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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Good News!

      If I owned a cable news channel, our slogan would be, "Know News Is Good News."  Because it encourages people to know news.  And where do you think they find out news?  From Me, that's who!  I mean where.  Who What and How may factor into the equation.  And sometimes Why, too.  I'm all mixed up, gentlemen!  And female gentlemen.  We gotta come up with a word for such people.  Anyway, yip!  A new entry for the first time in several week.  I've been livin' healthy lately.  Haven't had a Drink in a week in a half, though I'm entertaining the idea tonight.  Started dieting hardcore over a week ago, accompenied by taking a half an hour walk a day.  That'll get me out of the sedentary column and into the light activity column!  Alright!  Moving Up In Columns!  Can't move sideways, they're not widthy enough!
    That's what makes the columns.  Anyway, jeez.  Apparently I lost six pounds in the last month.  And the diet started a week ago.  So, assuming I'll continue to lose a pound a day, I anticipate being a negative weight sometime in October.  That'll get the ball rolling.  What Ball.  And why do I want it to be rolling.  A ball rolling tends to stay in Rolling.  Why do I want it rolling in the first place.  Get that ball out of the sedentary column and into the light activity column.  Why shouldn't I afford balls the same kindness I do myself.  Jeez, I don't know.  Have money on poker, and have, up till now, actually been playing responsibly with it.  I'm on a big Responsibility kick.  Kick The Ball!  Oh, Gentleman!  Ladies Gentlemen.  Gentleladies, I guess.  No one uses that term-- but it works!  Oh boy does it. 
    Anyway.  Making an effort not to go to seriously with the dieting.  A couple of days in a row I topped out at 800 or so calories.  No Good!  Gotta get to the thousands at least, to average at least 1200.  That's the lowest amount Doctor's Recommend!  I don't know what all these italic exclamates are.  Something wrong with my brain chemistry.  Anyway, jeez.  Such is life.  Watching Cujo in the background.  Whatta engrossing movie.  90% of it there's a family living their life and 10% of it is THERE'S A DOG OUTSIDE THE CAR!  Entertainment at its finest.  Jeez, what the what.  The Dog has rabies and might bite us!  Then we'd have rabies!  And Then Where Would We Be!  Go to the doctor, get some penicillin.  Problem solved.  Unless you think the doctor is actually gonna rip your body apart.  I doubt that.  I highly doubt that.
    What the what.  Fourth paragraph and crap.  I got that going for me.  Considering a class for Fall Semester.  Considering against it.  That encompasses all areas of Consideration.  No Cujo No!  Anyway.  All dogs are friends with humans.  I read about it on Internet.  Cause 100% of doctors were bred to be friends with humans.  Cujo's gone mad!  Don't let your Dogs watch, lest they get ideas!  The Movie Dog is a bad influence on our dogs, is the point.  When we were kids, my brother wanted a dog, but as a compromise, we got a cat.  I was happy either way.  I was like, one's as good as the other, sure.  Now I know I was way off.  Havin' a dog would have produced a different alternate reality for me than having a cat did.  Cause of the differences between cats and dogs and whatnot.  They both ain't just Generic Pet.  They totally different!
    Cool.  What else is going on.  Wonder what name I woulda came up with for a dog.  What are my some of my favorite dogs from Fact and Fiction.  Stair Bud.  And his special power is being able to climb the stairs.  All pets have a Special Power, right?  That's their thing.  I don't know.  Also, I don't like Air Bud.  I wouldn't welcome that sort of name into my house.  How about Good Boy as a name.  Make him feel special every time you call him.  What else is going on.  Fifth paragraph and whatnot.  As of now, haven't injested alcohol!  Great.  Down about five dollars in poker, though.  I'll take that trade.  A dollar for a paragraph.  Great!  Correlation doesn't prove causation, though.  And my instincts tell me there's no causation in this.  Cause they're unrelated.  That sort of crap.
    Sixth paragraph.  I found a website where you can enter in any number and it shows you how far into Pi until that number shows up in Pi.  Whatta great.  If I was making Computer Passwords for myself, and I wanted a password that a clever person could guess, I'd make it how far into pi my birthday shows up.  Why would I choose a password that someone clever could potentially guess.  Ah-- But Here's The Trick.  I do that once.  Say 12121988 shows up 24831711 digits into pi.  Then I see where in pi 24831711 shows up in pi.  It's a double Pi trick!  No one would ever guess it.  This paragraph will self destruct in.. not yet.  Can't self destruct without me finishing it.  That would be irresponsible.  Eh, that's finished enough.
    Seventh paragraph.  What the what.  Apparently there's a big problem with companies breeding dogs into captivity in terrible conditions to test products on them.  And it's pretty widespread.  Alert your local representatives.  What else is going on.  I can't wait for the Blue Wave this fall.  Ridin' High!  What else is going on.  Lost more dollars in poker.  But the paragraph total keeps going up.  Anyway.  I'm gonna indulge myself with One Drink.  Maybe limit it to that-- not sure yet!  Aiming for around 10 paragraphs.  Anyway, jeez.  Arrested Development Season V coming out tomorrow.  Great!  Cujo is still going on in the background.  Man will that movie ever shut up.  I don't know.  Started watching the Wrong Turn movie series.  Hard to get emotionally invested in it.  There's just unlimited cannibles.  We're under the impression that there's always some left.  Makes it kind of hard to root for the protagonists.  I don't wanna root for losers.
Three paragraphs to go, hypothetically.  What else is going on.  Still May!  Didn't need to start a new month or anything.  Cool.  I was wikipeding (Note To Self-- contact Websters about coining the word Wikipeding) and it turns out cannibalism is a lot more common than I would have thought.  Happens all the time.  Way more than MS-13!!!  Commentary.  Note To Self-- Remember to comb over past entries to make sure I read past Notes To Self.  Wow.  I don't believe it-- we're 75% into the entry!  Only one third of what's already happened.  That's pretty much 75% of what I'm thinking during my half hour walks.  Halfway through-- only one more of what I've done.  Two thirds through-- only half of what I've already done.  Three quarters through-- only one third of what I've already done.  Those are the big three.  50%, 66%, and 75%Partly because they're easy numbers to divide and partly because that's perfecting timing for noting the time that I need reminding of how little I have left.
    Ninth paragraph!  Hmm.  Cool.  I like the summer because it means Air Conditioning Season.  Having the air conditioning on, man, that's living.  What else is going on.  Just won back all the money I was down in poker!  That'll show them for engaging me with only a 48% chance to win.  I don't know.  Have had half of my one drink.  And feel comfortable leaving at there when I'm done.  That sort of crap.  Can't having money on a poker site be considered a term of cryptocurrency.  Which is a word I've heard in the news.  I don't know.  Crap and crap.  Still no new TV.  Didn't do open mic this past week, won't do it again upcoming week.  Maybe the week after-- I don't know!  I've been busy fantasizing about Losing Weight Benchmarks. 
    Cool.  Last paragraph, theoretically.  I got that going for me.  And it didn't cost me a thing.  I was ready to settle for losing a dollar every paragraph.  Turns out I got em for free!  I don't believe it.  I'm actually up one or two dollars.  I knew I'd make money with my writing someday!  Also, turns out, I don't understand things.  Cool.  Anyway, jeez.  What do I got comin' up for the rest of the night.  Still one more Wrong Turn movies to go.  I was watching the Wrong Turn where it's a reality show, and realized Trump is basically still just running a Reality Game Show.  Figure out the details of why it makes sense and leave room for humor in explanations, too.  I'm Too Tired to do it myself!  Anyway, jeez.  I'll catch ya later.

-10:11 P.M.

Post Entry Thought:  Movie called 'Fifty Shades of Gary.

Post Entry Realization:  Paragraph 3-- Doctors not gonna rip you apart, the dog will!  Oh, behave!

Post Entry Thought #2:  I have an idea for a scene in a movie where there's a guy and a girl in bed, and the girl gets up and says, "I need to go to the bathroom," and the guy goes, "I'm right here!"


Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Hey Whassup

      Gonna try to write an entry.  First one in several weeks!  I don't believe it.  Life is going slowly.  Not a lot to do!  Open Mics going Meh.  Ran out of songs and whatnot.  Quit drinking except for Open Mics, which has lowered my tolerance for alcohol.  I drank 2 and a half Beers last night and that itself was bordering on too much!  I get anxious and stuff.  My show with the Italian Psychedelica Poeter went okay.  Maybe doing a show of my own at some point.  But the point is I've reached a new phase of my life where I'm like this isn't what I'm gonna do with my life for sure.  Music is just a distraction.  A Good Distraction, sure.  But it's not gonna lead to a career in music.  I haven't written a song in a Dog's Age!  I dreamt a song last night.  It just kept going and going.  In my dream I was like, well, this is gonna stop soon, I'm not used to all this divine inspiration lasting an entire song.  But it did!  And I don't remember any of it now that I've woken up!
    I also wrote the lyrics to a song on Way Home from Open Mic.  Great!  Not Leading Anywhere!  Anyway, jeez.  Starting to think more seriously about Grad School next Fall.  But that gives me 15 months of Nothing.  Don't like that mindset either.  Besides considering a Creative Writing program and a Screenwriting program, I also am entertaining the idea of Film Production or something.  I like the idea of making my own film.  It'd be like Yo Whassup check out these framed shots.  I also had an idea for a website catered to beginning film makers where they share their films and it's fun.  I don't have all the details yet.  Anyway, what the what.  I've gotten in the habit of watching four hours of Whose Line Is It Anyway every day.  Entertaining in the short run, unproductive in the long run.  An overdose of Colin Mocherie is no fun, believe you me.
    I mean, you!-- believe me.  That's how words work.  Poker was working for about a week and I put money on there and it was fun.  Now it's not working again.  So there goes that!  Anyway, jeez.  Chipotle started delivering through Door Dash.  So I got Chipotle this weekend!  I don't believe it.  I was in the middle of a 5 dollar sit 'n go when Poker stopped working.  I better get my money back.  Or, at least, get Poker back.  I'd trade off losing 5 dollars if it meant I could get poker back.  Luckily, those things aren't mutually exclusive.  So, great, what else.  It's better to play Poker as a back-up activity to entry writing than solitaire.  Poker has down time between playing hands, suitiable for writing.  Solitaire, you just keep going until you stop.  These are the days of my lives.
    What is this, fourth paragraph?  Yeah, it is!  I'm great at approximating.  What else.  The point is I have a 2nd Burrito Bowl to eat for dinner tonight.  Things just keep looking up and up.  Somethin's goin on in the sky, can't take my eyes off it.  I don't know.  Writing an entry here, that's good.  I was looking over old crazysheet.com, and you know what?  Pretty terrible.  But if I wasn't getting in the habit of writing crazysheet, I may never have had it in me to start writing music.  And if I never wrote music, I wouldn't have had it in me to write crazysheet.net.  And if I didn't write crazysheet.net, I might not have had it in me to write 2nd generation of music.  And without that, may not have had it in me to improve crazysheet.net.  And without improved crazysheet.net, I may not have had it in me to write whatever my next project is which, by this point, will be professional level writing!  That's my thesis statement.
    Fifth paragraph!  Great!  A life of watching Whose Line Is It Anyway is either terrible or wonderful.  Haven't decided yet.  Welcome to the show where everything's made up and the points don't matter.  That's right, the points are like you-- you malignant waste of space.  Get out of my audience!  Anyway.  Gave me the idea of taking a UCB Improv Class, but I don't think I'd be good, and not being good at things is embarassing!  Especially when your lack of skill negatively effects those around you.  You clunk a scene up, your partners suffer as well.  I don't have it in me to consciously be that much of a malignant waste of space.
    Cool!  I don't know.  Halfway through a 10 paragraph entry.  I got that going for me I guess.  Not a lot of jokes and goofballs in this entry so far.  I count around .8 of 1.  Anyway.  I got my Queens College diploma in the mail.  Says it was awarded January 2018.  So I guess I'm the class of 2018.  About time!  Anyway.  Used my electric guitar at Yesterday Open Mic.  Could just have easily used Acoustic Guitar, but Electric Guitar is easier to carry.  I could strap the case to my back and everything!  Gotta cut corners somehow.  Gonna need to get Teacher Reccomendations for applying to Grad School.  Whose gonna remember me.  I figure one is the Playwriting Teacher, both because it's relatively recent (Spring 17) and also appropriate for whichever program I'm applying for.  Somewaht thinking about asking my African American Lit Class Teacher because it shows I'm multi cultural and everything.  But, despite the A-, I was pretty much only adequate in the class.  But that's also as recent as possible (Fall 18) so that's another thing to consider.  Maybe need a third one.  But whose gonna remember little old me.  Maybe that's how they'll remember.  "Oh, yeah, it was that little old student."  Alright!  High five. 
    Seventh paragraph.  Maybe I should get my Dad to write me a recommendation.  He's a teacher and probably has relatively nice things to say about me.  I am his son.  Anyway, jeez.  Half the fun of Grad School would be potentially dorming.  I'd be 30 years old with 21-24 year olds, or so, so I'd be able to keep up with them and also be their Elder Statesman.  I would imagine in a small selective Film Production Grad Program, that's a tight knit group.  Cause you gotta use the other ones to help with your projects.  Alright, forced friend situation!  I could reallly excel in such a situation is my theory.  Also, that's a useful degree.  What with the internet, and all.  People need people to do videos.  Videos are what the internet is all about these days.  Anyway, what the what.
    Eighth paragraph.  Three more paragraphs presumably.  See, directing is easy.  Just find a way to frame the shots so it tells a story.  A+, already got it down.  I have no idea what I'm talking about.  Also, in the film, have a scene with a character watching a student film.  So I could highlight the differences between my Genius and the silly little student film the character is watching.  A+ guaranteed already, sweet.  I might need to shoot a short film in order to apply.  Which is no good, because I have no equipment, technical skill, or inspiration.  So there might go that.  Oh well, live and learn.
    Two paragraphs to go!  I don't believe it.  And dinner time is more or less here!  May wait a while to eat dinner, though.  I don't deserve dinner yet.  Once I've lived another few hours without screwing up my life even more, though, that's worthy of Chipotle.  I don't know, crap and crap.  Mets traded Harvey for a back up catcher.  Which is a lot better than what I thought they would get-- nothing.  Now we got a back up catcher and 2 back up back up catchers!  That's gotta be worth something in today's topsy tervy major league baseball world.  I don't know, jeez.  Looking forward to ending this entry, even if I have nothing else to do.  I get to lie down and find a back up back up movie to watch or something.  Wonderful!
    10th paragraph.  Let's finish this crap up.  No jokes at all this entry.  But important Life Information.  So I got that going for me.  I could watch the Met game.  That's a back up back up back up situation to be in.  What else is crappening.  When I got my diploma, they gave me a laminated wallet sized card of my diploma.  Not sure the point of that.  Am I ever gonna be a situation in real life where there's a crisis and I go It's Okay!  I Have An English Degree! to save the day, but also, they need proof of the fact.  Maybe at a bar.  I'm gonna need to see some identification.  Glad you asked!  You're talking to a college graduate.  Jeez.  I'll see ya later.

-6:42 P.M.