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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Titles, Right?  Can't Get Enough of 'Em.

      There's a period in the title!  I don't know how to feel about that.  Negatively, that's my first instinct.  But then it occurs to me that I Did It, and if I Did It, gotta be great.  That's my takeaway from crap.  Anyway, no more school!... still.  Man is The Monotony Of Nothing really clunking up my days.  Big Show tomorrow night!  It's gonna be interesting.  Either really great or really terribly.  Or somewhere in the middle.  I've narrowed it down to those three things.  Anyway, jeez.  Trying to write an entry tonight so I'm fresh tomorrow for the show.  It's like in THere's Something About Mary when Chris Elliott tells Ben Stiller to jerk off before dates, so he doesn't go out there with a loaded gun.  This is the equivalent of me jerking off before a date.  Writing an entry.  Before a show that could be seen by upwards of twelve people.
    Cool!  Sounds good to me.  I've never seen the movie ET.  I've seen the movie Access Hollywood, though.  Punderful.  Anyway, what the what.  Christmas went pretty Christmaslike.  I thought I was neutral the entire day, but I saw some photos taken of me, and I look sad and/or depressed.  Makes me wanna say, c'mon, man, turn that frown... not upside down, just sorta straighten it out.  Gotta remain neutral, that's my takeaway from life.  Even kinda makes me want to start a band called The Neutralizers until I realize there's a band called Neutral Milk Hotel.  They got three great words, all claimed for themselves!  Talk about greedy.  Those are three words nobody can ever use again.
    What else.  Came up with a minute or two of banter introducing myself to Audience tomorrow.  Figure that's a good way to break the ice.  But it's difficult for me.  It's kind of skating on ice more than it is breaking it.  And then I gotta worry about doing the songs right!  Is there no end to the things I gotta worry about?  Must be.  At some point, probably.  Anyway, jeez.  Probably be able to fit around 18 songs into 50-55 minutes.  That's a lot of songs.  Too many, one might say.  I don't know what to do over the next 24 hours to get myself into the zone for my show.  This is uncharted territory here.  My instinct is 1) Turn Off Phone And Computer 2) Watch Hello Ladies 3) Wonder What's Gonna Happen Next.  What happens next could make or break the whole thing!
    Fourth paragraph?  Cool.  For a long, long time, I was always the youngest one at Christmas Get Togethers.  Now, there's all these kids my cousins have.  What The Hell!  They've taken over Christmas.  What jerks.  I wonder if Sidewalk Coffee has the jacket I left there last week.  Anyway.  Recording my set tomorrow.  If it's good, there's a Live Album right there!  If it's bad, We Shall Never Speak Of This Again.  If it's in the middle, 3) Wonder What's Gonna Happen Next.  Jeez.  So much to worry about tomorrow.  Remember Introduction Banter.  Remember the lyrics to each song, get in the zone of singing it right, get in the zone of playing it right... 3) What What's Gonna Happen Next.
    Try to sing it right and play it right?  What am I, some sort of Multi-Tasker Guy?  What else.  It's all about confidence.  And who knows if I'll be confident 24 hours from now.  There's no way of knowing.  I'm really confident a lot of the time and really inconfident a lot of the time.  Specially when I make up words.  Or take the letter "E," out of real words.  Fifth paragraph.  Anyway, jeez.  Still no grade for AAL Class.  Hopefully he received my Final Paper.  If he didn't that's a real net negative.  Anyway.  Just aiming for 10 paragraphs today.  No need to make this Jerk Off Session longer than it needs to be.  Anyway, here's something I wanted to tweet a few days ago but couldn't bring myself to do it--- "'Houston, we have a problem.' 'Oooh, I love guessing games!'" 
    So that takes care of that.  Half the entry is over.  Wonderful.  Houston is all like, what is this 20 questions, just tell us the problem.  Houston be like that right werrrrd.  There's three degrees of playing guitar.  Two Finger Picking (Used to be able to do three finger picking when these songs were written, so we're already at a net negative now), Soft Strumming (with thumb), Hard Strumming (which I do as if I'm holding a pick between my thumb and middle finger, but there's no pick, I'm just hitting the string with my pinched-up fingers).  And a lot of songs involve more than one.
    So that's gonna mess me up.  Wonderful.  Seventh paragraph.  Now, the question is, do I do the Introduction standing up or sitting down?  I think I'd like to do it standing up, but then I'd have to re-adjust the mic for when I sit down, and I don't know how to do that.  Just have them set it up for me before hand, so I gotta do it sitting down.  Wonderful, just great.  Anyway.  Decided not to say I'm recording the show.  They'll be like, you paid 30 dollars to immortalize this bullshit?  The point is Sure My Songs Are Bullshit Can't We Enjoy Them Anyway?  Doesn't sound very confident to me.  What do you expect, I've just been watching Stephen Merchant!... and his best friend, Wade.  Oh, Wade, will you ever learn!!!
    Jeez.  Eighth paragraph.  What's a good confident thing to watch to get me into the zone.  Gladiator?  But then I'll be thinking about Joaquin Phoenix in the audience giving me the thumbs down and then they feed me to the Christians or something.  Gotta bring up Christmas in introduction.  Like, did you guys all have a nice Christmas?  That sort of thing.  Came up with some banter off that.  Talk about I'm an atheist, but I like Christmas, because I don't have many friends, and when you're around family that's one group of people that have to like you or at least humor you.  Banter!  I don't believe it.
Isn't banter something multiple do with each other?  Yeah, probably.  Well, that's life, I guess.  Ninth paragraph.  What the what.  The tone of my banter sets up the tone of my songs in a not 100% Great way, though.  No way around it, though.  This is the way its gotta be I feel.  Such is life.  The point is This Could Be My Big Break.  I thought being done with College and having no Job Prospects was my big break.  Yeah, but this is a break within the break.  Like the weekend during Passover.  Huh?  The point is I only have to write one more paragraph.  Then back into Better Get Confident And Quick!
    Wonderful.  I don't know.  And by Confident, I really mean, be in a zone where you don't care so much.  Just go with the flow.  I don't mean getting into a headspace where I'm like, these songs are the best!  This is gonna be epic!  I mean get into a headspace like These are pretty good, this is gonna go well, but who cares am i right, let's just do it and see what happens.  More or less, I feel.  Anyway, crap the crap.  What's at stake here, thuogh, is that there's more to lose than there is to win.  Best case scenario, people like it, talk to me, consider it good.  And that's that.  Worst case scenario, it goes terribly.  And htat's that.  Hmm.  Sounds about even.
But That Being That is a bad thing.  I need something to continue!  I got nothing going on after tomorrow night!  Perhaps Permanently!  Oh no.  So that's what's at stake these days in my life more or less.  Whatta jip.  Hey, it's the 11th paragraph.  Sure, what else is crap.  Lost most of my bankroll in Poker.  So I don't even have that going on.  Anyway, jeez.  Should go pretty well, all in all, is how I feel.  Most of the time.  Anyway, jeez, crap and crap.  I'll see ya later.  Wait a second.  This entry made me feel worse than I did before this entry.  What.  Huh.  I thought Doing Stuff At Random always worked out for the best!  My entire life is a lie.  See ya later.

-7:26 P.M.


Thursday, December 21, 2017

Black Titles Matter

      That's for sure.  What's up.  Been a week since last entry.  No More School!  Probably.  Got a B+ in disabilities class.  I be plussed about it!  Nonplussed is a word.  Plussed oughta be the opposite of that, right?  Let's get Websters on the phone.  Crap and crap, I don't know.  Tried to write an entry a few days ago and made it only halfway through the second paragraph.  Deleted it on account of it being nothing.  Just saw my optometrist.  Well, he's everyone's optometrist.  The point is, thinking about going back on Contact Lenses!  I need to mix things up, that's my feeling.  Really get into a new groovy groove to groove in.
    I think when the light is Yellow, it should be yellow for both perpendicular directions.  You know, just to mix things up.  Keep it interesting!  That's my motto.  Well, it is now.  Pot committed to the whole thing and whatnot.  Really mucked up the open mic this Monday.  Started playing a song and couldn't pull the opening lyrics.  Then went into another song which went mediocre.  Then left my freakin' jacket there!  I e-mailed them about it but no response yet.  So the point is next week is lookin' real good.  I think I'm gonna pay them 30 dollars to do their professional recording of it.  This may be my musical waterloo.  Which I will win, but still stop fighting wars anyway, so I need a record of it.  That's how analogies work. 
    Record of it!  Pun'd it.  It's not really a pun.  It's the same word used in slightly different contexts.  Lets talk about it.  I don't know, what the what.  So far, one week off from school, not goin' good.  Not really engaged with anything.  Got the guitar working with the software.  No workin' on songs yet, though.  Maybe never.  Maybe I'm just not meant to be a Music.  OH well, live and learn.  There's always my back-up plan-- ...write for money somehow?  Sounds plausible.  I was reading one of these stupid Top Ten articles about the Top Ten Movie Titles We Didn't Know Were Puns.  One of them was The Santa Clause.  Now, granted, I'm more attuned to catching puns than most people.  But if you missed that pun, I don't even know what to say.  The whole movie is about it. 
    So the point is Christmas Is Ruined.  Crap and crap.  Saw The Disaster Artist.  Pretty good!  Kinda made me want to become a disaster and/or artist.  What else is going on.  I don't care much about losing my jacket, it was no good anyway.  Don't look forward to the probable future where I have to tell my parents I lost my jacket.  They'll be all like, No Jacket?  Huh?  Wha?  But... you... The point is I'm a great impressionist.  I nailed that impression.  Apparently today is the first day of Winter.  Also known as the worst season.  Let's talk about it.  Is the restaurant The Four Seasons divided into four dining rooms and each room serves you meal based upon an individual season?  My guess?  No.
    Anyway.  Fifth paragraph.  Cool.  Down about seven, eight dollars in poker since I put money up there.  That's cool I guess.  If you're a pervert, optometrist is a good job for you.  You get to be all up in peoples faces and stuff.  That's my takeaway from life.  Got Chicken Pot Pie for dinner.  Wow, I don't believe it.  What else is going on.  Watched Taxi Driver yesterday.  I remember when I was a kid, I would tell my family stories about how I was a taxi driver before I was born.  Not like in a past life, or anything.  While I was in the womb, I was in a metropolitan type area and I drove taxis.  So that's something about something.
    Maybe.  I don't know.  Ten paragraphs would be good enough for this piece of crap.  Point is Great.  I got a C+, a B+, and a B on my three papers for Disability Class, and still got a B+ in the class!  Talking all the time in class really paid off in a big way.  Wonderful.  Whatta do with the rest of my life.  I have it narrowed down to I'll figure out something.  Either that or Uh-Oh Haven't Figured Out Anything.  What else is crap.  Wrote half a verse of lyrics last night.  Four lines.  AABB.  Don't mean to brag or anything.  Pretty cool stuff.  Anyway, jeez.  I don't know.  Another day with nothing to do.  What bullshit.  I wanna do stuff!  It's fun!
    Seventh paragraph.  Apparently we're gonna take money from the poor and give it to the rich.  Sounds about right.  Certainly is one way to go about things.  Gotta do something.  Might as well be the wrong thing.  I think my favorite part about doing open mics is taking the train to and from.  I like me some train rides.  It's like regular life, but you're moving.  But not really.  You stay still but overall you're moving really fast.  I can't get enough of this stuff!  Anyway.  If I clean up my room, I get a TV!  On the one hand, Great I Get To Watch Stuff!  On the other hand, Oh No More TV!  Scary!  Taxi Driver gives Crazy People a bad name. 
    One thing I've thought about in the last 24 hours to try to get myself into a new round of music is calling myself something new.  The Uppers was good, but that's over.  Michael Kornblum isn't working out for anyone.  Gotta come up with something new.  To give context to what I'm doin'.  And gettin' myself into an alternate personality.  To give context to what I'm doin.  So far I've narrowed it down to A Band Name or A Real Name That Isn't Mine.  Alright, now we're having fun!  Great.  I may just go back to using the digital 8 track to record songs.  I'd have to hold the output cable in place, but it's what I'm used to.  Can't argue with the classics.
    Ninth paragraph.  Wow!  A real entry.  Cool beans.  I have one Band Name idea that's sort of a similar feel to The Uppers.  Should go for a new feel though.  I know!  A New Feel Though.  Let's put that on the I'm Wasting My Life pile.  Crap and crap.  I'm confused about The Rap Game.  It's called The Rap Game but he says This Ain't No Game!  Please Clarify.  What else is crap.  Contact Lenses!  Now we're gettin' back in the game.  I ain't no glasses wearing chump anymore.  Although, in all fairness, these style of glasses I've worn for the last couple years, pretty good.  I feel fine with my appearence in them.  I just wanna mix things up is all.
    Probably cause subconsciously I wanna mix up music.  That makes a ton of sense.  What else.  Tenth paragraph.  May go for 15!  That sounds like a ton of sense.  Huh.  Crap and crap.  Without giving it away-- the New Band Name I thought of is inspired by something from Child's Play II.  If you can guess what it is, based on that, you know me pretty well.  E-mail your guesses to GHO@hf.chldsplay.   I don't know.  Crap and crap.  I also gave the clue that it's a similiar feel to The Uppers.  Man, if I was you, I could figure it out.  Especially since I already know it.  Cause I thought of it.  Really puts me at a big advantage in the whole guessing game thing.
    11th paragraph!  Came clean to my parents about how I've been drinking more.  They're not happy, but at least I'm not hiding it or anything.  Wow.  I don't know.  I'm glad I'm actually writing this entry.  Doin' something at least.  Anyway.  One of the things is that, this software, it was advertised as having all these great things.  And so far all I could figure out is playing my guitar with no effects and nothing else.  Metronome.  Figured out the metronome.  Anyway, jeez.  I don't know.  No crap to do later tonight.  Whatta jip.  Crap and crap.
    Four paragraphs to go.  I can do that.  Plausibly.  Word.  I found out that Science thinks I'm a Millennial.  Seems the average definition is being born 1980-2000.  That's one long birth.  Word.  But, yeah, whatta jip.  Millennials are known for being arrogant and self-entitled.  What do you expect, with a name like Millennials.  Hey, we were kids when Millennium Shifted!  Special!  Anyway.  What about The Greatest Generation.  You don't see them thinkin' Hey We're Great Apparently all the time.  Probably not, at least.  That's my educated guess.
    13th paragraph.  Cool.  Apparently the Life Expectancy in America has gone down two years in a row.  That's no good.  What the what.  By the time I'm the average life expectancy now I'll be dead.  I don't like those odds!  Jeez.  The point is every man thinks their mother is a city.  That they drive people around.  In taxis.  That's my takeaway from this entry.  Eh, I'll end this entry after this paragraph.  I got that going for me.  In the mean time, gotta come up with more stuff to do.  Hmm.  I'll see ya later.

-6:02 P.M.


Friday, December 15, 2017

Let's Title It Up!

      Put money on poker five minutes ago.  Already lost 5 dollars!  I'm not wasting no time.  Handed in AAL Final Paper today.  May be the last time I go to Queens College.  Or have to do something related to Queens College or College in general.  Hey, I'm up to only being down 4 dollars!  I ain't wasting no time.  Anyway.  Gotta figure out how to use Mixing Program With Computer Guitar.  Then it's smooooth sailing.  What else.  The Child Molester lost his bid to become senator.  You say that sentence a few years ago it sounds like nonsense.  It's a good sentence in people learning English classes.  Translate-- The Child Molester Lost His Bid To Become Senator.  That's what English is all about.
    Anyway.  Eminem's new album "Dropped."  Pretty good!  I like how it sort of follows a narrative, a lot like his first three or so albums.  I'll follow his narrative all day!  Anyway.  AAL Paper wasn't as evil and malignant as I thought it was, once I was reading it over.  Still no good, but not too insensitive or anything.  Figure it's good for a C, giving me a B- to B+ in the class.  That's my hypothesis.  Anyway.  Gonna see a movie tomorrow with my A+ #1 best friend.  My brother!  He's like me but taller.  That settles that.  Anyway.  Open Mic on Monday.  As far as I can tell from this point, going to Open Mics on Monday Nights is the only thing I have to give me structure for the upcoming months, so far.  I'll figure something else out.
    Like writing a batch of songs!  Once I figure out this program.  It's tricky.  Hey, my birthday happened!  Success.  I totally turned a year older and whatnot.  I think I have a pretty good persona at open mics.  I'm approachable, in good spirits, but not needy.  At least I feel that I present myself that way.  I just had a good idea for a Christmas gift.  Hand them an envelope, and inside, there's a note saying Just Take Back What You Gave Me.  Problem solved!  And only 50% the effort between all parties involved.  Anyway, what else.  My Dad has told me a pretty funny story from his childhood, I think it's about the tooth fairy.  Whenever he lost a tooth, he magically got 50 cents or something!  How wonderful!  Then when he checked his piggy bank or wherever he kept his change, 50 cents was missing.  Magic!
    Fourth paragraph.  I've been at Queens College completing my degree for three and a half years.  Now it's time to let loose!  You know, go crazy and whatnot.  Celebrate good times and whatnot.  You know, drink more alcohol?  Anyway.  Crap and crap.  I feel like I've made little progress figuring out how to record guitar, and it feels kind of hopeless.  But in an alternate future where I do figure it out, that'd be great.  What else.  Maybe even figure it out later today.  I can't even imagine.  Then it's smooooth sailing.  I already got one three-chord-progression.  Totally could either be the chord progression to the verse or to the chorus.  Nobody ever heard this chord progression before.  We're in uncharted territory.
    I think we should look at stars and stuff 2000 light years away to see if anything crazy was happening.  That's when Jesus was around.  You'd think him being around, if he really is all that great, would resonate throughout the universe, right?  Let's figure this one out.  What else.  Fifth paragraph.  I fantasize a lot about figuring out a way to get a camera or something, or some sort of reflection, so we can get to the vantage point of a 100 million light years away, and then see Earth from there.  See Dinosaurs in Real Time.  Sounds like fun to me.  What else.  Gotta clean up my room as a condition to get a new TV.  Then I get to get a new TV.  You know what that means!  Binge watch shows I've seen before.  But not in a while!
Jeez.  Go up to YouTube, listen to my songs on TV.  You got songs playing on TV, you've made it, that's my feeling.  Hey, just won five dollars.  Now I'm up!  Never thought that woulda happened.  Cool!  What else is crap.  Just watched Bridge Of Spies yesterday.  No spies, and a literal bridge.  I was 0-2 in what I how I thought that title would represent the movie.  There's some spies.  But the main guy isn't a spy.  That's my takeaway from things.  Anyway.  It's the early afternoon.  Whole lotta day left to go.  Wonderful.  This is it.  80% chance this is the first think I've done since graduating.  Mission Accomplished.  Smoooth saline solution.
    Seventh paragraph.  Not goin' too well, gotta say.  Not a lot of goofballs, feels not as fun as usual.  I can do better is the point.  Well, not really.  In theory I could.  But if I could do better, then wouldn't I be doing better?  That's some philosophy for ya.  I don't know.  I guess there's a chance I fail one of these classes.  More likely AAL.  He just doesn't like my paper, doesn't like I used Courier New.  I wouldn't like it, so I could see his hypothetical point.  Anyway.  Hmm. Goofballs.  Hmmm.  Smooth Sailing.  I guess I could get started on This Seems to Be a Book.  See, it's about these characters.  They all got names.  So far, I got seven.  The environment may be a College Dorm.  That was their first appearance, most of these characters.  But probably something else.  NASA.  And they're black ladies, and... oh already been done.
Okay, how about this-- they're in a board game called Juman... shit that's been done too.  Pretty sure this remake of Jumanji qualifies as The Great American Novel.  Okay, there's this actor called John Malkovich, and people get to be him...  Crap!  Eighth paragraph.  This getting rid of Net Neutrality is gonna Break The Internet.  Surprised no ones made that punservation before.  I don't know.  Donald Trump II says I don't understand Net Neutrality.  Which is ironic because he's a Fool.  What else is going on.  Tax Bill comin' up.  Hey, maybe one day I Want To Be a Corporation, maybe this is good for me??  That's my takeaway.  Still a 10% chance it doesn't get through.  I like those odds!!!  Anyway.
    Ninth paragraph.  I gotta say, I find it pretty impressive that every Democratic Senator is voting against it.  I'm sure they get just as much donations from The Wealthy and The Corporations as the Republicans.  For real, good for them.  Probably.  I don't have all the details, that's for sure.  Can't wait to post on Facebook Hey I Graduated once I know for sure.  Then people are gonna be like Hey Good For You.  Mission Accomplished.  I don't know.  Who knows how long this entry will be.  May cut it off after 10 paragraphs, we don't know, none of us.  Well, you.  All you gotta do is scroll down a bit.  But that's cheating.  And I've got no tolerance for cheaters!
    And, yes, using courier new counts as cheating!  You Fail My Class!  Uh-oh.  And he may have specifically said something like, you use courier new, you're gonna fail.  There's a solid 20-30% chance he said that.  I'd like to see him try it!  No I wouldn't! That would be Bad News Bears for me!  Is there a rule you need to get a C or something for it to count?  Probably not.  Why have D's in the first place?  There's no logic to that.  What else.  Got a beer on my way home.  To drink.  Which I'm doing.  There's plenty logic to that.  My instinct is to go for 20 paragraphs.  Hopefully the second half of this entry will be more worthwhile than the first.  That's my takeaway from things.
    Cool.  I had a dream I was in a position to order a beer and I ordered a better quality beer than I would usually order in real life.  Wow!  I don't believe it.  What else.  Already got dinner for later tonight.  Chicken Pot Pie.  Now we're talking Great Dinner.  What else.  It combines my two favorite things-- protein and pastry!  A match made in Deli.  I'm not gonna make it to 20 paragraphs.  At least I get to relax theoretically.  Nothin' to do.  Anyway.  Stop after this paragraph I guess.  No need to force it if it just ain't comin'.  Crap and crap.  I'll see ya later.

-3:11 P.M.


Monday, December 11, 2017

Stay Gold, Titleboy, or:  Heyy, I'm Titlin' Here!

      It's a New York reference.  And a Outsiders reference.  Oh you mean like The Suburbs?  Huh?  Congratulations you're at a website.  Wonderful.  Had my last session of Class hopefully ever.  I think it's reasonable to guess I will never have to do any work ever again.  After this paper.  Man, this paper I'm workin' on, let me tell you.  Not only is it terrible, but it's a malignant force of hellishness that I've inadvertently released into our univese.  Also, it was from another dimension.  Also, it was from another dimension!  Or so I've heard.  The point is I'm cought up between wanting to write something good, for my own personal insight, as well as to impress Teacher, and not having a work ethic in any sense at all.
So the point is I'm writing for my website.  Great!  Birthday in a couple of hours.  This is my gift to myself.  It's about time.  Hey, Palindrome-- Books Drown In Words, Koob.  Now all I need to do is find someone named Koob.  It's harder than you'd think it would be.  Anyway, what the what.  Great news!  By some stroke of alternate-dimensional luck, my show at the Sidewalk Koffee is on a night they're having a big holiday show.  So the audience will be existent!  And it's like I'm openin' for them!  Even if it's just by luck, pretty cool stuff.  Plus, get to do 50-55 minutes.  So the point is everything's comin' up Kornblum.  Gotta hand in paper on Friday.  Get to do Open Mic on Monday.  Then it's nonstop pleasure with no stress or work or chore ever again.
    Sounds like a reaaaal purgatory.  Huh?  Anyway, the point is great, what else.  Got Food for tonight.  Big Poppa Pump (err, by that, I mean my father) was home tonight when I was not to order me something.  Figured out a cast of 7 characters in case I wanna get started on the Great America Trump Again Novel.  Got their names, plus one word which describes them.  One of the words is Protagonist and another one is Antagonist.  So yeah, I'd say I got the details down pat.  Working title is This Seems To Be a Book.  Can't go wrong with nonsense, that's been my experience.  Anyway, third paragraph.  What the what.
    Anyway.  I'm pretty much doing the one thing any logical person would avoid to do for the African American Lit class.  Imposing my assumption of how White People read the books and how Black People read the books.  That's something you should figure out in the first five minutes of the first class.  That's the opposite of what we're learning.  Yeah, but if I do it for 20 pages, Whose Learning Now?!  You, that's who.  I've become the learnerner.  I think it's strange that I'm a grown adult and there's still a little voice in my head that says, tomorrow's my birthday, I should be pampered with presents and gifts.  Maybe not literal ones, but people should go out of their way to make it a great day for me.  Because of an arbitrary measurement of time.  Get on board with this crap.
    The point is What Else.  Tomorrow is like Christmas, except for me.  That's how that works.  I don't get why Mall Santas ask kids Have you been a good boy this year?  First of all, you can't take their word for it.  Of course they're gonna say yes, they're no dummies.  Second of all, ...isn't this something you should already know?  Third of all, what else is going on.  I don't get unicorns, have you heard about this.  I know they're half something, half something else.  Half pony, figured that out.  What's the other half?  Javelin?  Unicorns... they're half pony, half... unicorn.  Figured that one out.  And I did it all by myself!
    Fifth paragraph.  Because of an arbitrary measurement of words.  Also, does my paper strike a reasonable balance between me saying "African American," and, "Black?"  Can't heavily favor just one of the terms.  That'd be racist.  And if there's one thing I'm not, it's the kind of person who is okay with being racist.  That's Where I Draw The Line!  Anyway, what the what.  Sent in The Station Agent paper.  Solid B-, that's what I'm aiming for.  And C or C+ is what I'm settling for.  Jokes on you, I passed the class anyway!  Pulled a fast one there.  Having referential thinking, with my last name, you're like, Unicorns, hmm, guess they're talking about me.  That settles that.  In English, it's good to have referential thinking.  I've had multiple teachers point out that all literary works refer to each other and live in the same universe.  It was either teachers I had, or a review I read for Stephen King's The Dark Tower.  Can't remember for sure anymore.  As long as you don't think you're the God Of English Literature And Art, referential thinking is a-okay.  Don't think you're the god of English literature and art.
    Everyone knows the famous people who share their birthdays, but mine is pretty great.  Frank Sinatra.  And he practically sang a song about birthdays!  It Was A Very Good Year.  Obviously a man thinking about life and age... on his birthday!  When else would you sit back and reflect on things that happened to you in rhyme.  I don't know.  The point is Great.  We're about to elect a child molester to the senate.  A year into Trump, and that still feels like a new low.  I call it America Episode IV: A New Low.  Because it's almost a slant rhyme of that one thing that is being referential.  Sixth Paragraph.  I'm gonna have to make a conscious effort to continue writing here regularly without the structure of class.  Because this in and of itself will give me structure.  Structure I Crave! 
    The point is Seventh paragraph.  Get to do Open Mic in a Week.  Lovin' it!  A Christmas the week after.  Not mine, but Jesus's-- still good.  Show a few days after that.  Man, did I luck out.  They're having a big show from 8-12 PM, and I go on at 7 for an hour!  Great amount of time, great that there'll be people there, and great that people might accidentally associate me with the "scene" that's going on there and make some cool connections.  It's pretty much the luckiest thing that's happened to me since I did an acoustic guitar cover of Ben Folds' The Luckiest.  Anyway, jeez, what else.  Also gonna start working on new Electric Guitar Music in a few days when paper is dead and gone.
    The point is Eighth Paragraph.  I was re-reading my last entry and I made like 3 dozen glaring grammatical/spelling/word choice mistakes.  For example, I was talking about Heaven and Hell, and I kept referring to Hell as Heaven.  So it looked like I was talking about Heaven and Heaven.  Oh well, it's good, keeps people on their toes.  Anyway.  I don't get Kermit.  It's not easy being green.  Sure it is, you don't need to do anything.  You wake up in the morning, you're already green.  Sounds pretty easy to me.  Point is What The What.  Told Professor I enjoyed the class at the end of today's session and he thanked me and put his hand on my shoulder.  So the point is #Metoo. 
    The point is sure I'll trivialize an important piece of civic discourse for no reason yet without malice.  Basically I forgot what I was just talking about so what else is going on.  Piece of civic discourse, does that sound right?  Makes sense to me.  What else is going on.  Was watching Blue Jasmine last night.  Having this new knowledge of Louie CK really puts his character into context better.  Context.  Sure.  Ninth paragraph.  May politely badger my parents to trick them into giving me the go ahead for putting money on poker.  On the one hand, I'm an adult, and I can do what I want with my 50 dollars.  On the other hand, please give me an appropriate level of approval you two jerks who I hang out with all the time.
Tenth paragraph.  I've felt weird for the last dozen years every time I see Anthony Anderson on a talk show because of hearing he raped someone.  Yet they talk to him like he's a fun easy going guy.  But he raped someone.  -- My Inner Monologue-- for the record, never was confirmed.  I do not claim he did what he was accused of.  I'm just making an observation about how the charges made me feel when seeing him on TV.  For better or worse.  Hopefully for worse, this guy's hilarious!  So easy going, too.  I bet he never raped a person.  Is that the better or the worse in that situation.  My mind's all tied up.
    11th paragraph.  I feel the same way about our president.  Boy is that dude hilarious.  What else is going on.  I think it's only fair we treat Donald Trump with the same respect, love, and admiration that we give to Anthony Anderson.  Hmm maybe should re-write my paper about this.  Doesn't really go with the readings, though.  Oh well.  Anyway.  I don't know.  That dude was the comic relief in Romeo Must Die-- which was already really funny!  That's a good movie from my childhood.  Fun times.  I dunno about childhood.  More like pre-teenhood.  That settles that, once and for all!  I don't know, what else is crap.  It's a good movie because the protagonist is an Asian guy who gets the American girl.  If an Asian guy can get the girl, we've all got a shot!  Dunno who that's more offensive to-- Asian guys, or us.  I'm gonna comfortably say Asian Guys.  If it's offensive to us, it just compounds the previous amount of offensive-itude.
    This makes sense.  Right?  If I can follow it, you surely can.  You're probably smarter than me.  Anyway.  I was about to do 11-13 songs last show in 35-40 minutes.  Now that I got 50-55, that's freakin' 15-18 or so songs.  I don't believe it!  This time around, I think I nailed a possible setlist on my second try, rather than re-doing it twice a day for a month.  I just hit it and, a week in, don't see any faults with it.  Then it's settled!  No One Ever Raped Anybody.  And Asian Guys are as attractive as anyone else.  Anyway, jeez.  He was also the Comic Relief in Big Momma's House!  And boy did that movie need comic relief.  Anyway, jeez.
    13th paragraph.  This is a blast.  I'm having fun.  And it's totally no worse than that paper I'm in the midst of writing.  Anyway.  I just realized the double meaning of the Coates book we read for class, Between The World And Me.  First of all, I think it's a reference to a James Baldwin line, so give credit where credit is due.  But, first time I read it, I was like, Hmm, these are like separations or some shit between this guy's experience and the world.  Now I realize it's like he's tellin' the world a secret.  Between You and me... except the you is the world.  The point is this guy is having fun with his titles and I got all the respect in the world for that.  Now if only I could write a 20 page paper that handles these books, issues, and people with the respect they deserve, and even more-- the respect they've earned...  Hmm.  But... I've already written all this crap...
Wonderful.  14th paragraph.  What the whatness.  What about the respect I've earned?  I Write Pargraphs!  And I've got seven names of potential characters.  A solid three or four of them are even real names.  If anyone can write a silly, irreverent, original novel, why not me.  That's something that is scary to consider.  Cause, when you think about it, ...why not me.  But on the other hand, that sounds like a massive undertaking, a lot of work, a shit load of stress, and other negative things I couldn't begin to understand at this point.  That's a good title for the book, Why Not Me.  Get off my website.
    That settles that!  I put my foot down.  Which is an expression for some reason.  Probably has something to do with feet.  Jeez.  I don't want a book to be cutesy-clever.  I want it to be So-fucking-stupid-clever.  If that's the tagline to it, I'm on board with this imaginary book.  Oh, right.  Work on music!  I can do that.  Which sounds more fun, more productive, more stimulating, more likely to be worth something, more likely to increase my chances of social-itude...  That's a lot of more.  This paragraph has been brought to you by Roy Moore.  Washington Post really missed an easy 3 pointer of a headline, when talking about the fifth or whatever woman to come forward against him-- "But Wait, There's Moore?"  That's not the Washington Post's style.  NY Post, maybe.
    That settles that!  16th paragraph.  Wonderful.  It's my birthday tomorrow, let's have Jones win.  It's my birthday, the world has to acquiesce and give me pleasure.  Even more so than it usually does.  The bad part about writing a book is oh so I guess I'm pot committed to this thing now?  That sounds the opposite of the kind of crap I'm looking for to fill up the rest of my days.  Anyway, I don't know.  It was fun to go to Evening Class without Afternoon Class today.  Whole different feel.  And we all know how much I like my feels to be variety-full.  Jeez.  16th paragraph now?  Projection based on How Much Fun I'm Having-- 30.  What else.  Probably can freakin' finish my paper tomorrrow.  Just focus for a solid 3 hours, write another 10 pages, then never look back.  Well, bring it in to put in his mailbox on Friday.  Then Never Look Back.
    Right?  Sure.  That's one way to go about with your life.  I have a real Academic Scorched Earth policy.  Burn all the bridges possible.  Not sure if that made sense.  Pretty sure it made sense but still employed faulty devices that made it unintelligible.  But it made sense in the sense that you could guess it made enough sense to me to write it.  Anyway, jeez.  We, as human, mostly have five sense.  I call it The Nickel.  Sure.  Not sure why Seeing Ghosts is the sixth sense.  Not as intangible as the first five.  Might as well say something like, being smart at math is the sixth sense.  Something along those lines.  Being smart at math is the only thing I could think of.  Which I was smart at writing.  I was looking at rankings of the world's smartest countries.  I believe based on standardized tests of children in science and math.  Out of the 60 or 70 listed, USA was #30, I think.  We're #30!  We're #30!  Make America #28 Again!
    At what point do we concede that Asians being smart is less of a stereotype and just true.  The results backed up this hypothesis.  They're not innately smarter, they might just have a tendency culturally to encourage that sort of thing.  Sounds reasonable.  But on the other hand... how many hands do I have.  Not too good in Math or Science.  What paragraph is this.  18th.  This entry is real controversial.  Gotta mix it up for some reason I guess.  Keep people entertained and whatnot.  Got an e-mail back from Disabilities Professor that she recieved my e-mail.  Which is a huge relief.  I'm not being sardonic or anything, I checked back and forth that the e-mail I sent it to matched up with the one on the syllabus.  Then looked up her e-mail on google to triple check.  And checked it in my notes to triple-double check.  The point is it all worked out in the end.  Just like Basketball.
    Did you know Basketball is half Baseketball and half... Basketball.  Makes sense to me.  Those people in Office Space were trying to make a lot of sense.  You gotta see it to get it.  And then unsee it, see whatever it is I have in my mind of it, then report back here.  Jeeeeez.  This entry, man.  I don't know.  I won 23 cents in a Freeroll over the weekend, but the smallest buy in at the smallest table is 40 cents.  So I did a 20 cent thing where I spinned a wheel and they took away my money.  So I do have 3 cents on Poker.  Which'll work to my advantage the next time I have over 40 cents.  Now I got one and a half big blinds of the lowest poker possible.
It's good to save for the future.  Real Responsiblelike.  But, yeah.  Today I realized that not only is my paper terrible-- not insightful, repetitive, etc., but I also realized it's pretty insensitive, uses overgeneralizations that are based on nothing, and pretty much totally inappropriate.  Unless I write it Real Goodlike, see.  What else.  Got food all lined up for later when I want it. We're talking Baconburger.  One of my favorite foods as a child.  And, apparently, into adulthood.  Sure I'll eat some crap.  Real Responsiblelike.  20th paragraph.  Let's get back on track for the final third, right?  No one wants to see what this entry has become.
    I think the message is, it's the 21st paragraph right now.  That's all I'm basically trying to say.  Still got the little bit of stress hanging over my head about this paper.  And then the stress of having no structure for the rest of my natural life.  Jeez.  I'll figure something out one would imagine.  But this entry, end of an era.  The few months that was this past few months.  Whatta joy they were.  There were the times I used double Titles.  That's gonna be my main takeaway from this era.  Maybe put that in my back pocket, use it when I can.  And I'm gonna use the idea of not drinking when I'm writing website entries in my back pocket, too-- based on today.
    It's not the alcohol itself that's inebriated me.  It's the prospect of No Work For A While Soon.  Coupled with that alcohol that's inebriated me.  Got me all hot and bothered.  Anyway.  Also, maybe the concept of graduation in itself.  Like, this is what I've been working towards for a long time.  And it's vindication and whatnot.  That sort of crap.  Who knows.  I'm too busy with other crap in my head.  22nd paragraph.  Still got time to right the ship.  Which is a nautical reference I believe.  Not a good start to righting the ship.  Okay.  Hmm.  Maybe I should try to... think of something... before I... say it?  That doesn't sound right.
    Anyway.  Gotta plan for the next couple of weeks, roughly.  Finish Paper within the next three days.  Hand in on Friday.  Open Mic Monday.  Wait a week.  Christmas.  Wait a few days.  Music Show.  Hmmm.  I've given myself a lot to think about.  Which I don't exactly know how to think about.  Hmm.  What else.  Oh, right.  Create music.  And write here.  Jeez.  Sounds like a real sledge.  23rd paragraph.  I can do it.  Not just the paragraph, but Life.  I have a track record of Living Life whatever its been.  I've pretty much done it my whole life so far.  That's good news.  Maybe stop here after 25 paragraph.  We'll see.
    24th right now.  Whatta sledge.  Wait a minute, now when I'm talking about going through sledge... it's not just the entry... its my life!  That's not a good development.  Not a good development at all.  And my Birthday's tomorrow!  What the Hell.  This Wasn't A Very Good Year At All!  Well, it was okay.  But in the sense that it's leading into next year... no goudha!  Anyway, what the what.  Ain't that bad.  I'll figure something out.  This Seems To Be A Book?  More like, This Seems To Be A Reasonable Outlet For All My Hopes And Fears!  Excpet for the fact it's a lot of work.  That disqualifies it.  Also, inappropriate level of innate talent.
    Last paragraph.  I got that going for me.  Jeez.  Guess I'm just having my Third Of A Life breakdown.  It's been a long, crazy road.  And now it's all led to this-- a point somewhere in the middlish section of it.  What else is going on.  Maybe I'm subconciously worried about this show.  Could be a Major Turning Point in my Music Career!  Yeah, that's what a chump would think. I'm no chump.  C'mon.  Point is crap and crap.  I don't know.  Upwards of A Dozen people might hear me!  Thats alotta dozen.  Anyway.  25 is a good number. It's what my age was 4 years ago starting tomorrow.  So, yeah.  Don't worry about me.  I'll land on my feet.  Sounds reasonable.

-10:45 P.M.


Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Sure Titles Mean Something

      Hey!  Got my guitar --> USB working.  Still trying to get it to work with the main program I downloaded to help you do stuff to make songs.  Don't have all the details.  Especially the detail where you figure out how to use it.  That's how that goes!  Walked by a stairway on the street.  Got me thinking.  I don't like Stairway To Heaven.  If you have to walk up stairs, is it really Heaven?  Stairway is to get to Heaven, you're not there yet.  Yeah, but if you have to walk up stairs, is it really worth it?  I don't know.  Don't have all the answers.  Is it possible you walk down the stairway to get to Heaven?  That sounds more like Heaven to me. 
    Blasphemy!  Whatta joke.  Anyway.  Done with Disabilities Class, except for adding half a page to a page before I e-mail Final Paper to Professor.  Great, now I don't have to care about people with disabilities anymore.  That's a load off my back.  The point is What Else.  Gotta get dinner for myself tonight.  Anyway.  Kinda want to start making titles relevant to the entry.  That sounds like a lot of work!  Point is Great.  Wednesday.  Still not 100% sure I graduate.  Solid 75, 80% sure.  And I know I want to think I'm graduating.  So that settles that for now.  It was cold today!  Brrrr.  That's a valid reaction to cold weather.  Why am I doing this instead of writing a music.  I told you, I Don't Have All The Details Yet!
Blasphemy!  Third paragraph.  And by Blasphemy, I mean, how dare you question Led Zeppelin.  That's how that goes.  Anyway.  Getting a lot of good feedback on the new color format for this month.  Hearing a lot of great things.  If I'm not graduating, I may take next semester off anyway.  Out of spite.  You're not gonna graduate me?  Well, fuck you, I Don't Want to come back.  Cool.  People keep coming up to me, how I made backgrounds black again, they love it.  Little bit of a delay when playing guitar and listening to feedback on computer.  Maybe half a second, a second at most.  Kinda like it.  I don't know why but I think it actually helps me get into a groove.  I am Basing That On More Or Less Nothing At This Point.  Sweet! 
    In the debate between Nothing and Something, Nothing is probably solidly my second favorite thing.  What else. Get Villa Rustica.  Hot Antipasto for me!  Spoiler alert I guess.  I belive their name means Rustic Village.  As good a guess as anything, that's how I feel.  Hopefully, if I have to take only one more class, I can figure out how to take it in the winter.  That's not too bad.  Just one extra month.  As far as an amount of months goes, one is only second to zero in terms of length.  The point is Sure I'll eat some kettle chips.  Anyway.  Villa Rustica Hot Antipasto knocks Centre Pizza's Hot Antipasto out of the water.  We're talking Eggplant Rollatini.  Baked Clams.  Shrimp Oreganata.  Stuffed Mushrooms.  Now we're talking great hot antipasto.
    Fifth paragraph.  I think Disabilities Professor opinion of me did a steady decline as the semester continued.  I said worse and worse things as time went on.  Point is Great.  People were asking her about going for masters in education etc.  I asked a question whether Creative Writing MFA was worth it.  She was like, Well, would it make you a better writer?  Yes.  But you're not gonna be a successful writer or anything.  And I nodded along.  And she was like, Also, very hard to get into.  So basically she thinks I can't get into it.  I can get into it!  I know all about prose.  And poetry.  And a third thing that hasn't been invented yet.  I call it Prosetry.  Combination of the two.
    Sixth paragraph.  I've gained back roughly 50% of  the pounds I had lost this year.  Not too bad.  Thinking about starting exercising at some point if I'm done with school and haven't got a job.  Thinking about it hardcore.  Man, whatta antipasto.  Which I believe means anti-pasta.  Anyway, jeez.  Trump has a rally on Friday I believe.  Probably gonna say some stupid shit there.  That's his track record and whatnot.  I ran a two minute mile and broke a track record.  Not really.  That's impossible.  Jeez.  Could anti mean 'Before?'  Like, you eat it before pasta.  As good a guess as anything.  So the anti-christ is just a meal you eat before the main course of pasta.  That's a relief.  I thought he was some sort of religious bad guy.
You're talking a downward stair to heaven, that's no good.  That's where Hell is!  Down!  Everyone knows that.  Now that we know we live on a sphere, is Hell supposed to be in the Earth's core?  These are the real issues that the lamestream snow flake edia won't talk about.  Looks like Al Franken may be getting forced out.  Alright.  I think I favor that.  Not 100%, there is some part of me that wants to give him a second chance.  But more than 50% of me wants to see him gone.  That's alotta percent.  The point is Is Al Franken The Anti-Christ?  More at 9:00 PM.  And by that I mean Let's talk about Roy Moore at 9:00 PM.  It's a connect-em-up because they're both sexual bad guys to extremely different degrees.  Yet, still, works as a connect-em-up.
    Jeez.  Eighth paragraph already?  Not bad.  All that talk about Hot Antipasto is really giving me the fuel I need to keep going.  Jeez.  Apparnetly Trump thinks naming Jerusalem Israel's capital is the first step towards creating peace between Israelites and Palestinians.  That's how any good compromise first starts-- heavily favoring one side.  I don't know, full disclaimer alert-- I don't know what this means.  I'm just guessing it's pro-Israel.  My guess is Jerusalem is seen as an international city and calling it the capital of Israel makes it exclusively part of Israel.  Again-- just my educated guess.  And I've got no desire to look into it more.  The point is Sure I'm On Top Of World Affairs.
    Ninth paragraph.  Trump is all about promoting Judeo-Christian values.  Like bringing Christmas back!  That sort of bullshit.  I'm on board with Christmas.  The last, I don't know, 10 years, I celebrate Christmas.  Uncle married to a Christian lady.  We go over there, sure, they may call it a mix between Christmas and Chanukah.  But there's a Christmas tree.  There's Christmas music.  Let's not kid ourselves-- it's Christmas.  And you know what?  Pretty pleasant.  Point is Great What Else.  I'm having Hot Antipasto tonight.  That's Christmas.  Pretty sure they're Catholic in Italy.  That's where the Pope lives.  Connect-em-up-not-a-joke--  Is making Jerusalam the capital of Israel like making Vatican City the capital of Spain?  My guess?  No.
Wow!  Tenth paragraph.  I have another, not as good, program where I got the guitar input to work.  And got the playing-guitar-over-guitar track also works.  So I could always do that.  Still gotta see if the mic-->usb works.  Anyway, what the what.  Half a page to finish Disability Paper.  18 pages for other paper.  Would be cool if I knew if I was graduating, but whatever.  I'm not one to hold a grudge.  Unless I call it Gredge.  Then something or something I'm on board or something.  Jeez.  What the what.  I'm way behind on season two of The Mick.  I wonder if it's still 22 minutes of disparaging The Irish.
    11th paragraph!  Whatta paragraph.  Get one slice of pizza with the Hot Antipasto.  Now we're talking Great Dinner.  What else is on the horizon.  Finish Disability Paper tomorrow.  Maybe work in some time to figure out Guitar On Computer Stuff.  Lots of fun to be had.  Probably should shave at some point.  For Face Strategy.  20 paragraphs seems within reach.  Anyway, what else is going on. I'm starting to mull over the idea of not graduating this semester.  Seems like whatta jip.  Oh well.  What happens happens.  Probably.  Seems logical to me.  I'll eat some eggplant.  What else.  I'm pretty impressed by electric guitars.  They had them in the 50's, and it's like, you put this thing into the guitar, put the other part into an amplifier, and music happens?!!?  I don't believe it!
    Jeez.  12th paragraph.  I don't know.  Maybe end this entry before 20 paragraphs.  6:31 now.  Maybe end by 7:30.  I'm hungry!  And you can't argue with feelings.  Maybe end at 7:00.  I'm hungry!  15 paragraphs, then.  That seems like a good target.  Four to go!  Point is what else and crap.  I don't know.  I've already written a lot.  Why should I write more.  We're not talking about an Entry-to-Heaven scenario.  And if we were, I would stop right now anyway.  Sooner I'm in Heaven, the better.  That's my take away.  Seems weird Christians are against abortion.  If they're people before conception, great, let's get 'em to Heaven immediately!  It's gotta be better than the Sledge We Call Life.
    For Shame, Christians.  For shame.  13th paragraph.  I like apartment buildings that don't have the 13th floor.  Do the people on the 14th floor really think they're fooling anyone?  It's the 13th floor!  Do you really think your building pretending its not has any sort of impact on whatever bad luck is coming your way?  Anyway, what else.  What if some people want to have bad luck.  You're excluding a whole group of people!  This is an untapped market and you're blowing it!  Point is what else and crap.  Still the 13th paragraph.  Not for long, though!  Long enough that I have to come up with some crap excusively for this paragraph, though.  Whatta jip.  Hmm.  Did the most basic outline possible for my upcoming 18 page paper.  5 pages on each of these 3 books.  Still, though, a step in the right direction.
    Just like walking up stairs to heaven.  You know what?  Fine.  I'll walk up some stairs.  Better not be too much, though.  Then we're essentially talking about a purgatory situation.  You gotta walk up 2 trillion flights of stairs?  Who you foolin'-- that's purgatory.  You could probably do that in a month or something.  That's my best estimation without thinking too hard about it.  Also, gotta take into consideration time to rest.  Time to sleep.  Gotta replenish your energy every now and then.  Otherwise, it wouldn't be such a sledge.  Point is Great, what else and crap.  I think I could be pretty good at that practice-for-boxing excersive where you punch that thing that's at head-level and you have to do it constantly really fast.  I feel like I could do that for a while.  If only that's what it took to get into Heaven.  You have to do that for 2 months?  Great!  I'll be in great shape to box Jesus in Heaven.
    Hit him with a low blow.  That'll show him!  I feel like I'm starting to get into a groove.  May want to write more.  We'll see how it goes.  Groove may last a paragraph or less.  I don't know as of now!  15th paragraph as of now.  I know that much, that's for sure.  I wonder if Heaven is basically Jesus throwing a party while his parents are out of town.  Gotta wonder something.  If Jesus was so great, how come he never wrote anything?  I've never seen reference to a letter Jesus wrote to someone.  As far as I could tell, he did a lot of talk, but others wrote it down.  Disclaimer Alert-- I Have No Idea. 
    Great.  16th paragraph.  Now, feel like going for 20, which hypothetically would have been my goal from the start if I gave any time to think about it.  I think Hell is a great marketing ploy for Heaven.  I'm under the assumption Jews don't have Heaven.  Christians started it.  Probably to make Heaven sound even better.  Anyway, jeez.  As far as I can remember, they don't really talk about it in Hebrew School.  I just picked it up somewhere that Jews don't have Heaven.  I guess they don't wanna talk about all the crap people who go to Heaven.  I can't blame 'em.  You need Hell to make Heaven worthwhile.  What else is going on to say now that this paragraph is over at the very end of this sentence and whatnot.
    17th paragraph!  Four to go.  Sounds perfect.  Real perfect.  I remember thinking Christ was Jesus's last name.  Most people probably think that.  Turns out it's where he's from or some nonsense like that.  Whatta jip.  Or it's his title.  That's right.  Not where he lived.  Whatta jip.  Crap and crap, I don't know.  CunyFirst has said they're evaluating me for Graduation for the last 2 months.  How long does it take to evaluate someone?!  Whatta jip is the point.  When I picture God, I more or less picture Zordon from Power Rangers.  Well, not really.  Never made that connection before 20 seconds ago.  But that thought just happened!  So that's relevant for some reason.
    18th paragraph.  What the what.  7:01 right now.  Finish before 7:30 most likely.  And if not, close enough that I'll write 20 paragraphs anyway!  That'll show 'em.  I remember in Kindergarten, everyone was into Power Rangers and I wasn't.  Suffice to say, by first grade I was into Power Rangers.  That's life and whatnot!  For five or six year olds, at least.  At some point you probably graduate from that type of peer pressure.  Right?  Right?  No?  Yes?  Maybe?  Where am I?  Jeez.  What else and crap.  I don't know.  The Green Power Ranger Is The Best.  He wasn't around since the beginning but there's no questioning he's the best.  Jeez.  I don't know.  I might be confusing green with another color.  Wouldn't be the first time!
Saw a guy on the bus with a walking stick, the kind blind people have, and he was wearing earphones.  Seems kind of irresponsible.  You're blind, you can't be wearing earphones!  You need to hear to get around presumably!  Point is there are people more irrespirable than me.  My life experience proves it.  Anyway.  19th paragraph.  Coolio.  Point is great.  Who knows how many paragraphs this'll be.  My guess is an integer.
    20th paragraph.  LL Cool J.  Jeez.  It's 7:13 now.  Just wanna keep you updated.  It's important!  For Context!  Maybe I should start a band called Kontext.  Maybe I shouldn't.  I've narrowed it down to those two things.  I'm sick of seeing buses pass me by that say Not In Service.  Look, you're already driving.  You're going the same route my bus would go.  Just let me get on!  And stop when I tell you to!  You're just being unreasonable, that's all that is.  Also, cars who temporarily park where the bus stop is?  What The Hell Are You Doing?!  Get with the rules of the road you dummy.  Anyway.  The bad part of shaving is people will no longer think Maybe this guy is above 15 years old.  It's better for people to think you're 15 instead of 28.  Then you sound much smarter and more responsible and less of a Cautionary Tale.
    That's my takeaway from things.  Anyway.  Will I put 50 dollars on poker within a week?  Very possible.  I'd say, 60-80% chance I do.  Not the most narrowed down, sure.  But narrowed down to a reasonable level, I feel.  Makes the whole thing worth while.  What.  21st paragraph.  Coo.  L.  Forgot that letter.  Hey, we all make mistakes.  I'm human just like you.  I hope so.  You're not human, I'm freakin' out!!  Why are you language capabilities up to par with humans?  I demand answers!  Jeez, what the what, four paragraphs after this one?  Sounds right!  Just about right!  Plus, I haven't played one game of Solitaire or Chess Titans all day!  Chess Titans is what Chess is called.  I guess they wanted to market themselves as the Titans of Chess.  Or the players are Titans.  Either way, gotta remember them.
    22nd paragraph.  Remember The Titans is a real pleasant movie.  I've got no complaints.  They have a soundtrack of 15 songs you will recognize as being from the time period the movie takes place.  Now we're talking great movie.  I don't know.  Crap and carp.  Worst part of movie-- White Coach's daughter is supposedly really into football and knowledgeable.  But then there's a scene she's hanging out with Denzel Washington and commenting on football and he dismisses her like she didn't know what she was talking about.  And, with no football knowledge myself, it is implied Denzel is right and she don't really know what she's talking about.  Whatta jip.  Does she know football or not?!  And I won't accept, she knows football as much as a six or seven year old girl could.  No Way!  Either she knows it or she doesn't know it.
    Hmm.  I've given myself a lot to think about.  Almost too much, one could argue.  23rd paragraph.  Also, her father is the guy I used to think was Billy Bob Thornton.  There's a guy named Billy Bob Thornton in Armageddon, of course you're gonna assume it's Will Patton.  He looks way more like a Billy Bob Thornton than the guy in charge of NASA!  Whatta jip is the point.  Anyway. Entry has turned out halfway worthwhile.  A real Divisible By 8 entry.  Jeez.  What else.  Two and a half paragraphs to go.  I can dig it.  I don't like how Denzel Washington's character is named Boone.  A little too on the Racial Slur Rhyming Nose.  Not a fan!  Not one bit!
    Maybe a little bit.  It's a real pleasant movie. That was the guy's real name.  So he claim.  So they claim.  I for one am not buying it.  It's all a jip!  Everything's a jip!  Get with it.  As of now, I want to keep writing indefinitely.  Maybe I can make a deal with myself, right here, for everyone to see, to keep writing paragraph by paragraph until I want to stop.  No divisible by 5 nonsense.  I'll think about it.  Anyway, what the what.  24th paragraph.  I don't know.  Maybe stressing about when I graduate is just a manifestation of stressing to write this final 18 page paper.  I'd buy that.  Just not with money.  I've got a lot of quarters.  Could I use those?
    25th paragraph.  The point is thinking about stopping Entry at any given paragraph is just a manifestation of wanting to stop at 30 paragraphs and not wanting to commit myself to 30 paragraphs.  I guess.  I don't know for sure.  It's all speculation at this point.  All speculation.  Gonna see an optometrist within the next few weeks.  I feel like my vision is probably a degree lower than it was when I got these glasses.  I could imagine seeing clearer.  Which is a hard thing to imagine, lemme tell you.  You get used to being the best you can do, hard to remember you could do better.  What else.  I don't know.  Can stop this paragraph now, but I choose to write more sentences.  Roughly two more sentences!
    Five to go-- sounds right.  Feels right.  Looks right.  Other senses.  I feel bad for taste and smell.  The senses which we can all agree on just aren't as important. I get that biologically, evolutionary, we got em.  They have their time and place.  But no one gets around by smelling what's around them.  And if they do, AWESOME!  I WANNA SEE A DOCUMENTARY ON THAT!  I wanna see a documentary on a lot of things.  Like, that.  And the taste version of that.  What else.  Where Am I.  Oh, right.  26th paragraph.  That's a place.  I deduced it through my sense of Taste.  How often do you hear that.  Never!  Who needs it.  Sure I get it.  Oh, tastes weird, better not eat it.  We're past that point evolutionary!  Let's get rid of it is the point.  How would one go about doing that.  Let's get some scientists working on that.  How to get rid of bodily functions no one really needs anymore.
    That's the direction science goes in!  Alright!  27th paragraph.  I can dig it.  And I can dig stopping at 30.  At least at this point, sounds perfectly reasonable.  I don't know.  12/6/17 today.  You know what that means!  Pretty self explanatory.  I don't know.  Internet says Villa Rustica stops delivering at 8:40.  It's 7:49 right now.  Figure I order at 8:10, even if entry isn't over.  Wanna make sure I order in time!  Otherwise, my life is a complete waste!  If I'm not finished by then, I could finish within 20, 30 minutes after I order.  And, if not?  Worst case scenario-- I eat and then finish the entry.  That sounds terrible.
    28th paragraph.  I can write three paragraphs in 30 minutes.
  Then it's all Relaxation Time from there.  I don't know.  What the what.  Gotta get rid of the trash bag in my trash container in my room.  It's overflowing pretty much.  Then, start anew.  Eveyrthing that has a trash bag has an end.  They say something like that at the end of The Matrix: Part III.  Or something.  I remember watching the conclusion to Matrix: Part III relatively more often than I should have on DVD in high school.  I just thoguht it was a cool action sequence.  In retrospect, not that cool.  But I was caught up in all the underlying tension between Man and Machine and Runaway Algorithm.
    2 paragraphs to go!  Sounds quite reasonable to me.  Neo is one of the only, if not the only, words that you can form with those three letters.  Except of Oen.  That settles that.  Possibly other things.  The point is Get Off My Back About It!  I don't know.  Whattado with the rest of my night.  Maybe figure out how to do Guitar on That One Program I Was Talking About.  Or, maybe do nothing.  I've narrowed it down to those two things on account of thinking of a better idea of something I could do.  7:58 right now.  Guess finish entry before ordering.  I order at 8:30, they're still supposed to deliver, right?  They say they stop delivering at 8:40.  That shouldn't mean they stop delivering at stuff that would arrive at 8:40 or later.  Thhat shouldn't mean that at all.
    Anyway, we won't make it to that time anyway.  Last paragraph and everything already commenced.  I don't know.  One more paragraph.  Sounds reasonable.  Figure out how to do Guitar with that one program.  Sounds reasonable.  And once I figure that out, it's all Funzo from there!  I guess.  I don't know for sure.  It's all just speculation at this point.  What else.  Worst case scenario-- I have to get food from somewhere else.  Wait, no.  Worst case scenario-- I find out I'm taking a staircase to afterlife and it's going down.  Oh boy.  One more paragraph after this one.  Just for fun.  Used to go to PS 31.  So it makes a lot of sense and whatnot.
    Sweet.  Last paragraph!  I don't believe it.  Gotta make sure this is the last one, though.  How would one go about doing that.  Just don't write another paragraph after this.  Yeah, but, really.  How.  Just do it.  Or don't do it.  You get the idea.  Yeah, I do.  Sure.  Anyway, closin' it up.  Whatta productive use of my time is the point.  What else is the other point.  Lots of points in this entry.  Crap.  I rememebr a time today when I hadn't even written 20 paragraphs.  How far we've come.  Antipasto and slice of pizza for dinner.  Get a beef patty for later.  It's called planning ahead.  Sweet!  A few more sentences here.  Alright.  Then it's time to say goodbye.  Right after this one last paragraph.
    Whatta chump.  Can't even end entries.
  What else.  I don't know.  80% chance this is really the last paragraph.  I feel comfortable with that prediction.  Anyway.  Why.  For my own personal gratification, that's why!  What, you thought I was here to entertain you?  Hah!  Get out of here with that bullshit.  I'm sure you realized by now I'm here for my own personal gratification.  The titles meaning nothing are a dead giveaway.  That's my hot take on things.  Imagine a future where titles are relvant to some degree.  I can't even imagine.  What else.  Oh, right.  Entry is over.  See ya later.

-8:15 P.M.


Monday, December 4, 2017

Title To Title, or:  You've Got To Stop That

      Hey!  It's December.  I don't believe it.  Eating Halal Food for Lunch.  Got a B+ on my paper for Disability Class.  Only two more days of class after today.  Wonderful.  The Guitar --> USB cable came but I haven't figured it out yet.  Made a Facebook Event for Music Show.  Upwards of one other person may be coming!  I don't believe it.  Lets get into some goofballs and send-em-ups.  I had two dreams over the last week confirming I'm graduating after this semester.  Alright.  If you graduate in a dream, you're graduating in real life.  That settles this.
    Paragraph Dizzle.  Dizzle means two?  I never said that.  That's your own thing.  What else.  Birthday is in 8 days.  Then I'm as much on the verge of 30 years old as possible.  Whatta jip!  At least I'm graduating in the same Age Decade as most people.  Never thought of it that way.  Kinda makes me feel good.  If I had only added two pages about how Nemo is Omen backwards, I might have gotten an A-.  Didn't read book for AAL class tonight.  Wonderful.  Being transferred to a new psychiatrist.  It's about time.  Huh?  Oh.  Seems like a good guy based on his credentials.  He's in charge of the Clozopine Clinic!  And I take clozopine!  It's a real Match Made In Hospital.
    Third Paragraph.  Sweet.  Wrote half of my Dwarfism Paper.  Finish it tomorrow.  Pun intended.  Cause the main character in the movie I'm talking about is named Fin.  Try to keep up.  I believe his name is a reference to a Pavement Song.  Cool.  Starting to write some practice set lists for my show.  I may have more time compared to last show based on if they book other people for that night, and if they allot me an hour instead of 45 minutes.  That would be living the dream.
    Jeez.  Whatta clunker.  I don't like the crime fighting concept of If you see something, say something.  I see stuff all the time.  You're going to have to be more specific.  This may be my last meal at Queens College.  Gotta make it count.  How would one go about doing that.  Jeez.  I don't know.  I get De Ja Vu a lot and I don't like it.  I feel like I've already done this before, why should I bother doing it again.  Where's the sense in that.  Cool.  Hey, if you're reading this, come to my show on December 28th!  I made an image file in Paint to promote it and everything!
    Fifth Paragraph.  It's about time.  Only took one Ritalin with me today by mistake.  Decided to save it for Night Class.  I stand by my decision.  Cool.  Mini-skit--  Person A: I'm thinking of learning C++  Person B:  You mean B-?  And, scene!  Wow.  That makes the whole entry worth it.  Maybe I should make December white font on black background.  Sounds sexy.  Huh?  Oh.  What else.  Just finished Halal Food.  Sounds sexy.  Gonna smoke a mid-break cigarette.  Alright, I'm back.  That's how that goes.  What else is happening.
    Sixth Paragraph.  Whatta waste.  Sit here another 20, 25 minutes.  I feel full.  Okay.  Crap and crap.  Sitting here for 10 minutes without writing anything.  May have to pick-up from halfway through this paragraph.  Eh.  See ya later.  AND IM BACK NOW ITS NIGHTTIME.  Whatta sledge this has been, right?  But now it's okay, Daddy's here.  Not like that retarded cousin of yours that was writing earlier today.  Jeez.  Let's get into it!  What paragraph we at.  Sixth.  I can dig it.  You ever notice this See Something Say Something shit?  Real demeaning towards mutes.  Like they don't matter at all just because of their lifestyle choice to not talk.
    For shame, society.  For shame.  Felt like a real dick for the entirity of AAL Class because I hadn't read the book.  And it's obvious when I don't read the book cause it's like, This guy isn't saying anything-- must not have seen anything, like the book.  Oh man.  Connect-em-ups!  Sign of a great writer.  Take notice.  Kinda upset how much trouble I'm having with the guitar --> usb cable.  I tried downloading stuff to facilitate it, to no success.  Maybe a little success.  But not enough.  Anyway, jeez.  I forget where I saw it, probably Twitter, but the headline was like, is the next great american novel gonna be influenced by Trump Era?  And I was like, Well, I'll see how it turns out!  Cause I'm the next Great America Novel Again.  Seems like a good use of my time when I graduate.
    So the guy's name is Igor, but he's the main character.  Whew.  Already deep into it and I barely even started.  Eighth paragraph.  Here's an honest great idea-- 20 years from now, assign Trump's Tweets in book form to high school classes.  Just all of his tweets from 2015-20(Whenever He's Gone), put it in a book.  Oh man.  I'm laughing already.  And its probably the ideal way to teach future generations about Trump.  I feel like I've really accomplished something with that idea.  Anyway, crap and crap.  Here's a question for debate, though-- do you include the tweets he replies to?  I say no.  I want pure Trump Trumpin It Up All The Trumpin' Time.
    ...So, since I thought of that, can I get some royalties for when it becomes a thing?  No?  Oh well.  That's what I get for giving the idea away for free.  Anyway, what else.  Also got the Mic --> USB cable but haven't even started with that yet.  I need music before I need vocals.  Any bozo could figure that one out.  Gonna do some of the AAL reading for next week.  Try to, at least.  Just to end the semester on a positive note and all.  Anyway, jeez.  Ninth paragraph.  Whats a good name for the book.  Something simple like Trump's Tweets.  Or something even simpler-- Trump Tweets.  Or something wihout those two words.  I don't have all the answers.
    What else.  And they could teach Kornblum Crazysheets as a reaction against Trump Tweets.  Really get all sides of the story with that one.  If only I talked about politics more.  Alright, gotta try to write about Trump specifically.  Have you seen this guy?  He says he's the president, but I never voted for him!  Alright let's move on.  Crap and crap.  The ponit is I made a file in Paint to promote my show.  I used at least four different fonts, too.  Really gave people all the fonts they could reasonably ask for.  Why four, well lets count the ways.  One font for my name.  Another font for the date and time.  Another font for name of venue.  Another font for address of venue.  I'm glad we settled those bases.  Huh?
    Crap and crap.  11th paragraph.  Gotta send my Facebook Event to the Sidewalk Coffee page.  So all my friends there will see it and say something.  Or something along those lines.  Crap and crap.  I could be the first guy to publish Trump Tweets.  Just do all the work  myself, find one of those internet places that'll self-publish your book.  I may not get money from it, but ppl'll always know.  That's my claim to fame in the future I guess.  Figured out a good, obvious palindrome earlier.  I'm sure it's a standard one most people know, but-- Flow and Wolf.  And that would be a good rap name.  Either way.  Call yourself DJ Wolf, and the die hards'll know it references Flow.  Call yourself DJ Flow, the die hards'll be like Hey you spell it backwards it's wolf.
It's good to have options for your future.  I can either publish Trump Tweets or become DJ Flow.  Or write the Great America Trump Again Novel.  What else.  12th paragraph.  Gonna make an important life change tomorrow.  Instead of getting Oreos from Supermarket, I'm gonna get Snackwells.  To be honest, it's been long overdue for a long time.  I just keep forgetting. Anyway, crap and crap.  What else.  Right, 12th paragraph.  I'm havin' fun!  Have four or five "Maybe's" on Facebook Event Page.  If I get even one to come, that's a win.  Brother's coming.  Hopefully another friend who came with me to the last one'll come.  Possibly my Mother and/or Father Figures.  They are figures that are exactly that. 
    Wow!  I'm doin pretty good in a Freeroll for some reason.  I might win 50 cents if I double up three more times!  Anyway.  Birthday is in a week.  Parents'll probably let me put up 50 dollars on Poker if I want to.  They'll be all I don't think you should do that [Read in a funny voice] and I'll be like,  It's my money [Read in a FUNNIER voice].  What just happened.  We know it was funny, it said it would be twice!  Crap and crap, I don't know.  I figured out my computer has a microphone thats always on and monitoring my every sound.  Figured it out when trying to hook up guitar to computer and record and it recorded sound from a hidden microphone.  The point is I Want My Money Back!  Anyway.  Fun to write the first entry of the month.  I can keep clicking Go Down and it doesn't go any further down.  Cause there's nothing below where I'm at right now.
    Gotta find pleasure in the little things.  Right?  Cool.  Split into groups and went over drafts for Disability Paper.  Got some good comments.  Also, my bullshit sounds a lot better than these peoples'.  I may not be saying much more than they are, but boy does it sound better.  Good for me!  Probably a skill that'll come in handy somewhere down the line.  Crap and crap.  Was happy to get a B+ on that paper, because I don't anticipate trying harder for the upcoming one.  And I'll get a B or B+ anyway!  Whatt ruse.  Anyway, jeez.  I don't know.  Today was last Entry For Website written in the logistics of Monday School.  It's been fun.  That's my takeaway from Semester.
    Anyway, what paragraph is this.  15th.  Cool!  No idea how long this'll be by the end.  Probably what it is now plus more paragraphs.  Jeez.  Trump Tweets does imply some sort of something-vaguely-resembling-a-dystopian-future in 20 years.  I mean, it's not that dystopian.  But imagining a high school English class where they discuss and analyzise Tweets as if they're history, or a character study, sounds like a pretty crappy-- yet logical-- history.  Don't blame me, I'm just the messenger.  If I had a nickel for every time I heard a messenger use that excuse...  I'd have some amount of nickels.  Possibly zero.  What else.  Freeroll has been giving me something to do while writing this.  Potentially Productive.  Potentially 50 Cents productive!  That's 10 nickels!  Think of all I could do with that.  Make two stacks of five nickels.  I'm getting excited just picturing it!
    16th paragraph.  And Trump Tweets could have real reference to whatever he's referring to n the margins.  Explicitly pointing out Trump was lying here, and here's why/how, etc.  Forget high school in 20 years, I want that as a Christmas Present today!  Oh well, can't always get what you want.  Would it be taught in History of English.  Will we even have English in 20 years?  Maybe everyone'll just speak binary code.  That was a real 001101001.  Wonder what that random number means.  Is there an Internet Site where you just translate binary code into English?  Seems like there should be.  Found a website that says they do that.  It says Binary Code has to be divisible by 8?  Who came up with that bullshit. 
    What else is crap.  17th paragraph.  That's a real... 00000008.  How can you get something divisible by 8 with just 0 and 1.  Probably can.  But I don't know it!  Jeez.  Pretty much finish Station Agent Essay tomorrow.  Right now I got 2 and a half pages.  Write 2 more for tomorrow.  Then add a few paragraphs based on that workshopping to send next Monday.  Sounds like a plan.  My last paper was supposed to be 5-7 pags, and I only had four and a half.  Got a B+ anyway!  That'll show em, that'll show all of em.  Crap and crap.  Writing the 18 page paper sounds kind of fun.  It's like, I sit down, write three pages, and I'm excited, cause the end of everything is in sight.  Well, I don't know about everything.  I kind of hope not, at least.  The end of Me Having To Do Stuff, at least.  For a while, at least.
    18th paragraph.  Jeez.  I don't know.  Gotta do crap, here.  Aim for 25 paragraphs as of now.  That sounds fun and reasonable.  Really make up for those first five and a half paragraphs.  Whatta snooze!  The rest may not have been much better.  Not better enough that its good, but better exponentially in that it's exponentially not as bad.  Sure I know numbers.  Everything has to be divisible by 8.  What of it.  At the very least, that would be a good cheap Christmas present.  Trump Tweets.  With corrections in the margins.  Or, play up the comedy aspect. Have his inner monologue or something in the margins.  You can go different ways with it.  And you know he'd be down with it.  He's narcissistic and whatnot is what I've been led to believe.
    19th paragraph!  Cool.  Curb His Enthusiasm finale last night.  I think it would have been funny if he dies at the end.  That's how I feel about a lot of TV shows.  Just have one of the main characters die at the end of a show that isn't the last show.  And I don't mean an ensemble cast.  We're not talking the Sopranos.  I just mean, Big Bang Theory, one episode midseason Sheldon dies.  That's what life is like.  Anyway, what else.  Just lost most of my freeroll money.  Through the agency of Bad Luck!  Oh well, there goes my life.  It was fun while it lasted.  What if I just killed myself after this paragraph.  You wouldn't see it coming!  It may never get posted on the internet, but if I leave it up on my computer, someone'll see it.  Anyway.  I don't know.
    Not funny.  Probably not.  That's my track record, at least.  There's a Great Freeroll tomorrow afternoon!  My Life's Back On!  That's a relief.  I'd be pretty disappointed with my whole situtation if I wasn't alive.  20th paragraph.  Now I have more time to play Solitaire.  There's a good spin to everything.  I don't know.  Entry is over soon.  Then back to the bullshit basics.  Like not having great book ideas and whatnot and the life that would entail.  Point is, still the 20th paragraph.  Five more after this is a lot!  Only negative thing is I got nothin' to say.  What else.  I know!  I'll drink alcohol!  How does that help.  [wipes away moisture from his mouth] Help What? 
    Whatta send-em-up!  Jeez.  Was listening to an album I put together of me covering songs in a one-take of acoustic guitar and singing.  Used to think it was awfully terrible. You know what?  Kinda pleasant. Hey that's me!  The best part is when I make up my own lyrics.  You don't get that from your average Joe-Blow Coverers.  What else.  Dan Rather is on Conan tonight.  I wonder if he's gonna talk about his recent sex scandal.  He would gather the young college age interns and feed them alcohol and then say Let's Play a Game of Would You Rather and then takes his cock out.  And points to it.  With both index fingers.
    Can't sue me, it's the internet!  Also, what else is going on.  Also, we can't sue him.  Afterall, it is his name.  What can ya do.  The point is, Yeah, am I gonna have the shit out of Chicken Nuggets later tonight?  Yeah, probably.  What can ya do.  My Mom and/or Dad left over some Stuffed Filet of Sole from dinner last night.  Stuffed with Crab Meat.  I'm not gonna lie-- good piece of food.  Do I want fish tonight, tough?  Not gonna lie-- I don't know can't make that call yet.  Not gonna lie, though-- If ya saw something, go past... tense... said... having said... having said that, I feel... Where am I.  Where is my Mother.  I'm Scared!
Good cliffhanger, there.  You ended that paragraph in some real conflict and unknowingatude.  But here I am, Daddy's back.  One of my favorite comedians refers to himself as Daddy.  Probably 30% joking and 70% for real.  Seems like a good habit to emulate for some reason.  Makes me feel like a Big Man.  Him too, probably.  This comedian, I won't say his name-- is a Shortsman like me.  Talk about your typical Napoleon Complex-- all short men wish they were daddies.  Where am I.  What's going on.  Anyway.  Writing about Napoleon Complex a lot in paper.  Not a fan of the term, though.  We can do better than Napoleon.  I'm too lazy to complete any line of joke-em-up without going back to the 'where am i what's going on' way of ending what I'm saying.
So I got that... working against me?  The last two paragraphs may be completely illegible.  What else is going on.  What paragraph are we on now for some strange reason no one really knows.  24th paragraph.  Wonderful.  The point is I got a B+ without really even bothering to use sources.  My bullshit was just that compelling.  Hey, this Month is back to White Font on Black Background!  Or what we call it around here, Crazysheet Classic.  That scenario scared me.  I don't like the idea of me having Crazysheet Company.  Doesn't seem right is how I feel.  What else.  Probably go for 30 paragraphs.  Just because it seems like the right thing to do.
    We'll see!  Now is the 25th!  Wonderful.  One things for sure, if I put up 50 dollars on Poker next week, this time I'll really make it last.  Makes sense to me.  A Ton Of Sense!  We're talking, 50 dollars, that's what, 1000 nickels?  Sounds right to me.  I can't even imagine.  Plus, I have 70.47 "Combat Points."  You reach 100 Combat Points, you know what you get?  A Dollar!  See, I'm making money already.  James Franco is hosting SNL this week.  I don't like him because in college a girl I liked said she liked him.  So it's only natural I've carried and will carry a vendetta against him for the rest of our natural lives. That Bastard.  I know what you two are up to!  I'm not blind!  I've seen something and now I'm sayin' stuff!  Where Am I!  Tell my Mother I love her! 
    Huh. Five paragraphs to go.  Gotta make up for that nonsense somehow.  I like getting new bottles of soda or similar drinks when I still haven't finished the ones I already have.  Like, portable ones, when I'm on-the-go and whatnot.  I get a pepsi before class, still have a third left?  Ge a new one at cafeteria.  I'll finish the first one at some point.  This is my lifestyle choice and you have no right judging me about it.  What else is bullshit.  When Girl 10 years ago told me she liked James Franco, I shold have went,  You know, he's actually neither a Freak nor a Geek.  That was all just acting.  Sure I'd like to go back in time and make everything I've ever said nonsense. That's only natural.
    27th paragraph.  Cool.  That's, what' four to go?  Cool!  I like numbers.  4 is divisible by 8.  It's exactly .5 of 8. Divisible.  I'm sick of 4th and 5th grade teachers getting upset if you say 'O' instead of Zero when talking about decimals.  They don't even like you saying, Point!  They don't care if it's written as a decimal, they wanna hear it in fraction form.  I got things to do!  I can't turn every number with some sort of fraction into fraction form when it's already in decimal form!  Lots of things to do!  The point is Jeez.  Three paragraphs to go after this one.  Wonderful.  After tomorrow, down to one little thing before I graduate!  One little 18 pages.  In the big scheme of things, ya know what, pretty little.
Sounds good to me.  And if I can figure out how to connect guitar to computer?  Oh what fun am I in store for.  Lots!  Lots and lots and lots of fun.  Much better than feeling like an idiot because I can't figure out how to make this god damn thing work when it seems to be so easy for every other idiot to do.  Anyway, what the what.  Alright, 2 and a half paragraphs to go.  Then, try to go to sleep, like every other idiot.  Except not as successfully.  Oh well, as long as dreams confirm I will graduate form school, I can handle them.  Risk getting anachronistic if I keep having them after I graduate, though.  At that point, okay, got start dreaming about something else.  I already know I had would have graduated at some point in time in the past.
Sounds good to me.  Penultimate paragraph!  Birthday in a week.  I hope I get someone to hook this fuckin' thing up to this other fuckin' thing.  Cause I can't figure it out myself!  Hey, I can try right now.  Maybe the computer has Settled enough that it works now.  Let's See!  Anyway.  Gotta shave at some point.  For Face Strategies.  Nope, still not working.  How productive.i  If I try using the whammy bar, would that help?  Hmm.  I'll try that tomorrow.  In the mean time, let's finish this entry.  While trying to connect Guitar To Computer, I thought of another thing I could talk about where it was 1/2 of something and I ould say something about dividing by 8.  Forget what it was.  Thought it more or less as same time as thinking about shaving for Strategy.  Excpet I'd already said that.  Now I can't remember the new thing!  That's life I guess.  I could always be like, you know what, I'm not going to sleep tonight until I figure this out.  But then I might never sleep again.  I've tried all my options!  Oh, here's the other thing-- when I plug in my guitar, all of the sound stops working.  Nothing makes a sound.  Gotta figure this one out.
    Whatta jip.  Haven't figured it out yet.  Figured I'd finish this entry while I still can.  I can finish it whenever I want.  Yeah, but in half an hour, it'll be the next day.  Do you wanna deal with correcting the date at the top?  Cause I sure don't!  I got things to do, jack.  Like connecting this jack to the computer.  And stuff.  Anyway, jeez.  30 paragraphs I guess.  Wonderful.  How's life going for you.  Maybe if I just restart my computer.  That sounds fun and exciting and educational!  I'll see ya later!

-11:29 P.M.

Hey, 20 minutes later, restarted computer, and got it working!  and you all doubted me etc, etc!