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Thursday, February 23, 2017

I Guess I'm Writing An Entry Now

    Because I gotta do some crap.  Anyway, here's something I've felt strongly about for a long time, but may have never said here-- The movie within a movie in the movie Scream is called Stab.  I always felt the movie within that movie should be called Knife.  I may have said it before.  But it's worth saying again.  Can't think of the movie within the movie of Knife.  It keeps getting basic-er and what's more basic than Knife.  Prop.  I don't know, crap and crap.  Wrote a new scene of a play for reading today  It's about a guy interviewing for a job, and he's a compulsive liar.  I wrote the guy with the idea that the word to best describe him was Idiot or Weird.  Professor felt he came off like Jerk.  Who am I to argue.
    A couple of laughs when it was performed, with people reiterating they liked it during discussion.  That's good enough and whatnot.  Read a part in Professor's 10 page play that he had written at some point or another.  I was playing the character who was hearing the voice of a radio D.J. from the 50's and talking to him.  Michael's time to shine.  The point is I have a weekend now.  I got a 68.5 on my Environment test, but there's avenues to improve that grade, plus, he's gonna grade it on a curve.  So all in all, I'm doin' fine.  Realized I didn't have to do Lab for this past Wednesday because it was only part one of a lab.  Everything's coming up Michael.
    That's how I feel.  Apparently Wes Craven is dead.  Too bad.  He could have done a guest spot in a commercial for your pick of fast food restaurants.  I'm Horror Director Wes Craven, and I'm Craven' Taco Bell New Loaded Fajitas.  Seems like a real missed opportunity.  Loaded Fajitas, that sounds like something they'd have.  The point is what else.  I know White Castle makes use of the word Craving in their advertising and product names.  But they don't own the copyright to the word.  Probably not.  Maybe they do.  If so, good for them.
    Anyway, crap and crap.  The Hills may Have Eyes, but I only have eyes for Cheesy Dorito Shell Tacos.  Something along those lines.  Fourth paragraph.  Great.  Freddy Krueger is gonna want back regular hands so he can hold this Mexican Refried Chalupa.  I used the word Chimera in my play.  Someone asks the guy if he's a people person, and he's like, what other kind of person could I be, some sort of chimera?  I enjoyed it even if no one else did.  That's how I feel.  Also, doin' googlin', that's not quite what that word means.  But its close enough, and if you recognize the word, people get it.  I'm sure half the people didn't recognize the word.  Weren't they around for when George W Bush made mention of being against human-animal hybrids in one of his state of the unions?
I guess not.  I guess that's a bipartisan issue.  In this country at least.  In India, they might want chimeras so they can worship them.  Reference to past entry.  Crap and crap.  Professor was pretty happy with how I read that role in his play.  I didn't tell him its because I have lots of life experience talking to people in my head.  Anyway, crap and crap.  Was wearin' my Bernie Sanders For President shirt today.  I've noticed that people like me exponentially more when I'm wearing this shirt.  So I'm not just wearing it for Bernie, I'm wearing it for Strategy.
    What paragraph is this.  Sixth already.  Awesome.  Drinkin' less soda.  Now when I drink soda, it's too carbonated.  So I guess I've successfully and unintentionally weaned my self off soda completely.  Don't need it anymore.  The point is Crap and Crap.  Tell us a fun fact about you.  I was born without a skull.  But you have one now.  I had a skull transplant.  Line of dialogue from my play.  Not sure if I like it or not.  Part of me is very happy with it, part of me is like, Eh.  What else is crap.  I don't know.  The good news is, I can keep writing the first scene of a short play every week, and people are gonna have to read it and listen to it.  Every week.  That'll show them and whatnot.
    Great.  Seventh paragraph.  That's how I do.  Still no Philosophy Grade.  What the crap.  I'm gettin' fed up!  Which is an expression for some reason.  Ten paragraphs today.  Why exert myself.  The Oscars is this weekend.  Jimmy Kimmel is hosting.  In NYU, there was a dining hall/other-stuff-building called The Kimmel Center.  We used to call it The Jimmy Kimmel Center.  Or, at least, I pretended we did.  I used to get lunch from The Space Market instead of using my meal plan.  What a waste.  Possibly in the top four of my biggest regrets in life.  They made a mean turkey sandwich, though.  They put turkey in between bread.  I wouldn't lie to you.
    Sometimes I'd get it with a bag of chips.  Sometime with some sort of cookie.  I was livin' the life, oh boy.  I feel like I would get smoked turkey.  There were several derivatives of turkey sandwich and there was one in particular I would get.  Memories that will last a life time.  In the outer-space market, they would sell flowers.  Probably.  I don't remember for sure, but its a reasonable assumption to make.  I miss the jolly fat guy who would sell me pizza at Queens College Dining Hall.  I wonder what ever became of him.  Probably still selling pizza to ungrateful college kids.  I hate them so much.
    Crap and crap.  Penultimate paragraph.  I was real fed up with the friend I had who worked with me as a student intern at Geriatric Nursing Information Office.  During lunch, I'd always want Chipotle, but he was like, Fine, you can get Chipotle, but I'm not.  So I always caved in and went where he wanted to go.  Whatta chump.  I've got to learn to stick up for myself adequately and crap.  What else.  I actually have a Monday class next week after two weeks off.  Where is justice.  Hey, I got a 98 on my first lab.  That's exponentially better than I did in labs in high school!
    Great.  Last paragraph.  The kid in my Professor's Play went to Abraham Lincoln High School, and I went to the professor afterwards, Did you really go to Abraham Lincoln High School, because my Dad was an assistant principal there!  Like my Dad was 110 years old and my professor would remember him.  He didn't go there in the first place, anyway.  The point is crap and crap.  Whattado with my weekend.  Gotta do the lab this weekend for real.  It'll make things so much easier.  I don't know, crap and crap.  I'll see ya later.

-5:17 P.M. 


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Showtime Series About Very Dramatic Eyeglass Seller People Called Spectacles

    Because of crap.  That's how that goes.  What's crappening.  The person who sells me glasses is retiring.  It was a real emotional event when he told me and my Dad.  There goes the neighborhood.  Huh?  Yep.  Plus Since Last Entry-- I got beer.  Minus Since Last Entry-- No more money on poker.  I like drinking beer.  It reminds me of times I've drank beer with people.  That's Plus.  What else is going on and crap.  Gonna start a new play to read on Thursday instead of adding to my Already One.  First thought-- What if it's on the bus.  I was inspired by being on the bus.  Second thought-- What if it's about a guy in therapy.  I was inspired from something.  Lots of directions that can go.  I like the idea I've gotten from Therapy, that the worse you are, the nicer they are and more excited and enthusiastic they are about any small positive or progress things.
    Makes me laugh.  Don't know how I'd do it, though.  I'll table that for now.  And the two characters viscerally hate each other.  That's my starting point for any play pretty much.  I can cancel it out in the second draft.  It's a good place to start, though.  What else.  I shaved yesterday too.  Hero.  I saw the license plate that says Stinky again.  That brightened my day and whatnot.  Crap and crap.  There's a new Poker Site that's supposed to give you 2 dollars free for registering, but I'm havin' trouble with it.  I'll keep you updated on this crap how it progresses.  Like I do for therapist.  And she's overly enthusiastic compared to the lame stuff I do.
    Ripe for parody!  Anyway, crap and crap.  It may be a scam to get my name and possible password for other things.  It was recommended on a legit site, though.  So I'm probably okay.  The point is crap and crap.  I watched Catch Me If You Can last night.  They caught him because they could.  Spoiler Alert.  Apparently they really liked pilots in the 1960's.  Not anymore.  What have pilots ever done for us lately.  We should all thank our lucky starts Leonardo DiCaprio didn't have access to Flight Simulator on Windows '95. 
    Here's another paragraph.  Some guy named H.R. McMaster is the new National Security Advisor.  His name sounds like a chain of casual, sit-down restaurants.  H.R. McMaster's.  Let's talk about it.  Lt. Gen. H. R. McMaster.  How many abbreviations does this guy need, am I right?  Save some for the rest of us!  That's how I feel.  It's like in The Simpsons.  Lt. L.T. Smash.  Apparently not a lot of people like Trump.  Have you heard about this?  Anyway, the technical support person I e-mailed about not being able to register for no apparent reason said, "That is weird indeed."  That's a real person.  No scam there.  No scammer would say that something is weird indeed.  That's real person talk.  I'm sold!  Let me give them my social security number, just to be safe.
    Anyway, crap and crap.  Fifth paragraph.  Play where it's about a guy trying to register for a poker site and he's on with the tech support on the phone.  Ripe for parody!  First idea about that that comes to mind is that it's clearly a scam but the guy keeps giving personal information about himself.  Second idea Has Yet To Materialize.  Another way to go is, yes, do it through e-mail, but each e-mail is long and they're read aloud and stuff.  They're not actually talking, you see, but writing e-mails, and they're read aloud.  Wonderful.
    Sixth paragraph.  Cute girl chatting with me before Play Class.  Well, she was cute chatting with me in the hallway.  Once we got in the class, I was like, Eh, I could do better.  Theoretically.  We all know, in practice, I can't do anything, for better or worse.  The point is what else and crap.  Trump should legalize online poker.  Seems like something he could do to endear himself to some subset of people.  He owns Casinos, though, I think.  So he won't.  I'm surprised the phrase Don't let a few bad skittles ruin the bag hasn't caught on yet.  I guess people need some more time to seep into their collective unconscious.
    Right?  Great.  Don't let a few skittles ruin the swimming pool.  Something along those lines.  Maybe Poker just wants me to choose a better username.  I like the one I've got, but, hey, I'm not married to it.  You can't get married to names.  Yet.  Great.  I think there should be more people with two heads than those two girls I watched Documentary about.  I've seen 'em!  Next!  And you know what?  The documentary worked.  I can't say for certain, but I feel like if I ran into them, I'd just be like, Hey.  Not totally freaked out by the whole thing.
    Documentary One, something else-- nothin'.  The point is what else and crap.  I like how in India whenever someone has extra limbs or something, they think he's a god.  I've seen half a dozen weird people from India in documentaries and the conclusion their village takes is always the same.  Let's worship this person.  Which isn't such a bad deal.  Their family gets paid to show them off.  It's like a circus combined with religion.  So... then a circus, right?  Topics!  What else is crap.  I had a pretty solidly mediocre tweet, "If they make another sequel to The Ring, we have a circus on our hands."  Except, logically, I found out its wrong.  There was a The Ring, then there was a The Ring Two, and now we have Rings.  Already at three.  Nobody cares, thuogh.  Except for me.  Probably.
    I don't like the phrase All The World's A Stage.  Unless they're talking about Video Game.  The world being a sequence of stages in video games, I'm fine with that.  Theatre Stages?  No thank you.  The point is playing Mario 64 Prepared Me For Life.  In that we hardly ever use up all our lives.  Huh?  The point is Great.  What paragraph is this.  Ninth.  That's how that goes.  Also got White Castle from supermarket with beer.  Talk about a win-win.  Except for carrying it back to my house.  Specifically the beers.  I had to take a couple of rests.  That crap is heavy duty.
    You know you're no longer a Youth when they stop carding you when you get alcohol.  I guess that's me.  They still card me maybe 1 out of 5 times I buy from a new place.  But that's more on account of them not believing that such a short man could even exist.  Must be a 13 year old.  Anyway, what the what.  Gotta think of a good idea for Play.  I like that dynamic of the person/therapist where they're overly enthusiastic.  I just don't know how it can build on itself over 4-5 pages.  The point is What Else.  Should do my lab tonight instead of waiting till tomorrow morning.  That would be the Adult way to go about things. 
    11th paragraph and whatnot.  That's how that goes.  I don't know.  In Trumps version, you do let a few skittles ruin the pack.  I guess the phrase would have to accommodate that.  Great.  I got a bottle of liquor today and they didn't have the T.V. on showing Obama giving a speech.  I was hoping there was an alternate universe where Obama is still president and is always giving a speech.  No such luck, though.  A play with Donald Trump in it.  Ripe for parody!  The point is I'll think about it.  I don't want to legitimize his presidency.  If I write a play where he's president, then I'm no better than the lame stream media.  Also, if you've got a lame stream, see a urologist, like I'm doing.  I've got a pretty good stream, though.  Don't mean to brag.
    I'd like to be the one to tell Trump that he's got a lame stream.  He wouldn't like that one bit!  Believe me, my stream is great.  No worries about my stream.  That's him talking.  Shit, by giving him dialogue, it legitimizes him!  Real lose lose situation.  12th paragraph.  If you lose lose, does that mean you win?  Let's get some people working on that.  Crap and crap.  Gettin' French Toast with Fixin's tonight.  You know, eggs, and unhealthy breakfast meat?  That sort of crap.  Also, I've been drinking a lot less soda the last three weeks, and yuo know what?  Don't have to urinate quite as often.  Not sure if that correlation implies causation, though.  Don't know that for sure.
    I can write that in as a lab assignment, right?  Effects of soda on how frequently you stream?  Probably.  13th paragraph.  I'm pretty sure I want to do London School for the summer.  I feel like I need a new phase of my life.  That only Doin' Something New can accomplish.  Also, it's not London School.  It's Queens College School In London.  The point is gotta do something.  I'll ask my therapist about it.  She'll know what's up.  Even if she's against it.  She just wants me around so I'll go see her more times and she reaps the benefits.  Whatta scam.  When I told my Mom about it, after saying No Way, Forget It Right Now, she loosened up a bit and was like, I wish I could go to London, can I go for you?  And I was like, What if I go, and you just follow me?  We all had a big laugh about that.
    Still though, worst case scenario, I wind up in a hospital in another country.  And they won't let me Brexit.  Yeesh, crap and crap, 14th paragraph.  I think people in my class are finally starting to catch on I'm as bad an actor as they are.  Oh well.  Their admiration was fun while it lasted.  Teacher likes me, though.  I participate like a Mother Fucker.  Askin' questions, he goes, Good Question.  He knows how to deal with people like me's egos.  So the plot is like the sequence of events?  Yep, couldn't put it better myself.  You're the new teacher, take my seat.  More or less.
    15th paragraph.  Alright!  Still got The Simpsons from Sunday to watch.  I bet I won't be able to tell the difference between Red and Green.  I don't know.  The difference.  Between Red and Green.  Whatta letdown.  The point is what else and crap.  Do I eat dinner when it gets here.  Or do I wait two hours.  These are the questions that keep me up at day.  That is weird indeed.  Thank you, fellow human.  It is weird, indeed.  Crap and crap.  Startin' to hit a wall in Entry.  Let's power through it and crap.  I don't know.
    What to watch on Television tonight.  Whatever tells me a vision, I'm okay.  Starting to get burnt out on Intervention.  Same kinda crap each time.  I want to see a show about people who do drugs and just have a lot of fun.  Seems like a more positive angle to take.  Anyway, doin' well in Freeroll.  Around a 20-25% chance I'll cash.  Then, start buildin' it up all over again.  Great, just great.  At the rate I've been going, I cash in a freeroll every week and a half or so.  That's great, just great.  I gotta keep playing freeroll even after this is done, probably.  Live and learn.  Gonna put my dinner in Fridge and eat it later.  These are the dinners of our lives.
    17th paragraph.  Let's see, words, words... I don't know.  Crap and crap.  Tomorrow is 2/22.  If you Google dates, one of the most popular ones the kids are talking about is 2/22/22.  So, if you wanna be Hip, start talking about 2/22/22.  Kids can't get enough of number alliteration.  Anyway, crap and crap.  I just threw up on account of drinking beer and vodka more or less at the same time.  I thought I was better than that rhyme about never sicker.  I thought I was above it.  No one is above rhymes that tell you things.  That's why they're rhymes.
    Huh?  I guess.  Three paragraphs to go.  Most of the throw up went into my garbage can/bag.  So I got that to be thankful for and whatnot.  My stomach is still unsettled.  Great, just great.  How'm I supposed to write two and a half paragraphs with an unsettled stomach.  I'm not supposed to, that's how.  Wonderful.  Crap and crap.  My brain can't be counted on to make coherent sentences.  Let alone paragraphs.  I'm surprised I got through those two sentences alright.
    Penultimate Paragraph.  The end is near.  Still got some money on freeroll, otherwise I might have cut this entry short.  I'm already still here at my computer, might as well aim for the complete 20.  The good thing about getting sick and too drunk is you get to lie in bed thinking about where you've gone wrong in your life... and you know exactly where!  Drinking this beer and this vodka.  Pretty self explanatory.  Hah.  Spectacles.  That's the same word, right?  They're not spelled slightly differently?  Probably-- I checked internet.
    Last paragraph.  Left myself a very short goatee when I shaved.  Partly because why not.  Partly because I don't wanna do this anymore, it's good enough.  Mostly the second one.  I can't put French toast in the oven.  Microwaving, that's the way to go.  Eggs, too.  Breakfast meats, sure I can.  But it makes more sense to just microwave the whole deal.  So I got that to look forward to.  A couple of people in my class went to Queensborough, they were talking about it before class.  I can't just go My Dad Teaches There!  They were talking about foreign languages classes.  They bring up Math at Queensborough, then, sure, I can bring it up.  I'm gonna write another paragraph.
    Because I'm still here either way and whatnot.  Let's see, words, words... At this rate I'm gonna have to put off the lab for tomorrow morning.  Because of my current state.  This'll be the last paragraph for sure.  That's how I feel.  What else.  I think there's a new The Mick tonight.  That's a pleasant show.  What with all the plotlines and characters.  Plots are the sequence of events.  Different from Stories.  I learnt about it in Play Class.  Also, will I be tempted to write a 22nd paragraph?  At this rate, yes.
    Because I'm already here.  And still in Freeroll.  And I can't really remember the last few paragraphs on account of Drinking.  If I can't remember them, it's like they never happened.  I can never remember anything of what I just wrote, drunk or not.  Yeah, but, you see, uh.  Shut up.  Where I'm at now, I'd say I have at least a 50% chance of cashing.  That's a big percentage.  Probably.  Crap and crap.  Maybe a bit less of a percentage.  More people entered the freeroll than usual, so, based on my current stack size, it's slightly less proportionally.  And I will write another paragraph right now.
    Doing two things keeps me focused.  I stop writing here, I go into a tailspin.  Probably.  Because of crap.  Last paragraph.  Why.  I don't know.  Words and words.  That's how this paragraph is gonna go.  Whatever.  Crap and crap.  Just won a big pot.  I should cash now, as long as I don't muck it up.  So I got that going for me.  Wonderful.  So close to the end.  I can taste it if that were a thing.  Alright, that's it.  See ya later.

-7:31 P.M.


Saturday, February 18, 2017

Sure I'll Write An Entry And Crap

    Bad grammar.  Entry and crap?  The entry is crap.  Country Grammar.  That's a rap thing.  I remember it from my childhood.  Those were the days.  There are still days in the present.  But not, uh... what am I talking about.  Nonsense.  I'm not talking about nonsense, it is nonsense.  All comes full circle.  Hold on, I had something that was a mediocre thing... right!  I don't get why Hindus stop at having a third eye.  Let's get fourth and fifth eyes.  Why settle.  Hey, wow.  My poker username is crymeariver0.  The guy sitting to my left at 1/2 cent table is crymeonriver.  I chatted him saying we have practically the same name but he refuses to acknowledge me.
    Memories that will last forever.  Maybe he's ignoring me for Strategy.  He doesn't wanna give any tells.  Or maybe he just didn't see the chat because normally you don't have to look at it at all.  Anyway, crap and crap.  I don't know.  I don't get why it has to be a third Eye.  You're not literally seeing anything.  Why can't it be a third nose.  You smell the metaphysical thing and whatnot.  What happened to the second nose.  I've been caught in a web of nonsense!  Crap and crap.  Third Nostril.  There we go.  Fist Fight seems like a movie I'd go see even if I haven't gone to see a movie in half a year.  I can't see it being too scary.  Ice Cube pretends to be scary, but we all know he's a lovable piece of love.  Charlie Day is pretty scary.
    I wouldn't wanna ride the bus with him.  Huh?  I don't know.  Do Lab tomorrow.  That's a Responsible, as its not due till Wednesday, and I don't/won't have any other homework until then.  Well, reading for regular Environment Lecture.  I should do that too, do it hardcore.  I've been thinking of Environment as hard, but at the pace I'm at, I'll pass.  That's good enough.  I'm no good at Science, let's settle.  Anyway, crap and crap.  Need to get alcohol tomorrow, too.  That makes sense.  One Adult for tomorrow, one Irresponsible for tomorrow.  They cancel each other out and all you're left with is A Tomorrow. 
    Great, just great.  Fourth paragraph.  Writin' an entry and crap.  That's what I got goin' on.  Still no Philosophy Grade.  That's no good.  Anyway, what the what.  Haven't brought up or really thought about Study Abroad the past few days.  Let it simmer a little bit and then get back to it.  Third Eye.  Third Eye Blind.  Song called London.  All coming together!  Because of Nonsense.  Still the fourth paragraph.  Wonderful.  I don't know.  Crap and crap.  The Rap Game was on last night.  One would imagine I'll get a chance to watch it this weekend.  Weekend is extended into Monday.  Everything's coming up Aces.
    What else. There was a sick freeroll earlier today which I didn't cash in.  Oh well.  Up to over 10 dollars right now, even after losing close to two dollars already today.  Pretty sustainable.  At least for a few days.  I can get unlucky over and over and still have enough for this weekend.  That's Great.  What else is going on.  I don't know.  No 2nd part of dinner for tonight.  I've got pickings of the highest degree or something.  Crap.  I can write five more paragraphs to get to ten.  Then, a great feeling of fulfillment.  I'll have did something and whatnot.
    Great.  I don't know.  Crap and crap.  Let's see.  Words, words... I don't know.  I keep starting Jackie Chan movies On Demand and not finishing them.  That's about where I'm at in Life.  Oh well.  When this is entry, get dinner.  Lie in bed for 40 minutes.  Eat dinner.  Then, who can say for sure.  Not me.  Probably not you.  How would you know.  You couldn't.  No way.  Yeesh.  Flaming Lips is in two and a half weeks.  I'll go to that, sure.  Pot committed at this point.  They should have called The Social Network "About Face (Book)"  Not a lot of movies with parenthesis or italics in the title.  Seems like an untapped market.  People who want to see movies with fresh new takes on titles.
    Crap and crap.  Seventh paragraph.  Whatta bullshit.  More or less back to my starting stack for the day of poker.  Because of crap and things.  Had a bison burger last night.  Had veal parmesan the night before.  Don't feel like rice.  I've narrowed it down to Not Those Three Things.  Crap and crap, jeez.  Springtime in a month.  That'll show Winter, that'll show all of Winter.  What else can I write to finish this entry.  We know it will be a subset of Crap.  But exactly what kind of Crap I don't know yet.
    Great.  I was watching The Hills Have Eyes and one guy goes to another, You know its illegal to smoke around a gas station.  I've been wondering that my entire life.  Now I know, all thanks to movies.  What else is crappening.  New New Pornographers album coming out in a month and change.  They're great.  If I could pick one band/solo musician that I had the skill to be, they'd be in the top 10, for sure.  Top 10 isn't that great.  Oh, Yeah?  What if I was to say Top 5?  Is that good enough for you?  There's a movie Top 5.  It was a good movie.  That's how I feel about things and crap.  Every time I watch a movie now, I Wikipedia it.  Get the whole immersive interactive experience and whatnot.
    That's a thing.  Right?  Anyway.  That's a thing TV tries to get you to do.  Twitter when you're watching something.  Stupid TV, I Hate It So Much.  What else is crap.  I really want to start the hashtag #Let'sPromoteMikePence.  I don't have the followers for it to catch on, though.  Oh well.  Live and learn.  Ninth paragraph.  Wonderful.  #LetsPromoteMikePence has all the features of a good hashtag.  It's a political position a lot of people have.  It's sarcastic and/or amusing and/or clever.  A third thing.  It's ironic probably, but who knows what that word means for sure.  Except that millennials like it.  One would imagine.  Millennials are all about irony.  Probably.
    Great, just great.  The question is whether or not to use an apostrophe for, "Lets."  I don't have all the answers.  Farm that decision out to someone else.  Will this be the last paragraph?  Let's say, 50/50.  I was watching Jersey Girl, and I got sad that George Carlin is dead.  He's more or less my A+ Number One Hero, when forced to think about it.  Oh well, live and learn.  Now I need a new Hero.  Retrospectively about a decade.  Which is a sentence probably.  My New Hero is Pitbull: The Musician.  When it comes to Pop music, he's in my top 10.  That's not so great.  What about Top 5?  That's a movie.  What about Shut Up.
More paragraphs, I guess.  Now the aim is 15 paragraphs.  Which I can do one would imagine.  I do it a lot of times.  Like 2/5 days.  Crap and crap.  2/5 is 40%.  Just lettin' ya know.  So we're all on the same page and all.  I don't know.  Could be an uneven number of paragraphs.  I guess.  I can get Chinese Food that doesn't include Rice.  Sure, why not.  What would Mr. Worldwide do in this situation.  He'd know what he wants for dinner for sure.  This guy is on the up and up.
    Yeesh.  Crap and crap.  Pitbull is rap music.  You can be rap music and pop music.  Just look at Pitbull.  Huh?  I don't know anymore.  Hey, it's the 12th paragraph.  Wonderful.  I'm sick and tired of the new format for Guide and On Demand on my T.V.  Everything's smaller.  I don't have the time or effort to read things that are smaller.  What am I, some guy who... sees... things that are smaller?  Not likely.  Environment Professor has to pass me for the test.  He fist bumped me.  Now we're connected.  He owes me for fist bumping him back.  Or, not really fist bumping him back.  Returning his fist bump.  Fist bumping him back would be accepting his fist bump and then fist bumping him again.  Which is something I should start doing to be stupid.
    Crap and crap!  13th paragraph!  Great.  I didn't take the easy way out today and stop at 10.  I presumably will have made it all the way to 15!  Alright!  I can get Fish for dinner tonight.  I was thinking yesterday, You know, I could have some fish.  And now I'm in the situation where I can make good on that desire and crap.  If I'm gettin' fish, the usual way I go is to get a Stuffed Filet of Sole Dinner and split it over 2 nights.  You get a lot of stuffed filet of sole.  Pretty good deal all in all.  That's how that goes.  What else.  What's going on.  Writin' an entry.  That kind of crap.
    What else.  Penultimate Paragraph.  Great.  I don't know.  Should work on my Hospital Play a bit.  People expect Greatness from me.  Probably.  I don't feel like fish anymore.  Great.  I don't know.  What would King Roscoe eat.  I don't know, didn't see last night's episode.  Oh well.  I don't know.  I've written 13 paragraphs today.  I have no idea what I've said.  I know I talked about Pitbull.  You don't forget a thing like that.  I can get Eggs or something.  That's in my top 5 of what I might eat for dinner tonight.  Lox Eggs and Onion.  Fulfills the Fish category without it being too fish.
    Last paragraph.  Whatta almost mediocre entry.  Great.  Now that I think about it, I might have an online assignment due for Environment.  I'll check that out, check it out hardcore.  What else is crap.  At about the amount of cash I had on poker as I did when I started the day.  That's pretty cool and whatnot.  I have to get alcohol tomorrow compared to other days.  I'll be dry if I don't.  Which is something people say?  I don't know.  What else is crap.  What if I write more than 15 paragraphs.  No one'll see it coming.
    Why.  Because of crap and stuff.  Parents' birthdays are in a week.  I won't say what age they're turning, but let's just say, Up Top!  Because of sex.  Alright it's 69.  You got it out of me, I don't know how you did it.  Next year is a big one.  70.  For me, too.  30.  You do the math.  What math.  I don't know what math, but you do it either way.  I don't have the time or effort to do it.  I figured out 2/5 was 40%, what more do you want from me. 
    Short paragraphs make it so I can get to 20.  That's insane.  I started off with 0.  What else is crap.  17th paragraph.  This'll give me some time to think about if I want fish, and if so, how much fishiness do I want from it.  Yeesh.  Crap and crap.  What else is crap.  Might Table talking about Study Abroad all the way till my next therapist appointment.  I've got nothin' more to say about it essentially, so bringing it up again seems pretty pointless.  Great.  There is the theory that the more I bring it up, the more I'll be able to wear down my parents.  That's just a theory, though.
    Anyway, 18th paragraph.  Wonderful.  One thing to consider is if I leave America, will they take me back.  Because of Trump and stuff.  Anyway, what the what.  I wouldn't be able to Brexit Brexit.  That's no good.  Anyway, what the what.  I support a Two State Solution for England.  What else doesn't make sense and whatnot.  Real Penultimate Paragraph after this one.  That's pretty great.  I don't know.  What else and crap.  They have fish and chips in England.  I wouldn't lie to you.
    Great.  I don't know.  What do they call BBC America in England.  Just BBC?  I'll get back to you on that, after some intensive research.  I don't know.  Crap and crap.  I'm not really hungry.  I can put off dinner for an hour or two.  Great.  I don't know.  Gotta finish this entry and crap.  Really hit a wall just around now.  Up to over 12 dollars in poker.  That's pretty groovy and whatnot. 
    Last paragraph.  Wonderful.  I don't know.  Crap and crap.  Yeesh.  Play Day on Tuesday.  I like Play Days better than Nothing Days.  Even including the walking involved.  That's how I feel and whatnot.  The point is I'm almost done.  What else is crap.  Gotta write crap.  No I don't.  See ya later.

-7:18 P.M.


Thursday, February 16, 2017

Huh?  What?  Sure.

    Great.  Another week in the books.  That reminds me, gotta start keeping track of weeks through books.  That sort of crap.  Read my third draft of Hospital Play in class.  Turned out the teacher liked it.  Plus, classmates.  But what do they know.  I don't need to scrap it after all.  And I owe it all to not making the characters talk to each other in my head.  I'm goin' my own way on this.  I've also made the professor laugh several times without it being my play being read or me reading some other play.  Last class, he quickly did this little thing where he made two people do improv without being able to talk.  They did it without hand gestures, then he was like, No, you can make sounds, just not words.  And I was like, Like how The Sims talk.  He liked that.  Today, we were reading a play where, when questioned, the author said it takes place in the 1980's.  And we were like Okay, how can we show that.  And I was like, everyone is playing with their own Rubik's cube.  Laugh.  Killin' it.
Environment test was pretty crappy.  I'd be satisfied with just passing it.  Oh well, live and learn.  Brought up the Study Abroad Idea to my parents.  They were against it, but they were willing to hear me out.  So I tabled that for another day.  I don't know.  I have allegiance to America.  As well as the flag.  I was indoctrinated that way.  Seems kind of weird out of context.  Lets get kids to worship the flag every day.  Oh well, I'm not complaining.  I learned how great flags are, particularly our own.  Look at those colors and designs.
Wonderful.  Why isn't their a Bald Eagle punching an American Indian.  That's how I would have gone.  How do you think that Eagle got bald, he was scalped.  Now he's out for revenge.  Just lost two dollars in poker really quickly.  Not through fault.  Through chance.  Let's talk about it.  I don't know, crap and crap.  I had a dream about studying abroad, and I had one day left to sign up, and had to convince my parents, but I didn't feel like it that day.  Talk about your premonitions.  I just did.  Well, that settles that.  Crap and crap.  Just lost another dollar!  Again, through chance, more or less.
    That's great, just great.  I was feelin' good about having a sustainable role, and now it's been cut by, what, 30%?  40%?  Whose got time to crunch the numbers.  I learnt about Sustainable in Environment.  I am going to apply all Environment Knowledge to poker.  My chips are a reservoir.  Let's talk about it.  That's two words I know now.  That I more or less knew before, but now I know their more scientific meaning.  Wonderful.  What kind of man am I if I don't leave my kids behind a decent starting stack.  I guess.
    Right.  Fifth paragraph.  I don't feel that fulfilled when writing/finishing an entry as I have for the past few months, as I do ending the entry/doing the next thing.   Not an overlap.  Finishing entry/ending the entry.  Different stuff.  Finishing is when I'm writing the end of the entry.  Ending the entry is when I put it online.  Sure.  I don't know.  I forgot to get a new bottle of alcohol.  What I have left probably won't last me to Tuesday.  I guess I can get it by walking to and from some place.  Like a chump.  Oh well.
    Sixth paragraph.  Slow and steady wins the race.  No it doesn't.  Not in real life.  I'm sick of being lied to by children's tales.  Anyway, crap and crap.  I want to be lied to by adult stories.  Because I'm an adult.  That's how that goes.  Gettin' friendly with Playwriting Class people.  Wonderful.  In the Study Abroad Dream, there was another person out of the 10-15 people I dreamt were participating who I knew from high school.  I saw his name on a list.  So I hit him up on AIM, I was like, I'm doing this and I saw you were too!  Cool! and he never responded because he was away.
    And he never came back.  Oh well, such is life.  Just won 2 dollars in one pot.  Back to close to starting point.  Sweetness.  Only the seventh paragraph.  Great.  I smelled White Castle on the bus.  Well, it wasn't really White Castle.  Probably not.  The odds are against it.  But it smelled like White Castle.  I can go get some Frozen White Castle from supermarket, and combine it with getting a pack of beers.  Might as well.  Need to take a walk to get alcohol anyway.  Might as well get something else out of the deal and whatnot.
    I don't know.  I asked my Dad to get me White Castle for my birthday, but it turned into getting me Chipotle on the ride home from some hospital.  Oh well.  Life is all about compromises.  Probably.  I said it.  One would imagine I said it for a reason.  The reason of being correct.  My Dad woke me up at 9:30 and he was like You gotta get to school! and I was like, I have the later class today, I don't need to get up for three hours.  The point is now he owes me big time.  Study Abroad big time.  Hah.  Study a broad.  Not even worth sarcastically implying it as funny or clever.  Just a big Zero.
    Anyway.  I gotta start watching movies as research for how to act.  Okay, in this scene, Cate Blanchett is clearly reading her lines As If She Wrote Them.  Louie CK is reading his lines as Person Whose Different Than This Other Person.  Andrew Dice Clay is Thinking Of The Color Green.  Anyway, what the what.  Ninth paragraph.  Now we're starting to make progress.  Urologist next week.  Here's a thing.  Guy deciding whether to get a vasectomy and how it will affect his relationship.  She loves me, she loves me knot...  That's how vasectomies work, right?  They tie some things in a knot?  I don't have all the details.
    I guess.  The upside of if I have testicular cancer is that they'll probably have me put some sperm in a freezer, or something.  So I got that to look forward to, worst case scenario.  What else is crap.  Went to an open house information session about Study Abroad.  It was alright.  Not a big abundance of attractive girls, though.  If that was the case, I'm pushing for this big time.  These were just regular people.  Which isn't terrible, worst case scenario.  But it ain't a best case scenario, I'll tell you that.  I just did.  I'll tell you again, I don't care.
    11th paragraph.  I was finally ready to see La La Land after several month of opportunity, and now it's gone from theaters.  I have to watch Lego Batman like a chump.  What's next, making movies out of play-doh?  I'd watch a movie made out of super soakers.  Something like that.  What else and crap. Hungry, Hungry Hippos: The Movie.  Something along those lines.  15 paragraphs sounds about appropriate.  Unless I get there and am jonzing for more.  I'm pretty self concious about my acting because people really liked the Russian Character.  Now they're picking me for their plays and will eventually realize that was a one time thing.  I don't know what I'm doing.  Too much pressure and whatnot.
    Well, I have taken improv classes, and I was once on NY1 smelling something at a museum, so I guess I have a little bit of a background for acting.  I forget what I was smelling or what it smelled like.  But there was a two second clip of my Mom holding something to my nose to advertise the Hall of Science.  Crap and crap.  My Mom might have just been there.  I could have been smelling on my own like a big boy.  Crap and crap.  Played a part in Dinner Theatre at Disney World or Universal Studios.  I was a cowboy who saved the day.  Then the lady kissed me, and I had to act like I was grossed out by it.  All in all, I've got a lot of history for acting.
    Probably.  I remember I was once standing in line at a McDonalds and just having the thought, You know, I can be an actor.  I remember weird things.  Hey, 13th paragraph.  Gettin' there.  Wonderful.  Gotta hone my acting persona.  I'm not saying a lot of actors play the same character in each movie, but there's definitely common threads for a lot of them, and once I nail that down, it's easy street.  I'm sick of wall street and main street mucking it up for easy street.  And Sesame Street.  And other things.
    Probably.  Crap and crap.  Glad I won back most of my money.  This may last me this long weekend after all.  Crap and crap, 14th paragraph.  I don't know.  Professor liked the one character in my play that was interesting and pressed me to make the other character interesting, too.  Good tip.  This guy gives good advice.  He's on the up and up.  Which means something I've been led to believe.  Crap and crap.  I turned on the light in my room before this paragraph started and really upped my focus and concentration.  Maybe I can get to 20 after all.
    I don't know.  Just lost some chips.  Now my focus and concentration are shot.  Crap and crap.  I wonder what word I'll use after the, "New Entry At crazysheet.net!" post on Facebook.  Sometimes I go with Sure!, sometimes Okay!, sometimes Yup!.  I've got half a dozen choices, or I can come up with something fresh.  That sounds good.  Anyway, crap and crap.  I don't know, five paragraphs to go after this one.  Whatta great.  Mom and Dad have dinner for tonight.  I get to pick my own things.  Maybe Veal Parmesan or something.  Gotta eat something.  Environment Professor fist-bumped me after quizzing me on Index Cards.  Look whose Mr. Cool.  This guy, right here.
    16th paragraph.  I don't know.  Kids reading my play were laughing during it.  That's a compliment of the highest order.  One would imagine.  Girl in my class who was in my Poetry Class is pretty attractive.  And she likes me okay.  I mean, we've taken two classes together now, we're practically going out.  Right?  Probably.  Let's leave it at that.  What else is going on.  Got an e-mail from Philosophy Professor that I should get the grade soon.  That's awesome and whatnot.
    17th paragraph.  Sweet.  I played a kid in 1st or 2nd grade Class Play based off Shel Silverstein poems.  There was no narrative, we just went up and said 2 or 3 lines from a poem and everyone went home happy.  My first line was, "I have the measles, and the mumps..." then I'm drawing a blank for the rest.  I don't know the end of my line, I don't know what context it was in, but yeah.  I injected myself with measles and mumps because I'm a method actor.  Probably.
    18th paragraph.  Gotta love these shorter paragraphs, really gettin' me to where I need to go.  Only three more paragraphs to go and whatnot.  Then get dinner.  Then lie in bed until dinner gets here.  Then eat dinner.  Then, is anyone's guess.  Back to Starting Stack for today, more or less.  Maybe ten cents up.  Who can remember.  In London you have to walk on the other side of the sidewalk.  I've said that before.  I'll say it again.  Whose gonna stop me, you?  Unlikely.  Crap and crap and crap.  Watched the first 2 or 3 episodes of Season II of Ash Vs. Evil Dead.  I watched most of the first season but got bored.  Now, starting back up, skip those last couple of episodes.  Good chance I'll ride it out this time and finish what I started.
    Penultimate paragraph.  Great.  I don't know.  Whattado.  Don't have class for 5 days.  Don't have non-play class for six days.  I like goin' to play class.  Get to do crap and stuff and people laugh at and/or with me.  Environment, could be worse.  Interesting stuff relatively.  Just somewhat difficult, oh well.  Lab, though.  Lab can suck a doorknob.  There's two Indian girls in Lab who I confuse with each other so I start talking to one and then continue the conversation with the other.  And they know what's going on, they're not idiots. 
    Right.  Last paragraph.  Wonderful.  I don't know.  Watch some movies and/or T.V. and crap.  Got lots of stuff planned.  I don't know.  Crap and crap.  They had Free Pizza at Study Abroad Information Session.  That sets a precedent.  We need to have free pizza every day in London, now.  Pizza In London.  Can't even fathom what that must be like.  I don't know, crap and crap.  Lookin' through stuff they have in London.  Big Ben.  I can't wait to find out what time it is!  From a big clock!  That sort of bullshit.  I prefer the Big Ben from Problem Child.  That's just me.  I'll see ya later.

-6:47 P.M.


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

96 Bottles Of Tears On The Wall, 96 Bottles Of Tears...

    Great.  Whatta day.  Got 5 points on exam because I did some flashcards hardcore.  Playwriting teacher said, This Guy Gets It!, which is pretty much verbatim how I want him to feel.  He said it in response to me having acknowledged that I knew who Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks were, then I acknowledged I knew who Sid Caesar was, and he goes This Guy Gets It!  Plus, people kept summoning me to read their plays.  Probably because I'm great.  I figured out a good way to get on the right track when reading a part.  Read it as if I wrote it.  Michael, 1... Acting, 0.  I'm probably just gonna scrap this hospital play I've written several drafts of the beginning.  The impression I get is that there's only one assignment for the class, which is write a 10 minute play.  How we get there is up to us.  So, See You In Hell hospital play!  I got time to come up with some new crap.
    Yep.  The number 96 looks like a %.  I wouldn't lie to you.  I'm really not that great at reading characters for Play.  I can't act.  Wait, no.  I meant Eye Contact.  Spelled it wrong by accident.  That's a thing I wrote in my notebook.  Yeesh.  I don't have a stable of characters I can mine when reading plays.  In general, my mindset for Character is,  I'm the guy whose different than this other guy.  Pretty good place to start out if Who Cares.  Anyway, what else is crap.  Now I know how to go into character from now on.  I'm the guy who gets it!  Yeesh.
    What else is up and whatnot.  Forgot to bring my computer so I could play poker during break in between Flashcarding Professor and Playwriting Class.  I had to study for tomorrow's test, like a chump.  That's how that goes.  There's a space in between in and between.  Right?  Apparently.  Next Monday is off, too.  Great.  Shouldn't I be pullin' some goofballs and funnybones?  Seems like the right way to go.  Is there a reverse line of succession in Politics?  Like, now that Michael Flynn is gone, Mike Pence has to take his place.  Seems like something or something.
    I guess.  Huh.  Apparently there's some Drama going on in The Rap Game.  That one girl was accused that she was copying moves or rhymes from her accusor.  I don't know whose side to take.  Let's just cut to King Roscue doing his signature dance move, The Sweep.  He's not very good at miming sweeping.  Like, broom sweeping.  It's mentioned in the episode.  I never woulda known, I don't know what sweeping a broom looks like.  I know sweeping the leg, from The Karate Kid.  I learn most things from The Karate Kid.  That's how I learned to be friends with old Asian men.  Important lesson in anyone's life.
    I feel like that was a joke of a movie or something I was gonna write in middle school.  Crazy Asian Grandpa.  I forget if I was supposed to write it, or if its just some title I told to my friends.  But it was a running gag, that there could be something called Crazy Asian Grandpa.  I don't have all the details.  Fifth paragraph.  Wonderful.  We used to play Chinese Poker.  You know its Chinese Poker because you're not allowed to pronounce Clubs appropriately.  I got five crubs.  That'll show them for being the butt of a racist joke.  Huh?  Sure.  I like when people in TV or Movie who don't know cards call them clovers.  Makes me laugh.  That's funnier than crubs ever will be.
    I guess.  I watched half of Guess Whose Coming To Dinner.  I knew ahead of time it was a black guy.  Really ruined all that suspense and mystery.  It's supposed to be a thriller, right?  Guess so.  I just can't believe they went back in time to make a remake of Guess Who.  The Ashton Kutcher and Bernie Mac Vehicle.  I like calling movies Vehicles.  Another thing that makes me laugh.  Also, don't mean to brag, but I play an online decision making game where you have to make decisions on issues for your country and crap.  And I'm in the 99.5 percentile when it comes to public transportation.  I don't even try to make decisions that would tangentially affect public transportation.  It just happens.  And it happens to be my number one love and priority in real life.
    Sure, why not.  Seventh paragraph.  I guess.  This guy gets it.  No, THIS GUY gets it (motioning towards Professor).  See, writin' plays already.  Anyway.  The only movie I think we can appropriately call a vehicle is Crash.  And, trust me, you don't wanna be in that vehicle.  Cause it crashes!  Yep.  I don't know.  Got over 6 dollars on poker.  That could be sustainable for up to a week!  That's great, just great.  Tracy Morgan did show up on SNL.  You heard it here first.  The first time I mentioned it when I guessed it.  Mentioning it here, after the fact, you would have heard it here last.  Or at least not first.  You might hear about it a week from now, again, that would be last.  Unless you hear it again in a month.
    And so on and whatnot.  That's a load of crap.  Urologist in ten days.  I'm progressively getting more and more worried about it.  The point is I get to chillax after ten paragraphs.  Wonderful.  Get to watch the second half of 20 Questions On Whose Coming To Dinner.  I bet they get to have dinner.  Seems like it would be a letdown of a movie if there's no dinner.  Sort of like Days.  Right?  I guess.  The Flaming Lips is in three weeks.  I sure like three weeks.  And saying, "Is," when, "Are," is probably more appropriate but who knows for sure.  Who Knows For Sure Whose Coming For Dinner.  I guess the lady and the guy.  They're the first to make the plans, and the only ones who can be counted on reliably to know whose coming to dinner.
    Right?  Great.  There was a line about Ice Cream in GWCTD: 2 Race 2 Serious 2 Meanings Of Race.  I forget the line exactly.  It was along the lines of, A little ice cream never hurt.  But not that.  Whatever it was, Great.  Why wasn't there a line of dialogue, "Guess Whose coming to dinner?"  "A black guy."  "How'd you know?"  "I'm great at guessing."  Whatever.  Ninth paragraph.  There's an online 20 questions guessing game, where you pick something random, then answer all the computer's questions and they figure out what you thought of.  I tried it with Sidney Poitier.  Computer couldn't figure it out.  Movies 1, Computer nothin'.
Tenth paragraph.  Guess Whose Coming To Dinner.  I hope it's Papa John!  Is Papa John a Pope.  Is that how words work.  Who can say for sure.  I was wikipedia'ing Constantinople.  For some reason I remember liking Constantinople back in high school history class.  It's a quality name, it was a quality city, and now it still is, but it's a different name.  Constantinople just feels right.  Anyway, crap and crap.  Plus, it was aruond for a thousand years.  A thousand years.  That's a pretty long time.  Now, people don't even know about it or care about it.  But it was a big deal for a thousand years. 
    Cool, cool stuff.  A thousand years in between.  We learnt that from Led Zeppelin.  And we learnt there's a space in between in between in this entry.  All comin' together.  That's a sentence fragment, we don't learn anything from it.  All we learn is the lyrics to a great freakin' song!  Get off my back and whatnot about it.  We also learnt that Led Zeppelin has perpetually been this way ten years to the day.  Lots of fun.  At first they give Spencer Tracy the wrong ice cream, but he learns to enjoy the ice cream they gave him just as much.  Lesson.
    12th paragraph.  I don't like it when you need to put milk or sweetener in your own coffee at places.  What, now I gotta do work now?!  Doesn't seem right.  The person before me at seeing Professor for extra credit didn't have any of the knowledge on the flash cards down, and he told her to return after the test and he'll give her 5 points then.  I didn't know my stuff that much either.  Didn't say it.  Was able to get about 50% of what he asked me right.  Good enough that I don't need to go back.  That woulda ticked me off hardcore.
    Probably.  I forget.  It was six hours ago, get off my back.  Who can remember.  I was gonna stop at 10 paragraphs.  But here we are.  No goin' back now.  Apparently today is Valentine's Day.  Or, as I call it, Valentine's Day.  I got nothin'.  Both in terms of spinning goofballs, and in terms of not having a significant other.  I've got others, but none of them are significant.  Plenty of others, though.  Too many, one might say.  The one being one of the others.  I'll give that to them.  This doesn't make sense.  Probably.  Yet, here we are.  After this blob, 14th paragraph!  Whatta sense of fulfillment one would imagine.
    Great.  It turns out I'm mildly color blind.  I have trouble telling the difference between green and red to some extent.  I took several tests online, some from reputable places, and the results came back all the same.  I mean, you show me red, I know its red.  You show me green, I know its green.  This result really was unexpected.  Yet, here we are.  I think they should take points off your IQ if you're colorblind.  This guy is smart?  He doesn't even know what red or green is.  I know what red or green is!  Santa Claus!  Maybe I'm colorblind because I'm Jewish.  More or less.  The more or less is what makes it partial colorblindness.
    Probably.  Now I wonder what I'm missing out on.  What color designs are great that I can't even tell.  Whatta crap.  15th paragraph?  Cool.  What else is going on.  I'm partial to non colorblindness.  Because of crap and things.  I don't know.  Ran out of snapple and diet soda.  Re-up tomorrow.  In the meantime, drink fake cranberry juice with only 5 calories per serving.  How do they do it?!  And water.  Water's pretty good.  There's a billion or two people without clean water.  I learnt it from Environment.  That's a good silly way to refer to that class.  Just, "Environment."  I like silly things.  Well, I have nothing against them, at least.  Well, in some circumstances, I do.  The point is What Else.
    16th paragraph.  One of the plays I was reading for, the guy continuously misspelled Peek as Peak.  Well, there's one person I don't have to respect.  I'm not a wiz at spelling, either.  Yeah, but I only misspell on computer, It's Called Strategy?  It'll fix it for me.  Why even bother.  I don't know, crap and crap.  This Guy Gets It.  Has there ever been a more glorious combination of words?  Probably.  Playing the odds and crap.  The point is, if we can prove Trump had knowledge about the Flynn thing, that's a legitimate impeachable offense.  Like, without a doubt.  And we're only three weeks in.  Other stuff, sure, I think are impeachable, too.  But this one is a slam dunk.
    Which is a good thing to happen in Basketball.  The point is Let's Promote Mike Pence.  #Hashtag.  What else.  17th paragraph.  I wonder if Trump told Flynn in person that he was fired.  That's kind of his thing.  I was browsing Old Conan bits and they have a Celebrity Secrets with Donald Trump.  Nothing that great.  But he did seem comfortable slightly being made a fool of on that specific occasion.  Which is more than I'd expect from him.  The point is three and change paragraphs to go.  Did it hardcore yet again.  So much doing things hardcore.
    Anyway.  "I don't fold my hair back, I just fold my face forward."  One of the Trump Celebrity Secrets.  That one's pretty good.  What else is crap.  Or is it the other way around.  Who can remember, that was yesterdayago.  18th paragraph.  I never knew that a # was called a hashtag before Twitter.  I also never knew Trump was a Crazy Idiot before Twitter.  And those are the best two characteristics he's got that can describe him.  That's how I feel.
    Penultimate paragraph.  Sometimes I can watch live T.V.  Not all the time, but it's up from none of the time.  You don't know what you've got till its gone.  And then you don't got it no more.  You don't know what you had until what you had is gone and is no more what you had.  That's how things go.  Someone called me a Young Man positively while waiting for the bus last week.  I had told her some information about the last bus that passed by, she relayed it to some other person waiting, referred to me as a Young Man.  Alright!  Looks like someone's making great impressions on everyone he meets.   
    Last paragraph.  Wonderful.  Let's see, crap, crap...  I don't know.  Gotta study some more tonight.  Wake up real early tomorrow and study more then.  Especially if I don't study more tonight.  Gotta have a backup plan.  I don't know, what else.  Forgot I needed to get a new Metrocard today.  Tried swiping it on the way home, realized it was out of rides.  Bought a new one and made the next bus.  That's great, just great.  Mucked up my whole schedule.  I had to wait an extra ten minutes for bus that I shouldn't have.  Changes everything.  I'll see ya later.

-6:06 P.M.


Saturday, February 11, 2017

Gotta Do Something That Isn't Productive

    Being Productive is the pits.  Let's never do it.  Today's Saturday and crap.  Make flash cards tomorrow.  That's not waiting to the last minute.  It's the penultimate day.  That's a Productive.  Anyway, crap and crap, what's going on.  Found out I can mix Snapple and Water.  That increases the amount of Snapple I can drink exponentially!  So, yeah, I'd say I've been having a good weekend.  7/12 done with 30 Rock.  You know, math and stuff?  I hope they do a 30 Rock reunion today on Saturday Night Live.  On account of one of them being there.  Alec Baldwin can just do a soliloquy.
    I'd watch that.  Got nothin' Productive to do.  Tracy Morgan is in that Fist Fight movie coming out.  He's got to promote it.  Now we're up to two people.  Anyway, crap and crap.  Second half of Chinese Food tonight.  Second Halves of Dinners are usually a let down.  Well, not a let down.  For something to be a let down you'd have to imagine it going positively ahead of time.  It's just a predictable shit sandwich.  Crap and crap.  Snapple is okay with Vodka.  That's one of my last memories of going to NYU.  Drinking Snapple bottle spiked with alcohol in Washington Square Park. I wonder why going to NYU didn't go that great.
Anyway, crap.  That's also the only joke I remember in my last UCB improv class.  Talking about how a Snapple Fact said that 10% of all people are dyslexic.  Wonderful.  I wonder why going to Improv Class didn't go that great.  The other memory I have from Improv Class was trying to end a scene by myself.  I couldn't wait for someone in the back row to run in a circle to end the scene.  I did it myself.  I couldn't stand another second out there.  Anyway, third paragraph and whatnot.  Did you know Improv stands for Improvisation.  You learn something new every day.  No you don't.  Let's say you're in a coma.  You ain't learning something new those days.
    Worthless.  What crapdom.  Anyway, what else is crap.  You don't get any fun facts from 2 liter bottles of Snapple.  Now how am I supposed to learn something new today.  Muckin' up my shit.  What else.  I don' know.  10 Paragraphs is a lot.  I don't know why I started this entry in the first place.  Why I continued this entry got the silver.  Whatever crap I'm doing now is the bronze.  Anyway.  I started watching The Bronze: The Movie.  Didn't really pay attention, though.  Great.  Three weeks into Trump.  That's 1.5 fortnights.  Fortnights are great.  Huh?  I don't know.
    Crap and crap.  Have 2 dollars on Poker.  That should last me through the day hopefully.  And, if not, who cares.  I got On Demand T.V. to watch.  No live T.V., sure, but pretty much everything goes On Demand several days later.  So that just means I'm several days behind.  Hey, have you heard about the breaking news that 3 judges voted unanimously to overturn Trump's Immigration Ban?  It truly was a simpler time on Wednesday.  Got The Rap Game to watch today or tomorrow.  King Roscoe 4 Life.  He wears glasses so you know he's a Nerd.  If I had to pick a negative term for a subset of people, I'd go with calling myself a Nerd.  It means you're smart.  I want to be smart!   
    That's how that goes.  Are you allowed to wear American Glasses in England?  Probably.  I know the plugs or something are different.  I learnt about it somewhere.  I want to say a T.V. Show.  So I will.  A T.V. Show.  Boy that was fun.  What else.  I can bring my guitar to London.  That would make people like me.  Right?  That sort of crap.  Gettin' ahead of myself.  I don't know how everything'll turn out.  Just lost 60 cents.  Because of poker.  That's how that goes.  Sixth paragraph and whatnot.  The good news is it takes a long time to heat up Chinese Food.  Huh.  I don't know, crap and crap.
    There was an insane free roll today that I could have gotten in free with Amazon Prime, which my Mom has, but she wouldn't give me the password.  Thought I was a sucker or something, it would come back to bite me in the ass.  She doesn't realize that every now and then, there's a good deal you can take.  Oh well.  When I'm in London, I'll be free.  I'll have all the Amazon Prime I want.  No I won't.  Great, then what am I even doing it for!  Scrap that whole idea.  Yeesh.  Maybe if I was in London I'd get my Philosophy Grade.  It's the future there.  Right?  It might be the past.  I've got a 50/50 chance.  Anyway.  Thinking about London, I just think of the song Baby Britain by Elliott Smith.  And Little England from Arrested Development.  You know, culture references to London?  American Cultural References?
    Wonderful.  I'm under the impression that there's an American Werewolf In London.  Gotta watch out for that crap.  What paragraph is this.  Eighth.  Not too bad.  Are we required to watch BBC in England?  Wonderful.  Great.  What else.  I just ate a piece of General Tso's Chicken.  I can see myself eating that tonight.  Mostly because I will.  But I can see myself enjoying it.  Relatively and crap.  I don't know, this is still the eighth paragraph.  Ten is within reach.  20 is within reach if I decide at 10 I have some unfinished business.  Or, some other number.  Yesterday was 17, I believe.  Whatta load off my back, doin' random numbers.
    What a load on my back.  Not sure why.  Open to interpretation.  Jeez.  The last time I saw Obama speak as President will forever be in a liquor store.  Memories.  I can't watch SNL live tonight unless if I can watch it downstairs.  Alert the presses.  Right?  Anyway.  I heard they're gonna make Weekend Update it's own show.  That mucks up everything.  You can't even call it Weekend Update anymore unless you're doing it ironically.  Which I wouldn't put past them.  The point is Huh?  I don't know.  Down to 63 cents in poker.  This won't last me the day.  Oh well, live and learn.
    Tenth paragraph.  Thursday Update.  That's one way to go.  I was watching some clips of the Ol' Time Crooner on Conan from a decade ago, and I can't get the tune he sings out of my head.  Mostly because it's not a physical thing.  And even if it was, I'm no brain surgeon.  Which is an expression in addition to being the thing I said.  Yeesh.  I was watching Stuck On You and I'm pretty sure it said in the cast listing that Ben Carson was in it.  I missed the part he must have been in it.  Maybe this whole thing was just a dream.
    Eleventh paragraph.  Who woulda guessed it.  Probably a person or something.  I don't know.  Good chance this'll be the last paragraph.  What else is crappening.  I don't know.  Every time I think of the ol' crooner tune it comes with different words.  I guess that's what being a musician feels like.  Not for me.  Crap and crap.  Sometimes the words are from real songs he did.  Sometimes not.  Wonder what that means.  They don't do much sketches like that anymore on Conan: The T.V. Show.  I wonder why and crap.
    12th paragraph.  Just got lucky and hit a full house with an over-two-pair to a turned straight.  Good for me.  Now we're back in business and whatnot.  I have a friend from middle school whose in a band that's having an album released.  What, You Think You're Better Than Me?!  How dare her.  My main memory of her was that she was having a birthday party/sleep over for the girls, and I stayed way longer than every other guy and we all collectively wanted me to stay.  One can only imagine because they wanted to gangbang me.  Didn't happen, though.  Also, I forgot to get her a present, and I gave her one of my old stuffed animals.  Then, a week later, she was like, I was playing with your stuffed animal and it ripped apart.  I think she was on my tail.  She knew what was going on.
    That's how that... goes?  That sounds right.  One can only imagine that's what inspired her to do music.  Well, you can imagine other things.  Why am I to tell you what you're required to imagine.  Anyway.  Feels like I can get to 15 paragraphs.  Only 2 and a half to go.  Sure I know math.  Great.  Now I have to watch compilations of other recurring sketches from Conan a decade ago to get this crap out of my mind.  Sounds good to me.  Anyway, crap and crap.  That was probably their plan all along.  I'm onto them.
    Yeesh.  What the what.  There's a Weezer song called Blowing My Stack and it just makes me think of Brian Stack.  An actor and writer from Conan.  Because I'm a weird guy.  He had a long thread on the comedy message board I used to go to where he would answer everyone's questions.  The people on that message board were Blowing their Stack.  That's my mind and whatnot.  I also think of pancakes.  The point is Let's Move On.  14th paragraph.  Aren't Song Titles Great?  Probably.  I've done hundreds of them, and if they're not great, boy, what a waste of my time.  Anyway, what the what.  Pretty sure Brian Stack was the guy who played the old time crooner.  It was four hours ago that I watched it, get off my back.
    Anyway, 15th paragraph.  What the what.  I'm starting to worry Philosophy Teacher didn't get my e-mails where I sent him the missed class work, and then harassed him about updating my grade.  That's no good.  Anyway.  Guess I have to do 20 paragraphs.  Pretty close, and I'm at least a paragraph away from hitting a huge wall.  So, I got that going for me.  I still haven't seen a movie in Theater since Ghostbusters.  There's been movies worth seeing.  Plus, I get to drink on an underground stairway.  What's there to not like?
    Okay.  Great.  I don't know.  Urologist is in less than two weeks.  Let's keep our fingers crossed.  Unless crossing your fingers causes a tumor in your private areas.  Probably doesn't.  Anyway, Huh?  16th paragraph.  My Mom is interested in watching SNL tonight.  Guess I'll see it live afterall.  Awesome.  In the west coast, do they show SNL at 8:30?  Or do they just not show it live.  These are the questions that keep me up at night.  Which they really shouldn't, I can check internet.  The I'm free for a good night's sleep.
    Huh.  17th paragraph.  Wow.  The point is I'm 28 years old.  Great.  I don't know.  Here comes the wall.  Wonderful. I wonder what movies are premiering on Premium Cable Channels that I won't be able to watch until next week.  Great.  I love successful bowel movements where you go to wipe once and there's nothing.  Now that's efficiency.  Body efficiency.  Words.  Crap.  I don't know.  My Environment Teacher told us if we eat low carb diets we lose a lot of water weight.  If a scientist/car salesman tells you something personally, you gotta heed that advice.  Right?  In theory.  I have a lot of bread I need to eat for the near future.  But, when that's done, I can give it a shot.
    Stupid water, what has it ever done for me lately.  Crap and crap.  18th paragraph.  It increased exponentially the amount of Snapple I can drink.  Also, I don't know what the word exponentially means.  It's like, more, right?  Huh.  Less than three paragraphs to go.  Just got lucky hitting a straight on the river.  I had nine outs.  That's not too bad.  Calling the bet on the turn was a reasonable move.  Anyway, crap and crap and crap. If I live in London for a month, do I need to bring my own ashtray from America?  Or do they have those there.  But you gotta empty your cigarette on the other side of the ashtray.  Terrible.
Huh?  What.  Penultimate and crap.  I haven't taken a shower in a long time.  I just take baths.  Figure I could mix things up a little bit by taking a shower.  That'll be fun.  In theory.  I'd have to stand, though.  Standing is hard.  What with all this water weight and all.  Up to over 2 dollars.  Maybe it will last me the day afterall.  Afterall isn't a word.  Should be, though!  You know, because talking about it takes up sentences and crap?  That sort of crap.
    Last paragraph.  Wheee.  Adderall is a word.  Apparently its not.  Microsoft FrontPage 2000 is way behind the times.  I have Microsoft FrontPage 2002.  Even better.  Do they have Mental Healthcare in England.  One would imagine that plays a role if I'm allowed to go or not.  You know, in case of Emergency?  Yeesh.  I don't want to get locked up in a London Insane Asylum, though.  They'd never let me out.  And the hospital would be haunted.  Probably.  Let's see, what can I end the entry with.  Words and crap, that's a given.  I don't know.  In theory I could watch T.V. shows or movies that start at 7:00 P.M.  That's a prime starting time for things.  What with it being divided by half an hour cleanly.  I'll see ya later.

-6:51 P.M.


Friday, February 10, 2017

What The Whatness

    Hey friends and crap.  It's Friday.  I wouldn't lie to you, not to your face.  Had a snow day yesterday, you know, on account of snow?  And it being a day?  Too bad, it was a Play Class.  I like going to those.  And I had edited my play supremely, and now its just a waste.  I guess it counts towards next class.  Still, though, what a waste.  I started the play all over, making it more serious.  Still a couple of goofballs, but not really.  Gave the people new names.  The names are still changeable, though.  One would imagine, each time I add to the play, the appropriate names for the characters change.
    Namin' characters and crap.  What the what.  Environment Test on Wednesday, great.  I see they're doing the Summer Study Abroad Class in England again this year.  I think I wanna do it.  I'd say there's a 50/50 chance my parents would ultimately let me.  They'd be very against it at first, but I feel there's a 50% chance I can get 'em on my side.  I'd have to have approval of Therapist, too.  That's the swing vote.  They're against it, I have no chance.  They're for it, that helps a lot.  The point is Great.  I mean, I'm graduating by the end of this year, spring 2018 at the latest.  Then the idea is to get a job.  And then the idea is to get my own place.  If I can do that in a year, why can't I be on my own for a month this summer.
    See, I'm already comin' up with some airtight logic.  Which is a thing I've been led to believe.  The only negative way it can turn out is if I Final Destination myself and I dream the plane crashing then get off then it crashes then everyone thinks I'm a weirdo.  Only like a 10%, 15% chance of that happening, though.  What else.  It's relatively affordable.  The fee we pay to college for class, room, board, boardroom, plus plane tickets, and other expenses, it's like 4500 dollars.  That's not too bad.  That's how I feel.  Anyway, crap and crap.  Gonna try to figure out the best opportune time to first ask my parents about it.  I mentioned it to my Mom a month ago, saying this is what they did in 2016, and if they did it again in 2017, I might be intersted.  I downplayed my interest a little bit, though.  She was against it and whatnot.
    Parents, am I right?  You know when you're 28 and live at home and your parents are always on your case and crap?  Universal Experience.  Anyway.  I know I'd like London because I went to Mini-Britain at Epcot center.  Pretty sure I had a sandwich at an England Concession Stand.  Don't remember what kind, but I remember thinking, Yeah, this is pretty good.  So I figure that's a good sign.  Anyway, crap and crap.  Fourth paragraph.  No goofballs or funnybones yet.  Let's see.  One would imagine they have some sessions we can go to to learn more about this exciting opportunity.  I'd go to that, sure.
    What else.  Sure, I want some Life Experiences.  Right?  Anyway, crap and crap.  More or less have/had a week off.  No class yesterday Thursday, no class Monday.  What else is crap.  Wednesday is a Monday, so no lab.  Things are goin' my way!  This week, at least.  Crap and crap.  I feel like my mental illness is more or less a Shining thing.  Pretty much confined to my house.  I'm mostly okay when I'm in class, or whatever.  When I dormed for a month in summer 2015 I was pretty much okay.  Goin' to another country, that's even further away!  The point is this trip would cure me of every problem I have.  Gastritis, lump in my testicles, everything.
    Crap and crap.  Sixth paragraph.  Pretty much guaranteed to force people to be friends with me, too.  Don't think that doesn't play a big part in this equation.  Also, think of all the sights to see in London!  I heard the sun never sets on the London Empire so I'm pretty sure it's always day.  Like in places way up north.  Or is it south.  I feel it's north.  The sun never sets on Greenland or some crap.  The point is what else.  Greenland is just a stone's throw from London!  And stone means some sort of mass or weight measurement in London!  It's all coming together!  Stonehenge, too.  That's a real mystery, I've been led to believe.  Where did they get those rocks from and crap! 
    I learnt it from the History Channel.  During the time in that channel transitioning from a channel where you learn about history to a channel where they just talk about aliens.  Halfway through, they talk about mysteries in histories.  Which may or may not have been caused by aliens.  We don't know.  Pretty sure one or two of the cemeteries I have to see before I die! are in England.  That settles it!  What else and crap.  The teacher of the class in England is the guy I had for Creative Writing.  He's also the guy who completely ignored me the several times I saw him last semester.  Gotta get back in his good graces.  That settles it!
    Anyway.  Application Deadline is March 27.  I see Therapist on March 7.  Anyway.  The point is doing this will solve all my problems.  Permanently.  No more problems for me!  Crap and crap, it's the eighth paragraph.  Still no Philosophy Grade.  That's no good.  Forget the Brexit, if I go there, it'll be the Brenter.  For me specifically, at least.  I can't wait to meet The Beatles.  What else is crap.  Been talking about this crap for seven paragraphs.  Like I said, let's get to some goofballs and funnybones.  What do you mean there's not a "D" in Stonehenge?  No way.  Crap and crap.  The two guys in Play no longer viscerally hate each other as their main characteristics.  Now they're stranger weirdos who want to become friends.   
    Great.  Doctor is still a Doctor.  What else.  Just made a straight flush in poker, Ace to Five.  That's a reverse Royal Flush!  I did it, did it hardcore.  Stones as a measurement for weight or mass.  Pounds as a measurement for money.  What's wrong with Britain in the present, is there a problem with the Earth's gravitational pull?  Reference'd it.  Ten paragraph entry today.  One and a half to go.  My Brother was published in the Daily News.  It was like a Voice Of The People article, and they had three different people, and he was one.  Good for him.  Knockin' it out of the park.
    Last paragraph.  Wonderful.  This entry was the pits.  Oh well, live and learn.  Should just bring up the Study Abroad idea to my parents today or tomorrow.  Don't want this on my shoulders for an extended period of time.  Crap and crap.  Make flash cards for test on Wednesday.  If we make flash cards and show it to him, extra five points on test.  Also, good way to study.  Why not, gotta do something.  In England, do you have to walk on the left side of the sidewalk?  Even in America, I'm no good at walking on sidewalks.  Someone coming in the opposite direction, I panic, I don't wanna walk into them.  I stop.  They stop.  I pivot to the right.  They pivot to their left.  Back and forth.  I seem like a real piece of Crap.
    One more paragraph, at least.  Why not and crap.  Read the syllabus for the England Class.  About on par with what I expected.  Awesome!  I don't know.  I'm lowering the odds from me doing this from 50/50 to 2:1 that I don't do it.  Oh well, crap and crap.  Sure I know ratios.  Doesn't everybody.  The class is something I've already taken.  That's okay.  Gotta do something you've already done.  No you don't.  Don't argue with me, how dare you.  If I can't even write 20 paragraphs, how am I supposed to live on my own in England for a month?  I don't see how those are related.  It's apples and oranges. 
    Do they have apples and oranges in England?  I hope not.  Great, just great.  We would have to go to Plays and crap.  I like writing plays.  Performing in them.  Watching 'em?  Do people even do that.  Oh well, it's a social excursion.  That makes it Great.  I have a weird introvert/extrovert thing.  I like being around people.  Much better than being alone.  But I'm usually withdrawn and awkward, even if I try to be social.  But in theory, I like it.  I don't know.
    This would be the 13th paragraph.  Might as well go for 15.  Then see if I wanna go for 20.  Because quantity is great.  If quality stays the same either way, might as well have a better quality.  Right?  Great.  Do they have cigarettes in England.  I don't know. Sure I do.  What happened.  Where am I.  Entry.  Huh.  The Study Abroad Website said they have three information sessions on campus, but those days of the week and dates don't line up, must have been from a previous year.  But it's still good, because now I know they probably will have those sessions this year, just not on those days.  I'll go to a session, sure.  See if its for me and whatnot.
    This would be and is the 14th paragraph.  I don't know.  15 seems about right and crap.  Whattado for dinner.  I've narrowed it down to Something.  The trip would be 29 days.  I re-up on my clozapine every 28 days.  Seems like I could get a prescription for an extra day or two.  Probably.  Do they let you take pills to other countries.  How do they know its not ecstasy.  That could be a problem.  Anyway, crap and crap.  Wonderful.  If I can do 15 paragraphs, why can't I do 20?!  Because of nothing to say.  Oh, right.  Forgot about that.  Jeez.  I'm the only one in my household without something for dinner.  Maybe get China Grill.  They deliver small orders.
    I can see the guards at Buckingham Palace!  I hear they're real jerks.  You can try to make em laugh for as long as you won't, and they don't even offer a polite chuckle.  How dare them.  Great.  15th paragraph.  That's a nice-a structure to my day.  Don't know why I went Italian suddenly.  But, yeah, let me start over.  Because I didn't say what was the nice structure to my day-a.  Finishing 20 paragraphs, then eating.  That's structure.  Structure hardcore.
    Plus, What Else Is Going On!  I don't know.  I'm progressively getting more worried every day about my Testicle Problem.  At first I was pretty much 100% sure this ain't nothin'.  Now, I don't know.  Oh well.  Crap and crap.  16th paragraph.  Relatively deep in a freeroll.  We'll see how that goes and crap.  I don't know, what else.  Another entry with boring crap about my life.  Oh well.  Still have four paragraphs to right the ship.  Great, just great.
    I don't know.  17th paragraph.  What else.  Maybe this'll be the last paragraph.  I can't predict the future.  Probably not.  I never really tried.  Anyway.  My live T.V. doesn't work anymore.  I'm down to only watching things On Demand.  Oh well, no way of solving that problem.  Crap and crap.  I'll see ya later.

-5:26 P.M.


Tuesday, February 7, 2017

What I Really Need Now Is More Attention

    Hey friends.  Tuesday-time again.  It's like, what's the deal with the workweek, am I right?  You guys know what I'm talking about.  That sort of crap.  Playwriting class today.  I participated in four out of six scenes we did.  Ppl just can't get enough of me, bro.  For real.  I said, "Bro," and, "For real," to practice this new character I'm working on.  So far, his character description is This guy says, "Bro," and, "For real."  I'll figure the rest out later eventually.  I like acting in real plays a lot more compared to my classmates.  Every time I play a part in a classmate's play I feel like I'm letting them down.  And then I do let them down.  It's not the greatest progression of things that happen.
    Played a Russian guy in the non-student 10 minute play we read.  Did a Russian Accent.  I've been bit by the acting bug, and I don't care who knows it!  Is the acting bug an STD.  Let's hope not.  I don't wanna give The Acting Bug to future sex partners.  Although it would be convenient, so they can make me think they're really enjoying it.  That sort of crap.  I started off strong with the accent, but as the play progressed, it just devolved into someone yelling.  Oh well, live and learn.  But, bro, for real, you shoulda been there.  What else is crap.  Gotta do my Lab for tomorrow.  Then a long day of school tomorrow.  Then, practically the weekend!  Great!  I got some bad advice from Professor today.  He was like, When you write a play, you want to be able to have the characters have a conversation inside your head.
Voices in my head?  That's the opposite of what I want!  I'm not touching that technique.  The point is Great.  I don't want these chump characters in my head.  That's why I wrote them to be so stupid.  So that it's damn near impossible to mistake them for real people.  That sort of crap.  Anyway.  Saw my therapist today.  That sort of crap.  The main source of inspiration for my Russian Accent was the cut scenes in Red Alert II: The Video Game.  I get all my inspiration from video games.  Gotta do an Italian accent?  Just go with Mario.  Those are the only two I know.  So far. 
    What else is crap.  Do whatever a Star Fox is.  That sort of crap.  Fourth paragraph.  I should get back in the habit of just doing ten paragraphs.  It'll work out better for everybody probably.  Added on another 2 pages for the assignment due today.  It's just nonsense.  If I ever decide to and am able to get characters in my head, I'll start over.  With some real crisp and streetlike dialogue-- from my head!  Scary stuff.  I've really gotten in the habit of trying to ignore the voices in my head.  That's what my therapist and doctor say to do.  Oh well, guess I gotta do a 180 degrees.  If I don't risk my fragile mental health for an elective playwriting class full of people I don't care about, what does that say about me as a person?
    Not good.  Something not good, probably.  I care about the people in this class.  They laughed at me when I was pulling some goofballs.  Now I'm pot committed to the whole thing.  Crap.  There's plenty of ways to skin a cat.  I can figure out some genuine characters with my regular mind.  I learnt it from all that time and practice I've had skinning cats.  What else.  I know one way to skin it-- skin it.  Can't think of another way.  That sort of bullshit.  Fifth paragraph.  Environment Test next Wednesday.  We've been learning about electrons and protons and covalent bonds and all that crap.  And, by learning about it, I mean he shows slides of it, that I guess help other people, but I just don't know what they mean.  And he changes the slide before I can finish copying it down.
    Sure, the lectures are available online.  But if I don't take notes and follow along appropriately in class, what else am I supposed to do.  Who knows.  First things first, I gotta change these characters' names.  And give the doctor a name.  I've just been referring to her as, "Doctor."  That's no good.  Anyway.  Just got a calculator, a notebook, and a USB flash drive from Amazon.  That I need for Science Lab.  So, I got that going for me and whatnot.  And I think next Wednesday is a Monday schedule.  Which means no lab.  It's about time I get a break.  I've been writing labs roughly negative one times and I'm bushed.  Which is a word I've not used before.  Trying new things!  Words, characters in head, acting...
    Getting calculators.  Lots of excitement.  I also need to figure out what I want the play to be about.  I can't have it take place in a hospital for 90 minutes with the Doctor doing various tests on him.  Just have that as a throwaway introduction and get into some meat and/or potatoes and whatnot.  The point is whatever, I don't know.  Seventh paragraph.  Wonderful.  I don't wanna immerse myself into this world of writing and acting and Environmental Science.  I need to just do me, right?  One would imagine and whatnot. 
    Great.  I don't know.  I was reading an entry from a year and a half ago and it was pretty good.  What happened.  I just started talking about my class and poker and nonsense like that.  I want wacky, irreverent nonsense.  Not real life minutia nonsense.  Who needs it.  The point is there's something wrong with my right ear.  These are the days of our faces.  Yeesh.  One of the plays had a line about a picture of Mia Khalifa and I said Wiz Khalifa by accident.  The screen was away from me, and from a distance, Mia, Wiz, same amount of letters.  The writer called out Mia Khalifa! and I was like, Oh, that makes more sense.  And got another laugh!  These ppl can't get enough of me!
    Yep.  These are the days of our mistakes and mix-em-ups.  Crap and crap, two paragraphs to go.  I knocked over my iced coffee while getting up to Front of Class to Read Play, and it bounced against the chair and the floor three times and nothin' fell out.  These are the days of our Nothings.  After doing the Russian Character to start the day, I should have just stuck with a Russian accent for my classmate's plays.  That would get people thinking.  Gotta promote discussion, that's rule one from the actor's playbook.  Especially if the discussion is about them.
    Anyway, crap and crap.  Last paragraph.  Also, the characters in my head don't talk to each other.  I feel like that would be setting a dangerous precedent.  Like America did in January.  What else is crap.  Acting is great.  I bring words to other people's life.  Something like that.  Very rewarding, I gotta say.  I had to get up out of my seat in class to perform so many times, I thought I was a contestant on, For Real, Bro, Whose Line Is It Anyway?  Anyway.  Got that crap out of my system.  I'm back to not giving a damn.  Whew.  It was touch and go there for a while.  I'll see ya later.

-4:45 P.M.


Saturday, February 4, 2017

I've Started Ending My Thoughts With, "And Whatnot."

    Stupid Crazysheet.  Making me think like a Chump.  The point is Hello.  Big change in my life.  I've been doing 2 New York Mini-Crosswords a day for over a year.  One each day, and each day, they have one from 13 months ago you could do.  Started January 2016.  Now, wrap around to now, I've done those past crosswords.  Where is Justice and whatnot.  I'm pretty proud of myself when I can knock out a crossword in 40 seconds without needing to give myself any free letters at all.  Happens maybe 1/5 times.  Mini-crosswords are easier than regular ones, though.  They're designed for Chumps like me to feel smart.
    Great, what the what.  Doin' regular Science Homework today.  Doing lab tomorrow.  Then Monday I can work on my play.  Great and crap.  Real happy with the Snapple I've been drinking.  We got two kinds.  One was 5 calories per 12 oz, the other was 10.  I thought the 5 calories tasted good.  Ten, they're knocking that out of the park.  What else is crap.  I've even gotten used to not drinking it out of a glass bottle and having it taste the same.  It's real wonderful and crap.  Still no Philosophy Grade.  I dreamt I got a B-, though, so that's pretty good.  I had a dream a few nights ago, I think it was a dream, that I was watching a commercial with Kid 'n Play in it.  It's possible it was a real commercial I saw in waking life.  I feel like it was a dream, though.  I googled Kid 'N Play Commercial and the only thing that came up was from 1991.
    It's always possible I entered a time warp and the main impression it left on me was a Sprite Commercial.  Can't discount that possibility.  What else is crap.  I think I have to e-mail an Excel document we did in lab to the person I was working with, but she never gave me her e-mail.  Maybe she found a way to circumvent that process.  Who knows for sure.  Excel is cool.  You can do formulas and crap.  Who knew.  Let's see, what else is crap.  Gotta knock some Play out of the park.  Maybe even do it this weekend.  It's fun.  I wrote the last segment of play In Notebook.  If I do it On Computer, that's a whole different ball game.
    Probably.  Crap and crap.  I also incorrectly formatted it like a movie script.  Now I know the right way to go.  It's about time.  I think I impressed Teacher because he was telling us a program you could buy to format plays easily and correctly.  Final Draft? I go.  Yup.  Now he knows I mean business.  I know the names of things.  I also asked an unrelated question concerning someone else's play, like, Would it work better this way, or this way?  This way being two different ways.  He goes, Good Question.  I asked a good question.  Superstar.
    What else is crap.  I was panicking a little on Wednesday, because I didn't write down what room my lab was in, and the website I can go to to find out doesn't let me log in half the time.  Luckily it did that time on my phone and there was a crisis averted.  Things are lookin' up for lil' ol' crazysheet!  In high school, when I first started crazysheet, I had a friend who made their AIM Screen name Wearecrazypete.  I don't know what it means but I'm pretty sure its a reference to me.  That's all I need.  Positive, negative, inside joke, I don't care.  The point is I made an impression on one person and mission accomplished.
    Crap and crap.  Sixth paragraph.  How about that.  Gotta do something.  Apparently 40% of people want to impeach Trump already.  Up from 35% the week before.  At this rate, 200% will want to impeach Trump within a few months.  It's not like he hasn't done anything worthy of impeachment.  He's done plenty of things.  Let's talk about it.  I got nothin' more to say about it.  Except whatever.  Someone should Photoshop a poster of First Kid with Jared Kushner as the kid.  Someone, not me.  I've got things to do, buddy.  Jared Kushner would be a good name for a Marijuana Man.  What's a Marijuana Man?  Open for interpretation.
    What else is crap.  I don't think I have Photoshop installed on my computer.  There goes that.  If only Sinbad was part of Trump's inner circle.  What else is crap.  Sin Bad?  Yup.  Virtue Good.  That settles that bullshit.  Virtue isn't the opposite of sin.  Let's talk about it.  I couldn't think of the word that's the exact opposite.  I'll consult internet.  Hey, it is Virtue.  I retract the last few sentences.  Crap and crap.  Virtue-ul reality plays a part in First Kid.  This can't simply be a coincidence.  What else is crap.  Was deep in a good free roll and lost with QQ vs 67.  Oh well, such is life.  It just happened.  In my life.  Logic'd it.
    Eighth paragraph I guess.  I still have a box of Product 19 in my room.  They've been out of shop for years.  Roughly.  I'm not great at calendars.  I don't know.  Entry and crap.  Flaming Lips show is in a month.  I'll go to that, go to that hardcore.  What else is crappening.  Only the eighth paragraph.  I wrote the first seven pretty quickly, just hit a wall and whatnot.  It's not good to hit walls.  You might make a hole in them.  If you're powerful enough.  The point is Crap.  Every Science class we have to hand in a short response slip where you answer two or three questions throughout the class, and it works both as a way to take attendance and give us a little grade.  First two ones we did, I got a 70%!  What gives.  Okay, first one I did was pretty bad.  Second one, I was like, Alright, gotta do this better.  Still got a 70%! 
    What an asshole, is the point.  I think in Wednesday's class he cooled down on the Right?s a bit.  So I got that going for me.  It's funny how we can fix all these environmental problems, but we don't.  Makes me laugh.  I get the impression that people who don't fix the environment aren't just doing that for business reasons or that they don't believe the problems for some reason.  I think they just genuinely think, Fuck The Environment, what has it ever done for me lately.  They legitimately don't like the environment.  They just think, We're humans, we're on top, everything else can go fuck themselves.
    Right?  Anyway, crap and crap.  Tenth paragraph.  But if you fuck up the environment, it'll fuck you up.  That's pretty much what I've learned so far.  Crap and crap.  Now Kid 'n Play Commercial is stuck in my search history.  Live and learn.  The testicle health page is one of my frequent websites on my phone, so if I ever hand my phone to someone, they see that immediately.  Great, just great.  My old phone had a way to delete specific web pages from the browser page.  Can't figure it out on this phone.  Great, just great.  Whattado with the rest of the day.  Get started on homework.  I can do that probably.
    Second half of entry?  We'll see how it goes.  Now I have First Kid in my search history.  Live and learn.  Got second half of Chicken Stir Fry for dinner tonight.  Great.  Most of the chicken is gone.  Wonderful.  At least the vegetables are ones I can handle.  You know, that sort of crap.  Also got some random shrimp I can add to it.  Sometimes I get a shrimp cocktail from Supermarket.  You get like 24 jumbo shrimp for like 12 dollars.  I'll take those odds.  Those aren't odds.  They're numbers.  Numbers are odds. 
    What else.  I'm not gonna make it to 20 paragraphs.  Unless I start picking up some steam, and soon.  Another solid week of work next week.  Great, just great.  That's gonna cut into my Lying In Bed Thinking About Where I Went Wrong With My Life time.  How'm I supposed to know where I went wrong with my life while simultaneously lying in bed now?  I can't think about where I went wrong with my life in school.  I'm too busy doing things wrong with my life.  Not really.  I think I hold my own during school in terms of not doing things wrong with my life.
    Yeesh.  Wilmer Flores won his arbitration case with the Mets.  Good for him.  I like the cut of his jib.  Which is an expression that I've been assured of as meaning something.  No one assured me of that.  You know, that sort of crap.  I can't wait till I get my B- in Philosophy so I can finally say See You In Hell Philosophy conclusively.  That'll be great.  How many more classes do I have after this semester.  Three?  Four?  Five?  Possibly six.  Definitely one of those, though.  Then its time to get hounded by my parents about getting a job and come up with excuses for not having a job.
    That sort of crap.  14th paragraph.  Cool.  What else and crap.  I watched some of the movie Coffee & Cigarettes.  It has Roberto Benigni before he became a superstar.  Also, he has the word Benign in his name.  Sort of.  Let's talk about it.  He made a Holocaust Movie that was the Feel Good Movie Of The Year.  That sort of crap.  How come we have Feel Good Movies Of The Year.  I don't know.  I was hoping you did.  Crap and crap and crap.  I might have an hour or two to watch some 30 Rock on Downstairs T.V. when this entry is done.  That doesn't happen all the time.  Roughly some percent of the time.  I crunched the numbers and crap and whatnot.
    I did legitimately have a thought and then finished it with And Whatnot in my brain several times over the last couple of days.  It was weird.  Wonderful.  Gettin' close to 20 paragraphs.  This is 15.  It feels like 75% done.  It's not, but that's how it feels.  Isn't numbers weird.  I said Isn't on purpose.  Sort of like how I had my characters in play say We Hate Each other/It's true, I hate you with all my being.  I wanted to drive the point home you jerks.  I got an important lesson, though.  I am not above the law.  The laws of writing plays.
    Teacher is a legitimate playwright or something.  He's written plays that were preformed.  I couldn't do that.  I'm still stuck on which is Stage Right and which is Stage Left.  What else and crap.  Hey, now it's over 75% done.  Cool.  So I actually have something lined up that's good for when Entry is over.  Probably.  Anyway, what the what.  I don't know.  Jesus Christ I should just clean up my room.  It would make my life exponentially better.  I've been saying this every month for at least two years.  Oh well, live and learn.
    What else.  I got a messy mind, I should have a messy room.  I don't want a clean room, and then I have a clean mind.  That's no fun.  Let's stick with messy.  17th paragraph.  That's great.  Crap and crap.  Four paragraphs to go.  I've been smoking for over seven years now.  That's enough to get cancer.  Live and learn.  Except the living is stunted.  And, I guess, the learning is stunted, too.  You gotta live to learn.  No livin', no learnin'.  I don't know.  My parents turn 69 this month.  Jesus.  They're in their 70's in a year.  I can't be living with my 70 year old parents.  That's no good.
    Probably not.  I'll keep you updated on this situation as it progresses.  Hah.  69.  I get it.  That sort of crap.  You know, because of the Summer Of 69?  Get your head out of the gutter.  And I turn 30 in less than 2 years.  That's no good.  Real no good.  No good hardcore.  What else and crap.  Next paragraph is penultimate.  Sweet.  Almost done with Snapple.  Next time, double the amount I get.  Four 2 liters instead of 2.  And stick to the 10 calorie version.  Oh boy is it worth it.  Crap and crap.
    Yeesh.  Almost done.  Whattado to finish this entry.  Write crap and stuff.  I guess theoretically I could get back into Teaching School.  Teach some English and crap.  Jeez.  I gotta do something for some reason.  I'm too lazy to read books when I'm a student.  I'd have to read them hardcore to each them.  That's no good.  I could be one of those teachers that just gives everyone A's.  Circumvent the whole assignment/grading process.  That's the way to go, boy.  They won't complain.  They like it.  I don't know, what else and crap.  I'm not becoming a teacher.  But the idea of having a job is appealing.  I don't have many other ideas.
    Let's see, crap, crap.  Teaching would be crap.  But it is a respectable job.  The point is I get to watch T.V. when this is over.  Wonderful.  Plus, its sitting down watching T.V.  Watching T.V. in my room, that's lying down watching T.V.  I'm not gonna sit on my bed like a chump.  Beds are for lying down.  Let's talk about it.  I don't know.  Second entry of February.  I'm on an every-other-day pace.  Who cares.  I don't know.  Getting 2 liter bottles of Snapple, though, you don't get any Fun Facts.  Now how am I supposed to learn stuff.  Right?  What else.  Entry almost done.  Spring Training starts in a couple of weeks.  That's cool.  Probably.  See ya later.

-5:43 P.M.


Thursday, February 2, 2017

You Can't Spell David Mamet Without "Team"

    If you wanna do a full jumble-em-up, you get Avid Team, M.D.  See, I did learn something from Playwriting Workshop.  And you all doubted me.  I also learned that I am not above the rules.  In the 2 page play beginning I submitted today, and was read by two people in my class, I somewhat purposely had dialogue where they just say how they feel, instead of showing it.  I really felt like I wanted to drive the point home.  But, low and behold, it didn't work, and Professor lectured me on not doing that, like I was a Chump.  But he was right.  I guess I am a chump.  Gives me a good idea for my next play, though.  It's about chumps.  I have to add on to what I've already written, though.  I'll have to edit it, now that I know it's actually supposed to lead into a full play.
    That's how that goes.  Did Lab yesterday.  Got to work with a classmate.  Alright!  Socializing.  Anyway, it's a new month.  And a new format.  Gotta shake things up and whatnot.  After 95% of Professor's comments on my play being negative, he said the dialogue was "Crisp," and, "Street-like."  Every other play was 60% positive stuff.  I get Crisp.  I'll take it!  Crisps are what they call potato chips in England.  Can't argue with that.  Anyway, what the what.  Got Snapple from Super Market!  In the form of 2 liter bottles.  Is it as good as out of a portable glass?  Nope.  Is it good enough?  Yup.
    What the what.  I get a legit weekend after a legit weekday progression.  Alright!  Oh, here's a thing!  In lab, the lab we did this week was basically a practice lab, getting used to the format and what work we'll have to do.  So we split into groups of two and got cups of marbles and needed to count out how many marbles there were of each color.  And, verbatim, the teacher said, "Okay, two people, one cup."  I looked around the room to see if anyone else was like, Wait, What?!  I was the only one.  Good stuff.  Maybe these kids are too young for Two Girls, One Cup.  They don't know what they're missing out on.
    Great.  Fourth paragraph.  Seeing a urologist in 3 weeks.  So I got that to look forward to.  I don't really like mixing alcohol with juice.  At least not the juice I got.  Vodka and Orange juice was the standard drink when I was a freshman in college.  Now, who needs it.  I'll work my entire dietary restriction of soda into mixing alcohol.  Limiting myself to 2 2 liter bottles a week.  That might sound like a good amount, but I've been drinking over 1 2 liter bottle a day for most of my life.  At least the last few years.  No good for ulcers, though.  And I have pre-ulcer.  Which my doctor assures me is a thing.
    What.  Who cares.  What else.  Got a little bit of money on poker.  Odds are, it won't last the day, but there's that fraction of times I build it up.  I won't keep you updated on this situation as it progresses.  Fifth paragraph and crap.  That's how that goes.  Whattado with weekend.  I've narrowed it down to T.V. and lying in bed thinking about where I went wrong with my life.  Oh, one more thing.  Lying in bed thinking about where I went wrong with my life while watching T.V.  Wonderful!  Great and crap.  The 2 page play beginning I wrote was just the same characters are Cart People.  Hey, I've got a winning formula there.  Don't mess with success.
    Gonna add a third character whose a lady.  Because of the proportions of ladies to guys in the class.  Gotta work ladies into there somehow.  The lady is a Doctor.  I know, I know, it could never happen.  But plays are all about pushing the boundries and whatnot.  What else is crap.  Still haven't gotten an update from my Incomplete Philosophy grade.  I guess he's busy with his new classes.  Doesn't have time for lil' ol' me.  My Wednesdays are like legitimate workdays.  Leave at 9:30 A.M., get back at 6:00 P.M.  The point is I just emptied my ashtray with no regard to weather they were still some ashes lit and a tissue caught on fire.  Smells good, though.  It's like there's a fireplace in my trash can.
    That's great.  As long as I don't empty it into my orange soda/vodka concoction, I'll be okay.  I've stopped caring about smoking cigarettes around gas stations.  So what if I cause a huge explosion.  Not my problem.  Crap and crap.  Seventh paragraph.  What the what.  One week down.  Around 14 to go, roughly.  Roughly hardcore.  I was reading the titles of my songs per album and I was like, I gotta get started on a new album.  The music I can live without.  These titles, though, they call for a new album with new song titles.  Crap and crap.  Gotta get my electric guitar fixed.  Can get my older one fixed.  Instead of getting it fixed originally, I bought a new guitar.  Now both are slightly broken.  I don't like the new guitar as much.  This is the logic behind that statement.
    I don't wanna do that.  Too much doin' stuff involved.  I got classes four days a week, Jack.  I got no time for doing stuff.  The Jack is what's wrong with both the guitars.  That settles that.  I'm pretty sure I had a dream that I got a B- in Philosophy.  Great, just great.  Well, just lost most of my chips with an overpair to a flopped straight.  And both his cards were in use.  Who woulda thunk it.  Anyway, crap and crap.  That's why you call with crap.  Get paid off when you hit it big.  What the what.  Ninth paragraph next.  That's pretty cool, I guess.
    I guess.  What else is crap.  I've already got some ideas on what to do when this is over.  I got three things.  The third thing is a combination of the first two things.  Still counts as three things, though.  This is my dojo, I'll make the rules.  Knowing I've got 2 2 liter bottles of Snapple in the fridge makes my life exponentially better.  Although it's down to 1.5 bottles, now.  Great, just great.  Now my life is exponentially worse.  Guess it's back to freerolls hoping to make 55 cents one out of 35 times for me.  What else is crap.  I burnt my left hand middle finger a few weeks ago and now the bruise is all gone.  I forget the specifics of how I burnt it.  Something with cigarettes, sure.  But the details of how the fire got to my finger, I don't have all the details.
    Tenth paragraph.  Still have 19 cents in poker.  Ain't over till it's over.  Probably.  Seems like airtight logic to me.  Anyway, what the what.  Get to eat dinner later.  That's always fun.  I feel like I've getting sloppy with my dinner choices lately.  I make the order, it gets here, and I'm like, This isn't really what I wanted to eat.  That sort of crap.  Up to 25 cents.  Things are lookin' up!  Eh.  Crap.  At least there's no pressure playing freerolls.  Not like playing 1 cent/2 cent.  I can't handle that sort of pressure.  Get to play real loose in freerolls.  That sort of crap.
    11th paragraph.  What the what!  Halfway done and whatnot.  Up to 32 cents!  I can't believe it.  What else.  Bet on a turn with a flush that I should have checked.  Probably wouldn't have won any more money, but there's always that chance my opponent bluffs.  Crap and crap.  How come I can't get a Stratego CD-Rom.  I don't know where that came from.  I'm pretty sure 100% of the time I played Stratego, I would have the flag in either the left or right bottom corner, two bombs around it, 3 mediocre pieces around them, 4 bombs around them.  Didn't really think it through, because my brother, who I was probably playing 90% of the time, did the same thing.  We both go into the game knowing that will happen.
    So, it's not really in favor for me, but it's not in favor for him.  Gotta come up with some new strategies, and a CD-Rom is the only way to do it.  I don't know, this is the 12th paragraph.  The end is in sight.  Except not literally.  I can't see it.  I can fathom it, though.  I can imagine it.  It's in mind-capabilities.  That's more accurate.  Jeez and jeez.  I almost always eat dinner several hours later than my Mom and Dad because, the idea is, if I eat later, I won't have to snack and crap later in the night.  In practice, though, doesn't make much of a difference.  Anyway, what the what.
    Entry doin'.  Alright, lost my money.  Should I have called them off with 2nd pair, top kicker?  Probably not.  But whatever, crap and crap.  I'd have 5 outs on the river, even if he had top pair.  That's almost as many outs as if I had a draw.  Also, my family pronounces the word, "Drawer," as, "Draw."  I don't know if this is common beyond my family.  Doesn't come up in much conversation.  Man is it fun to play 1/2 cent poker.  It's like I get to do something that isn't the rest of the crap I spend my time on.  It's a thing.  To do.  I think I've gotten my point across.
    14th paragraph.  Doin' this.  It's alright.  It's got its ups and downs.  Teacher told another Playwriting Joke today that I remember not really being a joke, but more like just information.  I forget what it was.  I will consult Notebook though, right now.  Let's see.  I don't see it.  I didn't label it JOKE so it just blends into the rest of my notes.  Anyway.  Labs seem pretty intensive, but so much that I can't handle it.  Feel like I know what I'm doin' more or less.  Plus, I get to talk to my lab partner(s).  Whassup party people.  It's in direct contrast to my labs in Stuyvesant.  Where I felt uncomfortable with a lab partner because I was too busy looking down at my feet and whatnot.
    Yeesh.  Plus, I feel like I did my fair share.  Didn't make my partner do all the work, and didn't monopolize it all myself. The point is Sure I Can Interact With People On A Normal Level.  That's how I feel these days.  I'll be around for the big 250$ freeroll on Saturday.  I haven't made a final table in these, which I must have played 2 dozen times since August.  But when I do, boy, almost possibly a sustainable bankroll.  I'I've deposited 50 dollars two times and wasn't able to sustain it.  Yeah, but that's because I've been an idiot.  Now, I can do it.  Anyway.  I learned about Sustainable in Environment Class.  Things have to be sustainable, and whatnot.  I don't have all the details.
    Crap and crap.  What paragraph is this.  16th.  Great.  25% of the entry to go.  Gettin' lox eggs and onion omelet.  Seems like a decent enough idea.  We'll see how this situation plays out.  I don't know.  What else is crappening.  The good news is I don't have to retake a philosophy test.  No more philosophy for me!  It's not important anymore.  Now plays and environmental science are important.  Crap and crap.  They're pretty important in truth.  If it weren't for plays and related arts, how would we know what to look at when we have free time.  We wouldn't, that's how.  What.  That sort of thing. 
    17th paragraph.  Great, just great.  Great.  What?  Great.  Huh?  New paragraph.  Trump is still doing crazy things.  At what point do we start talk of impeachment?  One month?  That seems appropriate.  That's how I feel and whatnot.  Crap and crap.  Man, I got some great song titles in albums.  If you don't listen to the songs, you could almost imagine my music is worthwhile.  Those are some quality titles.  Don't wanna click on them to listen to them to muck up that.  That's how your brain process might and should go. 
    Yeesh.  If you listen to my songs enough, you get used to the drum loop that keeps terrible, terrible rhythm.  Just takes some getting used to, that's all.  I also play guitar with a bass distortion on three or four songs.  Those are terrible, too.  I don't know what I'm doing.  Crap and crap, let's see what else is crap.  Only two paragraphs after this one?  Great.  Wonderful.  Today, Playwriting Class was 4 guys, 8 girls.  Gettin' a little more even.  Still gotta pull my weight in playing guys when reading segments of Play.  But not as much.  Anyway, crap and crap.  I watched Stephen King's Silver Bullet.  It's before Gary Busey had the motorcycle accident which supposedly made him crazy.  But he seems pretty crazy already.  Apparently they led him ad lib all his lines, and while greatly entertaining, you can tell he's not on the same wavelength as most people.  It's good to have role models.
I don't think I'm being sarcastic.  I like the cut of his jib.  What else is crap.  Who knows how long this entry will be.  Not me.  What else.  Two People, One Cup.  Now that's a Life Experience.  Crap and crap.  Pretty certain the entry will be one more paragraph after this one. Seems about right.  I don't know.  Today's Thursday.  Have I already covered that?  I don't think so.  So, yeah.  Crap.  Nothing's on fire anymore.  I took care of that situation adequately and crap.  I don't know.
    Last paragraph.  What the what.  Weekend time.  Gotta read textbook for Science.  Gotta do lab for Science.  Gotta write 2-3 pages, I'm guessing, because he never actually told us, more of my play.  No Philosophy, though!  See you in Hell Philosophy.  Crap and crap.  Rap Game tomorrow!  It's about time that I see a show that I find vaguely entertaining.  I've been waiting all week for that!  What else.  Edit the first part of my play, so it's in tandem with a possible plot for an entire play.  The point is I got things to do.  See ya later.

-6:29 P.M.