Now!  Figure I'll take a mid-late afternoon walk when this entry is over even though I've been not doing that for a week or three.  Hey its almost 60 degrees!  I'd be a fool to not take a walk!  Wait a second its December in less than a week and it's almost 60 degrees. That Ain't Good Not One Bit!  Walking is stressful, though.  Each walk, I gotta make a decision, do I listen to My Own Music, to I listen to Real Music, or do I Not Listen To Any Music.  I hate making decisions decisions!  The point is the entry is over.  See you at some future date.

-2:47 P.M. 


Monday, November 25, 2019

Now, Be Honest... How Do You Really Feel About Titles?

 C'mon!  you can tell me!  I won't hold it against you.  I'll understand and accept however you feel, I don't mind, just be honest, that's what's important.  Wasn't sure to say, "Titles," in the title or, "My Titles."  Figure that distinction Is Pretty Important All Things Considered!  Anyway This Lunch This Time Around is Macdonalds!!!  I tried Googling ideal McDonalds Meal and there was no good response.  And I don't mean Happy Meal or #5 on the Value Meal Menu.  No, I wanna see how people mix and match the different sandwiches and sides.  Cause that's what I do and What Any Sane Person would do.  You want 4 nuggets, a fries, a hamburger-- there's no meal that encompasses all that, and on its own, that's pretty less variable, anyway!  It can get complicated and I want Internet To Guide Me but SO Far No Luck.
    Ain't here yet, it'll be hear in 15-20 minutes.  Then Into The Oven With Ya! for another 30-40 minutes.  Not YA.  Into The Oven With IT.  Unless I was talking to The McDonalds in that sentence, which I guess is possible but not all that likely.  I like the evolving specificity in Ordering From DoorDash.  Instead of just WRITING IN your special directions, they have Bubble Options of do you wanna have the ketchup or not, do you want the onion or not,  Its a multiple choice which I love because I miss taking tests in high school PLUS its a lot more reliable PLUS i don't have to Write In Things whoknowsifIknow all the correct words that would be necessary to convey the message I'm All About.  HOLY SMOKES THE FOOD IS, "ON THE WAY,"  Plus I can have it MY WAY, they've assured me in commercials from 30 years ago.  So, yeah, On The Way My Way?  I think I'm gonna have them make a stop off in Philadelphia. I don't need anything but I think the Driver would really have a blast.  What name is my driver today. Thaddee S.  Hmm.  Can't wait to meet the person behind that name!
    Cool!  Third paragraph and whatnot I guess.  Have it your way might have been Burger King.  The point is It's From Commercials From Before I Was Born so it's pretty impressive I'm aware of it at all GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT IT.  Also, kind of a passive-aggressive slogan.  Hey can I get this without ketchup.  HAVE IT YOUR WAY!  And then they spit on your burger because what a dick you're being.  That's my understanding of how restaurants work.  For some reason the 80's had a lot of memorable Fast Food Commercials.  Have it Your Way.  Where's The Beef.  Time To Make The Donuts.  I'm not joking the 1980's was a real special time for Fast Food Commercials apparently.  Also I feel like that was when McDonalds & His Weird Monster Friends was in its heyday.  That's my guess.
    4th paragraph! I can get behind such a number of paragraphs.  UHOH Doordash says It's On The Way for about 10 minutes And So Far ITS ON NO SUCH WAY.  Crunching all the numbers at this point it's relatively likely They're Gonna Cancel The Orde for some reason.  Otherwise, if they say its on the way, IT'D BE FUCKING ON THE WAY YOU FUCKIN' WEBSITE YOURE FULL OF SHIT.  Great, just great.  C'MON THAD WHATS YOUR PROBLEM.  SURE I ASSUME PEOPLE CALL YOU THAD FOR SHORT YOU WANNA PROVE ME WRONG YOU KNOW WHERE TO FIND ME.  Ugh what do I do if its canceled.  Immediately re-do the order?  Take a walk get Halal Food.  Eat some of food in the house LIKE A CHUMP.  I do have Cup O Noodles I could pair that with some sort of sandwich thing or something.  But I made it very clear to the universe what kind of garbage food I want for today's lunch and the universe is being a jerk!
    Wonderful.  5th paragraph.  Is there a number I can call where I'm like ID LIKE TO SPEAK TO MR. McDONALD.  PUT RON ON THE PHONE.  I CAN HEAR HIM BREATHING IN THE BACKGROUND I KNOW HE'S THERE DON'T BULLSHIT ME.  Anyway what else is giong on.  HOLY SMOKES a Car Avatar just appeared on DoorDashMap so I guess I'm gettin' this after all!  Ronald must have seen this paragraph and figured he could avoid a HUGE PR CATASTROPHE by working this out.  Anyway, if the Doordash Guy's name was Ronald M, when they're at the door, I'd be like Look... I have to ask.  Really, I don't want to.  But... ARE YOU HIM?  Something along those lines, I dunno what else is going on.  Anyway, if you're getting McDonalds for Thanksgiving, go for the McNugfry.  It's when you stuff a Big Mac with McNuggets stuffed with World Famous French Fries.  Wonderful!  How delightful a paragraph this has been!  I wonder if I should take a break during 30-40 minutes while food is in oven!  Sounds like fun I think I'll do that!

-1:00 P.M.


Oh.  I Get It.

 HEY ASSHOLES DELIVERY ARRIVED AND IS NOW OUT OF OVEN AND EVERYTHING WAS CORRECT AND ON TIME AND I GOT NO COMPLAINTS AT ALL!  TIME TO START EATING I WILL BE PROVIDING A PLAY-BY-PLAY OF EVERY BITE I TAKE!  Cool.  Alright, moving on and on and on. What else is going on today.  Supermarket is tomorrow! That doesn't meet hte criteria of being Going On Today. However I am thinking and preparing for it today.  So it IS a today!  Jeez, crap and crap.  I LOVE YOU WEBSITE. I dunno where that came from.  It was just something I felt in my heart for the last 2, 5 minutes.  I ain't afraid to let my website know how I feel!  Cuz it can't feel anything back and even if it could It'd BE ME that's feeling back!  And I am me so who gives a fig.
    Mmmm taste that garbage.  -Everyone Living In The Last Two Decades.  Figure that's about accurate across our EarthPlace.  Anyway, what else do I have going on. Up to Part II of II of Last Season of Sopranos!  WONDERFUL maybe the next Round of Bingewatching won't be pretty much exclusively HBO.  Oz, The Wire, The Sopranos, Tales From The Crypt, Larry Sanders, A Couple of Mr. Shows-- I've been HBObrainwashed.  it's a real tough Brainwash because you'd never expect it, least of all from HBO.  WAIT A Premium CHANNEL IS HERE TO BRAINWASH ME?  BUT WHAT WOULD BE ITS MOTIVATION WHAT DOES IT CARE.  It cares about making you watch HBO all the time and theoretically you might  be a Nielson house and that really works to their advantage.  Oh Ok Now I Get it.  I was gonna get BK(how Burger King styles itself lately) but ordering it on Doordash, you still get the Multiple Choice of Toppings, but getting a double cheeseburger (you can't get plain hamburger) you don't get a choice of Cheese or No Cheese and also they have it set up you can't Write In Some Directions.  So FUCK YOU SURE CHEESE IS NICE BUT THERE's ALREADY SO MANY WASTED CALORIES IN TIS NONSENSE WHAT KINDA CHUMP YOU TAKE ME FOR.
    I didn't see it today, but I remember browsing Fast Food restaurants on Doordash a few days ago and I forget which one it was but they clearly had a multiple choice for French Fries Low Salt, Regular, or EXTRA SALT.  Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought to ask or EXTRA SALT.  Sounds like a heart attack waiting to happen.  HOWEVER... I DUNNO... MAYBE I'LL GO FOR IT GIMME THAT EXTRA SALT LETS SEE HOW MUCH BETTER THAT IS.  Anyway.  Thanksgiving in 3 days.  Ain't no Christmas in terms of getting together with semi-extended family, but it's still FAMILY THEMED even if its just Us 3 In This House + My Brother.  Might not be all that difference, but I like it being Family Themed.  So few days of my life are Family Themed and I hate it but Thanksgiving THANKS I LOVE FAMILY THEMED.
    Cool.  Figure probably eat part II of II McDonalds for lunch tomorrow.  Get some other nonsense for tonight. OR finish McDonalds tonight afterall It's Already Nonsense Might As Well Eat The Nonsense I Already Have For Tonight and Stat Anew Tomorrow!  Anyway.  Gonna come out of these 2 McDonlads Meals with 4 or 6 Chicken McNuggets left over.  AWESOME OR WAIT IS IT AWESOME I DUNNO I LOVE MCNUGGETS BUT FIGURING OUT HOW TO FIT THEM INTO A MEAL AND/OR EAT ON ITS OWN I DUNNO IF I COULD FIGURE THAT RIDDLE OUT.  I was going into today thinking hey maybe get Veal Parmigiana for dinner tonight, finish it tomorrow night.  That surely is some Nonsense.  I dunno, we'll see.
    What else is going on.  10th paragraph.  Figure that might be it after this one.  Whatta do for the 4, 5 hours until Dinner rears its ugly head.  Maybe take a 4th walk surrounded by Zoning Out Listening To Music OR just Zone Out Listening To Music ALL AFTERNOON.  I wonder what life would be like in 2019 if they never outlawed Super Size Fries from Mcdonalds about 15, 20 years ago.  That wa a thing, young'uns.  They used to have SUPER SIZED FRIES which is signifcantly more than large.  But I think the government got involved and were like NO WAY WE CAN LOOK THE Other WAY ON A LOT OF THINGS BUT YOU'RE KILLING PEOPLE WITH THESE SUPER SIZED FIRES!  Something along those lines.
    I'm not sure why, but one of my main memories of getting McDonalds was when I was 8-11 years old, coming home after Baseball Practice (MQFM HOLLA!) and getting McDonalds on the way home.  And I would get a Big Mac WITHOUT ANYTHING ELSE besides meat and bread AND POSSIBLY without the middle piece of bread but I can't remember.  Either it was a Big Mac Price for 2 beef patties in a bun OR it was 2 beef patties in a bun WITH ONE SLICE OF BREAD SEPARATING EACH PATTY.  Pretty sure double cheeseburgers didn't exist in those days 2 decades ago OTHERWISE I'd go with that theoretically.  Alright that'll do it for now.  See ya in a future day!

-2:09 P.M.


Sunday, November 24, 2019

I Had a Joke.  I Forgot It.

 Weonderful.  Anyway, just half-heatedly masturbated while Tales From The Crypt was on.  Didn't finish.  Both the Tales From The Crypt and that masturbation.  Tales From The Crypt.  Crypt.  Cry-pt.  I was thinking about it recently and I can't remembe the last time I cried.  I used to cry all the time when I was a kid!  The world is really sad!  But Boy's Don't Cry, so I stopped crying when I became a man.  And then Real Men Cry, so while I've been a man I stopped crying.  The point is I'm just here to contradict gender/age stereotypes.  Boys Don't Cry?  FUCK YOU I'M GONNA CRY.  Real Men Cry? FUCK YOU I'M GONNA FOCUS ON THE GOOD.  Also, this isn't meant to be commentary or anything or be me making a larger point, but I wonder if 20 years from now people are gnona be like, Ah The Kid is crying, thinks about suicide all the time... well that's his prerogative.  In Modern (Future) Mental health we just accept depression as a part of a person's identity.
    Like I said-- no larger point!  Just figured it would take up half a paragraph.  When I was a kid I ahd a bit of suicidal ideation as they say.  Hey, if I don't kill myself, WHO IS gonna kill me?  No one, that's who!  All te hundreds of people I'd met certainly had no interest in killing me!  and if they did, they had a funny way of showing it!  Anyway.  Burrito Bowl for lunch again today.  W/o all the add-ons, just tasting this sort-of-hot White Rice, I realize oh shit somehow the rice is what makes this great, holds the whole thing together!  Anyway, The Title.  I Had a Joke I Forget It.  Makes me think of jokes I don't wanna forget.  There are two jokes my Dad used to tell me that I'm pretty sure he thought of and was really proud of.

Q:  Wanna hear a quick joke?
A: Okay

Q: Wanna hear another one?


The, "A," is you answering.  I figure a word In The Affirmative should come up about 90% the question is asked.  NEXT JOKE


Q:  WWanna hear a dirty joke?
A: Okay.
Q:  A boy fell in the mud.

    I gotta remember for when I have kids and they're like DAD U FUCKIN CRACK ME UP WHERE'D U GET IT FROM?  And I get to be like, I DUNNO!! BUT LISTEN TO THESE JOKES YOUR GRANDPA MADE-- SO YOU CAN SEE IT CERTAINLY WASN'T FROM HIM!!  That ends up in a much worse place than I thought it was going to end up.  Kinda depressing.  Both in terms of throwing my Dad under the bus, and also imagining some kids calling me Dad, and me reffering to Real-Life-Dad as Grandpa.  What else.  Mr. Rogers movie coming out next week.  It's a Wonderful Day In The Neighborhood.  WTF WASN'T THIS SHOW IN SYNDICATION OR REGULARLY AIRED REPEATS?!?!?  HOW DOES HE KNOW WHAT KIND OF DAY IT IS IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD TALK ABOUT IRRESPONSIBLE.  Anyway, counting The Jokez as a paragraph, the next one is the fifth!
    Awesome!  I'm not so impressed by Meadow Soprano this tme around.  The first half dozen times, she's pretty much the Best character in the show.  Not just because she's an upper-teenaged girl into young 20's, but also that she has the best qualities as a person.  This time around, though?  C'mon get it together.  You wanna be a doctor or a lawyer.  You wanna be with Finn you Don't wanna be with Finn.  You wanna be accepting of you CrimeDad or you don't.  I can't make these decisions for you I'm Only The Audience.  Anyway figure I'll finish this entry now. 5 is divisible by 5.  I cracked the numbers in my HeadBrain.  See ya later!

-2:01 P.M.

Saturday, November 23, 2019


 Well, I guess.  Gotta be on the brink of something.  Only other option is being on the brink of multiple things.  Can't Be On The Verge of Nope No Nothin Nevermore And Whatnot.  Anyway.  This turn of events was completely unpredictable, but after listening to my own music 3 hours a day for the last six months, its finally caught up with me and If I Never Had To Hear Myself Again I'd be like... uh... hmm strange proposition AND WHAT DO I GET IF I WIN?  I gotta be risking it for something!  Right?  Otherwise I have no incentive to go out on a limb like that or whatnot.  This paragraph reaches the 70% threshold of Making Sense which means good enough to not delete it!  How about that and crap.  Got Chipotle On The Way. 
    Cool.  I couldn't get Lettuce with Chipotle because they Very Responsibly removed it from their menu temporarily because of Health Risks These Days From Lettuce, and I decided you know what, I'm also gonna forego the fajita vegetables.  A nice Rice Bean Protein And Red Sauce LETS KEEP IT SIMPLE.  This way there's no bites that are like well the rice protein and beans [REDUNDATNT] and red sauce are okay but WTF IS THIS FAJITA VEGETABLES MUCKING UP THIS FORKFUL.  Also, Chipotle Menu-- c'mon, don't be coy with me.  WTF ARE THE VEGETABLES.  Telling me hey they're associated with fajitas is a lil' too cutesy for me.  Just be upfront about it!  I get the feeling one of the 2 or 3 fajita vegetables are More Or Less Peppers.  That's my theory but I can't say for certain.
    I like the word redundant.  Yep that about sums it up.  You know, life?  Me?  EVERYTHING.  All a big Redundant.  What else is going on.  Did some nice 15 minutes of Cleaning My Room Up a bit.  Totally threw out all the Obvious Garbage and put All Empty Cans into Plastic Bag.  Get off my back about it, now!  I like how when DoorDash lets you track your order, the default map of where the car/restaurant/you are IS FUCKING EXTRAPOLATED TO THE ENTIRE EAST COAST.  I mean, its zoomed out as much as possible.  Like I'm gonna be like, hey, where is the car coming back from the Chipotle 2 miles away COMPARED TO PHILADELPHIA.  I wouldn't be like that!  Never in my wildest dreams!  Something like that and crap.  And obviously Philadelphia is closer than 90% of the map.  I dunno if it was obvious to you.  It is now!  I just said it!  It's obvious to you assuming you understand how to read and what the words you read mean beyond just being able to pronounce them out loud.
    Probably.  Gettin' close to being done with The Sopranos Once Again.  That makes me happy, I did a real Productive watching a TV some more.  That's life, right?  That'd be my best guess.  I like reading the first name + last initial of the guy driving my Chipotle here.  Norman C, huh?  Sounds like a real wild man.  I gotta get to know this character I Wonder If He's Looking For a Friend.  However it been my experience I think they just make up those names at random with some Name Algorithm.  Because 1/2 the time its a different gender than the name implies.  Which, okay, if that happens here and there, I understand, names are gender fluid sometimes.  But its almost MORE likely that the gender you'd assume is Wrong.  So the point is nobody knows what peoples real names are.  Its like when you're on Tech Support Chat with someone from India and they're like Hi My Name is CHAD How Can I Help You?  
Unless they're from Chad and not India.  Which is a country according to the classic 1990's Pauly Shore comedy In The Army Now.  That be Where They Go With The Army!  Food should be here soon.  Almost definitely before I finish this paragraph Which Is A Real Shame because then I can divide Sections by multiple of 5.  Theoretically I can get food, let it sit for 5 minutes, finish this paragraph, then go heat up food.  Like a CRAZY PERSON might live their life.  It's OCD combined with delusions of artistry-integrity.  Wonderful, at this point looks like I WILL finish this paragraph.  And YOU ALL Doubted ME.  The point is WONDERFUL ITS DONE I CAN STOP THIS PARAGRAPH WHENEVER I WANT.  Now the problem is not finishing this paragraph and starting a sixth paragraph before food is here.  Anyway. 



 Got 10 minutes until food gets here.  Figure I'll just start Part II now and continue Part II as I see fit!  Wasn't there an HBO show for 2 months called The Brink and it had Jack Black and Tim Robbins and it was like I wonder what's gonna continue this story line in season 2! and there never was a season 2?  THAT'S BEEN MNY EXPERIENCE BUT I DUNNO IF THAT ACCURATELY DESCRIBES WHAT HAPPENED why am I in all caps I didn't mean to yell or anything I apologize from the bottom of my heart.  Hmm.  Whatta If I try to finish the Martin Short: The Book some more.  Really do a Juking The Stats in terms of being relatively productive in life.  For some reason Michael Jukeblum sounds like something I said, probably in crazysheet.com  It just rings some sort of bell that I can't 100% place but I'd really like to learn what its all about at some point over the next few decades.  Food gonna be here in 2 minutes.  ALRIGHT LETS GET THAT GOING AND I'LL BE BACK TO EAT LUNCH AND WRITE WHILE EATING LUNCH Why Am I Yelling I Don't Know It's All Pretty Calm And Straight Forward Stuff All Things Considered.
Great, now that lunch is here, I can go down rabbit holes of comedy without thinking about lunchedy.  I know I used to write entries at all times of the day.  For 2 or 3 months, now, it's been ALL LUNCH TIME, ALL ENTRIES.  I blame the seductive Adultiness Appeal of Routine.  And Of Course it has an impact of how the entry will be.  And it'd be nice to mix things up.  But Oh Well I'm Stuck In a Rut Whose Gonna Get Me Out Of It You I'd Like To See You Try!  Anyway, Norman C Was A Man but if I had to guess this guy ain't no Norman.  Let alone a, "C!"  Hey
birthday'll show up in 3 weeks minus 2 days.  FINALLY 31.  There's that urban legend that all Blog Writers Die at 30 years Old.  I think it has something to do with a Logan's Run Type Scenario But In Real Life and Exclusively To Web Log Creators.
    The good news is I put some Tangy BBQ flavor of McDonalds Dips that's been in the fridge for 2-5 years onto Chipotle and HEY I'm STILL ALIVE SOMEHOW.  What else has changed in my perspective of Characters in The Sopranos Now compared to Last Time I binged it a year or 2 ago.  Already went through a few epiphanies over the last few weeks.  Hey I just watched Ben Kingsley that was a thing.  I still don't know the answer to this, though.  What was the overarching theme of Ben Kingsley Playing Ben Kingsley.  Was he honestly trying to be himself?  Was he poking fun a Celebrity 1 way or another?  Was it neither and just sort of a way to exist in The Sopranos Universe?  I DUNNO THE ANSWERS SAVE ME BEN KINGSLEY.
The bad news is I have/had an old cigar box from my Grandfather that's really nifty and I was most recently using to put in Loose Coins (A LOT) and I was trying to move it In The Process of Cleaning Up Room AND THE THING FUCKIN' BROKE COMPLETELY.  I'd write an angry letter to someone but I don't think they'd care.  AnywaiANyway, I have no job, no source of income, but I'd gladly put up My Own Money to fund a study on how accurate fast food restaurants are in terms of listing their products' calories.  Maybe I could set up some sort of Gofundme  Or Crowdstrike Or Steele Dossier.  Something like that.  Anyway, lunch'll be done in 5 minutes or so.  One more paragraph to reach an even 10.  Lets aim for that for now, right?
    Right!  I like constantly reading hey brown rice is better for you nutrient-wise and also will make you feel more full and is just as tasty and am deciding yeah I doubt it c'mon what kinda rube you take me for Gimme That White Rice Budddddies.  Anyway, you'd think adding lettuce and fajita vegetables would make the Burrito Bowl better because they taste Okay Enough and make it last longer BUT APPARENTLY YOU'D BE WRONG.  This way, every bite is a joy!  No more nonsense of Unjoyfullness!  The point is I learnt an important lesson today.  Forget what it was, though.  Maybe I'll remember in a few hours.
    1 more paragraph?  2?  We'll see!
  I remember being more impressed with Vito's weight loss the first few times around.  Cause he was really obese in previous seasons, ub then at the start of Final Season, he's lost a lot of weight and it's a big deal, but you konw what?  FUCKER IS STILL OBESE C'MON.  Anyway.  Scale said Tony Soprano was 280 pounds.  Figure he's about 6'0, 6'2.  And I'm 5'2.  What kind of mathematics can I figure out would be ME if I weighed relatively as much as Tony Soprano.  Something exponential.  Like Area of a Circle or something.  Who knows for sure.  Is it possible my generation is the only one aware of In The Army Now?  People older had no interest in it.  People younger have no interest in it.  Me, though?  I've watched it easily several dozen times.  Not to brag, or anyting.  Alright see ya later.

-2:59 P.M.


Thursday, November 22, 2019

I Know, I Know.  Titles Have Taken a Dramatic Turn For The Worse.  Entries?  Don't Even Get Me Started.

 WAIT If I just came to terms with The Titles ARE WHAT GETS THE ENTRIES STARTED then that solves both problems at once!  The point is time has passed enough to get Credit Card Bill in the mail which means its time to get a new bottle of alcohol and Juke The Stats All Over The Place.  The point is I Was Jonzing for some Town Massacre WAIT NO LEMME START OVER I was Jonzing for some McDonalds for lunch, but I remembered Last Time I ate 2x as much as I planned, which was already on the borderline of being too much for one meal, so WHY BOTHER I AIN'T NO CHUMP.  The good news is I'm up to the last season of The Soaprhinos.  The episodes where he's Near Death and is dreaming are FUCKIN SCARY.  HOLY SHIT THIS GUYS GONNA DIE WTF.  Also he's in a hospital WTF I HAD NO IDEA HEALTH CARE ACTUALLY EXISTED BEYOND POLITICAL DEBATES.
Thank God we have Joe Biden & Friends to defend for profit health care.  That'll resonate with Americans who LOVE not having proper health care unless they can afford hundreds of thousands of dollars.  I dunno how Joe Biden got Top Billing for HealthCare Fuckers.  I guess he's just the one person in America who has the most significant stance on it, considering he's still technically the front runner for Next President more or less.  Man, I'm here with my immediate family on the brink of death... THANK GOD I have PARTIAL insurance that I had to sacrifice higher wages or other workers' benefits that My Employer or someone gave.  WHATTA GODSEND I HAVE TO PAY EXPONENTIALLY MORE MONEY BASED ON HOW SERIOUS IT IS!!!  Anyway, that's what that's about.  Got Chicken Pot Pie in the oven.  Gotta put it somewhere.  And since I was jonzing for it to be cooked while it was somewhere, oven seemed like the most appropriate place to put it!  Anyway.  Who doesn't love worrying about being able to provide adequate health care to themselves and/or immediate family. That's a GREAT thing to be hanging over your head when you're dealing with the immense stress of yourself or your family to Get Better.
    I dunno.  What else is going on.  Probably the 3rd paragraph-- that'd be my instinct to guess.  Dinner could be anything tonight!  Can give into the pressure and get MacDougals.  Can get Chipoatlay.  Could do SOmE OTHER THING like maybe even getting Halal Food!  Only negative thing is, the 3 or 4 times I get Halal Food later in the day for dunner, that Fucker is OUT OF LAMB.  Sure Chicken over rice is okay but Have You Heard About Chicken AND LAMB Over Rice?  Variety is the spice of life and I don't care who knows it... except for my enemies.  Let them live their whole life not appreciating how Variety is The Spice Of It, they're getting what they deserve!  Probably, that'd be my guess.  I like how its standard for me to ask for Just A Little Bit of White Sauce, and the littlest amount possible is what I want... but looking forward to Halal Food, it's the White Sauce I look forward to the most! 
    OH MAN JUST IMAGINE SOME LAMB MIXED WITH RICE WITH WHITE SAUCE ON IT  OH YEAH THAT GETS ME GOING.  But I also go into the whole ordeal cognitively wanting as little white sauce as possible.  Pretty sure that's a good metaphor for life!  Ask for very little, knowing all along you won't be satisfied unless you get more, cherish that very little as much as you can, and wish you had asked for much more!  Anyway, finish I'll write another paragraph and a half, wait an hour or so, Eat Lunch And Write More 5 Paragraphs when that happens and whatnot.  Anyway according to Some Sort of Calendar Thanksgiving is in 6 days!  I like Thanksgiving because I Love Family I Am Family Man.  In fact, Family Guy was a rip off of my life 30 years into the future.  Yup, THIRTY years.  I'm not there yet, the seeds have been planted though.
Anyway What Else.  Probably stuff, and crap.  Or maybe crap, and stuff.  Look I didn't come here to argue with you.  Also that Nick Cage movie was based on how I feel about families.  There was something like that that existed at some point.  HEY what else is going on to close this up.  The point is I'm almost done with the episodes where Tony is DreamDying, so after that, it's all Fun until the series ends In Which Case I should finally start watching Season 3 of The Deuce because I Like That Show and there's a whole season (or there will be) I ain't have seen quite yet nope not at all!  Anyway that'll do it for now.  I will resume in about an hour, an hour 15 minutes, some other amount of time either less than an hour, more than an hour 15 minutes, or between an hour and an hour fifteen minutes.  Only other possibility is I ALREADY STARTED SOMEHOW AND DON'T REALIZE IT.  Now, THAT!  THAT covers everything.  ...Oh also the scenario of NEVER.  Wonderful.

-12:11 P.M.


I Like Chicken Pot Pie.  Don't Even Get Me Started.

 Prove Me Wrong!  Whatta Website.  Figure I'd start Part II of II or III 10, 15 minutes before lunch starts.  Just to get into some sort of groove.  You know, like The Groove Town Massacre?  AMAZING I CAN DRINK HARD LIQUOR IN IN THE CONTEXT OF A MIXED DRINK INSTEAD OF BEER.  I FORGOT SUCH A DECISION IS EVEN POSSIBLE TO MAKE!  Anyway, jeez.  Starting to get in the swing of things with watching Larry Sanders Show: The HBO Garry Shandling Show: From 3 Decades Ago yet again.  Figure I'll go through 3 or so days splitting time between Rest of Sopranos and Making Progress With Larry Sanders, then once Sopranos is over, pick another show to operate in as an alternative to Larry Sanders.  Did they ever tell the people who made Late Night that Larry Sanders: The HBO Show existed?  Because 2 pieces of fiction both to do with a similar topic over the course of 3 decades sounds a lot like a Jonestown massacre to me!
    I'm not really sure who benefits from Cults Committing Mass Suicide.  Unless the leader is like well I'm gonna eat the poison smores AFTER you.  Trust me, I'll do it.  Just sign over all your wealth and property to me, and RIGHT AFTER YOU, I'll take it!  Maybe that's how it works but I don't think so.  As far as I know the Leader goes ahead and kills themselves too!  Wonder what that's all about Right Am I Right For Real Lets Think About It Maybe.  I dunno.  I experiment here and there with alternate made-up tunings for my Mandolin.  I'm already having trouble making Musical Sense out of this piece of crap, might as well go nuts and mix things up a lot.  Probably, that's my guess!  Re-watching Sopranos, I've come to 2 overlapping conclusions-- Tony becomes a better person over time, and Tony becomes a worse mob boss over time.  He becomes more sensitive and considerate which is good for him personally but bad for him for running Mafia!  Cracked that code.  Gonna start lunch!!! 


I Like Dividing Things Into Portions

 The bad news is I have to wait another 15-30 minutes for Chicken Pot Pie to be ready.  The good news is I get to enjoy and appreciate and become more sensitive and considerate to Lunch FIFTEEN TO THIRTY MINUTES MORE!!!  The point is I finally got 2 pencils with Sharp Points and Adequate, Satisfactory Erasers.  This has been a major thorn in my side for MONTHS, AT THE LEAST.  Also, speaking of, "thorn," Jesse Thorn.  For some reason, one of my Mental Reference Points for The Larry Sanders Show was based on Podcast Extraordinaire Jesse Thorn and his sidekick Podcast Sidekick Extraordinaire Jim.. Jake... Morris... Mor.. Boy... JORDAN!  JORDAN MORRIS. And they would often talk about their affinity for Larry Sanders back when I used to listen to podcasts all the time.  It's relevant because, besides myself, pretty much everyone I imagine in The New Monkees [the exterior family, not just TNM themselves] are people from Comedy Podcast Heaven.  so So its on my mind a lot!  What else is going on.
  Oh boy.  Also I'm magnanimous because in this scenario not only am I exploiting the talent of people I admire, PLUS creating a situation I would interact with them socially, IM ALSO providing them a career service!  Its a WinWinWinWinWinLoseWinWinTieLose!  Which makes me feel really good about myself.  Also they all get to Teach Me About Life, just like they were doing in 2007 but now we're gonna pick up where we left off back then and Really Figure All This Crap Out Together.  AAnyway, gonna start lunch 4 real after this paragraph.  Then continue this entry 4 real as well.  I dunno.  How many paragraphs are we into right now.  9!  Figure I'll write another paragraph, then DEFINITELY take food out of the oven, it just Feels Right!  Anyway.  I like watching American History X because its th feel good movie of the year.  At first it doesn't seem that way.  Hey too much white supremacy.  But then Goodness Comes Out On Top!  PROBABLY!  I LOST INTEREST THIS TIME AROUND.  The only part I like is the 5, 15 minutes in the middle where Edward Norton is in jail and he's teamed up with a black guy Working With Laundry and he goes from Full Blown Racist to Good Friend of Everybody.  I'd watch that sequence Over and Over and Over again!
    ALRIGHT SO FUCKIN CLOSE TO LUNCH AND NEW SECTION OF WEBSITE.  Birthday in just under 3 weeks.  31.  Well great I'm literally technically in my mid 30's.  THAT DON'T SOUND RIGHT AT ALL SAVE ME JIMMINY PARDO.  Not sure how interacting with Jimmy Pardo would save me.  Maybe he knows.  Look the point is We All Know Who Jimmy Pardo Is.  Both me, me... also the third me, and all the rest of Me's... we ALL get that reference.  Anyway, what else is going on and crap for some reason.  I dunno how they pull it off, but Chicken Pot Pie lasts a long time while you're eating it.  Same amount of calories as Other Crap but you can stretch it out Over Time Pretty Well! Prove me wrong!  The point is Whatta Crap I'm gonna go start lunch now!


I've Got Some Thoughts On Lunch

 TI find this stuff interesting.  Obviously we know that in American Cuisine, it's very much a melting pot of other Foods from other Places.  Jewish, Chinese, Italian, whatever.  But I like that over time, WITHIN AMERICA, those groups that Started their own cousie become socially associate with other couisines.  Most obvious thing is Jews eat Chinese Food.  White people eat All Other Foods.  Stuff like that.  This riff seemed more worthwhile when I had thought of Jews + Chinese Food, and then unfortunately couldn't think of another example other than White People Eat Everything.  Anyway.  I don't like how in The Sopranos, each season, we're more aware of more and more people in Mafia ratting to the FBI.  That's a good question for a 2020 debate with Trump if he's unfortunately still around.  Mr. Trump-- WHO WERE THE GOOD GUYS IN THE SOPRANOS.  ITS A TRICK QUESTION TONY WAS THE FLAWED PROTAGONIST.  Unfortunately, or fortunately, I dunno, Trump doesn't know what Protagonist means, nor does he have a basic, simple idea of what the word represents.  Wait some people are good and are heroes and some people are bad and are villains?  ...That hasn't been MY experience.
Cool.  I wonder how my life would have turned out differently if I never was made aware of Jeffrey Tambor's misogony/anger/sexual misconduct (I Don't Mean To Conflate These Issues to paint an even mre damning picture of the man-- i list them all because I can't remember which 1 or 2 or 3 he's guilty of!).  I'd watch at lesat 2 shows with less qualm.  Anyway.  Digging the 3 available tracks of Upcoming The Who album.  In my experience, listening to The Who has almost exclusively been Individual Tracks as opposed to One Album At A Time.  Important distinction to be made!  That's what my life has been like is the point.  I'm starting to understand the appeal of AJ Soprano as a member of The Sopranos a bit more.  Sure he's a dumb fuck up whose good for nothing and never will amount to anything, but he's OUR dumb fuck up whose good for nothing and will never amount to anything, is what The Sopranos are constantly thinkin!  Hey, we're The Sopranos. Isn't it great we had a son with very few redeeming qualities, beyond the fact that he is More or Less A Human?  LUCKY US.
    Cool.  In all honesty, pretty good role model (either for me specifically or my entire generation).  Just be a dumbjerk and people will still appreitate you as a person because you're THEIR DumbJerk. Same reason I relate to Larry Sanders.  Hey he's OUR comedic DumbJerk!  Something along those lines I guess, I dunno.  I think when TV was still only TV, HBO definitely had the greatest reputation among All TV.  Now other Premium channels have their own series, but in the 90's, HBO obviously showed the best movies from the last decade, and also had the best shows of their era.  HBO WAS THE SHIT!!! Now online streaming and whatnot and expectations for quality from other networks have mucked things up!  Such is life.
    14th paragraph.  We'll see how long this goes.  I see Will Farrell is opening SNL this weekend.  It's interesting to see the Promo for his audition on twitter because its like yeah hey check it out he's slightly older than those last times I saw him. CRZY!  The good news is CHICKEN POT PIE provided some White Sauce enjoymet because there's what weird creamy material to hold the pie together.  PLUS I can get Halal Food tonight, Lamb Be Damned, and get it that way for some reason. Figure I'll write another paragraph after this one, then take a walk, then fuck around for an undetermined length of time.  Anyway.  Impeachment hearings have been going on.  I hate to say it, because I want there to be real consequences, but if you told me 6 months, or a year, or 2 years ago, that Trump was  getting impeached and a clear majority of the public was in favor of it, I'd be like, well that's not so bad.
But still, Push That Envelope!  Lets see if we can dump this guy by Valentines Day.  LAST PARGRAPH!  Why does Crust even happen on Bread anyway.  Just make a batch of bread with no crust.  It's not that difficult!  Hmm I've given Crap a lot to Crap About.  Been almost a full 2 years since graduating College.  Maybe I should apply for some sort of Creative Writing Grad School.  Gotta do something1  Do I really, though?  Maybe I gotta do nothing, who can say for sure.  When you're judging which bread to eat, a lot of it boils down to which Crust Do You Want To Eat-- but this is wrong!  Rye bread BREAD is different from Whole Wheat Bread BREAD but all you can imagine is the crust/shape of the bread.  Cracked that code.  Hey entry is just about over.  I wonder if anyone read this one.  My guess?  Yeah probly 2 or 4 people. Awesome!  See ya later.

-1:55 P.M.


Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Time Moves On?  ...I Did NOT See That Coming..

 Wheell I just got Supermarket Products earlier today.  I still like the music they play.  Really continuing to Digggg Fairway's Corporate Branch & Fairway's Employees' Infinite Playlist.  I never saw Nick & Norah's infinite playlist. W hat they think they're better than me?  How Dare Them RUINING OUR ENTIRE GENERATION BY THINKING THEY'RE BETTER THAN ME/US/Them/All Together Now!  Sweet.  Anyway Lunch is Part II of III Chinese Food.  Had the foresight to fuckin' go into the whole thing with THREE SOUPS.  Sure it comes with one soup--- Not Enough!  The Soup is the bester part.  Now each Part gets its own soup-- without even splitting soups into half!  I tried to do that with a kitchen knife But Made Absolutely No Progress!
  Figure I got that going  for me.  Got what.  You know, THAT.  You Figure It Out.  Continuing to make very very slow progress in Beastie Boys Book (Not only is that the way I'd tongue-in-cheek refer to it, but also The Real Official Title!)  Hmm maybe getting that book with That Title is was the INSPIRATION for tongue-in-cheekiness referring to stuff within that context.  I dunno?  Who does know.  Does MCA haunt the two living Beastie Boys?  Probably not but maybe.  Maybe they get to that later in the book.  It's fuckin 400 pages long or something, and if I read 4 pages every other day, I should have it finished once Mike D or Ad Rock is Also Dead and then both of the dead Beastie Boys haunt the living one... OR EVEN BETTER the living one haunts both dead ones.  Wy can't a Haunting go both ways.  Just some ghost or poltergeist trapped inside a haunted house and the living guy in the haunted house is just really mean and indignant and, in general, spiritually Jerkish, towards the ghost(s).  Hey check it out I'm gonna get Chinese Food MMMM I'm really enjoying it You Want Some OH THAT'S RIGHT YOU'RE DEAD AND CAN'T EAT AND THAT'S IT FOR YOU, YOU AIN'T EVER COMIN BACK.
Hmm.  Jerkish.  Anyone else confuse The Beastie Boys and The Jerky Boys when they were 6 or 7 years old?  Probably!  It's an easy Confusion TO Make.  Anyway gonna start lunch after this paragraph.  Lunch is great I don't mind putting that opinion out there.  Also, I know there are exceptions, but Why THe Hell is it STANDARD for a ghost or ghoul to haunt people?  Why do spirits or souls, once they're dead, suddenly becomes Jerks?  Hey in real life I was a good enough person, paid my taxes, was friendly to my neighbors, loved my family-type-people, BUT NOW THAT I'M DEAD  TIME TO FUCK WITH SOME PEOPLE!!!!  Anyway gonna take a short break after this paragraph, finish The Sopranos: The Episode I was 1/2 way through, then start up lunch and Get Back To You.  See Ya!



 Sure I can deal with that easily.  Sounds about right, all things considered and whatnot.  Also, I'm not afraid to put this out there-- I WILL HAVE DINNER MANY MANY HOURS IN THE FUTURE OF THE DAY.



 Sure I'll deal with that all day. ALL.  DAY.  Speaking of All Days what have I Done All Day.  Wake Up.  Have INDULGENT BREAKFAST SANDWICH.  Go Supermarket Go!  Come Back Put Some Things Away.  Take a Walk-- end of which, I figure out an arrangement to Hear Sound In Both Earphones. Come Back WATCH SOME TV ON THE INTERNET, take a 2nd walk, ENJOY BOTH EARPHONES, and mixed in with watching/hearing some Impeachment Stuff.  I like the part where the Republican are all criminals or at the very least have absolutely no problems defending criminals which, in their position of power, doesn't that make them criminals?  My Guess is yup but who knows not me.  Someone probably does, though.  I'd like to get in touch with him/her/them and figure out Why They Think They're Better Than me WHAT JUST CAUSE THEY KNOW STUFF?  C'MON!
I I find it interesting that Trump has done SCORES of impeachable crimes Right Here In America! but the one they're oging after him for is mucking around with some other country.  (I mean, the consequences are in America, but there's still a distinction if you're thinking about it abstractly)  And by I find it interesting I mean seems like something that would be interesting for someone smarter and more plugged into things than I am.  The point is Lunch Is Going On!!!  I got 2 Hot and Sour Soups for Dinner + Lunch #1 but I also got a Big Bowl Of SomeThing Else which I already ate.  It had everything-- noodles, celary, water, little pieces of shrimp, A CONTAINER to hold that all in one place.  The point is I Have No Idea how people judge Men in terms of attractiveness.  I know Be Tall-- that's a key one, Believ You Me.  Beyond that, I dunno!  Hey Tony Soprano is sexy, says his therapist.  WHY.  And I'm not coming to this from a position of Spite or Anger or Insecurity-- its jusT WHY WHAT I DON"T GET IT AT ALL.  Maybe girls like guys Who Aren't Crazy.  Girls like to be assured that The World Is A Sane And Rational Place.  Oh Well Can't Help Ya.
    The point is I always like it when I get a big piece of Tofu when eating soup but I never have, so far, ordered tufu.  I guess cause I'm not Vegetarian.  Hey Tofu is often used as a substitute for meat by Vegeterials-- well I'm not a Vegetarian, Why Would I Get IT?  There's a binary, basically.  Eat meat if you eat meat, eat vegetables if you don't.  No Goin' Back and Forth, C'mon, Pick a side.  Anyway, sixth paragraph or so.  I was reading about Salvadore Dali last night on Wikipedia and I was like man this guy GETS IT.  And by GETS IT, I don't mean He and I Get It The Same Way.  But He GETS IT in a way I don't endorse 100% but is 100% in how it is To Get It.  2 Sections of 2 paragraphs each  I can deal with that!  See ya later.

-1:40 P.M.



Sunday, November 17, 2019

Dear Website, What a Few Hours!

 Why, there was waking up.  There was transporting laundry to car to Laundromat (then back in car to home!) there was walk #1, there was SNL, there was walk #2... That about sums that up.  Oh Hey Got Lunch In The Oven.  We're talkin part II of II of 2 corresponding Dishes from last night-- Chile % Steamed rice.  Fuckin' had half the chili, half the rice last night.  Now I get to do it all over again!  Also BIG NEWS the chili on the website menu just said chili and melted cheddar and onions but in reality IT FUCKIN' HAD SOME SORT OF BEAN TOO I LOVE IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS!  Cool, just great, what else is cool.  And The Best News is I should be getting a Credit Card Monthly Statement within the next few days which means I CAN GET A NEW BOTTLE OF ALCOHOL WITHOUT IT SHOWING UP ON CREDIT CARD STATEMENT UNTIL NEXT MONTH!  I'm gaming the system-- juking the stats, so to speak.  Picked up that analogy from 5 seasons of The Wire.  So I guess I learnt something from the whole ordeal.
    Anyway, the worst part of life is my Connector Of Phone To Outlet-- the whole Charge Your Phone ordeal-- Fuckin' been twisted too much!  I need to hold it in a special way for it to re-charge.  And I ain't got time to do that!  No time at all!  The point is Great What Else Is Crap.  I'm kind of getting used to only hearing about 10% volume of the right ear bud.  Hey if the right ear for music files was so great Why Wasn't It In The Left Ear?  Cracked that code.  All left-side music for me From Now On!  Things are gonna change around here!  We're gonna make sacrifices, go where the wind blows us, make do with what we have!  You know-- really juking the stats.
What else is crap.  I'm starting to realize my Theme Song for The New Monkees is kind of eh.  That's step one if you're doing it for real.  Need a great theme song, then everything branches out from there.  A B-/B quality theme song Just AIn't Gonna Cut It.  Hey, great, what else is going on.  Also, theoretically, recording the theme song, shouldn't I have 4 vocal tracks with each track being relatively somewhat unique?  I don't know a lot about The Monkees but I believe one of the key things was They All Sing In Harmony.  I'm only 1 person!  Plus What Else Is Going On.  Hey I just remembered I Can Probably Watch New Episodes Of The Simpersunds online!  I hope I remember that a few hours later when I Can Actually Do Something With THat Information cause RIGHT NOW ITS USELESS I'M WRITING AN ENTRY WHAT GOOD IS WATCHING TV ON INTERNET GONNA DO ME RIGHT NOW.
    Hey, great, what else is going on.  Hmm.  Simpersons.  Sinpersons.  Sin.  Sin and Cosin.  HEY when you're at a bank and they're like you gotta cosign this be like WTF THAT'S A RELATIVELY OBSCURE MATH THING IF YOU'RE NOT IN 10TH GRADE WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING?  Anyway.  Got up to my favorite episode of Tales From The Crypt-- the one with Don Rickles and Bobcat Goldthwait-- which inspired me to look up Don Rickles on the internet and I was like hey who could have predicted comedy held in such high esteem by the comedy people I hold in high esteem would be held in high esteem by me?  Cause that's what happens its great.  Anyway, I dunno, crap and crap.  Hey while you're at the bank see if they'll buy some loose gold from you  And they'll be like how do we figure out how much gold this is exactly so we know what to give you in exchange and you're like Well Goldthwait.  Weigh the gold.  It's  secret hidden in someone's last name C'mon Surely You've encountered this before.
The best part about Dinner Ordering from last night was in addition to Chili for todays lunch, I also got a loose cup of Chicken Matzoh Ball Soup to pair with Part III of III dinner for tonight!  WONDERFUL.  Fifth paragraph.  Food'll be ready in about 40 minutes.  Gonna take a break after this one just to recharge my batteries It's Just Too Bad I can't do the same for my phone.  I should try listening to other devices with my earphones to see Whose At Fault.  But whose got the time, not me, not one bit.  I find it kind of funny, kind of odd that 80% of what you learn in high school, it's totally socially acceptable and expected that you won't remember any of it.  At least not in Math, Physics, Chemistry, stuff like that.  I mean, you learn history of A Book, that's easy to remember.  You're not gonna remember sin and cosin, though.  Then again I'm speaking for myself and not anyone else what do I know about what other people remember.  Hey time to take a break.


Between You, Me, And The Internet...

    Why, what a title!  It's totally above the entry and in Bold!  And in a slightly different font!  Anyway, been about a month sice I've been off Facebook completely!  I love it!  It's totally like hey another 750 million may be stuck there BUT NOT ME, NOT ANYMORE!  The only social media I use is Twitter, which I don't use as social media-- at least, not as active participant.  I guess I read other people being Social On Said Media, but I'm just an observer!  That, and Crazysheet.  That's My Social media and Mine Alone!  I'm verified on crazysheet-- I'm the only person verified on Crazysheet!  Cause I'm that guy what there who did that crap indefinitely and whatnot.
    Anyway, having lunch.  I was thinking aout that scene in The Wire where Dukie (The token Poor kid, in terms of wealth) gets an order from Chinese Food Yakimi with Turkey Grease (Yakami= some sort of noodle) and they make fun of him because its like that's the order Drunk People (with the implication being that His Mother Was A Drunk And That's Where He Picked it Up) get so they could throw up and drink some more.  And my takeaway from that dialogue was HOLY SHIT I WANNA TRY THAT.  DOESN'T EVEN MATTER IF I'VE BEEN DRINKING AND/OR WANNA CONTINUE DRINKING!! IF ITS GOOD EnouGH FOR DRUNKS ITS GOOD ENOUGH FOR CRAZYSHEET.  The The good news is I must haved added crazysheet to the Microsoft FrontPage at one time or another cause I accidently typed crazyshet and Microsoft FrontPage was IMMEDIATELY like Hey do you mean Crazysheet?
Wonderful.  Figure 3 more paragraphs.  The point is I Havent' Had Gum in months but I have Some TicTacs so I figure that's good enough.  Has there ever been any scientific studies to see if TicTacs actually improve your breath, or are they jus a Sugar Pill?  One would imagine Nope why bother just sell sugar to people with the implication it will somehow help them in the long run.  Cool!  The bad news is while I got an unexpected dose of some sort of Bean into my Chili, I have no idea what bean it was!  It was good, I know hat!  Maybe a kidney bean.  I don't think it was a pinto bean, which is my favorite?  Maybe a Navy Bean.  That's a bean, right?  I feel like I've heard that somewhere before.  The bad news is I just had a pretty robust lunch but do not feel satisfied.  Not like that McDonalds Lunch where I had 75% of my daily calories All Within Lunch.  I really was satisfied for several hours until Next Meal.
    Whatta jip.  I went through all the trouble of Eating This AND FOR WHAT?  NOTHIN' THAT'S WHAT.  Two paragraphs to go.  Hey maybe have half a soup.  OMG WHAT A GREAT IDEA IM GONNA DO IT FOR REAL THANKS ME WRITING TO THE INTERNET!  What else.  I dunno how it came to be this way, but lately my favorite Eating Food Scenario is drinking Hot Soup Water.  Some sort of Chicken/Noodle without the chicken and or noodle.  Just Hot Soup Water.  Because it feels like there's an endless amount (After all, most of what's left is Real Stuff, so it would make sense that there's a majority left over of Hot Water).  And it touches up on all your senses.  Wonderful!  An the worst part of eating the last few months is Forgetting If I Added Alcohol Left to Beverage. Whata jip.
Lets just assume I added Vodka to this Orange Soda.  Best course of action.  Either I drink it with appropriate amount of alcohol, or I finish it Without It and then ext time I pour some I'll drink alcohol.  No adding Alcohol again!  Irresponsible!  You'd tink you'd be able to taste whether there's alcohol or not Within 1 Sip.  AND YOU'D THINK WRONG GET OUT OF HERE WITH THAT BULLSHIT.  ONE AND A HALF MORE PARAGRAPHS WONDERFUL.  Stupid.  Anyway, jeez.  What would The Wire suggest I have for dinner.  I take all my Meals Advice from 2000's HBO Show.  My favorite episodes are the ones starring Artie From The: Sopranos.  Cause he's a chef!  Prove Me Wrong!  I find it interesting that some folks have their show's title sequence and music BEFORE the narrative starts, some start AFTER a brief scene, and some MIX IT UP.  Gotta find something interesting.  Why Not That?  That's My Theory.
Great 1 more paragraph.  Thanksgiving coming up!  I made a Thanksgiving Miracle happen last year because I had seen they just added new Mystery Science Theaters to some sort of Netflix so I put that crap on while Family Was Together.  How can I make a Thanksgiving Miracle this year-- preferably while consuming mass media.  Is there any Great Kind Of Soup to to have with Thanksgiving?  Probably not, that's my guess!  The bad news is I have a box of cereal where somehow, many times within the box, there's these pieces where its like 10 pieces stuck together, and its really gross in terms of both taste and texture.  Just way,way off.  Anyway.  That'll do it for now!  See you folks on the other side.

-1:16 P.M.


Saturday, November 16, 2019

Just Another Title

  The point is Fuck McDonalds, FUCK DOORDASH, AND FUCK YOU!  Fuck McDonalds because they got my order wrong.  Fuck Doordash because they didn't correct it.  And Fuck You for BEING SILENT FOR THE ENTIRE THING DOING NOTHING IS THE SAME AS BEING COMPLICIT.  No fuckin' fries!  What good is McDonalds without fries?  That's like... well... it's like some scenario, where... uhmmm... you get something, but the best part of the something isn't there.  Something like that.  The relatively good news is I got enough for 3 meals and now it's roughly good enough for 2.  But a little bit more!  I also asked for NO CHEESE NO NOTHIN' on hamburgers/filet-o-fish, which Didn't Come True, but I can survive with that!  It's just that the cheese and other toppings Add Extra Categories WHATTAWORLDWHATTAWORLD.
    Anyway, got it in the oven now, figure I'll take it out after this paragraph.  ANYWAY it turns out the Missing Fries was my fault.  I didn't add it to the order.  FORGIVE ME DOORDASH I NEVER DOUBTED YOU FOR A SECOND!!! well the toppings on the sandwiches was still their fault.  FUCK YOU DOORDASH I'VE DOUBTED YOU MY ENTIRE LIFE!  Oh well I Will Survive.  I think that song I Will Survive was written about a fast-food sandwich made incorrectly.  The point is what are they stupid Who In Their Right Mind Would Get McDonalds after 11:00AM without getting fries.  That's a dead giveaway I accidentally accidented the order.  No fries, they should think, that must be a mistake! Aberration!  Some sort of Glitch in our DoorDash Matrix!, better throw in some fries.  That's how that might go.
    I guess the good news is it led to me shrugging my shoulders and agreeing with myself to write an entry To Make Something Good of the whole situation!  The other good news is the 15% left of Ketchup from Hamburger, after I scarped most off, I can deal with! In the past I'd be like FUCK NO THIS IS RUINED ENTIRELY THROW THIS CRAP AWAY!  Nw I'm a better person and can live with it for some reason.  Great, just great.  II was planning on staying up late to watch SNL and have a bag of microwavable popping corn For Some Reason, but now I wasted Extra Calories on replacing Fries with Several Extra Chicken Nuggets, 1/2 Filet Of Fish, and, well, the cheese and whatnot on Burger Sandwich!  WHATTA SCAP.  The good news is, the more I get into this triple cheeseburger, the more I'm like Hey life ain't that bad I'm eating a garbage hamburger but Wow What Fun!
    Wow what fun.
  I don't like how internet has several Rankings of hey what's the best burger from fast food restaurants we'll rank this one out.  But its always like Big Mac vs. Whopper Vs. Dave Thomas'  Heart Attack burger-- and not just plain cheese burger Vs other plain cheeseburger.  That's a public service the Internet has not met as of writing this entry.  The point is I've finally reached a point where my half-dozen favorite Stories From Some Sort of Ghoul Resting Place have lost their charm.  DAMNIT WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THIS BEFORE I ATE-- FUCKIN OVENIZE SOME FROZEN TATERTOTS.  Too late now.  LIFE OFFICIALLY WASTED. 
  I dunno.  Now I know how to Make Next McDonalds Lunch a bit more close to Hey More Or Less Good Enough In Terms Of What I Want Out Of a McDonalds Lunch.  The point is after 1100 calories of McDonalds I'm finally satisfied.  I think if they didn't have a KFC/Taco Bell prominently displaed at Penn Station right where the Regular Subway Was That I Would Use, I would be a lot more enthusiastic in terms of getting stuff at Penn Station.  At first, freshman year, the first few weeks, it was amazing.  HOLY SHIT I'M GOING TO SCHOOL ON MY OWN AND HERES SOME FAST FOOD STARING ME IN THE FACE  I'M GONNA GET ME SOME OF THAT!!!  But KFC/Taco Bell isn't sustainable in terms of satisfying you.  You may like it here and there, but when that's All Ya Got, it quickly gets old.  So I gave up on All of Penn Station.  HOWEVER I still enjoy Penn Station like nostalgia.  I know a lot of people like to rag on Penn Station but I still like it!  Like it hard core!
    Cool.  That's a pretty good way to describe my inner monologue the first month or so of Freshman Year.  HOLY SHIT I BEEN EATING CRAP ALL MY LIFE, AND NOW I CAN DO IT ON MY OWN, WITH NO CONSEQUENCES, WTF I CAN EAT MORE ALL THE TIME AT MY DISCRETION  THIS IS WHAT LIFE IS SUPPOSED TO BE LIKE!  Hey that's great, what else is going on.  The point is I got Part III of III in terms of a Steak/Seafood Dinner which suddenly seems like a snooze.  Who wants a fine cut of steak when they just had a triple cheeseburger where the burger was expertly designed in terms of salt and sugar to make it more or less physically or chemically addictive.  That's all I want from life OH SHIT NOW I'M HOOKED JUST FROM 1 LUNCH!  Somethin' like that.  When it comes to the Frenched Fries, I'm reminded of the Led Zeppelin song, Nobody's Fault But Mine.
I wish I was reminded of Led Zeppelin Songs all the time-- and I Am!  Hey there's a dog.  Black Dog.  Hey listening to some rock 'n roll. Rock 'n Roll.  Hey where does this stairway go?  Stairway To Heaven.  I could go on and on but it would be a waste of our collective time.  You know what would be cool?  If it turns out the last 17 years was just a dream and I wake up and am like HOLY SHIT FRESHMAN IN HIGH SCHOOL AFTER ALL THAT DREAMING NOW I KNOW WHAT TO DO I'm Gonna Fuckin' Make That Girl I Develop A Crush On In About A Year Know How I Feel Prematurely!  UGotta strike while the iron's heart.  Which is an expression for some reason one would imagine.  Maybe it's just someone putting words together, but more likely, the phrase means something to us in our physical world.
    Hey, wonderful, what else.  Eighth paragraph!  Figure 10 is the way to go.  The last time I lived more than 2 nights was when I was in Queens College Dorm in Summer 2015.  My main go-to meal was Nathan's: The Chain In The Queens College Cafeteria.  I remember getting their Fish Sandwich a lot.  So I had that going for me.  I dunno, what else.  Here's how I know Impeachment Hearings are doing their job-- I just went downstairs where my Mom has MSNBC on and they were playing a clip of Trump saying something or another and my first guttural reaction in my mind was this guy is still around?  That's some good progress!!!  Seeing Awfully credible people testify to congress in an, "Impeachment Hearing," has successfully changed the narrative In My Dumb Brain!
    Wonderful, just great.  The point is Sometimes you want Pepsi and sometimes you want Black Cherry, but you can only have 1 in the fridge at once.  I already am pushing it by having a cola at the same time as an orange soda and a citrus lemon-lime soda.  For Cola, I gotta choose between real cola or Black Cherry which is a Savory soda which stands in for Cola if its in there.  Anyway, 9th paragraph, but figure I'll call it quits after this one.  The good news Food-Wise is I had a great Burrito for breakfast today.  Not a breakfast burrito.  It was a regular burrito.  Frozen Burrito!  With, "Chicken & Cheddar."  I ate it for breakfast though and I really got the sense yeah this is a burrito for real, I really can taste the Burritoness and its still only 300 calories. 
    Wonderful, just great, might as well write the 10th paragraph after all.  I've thrown a lot of Today away by eating too much so I might as well get a 10th paragraph after the whole deal.  There was (and still is) a McDonalds right around the corner from KFC/Taco Bell in Penn Station.  I've gotten it a dozen or 2 times, usually after a Fun Night In The City With The People Who Used To Call Themselves My Friends!  Anyway, jeez.  Man if it turns out the last 17 years was a dream I can't wait till 5 years into the future from That Actual Time I learn to appreciate my friends more BUT MOSTLY going to McDonalds more.  Great, just great.  I'll see you jerks later.



Friday, November 15, 2019

Entry Gonna Happen!

  The point is the amount of contact lenses I have available for my Right Eye is much lower than Left Eye.  I figured occasionally Not Getting It In would balence out so I'd still have roughly the same amount per Eye.  I WAS WRONG RIGHT EYE NEEDS DOIN' RE-DO's MUCH MORE.  The other point is Lunch consists of 6 inch Subway Sandwich + Cup o' Noodles!  I wonder if Jared ever texted an 11 year old if he wanted to eat his 6 Inch Subway Sandwich.  The other, other point is I'm almost done with a Habenero Brand Bottle of Tabasco which means I can go back to regular once this is done!  Alright!  I got used to Habenero but to be honest Don't Mess With a Classic.  The other, other, other point is I started binge watching The Tales From Some Sort of Crypt again!  Been 2 or 3 months since last time!  Here Home I come! 
    Watching Impeachment Stuff, I kinda come to terms with how credible these witnesses are.  Obviously I don't 100% buy in to Trump/Fox News narrative that they're heavily partisan people out to get Trump.  But, for better or worse, I still thought of them as hey they're people like me, we don't like Trump, sure, but we got all this evidence and crap we gotta tell people about.  No!  These people are just career diplomats who are compelled to do this Regardless of their personal politics, not in spite of it!  That's my take away.  I think the reason Trump witness-tampered that witness earlier today is because he wants this to get higher ratings.  Cause it's about him!  So after Wednesday, when there were a few hey not exciting enough takes, he took that as a personal affront!  NOT EXCITING ENOUGH EH?  I'M GONNA MMAKE IT EXCITING ITS GOTTA DO WITH ME WHEEEEEE!
Cracked that code.  The interesting thing about Subway: The Sandwich Franchise, is that I'm pretty sure No One would say oh well Subway is My Favorite fast food!  Maybe if there was ranked voting, Subway could make a decent showing, but if its just One Vote, One Fast Food Restaurant, Ain't Nobody gonna pick Subway.  UNLESS POSSIBLY it's during BBQ Rib Patty Promotion at Subway.  That's all they got, all they can pin their hopes on.  I wonder if Jared got any of his child pornography from Jeffrey Epstein.  It's a small world after all.  Hey, great, what else is going on.  The other point is do banana peppers have anything to do with bananas?  Is it just cause they're yellow?  What else.  Luckily finally shaking off that Punk Baby monkey from my back.  Back to The Uppers for me!  Ya don't mess with a classic. 
    Probably not, at least.  I dunno how they do it, but Cup o' Noodles somehow succeeds in making whichever-flavor-you-get taste sort of like that flavor!  All I could tell is, chicken or beef or shrimp-- you get a couple of tiny pieces.  But somehow those tiny pieces Goes A Long Way and helps infect the rest of the noodles with the desired flavor!  The point is I'm not sure wwhen I started eating soup.  I feel like I was at least in college.  The other question is where.  Probably Chinese Food Soup is my best guess.  Also, pretty sure Cup 'o Noodles isn't soup.  That's why they use noodles in their name, and not soup.  You're reall just eaating noodles that have been moisturized by hot water.  SURE the best thing about it is drinking the Flavored Hot Water-- but the amount of it doesn't LEGALLY reach the amount you'd have in a soup. 
    Anyway, 1 more paragraph and we got the standard 5.  Which was a pretty crappy rip off of The Jackson 5.  Where they only do standards.  Whatever That Means.  Cool!  The bad news is I finished my cup o noodles but the good news is I got a dinner planned which includes a full cup of Matzoball soup.  Which contains its fair share of noodles!  AND a matzoh ball!  I always think, if I'm gonna split it into 2 portions, one way to go is Man I wanna eat all the soup/noodles/everything else but Matzohball, and then the next time, just a plain matzohball to eat.  So far, no.  haven't been successful at pulling that off.  But, hey, such is life!  The good news is man oh man continue drunking watching tules from the crypt make the most out of the life that I have going for me this month or something.  Who knows what next month will bring!  Last month of the decade!  Hopefull a Y2-20 doesn't happen.  And all the computers go crazy because they can't even fathom a scenario where 2020 is an actual year.  I think blaming Y2k On computers was just a bit of projection, but humans were like ughh 2000 that's crazy how I do come to terms with this?  But they projected all of that uncertainty Onto Computers.  Such is life!  See ya later.

-2:11 P.M.


Thursday, November 14, 2019

You Entries Are All The Same

  Is that offensive of me?  Surely there  are many entries who are not the same.  A sweeping generalization like that seems flat out wrong.  Anyway, I'm doing Great in life!  Why, there's that 40-60% of life that I haven't regressed.  Sure I'm eating too much again and drinking too much again and not consuming any New or Interesting or Great entertainment.  But you're forgetting-- I am alos Still Alive Gotta Assume That'll Pay Off At Some Point In The Long Run.  Also, you're forgetting-- Sarah Marshall.  I bet there was months and months back-and-forth about whether to spell Sarah with an, "H," or without an, "H."  One can only hope they feel comfortable with out it all panned out. 
    Anyway, speaking of panning out, the last day or two my right-side earphone is barely working.  The wierd thing is, when I hold it slightly away from my ear, it sounds at the same volume as the left-side earphone.  Once I pop it into my ear, thouhg, hardly anything!  My working theory is that my right ear popped or something and now Here I Am Forced To Live With The Consequences.  Anyway, first impeachment hearings were yesterday.  Some people In The News Industry (I hesitate to call them journalists) had the hot take of this was a snooze.  I don't 100% get what it is that they find Donald Trump so Fascinating that is lacked by Democrats.  Trump just repeats stupid ridcoulous lies-- consistently!-- he's got a playbook that he's cycled through dozens of times.  Yet that's interesting yet Hey THESE GUYS ARE TESTIFYING UNDER OATH PRESIDENT COMMITTED A CRIME, AT THE BEGINNING OF A POSSIBLE LEAD UP TOWARDS IMPEACHMENT OF THE PRESIDENT  AND EVEN POSSIBLY HOLDING HIM LEGALLY ACCOUNTABLE FOR HIS CRIMES!!  Yeah that all sounds well and good but where were the FIREWORKS WHATTA SNOOZE.
The unfortunate news is I just finished my lunch. There's always tomorrow.  I think I'm considering of donating to the Bernard Sanderson campaign in the form of buying some sort of apparel from BerieSandersOnlineEmporium.  The pint they made in E-Mail To Me kinda hit me hard-- Iowa primary is in less than 3 months.  Now's the time to get that money in!  If I could sacrifice 18 dollars, and get both some Skull Cap that says Bernie on it and ALSO help Bernie get a net gain of 1-2 votes in Iowa, GI DID IT I'M A HERO AND WHATNOT!!  Part of me wants Michael Bloomberg to run, because if he knew who I was, me and Bloomberg would have the same TrumpName-- Little Michael.  PLUS We're, "BLOOM" BUDDIES!!!  The point is Michael Bloomberg isn't My Daddy but maybe sort of 2nd or 3rd cousin, sure, why not.
Trying to return to 8 Track and Record Some Songs but I haven't been able to make any progress with that for years.  I had a decent demo of The New Monkees theme song-- or so I thought.  Turns out it's all Meh.  Good enough, sure!  But not good enough for sure, if you catch my drift.  Something can be good enough that I'd release it On Internet Just For Fun, but there's a much narrower definition where something can be good enough For TV People To Put And Consume On TV.  The point is I think one of the best things in life is having sandwiches Not As A Meal But As A Snack.  One piece of bread, a few slices of processed meat-- OMG SANDWICH @S A SNACK.  I think Dawn of the Dead is a pretty good piece of Meta-fiction.  The premise is oh we're gonna hole up in this Mall Hey Look All These Deadies are coming to the mall instinctually cause it's what they did in life SOCIAL COMMENTARY.  Except for me, it's like, I'm gonna witch this movie for the 16th time even though not so much goes on Because That's What I Did In Life SOCIAL COMMENTARY.
    Only have .5 episode of The Oz: The HBO Programme to go!  Then it's SEE YOU IN HELL OZ for anohter few years until situations force me to binge watch it all over again.  Also, I made a joke a few paragraphs about how the series just dissolves into all the different groups watching TV together-- the last episode HAS THAT TO A CRAZY EXTENT EVEN MORESO THAN PREVIOUS EPISODES.  Anway, this is a safe space, right?  Wanna talk about how I feel about Pete Buttigieg.  My gut reaction is just this guy can't win because of his sexuality.  But just thinking that, I kind of realize, is emblematic of Being a White Straight Man where I just automatically dismiss someone who isn't that.  Well, who isn't Straight.  He's 2/3 in Privilege which is pretty good!  Which also is relevant to conceptualizing his race.  Also, I don't agree with his policies.  That That sums that up.  Anyway.  I wanna presidential debate where the moderator goes, What Kind of Thing Are You Into Sexually.  I think ht would be a great opportunity for the candidates to relate to their voters What Kind of Thing They're Into Sexually.
    Anyway, it's only been half a dozen pages, but I'm finally getting to read the Beastie Boys book!  Great.  They talk about being Punk before Rap was really a thing.  And I just named my music from 2009-2001 as being from the artist Punk Baby.  WHY IS PUNK SUCH A HARD WORD AND CONCEPT TO NAIL DOWN WTF JUST BE STRAIGHT FORWARD AND HONEST PUNK.  I don't think I'm Punk, but I do think I'm a baby, so it's not that far off.  Sixth paragraph!  I've really been on a Cheese Kick lately.  Gettin Bison CHEESEburgers instead of Bison BURGERS.  I think part of it is I am extravagant and have refined tastes that must be satisfied by Cheese On Hamburgers.  Somethin' like that.  Anyway.  Here's one thing that gets me going in terms of writing/being productive in any sort of way.  I remember when I was in high school, and had a crazy workload + long traveling to and from, I'd just keep myself going thinking about The Next Time I'll Get A Break.  After fall semester starts, holy shit 4 day weekend at thanksgiving.  Then a month after that, HOLY FUCH A WHOLE WEEK OFF FOR HOLIDAYMASS.  And obviously, the big one, END OF MAY OR SOMETHIN SUMMER OFF!!! 
    I don't have a job where I get any time off no matter what part of the year.  I just do stuff when I feel like it.  But its still a way to keep myself sane.  Hey I'll go the extra mile tonight, This Is All Still School exponentially, just keeping going day in day out as if there's a light at the end of the tunnel even if Who Knows There Might Not Be One let's just play pretend that there is!  Does any of that make sense?  Probably not except for 1/4 kind of making sense.  Anyway, gonna call it quits after this paragraph!!! Wonderful.  I'm not even 100% sure what Punk is supposed to be to my generation, which we were raised on primarily pop-punk.  The only LOGICAL way to go after that is UTILITY ROCK.  Hey I've got some pamphlets on that check kit out!  See ya later.

-2:09 P.M.



Tuesday, November 12, 2019


  Well, after this paragraph  Got a good lunch going!  That's all I'll say.  Don'tchu Worry About My Lunch.  I'm Peacy Meant happening this weekend.  See I always knew I was Peachy but now we get to see if the rest of the country is too! ...Man there's so much to be said about My Current Lunch but I already promised No Lunch Talk.  WTF else is there?  I gotta keep you updated.   FINE ONE MORE TIME. 1/4th Halal Food + little bit of Egg Whites + Cocktail Franks from Supermarket That They Cooked Themselves Not No Frozen Kind.  Speaking of Frozen, that was one other movie I Wrote In Fake Movie Online Community.  It was someone else's idea, but I ended up writing it for some reason.  It was about a guy (presumably cast as Tom Cruise) who wakes up 1000 years later, afafter being frozen.  And some stuff happens that I don't remember at all.  But it made BANK at the Box Office because it had a decent poster and Tom Cruise carried it!   The point is From Now On you're gonna want to start adding Scrambled Egg Whites to your Halal Food makes it so you can have 1/2 the meal while still being 1/1 satisfied.
    The good news is
I went to Supermarket earlier so that's almost A Full One Week until next time!  The other good news is I went to Supermarket earlier and they had a great Setlist for the time I was in the supermarket.  Last song I remember is the one that goes like ... you can handle, tomsething brain, oh yeah.  You get it!  You know that song that was in that one movie?  That should clear that up.  The last movie I can think of that had Tom Cruise in it that wasn't a Mission'n Possible was Rock of Ages.  Isn't ALL rock of Ages?  That's the thesis statement of Geology, right?  C'mon he was also in The Mummy.  The Mummy? THAT WAS A REAL MOVIE?  I thought that was just a Fever Dream.  I don't think I've ever seen a Michelin Possible, but based on the trailers I've seen for them over the past 10 years, they're presumably entertaining!! And why would trailers lie?  No motivation!  I think I may have seen Michigan Possum Bull ONE but hardly remember any of it.  I think that was the one where he was Hanging By Some Thread but couldn't touch the ground because Alarms Would Go Off.
    Anyway.  Wearing some sort of Comfort Robe.  Kinda like a Bath Robe but not to soak up Water, sorta just a Style Robe.  I don't care who knows it!  Got boxers and a shirt under it, sure.  I'm not an Animal.  I remember I was in a supermarket or something in the city once with some lady from my improv class, and their set list was playing Message In a Bottle, and because I wanted to get to know this lady, it made me think to ask Do you like music?  And that really upset her.  I hate it when people ask that question.  And that really upset me.  FUCK YOU YOU'RE AVOIDING THE QUESTION C'MON WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO HIDE!!!  The good news I Have Never Taken An Improv Class since then.  Hey, I'm pro-V too, but you don't see Me making a fuss about it, do you?  Much more interested in W.  C'mon lets talk about it for some reason!
    I think Upright Citizens Brigade is a little too threatening and hostile for my taste.  The point is we should see a thing in society where Anti-Fa teams up with UCB and they make us laugh, make us learn, and maybe even make us more improv(e)d people.  Fourth paragraph.  Figure I'll take a walk after this one for some reason  I don't have all the answers!  Gotta take walks whenever it feels right to you.  The thing I dislike the most about Punk Baby is the URL.  punkbabyband.bandcamp.com.  PunkBabyBand?  THAT SOUNDS TERRIBLE HOWEVER THE URL OF punkbaby.bandcamp.com WAS TAKEN WHATTA FUCKIN WASTE.  Anyway.  I had a dream a few nights ago I hit a Royal Flush in Online Poker, and, even in real life, they usually have a Jackpot Thing going where if that happens you get CashMoney and maybe the rest of your table gets a taste.  But the point is Apparently That Doesn't Apply If Its Just Something You've Dreamt which to me sounds like a catch.  Oh well, such is life!
    One more paragraph, then call it a LIF.. wait, I mean day.  All signs point to be surviving at least another few weeks, months at at least. Instead of watching Oz, can't I at lesat be watching Season 3 of The Duece?  I liked the first 2 seasons!  Why Not Hey That's My Motto.  The reason I can't stop watching Oz because its like first you hate these walls, then you grow to accept them, then you do some third thing that only Red From Shawstank Redemption.  Shawstank.  Figure that could be something if only I had the motivation to figure out what.  I had a best friend around ages 5-7 whose last name was Shaw.  The worst memory I have of it was I had a birthday and the gift from some other guy was like a glass thing you could pour colored sand in and its fun to design it and whatnot.  And Mr. Shaw was sleeping over that night, so he got to fill in 1 or 2 of my glass things, designed it with Colored Sand.  WTF THIS IS MY BIRTHDAY GET YOUR OWN FUCKING ACTIVITY THAT'S ONE SAND-GLASS-THING I'LL NEVER SEE AGAIN.  ANyway, that'll do it!  See ya some other day presumably.

-1:03 P.M.

Monday, November 11, 2019

I'm Here To Write @n Entry

  Wow!  Got some lunch going on.  1/2 A Halal Food and 1 A Matzoh Ball Soup.  Great, just great. I had a dream last night I was verified on Twitter.  I did nothing to deserve it.  Not in the dream, at least.  My Friend Count was in the high 1000's.  But I got that check and I was like FINALLY ALL MY HARD WORK HAS PAID OFF!!!  Halal Cart is one of many places I go where I try too hard to be friendly with the person because I want to win his trust, but inadvertently they see that as me trying to hard and assume hey if he's Trying this hard he probably is an Asshole in real life.  WHY WON'T CART PEOPLE JUST BE MY FRIEND THAT'S ALL I'M ASKING FOR FROM LIFE.  Anyway.  Got my blood work done today.  The way its set up, is you take a number, sit in a waiting room, then wait for your number to be called, then they take your blood.  II WAS NUMBER ONE TODAY.  I was so early they had to open up the Waiting Room JUST FOR ME and the security guard who did it was like Guess you're number one! and I was like YEAH I'VE ALWAYS SAID THAT BUT NOBODY WOULD BELIEVE ME!
Every time I get Halal Food I consider using Plastic Fork That Came WIth Meal as opposed to House Silverware.  I'm like well this'll be a more authentic experience.  Also, when I was a kid in college, that's how I ate it!  And that was THE BOMB.  I usually end up using my Little Fork, though.  Whatta jip but such is life.  There's a strange Mathematical Equation going on with Oz: The HBO Show because the quality decreases exponentially as the show goes on, making it less worth watching, but the closer you are to the end, it becomes exponentially more important that you finish it just so your TV knows You're Not A Quitter.  Whatta jip!  This is gonna sound bad, but I like seeing some of these guys half naked because I'm like hey hey when they're clothed they don't look overweight, but without their shirt and/or pants on, Hey They Even Slightly Fatter Than Me!
Also, its like, Hey I haven't been a saint my entire life I've done some Fucked Things But these guys are MURDERS I AIN'T DONE THAT NOT EVEN ONCE IN MY LIFE TIME.  I'm getting back into the Weight Area of where I have love handles.  By which I mean I love the Baroque Composer Handel.  The point is I finished Lunch successfully without adding on More Halal Food HOWEVER I am now having a Kaiser Roll directly after lunch.  Because I live in WW1 Era Germany.  And I want to eat the guy whose the equivalent of Commander & Chef.  Good way for Trump to re-brand himself.  That's a great idea for how to return to Reality Television because it'll satisfy his fans because they can't get enough of him, and it'll satisfy Regular People because hey look he's wearing a bib and talking like a baby about food.  Also his bib says Commander & Chef in case you couldn't figure that one out.  I feel like that scenario is a little too accurate.
Great!  Give Trump a show on The Food Network.  Pretty much the best case scenario that'll please everybody.  Fourth paragraph.  Figure 2 more starting... now.  I finished that roll.  I wish I had another one RIGHT NOW. This is gonna make me sound like an Entertainment Jerk, but I think The Sopranos could have been better.  They started off with something new and interesting, and for most viewers, including myself, figured out Well This Is What They Do Indefinitely.  They coulda done a bit more to evolve over time.  I SAID IT NOW GET OFF MY BACK.  Anyway. What kind of music have I been listening to On Walks.  Spent 2 weeks listening to Punk Baby and I think I'm finally in a headspace to wrap my mind around what Punk Baby is really all about.  Now I'm back to listening to Albums.  Today I listened to 1/2 an Oasis Album!  I don't care who knows it I LIKE ME SOME OASIS SOMETIMES  I'LL FIGhT YOU ABOUT IT SURE WHY NOT.
Great, just great.  Supermarket tomorrow.  The big question on EVERYBODY'S mind is do I continue to get Popchips even when in the last few weeks, I've finished a full 2 bags within 2.5 days?  I think YES IT'S LESS CALORIES THAN POTATOR CHIPS CAN'T GET MUCH HEALTHIER THAN EATING 120 POPCHIPS EVERY DAY 3 DAYS A WEEK.  Well, great, can't argue with that.  I bet I could score another Kaiser Roll @ Supermarket Tomorrow.  Seems like they'd be selling that in a Bakery Section of Some Such Thing.  Hey finished watching The Wire a day or two ago.  I wanna make a post-mortem list of How Good of a Person This character was.  All the way from This is the best character in terms of being a good person, all the way to this is the worst charactering terms of being a good person.  This Thesis could take many years and dozens of people to collaborate with, but I can't think of a more pressing issue facing our country today.  is the worst person Clay Davis?  I'm not telling!  However it is telling that he's the first person I thought of when making that Worst Person I'm Not Telling joke!
Clay Davis hasn't done one redeeming thing the entire show.  Except for pretending to be a Man of The People.  I guess that could be a good thing because it makes The People happy even if its all based on Untruths.  They're happy due to him representing them while they like him!  Guess that's not so bad!  Anyway lets call it quits after this paragraph.  I've noticed one of my default Goodbye phrases to people I do interactions with is Have a Good One.  Like when I was done with Receiving Halal Food.  Thanks.  Have a good one.  A GOOD WHAT?  Whatever you want, its up to you!  GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT IT.  Also in the I'm Twitter Verified! dream there was another unrelated (or so I think!) part of the dream where I'm replenishing my beer supply from supermarket and I found this New Beer that's low calorie and great tasting!  Sounds like a good beer to produce and make money from, HAS ANYONE EVER THOUGHT ABOUT MAKING A BEER BASED ON THOSE TWO CHARACTERISTICS BEFORE AND SELL IT?  I MAY JUST BE SOME SORT OF GENIUS.  Anyway, I'll see ya later.

-1:33 P.M.


Sunday, November 10, 2019

I'd Rather Draw A Picture Than Write An Entry, But What Are Ya Gonna Do

  Write entry, like I just said!  Anyway 5 paragraph Lunch Time Entry.  Anyway, about ~2/3rds through the ~6th time I've watched The Sopranos In Completion.  Kinda realized the most logical way to divide the show up, in terms of plot and not external things like Seasons, is which Gumar is Tony involved with.  Anyway.  I was thinking about it and I'm not 100% sure why so many women are interested in Tony Soprano.  He's a Fat Guy!  Is it just the novelty of being with a MobMan?  I dunno!  I was also thinking about it and I'm not 100% sure why so many woman aren't interested in Micha*l K*ornBlu*.  Probably have too low self esteem.  That's the Ouroboros of feeling insecure relationship -wise.  Hey you're not in a relationship because you're too insecure.  And you're too insecure because you're not in a relationship.  WHATTA SCAM.
    The good news is Great I Finished The Wire and I SHOULD stop watching Oz IT'S A PIECE OF EXCREMENT but I still fot 2-4 seasons left with The Sopranos WHY GOD WHY.  I remember when I first watched The Sopranos, there's all these dream sequences in the last 2 or so seasons, and I was like Hmm what's the deal with that.  And they usually involved Dreaming of Tony meeting with his physcitrist.  Now that I know that's coming up later in the series, I'm thinking for all of his appointemnts with physiatrist HEY THIS MAY BE A DREAM I WONDER IF THAT MEANS SOMETHING THEM INJECTING THIS SORTA CRAP WITH THAT SORTA CRAP.  Anyway, I dunno.  Started to get acclimated to the 4 Punk Baby albums.  punkbabyband.bandcamp.com CHECK THAT SHIT OUT.
I've gotten into the unfortunate habit of not being able to listen to music without associating it with a time in my past where listening to said music was prevalent for that period of my life.  It sucks WHY CAN'T I JUST LISTEN TO SPOON--SiSTER JACK WITHOUT THINKING OF SPRING 2008 WHAT A FUCKIN JIP!!  I vaguely remember some sort of person named Spoon when I was in Summer Camp.  Not a full fledged Summer Camp.  It was just going to the elementary school half a block away from my home where you have activities from 9 am to 1 pm.  But anyway I guess one of the counselers must have been named Spoon?  Something with Spoon was going on there I was just too young and innocent to figure it out.  Anyway.  Worst part of that Summer Camp? --the lunch provided was terrible (sandwiches I would never eat-- I forget what kind-- but it was the kind I would never eat back then at least.  Best part of Summer Camp?-- they had tournaments in All The Activities at least 1 year I was there and I WON The ENTIRE CAMP in Chess and Connect 4.  YEAH I'M THE BEST!!!!!!
    2 paragraphs to go.
  What other people have I known called Spoon.  Around the turn of the century, I was involved with this online community where you would share scripts and crap that you've written, and it was constructed like a game, like you would release your script on some Friday in October, and they'd calculate your box office based on people who clicked on the link and people who gave it a positive numerical review... anyway one of the guys in that thing was called Spoon.  I was called SunSet Studios.  That was my fake production company.  Sunset Studios!  Prove me wrong. And I remember there was a chat room on mIRC where my username for that chat was originally SSStudios and one wise-en-heimer was always like HEIL SS STUDIOS!  Boy did I learn a lot that yea.
    Also it was kind of weird because I was 10 years old and they were presumably all adults or at least teenagers.  I think I pretended to be a teenager.  Whose gonna know, YOU?  I DOUBT IT.  But here's what I got out of it-- writing a 40 page script with another person from the community called Return of The Living Dead IV (which, afterwards, was actually made), a 10 page script based on the computer game Myst (DID VERY WELL AT THE BOX OFFICE ON THE STRENGTH OF THE PHOTOSHOPPED POSTER [another aspect to the game].  I think those were the only movies I ever produced.  I also wrote a 5 page script based on the video gaem Syphon Filter which I had never played, but that was for some other producer.  I got paid in Virtual Cash upfront and whatever he made at the box office with my script was his.
    AMAZING.  the point is it's a fucking great game/online community to experiment with, especially if you're 10 years old. I'll see ya'll tomorrow or tomorrow's tomorrow or whatever you get the idea.

-2:41 P.M.


Saturday, November 9, 2019

The Entry Can Occur @ Any Moment

  LOL I USED THE SYMBOL @ WHERE DO I COME UP WITH THIS STUFF!?!!?  Right above the number 2.  That's where it came from, to be straight, forward, and honest.  Got Chinese Food any minute now arriving because that's a fun lunch to have.  Hey, what are you having for lunch.  Chinese Food. Wow that sounds like fun I Wish I Was You.  Such is life.  I dunno if its just me/my family but is General Tso's chicken the most popular Chinese Thing to get?  I like it because its more wholesome than most other specials.  Chicken in garlic sauce?  Yeah there's some chicken in some sort of sauce presumably influenced by garlic BUT THERE'S NOWHERE NEAR THE SAME AMOUNT OF CHICKEN as General Tsos.  May not be the most healthy China Lunch, but its the most cost effective, and pretty close to being the most tasty!
    Crackin' those codes I guess.  Restaurant used to be called, China Grill.  Now it's called, FamiLi Chinese Take Out.  Famili, huh?  Do they think it would hurt their credibility to spell easy words correctly? Hey if we spell FAMILY right no one would buy that we're Chinese!!!  Such is life.  I got it delivered, but I wanna go into the store at some point soon and try to extort them for my share of Tariff money.  Hey something's goin on with macroeconomics with your home country, I'M HERE FOR MY CUT.  What else.  Food just came.  I'm thinkin, I wouldn't mind being in a scenario where the only nutrition I could get for the rest of my life was Hot 'n Sour Soup.  Just eat it nonstop all day.  Sounds like a blast!  Anyway, dunno what brought up the thought, but I was thinking about Desert-Island TV shows.  You that there party game (I assume-- I hope to be at a party one day!) where it's like, for music, say, what three albums would you take with you if you can't listen to any others for the rest of your life.  With TV shows, easy, I go Tales & From & The & Crypt and The Simpsons. 
    You don't wanna pick a TV show that follows the same narrative for 6 years, that'll get boring!  No you want something that mixes things up each time you watch it.  Simpsons, that's somewhere between-- same characters and basic whatnot over the years, and considering there's so many of them (and each pack so much Entertainment in each punch!), makes it an easy "Top 3," choice.  Tales From The Crypt is inspired, though.  Each episode is different.  Sometimes its funny, sometimes its scary.  If I had to live a life where the only TV I could consume was just re-watching Tales From The Crypt for the rest of my life?  I gotta be honest, I feel like that scenario is BETTER than what I currently got going.  Hey what 3 things would you take with you on a desert island.  How about some water, a boat, and a captain who knows how to Drive The Boat? 
    Great, just great.  At what point do The Simpsons just think, Well its been 30 years, time to mix things up.  We're gonna do 1 Narrative over an entire season.  Seems like a relatively reasonable and do-able thing to do, right?  And it would awesome for fans because there's so much HUMOUR to be found in such a switch-em-up.  Right under it says Famili on the menu, it says Chinese Take Out, which makes sense, but then Right under That it goes We Use 100% Vegetable Oil. WTF DO I CARE ABOUT YOUR VEGETAIBLE OIL OVERSHARE ALSO UNDERSHARE CUZ WHO THE FUCK CARES.  AAnyway.  This time around watching The Sopranos, I'm really Pro-Janice.  The first half dozen times watching the show, I felt like she was a manipulative piece of crap, but suddenly everything seems genuine.  Also, in the past I was like, yea she ain't no sex symbol not even close but now I'm like ok shes overweight but she's got a nice smile maybe she'll make me linguini in clam sauce.
  I remember the first 200 times I watched All The Simpsons I thought Lisa was the smart one but it was actually Marge all along.  Cool!  oh, right. I need a 3rd TV show to compete the Holy Trinity w/ The Simpsons & Tales & The & Crypt on my desert island.  M1st thought after pondering for 15 seconds was Mr. Show.  Because I happened to look up at the shelves above my computer at my DVDs and the first TV DVD I saw was my Mr. Shows.  Bu also because its the best.  But I dunno it might only be frustrating, having it as one of only 3 shows.  I'd get bored of it which would cause me to life it Less.  Overexposure doesn't apply to The Simpsons and Tale From The Crypt, that's the point.  I think it may harm Mr. Show, though, just being honest.  Anyway, 5 paragraphs,
that'll do it for today.  See ya later!

-1:26 P.M.


Friday, November 8, 2019

You And Me, Crazy.  We've Got Each Other

  I guess.  I just saw Doctor Sleep yesterday.  Not a big spoiler to tell you Doctor Sleep refers to Danny (he's the main character, Of Course He's The Title!)  HOWEVER I must have missed the part where Danny earned a PHD in Sleep Related Studies!!  That's the real scary part of the movie--- THIS USED-TO-BE-KID IS OPERATING WITHOUT A LICENSE GET OUT OF THE WAY!!!  Bu the point is 1/3rd was great, 1/3rd was pretty good, and 1/3rd was Meh.  And not just solid blocks of Great, Pretty Good, and Meh.  Each scene could be any of em in any order!  That's how I feel.  I just like the premise of seeing iconic Horror Movies updated 30-40 years later, not just for someone my age where it's our first chance to see it In Theater, but also, like I was saying with Pet Cemetary a few months ago, HOLY SHIT 30 YEARS HAS PAST SINCE THIS CAME OUT, MAYBE LIKE 25 YEARS SINCE I FIRST SAW IT... HOLY SHIT I'M A LOT CLOSER TO DEATH THAN I WAS BACK THEN!!! WHATTA SCAM!!!
I think Stephen King owes us all an apology.  For so long we all thought we were being relatively-lightly entertained by his nonsense stores but it turns out HOLY SHIT WE JUST WASTED OUR ENTIRE LIVES LISTENING/READING/SEEING STEPHEN KING TELL HIS STORIES.  WHATTA WASTE!  That's 30 years I ain't eve gettin' back, being scared of Lady In Bathtub.  Anyway, there was a HUGE plothole in the movie because hey all this paranormal/telepathy/supernatural senses Shit doesn't actually exist... how did we get into a universe where it does exist?  WE CAN'T ITS A PLOT HOLE.  You You can make a Plot Hole when you're designing the terrain for your city in Sim City 2000.  Ah, Sim City 2000.  The best of the Sim Cities.  I would play that shit RIGHT NOW if I could.  AltAltouhg my favorite Sim-game is kinda an obscure reference, a deep cut of the franchise.  Sim Tower.  And you buld a tower with commercial stuff, hotel stuff,etc.  ANd my favorite part was tehre was 1 or 2 layers underground you could build.  That's th most fun to design and populate with stores!  YOU CHECK OUT THIS UNDERGROUND TOWER I GOT GOIN' SO MUCH FUN!
    Worst is either Sim Farm or Sim Life.  Don't remember much about them but it's safe to say FUCK Sim Farm and Sim Life.  The point is yesterday I had Cup o' Noodles for lunch and holy shit was that great.  SO MANY NOODLES I CAN'T EVEN COMPREHEND HOW MANY NOODLES I GOTTA EAT.  Thought of a good defense for Trumpists in terms of responding to him getting booed at sporting events.  Hey to say someone is your boo means they're your significant other so when crowds boo him they just mean they want to have sexual relations ships with h--- UGH I COULDN'T FINISH THAT SENTENCE WITHOUT HAVING TO THROW UP.  I didn't' actually have to throw up.  I had to throw up.  I stopped the sentence just in time to actually commit the act of Throwing Up.
    Jeez.  Wouldn't it be weird to live in a world where its like hey 2020 coming up lets make Movies that don't belong to a franchise like 80% of the movies.  How exciting would that be.  As it os, what, maybe not 80%, but over 50% is franchise movies, mostly super hero, right?  I'd take the over as opposed to the under at 50%.  But just imagine a world where our culture could accommodate us seeing a bunch of movies which we haven't seen seven times before.  I like the idea of that!  I like lots of ideas!  This was just the most recent idea that I liked, just now!  On the other hand, if they stop making Batmans I will never live out my life dream of being a Batman villain.  I guess I could just Pull a Joker and just become a real life villain and hope at some point Some Sort of Batman will come around and start fuckin' up my shit.  But I Don't Want To Do That Because I Want To Be A Protagonist In Real Life And A Cartoonish Villian In Fake Life!  Prove me wrong! Alright I'm gonna take a break. Be back later!


My Best Title Yet!

  Well, maybe not my best title.  Certainly ranks in the top or 10 or 12 scores of titles.  ...Which I've written over the past 12 hours.  Wait I wrote 200 titles in last 12 hours? You bet!  You probably do too without realizing!  Every time you have a thought, you gotta be thinking, is this thought a potential title?  Public Service Announcement That One Is.  Hey How About that TITLE  More titles TITLE wonder what else is up TITLE  What the what TITLE.  That's how life goes if you're unlucky like me. .. ... TITLE.  Alright time to move on. TITLE Oh no I've made my point TOO MUCH!! TITLE! Let's move on and crap.  Got lunch in the oven.  We're talkin a .5 Turkey Dinner which even in completion wasn't too much.  We're talkin' some turkey, tough.  A it of stuffing.  Some Bakeded Potato.  BROCCOLI!  That covers that.
I dunno.  For whatever reason, Season 5 of The Wire seems less egregious as past times I've binge watched it.  I think its because this time around, even in the first 4 seasons, I've accurately realized Everyone Here Is An Asshole, so in season five, when their assholeness has peaked to quite a high, ridiculous, and almost comical level, it seems more of a natural continuation the how much assholes everyone AND EVERYTHING was in the first 4 seasons.  What else is crap.  I don't think you could convince me there's anything better than good stuffing.  I don't think a lot of things.  Doesn't make it right, or wrong.  Good stuffin', ya know, not that loose crap.  I Want Some Solid Stuffing! 


Hey How About That

  TITLE.  Anyway, I just had lunch because I like to eat several times a day for various reasons I don't have the time to get into right now.  Lunch was pretty good but on the other hand Hey Dinner is gonna be even better I'm Calling It Right Now.  Also, hey, great, what else is going on.  I'm getting used to the imaginary title Punk Baby.  I think, despite it not being thought out at all, it has certain redeeming qualities that I'm not 100% ashamed to associate with.  Cool!  The point is I haven't done/have done my laundry in weeks and the entire last week I've cycled through Old Clothes In Hamper.  Roughly 6-12 times in a row.  Cool Talk About Efficiency!  No more wasting money on Laundry Power and or/ Cleaning Detergent and/or premium hangers.  It's called being environmentally and economically conscious Ever Heard of It?
    Sweet.  Why would I need to use one-and-done premium clothes hangers?
  Kinda seems like I could re-use the same one over and over again.  Oh well I don't make the rules.  Some guy in charge of physics does, right?  Whomever that may be.  I think it's funny how for the 2nd half of the 20th century, while we were gearing up/actually getting into Space and whatnot, every novelist or write was like oh shit in 2001 we're gonna find some paranormal thing around Jupiter or Oh shit we're gonna take a Pitch Black to some Pitch Black or ANYTHING REALLY WE HAVEN'T DONE A LICK.  What the Hells your problem Human Race have you forgotten about The Fun To Be Had Exploring and Colonizing Space?  GET IT TOGETHER.
Somethin like that, whatever.  When I was a kid there was a 3rd rate cartoon called Captain Planet.  I don't remember the details, I only remember the theme song.  Captain Planet, He's a hero, gonna take pollution down to zero.  Jeez  that's some lofty ideals!!! Maybe you should start with something a little more achievable, Mr. Planet.  Maybe getting pollution down to 99.995% from the 100% it was at before you showed up.  All things considered, that really is still VERY Good.  I think one of my favorite things I learned in my Environmental Science class was that like 50% of the things we recycle, actually they just ship to China and build mountains of things we thought were being recycled but now just live in Trash Mountains.  Whatta joke.
What else is crap.  10th paragraph!  Holy Smokes I can get ANYTHING I FUCKIN' WANT FOR DINNER.  Could be Anything I DON'T BELIEVE IT.  Anyway 1 more paragraph to close this up.  Hey I just realized I miss watching That One Channel With Freaks.  Somethin like LifeStyle or something, I don't remember.  161 or something On My TV.  Mystery Diagnosis was on this channel, that was okay.  Dwarfs, "My Strange Obsession, [or was it Addiction?]" Conjoined Twins...  Oh well such is life.  Anyway that'll do it for today.  Catch you on some sort of flip side!

-2:40 P.M.


Wednesday, November 6, 2019

One Of Us Has Better Things To Do

  I will keep that in mind for writing the rest of the entry.  I'll do it, Believe.  In the meantime though, LETS PREPARE FOR SOME LAUGHERMUPS.  Hey great plan.  This ain't a laugh-em-up, more of a my-life-em-up... anyway, I was buying beer from Connivance Store a week or so ago and I realized this is kind of one of the epitome (social-stuffwise, at least) of Crap Short Men go through.  I step into the place to buy a beer, and its already in my mind from the first moment, ok there's a 50/50 chance At Best he won't ask for my ID or anythng... so I gotta Play It Cool in the same way a sixteen year old is gonna have to Play It Cool.  I have to go through the same thought processes and actions as a kid.  I get that they may be taught to ask for ID from ANYONE in their 20's, and whatnot, but it just stings a little more.  It's like HEY YOU ARE YOU SURE YOU'RE AN ADULT?  I DUNNO IF ANYONE EVER TOLD YOU, BUT I'M PRETTY SURE YOU'RE A CHILD PROVE ME WRONG!  Too put it more clearly, it's like every few days I have to consciously think Wait AM I 16 Years Old?  Maybe they're on to something here!
Let's face facts, what proof do I have that I'm 30 and not 16? There's no paper trail or anything.  I dunno, lets just move on.  Move on hardcore!  Looks like Democrats' Blue Wave is now officially a year long!  We Surfed-It-Up last year, and hey WE DONE DID IT AGAIN.  HEY I got my ticket for Doctor Sleeplove.  I usually don't see movies at night-- but this one I will!  Both because HEY ITS SPOOKY AT NIGHT and also because HEY I WANNA WATCH IT TOMORROW ONLY LATE SHOWS TOMORROW.  That's another reason Acting is hard.  You have to be constantly like, Wait AM I This character?!?  Or was I just pretending to him him/her/them and now I forget what came before.  Jeez acting is hard for some reason!  No, no, it's Influencing for me!  Any good schools to major in influencing?  What about a high school AP class for Influencing AND you get college credits!  What makes you think you could be an influencer?  I'm great at getting other people to buy stuff for some reason.  WOW WHAT AN ASSET TO SOCIETY.
Cool!  The good news is I found an old contact under my eyelid that's been there for several  days.  It's bad news because Hey That's Not Supposed To Happen but it's good news because Yeah I Kinda Remember Taking Out Contacts And This One
Eye Contact Never Showed Up.  I had no course of action, just hope it had fallen out on its own.  Or-- as we see wha happened--it was stuck but I Unstuck That Sucker.  Anyway.  Both In House and In Public, I'm constantly doing long winks with both eyes alternately.  Wanna see if contact lens from left eye is doing its job?  Close right eye.  Wanna switch up and see if right eye contact lens is doing its job?  Close left eye.  Repeat Over and Over and Over and Over because hey you got nothing better to do.  I am conscious that if anyone sees me, not only am I winking at them, but I'm going back and forth between eyes and doin a rare DOUBLE WINK.
    I didn't vote yesterday but my Dad did and he gave me the iI I Voted sticker and he gave it to me so Mission Accomplished I guess.  I think, as you can write in a candidate for People Elections, you should be able to write-in your own proposals.  Only fair!  Hmm what kinda riff can we do about Stuff To Write In Propositions @ The Ballot Box.  I'll think about it at some point in the future after I think of the same Base for a joke once more 5 or 10 years from now.  I'll get to it, don't u wurry.  Who do you think I am COLIN MOCHRIE?  The point is where does Colin Mochrie stand on impeachment.  He's the Swing Voter for all of us, I feel safe to say that.  Anyway.  I dunno. Gonna order lunch after next paragraph or 2.  I'd like to see you stop me!  Ahh great.
I've ended up watching Season 5 of the Wire.  You don't judge me, I judge you!  That's what McNulty's judge friend from season 1-2 says.  Remember the time it turned out Judges can break the law with no consequences Because They're Judges?  What are you supposed to do, assign a judge to judge a judge?  Seems like a big waste of judges!  Not only are you wasting one judge's time to judge the case, but also, if that judge judges that the criminal judge is guilty, now you're short another judge.  You're losing judges exponentially if you attempt to enforce The Rule of Law!  What else.  I've gotten so sick of people going Hey if Obama did this it'd be a whole different story and they'd treat him different etc etc.  YEAH I GET IT THERE'S A HUGE DOUBLE STANDARD YOU'RE NOT OFFERING ANy New Current INSIGHT.  I mean, I agree with the sentiment 100%, but there's so many other narratives to follow that are more relevant and more important, at least Currently.  In textbooks 40 years from now, sure, talk about how Republicans sabotaged Obama's presidency and then immediately enabled the worst, "president," in our history.  Gotta wait 40 years for that textbook to come out!  I CANT WAIT I NEED IT NOW!
Also, am I crazy, but wasn't it a thing a few months ago where Trump tweeted that he was the, "President?"  Because of all his tens of thousands of tweets, that's gotta rank, right?  Anyway.  Probably the straight-up nerdiest thing I did in life, now that I think about it, was reading History Textbooks for fun in high school.  Prove me wrong!  The second nerdiest thing I've ever done was I wear glasses I MUST HIDE MY SHAME!  Cool. If you're talking to a Supreme Court Justice, does he or she ever just shorthand it and call themselves a Justice?  Yeah, he works at the Supreme Court.  And he's a... Justice?  Clarence Thomas is going to interns yeah hey don't be so formal just call me Justice.  Which isn't a bad name for some sor tof book or other kindof thing people read sometimes for some reason.  Anyway, gonna order some lunch now.  Then chill until it comes here.  Then resume entry!  See ya in a bit!  

-12:05 P.M


Here Comes Part II!

  They say there's no second acts in life.  What about the guy who came up with that?  The first act was Before He Thought Of That Phrase.  Then he thought of that phrase, Beginning his own personal Second ACt.  Cracked that code.



  HEY I just set up lunch for myself (well, I set it up 40 minutes ago, now its time to eat it!) AND I CAN'T MY SPECIAL FUCKING FORK.  It's special because its a small fork!  And I like All The Small Things better than their average sized competitors.  And I looked all over the place for this fuckin' fork I used to help me transport things from Delivery Box to oven.  Checked the box. Checked the oven!  Checked the counter, checked the garbage.  And I checked all of these things 4-5 times individually!!! Just found it upstairs in my room.h WWhew!  I was beginning to worry I lived in a Haunted House.  I don't get that term.  Who fuckin' cares of the house is haunted, it's YOU and YOUR FAMILY tthat are being haunted that you should give a shit about.  Your house is experiencing some problems with poltergeist, WHO THE FUCK CARES IT'S A HOUSE.
    Anyway.  Lunch today is Hot Antipasto (or as the ladies on The Sopranos say, "Hot Antipast" [no o].  AND 1 Sicilian Slice of Pizza.  I don't get the person who said there's no second halves in life (Was it Shakespeare?  Just tell me now.  If you tell me now, I can help you down the line.  Nows the time).  I mean, there's Being a baby.  Being a toddler.  Being a younh child.  Being an adolescent.  Being a preteen.  Being a teen.  Well you get the idea SO MANY ACTS SO LITTLE TIME.  Right.  So, I didn't vote yesterday, but if I did, I'd have written in Legalize It.  And then I'd get a letter in the mail 6 weeks later, saying, "What? ...It's important because you're the only one who voted for or against it so that's 1 For and 0 Against CONGRATULATIONS YOU'VE WON ELECTIONS.  But the BAD NEWS IS I currently have 2 forks associated with my plate of food.  The fork I like and the fork I briefly settled for.  No bueno!
    I got 4 toppings on pizza.  A new world record not counting specialty pies where they're like yeah we're gonna give you five or six topping and You're Just Gonna Have To Deal With It we combined these toppings with expertise we know what we're doing just come along with us on this culinary journey and in the end everything will be okay.  Ninth paragraph!
  I wonder how Robert Iler is doing right now.  Gotta assume he's gotten past playing Tony Soprano Jr and is making his own mark on Real Life, right?  And I'm not being sarcastic or ironic when I say he played that role really well.  I really got the sense this this kid is a relative fuck up and a major disappointment to his family and stupid and dumb and had very few redeeming qualities beyond his implied innocence throughout it.  And I always just kinda attributed that to the actor's Reality, but now I realize, he was just knocking that shit out of the park.
  I'm excited about seeing Dr. Sleep because I like to be entertained!  I dunno about you guys, but when I go to movies, the primary goal is To Be Entertained.  I think its supposed to be a cross between a sequel to The Movie and a sequel to The Book.  I never read the book, but I have seen the TV Movie which is supposed to be more faithful to the book!  How does that TV Adaptation play into the equation?  I hope Not At All because I don't remember much about it.  I think the black guy gets killed in a different way, that's all I remember, and I also remember that not being 100% accurate.  Anyway.  On the one hand, I need to read the last 2/3rds of Martin Short's book.  But, on the other hand, yeah I really should read the last 2/3rds of Martin Short's book.
I like getting Hot Antipasto from Italian restaurants.  It's like Hey I figured out this Secret Authentic Italian Dish that No One Else Knows About.  Who cares if its the most prominent thing on the menu-- I'M THE ONE WHO CRACKED THIS CODE.  Anyway, I've noticed most Chinese Take Out places have 3 categories now-a-days.  The American section (straight up American food-- chicken wings, etc) the Regular Chinese section (Americanized version of Chinese Food) and the real Chinese section (Authentic Chinese Food)  I've always been curious to try out Real Chinese Food but I feel like they'd laugh at me and be like get back to us when you figure your culinary credentials some more, for now, you ain't ready for this!!!  I also feel the opposite way towards American Food from Chinese Restaurant.  I ain't THAT Much Of a Fucking Retard American.  Eh fuck this shit.  I'm done.  However, I still got in store...  More The Wire.  More The Oz.  More The Sopranos.  That's about it!  Started re-watching The Comeback.  I can continue doing that in an Ideal Word.  See ya!

2:22 P.M.


Tuesday, November 5, 2019

I Ain't 'Fraid Of No Crap Entries

  I found that title to be Almost Adequate.  And Almost Accurate.  And Almost Apt.  That's about all the Almosts, get off my back about it!  Anyway, if only I had Apt Pupils I wouldnt need the stress of putting on contacts!  Anyway, back on the 40% dinners' worth Chicken Parm from Supermarket.  Also, It's Time To Make a Change!  ...You know Lunch w/ Entry change.  The post important change one can make!  For weeks I've been in the mindset of alright Lunch is The Star of early afternoon, Entry is just a second though.  NO WAY FROM NOW ON I'M WRITIN ENTRIES WHILE EATING A BIT OF LUNCH.  Gotta do sometin, right?  No ones ever gonna give me an award for eating lunch.  However, for Websiting It Up the best?  Ya never know!
    I doubt I'd get an award for Eating Lunch The Best even if it was a real award.  I'm still hungry and unsatisfied after lunch. That's the main thing Lunch Is Against!  That's a total failure in terms of My Eating Lunch.  I enjoy tasting food for a few moments and then what.  Nothin', that's what!  Anyway.  Writing this entry facing East.  Not a common Direction, but not the least common!  North & South are most commin.  South is the easiest to do because that's where I set up my computer to Watch Things, which is 80% of my Time At Home, it's gotta be facing South because that's the directing I'm looking in while lying in bed.  North?  That's the direction it Always Used To Be before re-appropriating my Computer into a TV.  East?  Well, sure, I had my 8 track and music stuff set up here, but I never used it, so I just put that somewhere else and HERE COMES AN ENTRY.  West?  WTF U SMOKING I AIN'T GONNA FACE NO WEST JEEZ GET A GRIP.
    So I got that going for me.
  I've gotta start watching other 2019-2020 Season Network And/or basic cable And/or Premium channel shows.  I know I'm up to date on S & L, but I need more!  Simpsons'll be good, I Hope That's a Possibility!  I can watch Season 3 of the Duece, I watched the first two seasons of that crap. But It's TOO HARD.  How am I supposed to know what is available to watch on Computer whenever you feel like it?  Trial 'n Error?  WHAT KIND OF FOOL DO YOU TAKE ME FOR?  Mike Reiss's book about himself and writing for the Simpsons really made me feel like that's the absolute ideal wriing job.  Because it's pretty safe to say that The Simpsons had the biggest effect on me as a child/adolescent than any other show.  OR maybe its just that This Was The First Comedy-Business Book I read over the 1/2 a dozen last year.  Eihter way, COOL!
He just made it seem so glamorous.  Oh we get to work around 8 am and talk about fucking bullshit, then lunch comes 4 or 5 hours later, then we start thinking about what to write, then 4 or 5 hours after that WE GET TO WORK.  Holy shit what an amazing schedule.  Also, I'd get to move As Far As I Can away while still staying in the same country!  I'm on board with that!  I mean, imagine.  Hey I'm in a completely new place AND I WRITE FOR THE SIMPSONS  WTF DREAM LIFE FOR A SOLID 3 WEEKS UNTIL I REALIZE IT SUCKS HARD.  I probably had the most VHS tapes committed to The Simpsons than anything else.  Most of Everything Else was a movie, there ya go, one and done.  Simpsons?  We had like 4-5 tapes of random entries.  Hmm did I  binge-record any other TV shows?  Also--Binge Record-- PERFECT DESCRIPTION OF USING VHS TO RECORD SPECIFIC SHOWS WHENEVER THEY'RE ON.
    I de
I definitely had 2-3 Super Pay Per View Wrestling Specials (Think WRESTLEMANIA but not necessarily WRESTLEMANIA.  The way Wresting works is every month they have a Pap-Per-View special, and Wrestlemania is the main one.  So, yeah, great.  I'm gonna be honest-- I went from not liking beer at all, to being able to tolerate it, to being to appreciate it, to HEY THIS IS GREAT AS LONG AS I CAN JUST FINISH IT IN ONE OR TWO GULPS.  IIs it a thing where they purposely make pasta with the intent its to be eating cold?  I know they make a bunch of pasta that if its cold it's like oh well still pretty cool.  But there's gotta be some pasta that REFUSES to be hot. Wrestlemania.  Hey This Is Wrestling But We're GOING CRAZY WITH IT [as implied by, "Mania,"]  Something along those lines.
    Unfortunately I'm gonna take a break now after 5 paragraphs. Don't worry, Entry Ain't Done Yet!  I'll Catch Up With You In A Minute.

1:09 P.M.


Monday, November 4, 2019

I Will Write a Good Entry

Possibly true fact!  Hey-- What's Going On!!! It's a Monday afternoon, and you know what that means!  At least I hope you do.  If you don't know what that means you've got a lot of problems that I'm not equip to address.  Anyway my Lunch today consists of me eating a Bagel Sandwich for the first time in months.  And only one of a handful of times in years!  It's called a Cinnamon Raisin Bagel With Low Fat Cream Cheeeze.  Gotta eat it as a sandwich you got no choice!  Sure, it's already cut horizontally to put that there cream cheese in, and its also cut vertically so make it 2 halves, but there's no way you can separate the 2 horizontal halves properly to eat it that way.  NOPE GOTTA EAT BAGEL W/ SPREAD AS A SANDWICH LIKE IT OR NOT.
    I do like it in terms of Hey bagel sandwich tastes good.  But I don't like it in terms of Hey bagel sandwich you're eating a 2x the rate No Bueno. Anyway.  My Dad has been going through a thing where he just can't taste anything.  Anything!  Salty, sweet, neither, savory, DON'T MATTER THIS DUDE CAN'T TASTE A LICK.  I figure that's a really crappy thing to happen.  Some people eat to live, and some people live to eat.  I heard that once.  PROBABLY FROM MY DAD OH NO HE MUST B 1 OF THOSE LIVE TO EAT PERSONS NOW HIS LIFE IS RUINED.  Well, he's still got a wife and 2 sons, 1 of which may be a pretty good son.  Is it Me or My Brother?  I'M NOT TELLING!  And neither is my Dad.  One can only hope it's my brother-- I can live without being a good son (or, at least, the Good'er son of us 2), that's my burden to bare.  My brother, though?  He needs This Daddy's Favorite Son moniker. 
    I'm gonna be honest (Why would I hesitate being honest about this upcoming thing?  it effects NOBODY) this bagel I got with cream cheese, PERFECT amount of cream cheese.  A significant amount, not just a tab, but not way-too-much-gone-overboard.  Anyway the one and only thing that really pisses me off these days, going back several months, is it taking forever to get one of my contact lenses in.  I keep trying and trying and trying AND WTF STILL WON'T POP IN FUCK WHAT THE FOCK FUCKING LIFE THIS IS SOME FUCKING BULLSHIT.  Everything els in life is pretty manageable.  Not getting contact lenses in, in the first 10 times?  HOLY SHIT IT'S TIME TO THROW A FIT OR AT THE VERY LEAST KILL MYSELF.
    Cool!  The bad news is I started watching The Wire: Season 5: The Crap Season.  I'm pretty sure Season 5 of The Wire was just a practical joke.  Hey thanks for coming with us on this journey for 4 seasons here's another Great Season HAHAH JUST KIDDING ITS SHIT AND YOU FELL FOR ITOh well such is life.  All of life is just falling for HBO Practical Jokes.  Better you learn it now from me then waste any more of your life being Practical Joke'd on by HBO.  ANYWAY just finished my Bagel and I'm all like man oh man I wish I had another cinnamon raisin bagel w/ reduced fat cream cheese RIGHT NOW  If it was in front of me I'd be like Fuck trying to keep SOME semblance of control of my diet, I'M EATIN' THIS MOTHERFUCKER WITH NO SHITS AT ALL GIVEN.
One more paragraph then take some sort of break I dunno seems about right!  Gonna start seeing a New Psychiatrist in January.  I hope he's a middle aged man with a weight problem, wears glasses, and has a beard.  Because that was my lsat psychiatrist, and all of those seem like The Standard for any psychiatrist in the world.  You got your middle aged.  You got your big gut.  You got glasses, and you got a beard.  Hook me up with That again YOOOOO its gonna be sweet.  Anyway.  Of the 4 Punk Baby albums, I think there's one stand out that's more or less a, "B-," and I dunno what to make of the other 3-- probably 2, "C-," and possibly 1, "C," BUT I DON'T KNOW WHICH IS WHICH!  HEY REMEMBER HALLOWEEN> WITCHES?  I don't get the premise of naming HBO that.  Home Box Office.  Isn't the main quality of Box Office is You Give Them Money And They Give You a Ticket?  That interaction doesn't exist at all!  Pay-per-view, that's more Home Box Office than a Premium Cable Channel.  IT'S A PRACTICAL JOKE AND WE ALL FELL FOR IT!
Sweet.  Gonna write another paragraph because I got some momentum building at least for another few sentences.  Maybe I'm a Big Time Sucker, but Tony Soprano does sort of seem to evolve over the series.  Become a better person.  I'm probably just a sucker (especially in terms of not being able to recognize This Isn't Real Life And None Of It Is Anything), but I dunno, maybe his character grows as a person!  Therapist today (different from Physiatrist) asked if I had seen Joker and I was like Man (She's a woman) you're the one whose gotta see it.  It's like 75% about mental illness.  And she was like ok great I dunno what else is going on.
Anyway.  Besides eating more accounting for 95% of the weight I've been putting on, I also started not talking walks in the evening after dinner.  I'm all like c'mon I was doing stuff all day GIMME A BREAK!!!  I lie to my therapist about several things, and most of it makes sense, but some doesn't.  I lie about how often I drink.  Not that I would suffer any consequences, I just feel compelled to lie... like some sort of Compulsive Liar [but i don't lie for fun!  i lie because its easier to lie and move on with the conversation than to talk about me drinking too much].  I also like about how many walks I take.  It's 4 or 5 (5 if I take that evening walk) but I just tell her its up to 3 times a day.  I DON'T WANT HER THINKING I'M WALKING TOO MUCH THAT'S A HUGE STAIN ON MY PERMANENT RECORD.
    Cool!  I don't think I'd know the term permanent record if it weren't for TV.  Never in school did any teacher ever talk about some sort of mythical Permanent Record.  It's a scam, kids!  Doesn't exist!  Consider yourself warned.  Been having a lot of Frenched Fries last 2 days.  My Mom had gotten some sort of omelet but she didn't want the potato-side so I just eat handfuls of that crap here and there and you know what I LOVE IT.  I think if they started that FREEDOM FRIES and FREEDOM TOAST crap with Trump as president it's be recognized a bit more by how ridiculous it is.  That's one area where he hasn't been normalized-- blatant idiocy.  It's what we expect from him so we are more cognizant of it when it happens.  Sure, he doesn't suffer any consequences for it.  But I think most of us are on board with he'd do something really stupid like call French Fries Freedom Fries to Get Back at France for not supporting a bullshit war.
    Sweet!  I remember when Guantanamo Bay was a big deal (and it still is according to The Who! they got a song about it...)  Now, its like the Border Detention camps, where it's like Hey what if instead of just taking probably mostly random Muslim men and holding them indefinitely w/ torture going on.. what if it was JUST SOME KIDS WHO THERE'S NO WAY THEY EVER DID ANYTHING WRONG BECAUSE THEY'RE FUCKING CHILDREN!  Not to minimize Real Guantanamo Bay.  That's fucked up as fuck as well.  Anyway, what else is going on. I gotta start eating more Bagels.  It's got all the health of W/ Cream cheese slightly less than a Real Full Meal but also all the taste of a Carbohydrate with Creamed Cheese.
    I dunno.
  Crap and crap.  10th paragraph?  How'd I get there!  By already writing 9 paragraphs.  Hmm that logic checks out pretty well.   Whatta do with the rest of the day.  Got some Burrito Bowl for dinner.  Got a late afternoon walk.  Got a little bit of drinking to do, already accomplished most of that already though!  Hey, I've been without Facebook for 2 or 3 weeks now!  The main effect so far has been me finishing an entry and just posting it to internet and then That's It.  Yup.  That's the main thing I had been doing on Facebook for years.  Just writing a post saying I updated Crazysheet.  Now I feel empty inside after finishing an entry.  Jeez I know nobody's gonna read my Facebook anyway but now it REALLY feels like I'm just talking into a void.
Cool!  Hey I can see Doctor Sleep this weekend!  It's good because I like sleep and I don't like doctors but 50% Hey That's Not Too Bad!  Anyway, maybe end the entry after this paragraph.  Take a walk in an hour or two.  Call it a day in terms of The Walking Day.  Also, The Walking Dead-- not bad exercises for the dead!  Are the Dead getting their 10,000 steps in?  Sure seems like it!  Last season of The Wire.  Last 2 seasons of Oz.  Half of The Sopranos.  2/3 of that is Not Good but I'm Pot Committed!  Whatta scam!  Anyway I'll see you guys later theoretically.

-2:10 P.M.


  Sunday, November 3, 2019

One Of The Best Titles I've Written Today!

True fact!  Got some lunch going.  1/2 Fettuccini Alfredo + 1/2 a slice of pizza.  Anyway, I'm starting to realize (perhaps too late) how great peppers are on pizza.  I would get them standard in Vegetarian Pizza, but I never was able to pinpoint the Pizza Pleasure to oh must be the peppers.  But last night I got a slice with mushrooms, eggplant, and peppers, and now I KNOW the peppers are what's keeping the straight up vegetarian pizzas togethers.  I figured this out through trial and error over the course of many months but the point is I Got There Eventually.  I also have 1/3rd a piece of Italian bread for lunch.  What Kind of Idiot You Take Me For?
I like eating Italian Bread w/ pasta w/ sauce because its like oh Just When You Thought It Was Safe, Sauce, HERE COMES SOME BREAD!  You thought you made it clear by me finishing the pasta you're in?  THINK AGAIN BUDDY GONNA SCOOP YOU UP WITH SOME BREAD.  I like to frame all my means as narratives.  In this case Bread is the hero, Sauce is the Antagonist, and Pasta is the guy who gets killed at the end of Act II.  Anyway, finished re-watching The Wire up to season 4.  Throughout Season 4, I mean.  It can be tricky to read that language correctly.  Up to season 4 can very easily mean I made it through 3 seasons, and am now up to season 4.  But that's not what I intend to mean!  I intend to mean I finished season 4 and am up to season 5!
    The point is the question is to whether watch season 5 or not.  Pretty sure 75% of it is on part with first 4 seasons and worth watching.  But there's also the 25% thats nonsense.  One thought of a new shot to Bingewatch once this nonsense is done is The Comeback.  I've seen it 1nce before, but I think it would be fun because Lisa Kudrow is a Friend of Mine.  She's ALL of our friends.  Just like how Seinfeld is ALL of our Seinfelds and Young Sheldon is All of our young Sheldons.  Anyway.  Apparently there were some Clock Shenanigians last night, and I don't have all the details, but you shuold look into this for your own self.
    4th paragraph.  Maybe make this a mini-entry  5 paragraphs and whatnot.  Whose gona stop me, YOU?  I'd say I'd like to see you try but that seems irresponsible, what if you succeed?  I just gave you that opening for no good reason and it came back at me in a real negative way for my entire enterprise.  Anyway, I've been trying to mimic Tony Soprano when he's eatin a plate of pasta.  He does some unique maneuvering to scoop up the pasta, and I figure no one knows pasta better than Tony Soprano/and/or/James Gandolphini so I'd be wise to mimic him/them.  I mean, you see James Gandolphini as Tony Soprano, and your first thought is gonna be I Bet This Guy Knows How To Eat Pasta. 
Bet.  I wish I could understand 100% what that means.  I think I've seen it in The Wire or similar shows about urban yuoths.  They say Bet to mean like I'm sure of this, BET against me if you've got the balls.  Something along those lines.  Either that, or they're just really big fans of Black Entertainment Television.  Alt Right-- HOW COME THERE'S NOT A WHITE ENTERTAINMENT CHANNEL!!  Anyway.  1 season of OZ to go?  SEE YOU IN HELL OZ... after another 10-14 episodes.  1 episode of The Wire I'll probably end up watching even though I don't want to-- YOU WIN THIS ROUND THE WIRE but next time I binge watch you may not be so lucky! I'm gonna go now.  See ya!

-1:37 P.M.


Saturday, November 2, 2019

An Entry Is In The Cards!

Hey, look, lets just this is out of the way, okay?  I'm having CHIPOTLE for lunch as well as a few pieces of broccoli from LeftOverCrapDinner.  I'm really starting to come to appreciate Broccoli on Pizza, though.  It's one of the only toppings that really becomes the star of the pizza.  Everything else, oh I'm eating pizza augmented by these typings.  Broccoli?  I dunno if its because It's Healthy or because of The Taste or because of The Novelty of it all, but you eat broccoli in pizza, its like Hey I'm eating vegetables on top of some pizza!  Anyway.  I'm pretty sue I've never eaten a non-potato relate vegetable until I was like 19.  Gotta be Pretty Sure about something!  This is me reaching my Pretty Sure Requirement for the entry!  The rest of the entry, I'm either Sure, or Have NO Idea At All!
I was experimenting taking a Ritalin sublingually (puttin it under that there tongue of mine until it dissolves), because that's supposed to produce some wonderful effects, but I got the Chipotle Delivery when it was about 1/2 way dissolved, and I wanted to taste Chipotle to estimate how much time I was gonna put it in the microwave for, so I took out the Dissolved Ritalin, and then I lost it.  Where did you go half dissolved pill!  You're not on the plate I put it on.  You're not on the surrounding cabinet, and you're not on the floor.  You may theoretically have fallen into the Burrito Bowl, have no other explanation, so Great What Else.  I don't know why I said experimenting taking, I've definitely done this before. I forgot I had done it before, but as soon as I started doing it, I got a sense memory to doing it many times while waiting for Open Mic to start.  The thing is, though, I don't think I ever made it through a whole Ritalin to dissolve.  It's like that Tootsie Pop Commercial.  How many licks does it take to get to the center.  And I've never gotten to the center yet. 
    Anyway, only 1 or 2 The Wire Entries left until season 5 which I'm pot committed to not watching.  One more season of Oz.  Good amount of The Sopranos to go.  I see there's a Deuce Season Three in the cards at some point if I'm ever in the mood for being entertained.  Re-watching old shows you've watched and presumably enjoyed isn't really being entertained.  It's like a security blanket.  It's all White Noise.  I need to be entertained by something new, son!  I was thinking about it, and I was like Yo son one of these days I'm gonna get THE FULL BURRITO not the burrito bowl one of these days oh shit its on.  I gotta think of a good dinner to look forward to tonight so when I finish Burrito Bowl I'm not upset or angry.  Pizza comes to mind.
Cool! Still have never snorted Ritalin.  I think I tried once but I was unsuccessful in crushing it enough so it would turn into fine enough powder to be absorbed properly.  I remember when I first started taking Ritalin, it was during that 1 month in Summer 2015 where I was dorming at Queens College for some reason.  I was taken 1 class.  There was hardly anyone else in the dorm.  But for some reason I petitioned my parents and for some reason they agreed to letting me stay for that one month.  Didn't make a single FriendFriend, but it was fun anyway.  Leaving the Front Door to Dormicile ajar and listening to music on Pandora on the common room just hoping someone else shows up and is like HEY SOUNDS LIKE A MUSIC PARTY IS GOING ON IN HERE CAN I COME IN?  The only interaction I remember is I was smoking a bunch of cigarettes and had no proper ashtray so I would just unload the ashes on Soda Bottle Caps and there were like 3 dozen of these all over my room and a guy came by the door and was like I gotta come in I'm cleaning stuff or something and I was like Uh fuck gimme half an hour.  And he was like look if you're smoking weed... I can't give you a half an hour, I'd be fired!  I'll be back in 30 minutes But You're Making Me Look Bad.
I'm not 100% cigarettes were barred from Dorm Life, but it was messy as fuck with all these bottle caps.  So I was able to get rid of them over 30 minutes.  OH RIGHT the point is I started taking Ritalin and I think the first time I took it I decided to take 3 at once and write a crazysheet entry. And it was like 15-25 paragraphs which was WAY over the amount of paragraphs I used to write.  It used to be like 5 or 10 at tops.  Start of a new Era!  And I owe it all to Queens College, Ritalin, Domiciles, No Ashtray, and Begrudging but ultimately accommodating Ppl who work for QC. I also remember seeing a bunch of movies over that month.  Had nothing better to do, and it just felt natural to get out of the dorm lest my non-existent dormmate thinks I'm uncool and got nothing cool to do outside dorm.  I remember seeing Inside Out.  I remember seeing Poltergeist.  POSSIBLY Jurassic World.
    I think its a complete oversight and monumentally irresponsible to make Jurassic Worlds without Andy Serkis playing all the dinosaurs.  Sounds like a good acting challenge, I wanna see what he's capable of!  .....Oh, right.  That One Month @ Queens College was the furthest I got in Who I Am: The Book By Pete Townshend.  GotWas halfway through it before Dorming, maybe read a few chapters afterwards, came home, NO MORE WHO I AM I FIGURED U OUT PETE TOSNWHEN>  The Who has a new coming out soon and the 2 available songs on iTunes I'm all like Hey Good Rock 'n Roll music in 2019 I'm On Board With That 103%.  Anyway.  I've pretty much stopped taking walks after dinner.  I'm all like Look I spent a whole day doing nothing CAN'T I PLEASE GET A BREAK!!!  Something Doing Nothing is hard.  Then wouldn't the smart move be to Take That Walk?  Cause It's Something?  No doing nothing is hard but doing nothing THEN something is damn near impossible!
    Anyway.  While listening to music the last few weeks or months, I've settled into a mindset where each night I'm like Okay This Is The Time Period of My Life I want try to replicate.  Like, I'm gonna listen songs that I listened to Spring of 2008, or at least, 2/3rds listen to songs I listened to in Spring 2008, and the 1/3rds are consumed Earily in terms of relating to those songs.  Anyway.  I think it's interesting that Music and Film/TV are the only pieces of art that Take Time.  When you're looking at a painting there's nothing going on where its like Okay you've checked this out for 25 seconds TIME TO MOVE ON.  Music, you listen to from start to finish.  3 minutes of your life, good for you!  Same for Moving Pictures And Whatnot. Really makes you think. THINK of THINKING of a way to THINK about that in some sort of insightful way!
What else.  Writing this Entry in a different color.  Felt like it couldn't hurt to experiment for at least 1 entry.  Maybe I go back to Black after this one, we'll see!.  Hmm, Spring of 2008?  I'M ON BOARD HOOK ME UP WITH THAT NOSTALGIA.  It was good season, as far as I can remember.  EIGHTH PARAGRAPH.  Hey I'll nostalgia it up with Summer 2015.  What with all those Pandoras with Door Ajar and Everything!  Figure I'll write 2 and a half more paragraphs.  Seems about right, I guess.  WTF BLUE TEXT ON WHITE BACKGROUND WHAT KINDA FOOL IS YOU.  it's called experimenting with color-writing, ya heard?
I guess I've Heard now.  Great!  Anyway.  Figure at least take a late afternoon walk in a bit.  That seems about right.  Been doing some minor tweaking to these 4 Punk Baby albums.  Just stuff that feels a bit more right in terms of Narrative throughout the album.  I was thinking about it, and it's an easily simplified way of describing my writing/art I wanna tell me some stories.  Writing Blog, Music, working on TV or Movie Script, arranging the order of these creative things -- I just wanna construct a fun narrative-story for jerks to enjoy.  BOW DOWN BEFORE ME I AM A WRITER FOR SOME REASON!
    Last paragraph!  I finished that Chipotle like 15 minutes ago c'mon get with the program.  I liked the narrative the Burrito Bowl gave me.  When I started it it was all like Mmm good burrito bowl this'll last for a while.  But by the end it was like Hey that was pretty good IN THEORY but now its done and I'm still Never Satisfied FUCK YOU LUNCH YOU DIDN'T HOLD UP YOUR END OF THE DEAL.  You're supposed to make me satisfied wtf where do you get off just letting me Taste Good Stuff for a bit but not Feel Satisfied!  Anyway I guess that'll do it for now.  See ya some other time!

-2:36 P.M. 


Friday, November 1, 2019

Dear Mr. White, My Name Is Mr. Black

Mixin' it up!  Colorwise. This ain't gonna be NOTHING like those Dear Mr. Blacks I've been doin'!  Probably not, at least.  Cause that was then and this is now.  Wait NOPE no longer now.  Now It's About 10 Seconds Ago.  And NOW it's closer to 20, 22 seconds ago.  I will keep you updated on this situation as it develops. The point is I'm gonna Chicken Pot Pie It The Fuck Up for dinner.  It's healthy because its chicken.  It's mentally addictive because its pot.  It's pie because its in a circle.  It's The Fuck Up because CHICKEN POE THAT'S WHAT THE FUCK'S UP.
Cool!  Fresh start right now.  Whole new month!  It's that time of year again where we contemplate Doing Elections.  Sometimes we do, sometimes we don't, but even when we don't, it hangs in the air like a Bad Song, remember when this time of year we'd decide things?  Probably next year we'll get back to that!  Wish it was this year!  A lot of jerks around Washington need to get the boot ya heard!!  I like Oz because you could tell in the pilot episode it was taking itself really seriously, like trying to be The West Wing but for prisons (I've never seen The West Wing, but from what I know, this is an apt comparison).  But I guess they weren't talented enough to sustain it so it just quickly devolves into a 2nd rate soap opera But It's R (or X) Rated And It's About People In Jail.
    Cool.  I wish I had a color in my name.  Oh well what can ya do.  I think I once looked up *ornblum and it was German or Russian or some such thing word for some certain kind of flower.  The point is my name smells-- GOOD SMELLS!  What do people imagine Smells like teen spirit actually smells like.  Like, if you had to assign a smell to the song (and in a Just and Ideal world You Would!), what would it be.  Good or bad?  Pleasant or disgusting?  Somethin' in the middle?  Probably Cinnamon, that's my guess.  Song smells a bit too much like cinnamon.  Not a lot of people know this, but Kurt Cobain actually had Helen Keller Disease and that's why he went with smell-- one of the only 3 senses he could actually feel.  And the reason not a lot of people know it is because it's factually incorrect.  Oh well, you win some, you lose some!
It could be true!  Obviously he sings a lot, and plays guitar a lot, but that doesn't necessarily rule out the theory that he was deaf.  Deaf people can make noises till their hearts content, they just have no idea they're making the noises.  Unless they're Not-Blind, and they're using somehow using Body Intuition to make some noises, and then their friend signs to them Hey You're Doin' Some Actual Singing Well Done Keep It Up!  Anyway, crap and crap.  Fourth paragraph.  Figure I'll take a Walking Break after the fifth!  Prove me wrong!  Good idea for Kit Kat commercial-- guy sees a pretty lady on the street and he goes to his friend Break me off a piece of that.. AND THEN HARD CUT food-porn of a Kit Kat snapping in two by some invisible hand or whatever, and an announcer goes KIT KAT BAR.
    It's not insensitive because its chocolate.
  Something along those lines.  I think they should use hard cuts in all the commercials.  That's my takeaway from almost 31 years of life.  What else is going on for 1 more paragraph.  In an ideal world I'd have the Chicken Pot Pie for lunch and finish Part III of III + one crab cake for dinner-- but I'm talking all these walks and I can't have the oven on for an hour and a half while I'm taking walks!  Irresponsible!  What if someone complains or something when I get back!  Also The House Could Burn Down!  I'll be back in a bit I guess for some reason.

-11:59 A.M.


New Month, New 'Tude

Don't get it twisted!  That sentence was inspired by my earphones.  There's a weird dichotomy of wires connecting one thing to another that you move around with, in terms of how Some Can Handle all of that twisting day in, day out and you'd not notice it at all.  While others are like hey it got twisted a little bit then the wires broke completely.  Sometimes its hard to predict which ones gonna be better, though.  I don't know why there's not a thing on Amazon Technical Specifics, when you're buying something, why it doesn't say Durable During Lots of Twisting.  Also, did you know that the Beatles song Twist and Shout was inspired by The Exorcist?  They had to go forward in time to see that movie, and then return back to their time to sing the song, but, yeah, that's how Pop Culture works.  In fact, their story was the inspiration for Back To The Future II.
    I dunno.  Put some food in the oven.  I don't get how anyone can be a person and not agree The Exorcist is the scariest movie of all movies.  It's an assault on all the senses!  Sight, Sound... Alright well its an assault on 2 out of 5 senses!  Hey that's not bad, the book version is only an assault on NONE senses.  I was gonna say once sense, but reading words isn't really assaulting your sight.  The point is The Real Sixth Sense is your ability to comprehend language and/or situations-- our intellectual sense! Cracked that code.  For some reason Doctor Sleep is being wide-released a week after Halloween.  Man, Is That Scary.  It defies all logic and that's the essence of scaredom!
    Hey, great, what else.  I'm starting to get back into beer after figuring out I can just pound a can or glass or whatever.  And that way I feel the effects and Hey This Feels Fine Going Down My Gullet.  Eighth paragraph!  I might catch some flak for this but I think Meadow Soprano is the most attractive person within the immediate Soprano family.  Also, I didn't catch on until last week that Oh. Sopranos.  Like SOAP-ranos.  Cause its pretty much a high-end soap opera.  The point is I'm gonna crack all the codes it just takes time!  What else do I have for the rest of the day.  Listen to a bit more Punk Baby on 4th walk and if there shuld be a 5th walk then probably do the same thing!  Anyway. Maybe take a break at some point.  Well, definitely.  There's no scenario where I write this entry nonstop for the rest of eternity.  I don't think so, at least.  Can I cash in on that break now?

-2:37 P.M. 



Anyway.  About 3/4ths done with Oz and The Wire, only about halfway into Sopranos.  WHATTA FUCKIN' jip.  I was thinking about my new realization/revelation that Everyone In The Wire Is An Asshole can just be explained by being less gullible.  Tommy Carcetti is speaking from the heart nad is gonna set everything right!? how the fuck did I reach that conclusion.  McNulty is the best cop around and his indiscretions just make him more human!  Plus, he's the protagonist of the show and we're all on his side unconditionally! Nope also just a really big asshole.  He's not even definitely the main character.  It's a fuckin ensemble, okay?  Get off your high horse, McNulty!  The good news is after tonight BLANK SLATE when it comes to meals.  Got nothin on the docket for tomorrow.  ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE I DON'T BELIEVE IT! 
    High Horse is what people say when they do heroin.  Isn't heroin called Horse or something sometimes?  Maybe not that exactly but I'm pretty sure horse is somehow related to heroin consumption.  Let's Consult Internet Right Now!  YUP internet has confirmed heroin=horse.  I have a soft spot for Whiskey because it feels like being a WhiskeyHead is what I'm all about inside, but vodka, more flexible when mixing with things.  You can mix whiskey with juice or citrus flavored sodas, it'll work just fine, but it just feels wrong.  Meanwhile, vodka, that you can mix with anything and it just feels right.  I've putton a lot of thought into this.  So Much So my mind was ill equipped when I decide to wrie putton as if it were a world and Just Let Me Make a Fool Of Myself anyway.  Can we get that trending?  #putton.  New word!
    I saw Putton Oswult back a few months ago.  Pretty good stuff!  It's been fun the last 2 or 3 years going to Shows with my brother.  Some music, some comedy ALL Quality!  Anyway.  I'm sure I've said this 1/2 a dozen time here, but I am so fucking sick of being more hungry after I eat than before.  Whatta jip!  It's like my body's metabolism is purposely being a dick.  Evolutionary-wise, what possible use could come from Hey Just Ate Enough To Fill Me Up Appropriately, Calorie and Nutrient-wise, but NOW I MUST HAVE MORE!  Obviously I'm doing something wrong, but I don't know what yet!
    I think I should just extrapolate my view that Every Character in The Wire is an asshole to every character in every TV show is an asshole to EVERYONE IS AN ASSHOLE.  Seems about right, makes sense to me.  Asshole is a term I've started using exponentially more over the last few years.  I like the different-but-related connotations that the word implies.  ANyway, that's enough for today.  Peace out!

-3:40 P.M.

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