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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Take A Look At This

    Hah made you look.  I feel like I've been writing too much the last few days!  Each day I get some CHARGE out of writing Bonus, but then it raises the pressure to write the same amount the next day!  I don't need that kind of pressure!  I don't need any kind of pressure!  Maybe air pressure!  Without that my head would instantly collapse upon itself or something!  I don't have all the Environmental Science meets Human Physiology Details!  HEY I just realized we're creeping up to a new month!  Which, you guessed it, means a new page of Patriotism Calendar!  Today's theme was America!  America!  like in the song.  I forget which song.  One of the America Songs.  Anyway do I dare peek ahead to see what lyric is tomorrow's theme?  I'm gonna do it!  Here we go!  GOD SHED HIS GRACE ON THEE.  Upon further introspection I probably could have guessed that.  Upon EVEN FURTHER introspection I empirically COULDN'T guess that, I made clear I Didn't Even Know Which America Song We Were In!
Cool!  Intermittently Raining today!  Will that affect walks?  You bet!  Hopefully I can still take 4-5 walks, just have to work around heavy rain.  Hopefully lots of things.  Hopefully I Live to see God Shed His Grace On Thee Month.  God gettin' his Grace all over the carpet.  Something like that.  According to Patriotism Calendar since yesterday we've officially been in the fist quarter!  Why Patriotism calendar talking about quarters.  That's an economy thing.  Guess this is also a Capitalism Calendar.  Makes sense to me.  Also the first quarter of the year is at the end of April?  If that's the best time arrangements you can do I am NOT impressed.  If you were getting Quarters Of Years 100% correct we should already be WELL INTO the SECOND QUARTER at this point.  NOT IMPRESSED.
     Tomorrow is Earth Day!
  We only get one Earth Day but 52 Sun Days.  Doesn't seem right.  Then again the sun is the center of the solar system per my understanding.  Maybe we decided to just Run With That and take the sun more seriously.  Doesn't seem intuitive to care more about sun than our own personal planet but who am I to argue!  Sun is pretty important.  Even still, though... huh.  I forget what I was talking about.  WELL I remember what I was talking about.  I've hardly even stopped talking about it!  I just lost interest in continuing the thought beyond where Ellipses came in..  Oh well what can ya do.  Solar Ellipses.  What else is going on.  Ellipse does have that other meaning where its like circling something in an oval.  Which is KEY to understanding solar system.  Sun don't Ellipse but things ellipse around sun.  Also I was pretty sure these were two similar sounding but DIFFERENT words.  Somehow according to Google Dictionary THEY'RE THE SAME WORD?!?!  Hope someone lost their job over that one!
     What else is going on and crap.  Got delicious French Toast Centric meal last night for dinner.  Have second halve still!  Maybe have that for prospective lunch.  Also got BISON BURGER.  We're talkin TWO toppings-- Sautéed Onion and Mushedrooms!  We're talkin best side I could come up with was Croutons that I had with Super Market Salad that I didn't eat then.  Sounds about right!  I was watching Troll II last night for the 2nd time, and this movie is regarded as one of the worst movies ever made.  And ya know what?  Yeah the production values aren't GREAT.  And the movie makes no SENSE.  And the acting and dialogue isn't WONDERFUL.  But upon further introspection I can think of LOTS OF WAYS to make HUNDREDS of even worse movies.  All things considered Everyone Is Doing Their Best!  Even some intended laughs and some genuine creepiness!  For the most part I BUY that this movie is a thing and not just a collection of people saying things and walking around.  So the point is GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT IT.
     Hey what else is going on.
  One negative thing about Clunky Gaming Headphones is that I can't put my hood over it!  I wear a nice sweatshirt jacket unless it's too warm.  I like putting hood up FOR STYLE half the time.  And then when its raining I like to put hood up for SAFETY FROM WATER DROPLETS.  I can't do it with these headphones on!  Whatta jip!  Lookin' at this picture of American Flag on Patriotism Calendar.  Has any ever actually counted all the stars on the flag to confirm there are 50?  Real question!  I know I'VE never counted.  Presumably you never have, either.  They could have gotten it wrong (or did a wrong number on purpose for possibly nefarious reasons?) and no one even knows!  I actually just thought for a second hmm I better actually count now just to play it safe.  And you know what? I'D BE RIGHT.  Someone needs to count and no one else even has thought to do it so I feel like it's on me to do it.  Hmm some of the flag is Cropped Out in this Patriotism Calendar Picture.  Well there goes that.
     Cool!  I think they should put tiny subtitles in each star conveying each star is a specific state and we know which star is which state.  Would they arrange it like on a map?  The bottom left is California and the bottom right is Florida and whatnot.  Wouldn't match up completely but if they wanted to do it like that they could do a halfway decent approximation.  Also some stars should be bigger than others.  That's just logic.  The size of each StateStar would be based on several rankings compromised of dozens of metrics.  Composed by a bipartisan independent Flag Committee.  I could delete this paragraph.  Or I could not delete it.  I have decided I am going to Not Delete It.  Like I said in the beginning Hah Made Ya Look.  I'll be back in a little bit!





Make Yourself Comfortable

    I saw Biden admin is gonna decrease Greenhouse Gas Emissions by ~50% by 2030.  That sounded pretty good to me!  Then upon further introspection I saw that environmental science warns it should be at least 70%!  And upon FURTHER introspection I FEEL it should be AT LEAST 100%!!!  Why play footsie with it at all.  Just stop!  Easy!  We got other ways to Energize Things.  What are we STUPID.  I got Chipotle going on for lunch right now.  What are we SMART.  It's delicious and nutritious.  Which is interesting because those are the top 2 out of 5 criteria for judging food and they rhyme with each other.  Is there a Third adjective metric for food specifically that can rhyme with those two  I can't even think of a third which DOESN'T rhyme.  Hmm.  That is FILLING.  Is there another way to put that?  That rhymes with, "Delicious," and/or, "Nutritious?"
     At this rate the next time I get Delivery Meal will be Saturday!  I can live with that!  I have no choice!  My main options are Live With That, go out of my way to not follow those MealRules, or kill myself (&/or die in some other fashion).  HEAVILY leaning towards either Living With It or Not Following the Meal Rules.  Killing myself over it is a DISTANT third.  Also I SAY cutting Emissions isn't enough!  We need to stop USING oil and/or other greenhouse emissions.  If we stop producing it but just keep consuming it from other places I don't see how that makes any real difference at all.  And I can see many things!  Not this, though! [EDITOR'S NOTE-- maybe that IS what we're doing when they say cutting emissions? I TRIED READING THE FIRST PARAGRAPH OF THE ARTICLE WHERE I GOT THIS INFORMATION and NOTHIN!] The point is these are the three meals I have for next three meals-- Bison Burger, Frenched Toastcentric Meal, and Lobster Ravioli.  THEN I re-up with Super Market Delivery.  WONDERFUL.
Cool!  Every year that passes, WE MUST CONTINUE TO BURN FOSSIL FUELS seems more and more obtuse.  Yeah WHY.  Because We're Used To It?  JUST STOP YOU MORONS.  Finished another season of Sixty Days In.  Assuming we're not counting the Where Are They Now. I'll tell you where they're NOT now-- JAIL!  And why would I want to watch people who aren't in jail.  It's all jail all the time in my entertainment consumption!  MMM just hit a treasure trove of Pinto Beans.  They were all grouped together and I got a nice streak of forkfuls with lots of beans.  I enjoyed it!  That's gone now, though.  I'll adjust!  Still got a bit of rice left!  That's pretty delicious too!  Anyway get to start a new album fresh next walk.  Finished last one completely!  It's a good opportunity to start listening to a brand new band.  Except not the Brand New band.  Already listened to them yesterday.
Lets go with this being the last paragraph!  Wonderful!  Only 2 Acts!  Just like the Sister Act Franchise.  If ANYTHING is ripe for a reboot, it's Sister Act.  I've never seen Sister Act.  I MAY have seen Sister Act II.  I don't think so, though!  I'm assuming Sister Act is some sort of pun, beyond the premise that Whoopi Goldberg is Acting Like A Sister (Nun).  Better LTURQ.  I DON'T SEE ANYTHING ABOUT THAT.  It's just called Sister Act because someone is Acting Like A Sister.  GO figure!  I see there's a musical based on Sister Act.  I guess I'm pot committed to listening to the soundtrack to Sister Act: The Musical on my next walk.  I dunno I might not understand whats going on.  Better hold onto that until I can have prior experience with the plot of Sister Act.
     One more paragraph!  Let's do it!  It depends somewhat on how hungry I am, but right now leaning towards French Toastcentric meal for Dinner tonight.  I like me some sweet and that's the sweetest thing I have on deck!  NOt gonna take a walk for another 2 hours.  It might be THUNDERSTORMING in-between now & then!  I can't take that kind of a risk!  There's dash in-between in-between.  Go figure!  Pretty sure, "Between," isn't a word.  You're trying to think of, "Betwixt."  I can see how you might have gotten confused.  Anyway, hey, great, the entry is over.  If it's a bad entry, is it better for it to be longer or shorter?  Shorter means you're done with it quicker.  Presumably that's better.  In real life logic.  Why waste more time and effort with something that stinks?  But if its longer, it's like yeah it's not good, but it being long is pretty impressive all things considered.  Well done.  Anyway I'll be back tomorrow.

-2:46 P.M.






Tuesday, April 20, 2021

I'm Here For You

    Hey, great!  Updates on Listening To Music Enterprise-- New headphones!  I came across these gaming headphones my Dad bought last year to help him with Internet Teaching but I guess he didn't need them.  So I got em!  COMFY WholeEar Headphones!  Negative-- cord is way too long!  I legitimately have to wrap it around my neck several times so I don't trip on it.  So I'm risking strangulation but its all for the greater goal of comfortably listening to music in both ears.  Also there's a Microwave attached but that's just a risk I'm gonna have to take.  Maybe while I'm listening to music, Music Is Hearing Me Back!  That's life for now.  Until I get wireless headphones.  I can live with being strangled AND being heard by the music for a week or two!  More SuperChunk and Rolling Stones since last entry.  Go figure!
     Alright got that out of the way.  It's all uphill from here?  Uphill doesn't sound good.  I'd much rather be going downhill.  Feel like I've made that point several times before here.  I'll make it again!  Going uphills is the worst part of my walkings!  Got CHIPOTLE in the cards for lunch.  Been a dog's age since Chipotle!  I enjoy Chipotle!  That's just the kind of guy I am!  Watching more 60 Days In.  I'm looking forward to the spin-off, 60 Days Inn.  And it's about taking a prolonged vacation somewhere in a hotel.  What's the worlds record for longest vacation ever.  I can see someone having like an 8 month long Vacation.  Anything more than that and it's a Stay.  I'm GUESSING.  I don't know at all, that's why I said I'm wondering what the record is.  I don't KNOW I need someone to TELL ME. 
    How the Hell does Guinness have enough money to freakin' travel the world for tens of thousands of things each year compiling and confirming Worlds Records.  It seems like that kind of enterprise would take BILLIONS of dollars and perhaps HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of man hours EACH YEAR.  And for what.  How much books can they sell?  No way they're making their money back.  What if they're just fabricating EVERY record out of thin air.  We'd have no idea!  It's the PERFECT scam!  I can think of more perfect scams.  Yeah bit THIS ONE IS UP THERE.  I think they can entirely do away with 2/3rds of the book by not sharing the ones where it's a world record that no one in the world ever even cared to attempt before.  World's biggest cheesecake.  NO one tried!  Of COURSE you're gonna have the world's biggest cheesecake if you decide one day to make a really large cheesecake with one of the top two or three main goals being to become immortalized In Book because of it.  WHO CARES about these types of records!  Not me!  And I'M the target audience for EVERYTHING.
     You know, that sort of thing.  Here's an interesting Think-Em-Up-- is it POSSIBLE that EVERYONE has SOME sort of World Record.  7 Billion people.  UNLIMITED amount of weird or dumb or obscure or presumably immeasurable stuff we can take into account.  EVERYONE is THE MOST At Something!  I dunno.  At first thought its like Nah That's Dumb but second and third thought is Hmm Maybe and then fourth through eighth thoughts are Maybe But Unlikely then the rest of the thoughts are up to you, think whatever you want at your own discretion.  "World's Greatest Grandpa."  Well SOMEWHERE THERE IS.  We don't know who it is or how its measured.  But EMPIRICALLY someone out there is the World's Greatest Grandpa.  You know that sort of thing.
Last paragraph of Act I!  Dunno yet if there's gonna be II acts or III!  I could STAND having full-on headphones be A BIT more compact.  These, like others presumably. you can extend how big they are so if you have a particularly WIDE head they'll fit you.  But at its most compact-- not extended at all-- STILL kinda big for my head!  I guess I have a small head!  I didn't see that development coming!  Always kind of thought I had a big head!  Guess not!  Anyway the Earphone part fits snuggly but I want the entire headphones to HUG my head.  Don't want it sticking out at all!  I FEEL VERY STRONGLY ABOUT THIS THAT I WILL DEVOTE A PARAGRAPH TO IT.  This is important stuff!  Good stuff!  Your life would be EMPIRICALLY WORSE if this paragraph just never existed!



Have A Good Time

    Hey!  Just put in my order for Chipotle: The Restaurant.  So I've got that coming to me!  Figure I'd get a, "Headstart," on Act II.  Set up DINER Delivery for tonight!  We're talkin I got some nice meals coming to me from them, too!  No spoilers but It's Gonna Be Good.  No spoilers but I dreamt last night one of the orders.  Wasn't even on my radar!  Then I woke up and was like Man that was good in the dream.  Is that a spoiler?  If you've been monitoring my dreams that's a PRETTY big clue.  Probably not, though.  Right?  I HOPE not.  I dunno maybe I HOPE SO!  If you're monitoring my dreams maybe you have some good input you can give me.  What am I doing right, where can I improve, stuff like that.
     Wonderful!  DOUBLE delivery day?  Two deliveries from different places in one day?  What is this UTOPIA?  What is this SHANGRI-LA?  What is this NIRVANA?  Not gonna go with, "What is this 'HEAVEN?" at all.  TOO OBVIOUS!  What is this SOME GREAT DAY OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT?  Got 2 burrito bowls with same things except Meat.  Today I'm going with the BARBACOA and tomorrow will be CARNITAS.  Barba...etc, means beef.  CAR...and so on, means pork.  I don't have time to say, "Barbacoa," or, "Carnitas."  I'm a busy guy!  I got things to do!  Today gonna be a 4-Walker kind of day.  Gonna be a 3-Acting kind of day.  Gonna be a 20% of it is worthwhile kind of day.  20% of entry.  If we're talking Entire Day roughly SIXTY PERCENT of it is worthwhile.  I'm listening to ROLLING STONES and SUPERCHUNK.  Quality Day All In All!
     Food is here and its delicious!  Quality Half A Day So Far all in all!  I like that this isn't a quality entry more or less because it's like So What.  I ain't here for YOU.  You should be groveling at my feet for ANY kinds of paragraphs!  If this was prison I'd be taken advantage of the amount of free paragraphs I'm giving away. My, "cellie," would have to sit me down, you're giving away paragraphs every day with nothing in return you're painting a target on your back.!  HOWEVER I am getting something in return!  It's called The Roland Storms and the SuperChunt.  One isn't necessarily dependent upon or related to the other but COSMICALLY they are!  Give and take!  That's life!  Hmm I've changed my mind.  I'm giving an appropriate amount RE: what I'm getting back.  Eating chipotle reminds me of Baseball Games.  I don't know why.  Not at all.  Go figure.
  Got no album to finish upcoming walk.  Get to start a brand new one!  Maybe I should start listening to Brand New.  I'm 75% sure there's an indie band Brand New.  Better LTURQ.  YEP seems to check out.  Hmm at this point I really SHOULD listen to a Brand New Album.  Better LTURQ which one to start with.  HMM, "THAT," ONE SEEMS ABOUT RIGHT.  By, "That," I am referring to the one I was just looking at online.  Seems as good a place as any to start.  Brand News is described as EMO which normally is a huge red flag but abnormally Means Nothing To Me.  Normal people might see it as a bad omen but I'm not a regular person! It means nothing to me is the point.  Hey one more paragraph of Act II.
Cool!  Delicious!  Anyway, I got what I was supposed to get out of current Chipotle Meal (Still finishing it).  I APPRECIATED it.  Also I flat out like it.  Go figure!  Hmm this burrito bowl is spicy.  JUST LIKE BASEBALL.  I don't get it!  I never ate Chipotle at a baseball game.  I don't even know if I've ever eaten Chipotle while watching a baseball game on TV.  Or even just THINKING about baseball.  Is it a real thing where guys think about baseball during sex to prevent them from coming.  Sounds weird to me!  HEY I know how to get the most out of having sex-- think about something else while having sex!  best case scenario is I don't register that I'm having sex at all!  Seems counterintuitive.  Maybe you want to impress &/or please your lover!  I dunno!  Not 100% THAT'S a real thing, either!  You gotta be looking out for #1!  If YOU'RE looking out for your partner and YOUR PARTNER is looking out for you-- guess what NOBODY is happy.  Just flip it and you're both looking out for yourselves and everyone goes away happy!  Take it from me, The Sex Expert.  I'll be back in a little bit.




Agree To Disagree

    HEY great news!  Chauvin is guilty on all three charges!  YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST!!!  Let's move on with our lives.  I'm not happy about this.  About EVEN.  But if it went the other way I'd be ANGRY and UPSET and DISAPPOINTED.  So in this case Nothing Is Better Than Something.  Hey great.  Let's talk about it-- Dream Meal is French Toast with Turkey Bacon.  I Dreamt it and a mere 12 hours later I will be having it for dinner IN REAL LIFE.  That's The Good Life for ya!  You dream it, you can achieve it!  I also had some sort of dream James Gandolfini was still dead, but I had a way to communicate with him in the afterlife, and the main thing I did with that ability was share it with other people.  I liked talking with James Gandolfini, sure, but I gotta get his SOPRANOS CO-STARS in on this action, they'll appreciate it even more than me!
     Cool.  I kind of like The Brand News!  At first I was like nah don't really like this and then I was like ya know what I can appreciate it and then I was like ya know what I flat out l-- Actually No I Just Appreciate It.  Sorry for briefly giving you false hope.  Am I getting what I'm supposed to get out of it?  That's the question, I guess!  I think I'm getting 75% of what I'm supposed to get out of it.  That's my, "Hot Take."  Anyway gonna watch some sort of movie when this entry is over.  Maybe TROLL II: The Movie That Is Bad.  I saw it once before!  I forget what happened!  I remember some of it!  I forget other parts about it!  I don't feel like we need to dwell on this any more than we already have!  Anyway.  I hadn't really been paying attention to Chauvin Trial.  My parents had it on TV for 2 weeks but beyond that Not A Lot.  But I'm HAPPY is the point I'm trying to make.  No it isn't. I explicitly made THE OPPOSITE point last paragraph!  It's all relative get off my back about it is the point.
    I haven't been paying attention to it AT ALL.  It's only been on the TV which I came into Listening Contact with 20 times a day.  Other than that NOTHIN'.  The more I think about it the more Explicitly Happy I am about Court Decision.  Especially combined with how quick it game.  The verdict COMBINED with how they gave it so quickly is a powerful message!  That's MY hot take!  Am I right that the maximum charge Chauvin can get is 40 years  WHAT THE HELL?  He can do 40 years and EASILY still be alive after that!  Also I've been seeing documentaries where people VOLUNTARILY go into jail for SIXTY DAYS.  Sixty days, 40 years-- about halfway there.  It sounds like a joke but its NOT.  Sixty days IS halfway there to 40 years.  I think if you'll crunch the numbers as intensively as I have you'll come to the same conclusion.
    I've LIVED for THIRTY TWO AND A HALF YEARS.  That's NO JOKE pretty close to 40 years.  And my life has been the same as jail time.  So basically he gets to LIVE MY ENTIRE LIFE?  That hardly seems fair!  What to listen to on Final Walk of the day after Late Dinner.  Finish The Brand New Album.  Got a COUPLE ideas for next album in store, don't wanna tip my hand at this point, but there's one or two I have my eye on!  ANYWAY just watched Chauvin Trial Coverage for half an hour.  STILL GUILTY!  Maybe this is an important inflection point in America.  I had been assuming Not.  That's why I wasn't so moved originally!  But maybe it is!  That'd be a real, "Net Positive!"
     Last paragraph.  Put in Dinner Order.  I will accept it when it arrives!  Then not eat it for an hour or two.  Then eat it!  Well that's my Evening what do YOU have coming up.  ALSO kind of lost track that this was an important, "Inflection Point," which was the MAIN cause of the protests last summer.  What with black people being killed by police all the time I lost track!  Don't blame ME blame the COPS KILLING THE PEOPLE TOO MUCH.  Anyway hey the entry is just about over.  SOLID 2.5/10.  VERY solid.  I'll see ya tomorrow.

-6:30 P.M.




Monday, April 19, 2021

I'll Get Around To It

    Hey it's Today again.  I feel like every day of my entire life I'd been living Todays.  Also so far everyday other than today, it could also be described as a Yesterday.  Makes sense.  Anyway, last 2 walks the current earphones stopped working!  Only RIGHT ear phone worked!  So I only hear things in my RIGHT ear.  I could MIX IT UP and put the right ear phone in my left ear but WHY WHAT WOULD BE MY MOTIVE.  Anyway It's Great!  Mix things up.  Appreciate music in a whole different way by Listening To It Badly.  Man oh man if this music holds up greatly in one ear imagine how wonderful it'd be if it was 100% ears!  Also not 100% on this-- I know when recording music you can obviously pan it so that the left ear is different sounds/different volume than the right ear.  Is there anyway to determine UPPERS and LOWERS of ears.  Like somehow I'm listening to this music LOWER IN MY HEAD than in the other ear?  My guess?  Maybe like a 20% chance That Could Be A Thing. 
     Wonderful.  Listened to ROLLING STONES: LET IT BLEED.  I liked this album.  I give it 1 Earbud out of 2.  Which is good.  I listened to half of THE RAMINES: THE RAMINES.  .75 Earbuds out of 2.  Sure I know over 50% of the Rimones songs.  Sure I knew several Rolling Stones songs.  This is the SACRIFICE I'm willing to make to listen to The Greatest Musics!  Putting myself through the ordeal of having to listen songs even though I've heard them before!  It all works out for the best.  1.33 Earbuds out of 2 For The Best.  The Ramines are from QUEENS.  Better LTURQ re: what part of Queens. FOREST HILLS?!  Well which is it FOREST or HILLS.  You can't have a forest on hills.  It would confuse the wildlife AND flora.  Anyway I've heard of that place pretty close to where I live all in all.
The one thing Forrest Gump got right is that "Forest," the regular word, SHOULD be spelled, "Forrest."  I feel very strongly about this.  Also he got several things right.  Rides the bus!  That's all I need to hear!  I don't 100%, "GET," the multiple current X-Box systems.  They have one that's cheaper than the other one.  Which is weird already!  But the NAMES I don't get.  X-Box Series X and X-Box Series S.  X I get. It's an X box.  And X is by far one of the coolest letters!  "S?"  S is a snooze!  What the Hell does anybody ever get out of S!  Not exciting at all!  Also based on this I'm HEAVILY assuming that, "X," is the better one.  By which I mean the higher performing one.  YOU might think the better one means the cheaper one.  It's better for our finances.  That's what I think, too!  But all things considered let's say The Better One is the Better PERFORMING one.  Oh, right.  LMLTURQ.  YEP I WAS RIGHT.  Guess I'm a 50/50 Guessing Genius!
Hey, great, just great.  If X is the most exciting letter, what's next.  Hmm.  Gotta imagine, "T," is up there at around #4-6.  OH of course, "Z!"  Z is #2 or #3.  What The Hell is going on.  Let's move on with our lives.  One of the worst letters is, "W."  You sing the ABC Song and, "W," is the only multi-syllabic one.  Fuckin CLUNKS UP the ENTIRE ALPHABET.  Don't like it!  It does bring to mind, though, that as the letter before, "W," V is a pretty good letter, too!  I thought we were gonna Move On With Our Lives from ranking exciting letters.  Well I Thought Wrong Apparently!  Also, "W," is more of a double, "V," than, "U."  Let's get into it.  Is anyone even able to follow this logic.  I hope so.  This is good stuff!  Presuming it makes A Lick Of Sense.
     Did some Spring Cleaning in my room.  Emptied out all garbage in drawers.  We're talkin Snack Boxes.  We're talkin empty beer and alcoholic container cans and bottles.  We're talkin that's about it for now get off my back about it.  We're talkin reached under my bed and pulled out half a dozen pieces of clothes that I totally forgot about.  I lose something, I'm not gonna realize it!  I can't keep track of All The Things I Have!  It leaves my immediate view for any amount of time, it's gone from my mind completely!  The good news is although I have to eat Super Market Delivery Fresh Food Orders for today, TOMORROW I get to order Fresh Food Delivery from Local Eateries!  Well, narrow it down to ONE Local Eatery!  Dunno which one yet!  Keep you updated on this situation!  As it progresses!





You Know Me

    Hello, friends.  Started listening to Inaugural SuperChunk Album.  I like it!  Totally right, "Vibe," for only a single earphone soundings.  This band just doesn't give a fuck they're gonna MIX IT UP with only one ear side music?  Clearly inspired by The Rolling Stones and The Ramones!  See I'm finally starting to put the pieces together!  I was reading Wikipedia Pages for bands and albums and songs and they're sometimes like this guy wrote this song in response to this person or thing or event in their life... and I'm like I always thought people writing songs about Real Specific Things was a MYTH.  Hasn't been my experience!  I think it's just a SCAM for people to PRETEND songs mean something when they mean nothing.  That's my Hot Take.  SURE I've written a song or two I THOUGHT was about something or someone.  I was WRONG though.  That's why I feel so strongly about this!
     I could be taking an unpopular opinion!  I'm not framing it as an opinion!  I'm framing it as a fact!  I could be taking an unpopular fact!  Because it's wrong!  When it comes to facts, USUALLY correct facts are popular and incorrect facts are unpopular.  USUALLY.  Things are more convenient and smooth-running that way!  Not in this society with politics and culture and economics.  Popular Opinion always believing incorrect things am I right. NOPE.  Hey all these people like Crazy Right Wing Things that are all about incorrect facts and whatnot, get it.  WRONG.  40% of people love incorrect facts?  GUESS WHAT THAT'S AN UNPOPULAR POSITION.  60% is way more than 40%!  GOTTEM.  Anyway 60% of people believe in Songs Being About Things and suddenly I'M AN INCORRECT FACT.
Got a nice Chicken Parmesan Dinner for Lunch today.  Gonna eat that in Oh I Don't Know an hour, an hour and a half?  Sounds about right.  Watching season III of #60DaysInSummerSpringtime.  So far I don't irrationally wish ill will on any of the contestants.  This is a game show, right.  At the end of 60 Days they rank each Plant Inmate by various metrics to see who was the best inmate.  Best in multiple ways.  That's where the, "Various Metrics," come into play!!!  Also I don't get why being labeled a Cop Plant as a prisoner would be dangerous.  Hey this guy is a COP!  Let's beat the shit out of him!  WHAT ARE YOU IDIOTS?  You beat the shit out of a cop you're gonna face DIRE consequences.  If anything Cop is gonna get a free ride in jail.  Whose messing with cops?  It's the unspoken rule of the streets, don't beat up cops!  Also, we all know The Streets means Violence Environments.  But Prison is antithetical to Streets-- it's clearly a building (or set of buildings).  So let's call Prison The Sheets.  The Streets and The Sheets are INTERTWINED but different.  Also in prison They Sleep With Bed Sheets.  That's why it's called The Sheets.  Do they really sleep with bed sheets?  Sometimes!  Every now and then from jail to jail!  If they're lucky!
     What else is going on and crap.  I'm kind of jealous that they have to sleep on mattresses with no foaming on hard surfaces, sometimes the floor.  That sounds like a vacation to me!  You're sleeping over at a friends house, you gotta sleep on the floor, that's a FUN situation.  It's a fun situation you're in overall, and it's a fun feeling sleeping on hard surface.  I wouldn't wanna do it every night-- bad for the back-- but as a treat now and then it's a POSITIVE way to go.  I lost track of where I was going on this.  Thing in jail where it's 2 people in a room with 1 bed and one guy is like I GOT TOP BUNK and then jumps on the bed and the other guy has to sleep on the floor directly under the one bed.  That's a classic jail situation that everyone dreads.
     Hey, great, what else is going on.  I signed up to a free Yahoo Fantasy Baseball League and I'm IN FIRST PLACE after 4 or so days.  So far my strategy is accumulate ALL the worthwhile Mets players.  So far, so I good!  I got like 6 of them!  But the BEST TWO still elude me. Proposing some GENEROUS trades to land Lindor &/or DeGrom.  It's WORTH it in the end because NOW I get to root for Several Individual Mets Players 10% more!  Based on this no stakes Free League that 80% of the teams won't ever check again.  Important stuff I got going on is the point.  Anyway. Presumably buying TV sometime this week.  Let's Presume lots of things.  Presuming is like Assuming but Slightly Different and also Potentially Slightly Incorrectly In This Context.  Go figure.  I'll be back!



Oh, Right

    Got back from walk #3.  Eating lunch #1.  Goin' for 5 walks today!  What a wonderful life.  In a few days it will be A MONTH since I learned they were legalizing marijuana and implied that it would be available for purchase sometime in 2022.  ONE FUCKIN' MONTH DOWN!  I dunno.  I got better things to do than have my life revolve around marijuana!  Presumably!  I've got A Year to think of something better to do, I'm sure something will come to me!  Gonna get Chinese Food for lunch tomorrow.  As well as several Future meals based on the same order.  That's pretty good.  Can't argue with Chinese Food!  I guess you could.  Nobody's stopping you.
Took a bath &/or showered fir first time since haircut.  Now any hair that was sticking to me is the Bath's Drain's Problem!  Hey, I've got stuff to look forward to!  TV in roughly 7-14 days.  WIRELESS HEADPHONES at the same time.  My guess is that presumably after I purchase new headphones I'll stop listening to bands who have official music which only is in one ear.  Just different taste in music with different headphones I guess.  I've listened to like 30+ songs with only one earphone.  Gotta imagine I'm missing out LOTS of instrumental tracks and even vocal tracks.  So far I haven't heard a song with NO voice.  But gotta imagine I'm missing SOME instruments COMPLETELY.  You don't have to imagine it but it's recommended.
Cool.  Gotta imagine if I Was in prison &/or jail, it'd be roughly 50/50 whether my Personal Cell is big enough that I can manage to walk in a circle in it.  Which would have a HUGE impact on my life with MANY ramifications.  Well, just the one.  But it's a big one!  Thinking about getting General Tso's Chicken from Chinese Food.  They also have something called General Chin's Chicken.  Looked that up on internet to see what that's all about.  NOTHING TO BE FOUND.  And it's not a typo-- this place offers General Tso's Chicken AND General Chin's Chicken.  Whose this General Chin but more importantly What's His Chicken All About.  My GUESS is that presumably its some sort of offshoot of General Tso's. Not something completely different.  Even though it's a completely different General.  General Tso and General Chin, can't get two different generals at all!  Where General Tso ZIGS General Chin ZAGS.  Which are BOTH exciting words because the first letter, "Z," is the 2nd most exciting letter of the alphabet.  Gotta imagine that translates to Chinese-- Mandarin AND/OR Cantonese.  Their versions of, "Z," are the 2nd best with them, too!
I get tired just looking at Chinese Language Symbols without understanding them.  Each letter is a freakin abstract design picture!  I can get engrossed by a single letter trying to figure out what its all about!  You can't have PICTURES for letters is the point.  A picture is worth a thousand words.  A letter can't be a thousand words!  Having a letter be ONE word is even stretching it!  I had a BREAKFAST today.  Two Blueberry Eggos!  Which lets be honest is just Two Eggos!  Yeah there's DOTS of blue throughout the eggo and there is a slight TINGE of Blue Flavor with them but it's just garnish!  Window Dressing!  Practically Totally Aesthetic!  Still though blueberry eggos are BY FAR the best flavor of eggos.  I am capable of holding both Eggo Impressions in my head at the same time.  Go figure!
     Last paragraph.
Hey 2 days in a row of Old Crazysheet Standard.  Go figure!  Just has 2/3rds of an APPLE.  I got apples for some reason!  Now I have to eat them!  Ate 2/3rds of one!  Go figure.  General Tso's Chicken.  THEMS FIGHTING WORDS.  Really giving us both a lot of credit that you'd decide to see the pun in, "General Tso's Chicken," without my drawing any attention to the different way of interpreting it.  I just gave you a clue!  THERE IS A PUN IN THERE.  Which makes GENERAL TSO BEING CHICKEN FIGHTING WORDS.  Explicitly saying GENERAL TSO BEING CHICKEN is the right way to interpret First Sentence makes the pun all but apparent!  IT'S APPARENT.  I JUST TOLD YOU!!  You've got ALL the clues you'll ever need to deduce the pun at this point!  The point is, you don't wanna antagonize a GENERAL with an ARMY by calling him chicken.  He's got TROOPS!  That's no bueno for you.  Unless you have more troops.  AND are already at war.  In which case calling him out is not gonna make a big difference in the scheme of things.  Already at war.  Could motivate your army or his army one way or another.  No telling who would benefit, though.  Anyway.

-4:07 P.M.




Sunday, April 18, 2021

It's Been A While

    No it hasn't.  Anyway today is solidly a Sunday!  Kinda felt like a Monday to me!  Off by one day!  If you're off by any more than one day you're not doin' too good!  Anyway, gonna Cut Hair today assuming I can find my Haircutting Machine.  Solid 75% chance I can find it.  Not in my room or bathroom!  That narrows it down a bit.  Today I get to have a delicious meal that isn't stuffed filet of sole or porked chops!  First time since oh I don't know Three Days ago!  I'm thinkin' pair salad with mini corned beef sandwich.  Listened to Born To Run: The Born To Run Album by Bruce Springstein this morning.  I'm glad I got that out of the way!  That's the best part of appreciating great music!  Alright solidly appreciated it now I don't have to appreciate it again maybe for the rest of my life?  What a load of my back.
Cool!  Maybe it's just me but all those songs sounded the same to me.  All songs sound the same to me!  They're all SOUNDS and WHATNOT.  You show me a song that isn't sounds and THEN I'll be impressed.  Really hope I can find haircutting machine.  I was looking forward to getting a haircut machine haircut.  Haircut in general I need!  But I'm gonna be honest I'm very interested to see what this personal haircut machine is capable of!  Good or bad, it's a great experience.  Either way I may not have to do this again for the rest of my life?  What a load off my back.  I've listened to the song Born II Run before.  Dozens of times!  It's a good song!  Too bad all the other songs sound like it but are only 40% as good.  Too much Born To Runs!  Dilutes the REAL Born To Run!
     Wonderful!  Closing in on 2 days without Twitter.  My mental health is through the roof!  Go figure.  Negative part about watching Prison Shows is knowing I have practically no chance of surviving in prison without getting exploited for money/goods, beat up, or raped.  Because I'm so short!  Best chance I Have is to do a Fight Club.  By which I MEANT to say I would beat myself up and they're like well mission accomplished I guess he took care of it himself.  ALTHOUGH a BETTER way to go is to ORGANIZE a prison fight club.  This would work especially well if they've never seen the movie!  They think I came up with this myself!  They'd be like this guy is a GENIUS I LOVE PRISON FIGHT CLUB.  And also I don't participate.  I supervise.  Design the brackets.
     I assume in Fight Club its just random fighting.  No brackets.  No title for the best Fight Clubber.  That would sort of take away from the whole ethos of the program.  I don't think they should even declare a winner.  I mean, sure, most of the time you know who came out on top.  But who cares?  They're both winners as far as I'm concerned!  Also do they ever do Tag Team Matchups?  I think that would be a good Team Building Exercise.  That's my hot take!  Also I'm OKAY with Fight Club when they're just fighting each other but NOT when they become terrorists!  That's where I draw the line!  Also, yeah, I know, first rule of fight club is don't talk about fight club.  Say I DO talk about fight club?  Whatcha gonna do about it?  FIGHT ME?  I AM ALREADY ON BOARD WITH THAT.
     Cool!  I haven't seen Fight Club in a long time.  Good!  It's a stressful movie!  The main character goes through a lot of stress over the course of 2 hours and why would I want to watch that!  No fun for anyone!   Just looked at my Patriotism Calendar and calculated this is day 11 of Post PID (Personal Independence Day) Life.  Go figure!  I've been listening to music on walks.  Maybe 2 or 3 walks with podcasts!  Less than I anticipated!  Maybe 4!  Still less than I anticipated!  Figure I'll work my way to that at some point.  But there's no lists of 100 best podcast episodes that I can refer to!  Without that, I'd just be listening to RELATIVELY ABOVE AVERAGE podcasts LIKE A CHUMP.  Anyway I'll be back in a little bit. 




What Am I Supposed To Do

    I have lunch!  Right now!  We're talkin miniature corned beef sandwich PLUS Individual Serving Size of Chicken Caesar Salad!  All in all a nice Healthy, Hearty Lunch.  Corned beef is healthy because it's Sandwich Filling.  Anyway, started listening to Superchunk: The Band Of Jon Wurster Fame.  So far it's okay!  Also coming to terms that relatively speaking, 50% of great bands apparently all their songs sound the same to me!  Maybe that's ON ME!  We've progressed to a point in Music History where what was originally originality, so, at first, each song sounded distinct in their individuality, now sounds the same!  Because the uniqueness effect has been diminished by Me Being More Used To It!  That makes FORTY PERCENT SENSE.  That's a hill I'm FORTY PERCENT willing to die on!
     Hey we found my Haircutting Apparatus.  It was in the first place my Mom looked.  My Mom is on top of things!  Well, this one thing!  Watching Old Ladies on TV and Film, I think my Mom should be comforted and encouraged by the fact that for Old People, she's VERY young.  I've seen old people in FILM that are 10, 15 years older than her!  Early 70's, you're way ahead of the game!  Enjoy it is the point I'm trying to make to you and not to her but meant for her and not meant for you.  Go figure.  Even into your late 70's, you're pretty young for being pretty old.  That's my hot take!  Anyway almost done with season II of SIXTY DAYS IN.  What's sixty in Roman Numerals.  What's a 50.  Is that L.  Better LTURQ.  YEP IT'S AN L.  Knocked that educated guess out of the park.  60 is LX.  So is Lexington Kentucky.  I knew Lexington was a city AND that it was in Kentucky.  I've got a lot to be proud of myself for.  They abbreviate it LEX, though.  But that's because They're Idiots!
     What else.  Right now, thinking about doing a 3 Part Entry.  Have I done one of those since PID?  I dunno!  No way to find out!  Man oh man I'm gonna have some Cut Hair soon.  I wouldn't lie to you.  What would be my motive.  What is the city of Lexington, Kentucky known for.  Better LTURQ.  For posterity's sake.  Hmm based on quick scan of Wikipedia article they have HIGHWAYS, sports team, CULTURE, and a Metropolitan Area.  I feel like that's all I needed to know.  I started reading sentences that were slightly more intensive than what I just said and I'm Not On Board with finishing those sentences!  Got all I needed to get out of Table of Contents from the Wikipedia Page.
     So I got that going for me.  I dunno if I'm gonna get a shave with my haircut.  I'd have to consult my Dad whether that's in the cards or not.  Whether I can do it myself.  Whether he'll do it for me.  Whether the Haircutting Device can somehow figure to do it without human involvement.  Presumably one of those three things.  Probably can fit in a shower &/or bath after Act II and Haircut Enterprise.  Almost definitely!  Let's say 98%! Anyway the last week I've been TOTALLY wearing fresh clothes.  The first week of PID I was wearing unwashed SHIRTS and SOCKS.  That's no good!  What if people were judging me by smell?  They were like well this guy may or may not have COVID only way to determine is to SMELL him and yes that increases the risk we'd get it but It's Worth It, it's nice to KNOW, so it's worth it.  Ok, sure.
     Last paragraph of Act II!  I must have made this point before but I think we can all agree smell is the worst sense.  It has SOME evolutionary purposes, I'm not saying it's not worth it in the grand scheme of things.  But what do we get out of it.  Hmm something smells good.  Well if it smells so good LET'S JUST EAT IT.  Even more pleasurable to eat something that smells good than to just smell it!  That's a HILL.  I may or may not have to die on it!  I don't make the rules!  They also say that Eating Taste is actually Half Smell but I'm pretty sure they're lying.  Better LTURQ.  Maybe I dreamt that insight-em-up.  That what we think is taste is actually Half Smell.  Nope, indeed, that's what they say.  Like I said though, they're probably lying.  What else.  I'll be back in a bit.




You Know What I Mean

    Finished Superchunk album.  Got what I needed to get out of it!  Upon further introspection, I also got what I was supposed to get out of Bruce Springstein!  I've gotten what I was supposed to get out of EVERYTHING so far except R.E.M-- Murmur.  I APPRECIATED it.  Maybe that's all I was supposed to get out of it?  Also of all bands so far I've listened to the most R.E.M. in my past by a considerable margin!  I just didn't, "Dig," this album!  Get off my back about it!  HEY I cut my hair.  I cut 50% of my hair and then my Dad cut the other 50% of my hair.  Totally reasonable haircut!  Not 100% perfect but 92% perfect!  Also didn't get what I was supposed to get out of the Sex Pistons.  I appreciated it!  Probably even MORE than Murmur.  Go figure!
Hey gotta figure out next album to listen to.  This is a tough one!  Maybe listen to another Superchunk Band album.  I started, "Dagging," it the second half of On your Mouth.  Anyway.  Haircut went good.  Shaved facial hair, too!  Only thing that went bad was when I was shaving, which I did before haircut, was I cut myself in the first 2 seconds.  This is designed to be Child Proof in cutting yourself and I did it immediately.  HEY! THEY SAID, "CHILD PROOF."  They never said, "INFANT PROOF."  Which is what I am it turns out.  Oh well what can you do.  I'm a little concerned about too many bands having, "SUPER," in their name.  Seems like they should get together somewhere and figure this one out.
     I don't know how many paragraphs this Act III is supposed to be!  No one ever told me specific guidelines!  Not fair!  I finished watching Season II of 60 Days In Jail.  Except for 2 episodes!  Penultimate episode was Best Of Season II.  I already saw ALL of Season II.  Skip that episode, already seen it!  Ultimate episode is where are they now.  I don't care!  Unless they're back in prison.  THAT'D be interesting.  But I'm not gonna waste my time hoping against hope they ended up back in prison.  I got better things to do!  Like start SEASON III!!!  Brand new jail!  I can't wait to get INSIDE the operations of THIS new enterprise!
Penultimate paragraph.  First two acts were 5.  Might as well do a 5 paragraph Act III and go for the, "Whole Cra zys heet."  Is there anyone who Gets Anything Out Of These Types of Paragraphs.  Let's call it The Entire Act III.  I'm gonna assume it's very rare that people LIKE it.  But is there a decent amount of people who APPRECIATE acts like this?  My guess is I dunno we're already Assuming A Lot by thinking that there are people who may read this in any sense.  That's step one in the wrong direction already.  Oh well what can you do.  JAIL PROGRAMME'S, "WHERE ARE THEY NOW?"  IT'S not even NOW anymore for when you're saying is NOW.  You SAY you're giving me the most up to date information but IT'S NOT EVEN.  I'd like to go through the rest of my life appreciating everything AND/OR getting what I need to get out of things.  That's the point I guess.
     Last paragraph!  Putting food in oven Oh I Don't Know as soon as entry is done.  What else.  The hair isn't 100% perfectly cut, no more than 90% even, but the GIST of the haircut is the best hair cut I've had in years!  The front and top and whatnot.  I like it!  Kinda makes me feel like haircutters are practically just pulling practical jokes on me by giving me subpar haircuts.  Sure I've not always seen the same barber.  Not always the same barber shop.  But they see me and they're like gonna give this Fool a bad haircut.  That'll teach him for being a Joke.  I can't STAND this Simpleton just looking at him.  I don't like Dumbies and that's what this guy is I can tell just by looking at him.  Oh well ya live and learn.  I'll be back tomorrow presumably!

-6:35 P.M.





Saturday, April 17, 2021

I Couldn't Agree More

    Hey!  Title could have been used before!  That's life!  Since Pandemic Quarantine Started I've used over 1000 unique titles per my intensive calculations.  That's life!  What kind of new music have I listened to?  Why it's only Big Star-- Third.  Okay stuff!  A couple of songs entertained me!  The rest were pretty solidly appreciated!  Also the great news is I found an old pair of earphones that work!  I believe the standard Apple Earphones that come with phone &/or iPod.  Wonderful!  Still gonna get wireless headphones when I get my TV for safety!  Safety first!  That's what they teach you in Kindergarten.  VERY similar to what they teach you in med school.  First Do No Harm.  Everything I Ever Needed To Learn About Being A Doctor I Learned In Kindergarten.  Book Premise I'm trying to sell.  Then get someone else to write it.  But I make a little bit coordinating the book.  Sounds about right.
Watching more 60 DAYS IN.  That's life, I guess.  No Twitter in close to a day!  I feel great!  Gonna have Delicious Lunch in a couple of hours.  Followed by a Delicious Dinner half a dozen hours after that.  In the meantime though what's going on and crap.  Should I become a GAMER.  I get a new tv and I'm like I'ma get the latest Video Game Station.  Buy some GAMES.  I dunno.  Games are scary.  You never know what kind of horrifying Interaction you'll have in a video game.  Just walking around and then some sort of MONSTER confronts you out of nowhere!  That kind of stuff CAN HAPPEN in over 50% of games.  I don't need to be shocked by monsters both in SIGHT and SOUND.  I got BETTER things to do.  Even just REGULAR video game playing.  Take Grand Theft Auto.  You steal a car from somebody by pulling them out of the car and throwing them to the ground.  You get in the car.  Let's say you don't take off right away.  You hang around over 3 seconds... THAT GUY IS GONNA OPEN THE DOOR AND THROW YOU OUT OF THE CAR.  HORRIFYING!  I got enough problems, I don't need GUYS THROWING ME OUT OF CARS.
     I'm guessing they discontinued the Prostitution Practice they had in Grant Theft Auto III because it inspired controversy.  It was kind of weird from the start.  The premise was you can pick up a prostitute, after seeing them they REPLENISH YOUR HEALTH, and then the common practice is to then run them over and take your money back.  It was the last part that was very controversial.  But upon further introspection, if you've been shot, I don't think a blow job is gonna replenish your health!  Might distract you from he pain but you've still been shot!  Unless WE THOUGHT these ladies were all street walkers but maybe They're All Street DOCTORS.  THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING.  Except for still not good to run over doctors.  Arguably WORSE.  No not worse.  That doesn't sound right, either!  ARGUABLY.  Picking up street walkers is scary, anyway.  What if THEY throw me out of the car.  The game is called Grand Theft Auto for a reason.  Everyone's stealing everyone's cars.  It's chaos!
     Anyway.  SPORTS GAMES.  Those games aren't scary.  No monsters in those games.  Just GOOD CLEAN FUN.  Still not gonna get a Game System.  Not now, at least.  Maybe later!  What else is going on and crap.  Gotta figure out next album to listen to.  No one's gonna figure it out for me!  What else. Finish Porked Chops for lunch.  That's how I roll in the near immediate future.  What if there's a Rogue Agent-Smith type pitcher in a Baseball Video Game who tries to hit ever batter in the head.  That sounds pretty scary!  I dunno.  Game probably has it set up that they throw the pitcher out after 2 Hit By Pitches.  Then again maybe the Agent Smith Pitcher has SPREAD to the ENTIRE TEAM'S PITCHING STAFF.  In which case what happens after all 26 roster members have hit batters over 2 times each.  Because that's whets happening.  Non stop hit by pitches, going through pitcher after pitcher.  So what happens?  Forfeit?  Interesting scenario, I dunno!





I Can't Complain

    Hey!  Started listening to a new album!  The inaugural Built to Spill album!  Get off my back about it!  There's gotta be other video games that aren't potentially scary.  Soccer?  Does soccer count as a sport?  Gottem.  What about some sort of Space Age Tetris.  It's tetris but very advanced.  Remember how they used to say that Trump was playing 4 Degree Tetris.  That's how that goes.  Remember how they used to say Trump was playing 3 degree chess?  Well, he was!  He just wasn't very good at it.  Go figure.  Also, he wasn't.  The main jist of that joke makes sense but lets talk about it he wasn't even attempting to play 3 degree chess.  Not sure what game he was trying to play.  Off the top of my head BATTLESHIP?  But just because that's a halfway funny decent reference for this paragraph.  Not because he was ACTUALLY playing battleship. 
  60/40 odds that Trump doesn't know how to play chess.  I'd say it's more likely than not he doesn't know the rules to chess.  No judgment!  Just because he's too stupid to understand the rules of a game 5 year olds can play doesn't mean anything!  He's probably good in other attributes!  I don't think it's FAIR in 60 Days In when they have multiple plants in the same pod.  It shifts the entire balance of power in the pod to People Who Don't Wanna Start Shit!  If there's people who don't wanna start shit in the pod, and a new person comes, they're not gonna wanna start shit.  At This Rate NO ONE IS EVER GONNA START SHIT.  And THEN WHERE WOULD YOUR PRECIOUS TV CONTENT BE.
Penultimate paragraph.  Had a delicious breakfast today!  It was a delicious pop tart!  Got CEREAL for first time in a year from Super Market Delivery.  "Heritage Flakes."  Makes me think of Confederacy Heads &/Or other White Supremacists.  Go figure!  It's good, though.  Similar to my beloved Product 19, but more nutrients, but more calories, and more fancy.  Guess I'll take some sort of shower when this is over.  Pretty much the main kind of showers.  Hmm.  Now I wanna read an internet list Top 9 Kinds of Showers Ranked.  Off the top of my head I can only think of regular and sitting down.  We all know my affinity for Sit Down BathShowers.  But now I'm just thinking regular Sit Down Showers.  Feels like a good way to mix it up today.  Why Yes , I Am Insane!
Sit down showers are a thing.  For disabled people!  Yep that seems to check out.  One positive thing about Jail Program is you see people who are half naked or 3/4ths naked and you realize oh yeah Most Regular Men have really unappealing bodies.  Not just me.  Weird Dumb Chubby Guts hanging out all over the place, that's the main take away.  Plus, when I'm done dieting, I'ma have NO GUT.  Gonna look nice all things considered!  Why, I'll be the Envy of all imprisoned Men everywhere!  On further introspection that doesn't sound good!  Kinda got into Big Star the 2nd half of album.  Got more accostmed to Getting What I Was Supposed To Get out of it.  So I got that going for me is the point!  I'll be back tomorrow presumably.

-2:44 P.M.





Friday, April 16, 2021

Another Day Closer To What

    Hey!  It's been roughly Almost A Day since I finished last entry.  More music listened to!  On some SONIC YOUTH now.  I never in my life thought I'd listen to Sonic Youth!  I used to think when I Was a kid, I'm gonna do a lot of things in life.  So much time to do stuff.  One thing I'll never do though is Listen To Sonic Youth.  Shows how much I know!  So far pretty good!  I like it!  I was thinking about how certainly at some point in the next decade I will be past middle aged In My Life Specifically.  Say, 8 years from now.  I'm 40.  80 Seems like a reasonable goal to make.  So in less than NINE years I'll have less left than what came before.  SAVE ME, SONIC YOUTH!!!  I dunno.  Nine years is a long time.  Think of how much I can accomplish in nine years.  ... Comin up blank but presumably there's something I can do for the next 9 years.
Wonderful.  Hey you're not gonna believe this I lost the Ear Phone Cushion to the OTHER side.  Now I'm operating with NO CUSHIONS.  Sound suffers.  Ability to Stick In My Ear suffers!  Gonna get a pair of cheap HEAD phones.  Love it!  Cover my entire ears with some Softness Cushion.  Sounds like an ideal scenario even WITHOUT music or spoken word being involved!  Nice and comfy pillow for my ears!  Anyway.  Maybe the cheaper ear phones will be More Treble.  Then look whose coming out on top in yet another metric!!!  It's me!  I'm coming out on top in yet another metric in this presumably possible scenario!  HEY got an entire 2 dinners last night!  Like I told you!  Stuffed Filet of Sole and Porked Chops!  Upon further introspection, while inspecting the meals, YEP I'ma divide each one into 3 meals.  That's six overall!  I Crunched The Numbers And Everything!  I had PORKED chops last night.  Delicious!
     Hey, great!  Accepted Super Market Delivery this morning!  Fridge is Packed To The Brims!  Is that an expression?  Something about, "Brims."  Maybe it's like Overflowing At The Brims.  Better LTURQ I gotta know What The Hell, "Brims," means.  I dunno if I'm using it QUITE correctly but it's in the general spirit of what I'm trying to say.  As a VERB it's "Be full to the point of overflowing."  I'm using it as some sort of PLURAL NOUN.  And ya know what I STAND BY IT.  Getting my hair cut by some sort of tandem of Me and My Dad this weekend.  I dunno how much will be me cutting my hair with his guidance and/or how much would be him with... HIS... guidance.  I'm giving No Guidance either way.  Oh well what can ya do.  Anyway.  Next time Doctor Physiatrist asks if I've been cutting myself I'm gonna have to say YES.  HAIR IS MYSELF.  That's a hill I will DIE on.  Hair is part of me as long as it's attached to me!  Also doctor doesn't ask me about cutting myself.  I've given Doctor Pshyctraist no past indications that that's a possibility.  Go Figure!
     What else is going on and crap.  Nail Clipper is cutting myself.  Well, CLIPPING myself.  But clippings and cuttings are first cousins.  Anyway HEY after this paragraph I get to take a Real Nice Break.  Probably do nothing for a while, take a walk, then come back with lunch and part II of entry.  That's my current plan!  Not 100% sure which Dinner to have for lunch!  Fish makes the most sense because PRESUMABLY you wanna go back and forth between the meals.  I dunno, though!  I can see myself eating some pork chops for 2 consecutive meals (AT LEAST).  I'll keep you updated on this situation as it progresses & whatnot.  The point is I'll be back in a little bit.




The Balls In Your Court

    I think the most fashionable thing I did in high school was, for somewhere between 1 and 4 semesters, I had nice headphones that I wore around my neck at all times.  I dunno if I went into it thinking I'MA LOOK SUPER COOL LIKE THIS but upon further introspection I DEFINITELY LOOKED LIKE THE COOLEST KID IN SCHOOL.  Also no walk or lunch before this paragraph.  Decided to write a couple of paragraphs before all that!  So far so good!  I'MA FASHIONABLE GUY is the point I'm trying to make!  It's an important point!  I'm starting to contemplate a Life Change of stopping reading political-news twitter.  Or maybe ALL consumption of political-news (as much as I can).  And/Or maybe ALL reading ANY Twitter.  I feel like I've given myself a lot to think about it.
     I remember thinking when Joe Biden won well at least we have Democracy for the immediate future, anything else that happens, we can count on that.  Then came all the states Rolling Back Democracy.  And I'm like oop we don't have that it turns out.  DAMNIT I HATE IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS.  But the point is I Can Stop Following Anyway!  What's the worst that could happen.  They need my immediate input on some news-political story and I'm not there to absorb the news and be prompted.  That DOES sound like a worst case scenario, but not very likely IMO.  Also is it just me or is Every News Story Political Now.  Hmm school shooting.  Well that's about gun control.  I'm not saying we shouldn't think about that.  Maybe not the best example!  Hmm what's a better example.  Hmm Daylight Savings Time.  That's either an extra hour or one less hour, I FORGET WHICH, which REPUBLICANS CAN USE TO... ROLL BACK VOTING.  LET'S STICK WITH THAT ISSUE.
  What else is going on and crap.  Headphones these days don't have wires.  At first I was like that's NO GOOD I LIKE A NICE HEARTY WIRE.  Then I was like well that's dumb this is empirically more convenient and SAFER.  Wire headphones increase the likelihood I choke myself to death.  Still not very likely but I think we can all empirically agree it definitely ups the odds.  Also I don't know the science behind it, but is it possible someone nearby with headphones can hack into my phone and listen to the music I'm listening to?  In which case... NET POSITIVE.  I've made a new Music Buddy in this scenario!  Let's exchange notes on what we think about Daydream Nation by The Sonic Youths.  I LIKE IT SO FAR!
one more paragraph and then I take Break!  Saw last night that they have KINGPIN for FREE on Youtube with ads.  I'm halfway through it all over again!  And I really like the Heck out of it all over again!  I'm can't get enough of Kingpin in my life, that's my patented hot take.  Food Delivery last night gave us a Bonus Desert to show their appreciation to us as customers and it was Chocolate Cake and I had a forkful of Chocolate Cake and it was delicious!  I got no problems with cake, in fact, all things being equal, I have a solidly positive opinion of cake!  Hmm am I detecting notes of ESPRESSO in this chocolate cake?!  Well, I KNOW I am.  I could be right or wrong about it.  But my Detection Powers are noting espresso whether its really there or not!



I Wonder What The Next Title Will Be

    No I don't.  I PLANNED on Wondering It but thus far have devoted very little or NONE brain power to it.  Hey I got lunch going.  We're talkin some Stuffed Filet of Sole (The, "Stuffed," is, "Crab Meat!"), half a baked potato, A LARGE PIECE of broccoli and a NICE HEARTY slice of Challah bread!  Delicious!  Finished a bottle of Diet Dr Pepper.  Delicious!  Everything tastes better when It's The Last You Have Of It!  You've committed a Productive by finishing it and it no longer taking space in your fridge or pantry, PLUS you appreciate it because There's No More for the very immediate future!  WHAT A FUCKING PARAGRAPH.  GOLD STARS ALL AROUND.  FOR ME.  I GET ALL THE GOLD STARS, BUT ALL AROUND ME!
  Not 100% what the next album I listen to would be.  Not even 50% sure!  The sound is very Tiny AND Tiney, assuming that's a word, which it isn't, that means what I think it means, which it can't, because it's not a word.  Anyway the sound is TINY because I turn them volumes all the way up and still very light.  TIney because WITHOUT CUSHIONS the Treble is suddenly very prominent!  But like I said TINY.  Anyway I can get some sort of shower or bath whenever I want today!  Sometimes I have to Not Do Anything And Listen For Doorbell To Accept Package.  Because my parents can't to that for some reason.  Today all packages have been delivered!  MY AFTERNOON IS WIDE OPEN!  Also might as well try to go a day without Twitter.  My Afternoon Is WAY TOO OPEN.  Now there's NOTHING to be done.  Oh well such is life.
  Don't think I'm gonna be watching the 60 Days Into Jail Program anymore.  I've MATURED from my Watch TV About Jail Especially Docu Series phrase!  YES I SAID, "PHRASE," ON PURPOSE.  I've moved onto Watch TV About BASEBALL Phrase ASSUMING I GET A TV.  That's one of the main motivating factors to finally getting my TV!  After a few years with zero interest in baseball I'm BACK INTO IT and I can only watch baseball on A TV!  And also that kills lots of time!  These games go on forever!  For some reason they think that's a bad thing!  They're desperately trying to think of ways to make the games go quicker!  What are they DUMB or something!  The longer the game is, the more we're getting for our money!  Longer games are empirically better!  That settles that!
     Last paragraph!  HEY I just remembered I got POP TARTS from Super Market Delivery.  I'm not gonna have one now.  But JUST KNOWING THAT ITS THERE is Great Just Great.  Anyway.  Last few days I've realized after the entry, over and over, that there's a pun to be made from talking about The Replacements and apparently Tucker Carlson  has been explicitly talking about the Replacement Theory that white people are being replaced by non white people.  And its a bad thing.  There ya go!  Finally got that out of the way.  Anyway just had a Fiber One BROWNIE for desert.  It's healthy because FIBER.  Fiber is the healthiest you can get PER Snack Health Propaganda.  I believe it, I dunno why I'm implying they're untrustworthy when they say fiber is good.  Maybe they blow it out of proportion A LITTLE BIT.  Or maybe THAT'S ON US.  They're just saying its good and WE'RE THE ONES who take it TOO seriously.  Huh?  Also in this paragraph, "We," and, "Us," means, "Me," and, "Myself."  Go figure.  See ya later!

-3:00 P.M.



Thursday, April 15, 2021

I Can Do Better

    Hello Friends.  Listened to some more music!  I like the routine of listening to music then referring to it on website because it makes sure I will REMEMBER that I listened to this music!  HOWEVER I like even MORE not giving hot takes No Matter How Patented They Are because they're Dumb and Boring.  So as of now NO UPDATES TODAY.  Have I listened to more music since yesterday?  You bet!  Gotta use your imagination for which music I've listened to.  HERE'S A HINT-- the word Imagination is a BIG CLUE for the album I have lined up to listen to next after finishing the album I'm halfway through.  BIG Hint.  Send me your guesses!  emailname@domainname.commercial Anyway, bad news!  I finished the season of 60 Days In with the people in prison and was overjoyed to be done with it.  No more prison for me!  Turns out there's six seasons.  All about jail.  For some reason I thought this was a show where each season they go 60 days in to various jobs and routines and settings. Nope.  All Jail All The Time.  I'll keep you updated on this situation as it progresses.
What else is going on and crap.  Gonna get some nice Delivery tonight.  We're talking Diner Delivery.  Diner Dinner.  We're talkin' gonna get enough for 5-6 meals.  Why it's only a Stuffed Filet Of Sole dinner which will potentially be as much as 3 dinners.  We're talkin another dinner which will potentially be as much as 3 dinners.  Maybe a TURKEY Platter.  Maybe some sort of CHICKEN.  Possibly something as extravagant as PORKED CHOPS.   The good news is yeah I TOTALLY know how to spilt up Sides with dinner for it to be 3 meals.  Obviously I'm splitting up main course into 3.  That's OBVIOUS.  As for the rest-- 2 meals have half a potato, 3rd meal has soup.  I guess it looks like I Just Have It All Figured Out, Don't I.  Yes!  Indeed!  It DOES look that way! 
     Is there a way we can raise recognition of either the best possible NYC Mayor candidate or maybe I'd even settle for the second or third best?  Yang seems like a cool guy because he's got a Yang Gang (BRILLIANT MARKETING) but I think we can do a lot better for mayor of NYC.  How about this, Hmm, let's settle on the SECOND best candidate to get behind.  First best is just wishful thinking, whomever that is.  Second Best, whomever that is, seems like a good compromise.  That makes a lot of sense per my understanding.  SCOTT STRINGER?  I've heard of that name before.  You don't forget a name like Scott Stringer!  Maya Wiley?  Why I've only been operating under the assumption She's The Best!  Well she's no good, then.  Gotta figure out whose second best.  SCOTT STRINGER?  My instinct tells me... NO. 
     Whatever.  SIX SEASONS OF, "SIXTY DAYS IN?"  That adds up to just over A YEAR.  I don't like the sound of that! HMM I WAS WRONG.  Working Family Party-- a progressive group-- endorsed Scott Stringer NUMBER ONE.  Wiley is down at NUMBER THERE (but still endorsed).  Two is Why It's Only Dianne Morales.  So what I'm trying to say is lets all get behind Dianne Morales.  In my mind she's #3.  I think I'm comfortable making a compromise to settle on 3rd best candidate.  But NO LOWER.  That's where I draw the line!  Anyway, I lost one of the cushions for my earbuds.  Luckily I was able to find a good enough replacement cushion!  Not one that came with it!  Came with another pair.  But it was the right size!  Crisis Averted!  I know you're wondering, will that effect the sound?  YES.  But from experience using it NOT TOO MUCH.  I'll be back in a little bit.



Take It For Granted

    This past walk, Alternative Earbud didn't work so well.  Could barely hear out of it!  Worked better with no Cushion at all!  With no cushion, it SOUNDED good but it didn't feel 100% SNUG in ear.  Stuck in there well enough in with practice but it FELT like it would constantly fall out!  MOVING ON.  I guess I'll watch some more 60 Days In.  This time around though everyone gets the benefit of the doubt!  I wish nothing but the best for these people.  Except for some of them.  On a People By People basis.  From what I can tell-- could be wrong-- each season is the same jail.  Six seasons.  Gotta imagine by season THREE or so the prisoners are kinda ready for it.  Anyway the good news is I have delicious lunch of Frozen Meal + Bonus Frozen Chicken Nuggets going on right now!  Go figure!
Wonderful.  Lets say 3 paragraphs to go for today.  Got 2 walks in, 2 to go!  I did 4 walks yesterday for first time!  Probably gonna stick with it!  Not only is it arguably a better routine, but it adds up to pretty close to an extra pound lost a month!  Go Figure & Whatnot!  Watched The Taking of Some Deborah Logan last night and this morning!  Creepy movie!  There's an old lady in it whose creepy!  It's been my experience that Old Ladies are the creepiest of all people.  I can't relate to them because they're old and I can't relate to them because they're ladies.  YA LOST ME.  Also I can't relate to ANYONE because they're Not Me.  Why narrow it down.  Go figure.
  Branching out into other music genres.  The main thing all music I'm listening to have in common is Widely Commonly Regarded as Some Of The Greatest Musics That's Out There.  That's where I Draw the line!  Not enough soda to last me through today!  What the Hell.  Probably talked about this before but the main reason diet soda is the best is because it's the HEARTIEST of zero calorie beverages!  Coffee is pretty Hearty-- probably more so-- but I PERSONALLY drink it with milk &/or cream.  No longer zero calorie!  Also coffee has SOME calorie.  No longer zero calorie!  What about Vitamin Water Zero!  Delicious but I wouldn't say Hearty.  Anyway putting together a Hearty Super Market Delivery Order for this week.  More stuff than I got last week.  Still lots of room for Non- Super Deliveries, though!
    I think going through Mostly-New-To-Me Wonderful Hearty Music isn't captivating enough, but I'll spend a paragraph about diet soda and food delivery orders.  Yep that checks out pretty well.  Nothin' wrong there.  Hey another day with an entry down.  I took a single day break, right?  When Old Quarantine Routine ended.  Took a day off.  Then came back.  Now pretty much operating under the assumption I'm gonna be writing every day again.  Yeah BUT LESS.  II think that's something we can all get on board with.  After 2nd Built to Spill album, listened to Cat Stevens' Tea For The Tillerman, then listened to Replacements Pleased To Meet Me, now listening to John Lennon's Imagine.  FOR POSTERITY'S SAKES.  I think that covers everything.  I'll see you tomorrow!  IS THERE AN ALBUM I'M FORGETTING?  POSSIBLY.  It could be ANY album.  Why... it could even be... YOURS!!  Happy Halloween.  See ya tomorrow.

-2:04 P.M.




Wednesday, April 14, 2021

You Know What

    I feel bad for saying I only Appreciate some music.  Too harsh!  Gonna keep that stuff to myself from now on!  I dunno, we should all be so lucky to be appreciated.  I guess.  I've come Full Circle!  I guess.  Anyway here's some more music I've appreciated AT LEAST-- The Replacements: "Tim."  Listened to it last night!  Liked it a lot!  One Review Down.  Robert Johnson: "King Of The Delta Blues Players: Halfway Through It Personally: This Isn't Part Of The Title: It's Me Talking."  Pretty good!  Every song sounds the same, but It's A Pretty Good Song!  Another Review Down.  Anyway, here's a save-em-up I thought of last night, then was like this isn't worth writing down at all.  If I forget this it's probably for the best overall.  Then today I remembered it.  Here IT IS--- "Sammy Davis JEW-Nyer."  That's it!  First paragraph done.
     My latest evidence that I'm A Bad Person is while watching this 60 Days In season with civilians going into prison undercover.  Are prisoners Not Also Civilians?   Of course they are.  In the SHOW they called the Undercovers, "Civilians," as a way to distinguish them from criminals.  Upon further introspection HOW DARE YOU.  But, anyway, I want the random people to have bad stuff happen to them.  I WANT to see them fuck up and get themselves in trouble with the guards, yes, but ESPECIALLY the inmates!  It's FUN.  Half the time I'm a Regular Moralled Man and just want everything to work out.  But some of these civilian-people got ATTITUDES and them getting knocked down a peg or two isn't necessarily the worst thing in the world of High Quality Television.  That's the main thing.  You don't go in with an attitude?  Wish you all the best.  Go in there with an attitude?  Get what's comin' to ya!
     That settles that.  I don't want them to DIE or get RAPED.  I don't even want them to get moderately assaulted!  I just want them to maybe just FEEL like they MIGHT die or get raped or get moderately assaulted.  That fear in their mind is more than enough Consequence for Attitude.  Anyway, what else is going on and crap.  Where do I come down on Light Assault?  Look at that on a Case by Case basis.  What else.  After a few songs I was able to tell differences between Robert Johnson Songs.  Slight differences!  Mostly the same song!  But, Boy oh boy, do I APPRECIATE them songs.  I appreciate him!  I appreciate this entire Music Enterprise Thing that we've got going on!
One more paragraph for Act I!  I like four paragraph Acts AS OF NOW.  It's got a good track record going with 3 or 4 entries with those sized acts.  Wonderful.!  Gonna give myself a haircut in the next few days.  We got Hair Cut kit a few months back but I haven't used it yet.  Dad did!  Said it wasn't too difficult or intensive!  Gonna give that a shot!  What's the worst that could happen.  I slip and slit my neck with the razor, causing death.  Yeah that sounds like ONE OF THE WORST things that could happen. I feel like if I tried I could figure out even WORSE things.  Somehow.  Hmm.  What could it be.  I slip and cut my DAD's neck, causing him death.  I feel like there could be even WORSE things!  Slip and cut my Dad's neck, then slip again cutting my MOM's neck, causing her death, and then so on and so forth until everyone's dead.  That DOES sounds bad!  Anyway I'll be back in a little bit.




It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This

    Oh well, what can ya do.  Got Pizza going on for lunch.  Got finish Robert Johnson Album for upcoming walk PLUS When That's Done gonna go with start to listen to next Built To Spill album Chronologically after one I listened to a few days ago Why It's Only Called "Perfect from Now On."  Also YES the, "F," in, "From," IS LOWERCASE.  Go figure!  If their music is anywhere NEAR as inventive as their Capitalization choices I Am In For a TREAT.  Anyway.  The most extreme schandenfreude I get from watching Non Criminals in Prison is seeing them get taken advantage of financially.  I can enjoy that under most circumstances, assuming they had it coming to a good degree, but anything more than that I'M NOT ON BOARD WITH!
     In an IDEAL world I'd get Chipotle tonight, but I have House Meatloaf I have to eat.  We don't live in an IDEAL world!  We live in an, "I DEAL," World.  Cracked that code.  I CAN get Chipotle tomorrow, though.  Hopefully I want it EVEN MORE than I did today!  That sounds like a pretty ideal world all in all.  I dunno what to say about the continued (accelerating?) killing of black people by police.  I feel like lets have another #ProtestSummerToRemember but lets not wait until Summer.  We already got a Summer Springtime so basically that's halfway there.  Would I PARTICIPATE in Peaceful Protest?  I dunno, if it was big enough!  Lets say they hyped it REALLY good and it was at a really convenient time and place.  I'd think about it!  The Ball is in YOUR court now!  I don't know who The YOU is in this scenario.  That's why this situation is so frustrating.
Hey, great, what else.  I'm OKAY with how lunch is turning out.  Story of my life.  What else is going on.  If Chauven is pronounced innocent Now We're Talkin some convenient time and placeS for some protesting!  It's a convenient time because it hardly takes any arrangement or coordination at all.  It's a convenient place because hey any place'll do.  We Know What To Do at that point is the point.  What else is going on in the wide world of sports.  I'm glad The World isn't Jail.  I don't wanna be on my guard and not trust anyone and be in constant danger!  I want to be OFF my guard.  And trust EVERYONE.  And be in constant PEACE.  Cracked that code.
Last paragraph of the entry.  I did it!  Yeah!  Figure I'll take a shower when this is over.  Take a walk.  Do some other stuff.  In all sorts of potential orders.  Mostly the order I just wrote them in.  Most likely!  Do we need to be protesting SPECIFIC cases of Police Murdering Black People?  I feel like somewhere in the middle.  We're protesting ALL of them but we're all constantly thinking about EACH SPECIFIC CASE as well.  That sounds tough I'm gonna have to do some research to accumulate all cases of Police Let's Narrow It Down To Killings which I need to be specifically against over the last Few Years Or So.  Seems like the least I can do to be human.  What does me doing that accomplish, though?  Nothing!  Just brings me down!  Hmm this is a tough one.  I'll think about it and keep you updated on this situation as it progresses.  See ya Probably Tomorrow.  Hmm.  My Mom just turned on the washing machine so I can't take a shower.  Go figure.  See ya Probably Tomorrow.

-1:52 P.M.




Tuesday, April 13, 2021

For Your Ears Only

    Hello friends.  It's The Tomorrow From Yesterday.  Last night I listened to, "What's The Matter With Love: The Album That's Actually Called 'There's Nothing Wrong With Love," by The Built To Spill.  I liked it!  I feel like I got what I was supposed to get out of it.  Not bad!  Listened to the first half of "Murmur," By The R.E.M.'s and it's So-So!  I liked First Track a lot and then got kind of bored.  Go Figure!  Some more Patented Hot Takes.  After not particularly liking Sex Pistons I thought I'd make it a Joke-Em-Up where I listen to universally loved albums and just dismiss and shit on them in 1 or 2 sentences.  But WHY.  Spread the Joy & Cheer Around, that's what I say!  Joy & Cheer from listening to Great Stuff I Appreciate, Like, or even LOVE!!!
    I feel like it's VERY easy to, "Appreciate," this music!  I know EMPIRICALLY I'm probably supposed to appreciate it!  And even I just Plain Don't Like A Song at all I can still convince myself to be like, "well at least I'm APPRECIATING this!" Anyway.  I'm sick of my parents Rain Shaming me.  Went out in low end moderate rain last night.  Got Hassled when I got home!  Don't go out in the rain what are you INSANE?! was their main argument.  It wasn't that much rain and besides ya know what I LIKE SOME RAIN QUIT RAIN SHAMING ME.  And that settles that.  We've reached an IMPASSE.  Also is it possible that's THE FIRST TIME I've ever used the word impasse?  Possibly!  I'll use it again, though!  It was fun!
     Cool.  Started watching THE DEPARTED.  I've seen that movie plenty of times!  It's one of the greats!  Also I had closed captioning on for one of the 18 times they play Gimme Shelter by The Rolling Stone in the movie and I was hearing the lyrics to this song WAY Wrong.  Go figure!  I like my version of the lyrics better!  I feel very strongly about this.  Alright I'll tell ya!  Instead of, "It's just a shot away," I thought it was, "He took the shine away!"  Something like that.  Maybe several variations close to that all in all.  Also, it's a good thing that he took the shine away.  I can't explain why but I always felt like it was a Good Thing Going On.  Now I realize the song is about Bad Things!  Go figure!
     I LIKE 4 paragraph acts As Of Now.  SO far they've been treating me right!  I like trying to watch Reviews of TV I'm probably getting and constantly coming to terms with apparently I can't see how the TV looks in terms of picture clarity on account of I'm seeing it through my own monitor with its own clarity.  If I could watch a video of a TV with higher picture quality than the monitor I'm watching it on then That Would Solve All My Problems.  Dunno if that makes sense.  I mean, it was designed to not make sense.  But there's supposed to be logic in its nonsense.  Dunno if that came across!  HEY there's a new Docu Series about BASKETBALL on TNT (Thru HBOMax).  I'm sold!  I'll be back in a little bit.




Fine For The Rest Of Your Senses

    It wasn't about Basketball it was about a Basketball TV Show.  Ya Lost Me!  Anyway, instead, I was watching a program called 60 Days In and this season is about Undercover People in JAILS.  So far, so good!  Some of these civilians are going into it because they think Prisoners Got It Too Good and they wanna prove that.  They're in for a rude awakening!  Some of them think Prisoners are treated too harshly.  They're in for a rude awakening!  Joking aside prisoners are treated too harshly/live in substandard conditions.  But Hey they can be in for Rude Awakenings based on something else.  Meanwhile, one person was like My Husband works hard In The Army and can supply us with food and medical care, and THESE PEOPLE ARE GETTING FOOD AND MEDICAL CARE FOR FREE?!?!?  What privileges!  White Privileges!  Probably what's going on with that person underneath!
    Got lunch going.  Got another walk going in Oh I Don't Know 30-60 minutes!  Been taking SHOWERS lately not BATHS.  I'm A Big Adult Man I've got THINGS TO DO I can't be taking 8 minute baths instead of 4 minute showers!  Anyway dinner tonight'll be some Nice Food I Already Had In House.  Anyway.  Lunch going okay.  Just about enough fulfillmentwise.  Tastes OKAY.  Anyway I feel like if I don't get a haircut soon I'm gonna start chewing on my hair inadvertently and I'm NOT happy about that.  I feel like I've seen that on Docu Series on TV, where girls (cause it's long hair USUALLY LADIES) chew on their hair as a nervous tick and then a year later they've got a hairball in their stomach.  I don't want that to happen to me!  I've got better things to do than to have bezoars in my belly.  Maybe I'll have PIZZA tonight?  Great just great then I'll just end up with a Ball Of Pizza sitting in my stomach.  I just can't win!
     Wonderful.  Gotta Zoom Appointment with Doctor Psychiatrist later today.  I can live with that.  All in all relatively benign situation.  Anyway here's the big news of where I'm at with my life this week-- counting Coffee as Breakfast in Diet Calculations & Recorders.  I eat coffee in the morning!  Before lunch!  That's breakfast!  If I started eating coffee after lunch, then we're talking different situation.  IF I'm actually eating ANY real breakfast-- which I'm not-- that'd be Breakfast and Coffee would be Miscellaneous.  Right now, though, Coffee is all I consume before lunch and thus it's pretty much my breakfast.  GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT IT is the point.  Still got my weekly meatloaf that I can eat tonight.  Like before, GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT IT IS The Point.
     Hey another entry down.  After this paragraph.  Also Coffee is a healthy breakfast because It's Coffee.  Lots of nutrition to coffee.  It's from BEANS.  Beans are high in protein.  That's been my experience.  Man oh man I'd have some Real Good Frozen Potato Side with Meatloaf.  Now we're talking!  Well, I am!  I'm talking to you.  That's kind of like Us Talking!  Halfway there at least!  Anyway, another entry down!  Feel like this is a SOLID 2 out of 10.  BORDERING on 3 out of 10.  WOW THAT'S PRACTICALLY A THIRD WAY THERE.  Pretty sure I'll finish #TheDepartedWatchPartySummerSpringtime today.  Sooner rather than later.  Maybe later rather than sooner.  Maybe halfway between sooner and later.  Don't have all the facts and figures in front of me!  So the good news is the entry is over.  Will I redeem myself with a Solid 5 out of 10 Entry next time?  Yeah, sure, probably, I dunno.  See ya then!

-1:28 P.M.




Monday, April 12, 2021

Let Me Get Back To You

    Hey, great news!  I adjusted the EQ settings on my PhoneMusic again!  "Vocal Booster!"  It does some Treble Boosting in it, but also, get this, makes the vocallings more clear!  Which is important because the earphones I have are TWO THINGS-- Basey and Anti-Vocal.  And Anyway Now I understand what Singing Is.  I listened to The Replacements: Let It Be The Album last night and it was great!  I totally, "Dag," it.  "Dag," is past tense of, "Dig!"  Pretty sure that's what the word, "Dug," is for.  Oh well, too late to go back now! Live and learn.  Also I set it up perfectly that the album ended 15 seconds before I was back at my front door to enter the house.  I can't tell you how wonderful it is to be listening to albums on the move and have it end RIGHT when you're About Done With Listening Anyway.  That's how Music SHOULD be listened to.  With a DEADLINE but it meets the deadline PERFECTLY.  33 minutes huh.  How'd I manage that in a generally 30 minute walk.  My best guess is it was a 33 minute walk this time.  Seems to check out Per My Understanding.
     Very possibly gonna get TV today.  By, "Get," I mean purchase.  And by purchase I DON'T mean, "Suny Purchase: The State University of New York School which I BELIEVE supposedly has a relatively good Film Program?: Upon Further Googling I Dunno That Doesn't Seem To Check Out."  Anyway TV we're talking Why It's Only A 32 Inch Diagonal but the other features are The Tops!  I'm, "Okay," with that all things considered.  Very unlikely I've considered ALL THINGS.  It's not within my capacity to EVER consider ALL Things even with unlimited time to do it!  Let alone consider all things in such a short period of time which I just gave myself to consider the most things possible.  Huh?  I dunno.  Makes sense to me!  Anyway not on board with Cup O Noodles anymore now that Diet has shifted.  Noodles don't taste good anymore!  Go figure!  Gonna have Chickened Pot Pie for dinner tonight, but gonna get a Door Dashing Fast Food Enterprise for lunch today and tomorrow and presumably for a third meal at some point.  We're talking lookin' like a MacDonalds Enterprise.  That's coming up soon is the point!
     What else is going on.  I REALLY, "Dag," the Replacements album.  I was, "INTO IT," in all the best senses.  THIRTY TWO INCHES??? WHAT IS THIS, ABOUT SEVERAL OF MY DICKS?  I don't feel like I'm giving too much information with that.  Several can mean Anything!  MOVING ON.  Also we're all accustomed to measuring our dicks by length but what REALLY counts is the diameter.  Now I REALLY wanna try to figure out my Dick Diameter.  Not sure how, though.  I'll have to think about that one. 
Anyway I went into this Act thinking ya know what gonna aim for 4 paragraphs.  HEARTY paragraphs but only four.  Right now that seems to be more or less right on target!  I've got a whatever-inch dick but it's a HEARTY whatever-inch dick.  Go Figure!  Figure I'll GET lunch in about an hour, an hour and a half.  By which I mean I will Suny Purchase it then.  We've already established earlier in this entry GETTING something is buying it not actually receiving it.  Ya learn something new every day.
Hey what else.  I finished #OzSummerSpringtime which is great news because now it's time to move on with my lives.  THREE MEALS OF MACDONALDS, PLUS ALL THE FEES, IS 35 DOLLARS?  Well, Ya gotta spend money to make money.  That phrase is in DIRECT CONFLICT with A penny saved is a penny earned.  Literally two OPPOSITE worlds of thoughts!   I dunno I feel like both sayings are pretty prominent and thus must be both correct.  That's my hot take.  Anyway, been almost 2 weeks since I've had an alcoholic beverage.  I HAVE been drinking soda from a Nice Hearty Beer Mug we have for some reason FOR FUN.  But I'm pretty sure we're not counting that as drinking beer.  I hope so, at least.  If we're counting that as drinking beer, WHAT ELSE ARE WE GETTING WRONG?!?!  Hey I'll be back in a little bit.  Probably with lunch!  We'll see!




Take Me Away From You

    Great!  Ate lunch took a shower took a walk and I'M Back Here!  Opened up a New List of Albums: Top Indie Rock Albums This Time, and picked one at random to listen to!  We're talking BUILT TO SPILL: HAVE YOU HEARD THE GOOD NEWS ABOUT LOVE OR SOMETHING.  I listened to the first track and then I was like hey this kind of reminds me of my music or just an album or just a song so then I just put on My Song that it reminded me instead!  So far a running theme I like in Listening To Musics is being like hey it sounds like I might have been influenced by this album somehow without me ever having heard it.  It's like musical grand parents.  My musical parents were influenced by these artists, their musical parents, and it got passed down to me.  Also WHAT A SHAME that the high QUALITY of music didn't get passed down in my genes! My Songs AT BEST have ASPECTS of MUSICALITY and that's the best thing possible I can say about it!
     Anyway lunch was delicious I don't have a problem with how lunch turned out at all.  And I'm very much looking forward to a Chickened Pot Pie for dinner!  Anyway I took a shower directly after lunch and I was wondering if that's safe.  I know when you're a kid they always tell you to wait an hour or something before going Into Swimming Pool after eating lunch.  Or maybe it's wait an hour after swimming before you can eat lunch.  Maybe either one, I don't know!  But anyway is it safe to take a shower after eating lunch?  My guess?  Yes ALL these scenarios are safe!  What's the worst that could happen!  C'mon!  The point is my All Consuming care about myself is All Consuming so of course anytime I listen to music my main line of thought is yes but how does this concern ME.  Also Everything Else beyond listening to music.  Yes what I'm doing now is all well and good BUT WHAT ABOUT ME IN RELATION TO WHATEVER THE HELL THIS IS.
I'm not gonna get my TV today!  Dad is teaching tonight and I don't wanna rush him!  Probably won't get it tomorrow!  Probably will get it this week!  I've narrowed it down to Not One Thing, Probably not another thing, and in all likelihood a third thing.  Yep that sums that up.  Nothin revelatory in this summary of what I had just said The Previous Few Sentences.  Anyway.  One thing that I'm gonna need to figure out is whether I wanna be constantly re-heating items that I get from Delivery which I will be eating immediately.  In the past I've definitely erred on the side of Re-heating things once they get here-- usually microwave but sometimes even oven.  Now I'm going into it thinking no I wanna taste it THE WAY IT'S MEANT OT BE TASTED even if I have to sacrifice the one element of It Not Being As Hot as it should be.  Chinese Food, Macdonalds, Steak Dinner Part I--- all un-heated-up.  15-60  minutes cold by the time it gets here.  None of it has been PERFECT tasting but I feel like I'm making the right decision overall.
     For some reason I'm operating under the assumption that this will be the last paragraph.  Go figure!  That's what I say to myself when I look in mirror roughly Oh I Don't Know 8 months From Starting Diet 2 weeks ago?  Figure got it going on is the point.  Wonderful.  Need to listen to SOME music album tonight.  It's been my experience that listening to music during evening walks is best time of day to listen to walking music.  Nice DARKNESS.  Ideally ya start out during Sunset Time and by the time you're done it's All Dark.  But you're starting out in Some Dark.  It's FUN.  Maybe stick to Tops Wonderful Alternative Album for now.  PUNK and INDIE ROCK & The Rest will just have to wait, I'm in An ALTERNATIVE PHRASE!  That settled that I guess.  I'll be back probably tomorrow!  No promises!

-3:20 P.M.




Sunday, April 11, 2021

Diet Tastes Good

    That's a title I can get, "Down," with!  Also it can't be Just Me who HATES all the, "Commas," we have to use whenever we use a word or phrase in, "Quotation Marks," either correctly or just for fun as I've been, "Doing for the most part."  I mean, the, "Down," that's more or less right.  COMMA after GET?  COMMA after DOWN?  I'm spending all my time in commas which I should be spending with WORDS and or short phrases!  Anyway got a delicious delivery last night from Bens: The Deli!  We're talking I got three things which works out to roughly 5 meals!  A STEAK FUCKIN DINNER-- that's two meals.  A Chickened Pot Pie-- that's one meal!  Chicken fingers appetizer-- split that into 2 meals by pairing it with a NOODLES each time.  The worst part was that it's now policy they leave it at my door and take a picture of it, I guess in case I'm like SOMEBODY MUST HAVE STOLE MY DINNER FROM MY FRONT PORCH BECAUSE APPARENTLY I HAVE PROOF IT WAS THERE AT SOME POINT.  But anyway I get a text and see a picture of my front door?  INVASION OF PRIVACY.  TERRIBLE!  HATE IT.  What if I start taking pictures of the delivery person laying down my delivery.  See how HE likes it.  These are just steps one and two of a never ending Escalation where we each need to constantly top each other by Invading Privacies Primarily Through Photography.
I was eatin' steak and now I realize not just to appreciate it for Taste but also for Cost.  Tastes good but tastes even better if you're reasoning with yourself wow what a treat can't have this every day some people might not be able to afford it at all I pity them.  So I got that going for me.  Do I need to feel the same way when I get a Steak Burrito Bowl from Chipotle?  MY GUESS?  Nope, "Probably," Not.  Go figure!  What kind of Musics have I listened to over the past 24 hours.  Why it's only Some More Of My Own Music.  Some PODCAST: The Thing That Isn't Music And Thus Shouldn't Be Mentioned Right Now.  Finished Sex Pistons album.  I don't get it!  I get that it was revolutionary and a HUGE influential type album.  But just on its own merit, with 50 more years of context and musical evolutions, It's OKAY?  It's a lot better than my own music, I'll give it that!  A LOT better than these comedy podcast in terms of being music.  So it's got that going for them?  OCTOBER 1977?!?!  That's only FORTY THREE YEARS.  Pretty sure if they wanted to be an influential punk band they should have showed up half a decade earlier.  That's MY hot take.  They blew their chance!  Too Late!
     Great.  PRETTY Sure Punk was around in the early 1970's.  That's all I'm trying to say!  The facts and figures are not adding up!  Of course they are.  Everyone accepts this reality that I'm trying to deny.  EVERYONE.  Well I guess the odds are I'm An Idiot Then!  Go figure.  In the past I was up to taking 5 walks a day, and imagined for this round AT LEAST 4 walks a day, but I gotta be honest, there's a certain charm and routine to only 3 walks a day.  Probably end up doing four walks but for the next week or so gonna stick with 3 walks!  FUN.  I set up the next album I'm gonna listen to.  I forget how.  Either picking it at random from Top 500 List, from Top 100 Alternative List, or semi-randomly from either list by Randomizing it but then going through it half a dozen times until I came across something I'm particularly interested in, and also, this is a run on sentence, that's my impression.  Anyway The Replacements: Let It Be.  Sounds like a rip-off.  The Beatles already Let It Be.  Cracked that code.  The Replacements: The Band Name Title reminds me of my own music.  I made up a genre of Utility Rock to call my music.  In sports, Utility players are bench players who can fill in as replacement players, usually able to perform at multiple positions to make themselves more useful.  Replacement players.  The Replacements.  Cracked that code.
Wonderful.  HEY these paragraphs are LONG.  I figure one more long paragraph and that's a nice hearty 4 paragraph Act.  WHAT THE HELL I just noticed SPELL CHECK IS BACK.  Must be because I had to restart my computer yesterday for some reason.  Now it's back in action!  Well that's a load off my back.  Sex Pun.  You get to crack the code of how and why that's a sex pun.  "Load," and, "Back," and perhaps, "Off," seem to be FERTILE GROUND for puns &/or sex.  Great.  What else is going on and crap.  Probably gonna have Par II of Steak Dinner for lunch today.  Go figure!  Probably gonna have chicken fingers + noodles for dinner today!  If I wanna finish all of this stuff before moving onto other meals, I don't wanna have the 2 chicken finger meals left over for tomorrow!  TWO MEALS OF THE SAME THING IN THE SAME DAY?  What is this LAST THURSDAY where I did that with Chinese Food Beef & Broccoli?!?!?  You know, that sort of thing.  I'll be back in a little bit.




Where'm I Going With This

    Wow!  I got lunch going on.  Steak + Carrots + Kasha Varnishkas!  PLUS one onion ring I ate that during the Microwavization Process!  My Dad's nurse is here in Kitchen and she was watching my every move!  Otherwise I might have had Chicken Fingers + Noodles but I can't just HANG AROUND kitchen with nurse there!  It wouldn't be Proper!  Anyway my Dad has Immune Disorder which causes Nurse once a month AND which makes my parents extra paranoid re: COVID 19.  We all been double vaccinated!  We all been Trial Period after Vaccinationed!  And in theory sure makes sense immune disorder could be complications with covid.  BUT ZERO people have died or serious hospitalization with vaccine.  There's Oh I Don't Know THOUSANDS (I do know!  I looked it up!  For exactly this context!) which would have been part of that study who had the same thing he has.  THOUSANDS!  MAGICAL THINKING to think My Dad will literally be the first person to die after getting double vaccine.  And trust me I KNOW MAGICAL THINKING.  SO the point is LETS GET MORE DELIVERIES YOU IDIOTS.  ITS NOT EVEN HOW ITS SPREAD.  GOD DAMN IDIOTS I HATE THEM SO MUCH.  BOTH IN GENERAL AND THE IDIOTS WHO ARE SPECIFICALLY MY PARENTS re: THIS SPECIFIC SITUATION.  THEIR IDIOCY ISN'T ACROSS THE BOARD BUT IN THIS SITUATION IT'S THERE.
     Figure I'll take walk 2 soon after Lunch.
If not immediately after lunch!  Immediately Is Soon.  Soon applies even if its immediately.  Started with Penultimate Episode of Jenk Irkman's podcast.  Figured by going One Deep that's one more episode I'll have to listen to!  But it's also recent enough that I'm not completely overwhelmed by episodes I must listen to!  HOWEVER other podcasts with GUESTS are a different story.  Go back in time for guests that are particularly interesting to me!  That's pretty obvious.  Ya know what pretty good chance I'll wait a little bit after entry/lunch before talking next walk.  I'm glad I kept you updated on this situation as it progressed!  Anyway I'm gonna keep it 100, I Saw these Chicken Fingers last night and they look delicious!  Lookin' forward to that and noodles for dinner.  Gonna be one for the ages!
     Wonderful.  Almost done with #OzSummerSpringtime yet again!  Still on Season I of #TheSopranosSummerSpringtime.  Go figure!  So far I've been adhering to my diet for oh I don't know four days or so?  That's a routine at this point!  Over half a week!  Good track record as of now!  What's the next podcast to get into.  Maybe one with GUESTS.  I've narrowed it down to either that or one without GUESTS.  Finishing up lunch right around now.  Well, now.  Not right around now.  It's very concrete that it's... right... NOW.  True Story!  I need to figure out Optimal Snacks.  Obviously consuming them at optimal times and portions, but the CHOICE of snack itself is the thing I'm really fretting over.  FIBER BARS?  FRUIT?  BREAD?  CRACKERS?  COOKIES?  ICED CREAM SANDWICHES?  CHIPS?  SIDES FROM MEALS LIKE ONION RINGS.  BREAD.  So many great options, so few... REALLY great options!
Figure I'll write one more paragraph.  PLEASE don't tell me I have to watch Boardwalk Empire next!  Anything But That!!!  Can orange juice count as a snack.  I feel like it can.  In my life, during times of diet, orange juice is a snack.  That's what the kids say.  Someone is a snack.  Meaning they're Great In terms of Sexual Attraction or something.  That's the assumption I've been operating under.  Other people might be a snack but I'm A WHOLE MEAL.  Yep that seems to check out pretty well.  Only bad thing is it's a meal no one wants.  Not tasteful or healthy.  Hmm.  Like Yakamein with Turkey Grease.  The only people who eat me are drunks who want to throw up so they can drink more.  As per my understanding.  Anyway I'll be back in some future time!

-1:51 P.M. 




Saturday, April 10, 2021

Oh I Get It

    Wonderful.  What's going on in the wide world of sports.  When I got new computer back in October, I also bought a Digital Download of Microsoft Office!  Finally got around to digitally downloading it and instantly installing it (from when I did the digital download).  I tried out WORD.  I tried out EXCEL.  Seem to be working at tip top shape.  Hay whatta deal with, "Tip-top," what's that all about, is because At The Top people are always trying to tip it to fall down?  As good a guess as any I suppose.  I find it interesting that in Marvel Movies there's a WINTER Soldier and also there's a Marvel SUMMER To Remember.  Little Easter Egg I just revealed!!
     Hey, what else is going on.  Took walk #1. No Lunch #1 yet.  Maybe a Noodles and rice.  I don't LOVE that idea but I have some left over rice from 8 days ago at this point so if I finish it then I'm Being A Big Boy and Cleaning My Metaphorical Plate.  Start listening to TOP 500 ALBUMS as per Rolling Stones last night and first album, as decided by random number generator, was ADELE'S 21.  Here's my review-- this album sure FELT like it was 21 songs but GET A LOAD OF THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN NARROWED DOWN TO FOUR OUT OF THE 21.  It sounds like a bad review but it's a good review!  Two or three GREAT songs with a couple of ok songs!  That's more great &/or adequate songs YOU'VE ever released!  Unless if you're one of the artists with albums ranking higher than 137 out of 500.  In which case carry on!
Today I started Never Mind Some Bollocks it's only the Sexual Pistons.  So far OKAY.  I enjoy it but I'm not going CRAZY about it!  But it's too early to give one of My Patented Hot Takes-- only 3 songs in!  Also according to Rollish Stoneds, Sex Pistols is WAY ahead of Adele at #80 overall.  Seems like there should be a feud brewing between the two.  That's one of my patented hot takes and whatnot and so on, etc.  Never Mind the Sex Pistons Why It's Only The Bollocks.  ANOTHER one of my patented hot takes!  Anyway last entry was 2 Acts of 6 paragraphs each.  That felt just about right!  Maybe just right for yesterday, or maybe that's a good framework going forward.  I don't have all the details in front of me!
     I dunno.  Not sure what's so amazing about The Winter Soldier.  Kinda seems like as long as you're operating the other 75% of the time he's completely useless.  HEY the more expensive TV I narrowed it down to is Seventy DOLLARS cheaper than I was under the impression under!  The cheaper one is STILL 380$ but the other one is 530$ not 600$ because I was looking at The Wrong Diagonal Son ScreenSize!  Also I feel like in EUROPE they put the $ after the number but HERE IN THE GOOD OLD USA it's before $350.  YEP that seems right for US.  and 630$ FEELS right for Other Worldly Parts.  Not sure why we need a, "Dollar Sign," symbol.  Capitalism, I guess.  There's LOTS of phrases and words that we use more often than Amount OF Dollars Something Is.  But, out of all of those words and short phrases, this one gets its own symbol?  Out of ALL of 'em?  CAPITALISM RUN AMUCK.
     That's my hot take!  Anyway now the difference in TV $$$ is only 150 dollars?  I feel VERY comfortable Assuming The $530 TV is worth the 150$ more.  By INSTINCT.  My gut is telling me as much!  12 month standard warranty standard?  NOW YOU'VE GOT MY ATTENTION.  I was paying attention before, too.  Pretty much the same amount of attention as before.  Maybe A LITTLE bit more attention.    I don't have all the details in front of me.  You're telling me I can break this TV as much as I want for A YEAR and suffer no consequences?!?  This TV Deal just keeps getting better and better!  The SEX Pistons??? Are they Allowed to say, "SEX," IN PUBLIC?!!?  I dunno I'm gonna have to look into that.  That's kind of how I felt about Bare Naked Ladies when I was 8 years old.  BARE NAKED LADIES?  AND THAT'S A PHRASE EVERYONE IS OKAY WITH SAYING?  THIS IS THE MORE PUNK REVOLUTIONARY BAND NAME I'VE EVER HEARD!!!!  I'll be back in a little bit.





Oh Now I Really Get It

    HEY I got lunch going on.  We're talkin' Part II of II Turkey & Cheddar WRAP.  We're talkin' Part III of III Brownt Rice.  We're talkin' SEE YOU IN HELL THINGS I HAVE TO EAT IT'S ALL FRESH CHOICES FROM NOW ON!!!  For a few days.  Up until next Thursday or Friday.  Ya know that sort of thing.  I have to have Meated Loaf for dinner one night, too!  But that's a PLEASURE to eat.  It's always the right time for Meated Loaf!  My Mom used to make Meated Loaf sometimes when I was a kid and she added this generic Onion Powder Type Thing for flavor and I was really impressed with that.  WOW she's a great experimentationing cook she's got all these secrets and whatnot to make special meatloaf.  Standard ONION POWDER.  Go figure!  I'd like to add Onion Powder to things.  Lots of things.  Everything should have some Onion Power.
You know, that sort of thing.  It's possible I just throw out some of this brown rice.  No one would be The Wiser!  Well, you would be.  NOW.  I just blew it!  Revealed the Potential Secret before I could even follow through!  Anyway GREAT NEWS after this lunch I can get whatever Rice Meal I want over the next of the week and not feel like I'm eating TOO MUCH rice.  If I got Chipotle today I'd be like not only am I having this rice but I have MORE RICE in the wings.  Now If I Want Rice I Get Rice And That's All There Is To It.  Anyway.  I like watching OZ because NOW I'm getting into the zone where it's like I'm imagining people watching this in the late 90's and thinking its a gritty jail drama that makes them scared of going to jail because of all these gritty jail characters.  Whereas most of the times I've watched it in the past it's just a dumb quirky soap opera.  It may be a soap opera but you don't want to DROP the soap... or else you'll be singing.... opera... for some reason... I don't have all the details in front of me...
Cool!  Maybe that is ACCURATELY how I felt about Oz when I was 10 in 1999.  I probably was exposed to it peripherally because I Had HBO.  And to a 10 year old it seemed like a Gritty Jail Drama that makes you Scared Of Jail.  Ya know that sort of thing.  Now I know jail ain't that scary! Been there, done that.  I haven't been there or done that.  YES I HAVE it's called ALREADY WATCHING OZ: THE COMPLETE SERIES SIX OR EIGHT TIMES.  Like I said BEEN THERE DONE THAT.  I've got more Food I can have for meals but nothing I HAVE to have.  We're talking Freezer Food &/or Pantry Food.  Go figure!  I can only wonder how J. K. Simmons came off to audiences who didn't associate him with Comedy Persona.  Did they GET that you can interpret his character as a Comedy Persona?  Don't have all the details!
     Finished lunch.  Figure I'll write one more paragraph of Act II!  I can, "Dig," that.  I had an Hours Deserves party last night.  Just keeping it %100!  Speaking of 100 I just googled Best Alternative Albums and there's a list of EXACTLY 100!  I figure I might go by that instead of Regular Top 500 &/or Whatnots.  This is MY kind of music as long as Treble Boost is in effect.  Look the earphones I got are PARTICULARLY BASEY.  I'm not condoning Treble Boostings All The Time.  For ME it's what I need to do at this time in my life.  Get off my back about it is the point.  I'll see you guys either tomorrow, or not tomorrow.

-1:16 P.M.





Friday, April 9, 2021

What Day Is It Today

    Today is FRIDAY.  The first Today it could be possible!  Actually the First Today Which Could Be Possible is WEDNESDAY.  I wrote the title Wednesday Night per further introspection.  So The Today could be then, or it could be The Realest Today: Friday, or could be Future Today's when you're reading this.  Took a day off!  Now I'm back at it!  I dunno the format of today's entry at all!  I don't even know what TODAY is c'mon we should all realize I don't have all the answers in front of me!  I've taken four walks PLUS the rest of like Lifely Walks will be better!  We're talkin was listening to music but my earphones made it too BASEY.  I found a setting to Equalize Music Audio and clicked TREBLE BOOST.  I haven't seen how it sounds yet because you can't see sounds, maybe you can, I can't, but it's not totally impossible you can see sounds, but the point is I can't see sounds so I don't know what Treble Boost looks like as of now.
     You know that sort of thing.  Yesterday I had a Delicious lunch AND dinner of Beef & Broccoli PLUS 1 Dollar's Worth of Bonus Broccoli!  Go figure!  Broccoli is healthy because it's just vegetables.  Barely registers any calories at all!  Each piece was soaked in sauce and grease.  Yeah I dunno about that Pretty Sure these Broccolis are Zero calories.  Grease & Sauce.  I TOLD YOU I dunno about that!   Might as well be eating sponges filled with Sauce Grease.  Not sure sponges are as nutritious as broccoli.  I'm gonna have to look into that one!  I'm ALL ABOUT Treble Boosting.  In high school I always had Treble Boost on my mp3 player!  I don't know WHY.  At some point freshman or sophomore year SOMEHOW I decided yeah I like listening to music with A BIT MORE TREBLE.  And I DO know why.  It sounds BETTER that way.  Glad we settled that once and for all.
What else is going on.  Figure I'm writing a 5 paragraph Act and then I dunno what!  Probably don't write another act (or 2!) until after Afternoon Walk.  Go figure!  Also I can write as many terrible entries as I want!  Anything Is Better Than Nothing!  Go figure!  Today's LUNCH will be Super Market Chicken Caesar Salad SANS SAUCE.  DINNER will be I HAVE NO IDEA.  That doesn't sound like a very nutritious dinner.  Hardly any calories or nutrition to Having No Idea at all!  Got MORE soda than I've gotten in a long time.  Pepsi that's an always. Orange Soda has been the main Supplementary Soda the last month or two.  ALSO got a Sprite Zero Supplementary Soda!  THREE CHOICES.  FOUR if you count Diet Dr Pepper.  That's primarily for my Mom but I CAN HAVE IT JUST DON'T TELL ANYBODY.  You know that sort of thing.
    Cool!  I don't get why Chinese Restaurants have Cracked The Code on making delicious Beef Chicken &/or other meats &/or seafoods.  I mean yeah, Sauce and Sides and Vegetables are Chinese Food Unique and contribute to unique tastefulness, but even if you're just having an individual piece of Protein, nothin' else to it,  it's COOKED a different way to make it TENDER and DELICIOUS.  And either Chinese Restaurts should share these secrets with the rest of us OR I'm thinking a BOYCOTT is in order?  I'd be interested in seeing statistics of people who run and cook Take Out Chinese Restuarants and whether they're FIRST generation, Second generation AND SO ON Americans.  Not because I think we should discriminate against them inversely to the more American they are.  Just for INTEREST reasons.  Also how many people work there that aren't Chinese.  Fire thought is sure probably some Koreans who work at Chinese Restuarnats.  Now I'm thinkin gotta be some white people cooking here and there, and that's Take Out Chinese's DIRTY LITTLE SECRET that no one wants to talk about!  White people cooking!  My mind is blown.
Hey the last paragraph of Act I!  Cool.  I've taken four walks and no podcasts yet!  I don't know where to begin!  Guess I'll just have to DIVE IN at some point.  Also it's even exponentially HARDER if I'm going back in time on podcasts and not only am I deciding what podcast to listen to but also should I listen to past episodes with guests I'd particularly like, should I go back in time and listen to past podcasts and listening in chronological order... or, this is the easiest:  Listen to podcatss in REVERSE chronological order til my heart's content.  That's the most logical way when ya think about it but REVERSE chronological order but I dunno I don't like the sound of that!  What is the MOMENTO.  What it this MEMENTO.  What is this MAGNETO.
     6th paragraph of Act I!  All the rules are thrown out the window.  Upon further introspection I can REALLY imagine Hispanic and Latinx cooks at Take Out Chinese Restaurant.  Really seems like a plausible situation all things considered.  Go figure.  REALLY looking into getting a TV now.  Like really!  Good chance I'll get it within Oh I Don't Know A WEEK?  We're talkin 43 inches!  DIAGONAL SON.  We're talkin that'll fit on My Surface as long as I can put Cable Box on a different surface.  Cable Box + TV WON'T FIT on my Current Surface.  I've narrowed it down to TWO possible TVs.  One is around 380 dollars and the other one is around 600 dollars.  So based on that Obviously the 600 dollar one is the way to go.  I have absolutely no details but if it costs more it stands to reason it must be better.  OVER 50% BETTER per my math.  Anyway I'll be back in a little bit.




What's Going On Here

    Another Act!  Probably the last one of the day.  Anyway waited too long to have lunch today!  By the time I had lunch I had a big lunch and then was still hungry!  I blame it ALL on waiting too long to have lunch in the first place.  Oh well live and learn.  We're in a transitional period right now.  Still figuring things out!  Anyway changing settings on my phone Helped a good amount re: Making More Treble but I could stand there to be even more treble!  I don't feel like this is too controversial a stance.
    I was halfway joking about getting the more expensive TV because I assume it's better but it was also a halftruth!  It's TRUE all these specifications and specs and specifics MEAN NOTHING TO ME.  QLED instead of LAT?  Background Audio Sideways Color Refresh Rate?  Refresh rate I KIND of get but I don't think it means what I think it means.  The point is let's look up RANKINGS on the internet.  CNET?  That sounds like a reputable website!  I feel like that was around when I was a kid over 20 years ago.  They're either super relevant on account of lasting that long, so they must have accurate rankings... OR maybe they're archaic and out of touch and have no audience but are funded by TV MAKERS so they give all the TVS good rankings.
     I've narrowed it down to I don't care just let me flip a coin and pick a TV.  Well for one of the TVs I'D NEED A LOT MORE COIN TO FLIP.   That's the only way I can tell they're different!  Amount of coin they require to Purchase and Become Mine.  Right now leaning towards having MacDonalds: The way McDonalds Should Be Spelled for dinner!  I'd be getting 3 mealsworth, though.  But I don't need to have them all in succession!  No one's gonna stop me if I space 'em out over Oh I Don't Know As Much As Four to Seven DAYS???  Ya know that sort of thing.  Also when putting together hypothetical order I like how for fries you can say ADD EXTRA SALT (0 calories).  There MUST be some sort of downside to covering things in extra salt but I Can't Think Of It!!!
Oh right Heart Disease.  I was looking up Best Replacement Hearts yesterday for some reason.  I was imagining what it'd be like to have some weird heart instead of a person heart.  Animal heart WHAT THE HELL?  THAT DON'T ADD UP.  MECHANICAL HEART??? At first I was like I don't want one of my mainest organs to be something someone put together in SHOP class!!!  But then I was like ya know what not only do I Want a Mechanical Heart but I want ALL my organs to be mechanical.  So I go back and forth on that one.  Anyway the whole enterprise sounds not great.  You have to Be Alive WITHOUT A HEART for a while.  That sounds tough!  And then they put in some sort of clock (more or less a pendulum?) or something and that's your heart now?  NOT BUYING IT.
    Not a lot of pendulums being made these days.  I'd like a pendulum.  Who wouldn't pit a pendulum?  Anyway what else is going on.  11th paragraph of the entry!  I can live with that.  I can live without it.  UNLIKE HEARTS.  I can't live without Hearts for very long, that's whats concerning me.  I CAN HAVE FRIES, NUGGETS, AND HALF A TR3PL3 HAMBURGEE with HALF A FILET OF FISH?!?!  Now you're talking my language.  You were before, too!  I just didn't think to explicitly confirm it!  Is that a consensus life hack for our day and age.  Always Click the, "Add Extra," for BONUS ANYTHING of something the meal already comes with which you're getting from Food Delivery Service.  It's always a GREAT deal, PLUS, it's either EXTRA healthy or alternatively EXTRA unhealthy.  Either way, you're coming out on top!
     Bonus paragraph.  I think if we can all get on board with the premise Entries Aren't Worth Reading At all, then we can come to a place where The Entry Is Worth Reading.  Once we accept It's Nothing, we see VERY clearly how much of A Something it is!  The point is I'm not really hungry anymore.  So it all worked out for the best.  And now I know for tomorrow eat lunch slightly earlier.  Seems to add up.  Rapper DMX has died.  I think it's POSSIBLE that in 2000, DMX was roughly TIED for Music Artist with the most tracks I had on NAPSTER (MORPHEUS AT THIS POINT?).  With roughly Oh I Don't Know FOUR OR FIVE songs?  And the point is I've lost track of his music since then but I can still assume its a bad thing he's dead.  Most people should be alive.  More or less.  I've lost the ability to tell if that's a controversial position.  I'll be back at some point that may or may not be tomorrow!  See ya.

-3:05 P.M.




Wednesday, April 7, 2021

I've Got A Point

    That remains me to be seen.  THAT'S WHAT THEY SAY AT W... You get the idea.  Second day in a row where my Mother: The Person Who Is My Mom made coffee before I could make it!  I get unreasonably happy about it.  Making coffee isn't too much work + it's FUN work.  But I hear coffee is made I'm like WOW LOAD OFF MY BACK.  TODAY JUST STARTED OUT ON A HIGH NOTE.  Also high notes are better than low notes?  Being high is better than being low.  Up is better than Down.  Pitch &/or Treble is better than Base. I feel like all of this is EMPIRICAL.  The good news is what else is going on.  Mets won themselves a game last night!  Relatively pretty win!  Some nice HOMERUNS from Mets Players.  That's what I like to see!  Man that ball went a pretty far way from Bat.  And MOST IMPORTANTLY someone constructed a wall at an arbitrary point and this ball went all the way over and above this wall I was just talking about.
Okay.  When I was in MQFM: The Little League Baseball League I Was In, pretty sure 100% of the field I played on Had No Wall.  And look over 4 years or whatever would there have been even one homerun if there was a wall in an appropriate place?  50/50!  But STILL there being no wall is like WELL WHAT THE HELL IS THIS BULLSHIT I WANT A WALL.  I'M ALWAYS IN OUTFIELD BECAUSE I CAN'T PLAY WELL AND I NEED A WALL FOR CONTEXT.  Pretty sure I played around ages of 8-11.  You kn0w The Convenience Store Years.  Also, I'm pretty sure that's why I never hit the ball out of the infield.  If there's no wall, what's the point?!?  That's MY hot take.  If we're having arbitrary placement of walls in outfields I think we should have arbitrary obstacle courses and monoliths in the outfield itself.  Maybe some sort of Quick Sand Pit.  Perhaps a replica of Stone Henge.  A Fountain Of Water.  Seems like that would be fun.  Stone Henge is one word according to internet?  Nah I'm not buying it.
YES I know there's obstacle courses in at least one MLB stadium.  There's a weird hill in Center Field in I Wanna Say HOUSTON?  I wanna see more of that is the point!  YEP NAILED IT.  HOUSTON.  Also every now and then someone trips on the hill and pretty sure the sports section the next day has a still frame of it and the headline is HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM. Because the guy fell down.  Sounds like a problem to me!  King of the Hill is in Texas.  Houston is in Texas And is known for its Obstacle Hill in Baseball Arena.  All the pieces are starting to come together!  Anyway here's a fun way to close the paragraph-- with Lunch & Dinner Talk-- get it out of the way!  I'm gonna have 1 meal of Al Fredo Dish and 1 meal of Cornt Beef Sandwiches Dish.  Then tomorrow BLANK SLATE GETTIN DELIVERIES.  Also might have Pizza instead of 1 of those two meals.  I'm a False Based Liar!
     Penultimate paragraph of Act I!  I'm gonna Walk Around tomorrow like its nobody's business.  It IS nobody's business.  GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT IT OKAY.  What kind of Podcast Routine do I wanna go into.  How many and which ones.  How far back to go.  Those Two things.  Three things I guess.  The first two were in the same sentence.  So you can see how I got confused.  I'm on 2nd cup of coffee and there is no more coffee!  Which is reasonable.  It'd be nice to have The Never Ending Coffee but look this is the real world, we can't just be having All Coffee All The Time.  2 Coffees a morning, that's very good!  Be happy with what you can get!
     What a terrible paragraph.  Well, there were some laughs.  Three things, not two!  Coffee Runs Out Inevitably: Relatable.  "The Never Ending Coffee," not sure what that's about but it makes me LAUGH OUT LOUD.  "Be happy with what you can get,": LIFE LESSON.  We laughed we learnt and we moved on with our lives.  That settles that!  I find it ODD to re-binge-watch shows from early 2000's and being like well when I was a kid in the 90's, this is no different than watching Sitcoms from the 1970's.  But I always felt like a Brady Bunch or a Happy Days was DISTANT PAST.  And to me, it was!  But for Adults watching TV in the 90's, it was as fresh to them as THE WIRE is to me now!  Maybe 3 or 4 years off but you get the idea!  So go figure!  Can TV SHOW CONTENT be a factor in this?  I dunno!  I don't know a lot of things!  This is one example of something I don't know!




Don't Hold Me To That

    Leaning towards having Fettuccini: The Wide Version: Al Fredo.  With some sort of side PERHAPS Potato Crescents.... FOR LUNCH.  I was gonna have Chinese Food for lunch tomorrow until I was told I can't Go In And Get Subway and now All I Want Is Subway for every other meal for the rest of my life.  Grass is always greener on the other lunch!  Also gonna keep it 100, if Subway offered a topping GRASS side by side with other Real toppings I'd probably be like yeah I think I'll take the grass, too.  Regular Grass.  Not slang for marijuana!  No one calls Marijuana, "Grass," anymore!  Based on my experience Not Talking To Anyone about Marijuana in 12 years.  Maybe grass made a come back!  The point is My Insight-em-up, that I would Eat Grass if its lumped in with other vegetables which I'm pretty ambivalent about which I get because Why Not... that's the point.  I guess!
     Does grass: regular grass: like on your lawn, have any nutritional value?  Gotta be SOMETHING to it.  Better LTURQ.  CAN YOU EAT GRASS.  Google says its non toxic and edible. GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME.  Also YES upon further Introspection animals eat grass.  But we are not animals we are HUNMANS.  Not eating grass is the main thing that separates us from The Animals upon further Introspection!  Also I'm guessing DON'T go and eat your front lawn grass-- probably been sprayed with Toxicity Elements.  I don't need google to tell me!  I can ASSUME It based on INTROSPECTION.  If You Eat Grass, The Grass Is Always Browner On The Other Side.  Glad we settled that!
     Third paragraph of Act II!  The best way to Watch Mets is to Oh I Don't Know JUST BUY A FREAKIN' TV?  I'm still living in the 20th century without a TV!  The first half of the 20th century!  For the second half of the 20th century they had TVs!  That's been my impression based on the limited information I have!  I'm VERY pot committed to Mets Color Commentators.  If I'm looking up clips of Mets Highlights and I find a highlight Color Commentated by other people I will ABANDON THIS CLIP and try to find a clip with MY Color Commentators.  Then if I can't I will RETURN to the first clip because APPARENTLY it's the best I have available to me!  Color Commentators.  Some sort of pun.  Haven't worked out the details yet but I'll keep you updated on this situation as it progresses.
More than 1/2 way into the entry!  I LIKE those odds!  Right now, I feel like I'll probably write an entry tomorrow, but when and where and how and why I don't have all the details yet!  I don't even have the First Detail yet!  I said, "PROBABLY!"  There's ZERO confirmed details in this paragraph EXCEPT for that there will ALMOST DEFINITELY be a Tomorrow.  What if I TAKE OVER my Parents Den TV for Met games.  I feel like I could probably get away with that.  But the details of WHEN and WHERE and HOW and WHY remain to be seen.  When and where I think we've covered.  Mostly down to, "HOW," and, "WHY," that's my impression.  The way I was raised was to think I spent Most Of My Time in The Den, but there's ALSO a Living Room, but no one ever spends time in there.  Downstairs is four rooms!  Kitchen bathroom den living room.  Living Room, then and now, JUST FOR SHOW.  Very little Living Done there! All living is done in den.  Glad we figured that one out.  Cool!  Living room is the size of Den + Kitchen + Bathroom all together.  Go figure!
     Hey it's the last paragraph of Pre-Lunch Crazysheet Quarantine To Remember EVER.  Not a lot of Nutritional Value to Grass at all!  We can eat it and presumably there's some calories to it but that's about it!  I've given myself a lot to think about.  Presumably we can smoke Grass: Regular Grass, too.  Probably won't affect us at all!  Maybe it will!  No one has ever tried it so we don't know yet!  I was watching an OZ where this happens, but I feel like it happens a lot in film and TV-- there's a guy at a urinal and then another guy has to use a urinal and pulls up in the one next to the guy.  Uhh pretty sure we're supposed to be Socially Distancing while at urinals EVEN WITHOUT pandemic.  What kind of PERSON is ON PURPOSE using urinals right next to you when there are other choices.  Doesn't check out!  I'll be back in a little bit!




I'll Write This Act Good

    Seems like a reasonable way to go.  Got lunch going on!  What I predicted!  Pappardelle Al Fredo + Crescent Potatoes!  Anyway it's all in flux but SUPPOSEDLY I've lost 2 or so pounds since diet started!  At least the SCALE knows to give me credit for Wanting To Start Dieting.  The scale is just acting in its own best interest.  It knows if it doesn't give me the answers I want, I'm throwing it out the window!  Easiest way to deal with garbage.  Now it's THE STREET'S problem!  ALSO if this scale is to be believed (it isn't) I am just barely UNDER OBESITY as of now.  Got over obesity long enough to get vaccine.  And now I'm LOSING WEIGHT?  A PERFECT SCAM.  Also they never asked for proof of obesity.  They took my word for it!  AA PERFECT SCAM.
Cool.  I feel bad for kids because they can't get vaccines yet under most circumstances.  Every Adult is eligible from April 19 onward.  What ABOUT THE CHILDREN.  They want Vaccines because it'll make them seem OLDER and MORE MATURE and their only avenues are getting vaccines on the black market!  Gotta imagine there's SOME black market for vaccines SOMEWHERE.  I don't know WHERE (no one has thought to invite me to participate) but logic tells us SOMEWHERE.  I was thinking in America but maybe somewhere else!  I DUNNO I don't have all the details in front of me!  Anyway, if Adults are eligible at April 19th, then you figure 6-8 weeks after 1st vaccination until They're All Ready To Go... seems like July 4th Country Personal Independence Day is RIGHT ON TARGET.  Biden called that one WEEKS AGO.  Months ago!  I'VE LOST ALL SENSE OF TIME BUT BIDEN WAS ON TV TALKING ABOUT THIS.  Oh RIGHT it was when he walked down a long corridor.  It's all coming back to me!
     Wonderful.  Haven't heard any news about either of the first dogs.  You can't have two first dogs.  ONE has GOT to be the Second Dog.  I'll leave it up to them in terms of how they decide which is 1st and which is 2nd.  And by them I mean the dogs.  They'll keep us updated on this situation as it progresses.  Anyway.  Dinner'll probably be Cornt Beed Sandwiches or Pizza.  I LIKE those odds.  Look I know Dogs can't realize their owner is President and they're First Dog.  But can they KIND OF get the sense that Oh Yeah It Seems Like I'm a PRETTY IMPORTANT Dog.  They don't know how important or why, but they get a sense that they matter more than your typical dog.
     Probably!  It doesn't seem totally out of the realm of possibilities!  That's why the dog is biting people all the time!  Gettin' a pretty big ego!  Someone needs to knock that dog down a peg or two, I hate to say it!  Lunch has been pretty good.  No complaints!  Tasted fine, was just about the right amount, it lasted the right amount of time more or less!  NO COMPLAINTS.  Anyway I woke up relatively late today.  And everything was pushed back pretty uniformly.  Go figure!  Hmm Podcasts.  That's gonna be a tough one!  It's WIDE OPEN how many podcasts I'd be listening to.  Could be as few as 3 or 4.  Could be as many as a dozen.  COULD BE AS MANY AS TWO DOZEN.  PROBABLY NOT AS MANY AS TWO DOZEN.  Damnit I hate having to Figure Stuff Out.  And this is important!  This Is MY LIFE We're Talking About!!!
Last paragraph of the entry!  Of the #CrazysheetQuarantineToRemember!  What a great year it's been.  I feel like I was talking about things at some point and then at another point I was talking about other things.  That's about it.  Gonna be wearing a MASK tomorrow.  Not a double mask!  Single mask!  Less intensive mask!  Dunno about gloves!  Probably don't need gloves.  I don't plan on touching many things either way!  I DO intend on breathing, thus making wearing a mask more relatively important.  The good news is I'll See You Tomorrow??

-2:28 P.M.




Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Oh Hello

    YEAH!  Hey today is TUESDAY.  Well, today it is.  By the time you're reading this, Today might be Tomorrow.  Lets get the good news out of the way-- PENULTIMATE entry of Quarantine Era Crazysheet!  You'd think I'd be looking forward to taking walks the most.  Or perhaps being fully vaccinated & safe for at least the mid term future.  Maybe that I'm anticipating nice Food Meals.  NOPE.  Get to take a break, A PERMANENT BREAK, from Crazysheet Quarantine To Remember.  Still gonna write sometimes.  Perhaps even often.  POSSIBLY All The Times!  Remains to be seen!  Just like At A Wake!  Only made that joke 6 or 7 times in the past.  YES when I'm writing it in notebook there's no spell checker.  I guess the last few days Here with No Running Spell Check has been just the preparation I needed!  Thank GOD in retrospect for Faulty Spell Check!
     Okay got that stuff out of the way now lets get into it.  They moved MLB All Star Game to Colorado.  JUST AS I SUSPECTED.  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  New Fantastasy for First Meal Of The Rest Of My Life is still from China Grill but NOT Special Lunch Special and IS Butterfly Shrimp.  Talked about those suckers Oh I Don't Know two weeks ago?  And I like EGG.  Bacon is great.  Shrimp is wonderful.  I feel like I can really, "Dig," my Special Quarantine Birthday Lunch being That, The Thing I Was Just Talking About.  What will I have for lunch today?  I can't say at this point!  Not responsibly!  Good chance I'd end up being wrong!
     Yeah!  I dunno why we put up with eating shrimp that hasn't been De-Shelled.  I GOT THINGS TO DO I can't be de-shelling all these shrimp all the time.  YES I get that it's nice to eat it the way it is.  And I agree In Real Life I Prefer It In The Shell Than Any Other Way.  But for the purposes of this paragraph, I HATE SHELLS.   I feel like that should be a thing where it's like Shrimp Shells help your virility.  I could have said any kind of health benefit.  Narrowed it down to things that they normally claim weird things can help you health benefitally wise.  Settled on virility.  It's the FUNNIEST and PERHAPS the most common!  It's funny because people who need help with virility have problems and need help.  Makes ME laugh.
Great.  You can probably digest Shrimp Shells if they've been smashed into powderish remains enough.  That'd be my assumption.  You can digest anything once its in Powder Form.  That's what I've been led to believe.  Speaking of Virility and Penis Problems, yesterday I was urinating AS ONE DOES and there were two distinct streams coming out of my peehole.  And then later I found a hair in my peehole.  Somehow a hair got in there and blocked Single Stream and produced Separate Streams. I'm okay talking about this because Separate Streams is something that happens to people and we need more awareness and also be aware that more often than not (100% of the time?) its due to a hair getting lodged in your manhole.  I didn't put hair in there on purpose.  What kinda person you take me for?!?
Last paragraph of Act I!  Only 5 more Acts until Personal Independence Day.  5 ACT PLAYS ARE A THING.  Better LTURQ.  Yep EVEN MORE OF A THING than I anticipated!  What else is going on and crap.  Grind up some Buffalo Bones into powder to fight FOR virilality (not against it).  A third thing.  Shells and bones are two things you're not supposed to eat On Food.  What's a Third Thing.  Also ideally they'd be HARD things.  So you can grind them up into a purpose powder.  I'll keep you updated on this situation as it progresses.  I guess.  Oh LEAVES and stuff.  It's not hard but you get the gist.  You slurp up some stuff on a Leaf and then leave the Leaf over.  Well glad we cracked that code.  I'll be back in a little bit!




I Don't Believe It

    Hey what's up!  What do I got going on for this Act.  Why it's only further thoughts about lunch.  And some further thoughts about entertainment for Today.  And some maybe some thoughts about dinner.  Perhaps some thoughts about This, "Riff," I'm doing right now.  Some thoughts about riff means jokes, I don't know WHAT to call what I'm doing right now.  That settles that once and for all!  FINE lets knock some of those out of the park in this paragraph!  Frozen Lamb Saag + Bonus Rice for lunch probably.  Dinner I DUNNO Al Fredo Dish or Sandwiches Dish.  Entertainment SOPRANOS, OZ, TALES FROM SOME CRYPT.  This (That?) Riff, WELL I'M DONE THINKING ABOUT IT, IT'S ALL IN THE PAST NOW.
     Yeah!  What about Kebobs.  Does Stick count as Food.  Along those lines Popsicle Sticks.  I feel like this could be debated for the rest of our lives and we'd STILL never arrive on a 100% For Sure Answer.  So might as well just Not Do That.  Also One More Thing NO THAT'S NOT FOOD.  IT WAS A LOT EASIER TO COME TO THIS CONCLUSION THAN I HAD ANTICIPATED.  Shame Quarantine is ending.  Finally for once INTROVERTS were Coming Out On Top!  Welcome to OUR WORLD and WHATNOT is what introverts were THINKING not SAYING they can't be SAYING things to OTHER PEOPLE it's too EXTRA not very INTRA at all!  Oh well what can ya do.  Wait for another pandemic.  Probably got a solid half dozen pandemics over the course of the rest of my life.  Serious pandemics!  Quarantine Pandemics!  Nice to have something to look forward to.  That sums that up.  We've had Pandemic Ending to look forward to for a year.  NOW WHAT.  Cracked that code.
Cool!  We can look forward to some sort of #SomethingSummerToRemember.  Just because it's not Quarantine &/or Pandemic, we still have every reason to have a Summer To Remember!  If we learn anything from this ordeal it's to make Summers To Remember. And Autumns To Shriek For.  That's MY take away.  Also I forgot to say but my Separate Streams were forming in some sort of Double Helix Effect.  I was pretty impressed by that, I gotta say.  Anyway I was gonna start Diet same exact day as Walkings but I decided to start Diet a full week ahead of time!  So I've been dieting for almost a whole week!  Good for me.  YES it's true that each day I've sigfnaitly gone over what I had allotted for me.  But I feel like you can't hold that against me.  I started the diet A WEEK ago, and just because I haven't dieted, that doesn't mean that I'm not Way Ahead Of The Game with my Dieting.
    Fun stuff!  Penultimate Paragraph of Penultimate Act of Penultimate Entry.  YEP all that seems to check out.  Great!  The point is upon further introspection I stopped drinking a week ahead of time too and I hadn't personally conceptualized it as corresponding with Regular Diet, it DOES, and it means I actually HAVE started dieting.  DAMNIT THERE GOES MY FUN FUN PARAGRAPH ABOUT ME BEING DUMB RE: GIVING MYSELF CREDIT FOR DIETING WITHOUT DIETING.  Now it's all gone to putt!  Also I LIKE how I had to explain it 4 or 5 times because each time I wasn't confident You Got The Joke.  At this point I think I'll give myself the benefit of the doubt in terms of I Made The Joke Clear.
     Oh, right!  Last paragraph!  Pretty sure we're not supposed to eat that rubberish stuff they serve with sushi.  I don't know why they serve it but overall I'm fairly certain we're not supposed to eat it.  Yeah great just great.  I feel like this is a solid C- entry.  Some may say D+ but I'm very comfortable going with a C-.  And I'm my own toughest critic!  Except in this situation.  Critics who are giving it a D+ are empirically being tougher than I am.  Oh well what can ya do.  Not a lot!  Maybe write a REAL, "C," Act III which gets us SOLIDLY into a, "C-," territory that we can ALL agree on.  I dunno-- I wouldn't agree with that.  I would bump it up to, "C," under those circumstances!  So we're still not 100% on the same page.  Anyway I'll be back in a little bit!




Whatchu Think

    Is urine stream ALWAYS a double helix?  Noticed it today, I had a single stream double helix!  Gonna have to look into that one.  HEY I got lunch going on.  What I predicted!  Lamb Saag + Bonus Brown Rice!  Let's move on with our lives is the point.  I EMPIRICALLY used the word EMPIRICALLY correctly last paragraph.  I googled it and everything.  Not enough attention is given to the fact that Presumably GOOGLE is the greatest single source of Definitions worldwide.  You wanna look up a definition?  ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD?  UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES?  #1 source is Google!  I feel comfortable with that prediction.  What you think Websters or Merriam Websters or whatever Hard Copy is in 1st?  NO WAY.  Their era has ended.  Now it's Google Dictionary at the top!
     Cool!  Upon further introspection, I feel comfortable Agreeing With The Purported You and judging this entry to be a, "D+."  PLUS?!?!  SOUNDS LIKE I'M DOING A GREAT JOB!  Mets lost yesterday after being up 2-0 in the 8th inning.  I was like Oh RIGHT this is what being a baseball fan is like.  Specifically Mets presumably.  That sort of thing!  My Opinion is that if only they left the All Star Game in Georgia this wouldn't happen!  A LOT more teams winning than losing if they had only decided not to make waves.  That'd be my hot take.  It's a joke.  How can there be more winning.  Get It?  I thought it was pretty clever!
     Wonderful.  Finished lunch already!  Now I have to write three paragraphs Not On Lunch.  I can be On Future Dinner.  I dunno.  This paragraph is the worst paragraph I've ever written So Far.  Get a load of this-- my Mom just made me PROMISE not to go Inside Any Place during walks.  And I went along with it!  Wanted to go inside for Subway Sandwiches-- that's fine!  I can get it delivered if I really want it!  Wanted to go inside for Iced Coffee-- that's fine!  I can do without it!  Wanted to go inside for Major Motion Pictures-- that's fine!  I got no qualms with that!  BUT I WILL RE-EVALUATE IN A MONTH.  I didn't SAY that but that's how I felt.  A month like this?  Great Fine!  Then it's time to MIX THINGS UP and GO INSIDE PLACES.
     Wonderful!  Half the fun of subway sandwiches is explicitly AND EMPIRICALLY giving the order for what Fixings you want behind glass.  There goes my grand plans for the next month.  Thing where you try to buy a Subway Sandwich with a metrocard.  And you're confused.  Because of the word, "Subway."  That sounds like a thing someone would come up with.  Yeah Duh EMPIRICALLY.  I'm under the impression they use Metrocards for money in jail.  Because people like to DREAM!  Yeesh.  I've had a Make Me Laugh tab open on my Google Chrome for 2 or 3 weeks.  You'd think at some point I'd either watch it, or close the tab.  You'd think so.
Last paragraph of entry!  If I'm not going inside For Real during walks I can't take a long walk in center of the day.  I need to use Bathrooms regularly often and there's no way I can go more than an hour without a problem.  Hour is pretty long walk to ease my way into it.  I can live with some Hour Walkings overall upon further introspection.  Maybe it's all working out for the best.  Maybe it isn't!  I don't have all the details in front of me and those are the two options I've narrowed it down to!  Hey great what else is going on.  The entry is over now.  I'll see you tomorrow for sure!

-1:29 P.M.




Monday, April 5, 2021

Have I Got A Title For You

    Does that count as the title.  Either YES or it refers to a future title.  Maybe a past title.  Maybe I DON'T have a title for you and it's a False Based Lie.  I think it counts as the Title itself.  That settles that!  Anyway Penpenultimate entry before WALKS augment my Daily Days.  I can't believe it!  All signs point to Yes though.  Gotta be SOME signs that indicate No.  Lemme think about that.  I'll get back to you and keep you updated.  Yesterday's entry was a Snooze and a Half.  So far this entry isn't great.  I need TOPICS to talk about.  BASEBALL.  SCANDALS.  METROPOLITANS.  I think one of the main concerns with Baseball pulling out of Georgia for all star game is WELL WHERE WILL THE ALLSTAR GAME BE NOW?  All in all I'm OKAY with sending an anti-anti-Democratic message to Georgia and THE WORLD, but it's Up In The Air where All Star Game WILL take place, and that's weighing heavily on all of us!  Figure that one ASAP.
Wonderful.  Presumably they should move it to the MOST Democratic state that hosts A Baseball Squad.  Hmm.  What else is going on.  What's today Day FIVE of Sobriety?  Sounds about right.  Give or take a day.  Not give.  Maybe take.  That sort of thing.  Worked out a SEVENTH Guitar Amplification System PreSet!  Now we're talking!  Through Guitar PreSets.  And at most 14 letter names for Guitar Pretset which I can PreProgram.  Well not really PreProgram.  That I can Just Program.  What's pre program.  Either you're programming, or you haven't started programming yet.  Our entire lives up to this point we've been Pre Programming.  Most of us.  If you've never programmed, guess what, you've been pre programming this entire time!
     Yeah!  I've programmed.  It's called Computer Science and I took it either Sophomore or Junior Year in Highest School.  Height School.  Heist School.  Ya know those sorts of things.  I think the most, "On Brand," thing I did in high school was during Junior or Senior Year Poetry Class and I didn't wanna write a poem the night before it was due and I just wrote an entire page of nonsense that was 25% Crazysheet . com and 75% Even Much Less Focused Than Crazysheet dot com and if there was a narrative, it was a very very loose narrative.  And the bad news is, unfortunately, it turned out we were to workshop them in class.  And someone in my workshop group of four was like what the Hell.  is this real?  I don't know what this is.  And presumably none of them knew what to make of it.  If they did No One Explicitly Told Me!!!  The moral is Luckily somehow I wasn't as embarrassed and ashamed as I should have been.  It's called being COMFORTABLE in ONES OWN SKIN.
     On brand for 2nd half of high school.  First half I'd been ashamed and embarrassed and a half!  It's called making PROGRESS in being COMFORTABLE in SOMEONE'S SKIN.  The point I'm trying to make with this poem, other than I didn't want to write a poem, is ANYTHING is poetry.  It's a STATEMENT on the SYSTEM.  I'm doing GODS WORK one might even say.  Great, ok.  Now I get it.  Best idea for lunch is Corned Beef Sandwiches.  Second best idea for lunch is Noodles + Salmon.  Third best idea for lunch is Al Fredo Enterprise.  Fourth best idea for lunch is Oh I Don't Know...  Yep.  I Don't Know!  That settles that once and for all.
Cool.  Re-up with coffee after this paragraph.  Using non travel mug for coffee for first time in Oh I Don't Know four or six weeks?  Using the Bernard Sanders Mug.  When I pick it up I'm holding it on the opposite side of the handle!  For STYLE.  I like watching #TheSopranosSummerSpringtime &/or Other Programs because each time around I'm watching it I'm like well this time I REALLY get what's going on.  I know I thought that last time, but I was way off!  This time ONCE AND FOR ALL I SEE WHAT THIS IS ALL ABOUT.  It's called Being SMART.  Why does it have to be about something.  It doesn't!  It's fun if it is, though!  I'll be back in a little bit.




I'm Gonna Have To Think About That One

    No I don't.  Maybe I WILL, but I don't have to do anything!  Right now leaning towards Noodles: Beef Edition and Salmon.  Great, just great.  I would be INTO Baseball this season but first of all Why Did I Capitalize INTO and second of all can't watch it for free.  Between Social Consciousness and Francisco Lindor there's a million reasons to care!  Well, that's two reasons.  That's halfway there.  Also JACOB DEGROM.  Also NICE BLACK METS UNIFORMS.  The point is there's roughly Fifteen, Twenty good reasons to follow Baseball: Specifically The Mets.  I gave you the top four!  What more do you want from me!  My favorite part of Godzilla vs Kong: Not Really A Spoiler is they literally have a scene where it's like March Madness Brackets but it's which Super Monster defeated other super monsters and then it ends up with Godzilla vs Kong.  WAY TO HAVE FUN WITH IT, SECRET GOVERNMENT AGENCY.  This is SERIOUS stuff.  Monsters can HURT US.  TAKE IT SERIOUSLY.  And you're doing a Fantasy Sport BRACKETS?!?!  THIS IS NO TIME FOR PLAY!!!
That sort of thing.  Why did I say That's My Favorite Part and then immediately critsize it?  I didn't say I enjoyed it.  But movies aren't for enjoyment.  They're supposed to INSPIRE YOU in feelings or thoughts.  And Monster Brackets tore a hole in me but At Least I Was Feeling SOMETHING.  March Madness brings April Sadness.  Except for the LUCKY WINNER of March Madness!  They're way past madness and presumably DELIRIOUS at this point!  Looking forward to ending this entry.  A paragraph away from being halfway there.  Three and a half paragraphs aw ay from finishing Act II!  The end is relatively insight!  Sure I know when and where to use, "Blank Spaces."  Whenever I WANT that's WHEN AND WHERE.
     Cool.  I guess.  I can watch all the MLB highlights my little heart desires after the fact.  Hmm seems like my little heart will desire more or less the amount that would be available presumably.  Maybe about 100% more.  Whatever Mets Highlights there will be, I'd probably be most happy with about Double That Amount.  I don't feel like I'm going too much out on a limb with that estimation.  Maybe even 300%.  DEPENDS on extenuating circumstances I guess.  How much do I love the Mets?  I love them 110%!!! SO BASICALLY 10% MORE THAN YOU'D THINK.  Jeez.  THREE DAYS FROM NOW I WILL HAVE SUPER EXTRA SPECIAL LUNCH.  What's the first Delivery Food I will get.  Off the top of my head Oh I Don't Know CHINESE FOOD?  Chinese Food is good for LUNCHES more than DINNERS per my understanding.  We're talking about LUNCH.  So go with best Lunch possible!  Wonderful.
The good news is what else is going on.  I'm having noodles today, and the Best thing I can come up with for lunch from anywhere overall is lo mein.  I guess it's my way of Easing My Body Into Much Expanded Diet.  Start off with stuff that isn't too far off from what I've been having.  Otherwise my digestive system might EXPLODE.  Also hey it's delicious why not lo mein is great maybe BEEF lo mein off the top of my head!  I'm having beef cup o noodles today.  YEAH!  YOU DON'T MESS THINGS UP WHEN YOU GOT A GOOD THING GOING.  Maybe you do.  You should Try Not To, though!  That's just LOGIC.  Just used GOOGLE to see if regular Chinese Food Take Out is still available.  Seems like it is.  Great!
     Last paragraph of act II!  Also my Grease Intake has been dangerously low!  Low?  More Like LO... MEIN.  Which will help increase the Grease Levels in my blood.  I've never seen the movie Grease!  I've never seen most movies!  That's my, "Hot Take," on movies!  I was VERY excited to see that the name of the Chinese Take Out Place was the same one as I thought it would be!  No new name, that's good!  I wasn't thinking of an old name and had forgotten the new name, that's good!  Unless if it was an old name, then it briefly became a new name, and then went back to the old name!  That's one scenario that is bad I guess for some reason?  I don't have all the details!  Anyway I'll be back in a little bit.




Can I Interest You In Some More

    I hope so!  Some More is coming either way.  Would be best all around if you were interested in it.  Got lunch going.  Noodles + Beef Pellets + Salmon.  + Diet Pepsi.  If its a thing that Republicans are switched from Coke to Pepsi, am I supposed to be switching from Pepsi to Coke?  I hope not!  Pepsi always struck me as a more Liberal, Working Class Aesthetic.  Coke is a bit RICHER in Cola Flavor is my perception of Taste Differences.  And rich means Rich, too.  Pepsi is the flavor of the young generation, too!  I'm a young person in some sort of generation as I understand!  I think I'm sticking with Pepsi.  FOR NOW.
     Cool.  I don't trust people who say they can't tell the difference between Pepsi and Coke.  I don't trust a lot of people!  This is but one of many subsets of people I don't trust.  You know what I probably can't tell the difference between?  Diet Coke & Coke Zero.  If I was doing a Taste Test and GOD WILLING ONE DAY I WILL BE I'd be hard pressed to identify which one is which.  I mean I'd get it right probably around 55, 60% of the time.  But that's not very impressive when 50% is your baseline.  Maybe I'm REALLY bad at it and I estimate it wrong 3 out of 4 times.  Can't discount this possibility completely!  Upon further introspection I AM Wrong A Lot!
     Wonderful!  SPOILER ALERT the Chinese Take Out Place is called China Grill.  Now it never crossed my mind-- not even to write this sentence-- but are people less likely to get Chinese Food because of Covid Discrimination?  My guess is sure probably.  Not so much where I live.  Maybe in Middle America, though.  You know like RIGHT AROUND KANSAS.  Halfway through Act III.  After this paragraph, there's only two more paragraphs!  And this paragraph is RAPIDLY, EXPONENTIALLY getting closer to being finished Just By Writing This Sentence And The Last Sentence Or Two!  Good news!  I love it when Things Are Almost Over.
Great.  What kinda stuff am I gonna be watching today.  Some #OzSummerSpringtime.  Some #TheSopranosSummerSpringtime.  Some #AThirdThingSummerSpringtime.  I could just get a TV so I can watch Mets Games.  I could even watch other things!  Also if I had a TV I could relocate my computer to A Different Surface.  TV would be where Computer is.  Now I could have computer STANDARDLY facing North or East.  Not West, though!  No good surface for that!  That's where I Draw the line!  At West!  Maybe Covid can be transmitted through Electronics, maybe it can't!  Either way I'M PROTECTED at this point!
     Last paragraph.  I can, "Dig," that.  Just did some Spell Checks.  Changed some words, kept other words the same!  That's how I roll!  Just finished Lunch.  That's how I roll!  Some nice Summer Springtime weather going on outside per my experience taking ou garbages.  A little TOO Nice if you ask me!  Not sure what that means.  I'm suspicious of weather or something for some reason.  That's my best interpretation.  I can't have LO MEIN.  I DO want something unique compared to what I've been getting.  LLemme look at The LUNCH SPECIALS.  No reason not to do something special!  It's a special occasion and it shuold be treated as such!  I DUNNO IT'S ALL RELATIVE thinking about what's most unique thing I can get That Is On Lunch Special.  I'll keep someone updated on some situation that may or may not become progressed!  I'll see ya tomorrow.

-1:23 P.M.




Sunday, April 4, 2021

For Real, Though

    I have very troubling and concerning news-- I am running out of titles!  I mean, not completely.  I may have used the title, "For Real Though," before.  So today I added a, "Comma."  But the point is We All Know It's The Same Title ALGORITHMS MIGHT NOT KNOW IT.  You can't set a, "BOT," loose on my website and have THAT count the titles.  But Humans can easily catch on pretty quickly!  The point is its very concerning and troubling and one day I hope to get to the bottom of it.  In the meantime maybe just don't care if I'm using the same title for the second or third time.  If it works, it works!  I got to the bottom of that JUST RIGHT HERE.  Whew got that out of the way!
     Wonderful.  Dunno what to have for Meals today.  Wide Al Fredo is an easy option.  Maybe some sort of Half Of my Pizza Pie.  It's got Pepperoni AND Sausagearronis.  Sausage but in the same shape and form as pepperoni.  Ain't seen that before! Also the way it was packaged was NO GOOD.  The Meats weren't fastened tightly to the pizza and in the course of things they all fell to One Side Of The Pizza.  Is that easy to Course Correct?  YOU BET.  Do I WANT to HAVE To Course Correct?  HELL NO GET OUT OF HERE WITH THAT BULLSHIT.  Did I finish that chili.  I feel like I finished the chili.  I bet if I read every paragraph from the last 5 days I'd get to the bottom of this.  Not necessarily.  If I have it for dinner there's maybe a 50% chance I talk about it explicitly either BEFORE &/or AFTER the fact!
     Wonderful.  April 4 huh.  I can, "Dig," that.  Today is Easer Sunday.  Bunnies.  Sexy Bunnies re: Space Jams.  Hey get aload of this insight-em-up!!-- people upset about Space Jam II being different than Space Jam I.  And they're all like, get this, "WHAT THE HELL DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH SPACE JAM?!!" and I'M ALL LIKE, "WHAT THE HELL DOES THE FIRST MOVIE HAVE TO DO WITH, "SPACE JAM" FROM THE START.  Space Jam as a concept?  It Means NOTHING.  Space &/or aliens are a pretty significant part of the plot, I'll give you that.  Jam I guess is like, This Is My Jam.  So Space Jam is like well this has looney tunes and Michael Jordan but THE MAIN THING I'LL REMEMBER ABOUT THIS PLOT IS IT INVOLVES SPACE-- AND ALSO-- THIS MOVIE IS MY, "JAM!"  So basically I showed them complaininers good.
Wonderful.  It reminds me of a sandwich.  We're jamming cartoon aliens and Michael Jordan and other Athletes and looney tunes.  Makes a Jam Sandwich.  It makes no sense upon further introspection, but that's KIND OF? how I was interpreting it my whole life subconsciously.  Maybe Warner Brothers had already used all the other titles up already.  Space Jam was the most unique title they could come up with on short notice.  Yep that seems to check out.  I think I'm leaning towards having pizza for lunch.  Yep that seems to check out.  The good news is I only have to write one more paragraph before taking a nice, well earned break!
    I LIKE those odds.  Watched some #SNLSummerSpringtime over last night and this morning.  Gonna watch some #OzSummerSpringtime during upcoming break.  Hmm how long is a #SummerSpringtime supposed to last.  Springtime is only gonna get MORE summer not less!  And then it ends with REAL Summer Beginning!  So I guess SummerSpringtime most likely has to cover all of spring!  I dunno I'm gonna have to look into that one.  Keep you updated on this situation as it progresses and whatnot.  Then again I Can Just Do Whatever I Want re: Hashtags.  There's no set in stone rules to hashtags!  Just see where the Trendings Take You!  Speckk check still not working.  SEE?  What Have I Done To Deserve This Fate.  I'll be back in a little bit.




It's All Coming Back To Me

    I HATE IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS.  Hey we're back with Act II.  Is there a meaning to Space Jam I'm missing?  I'd say there's about a 25% chance there's a GOOD definition to Space Jam.  About 75% chance there's STILL NO GOOD definition but several vaguely decent explanations At LEAST On Par With The Ones I've Offered.  Good news is I'm more or less Pot Committed to having the Pizza for lunch.  Also GET THIS they cut it in half their own damn selves this time!  Comes in 12 inch pies.  I eat half!  THEY SPLIT THAT MOTHER IN HALF ALREADY.  NOT STRAIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE BUT PRETTY CLOSE.  MAYBE LIKE 53/47 DOWN THE MIDDLE.  Is this because of the pepperoni and sausage?  Spinach and Artichoke Hearts-- not cut.  Pepperoni-- not cut.  Based on 100% of my experiences, Pepperoni and Sausage-- CUT!
Yep that seems to check out AND is fascinating fodder for Personal Website.  Hmm I was thinking Put It In Oven after Paragraph I of Act II.  Gonna put that off for a single paragraph or a multiple paragraph (Cut Off Point at 2).  Ugh.  Has there been any laugh-em-ups this entry.  LOL THEY CUT HIS PIZZA IN HALF THIS TIME AFTER NOT DOING IT THE LAST 8 TIMES.  I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF THIS STUFF.  That's what you sound like!  Pretty dumb!  FOUR DAYS until Personal Independence Day (PID!)!!!  We're talking SOLIDLY half a week.  I ain't stretching Halves at all by saying four days is half a week.  TOTALLY REASONABLE.  HEY I finally started reading again.  We're talking I read One Chapter of George Carlin Auto Memoir.  With help from another guy.  I hate it when that happens.  I have no idea on a sentence by sentence basis who wrote what &/or how they collaborated on this specific sentence.  No wonder I stopped reading this book.  I DON'T KNOW WHO I'M READING HERE.
Also upon further introspection with more life experience just plain regular editors can write sentences in books, too.  Nothing can be traced back to anyone!  It's anarchy!  And I HATE anarchy!  Does no good for no one!  HEY I just put pizza in oven!  Also it was not only divided into halves but divided into fourths!  Which is great it's a lot more fun to eat pizza in portions you can hold it up and eat it like regular pizza.  Other than fork and knife.  I dunno sometimes fork and knife is fun as a mix-em-up.  I like having OPTIONS though is the point I'm trying to make!  ALSO meat toppings were pretty evenly distributed.  At first it looked like they were all bunched together on the side of pizza.  Upon further introspection pretty reasonable placement.
Penultimate paragraph of Act II!  Wonderful.  Walkings Start Thursday.  Gonna do the three big Listenings-- Myself, Music, and Podcasts.  Myself is music.  But not real music.  Just Myself!  Podcasts are real podcasts.  Music is real music just like I said.  So I got that to look forward to is the point.  Pretty sure I'll build my way up to Morning and Evening .5 hour walks with big walk in-between.  Maybe start with the same amount of walks but Middle Walk is just .5 hour walk.  This is important stuff!  To YOU specifically!  Now you know where to find me.  Not really where.  Now you know WHEN to find me.  That checks out pretty accurately!  I see they're talking up Legalizing Marijuana in the Senate.  I hope that part of the bill is like hey NY you legalized it but lets get it together you gotta have sales open up within WEEKS.  Gotta imagine that's an important part of what the bill should be!
     Last paragraph of Act II!  Wonderful.  Was reading Standard Strains which presumably are the kind offered in Real Legal Dispensaries.  No different than looking at Menus while being quarantined.  Even More fun for imagination fantastisization, but less fun in that I have to wait significantly longer for it to actually come true.  Such is life I guess.  I don't think I've ever had an edible.  Go figure!  First time for everything.  Except for things that never happen.  Upon further introspection there is NOT a First Time For Pretty Much ANYTHING.  I can imagine a lot more things that Will Never Happen than things that There's A First Time That Manifests For Them.  I'll be back in a little bit.




Really Makes Ya Think

    That title must have been employed 4 or 6 times.  I've narrowed it down to Not Five.  Great, just great!  Got pizza going.  Not great.  Serviceable, sure.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  Just not Wonderful Just Wonderful or anything.  Lots of good options for dinner!  Don't you worry about me.  What's a 4th thing I can do while walking.  My Music, Real Music, Podcasts... AUDIBLES?  LISTENING TO TV ON THE YOUTUBE?  What if there's like a thing where its like I work on my music here and there and then I take walks and listen to the parts of the music and am like gonna put some pieces together figure out new songs with the help of listening to bits while walking.  That sounds like something Real Musicians would do.  So whats it got to do with me, then.  Gottem!
     Wonderful.  Wasn't 100% happy with Beef Cup O Noodles last night.  Beef is good.  Noodles is good!  Beef Cup O Noodles was the worst out of Beef Chicken &/or Shrimp.  Go Figure.  Hey did I tell you THE BAD NEWS I got Shrimp Cup O Noodles too by mistake?  They come in THREES because of how cheap they are.  Wanted 3 Beef.  Got 3 Beef AND 3 Shrimp.  My fault!  Accident!  And now I've got to live with my mistakes.  Pretty sure these last decades.  So I should be okay but still quite an oops-em-up!  Started watching the Marvel Mini Series To Remember about Winter Soldier and his Best Friend The Falcon.  Good stuff!  I like the part where it's entertaining because they're super heroes.  I get it!
Cool.  The point is if they're releasing new #MarvelSummerToRemember gotta imagine new #DickVanDykeSummerToRemembers are coming soon, too!  Never finished those.  A season or two went completely unwatched.  Hey that's life I guess.  YES I brought up Fork &/Or Knife with pizza to experiment with using utensils even though it was cooked in a shape and degree of cookedness that holding it was intuitive.  And YES I haven't used utensils once!  What a waste!  Fork was right out of Cabinet Drawer, too!  Totally fresh fork WASTED.  I took knife out of kitchen sink, though.  It was clean!  Now it's Just As Clean.  We only have 3-4 steak knives which are IDEAL for cutting things over regular knives.  So there were none in the drawer!  GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT IT.
     Wonderful, penultimate paragraph!  Finished the pizza.  Upon further introspection pretty good lunch.  I'm happy with how it all turned out!  Ya know what hold onto this plate and utensils for dinner.  That way they get another shot to be used and not completely wasted!  I wish I was completely wasted!  Oh well what can ya do.  Not a lot!  I've vowed not to have alcohol for at least 2-3 months.  I feel like I've made it a big enough thing that anything less than 3 months sober would be a Failure.  In my mind the real goal is 9 months AKA New Years.  Feel comfortable re-evaluating it completely at that point.  Get off my back about it is the point I'm trying to make.
Cool!  Today is DAY FOUR of Sobriety!  I like those odds!  Very much in my favor!  What do I got in store for the rest of the day.  Same stuff I have in store for the rest of previous days.  Nothing new!  The #MarvelSummerToSummerSpringtime is new.  But that's about it.  Also if Marijuana is readily available to me before I start drinking again then I don't need to drink again at all!  Well, not every day!  Maybe not even every week!  I Don't Have All The Details In Front Of Me.  Hey great the entry is over.  It's about time!  I'll be back tomorrow!

-1:54 P.M.




Saturday, April 3, 2021

I Don't Have To Put Up With This

    Maybe I do.  I dunno as of this moment. Uh oh, "dunno," isn't underlining with red waves.  Looks like Spell Check Malfunction is still going on!  I shoulda guessed.  I would have guessed if I was explicitly forced to make a guess!  NO ONE EVER TOLD ME THERE WOULD BE GUESSING INVOLVED.  Yeah!  Started using a glass glass again!  Hmm, the second, "Glass," should be underlined.  Double words count as Spelling Malfunctions under normal circumstances.  Oh, right.  Glass glass!  I'm glad that I've progressed in my progress in terms of being ABLE to use glasses.  But, I'm gonna keep it 100, soda kinda tastes worse from glass.  Go figure!  I guess that's chemistry somehow one way or another.  Or its in my head!  Or its GEOMETRY.  Maybe it's it hitting up against plastic &/or glass differently.  Maybe it's that I'm pouring it down my gullet in a different way to do gulps.  And maybe it's in my head.  I said the same thing twice for EMPHASIS (and CLARIFICATION)!
Wonderful.  I see they made a point of making Lola Bunny of Space Jam II less sexy.  AND it inspired lots of discussion and whatnot.  Just watched the trailer for the movie.  Still pretty sexy.  I don't feel like I'm going out on a limb to say anthropomorphic rabbits have got it going on.  Hey what else is going on.  Maybe cup o noodles + salmon for lunch.  I have BEEF flavored noodles it's a HEARTY Noodles.  I feel like out of beef chicken and shrimp, beef is most hearty flavor, then chicken, then shrimp.  You can make an argument for switching chicken & beef depending on the circumstances.  Shrimp isn't hearty, though.  Maybe it is for rich people.  Their personal chefs make meals that have like 30 shrimps.  Reasonable sized shrimps!  Not too big not too small.  30 relatively decently sized shrimps!  Oh, right.  Even just by FLAVOR is Shrimp least hearty.  Heartiness can be determined by FLAVOR &/OR by PORTION SIZE.  Huh, glad we settled that one.
     Here's another fun thing I can do once I feel comfortable Doing Pretty Much Anything-- Re-up with contact lenses.  I'll be able to see everything IN HD AND Without Framings around the edges of my worldview.  Ya know that sort of thing.  Odds that Michael Jordan shows up in Space Jam II?  Damnit I should have said spoiler alert.  Even just suggesting the possibility is a spoiler!  Now you know it may or may not happen!  If it happens you'll be like damnit I was primed for this by Personal Website Enterprise.  And if it DOESN'T Happen but YOU THOUGHT it would happen BEFORE me saying it MIGHT NOT happen you'll be surprised like I WAS SURE IT WAS GONNA HAPPEN BUT PERSONAL WEBSITE ENTERPRISE TOLD ME IT MIGHT NOT HAPPEN AND NOW IT DIDN'T HAPPEN AND THAT'S A SPOILER.
Wonderful.  60/40 Michael Jordan shows up.  Off the top of my head.  Close to 50/50 I feel!  Noodles alone are hearty.  So Many Noodles!  Lets move on with our lives.  Getting close to Act Break I of II.  I like those odds!  I can watch a #TalesFromTheCryptSummerSpringtime.  I can watch a #TheOzHBOEnterpriseShowSummerSpringtime.  I can do #aThirdThingSummerSpringtime.  Man it's Saturday.  What am I, FIVE DAYS AWAY from Personal Independence Day (PID?)?  YEP CHECKS OUT.  I crunched the numbers and everything.  I used my Counting Digits!  I call em, "Fingers."  I'd like to see some statistics on Adults who sometimes use their fingers to count.  Is it just me.  I go straight to the fingers if I know it's gonna be between lets say 4 to As High As 20 overall.  Happens more often than I'd like to imagine!  Gotta assume other people are in the same boat as me.  I don't really.
Cool!  I saw Biden gave a billion dollars in food stamps to 25 million Americans.  I CRUNCHED THE NUMBERS WITHOUT COUNTING DIGITS and came up with 40 dollars per person.  OR maybe it's 100 dollars for 10 million of them and then the other 15 million just got I O U's.  Probably one of those things.  I may have pointed this out a year or so ago when I first was made privy to the expression, but there's a cult horror movie I saw where a girl is like lets do a 69, and the guy is like how about we do a 68, you blow me and I owe you one.  VERY clever.  VERY.  I can't get over how clever that is!  Anyway what else is going on.  Time to take a break!  Be back soon!




I've Got Nowhere Else To Go

    I watch my fair share of porn, and I don't see 69s very often at all.  I guess it's hard to coordinate or something, that'd be my impression.  Too many moving pieces.  What else is going on and crap.  Five more days before PID!!  After today, it's only four.  DID I USE MY FINGERS TO CRUNCH THE NUMBERS OF FIVE MINUS ONE?  YOU BET YOUR ASS I DID.  Now its getting more complicated.  Before I was just counting.  Now I'm doing ARITHMETIC?  My fingers are getting more clever at an exponential rate!  Wonderful.  Also lets be honest of the Four Functions Division is the worst.  I think most people would agree it's the most difficult.  And its got no charm!  Multiplication would presumably the 2nd most difficult but it's FUN.  Multiplication is arguably THE BEST.  I feel like I'm not going too much out on a limb.  Only wild car is Subtraction.  Can ALSO be fun but can ALSO be a head ache.  Let's rank them Multiplication, Subtraction, Addition, Division.  That's for ME at least.  You may rank them differently.
     Also yes upon further introspection Subtraction is the same as addition and division is the same as multiplication.  Just Backwards.  Lets put that aside and focus on this scholarly discussion of Which Function Is Best.  Or lets move on with our lives completely!  hat else is going on and crap.  Got a good idea of the next #TalesFromTheCryptSummerSpringtime to watch.  It's one I've seen a lot less than others AND I can't recall a SINGLE TIME really paying attention to it!  Kind of a snooze, sure, but I shouldn't hold it against it!  It deservers at least one comprehensive viewing!  That's only fair and whatnot!  Except for the British Episodes of the last season.  I got NO PATIENCE for British Episodes!
     Wonderful.  I can still do Spell Check by opening it up from the tool bar.  I just can't do it As I Go.  So I got that going for me is the point.  Wonder if having Math Teacher impacts me Learning Math back in Arithmetic School.  Gotta imagine it had some effect.  Hmm Subtractions and Divisions gotta really get to the bottom of this, Father is looking on!  Not LITERALLY.  But you get the idea!  Hmm better know the multiplication table up to 12 x 12, otherwise Black & White Notebook would be not impressed at all.  I don't know 12 x 12 off the top of my head!  I mean, I know 12 x 12 exactly-- 144.  But if you're like what's 12 x 9 it would take me eight seconds.  Lemme think.  108?  YEP NAILED IT.  At first I was like sounds like 111 but then IMMEDIATELY was like nope that ain't it and then a 2 seconds later I arrived at 108.  So that's where I'M AT Math Wise.  Reasoning Behind 111???  WELL, My thought to get it done quick was hmm 12 x 10 would DUH be 120, subtract one of them because it's 9 not 10... Only problem is at first I subtracted the NINE not the 12!  Talk About Your Standard Mix Em Up!
     Also what else is going on and crap.  Thinking about having Corned Beef Sandwiches With Swissed Cheese for lunch instead of The Dumb Thing I Was Thinking Of Before I wanna say Hearty Noodles?  Seems about right.  Either way it sounds pretty Hearty!  What else is going on and crap!  Finished my coffee for today.  We're talkin' I had enough for 2 full cups!  Not bad.  Now I HAVE glass glass of soda going on but maybe just go back to my Safety Mug that I was using coffee in.  Glass Glasses taste worse and are more trouble than they're worth!  Just play it safe and drink from Travel Coffee Plastic Type Mug!  HEY I was toolin' around and I figured out a good 4th Guitar Amplification Personally PreSet to keep!  It's Very Exciting is the point!
     Last paragraph of Act II!  Saturday, huh?  I can see that lasting an entire 11 or 12 more hours.  Based on personal experience and my own calculations concerning facts and figures which calendars and clocks that have been made available to me.  I feel like Exponents are a blast and a half but that's pretty much just specific &/or complicated multiplication.  The important thing is I Put That Sentence In Italics.  I guess so.  Maybe go to some #TheSopranosSummerSpringtime when this act is over.  It's certainly within the realms of possibilities.  I'll be back in a little bit!




You & Me Both

    Why not?  I dunno.  Oh, right.  HEY I got lunch going on.  2 Mini Cornt Beef Sandwiches with half a slice of cheese each.  On BREAD.  With cornt beef as the main ingredient.  That settles that finally once and for all.  HEATED UP CORNED BEEF.  NOT CHEESE.  NOW that settles THAT Once and Finally For All!  COUNTED OUT SLICES OF CORNED BEEF so I had exactly .25 a pound out of the .5 a pound I got.  We're talkin really measured everything out well.  Measuring is math.  I'm good at measuring!  It doesn't involve counting digits but never the less Hey How About Measuring Ain't That Great.  I can have a delicious Noodles FOR DINNER.  Once & for all and whatnot.
Wonderful.  Mets Games should have happened already but they were meant to play the Washington Fo... Was about to say Washington Foreskins.  I guess as a pun on Washington Red Skins.  But they're in a different sport.  Still though that'd be a sick, "BURN," of the Washington Red Skins.  Oh right they changed their name last year.  Either because of Redskins is offensive to Indians OR they were sick of being called The Washington Foreskins.  Maybe both.  Put together, you've got more than enough reason to change your Football Name.  OH, RIGHT.  Washington Nationals of Baseball Fame had an outbreak of Covid.  3 or 4 team members tested positive!  Sounds kinda dumb.  Aren't professional athletes our Social Superiors?  If I'm getting a vaccine, surely our Social Superior Athletes should have gotten it Before ME!
     Pretty happy about how lunch turned out.
  That's MY hot take.  Plus its left me looking forward to dinner!  All in all it worked out.  Corned beef sandwich with cheese isn't that far off from tasting like a cheeseburger.  Because it is!  But different kind of meat.  Otherwise SAME THING.  Except for most cheese burgers I think it's standard you get the cheese heated up &/or melted.  Not DEFINITELY though.  So that's something to keep in mind too, I guess.  That's something I can get in Oh I Don't Know FIVE DAYS.  Cheese burger!  Don't need the cheese!  Also not the burger!  The point is how about a Bison Burger.  Hmm gotta check what kind of toppings are available.  Main place I would be getting from doesn't seem to be offering ANY toppings other than cheese.  Bison Burger Plain For Me Please!
Penultimate paragraph.  Watching some #OzSummerSpringtime and wondering once again what I would get as a Last Meal.  Should I be about to be electrocuted.  Doesn't matter if I committed the crime or not!  This is the last meal I get.  The best answer I could come up with was Is there an antidote to electricity I could eat?  In which case DUh That.  Also if They Fail at Killing You on the first try when they're executing you, is it like NOPE YA HAD YOUR SHOT AND YOU FAILED BACK TO REGULAR PRISON FOR ME.  I feel like that should be the case.  You're want to try to kill someone AGAIN?  Only if they have a Double Death Penalty.  Which may be a real thing?  I know you can get multiple life sentences.  And we were always like lol means nothing, just means Life either way.  Multiple DEATH Sentences, though, this is where that might come into play!  Hey one more paragraph Comin' Up!
Cool.  THe point is This Time Around got a mild kick out of the Swissed Cheese!  Last time when I put it upon meat balls I didn't dig it that much.  That was melted a bit!  This time-- unmelted-- on sandwiches-- Overall A Positive Experience!  Hey the entry is almost over.  I can dig that all day long.  I can't think of anything to do other than the standard Watch Some TV.  Take a Bathing Enterprise at some point.  Go to bed.  Hearty Noodle Meal Enterprise.  Lots of enterprises is the point.  That's what I'm operating under.  I saw MLB, "Cancel Cultured," having All Star Game in Georgia.  AT first I was like Great Its A Good Thing but who cares.  Now I"m like hey people care abuot baseball.  Lots of people care abuot LOTS OF BASEBALL.  So is it a Big Thing?  I still don't know.  Definitely good either way, though!  Yeah!  I'll be back tomorrow!

-1:29 P.M.




Friday, April 2, 2021

I've Got Plenty To Say

    The Mets signed Francisco Lindor for a LONG TERM 10 year contract. Well not really a long term 10 years.  It's 10 years.  No short long or mid to it.  OR get rid of the 10 year and just say LONG TERM contract."  GREAT convoluted logic to start off the entry.  GREAT.  Weeds out those of you who don't have the patience to figure out my convoluted logic!  See ya wouldn't wanna be ya!  I do wanna be ya.  I WISH I was ya.  I have no patience for myself but I Guess I Just Don't Have A Say In The Matter Do I?  The point is at first I was like What Do I Care about Francisco Lindor.  THEN I realized hey its Mets I've liked Mets in the past.  THEN I realized yeah he's not just good at Superficial Stats HE'S ONE OF THE BEST!!  THEN I realized this guy is Mr. Smiles he's enthusiastic about the game I LIKE THAT.  Also they may be relatively superficial stats but flashy on defense and stealin' them bases is FUN to watch.
     The point is it cost them a third of a billion dollars but I'm Back On Board With Mets!  We're supposed to be impressed with Infrastructure Bill that's 2 trillion over 10 years?  WOW we can sign SIX THOUSAND FRANCISCO LINDORS for that amount!  With that kind of value we America could win World Series probably EVERY YEAR over the next 10 years!  Infrastructure.  What else is going on and crap.  That's not a yukk-em-up fake calculation.  It's accurate!  What else is going on and crap.  Accepted Super Market Delivery today!  Put away Fridge & Freezer stuff!  By Proxy!  I emptied everything out onto Oak Tag laid up across part of floor.  Handed my dad stuff one by one for him to put away!  I'd rather do it myself!  Quicker!  But he likes to help so who am I to complain.  Some guy.  Who cares Who I Am To Complain.  ANYONE can complain ANYTIME if they feel like it!  1st amendment!
  I assume there's Live Streamings on Internet to watch Metropolitan Baseball.  Better LTURQ.  DOESN'T LOOK LIKE IT.  Not for, "Free," at least.  That's a great way to cultivate a fan base going forward!  Don't let people watch for free online.  Dumb!  I'd watch COMMERCIALS I'm okay with that.  You're leaving money on the table!  Dumb Dumb stuff.  YES I'm thinking about having Corned Beef and Swissed Cheese Sandwiches for lunch today!  I'm thinking about a lot of things.  Mainly Corned Beef and Cheese Sandwiches AND in the back of my mind picturing Francisco Lindor AKA Mr. Smiles do Elite Short Stop Stuff.  Also YES HE REALLY GOES BY MR. SMILE.  Which is 100% perfect EXCEPT I'd make it Mr. SmileS. Emphasis Mine.  Well the whole premise is mine.  But the emphasis Is Just For Emphasis and I don't want him to be called Mr. Smiles with the last, "S," capitalized and in bold.  Anyway Wow!
     Penultimate paragraph of Act I!  Trying to sell part of the excitement as HE WILL BE A MET FOR TEN YEARS STRAIGHT OF AN ERA A GREAT ERA JUST LIKE JACOM DEGROM OFTEN HAS.  Wha?  Oh, right.  That WOULD be exciting if it was accurate that wow this is a start of an era GOING INTO THE 2030's!!!  But also yeah most long term contracts end in divorce.  I'm either thinking of Marriage or Baseball Contracts.  Or both!  More than 50% of the time someone gets traded or demoted or an injury wipes them out for the rest of their career.  So I'm not counting any chickens or anything who talk about him being The Face Of The Franchise until the 2030's.  DOESN'T ADD UP 100%.  Also Maybe HE JUST GETS WORSE.  Demoted covers that.  OH YEAH I FORGOT.  Carry On Then!
     Anyway what else is going on and crap.  ON BASE PERCENTAGE OF .345 OR SO?  HOW IS THAT THE ELITIST.  Hey I said a real word attempting to say a joke word.  Great just great talk about luck!  Had communal pasta + meated balls last night.  Left over a portionsworth to be consumed at a later date.  Perhaps today!  Gotta eat it SOME time and might as well get it out of the way today!  Yep that checks out pretty well.  I watched a highlight real of Lindor last night.  From Previous Major League Exploits.  Lots and I mean LOTS of him GETTING TO BALLS from Short Stop position and THROWING THE BALL to the baseman manning first base.  Also sometimes he hits doubles.  Well I'M SOLD!  I'll be back in a little bit.




Running On Fumes

    Hey alright.  Probably gonna finish Pasta Meal for lunch but Hey Get This-- add a slice of cheese to it!  Now we're talking Meatedball Pamresan!  Except for the Parmesan part!  Swiss!  It's Meatball Swissed with some I Wanna Say Rotini?  FSAD.  Well Microsoft FrontPage stopped spellchecking words.  Did 1st Act!  Stopped!  First clue was Pamresan being accepted.  Which led me to Meatedball.  And the point is Oh Well What Can Ya Do.  Probably SOMETHING.  But I don't know what!  Such is life.  I like seeing people who go onto Sopranos &/Or The Wire on #OzSummerSpringtime.  It's like congratulations you graduated from an adequately entertaining show and presumably somewhat critically acclaimed to a more entertaining and even more critically acclaimed show.  Well done!  You beat the system!
     Cool!  I GOT 4 OZ OF SWISS CHEESE?  AND 1 OZ IS 100 CALORIES?  AND I'M WATCHING OZ: THE TV SHOW?  Wonderful.  Today is first day where I presumably should have Re- Upped with alcohol and haven't.  Day 3 of Sobriety!  That'll show 'em, that'll show all of 'em.  It's POSSIBLE I can play Latest Civilization: The Computer Game without loading the CD.  I dunno but if I can that's something I can do.  If I can do something, then it's something I can do.  Yep.  That DEFINITELY seems to check out!  You can't do infrastructure over 10 years!  By Year Ten, you'll have to be re-infrastructing what you did in Year One.  That's just the nature of Infrastructure!  Can't wait to see what this Swiss Cheese is all about.  No foolin'  It keeps me up at night.
Anyway, great.  Halfway through the entry more or less!  I can, "Dig," that!  Still trying to find that perfect unique Guitar Amplification System PreSet that I fine tuned and isn't their preset but My Set which I Pre Set myself.  Hmm what kind of AMP modulator should I use.  MOCK DISTORTION PEDAL OR SOMETHING?  HO WABOUT SOME REVERB WHAT KIND OF REVERB STILL REMAINS TO BE SEEN.  Ugh.  It's important, though!  I've got some good ones but I need that ONE that's great and mine uniquely.  YEAH!  Sometimes I think about how I like bands where the guitars in songs sound completely different from each other.  WEIRD.  From my experience as a musician each song is supposed to sound exactly the same.  It's called building up brand recognition and it's the latest rage!  Somethin' like that.
     Wonderful.  LOOK THIS IS EASY.  You can have a guitar with distortion or a guitar without distortion!  Regular Distortion.  The kind of distortion I'm imagining.  THAT'S IT two options!  Anyway what else is going on I guess.  Penultimate paragraph of Act II!  Looking at possible movies I can see Next Week.  Only say for certain Kong Vs Godzilla: The Name Of The Movie That Is Reversed.  They've got some good ones for THIS week.  Films I haven't even seen yet!  I like those odds and wahtnot and so on and whatcrap.  Gotta figure out how to re-enact Spell Check As Ya Go.  Wahtnot?  What is this AMEATUR HOUR?
     Cool.  Maybe don't add Swiss Cheese to lunch!  Maybe lots of things!  How are you ever going to pay Francisco Lindor 34.1 million dollars a year without the revenue of Me Watching Commercials Sometimes.  Doesn't add up!  Also full disclosure-- for most of the entry I had the Infrastructure bill-- in its current incarnation at 2 Trillion over 10 years-- as SIX Francisco Lindors!  And I was like MAN WHAT A TELLING CALCULATION!  THIS IS NO GOOD AT ALL.  Then I was crunching some numbers and realized Oop it'd be 6,000 Francisco Lindors.  Which upon further introspection is A LOT more reasonable!  That's SIX THOUSAND Francisco Lindors we got traveling our country up and down for the next 10 years based on this bill.  The EQUIVALENT of that, more accurately!  I'll be back in a little bit.



No More Please

    Yeah!  Man Oh Man did I feel like a genius when I was saying Infrastructure Bill was Six Francisco Lindors.  THIS IS WHAT YOU'RE SAYING IS A HUGE HUGE INVESTMENT?  THAT'S AS HIGH AS WE CAN GO!!!  You can still ARGUE it makes that point but by a magnitude of 1000 difference.  Now I just imagine a roaming band of Francisco Lindors, a very strong 6,000 strong, going across the country helping people.  Infrastucturewise, whatever.  Just going cross the land for 10 years Making Our Country A Better Place.  Look, I am having lunch.  Rotini + MeatedBalls and a SLICE of swiss cheeze.  Slice = .5 Oz.  Ripped up the slice IN HALF and placed each half On Top Of A Meatball.  I think we're all caught up now.  OH.  Cheese is okay.  Don't hate it!  Don't love it!  I'm fine with it.
Cool.  One of the points I was gonna make is that with 6 Francisco Lindors more often than not you're gonna win the world series.  Over 10 years?  EASILY 2 or 3 times World Series Champion Guaranteed!  Assuming you're allowed to pay League Minimum for 20 other players.  If you got ZERO in the bank for other players They Probably Won't Even Let You On The Field let alone you actually having a chance at Winning Games!  Anyway.  Finished season one of #OzSummerSpringtime already!  Only a few episodes into season one of #TheSopranosSpringtime!  I'm more interested in Sopranos but the premise I'm operating under for each is this time REALLY pay attention.  And so far I've felt more comfortable Breaking That Rule with Ozes.  So Oz gets watched more!  Oh well!
     What else is going on and crap.  I can't even contemplate how many great options for dinner I have!  Gonna have to check Super Market Delivery Receipt to be like oh right those things gotcha.  I saw Matthew Gauetz is in trouble for having a Scoring System (Pun Probably Not Intended) where they get points for having sex stuff with women depending on the qualities and attributes of the woman, of the sex, and whatnot.  This is the main plot of Carrie II: The Sequel From The 90's.  And BELIEVE ME it doesn't work out well in the end for the Perpetrators.  OH, right, I must explain.  They get points Regularly AND INVERSELY for it being good.  If they thought Carrie was ugly or Bad To Have Sex With Somehow, and then one of them does, they get MORE points.  So gotta wonder if that's the premise of this game among Congresspeople.  Like I said, though, woe be unto the person who Crosses CARRIE.
     Penultimate paragraph.  Breaking News I'm Being Told that there was a car attack on Capitol Police Security People.  Two injured.  Suspect in custody!  Capitol is on lockdown.  Crazysheet is where the people go to get breaking news.  I hope everything turns out okay and whatnot.  WONDERFUL I was just experiencing some good Personal News.  Was having some Kettle Chips for the first time in a wh-- oh, right, #JoeBidenKettleChipsToRemember-- for the first time in a while and I was like ya know what I'm really enjoying these ke-- really enjoying these #JoeBidenKettleChipsToRemember-- and I'm really looking forward to enjoying these over the next week.  So all in all some Good news and some Bad news!  I hope it doesn't turn out there's more to this story &/or what we do know to the story is worse than I'm giving it credit for.  I hope lots of things don't turn out ways!
     Last paragraph of Act III!  Is it even a crime if its done with a car.  It's not even your fault!  YOU didn't manslaughter this person.  THE CAR DID IT.  Got some FRIED CHICKEN from Super Market Delivery Order for some reason I'm not really sure of.  Never like it from them!  But it's a good choice for dinner tonight.  So I got that going for me is the point I'm trying to make.  The other point is this entry is just about over but I need to write Two to four more sentences to really feel like I'm giving you your moneysworth.  That counts as one, this one is another.  Well I'm getting there pretty quickly, aren't I? ... I'll see you later.

-2:05 P.M.




Thursday, April 1, 2021

I've Got To Tell You

    Hello friends & whatnots.  One week away from PID (Personal Independence Day).  Let me clear something up from last entry-- I used the word ingredients and spelled it ingredience KNOWINGLY.  At first it WAS a mistake, then I caught it, then I decided to keep it!  Just in case you were wondering!  Whew glad we got that out of the way because It's A First Things First.  What have I been watching since last Late Afternoon?  WHY IT'S ONLY circling back around to #TheSopranosSummerSpringtime and #OzSummerSpringtime.  You might be wondering why I cycle through the same exact TV shows every 3 or 4 months.  And my answer to that is IT'S NOT TV IT'S HBO!!!
Even the #TalesFromTheCryptSummerSPringtime is HBO!!! I really am an HBO Fan Boy I guess.  HBO has been good to me over the years.  I got nothing but love for HBO.  So that's my life I guess.  Hmm just had a thought-- RANK FAVORITE CHANNELS.  No ranking Streams.  Just regular Regular TV, Basic Cable, and Premium Channels!  People would Get A KICK out of reading my impressions re: Channels and it would INSPIRE them to come up with their own lists!  Look I'll do top 3-- 1 each of Premium, Basic Cable, and regular (Analog?) TV, assuming I can figure it out.  1) HBO WE SETTLED THAT.  2)... comedy central?  3) NBC!  Whew glad we got that out of the way It Was A Second Things Second.  YEP They use the word, "Analog," for the standard channels.  Wonderful.!  My favorite show of all time is Why It's Only Mr. Show.  That's also an HBO Enterprise.  Go figure!
    Watched King Kong vs Godzilla  and there are lots of plot holes.  That's how they get inside to the hollow Earth.  Holes in the plots (OF LAND).  Seems about right.  Did you know, "Plot," backwards is, "Tolp."  Now you do!  I never saw about 50-75% of the, "Monsterverse," Franchise which is the Kong &/or Godzilla movies of the last half decade.  So basically I was CONFUSED AS FUCK trying to watch this film.  Why is Godzilla so angry.  What's Kong's deal.  Is there some back story for why they don't get along.  I'm at a loss here!  Also SPOILER ALERT Kong shows a lot of signs of humanity and consciousness and whatnot which I GET he's an ape apes are almost as smart as us.  Godzilla shows very little intelligence.  So basically we're supposed to identify with Kong!  Unless we're VERY stupid and have VERY little intelligence but JUST ENOUGH to know We're Dumb, in which case YES us people may identify with Godzilla.  Upon further introspection hey Let's All Identify With Godzilla.  I can, "Dig," that!
Also I think part of it is an Americo-Centric Filmic world view.  Godzilla was originally  Japanese Film thing, right?  Whereas Kong was American from the start.  Of COURSE we're gonna focus on Kong HE'S A NATIONAL HERO.  We can be OKAY with Godzilla-- I dunno about you, but I love me some Japan-- but still, c'mon.  What else is going on.  At this rate I will write another 15 paragraphs today!  I can dig that.  They do some digging in Godzilla Vs King Kong!  Presumably.  I think they're done digging by the time the movie starts.  But there's lots of places in the plots where there was recent digging.  Maybe there isn't.  I forget.  Could be a mix of Natural Holes and SOME Man Made Drilling.  That's the most likely scenario off the top of my noggin.
     Last paragraph of Act I!  What kinda lunch I got going for me today.  Probably Frozen Meal + Bonus Rice.  Either that or Bagel + Egg!  Probably.  Could be a third thing!  I don't have all the details in front of me right now.  Started a new month on Patriotism Calendar.  It's called APRIL.  No foolin!  Yeah.  Great.  What else ya got.  Is the, "Fool," in, "April Fools," a verb or a noun.  And if its a noun is it CALLING PEOPLE an April Fool, or is it just a re-iteration of the concrete premise of the manifestation of fooling someone during April 1st.  April Fools Itself is what was just committed immediately preceding the declaration.  Or maybe it's a verb, I dunno!  Goin' around all day Aprils Fooling people.  Don't have the details in front of me!  I'll be back soon.




It's Me Again

    True story!  First Day of Diet!  We're talkin' aiming for 2000 calories a day ON AVERAGE.  We're talking 50% of the diet is Walking Exercise which won't start until a week from today.  But the calorie intake adjustment BEGINS NOW.  Patriotism Calendar is informing me tomorrow is Good Friday.  Something something something Now We're Talking GREAT Friday.  Something Something Something FRIDAY THE FILM.  I dunno what else is going on and crap.  I wonder what day is depicted in the movie Friday.  Look there's a NON ZERO POSITIVE CHANCE that ACTUALLY it's really a Tuesday.  I dunno HOW or WHY but Sure I Can See It being a not-known-at-all Easter Egg.  Was actually a Tuesday The Entire Time.
  Also I've seen this movie Next Friday and it's not the next Friday AT ALL.  SOLIDLY Months or YEARS after First Friday.  Friday After Next is EVEN MORE TIME SEPARATED from the first two.  Dad cut himself falling down again.  So basically I drop glasses and my Dad drops himself which is bad because he's like Mr. Glass.  WONDERFUL.  What else is going on and crap.  Whoever came up with April Fools is the biggest April Fooler of all.  He convinced all of us to believe in AND OBSERVE his dumb idea for a holiday.  Also yes we must get to the bottom of who this Prankster Zero April Fooler is.  I dunno.  Don't feel like doing work.  Could have been Chaucer.  I googled it then got bored then read the first sentence it said Chaucer and then I got bored again.
Yeah!  What else is going on and crap.  Not only did Therapist give me permission to get a haircut, she said I should meet up with my brother.  I was like One of us would have to take public transportation and she was like that's okay! and I was like ARE YOU MAD WOMAN.  No one likes public transportation better than me but why would I go into that death trap voluntarily and unnecessarily.  My mother didn't raise no FOOLS.  That's why I'm INVINCIBLE today.  You may try to fool me with this, you may try to fool me with that, I'M ON IT!!!  YOU AIN'T GETTIN' NOTHIN PAST ME why bother even trying?  That's the point I was trying to make...?  Oh something about therapist trying to kill me by Death Bus.  What if I took a cab.  Ok then therapist is trying to kill me by Death Cab.  Rings a bell For some reason.
  Penultimate paragraph of Act II!  What if I just had chicken nuggets for lunch.  With some Frozen Freedom Fries.  Man that sounds great.  Too LATE!  I just SET IT UP and I"m having Frozen Potatoe Pancake with 12 nuggets AND NOT Frozen Freedom Fries.  Even Better per my limited understanding
!  Set up MEAT LOVERS pizza from ULTIMATE Super Market Delivery before Augmentation from other Places for Meals.  We're talking not just Pepperoni but Pepperoni AND SAUSAGE.  There's TWO meats that's how much this pizza loves meat.  Dating App, "MeetLovers.com."  Well I cracked that code.  What else is going on and crap.
     Ultimate paragraph of Act II!
  Yeah!  Set it up so I have a reasonable amount of time before Lunch Is Ready.  We're talking like a roughly 20-30 minute break!  I LIKE those odds.  Patriotism Calendar's theme for April is, "AMERICA!  AMERICA!"  Each month is a different part of The America song.  America The Beautiful.  I just skipped ahead and I think they give up halfway through and just stop having lyrics to go along with months.  Either forgot they were doing it or maybe they ran out of lyrics.  Either way way to think ahead.  Month Themes are supposed to be consistent.  Not peter out around June.  Anyway I'll be back in a little bit.




Not Again!

    Lunch is going on!  I only have 11 nuggets but you get the idea.  THIRTY NINE WEEKS until New Years Time?  That's the premise I'm operating under.  That's when I should be far enough in my diet to be reasonably happy with where I am.  MORE than reasonably happy!  UNREASONABLY HAPPY!  Something like that!  Hmm what kind of HORRORS can I watch today.  More #TalesFromTheCryptSummerSpringtime that's a no brainer.  What kinda Major Motion Pictures.  NOT A LOT.  Not a lot good ideas anyway.  Man oh man I can watch SO MUCH TV AND HBO over the rest of the day (&/or the rest of my life)!  It's be a weird switch-em-up if I get into reading books again.  That's a plot twist no one could ever see coming!
     Wha else is going on and crap!  Just finished lunch!  Chicken Nuggets Just Don't Last.  Major Motion Pictures.  Minor Motion Pictures Major The Dog Motion Pictures.  Also I'm REASONABLY certain that Right Wing Media will (or has) attack(ed) Joe Biden based on his dogs' behavior.  DOGS GET THEIR CUES FROM THEIR MASTERS AND IF MAJOR IS BITING PEOPLE IT MUST MEAN JOE BIDEN IS BITING PEOPLE.  Biden.  Bitin'.  All the pieces are finally starting to come together!  IF MAJOR TOOK A SHIT ON THE FLOOR I HARE TO SAY IT BIDEN IS SHITTING ALL OVER THE WHITE HOUSE AND THEY'RE COVERING IT UP!!!  Let's get that conspiracy theory trending.  Biden is a Secret Shitter.  Shits wherever he wants whenever he wants and there's an elite team of handlers employed to cover it up Each And Every Time.
I dunno.  Why not.  Gotta imagine where CHAMP'S head is in all of this.  Major getting a lot of attention.  Negative attention, but still.  How's all that effecting Champ?  Also ARE Champ and Major friends?  Do they mostly stay out of each others' business or do they really get along and hang out even when they don't have to.  My guess is sure why not.  Most likely Communal Pasta Dinner tonight.  We're talkin PASTA.  Dunno which kind.  We're talkin MeatdBalls.  The kind that are Meatballs!  We're talking Some SALT some BUTTER to get things going.  TOMATOE SAUCE can't forget about the Tomatoe Sauce!  It's one of the top 4 main ingredience to this enterprise!
     Penultimate paragraph!  Let's wrap this entry up quick!  Apparently I wrote a phrase on a notebook while I was sleeping last night, or maybe the night before.  Half asleep.  Was sleeping, half asleep wrote this, then back to sleep.  It APPEARS to say, "You can't be sloppy with Chinese."  Which, first of all, I take to mean Chinese FOOD.  I could be wrong but that's my assumption.  Because let's talk about it Chinese Food can get pretty sloppy.  In a FUN and TASTEFUL way as long as we're using the wrong definitions for the word Tasteful.  Maybe it's a Foreign Policy Statement.  You don't wanna get sloppy with Chinese in the 21st century or something like that.  That's my SECOND assumption.  Third assumption hasn't happened yet!
     Last paragraph of the entry.  Don't think Chinese Food is sloppy? I  direct your attention to Exhibit A LO MIEN.  That shut 'em up.  Talked EXPLICITLY with both parents and everyone's on board with getting Delivery Take Out Restuarnts And Food Places a week from today.  It's a wonderful life.  I like how today's month Patriotism Calendar lyrics is, "America!  America!" and that's it.  Sounds funny to me.  Brings me to the verge of bemusement.  ALso the picture is of what seems to be Some White House.  Well great, just great.  Another entry in the books.  I'll see you guys tomorrow!

-1:37 P.M.







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