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Monday, June 22, 2021

This Is All So Familiar

    Hello friends.  Another morning!  This is TWO days in a row where I'm about 45 minutes ahead of schedule compared to past days.  On purpose!  The extra 45 minutes means I can watch ONE MORE TV EPISODE during first half of day which revolves around walks and entry.  WOW talk about living in the lap of luxury.  I don't wanna live in anyone's lap.  What am I four years old?  I'm not into sitting on any laps at all!  That's where I draw the line!  Thinking about delicious unhealthy Chinese food for lunch.  Chicken and garlic sauce!  If you're gonna eat unhealthy Chinese food the least you can do is eat one of the Only Relatively Unhealthy things on the menu. GARLIC SAUCE?  That sounds healthy.  Garlic is healthy.  Pretty greasy, though.  Greasy is healthy!  It makes food go down The Gullet easier which is great for digestion per my limited assumptions. 
    I could get Chipotle!  At least that way I know what I'm getting with nutrition and calories.  Sort of!  They tell us!  I think they're lying!  Either way I've given myself a lot to think about.  Making some deep progress with #DeadwoodTheSumerSummerToRemmeber.  Almost done with Season I of III.  UH OH I'm gonna need to have a new series, "On Deck," so to speak.  HMM.  Maybe I can play ON DECK BASEBALL for Xbox Series X.  That sounds like a good name for a baseball game.  It gives you the sense that your fun is eternally imminently about to begin.  JUST A LITTLE BIT LONGER AND YOU GET TO PLAY.  Sounds like video games to me.  I never liked in Little League where they teach you to use donuts or whatever they're called on your bat while on deck.  Basically On Deck is when you're swinging the bat for practice because you're up to the plate next.  And they tell you to put these circular weights on your bat so it's heavier and harder to swing.  LOOK why are you complicating things.  Why are you training me to swing a bat in THE WRONG WAY with WRONG PARAMETERS.  It's HARDER which is no fun and it's COUNTERPRODUCTIVE which is no fun for my team who is counting on me to do a drag bunt and try to get an infield single.  COACHES ARE DUMB is the point.
     I feel bad for parents who volunteer to be coaches and then end up third base coaches.  You're devoting a lot of time to this and you have a job and a family to support and all of your responsibilities is telling people whether they should, "Hold Up," at third or, "Run all the way home," to score a run at The Home Plate.  Kinda EMASCULATING, too.  They chose another man to be a head coach over you!  You should feel ashamed and sulk all the way home to your loving and understanding family.  HEY that last part sounds pretty good!  Finally!  Things are starting to look up for you!  Also lets jut play wiffle ball.  Easier to play!  More fun!  At first I meant Kids should play wiffle ball instead of Baseball with metal bats.  However now upon further introspection I mean LETS PLAY WIFFLE BALL.  You, me, some other people.   I CALL BEING THE CATCHER!!  Now I'm RIGHT IN THE CENTER of the action!  Do I have to catch the balls the pitcher throws.  Ideally, yes!  Uh-oh nevermind.
You know, that sort of thing.  I like watching Baseball on internet for many reasons but one thing is they have digital strike zone so every pitch you can see exactly where it was and whether it was in strike zone or not.  And relatively often umpire calls it wrong.  That's gotta mess ya up in the batters box!  HE CALLED THIS BALL A STRIKE??? WHAT THE FUCK NOW I GOTTA SWING AT THE NEXT PITCH IF ITS IN THE SAME PLACE?  OR DO I ASSUME THE UMPIRE HAS LEARNED HIS LESSON AND WILL CALL IT A BALL FROM NOW ON.  I never realized how much of baseball was predicated on Umpires Frailties.  Is that the word I want to use?  NO.  Does it fit?  Kinda.  Upon further introspection do I like it?  Sure!  What else is going on.  I'm surprised there's not more instances of batters losing their cool and knocking umpire's blocks off with their baseball bat.  I mean, probably not once a game, but several times a week for each team.  That'd be MY instinct as a baseball player at least.  Also hitting the umpire with your bat results in a warning.  You do it again?  Thrown out of the game!  There's gotta be consequences!
     Anyway.  I remember in Little League we even had Double Deck.  You're sitting on the bench and you're the person after the next person to be up?  GET READY gotta get on On Deck Deck.  I forget what it was called.  Very possibly Double Deck  Either way kinda over doing it!  What can I do to prepare to prepare swinging.  And why do I need to?  Maybe the literal Bench was too short and they eternally needed 1 less person on the bench.  So someone gotta be on the On On Deck!  Seems about right I dunno.  I should have learned a more productive sport.  Like soccer!  Kicking stuff around in a preplanned direction can come in handy in I Don't Know How Many Ways!  And it's A LOT.  I don't know how many but I know this much It's Plenty.  When is using a baseball bat to hit a baseball gonna come in handy.  When playing baseball.  Well that checks out completely I withdraw my criticism.
     Cool!  Takin' a nice break after this paragraph.  Leaning towards Chipotle for lunch later.  It's the Devil I know!  Devil I don't know could be worse!  That's my impression!  What else is going on.  Did people have Baseball Bats before baseball was invented.  Which came first, the baseball or the bat.  It would be a huge leap of thought to come up with baseball before baseballs or bats existed!  My theory is people had things resembling baseball bats either for weapons or for farming equipment of one kind or another.  And THEN someone thought to use it to hit balls as far as possible more or less.  Anyway, I dunno.  I realized I was 20 years ahead of Baseball when playing video baseball.  I ALWAYS use the Bat Aiming thing to aim UP to hit home runs or doubles in the gap.  Seemed dumb to hit it at level and extremely dumb to aim down and hit it on the ground.  Now in Real Baseball that's exactly what's happened and people don't like it because it makes the game more boring, just all strike outs and homeruns and no regular hits.  The point is I'M A BASEBALL GENIUS.
    Anyway I'll write a bonus paragraph why not.  I'm not aiming ALL THE WAY Up.  That's dumb!  That'd just result in lots of really high Pop Ups!  What are you trying to see that I'm A Dumb?  Get out of here with that bullshit!  Man oh man I'm gonna CREATE A PLAYER in Franchise Mode of upcoming baseball game.  Assuming I can.  I assume when creating players it's roughly 70% people making themselves and 30% people making up a new person.  It all depends on the person!  I think I USED to be a Make Myself (But extremely good in all attributes instead of totally useless as I am in real life), but now if I had to make a person maybe invent A CHARACTER.  Wow what a bonus paragraph this has been.  No way anyone could have survived the entry without this paragraph.  Also apparently the main verb we're achieving while reading the entry is we need to SURVIVE it.  Sounds about right.  I'll be back in a bit!



No Reason Not To

    Hey!  I was watching #DeadwoodSumnerToRemember and they refer to an amount of money as A BIT.  Which I believe is half a quarter.  An eighth!  That sort of thing.  Gonna get Chipotle soon.  AN eighth!  That sort of thing.  EIGHTH??? THAT SOUNDS LIKE DRUG MEASUREMENTS.  It's true!  I had gotten An Eighth Of Marijuana once or twice.  Eighth of an ounce!  Roughly 2 and a half grams.  I'd have gotten it more if I could!  Ideal amount I would have wanted!  But it just didn't work out that way I'm sorry to say.  Anyway NEW TOWEL RACK ARRIVED.  I'm not sure why the guy came by just to give us the towel rack.  Didn't even install it1  Just dropped off towel rack and left.  Could have waited until he came to do the rest of it.  Anyway I'm pretty upset about the whole thing.  Seems too extravagant!  I don't need towel racks maybe someone else needs it and I'm depriving them of it!  Doesn't seem right!
     Yeah!  HMM I can use more towels, though.  Only room for one towel and bathrobe to hand over hamper.  Towel rack?  Maybe I Can fit TWO TOWELS.  Man just imagine dryin' off with TWO towels.  I can imagine it when I was a kid I remember doing that.  Talk about living in the lap of luxury!  Maybe Luxury should get in MY lap I find that more stimulating myself.  I'm not looking forward to getting real haircuts.  I liked the dumb haircut me and my dad gave me.  Perfect!  Real haircuts, they're gonna try too hard and try to be clever and fancy about it.  Just give me the most standard dumb haircut you can give!  That's what I want!  Maybe I can explain that to them without calling their haircutting qualities into question.  There's a polite and responsible way to go about it.  Probably.  That'd be my guess!
Cool!  Starting to pick up certain songs I particularly like from The Sleater-Kinney and the Wilco Albums I hadn't really listened to before.  NOW we're talking!  I was talking before, too.  But I guess all of a sudden you joined the conversation???  That doesn't seem accurate.  What else.  OH NO the next Jay-Z album I'm up to is considered a bit of a Clunker.  Maybe I can skip it.  I never thought of that before!  Go figure!  I like some elements of rap but the boasting is a little bit overboard.  That's my hot take.  I prefer my music more self deprecating!  NOT TRUE.  I like a BALANCE.  That sort of thing.  One thing about The Wild Wild West that I like is the Will Smith song The Wild Wild West.  I dunno.  Will Smith not on any lists of Top Rappers that I was looking at over the last few months.  Doesn't seem fair!  That's what he gets for being Fresh.  You're gonna alienate people by being Fresh with them.  Good luck surviving in the entertainment business that way!  You're gonna need it!
     Huh.   I have to stop taking walks in park completely.  It's Fly Season and that means for half the walk there's damn flies buzzing around my face and I have to swat them away every 7 seconds.  Very unpleasant!  Gotta take every walk around the city streets instead.  No flies there!  Oh well what can ya do.  I get REALLY angry at the flies that won't leave me alone.  I'm usually just thinking for 10 minutes WHAT THE FUCK ARE THESE FLIES STUPID OR SOMETHING JUST LEAVE ME ALONE AND I'D STOP SWATTING AT YOU JUST GO AWAY WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM WHAT THE FUCK FUCK IT ALL.  Like I said, very unpleasant!  The flies ARE stupid, though.  That's how I feel about them.  They can't help themselves!  I almost pity them in a way.  HMM maybe that's why they won't leave me alone.  They can SMELL the pity on me and they can't get enough of it.  Flies are desperate for empathy is the point I'm coming to is the point.
     Yeah!  Who wouldn't be desperate for empathy.  Sounds like a good deal to me!  Anyway am I happy with how #TheBigLoveSummerSpringtime ended?  Yes and no.  NO I didn't think it was a particularly strong ending but it was okay.  but YES I was VERY happy that It Ended.  Both because it meant I can move on with my lives but ALSO because just for the sake of the universe achieving balance, it's important that things such as TV Shows end at some point.  If it went on forever that's just gonna make for a very surreal and confusing universe!  Not on board!  Also sure the ending was fine.  Slightly better than the True Middle Of Where a TV Ending Can Be.  Yeah!  How big is Deadwood supposed to be.  Like one square mile?  I can look that up easy.  REAL easy.  Oh well what can ya do.
    Cool!  Gonna take a bath this evening.  After entry is over!  Hopefully!  Entry might not be over by time I have to take bath!  We'll have to wait and see.  Well we don't need to WAIT.  We can PASSIVELY wait as a secondary or tertiary function but we can do other stuff in the meantime, too!  Don't have just watch the clock and whatnot.  HMM in addition to waiting I'm going to finish this act, watch TV, take a walk, eat... I'm double AND TRIPLE tasking and I feel great about it!  You know that sort of thing.  HMM I gotta come up with a little bit more to say to finish this act.  I have to write a seventh paragraph after completing this sixth paragraph because that's what I did earlier today in the first Act!  You wouldn't want my acts to be unsymmetrical, would ya?  No of course not that would be insane.
Cool!  It just occurred to me that I have a recurring dream where I'm trying to find this video computer game in my head that doesn't really exist and I can never find it in the dream.  It's the same video game each time.  Some sort of Simulation Game.  And the dream is always oh man I like(d) that game maybe I can find it somewhere.  And I never can!  And now it occurs to me it's not a real game at all.  Dream game!  Hmm now I don't wanna play it anymore.  Who wants to play Dream Games.  Too much stress!  If they were fun or enjoyable or even reasonable to exist in our reality, they'd exist already!  There's a reason this dream game doesn't exist and that's because lets be honest it wouldn't make a great game!  Anyway.  I'll be back in several bits!  Aren't ALL video games Simulation Games.  I make an interesting counter-point!  I'll be back in several bits.





You're Still Here Too Huh

    Hey!  Got Chipotle going on.  We're talkin I didn't get Lettuce or Fajita Vegetables this time.  Just crowds everything up.  Bare essentials PLUS Red Chili Salsa which isn't a Bare Essentials.  No lettuce or fajita vegetables is the point!  Delicious!  Are lettuce or fajita vegetables delicious or is Not Having Them delicious.  Well I MEANT Not Having Them is delicious but ya know what, also, they are delicious!  You can interpret it however you feel, follow your own truth!  Gonna have nice bath soon after entry is over.  You can interpret that however you feel!  Hopefully in the sense of oh it means he's gonna have a bath soon.  Otherwise, it's not me to tell you your business, but your interpreting powers are off!  Maybe it IS me to tell you your business.  Someone's gotta do it!
     Okay.  Too much Red Chili Salsa!  I think when I don't have the bonus ingredients they compensate with more of the rest.  Or maybe I just taste it more because there's less of other stuff to clunk up my fork tasting enterprises.  Okay.  Dad is worried my new towel rack is a cheap towel rack and won't stand up to repeated uses of putting towels over it.  GREAT JUST GREAT I ask for ONE THING from life and that's a new quality towel rack and I CAN'T EVEN GET THAT?  That's ALL I ever wanted.  And boy did I Want It.  I dunno maybe the towel rack will be fine and reliable.  Only time can tell.  Hmm maybe I should get a Bathroom Clock.  I need to know WHAT TIME IT IS when I'm taking a shower!   It could be ANY time.  I have absolutely NO IDEA without a bathroom clock!
     Yeah!  Gonna have a delicious Chicken Caesar Salad for dinner with a Bonus Slice of Ryed Bread.  Bonus!  Wonderful!  Sounds great!  Where do Pinto Beans come from.  And by extension where do Beans come from.  I feel like I should know this.  I feel like children know this. LEGUMES or something, right?  Some sort of LEGUME.  I have even less of an idea of what a Legume is than what a Bean is.  Better LTURQ.  Yep Beans are Legumes.  And are sort of vegetables.  That's as far as my attention span allowed me to go.  Got bored! I guess I'll never know!  Children's Rhymes say that Beans are Fruit.  I disagree!  I may not know everything in The Whole Wide World but I know beans aren't fruit!  Pretty sure at least.  What to do I know, maybe they are, get off my back about it.
Last paragraph!  Every day that passes is another day closer to Playing Video Games!  FINALLY a life worth living.  It's about time, that's my impression.  What else is going on in the Whole Wide World Of Sports.  I finished lunch.  That's good news, right?  I had instinct to stop eating about 85% into Burrito Bowl but I Decided it'd open up a whole can of worms if I start leaving over 15% of Chipotle Burrito Bowls.  Bad precedent!  Just finish it and be done with it and move on with my lives.  Anyway that's about it for today.  I'll be back tomorrow.  Presumably with about 60% new material!  WOW I LIKE THOSE ODDS!!!  I'll see ya later.

-4:37 P.M.





Sunday, June 20, 2021

I'm Going To Do This Now

    Hey!  Finished #TheBigLoveSummerSpringtime.  Started #DeadwoodTheBigLoveSummerToRemember!  We're talking 2 episodes in and I 75% AM FOLLOWING WHAT'S HAPPENING.  I was 55% following what's happening in the moment, but I just read paragraph synopsises of the first two episodes on The Wikipedia which helped.  I was like oh yeah that's kind of what I imagined was going on.  It's hard because I don't recognize these people!  I recognize Jeffrey Jones!  I wish I didn't!  Anyway so far my main impression is prostitutes gotta get some make-up regimen going or SOMETHIN.  They're dirty dirty people not because of prostitution, that's their prerogative, but because they need a bath!  Make the tiles in their bathroom fell off.  They need to take a bath in their parent's showers, then!  Also the men are probably dirtier but that doesn't effect me at all!  Them, either!  It's a MASCULINE trait to be dirty and smell of dirt and LOOK of dirt.  Works for men!  Not sure if that checks out I'm gonna have to look into that.
Anyway lots of profanity and I'm on board with that!  They use profanity slightly different than we do!  It's like A Whole New World!  Anyway Day One without any sort of coffee at all.  So far so good!  Well, so far, kinda good.  I wouldn't say it was SO Good.  I wouldn't even say it's Kinda Good upon further introspection.  More like KINDA bad.  Not SO Bad.  What else is going on.  Today is FINALLY day one of summer.  Today is FINALLY Father's Day.  I split the difference and wished my father a happy first day of summer.  Getting The Best Of BOTH Worlds with that interaction.   Hey I checked my weight and was hoping it'd be under 150 but instead it was 150.0!  Which I'm just happy enough with!  Not so bad at all.  Not even KINDA bad.  I would say it's not SO GOOD it's KIND OF good.  YA KNOW LIKE EARLIER THIS PARAGRAPH BUT REVERSED.  Oh what wicked webs we weave.  Not sure that phrase applies here.  Not even sure if that's a phrase at all.
Yeah!  This is the second day in a row I'm wearing a shirt with a pocket protector.  That's what its called, right.  There's a nice little pocket around my left breast.  ON the shirt!  There's not an actual pocket IN MY BREAST.  That doesn't sound like a good situation at all!  Also you can put pencils in it?  Calculators?  Blackberries?  I forget what its called and what its used for but off the top of my head I think PENCILS.  Either way, I like it!  Nice style.  People know I take my pencils seriously even if I don't have them on me at the present time.  I wish I was playing Deadwood on my Soon-To-Be Xbox Series X.  I imagine just out of view there's a lot of choppiness going on and I can't relax and enjoy the show knowing that there's choppiness afoot somewhere somehow.  Also Deadwood is in Montana.  That's not the Wild Wild West.  That's the Wild Wild North.  MAYBE Northwest if I'm being generous.  Well cracked the code of that show looks like I Win.
Wonderful.  Why is everyone in the Wild Wild West some sort of An Asshole.  Doesn't check out!  Why can't people just be normal citizens.  Not citizens yet it's The Wild Wild West.  Oh that checks out I guess.  Moving On!  One day I hope to be watching #DeadwoodTheBigLoveSummerToRemember and be like that character I'm looking at is DEFINITELY Timothy Olyphant!  Off the top of my head I can't recognize Timothy Olyphant yet and there's a good chance I'll NEVER be able to recognize Timothy Olyphant!  That's just the way my life ended up.  Nobody's fault particularly!  Well I guess essentially it's kind of My Fault and even MORE kind of Timothy Olyphant's fault.  That checks out I guess.  I may have gone on this rant before but I don't get why there was so many duelings in the wild wild west.  There's like a 50% chance each time YOU'RE GOING TO DIE.  Sure maybe you're a better Quick Gun Shooter than the other person.  Let's say even 9 out of 10 times you're gonna win!  IS IT WORK IT DOING THIS OVER AND OVER?  You're bound to die relatively quickly considering how many duels you're getting yourself involved in!
     Seems dumb, that's my opinion. Maybe you really get a kick out of killing people and it's worth it to you.  Good for you.  Well done!  Maybe you really are the fastest gun in the west and are gonna win 99 out of 100 times.  And you need to keep killing people just to make sure people are continuously aware that you're the best.  In which case good for you!  Seem kinda overly sensitive, though.  Someone calls you out and your first instinct is ONE OF US MUST DIE.  Just let it roll off your back!  That's the way The MODERN West works.  What rolls off people's backs.  I dunno RAIN?  That's the first thing that popped into my mind but that doesn't sound right.  Hmm I'll LTURQ I Guess.  Something about animals.  I didn't like the answer so I decided to not read any further.  That's where I'M at in life!
     Last paragraph of Act I!  Not sure what to do re: HALO if I get Xbox.  Do I wait half a year for New Halo to come out?  Do I buy The Latest HALO?  Do I buy the HALO COLLECTION of all Halos up until the latest Halo.  Do I BLOW MY BRAINS OUT?  Wha HUH where'd that come from.  Thinking about a life revolving around Halo.  It doesn't feel right subconsciously.  Feels kinda right consciously, I'm gonna be honest.  I don't know WHY but it does.  Still feel AGAINST signing up for online play.  Maybe down the road.  Say I get pretty good at it!  That could happen.  But not from the start.  Also gotta imagine they charge a pretty penny for that.  Which is more expensive than an ugly penny!  Also watching Wild Wild West I don't get how money works.  It seems like with the way how much money was worth then, you'd CONSTANTLY need to buy things worth less than a penny.  What do you do?  Doesn't check out!  Hmm it DOESN'T check out.  Maybe it's fiction.  Everything before 1989 was Faked!  Cracked that code.
One bonus paragraph.  How big has inflation been since I was a kid.  I'm gonna guesstimate maybe there's been a little bit.  What DID cost a dollar in 1991 MAY cost Oh I Don't Know a dollar EIGHTEEN CENTS.  Better LTURQ.  WHAT THE HELL INFLATION HAS BEEN ALMOST 100%.  What was a dollar is now A DOLLAR 98 CENTS?!?!  I don't feel that's accurate.  Probably been faked!  My first instinct is everything has been faked.  Prove me wrong!  If I'm giving someone My Two Cents these days it would have been worth But ONE CENT 30 years ago.  Hmm is that accurate.  Or do I have the numbers reversed.  It's either accurate or backwards.  That's my feeling.  Thinking about having Wide Al Fredo dish for lunch.  I got a couple of options don't worry about me.  Right now I feel that's my best option.  Don't worry about me.  Anyway I'll be back in a little bit!





You Get The Idea

    Hello friends.  STRONGLY considering having a SIDE with the Wide Al Fredo dish.  Possibly some left over Bonus Freedom Fries.  Possibly some Dinner Roll.  Possibly have something else completely for lunch!  Anyway I'm having some delicious Root Beer right now.  It's a fun mix-em-up from Cola.  It's closer to Cola Flavor than Lemon Lime or Orange.  So it's hitting SOME of the same buttons as cola but definitely a mix-em-up overall.  Hmm maybe I should mix-em-up.  Everyone loves a mix-em-up of soda.  Well, everyone thinks they're a genius for trying it out themselves at fast food restaurants when they're kids.  Then they drink it and are like hey I can KIND of taste aspects of different soda.  TART like a lemon lime.  COLA like a cola.  LIQUID like Water.  Anyone mixing water in with their multi-soda soda?  Gotta imagine some dumb weirdo kids were like AND THE FINAL INGREDIENT-- WATER!  The point is I forgot.
Hey I'm 3/4ths through what I'm guessing is the worst Jay Z album!  Certainly the worst so far!  Probably the worst ever if we're in an ideal world for Jay Z albums!  Also Jay Z references Beyonce in one of these songs in terms of something along the lines of She's Fine.  I don't think he used that word but that's the impression I got.  WOW THEY ENDED UP MARRYING.  Ain't that sweet.  Hmm makes ya think, though.  Did they know each other by the time this song was a song in Oh I Don't Know 2002?  Also-- who cares I've lost interest in this completely.  Mid sentence!  I was interested at the beginning of a sentence and then about five words in I was like oh right who cares.  Wild Bill Hickok is in the first few episodes of #DeadwoodTheBbigLoveSummerToRemember!  Gotta imagine if he accumulates enough money by gambling and shootouts he can do a wheel of fortune and Buy Himself a, "T," and an, "H."  Cause his name needs them!  Maybe a, "C," too.  Get off my back about it its not on me to finish his name this is HIS problem.
What else is going on and crap.  I'm gonna be honest, the last few days I was conflating watching #DeadwoodTheBigLoveSummerToRemember with buying X-Box and playing that Wild Wild West game on Xbox.  I was imagining my immediate future watching TV to have a similar experience to playing an MMORG.  And ya know what?  KIND OF IS.  Don't ask me to explain or justify that feeling because I have no way to back it up!  But I feel sufficiently ENGAGED watching Wild Wild West #DeadwoodTheSummerSummerToRemember!  Anyway.  Pretty sure maybe 4 out of my 15 Xbox &/v Xbox 360 games will work on New Xbox Series To Remember (XSTR).  I can live with that.  I bet MADDEN 06 is one of them!  I'll play that.  Run some PASS plays.  Lots of Hail Marys.  Every time it's allowed to do a hail mary I'm doing a hail mary.  Sure to get into Heaven THAT WAY.  Hmm.  By Heaven I MEAN THE END ZONE.  Hmm.  By the end zone I THINK I mean the place where if you reach it with football in store you get points towards your Standings In This Particular Game.
Wonderful!  Why Catholics hailing Mary so much.  Sure she was pretty important but I can think of DOZENS of people &/v things we should be hailing before Mary.  This may be why I was excommunicated from The Catholic Church.  Either THIS or I wasn't that's nonsense.  I mean if they SPECIFICALLY knew me and what I was up to maybe they'd excommunicate me?  But as of now I don't think I'm on their radar.  Do I need to be Catholic to be excommunicated?  I dunno gonna have to look into that one.  Maybe I'll pray to Mary that she'd tell me because I don't wanna go through the hassle of researching online.  Just have Mary tell me divinely.  EASIER.  Here's a thought-- is there anything you can do in Heaven for them to send you to Hell?  If you're really being a jerk and doing really bad stuff up in Heaven, is thee ANY avenue for them to change their minds?  Gotta imagine there's gotta be SOME sort of consequence for being evil in Heaven.  That can't just be allowed!  Hmm I'm gonna have to look into that one.
What else.  HEY I just thought of a great new gimmick for WWE.  CHILDREN.  Have children fight other children.  Have children fight adults!  Never been done before and I think people would get a kick out of children being hurt And DEFINITELY children hurting others!  It can't be illegal for teenagers to pretend wrestle for money.  As long as you don't make it a Sex Thing!  They can still be enrolled in school most of the time!  I don't see why it wouldn't be allowed!  Anyway as with all other great ideas I come up with I demand royalties every time it happens.  There that settles that.  I dunno I still feel like Nothing Is Settled.  Anyway.  I feel like I didn't appreciate WWF novelty matches between elderly people when they did it when I watched wrestling.  I think now at my own advanced age I'd like it more now.  Oh well all those wrestlers are dead completely by now.  Too late!
     Cool!  Gotta imagine there's a decent wrestling game out there for my New Entertainment Gaming System (NEGS).  Those are fun!  It's odd that wrestling video games are, off the top of my head, one of the only Simulation Video Games that have Nothing To Do With What The Basis Is.  Wrestling video games are real wrestling matches.  You need to beat the other person!  Real wrestling is a show!  I dunno I think you COULD make a wrestling game where it's just a show.  You get points for making the crowd being enjoyed go well and making your match go in the way its supposed to and whatnot.  That sounds like a pretty crappy game.  Sure it does!  No arguin' that!  How about a wrestling game with FAN MODE and you just watch digital video game wrestling.  Hmm but how do you win.  By not starting a riot.  Sounds easy.  It is!
     Last paragraph of Act II!  Was just looking in my garbage at Gum Brands.  It's called ORBIT because it orbits around you mouth while you chew it.  Right?  Nobody chews gum in place.  Gotta make a revolution back and forth in your mouth.  Also the other one is called TRIDENT because of DENT as in DENTAL.  As in Your Mouth.  Man I gotta look at garbage more often I'd make all sorts of Brand Realizations.  HMM.  First season of Deadwood is from The 2004s.  HMM.  Not sure why I said that.  I started what may be a new Viewing Habit of This Show At Least of reading wikipedia paragraph synopsises of episodes BEFORE watching them.  Now I REALLY KINDA know what's going on!  I know one of the plots but not who the characters are.  I read who they are but I don't know anymore.  That's about the amount of inside info I have going into this episode!  Anyway I'll be back in a little bit with more entry.





I'll Do It Again!

    Hey!  Got lunch going on.  Wide Al Fredo + Dinner Roll.  I'm enjoying it.  I'm shoving it down my gullet at a reasonable pace!  I'm enjoying #DeadwoodTheSummerSummerToRemember!  Enjoying it at a HASTIER than Reasonable pace.  HASTIER sounds like a word they'd use in Deadwood.  Yeah Hey you better HASTE ON AWAY someone gonna shoot you or something I don't have all the details.  Also I'm only several episodes in but I'm reasonably sure there aren't any adult women who aren't prostitutes.  There are children!  Who aren't prostitutes!  I hope, at least!  Is it possible that's historically accurate?  That men and women had sex like normal but the premise was yeah but we're out in the wild wild west its very tough out here you really should just pay me for it that's more fair for everyone.  That was the woman talking.  To the, "John."  Which beans Prostitute.  In religion they conflate prostitutes with women who have regular casual sex regularly.  Deadwood is religion! 
     Wow!  I can't wait to see what the prostitutes are up to in the next episode.  I was ragging on all Deadwood women for being dirty but in more recent episodes I've seen ones that APPEAR to be washed and cleaned.  Maybe that's a Production Blooper, though.  The actress was actually washed and clean and by accident they didn't mess her up before shooting the scene.  Kind of an Anachronism!  They're called anachronism because if we let things from future time periods into past time periods IT'S ANARCHY what else are we gonna allow?!?!  Also Deadwood is ANARCHY anything goes!  If Kurt Cobain was a Worse Bandleader he might have eventually made an album called NIRVANARCHY.  Thankfully he had more sense than that And That He Died Before He Could Get To It.  In general its sad he died.  That's my official position!
     Yeah!  If I had to be in The Wild Wild West maybe I'd be The Preacher.  I don't believe in God or Religion but I feel like people wouldn't hassle me if I was Town Preacher.  There's many other occupations where people would hassle me even less but I don't have the constitution for those.  Think I'll just study up on scripture and put my best face on and try to be a preacher!  Sounds about right.  Also if Religion IS Real suddenly look whose gonna be in the best part of Heaven!  Me!  Cause that's what I devoted my dumb life to.  FINALLY paying off.  It's about time.  Also I feel like there's only a 10% chance that when playing The Oregon Trails, one of the 20 or so things you can buy to have in stock on your voyage is ALCOHOL.  I thought of it because if I was doing that in real life sure gotta load up on the alcohol.  But also maybe the premise is if you have alcohol in The Kids Video Game that can help with surgery and health stuff.  Someone gets shot while you're out hunting, you got some alcohol, they're gonna survive better because they'd be in less pain.  Yep seems to check out.  We should be teaching kids that alcohol is good for you in video games.  Checks out 100%.
Last paragraph of the entry!  Here's a fun activity I can go through my DVDs and separate all the ones that aren't ever on The Streams so I have them ready to watch when I get Xbox Series X DVD Player.  THEN I can separate Good Movies from that 1st separation.  THEN I can separate movies I would actually want to watch from THAT separation.  THEN I can... well... watch this movies, like we would have assumed I would have done with that subsubsubset of my DVDS.  HMM what about movies that I have that AREN'T good but that I WOULD WANT to watch.  They go in the pile.  Fascinating!  Anyway hey the entry is all over now.  I'll be back tomorrow!

-4:40 P.M.





Saturday, June 19, 2021

Hey What's Up

    Hello friends.  Another week down.  When did we agree that Saturdays are the beginnings &/v endings of weeks.  Never, that's who, but right now!  I remember the day it was a week ago today.  It was Half Birthday Surprise To Remember.  Anyway I was thinking about it and maybe astrology checks out.  Planets making a difference?  Sure why not it's called GRAVITY.  And it exists, ask anyone!  I dunno why it matters what month you were born but maybe certain months the gravity of certain planets are more pronounced.  YEP IT ALL SEEMS TO CHECK OUT.  I feel like I could write Horoscopes.  That'd be an interesting career.  You can influence people subtly to feel and do the things you want!  Just like any good career!  Then again I don't know about planets and their movements in regard to gravity.  I'm sure there's a introductory course somewhere I can take which qualifies me to write accurate horoscopes.  Also I hope there's an INTERMEDIATE course, too.  I wanna get this right!  Not gonna half ass it at all.
     Well great all that seems to check out I guess.  My dad has a course for the summer.  It's called Math and it's also called Pre-Calculus more specifically.  I always had a problem with the subject of pre-calculus.  Look-- is it calculus or not.  And, if not, give it its own name.  And, if so-- just call it calculus.  Then you can call what you call calculus Calculus II.  Pre-calculus doesn't make sense and I mean that both in the terms of using it as an identifying phrase AND that the math behind pre-calculus doesn't make sense.  I did some preliminary crunching of the numbers and I think it's a scam.  Ya know that sort of thing.  Isn't all math under calculus pre-calculus.  What's arithmetic but pre-pre-pre-pre-pre-calculus.  The world of math revolves around calculus!  Also things revolving I THINK is a relevant use of calculus?  Also things revolving can influence our Days and or WEEKS on Earth depending on how far away they are or something.
     Cool!  I'm a SAGITTARIUS.  That means I'M THE BEST and EVERYONE ELSE IS A JERK.  Maybe that's a Sagittarius thing to think or maybe that's how 95% of people feel about their Zodiac Sign.  I don't know much BUT I know I'M THE GREATEST.  Maybe it's just me, I don't know!  Also I don't like it when confronted with the fact someone else is a Sagittarius. I feel like it's an invasion of my turf.  These horoscopes are FOR ME what the Hell are YOU doing having the same Day/Week as me.  Get your own forecast THIS ONE'S TAKEN.  That sort of thing.  I feel like Jupiter is one of the top 50% key planets for Sags as I will refer to myselves from now on.  Better LTURQ. I COULD be thinking of Saturn.  Jupiter and Saturn are as close as planets can get!  I dunno gonna have to look into that tone.  But firs I have to look into the one of is Jupiter a Sags thing.  YEP NAILED IT.
Wonderful.  Jupiter presumably has the most gravity out of any planet.  Maybe even more than all the other planets combined!  Maybe as much as all the other planets combined minus Oh I Don't Know Venus because It Was Very Close.  I was gonna look it up but I think Not Knowing is as fun as Knowing!  What else is going on.  Drinking room temperature coffee (iced coffee) instead of hot coffee today.  It's not good to drink without ice!  It's just like drinking room temperature coffee that was hot coffee but lost its heat!  Oh well pot committed to drinking it now.  Because I didn't wanna commit to making a pot of hot coffee.  Yeah!  Only three more episodes of #TheBigLoveSummerSpringtime.  Perfect!  Today is the last day of Summer Springtime.  Tomorrow is a whole new month entirely.  And by month I mean season!  And we're gonna start the season right with Oh I Don't Know DEADWOOD?  Yeah!
     Cool!  I was watching some gameplay for the latest Major League Baseball game for The Xbox and at first I was like that doesn't look like fun and then I thought more about it after the fact and was like ya know what I can see that being fun.  Also it's less good gameplay than games in the 1990's and early 2000's!  The graphics are better I guess!  The gameplay I can see myself being on boar dwith!  But I'm thinking about getting the Basketball game instead.  And I'm not a huge fan of Basketball in real life!  This is real life.  Video games.  It exists in My Real Life.  That seems to check out and ALSO getting both baseball and basketball seems to check out and ALSO they may or may not have good basketball gameplay.  All things considered I dunno I'll have to think on it.  Basketball is FUN in a video game.  PASS.  SHOOT.  RUN!  All the fun stuff that makes basketball go.
     Cool!  What else is going on.  I think I read the finale of #TheBigLoveSummerSpringtime is very good.  Now that I type it though I think I may be confusing it with reading the finale of The Six Feet Under is very good.  DAMNIT.  I was watching this entire season thinking well its gonna pay off in the end.  Now that I think about it maybe I was thinking of Six Feet Under?  I gotta LTURQ!  NOPE THEY'RE SAYING THE BIG LOVE is a good closer.  HOWEVER
I will form my own opinions nobody is gonna tell me what to think!  Certainly not TV Critics!  They're the lowest of the low in our society.  Truly the bottom rung.  The point is hey the act is over.  I'll be back in a little bit!





Oh For Real

    Hey!  Watched some National Basketball Association basketball video game and it looks like fun!  I like the part where the CROWD REACTIONS are VARIED and REAL.  You really get the sense it's basketball in a real arena with a real hometeam crowd and whatnot.  That's a fun game in and of itself!  It doesn't matter who wins at the basketball as long as the crowd gets a good show!  Anyway.  Got some several choices for lunch that are all Fresh Meals from Super Market Order.  Right now leaning towards Chicken Parm Kids Meal!  And for dinner I'm thinking about getting Steak Parts I and II from Deli!  Only having one part for dinner!  Possibly Part II in a real unexpected mix-em-up!  YEAH that's the kind of stuff I say.
Wonderful.  It can take a long time before I get Game Entertainment System (GES).  I'm not gonna order it before I get TV which won't be until early July.  Then it's All Sold Out All Over The Place so there's no telling when I can get it!  It reminds me of trying to schedule shots for me and my family.  Gotta be on top of that website every 2 minutes during the day.  No reason I can't do that for XBOX SERIES X.  And also I'm assuming there's LESS OTHER PEOPLE doing that.  Besides me, who is an idiot, people aren't gonna take this video game console (VGC) as seriously as Living Through Pandemic.  I dunno that doesn't check out.  America probably got that backwards.  Dumb Americans!  I hate them so much.  Also if there's a new pandemic starting up in the next two weeks it's gonna be EVEN HARDER to buy an Xbox Series X (XBSX).  People will RIGHTLY decide well at this point lets aim on never leaving the house again, gotta play video games all day.  Which I think is the way Ready Player One starts.  Man would that be a bummer!  I like going outside.  There's TREES and everything.
    Speaking of trees we're slowly making progress in Living The Time between when they legalized marijuana and when I can buy it from dispensary.  I'll try to smoke marijuana Good, you'll see, and you all doubted me.  I'd say it's roughly 50/50 whether I would like marijuana anymore at all.  Very close to even money is the point I'm trying to make.  But it's still FUN to Imagine About!  Anyway.  I don't get the premise of marijuana brownies or cakes or cookies.  I think it takes a little bit to kick in, right?  Longer than smoking it.  So basically you're WASTING eating this brownie while NOT high.  Wouldn't it make more sense to become high and THEN eat a brownie?  You're doing it all backwards!  I get that there's some logistics benefits to combining both.  AND I get that its a somewhat different high than smoking it. BUT look guys we don't eat brownies wily nilly gotta save em for when we're thoroughly high!
    YEAH.  I'VE GOT LOTS OF GOOD POINTS ABOUT LOTS OF THINGS.  I've never ate marijuana.  I've never ate a lot of things!  Yep.  What else is going on.  Gonna take a bath today but I'm not sure when.  At Some Point In Time, I've narrowed it down to that.  We're not gonna enter some fifth dimension where somehow its inaccurate to say I took a bath at a point in time.  PROBABLY not at least.  The odds can't be more than 1 in 20 that that would happen.  VERY unlikely.  Gotta imagine there's Health Food that has marijuana in it that doesn't taste good so it makes sense to get eating it out of the way before being high.  I DUNNO.  Maybe being high makes the health food that doesn't taste good Taste Good. OR maybe it makes it taste worse because you're really tasting the Health Part Of It while high.  HMM this is tough I'll crack this code as soon as I can next year.
Wonderful.  Maybe take a bath between Act II and Walk III.  That's when I normally took baths in Days Of Yore before bathroom because a problem area.  Anyway.  GREAT NEWS I'm getting A TOWEL RACK installed in my bathroom.  There used to be when I was a kid.  Then it broke!  And maybe we reinstalled it several times and it kept breaking!  Something along those lines.  But I'm getting A BRAND NEW ONE AGAIN!  I've been hanging stuff over Hamper.  Which makes sense!  Makes Towel Rack an unnecessary enterprise but it's still nice to Live It Up In Luxury!  I feel like I've said 80% of this entry before.  Not the stuff about being impressed by the gameplay of National Association of Basketball video game before.  Specifically the crowd noises.  That's totally new!  Well I guess that makes the entry worth it, then.  Sure I'd guess that.  Couldn't hurt!
     Last paragraph of Act II!  For some reason I insist on using gameplay as one word instead of the two separate words game play.  It DOES exist as a singular concept that isn't necessarily implied by each word loosely put together BUT when I was spell checking last entry I kept not correcting it.  I was shown I was wrong and I kept going ya know what I'LL ALLOW IT.  And here I am back at it today.  Hmm.  Really makes ya think.  Alright I'm gonna take a bath when this paragraph is over.  It seems like the right thing to do because I'm A Dirty Dirty Boy and I desperately need to get clean.  In real life.  Physically!  I dunno if I'm Dirty Dirty in real life.  Maybe a little dirty, nothin too bad though!  Anyway that sure is one way to finish the paragraph.  I'll be back later!





Well See Ya Later

    Not for a while, though.  I'll See Ya Later roughly 4 paragraphs from now.  I got lunch going.  I saw there's a different Brand of Major League Baseball Video Games I can get.  Ok now we're all caught up what else is going on.  Down to the final 2 episodes of #TheBigLoveSummerSpringtime.  I stand by not rooting for or against them!  Well, I root against them at points.  But then I feel bad about it.  I never quite root for them but my rooting against them is balanced with feelings of guilt and shame.  Sounds about right.  Also I've felt this for a long time, going back to season one-- Bill Paxton looks like A Serious Michael Ian Black.  Well shouldn't we say Michael Ian Black looks like a Silly Bill Paxton?  Nope!  Maybe years ago we could have said that.  Then Bill Paxton died!  Now Michael Ian Black is the lead guy in this scenario!
     Cool.  Having delicious Chicken Parmesan Kids Meal.  It's HEALTHY because THERE'S SLIGHTLY LESS OF IT.  That's how you know what you're eating is good for you ad nutritious.  Well would eating LESS of it be better for my body?  Yes?  SOUNDS GOOD TO ME.  Yeah!  I ran out of artificial sweetener completely!  I wasn't planning ahead!  I won't have any for a week!  No coffee this week I guess!  I dunno seems kinda fun.  It's like a Vacation From Coffee.  God knows I've earned it!  I like coffee.  Yeah but maybe I'll also like Not Having Coffee there's only one way to find out and this is it!  Hmm I could probably stop into Some Sort Of Store and get artificial sweetener.  DAMNIT I was looking forward to this vacation.  Now it's all over.  All because I had to use Reasoning Power and figure out a way to get Artificial Sweeteners.
     Yeah!  I'm enjoying Jay Z a lot.  Maybe that makes me, "Lame."  I would say it's pretty much 50/50 whether me liking Jay Z is lame or not!  I know he seems like a cool dude on account of RAPPING and ENTREPRENEURSHIP but also maybe there's better rappers out there and he's mainstream and lame.  I don't have all the details in front of me but I imagine at some point I'll get access to more details and then put them all in front of me and really get into it.  Also in the feud of NAS vs. Jay Z I just Want Each Rapper To Have A Good Time.  Also, Nas.  It's because he comes from living closer to where I live!  If you know a better way to determine allegiance in Rap Feuds I'd like to hear it!  Yep that seems to check out. 
Another day in and another day where I'm still pretty sure I wanna go with getting Video Game Entertainment Apparatus (VGEA).  I've gone through SPELLS where I'm like is this really what I wanna do with my long midterm immediate mid long shortish mid term future?  And right now there is SOME doubt but mostly YEAH LETS GO FOR IT.  I'MA BE A GAMER!  RECREATIONAL GAMER.  PERSONAL RECREATIONAL GAMER.  No playing with others.  LET EM GET THEIR OWN GAMES THIS GAMING IS FOR ME.  Also not intense gaming.  MAYBE work my way from beginniner to intermediate level if all things go right.  Anyway yeah!  I should give it more thought, though.  I don't wanna rush into things.  Although if I DID rush into things it'd be way less choppy with the new system.  No re-calibrating the immediate environment even though I'm moving ever so fast through it.  HEY I'll be back tomorrow!

-4:36 P.M.





Friday, June 18, 2021

This Is Where I Live

    Hey!  Great news!  I accepted Super Market Delivery and the immediate pay-off is being able to have Fat Freed Coffee Mate creamer with my coffee.  Because I just got it!  I didn't have it before!  That's how getting Super Market works.  Also brought up getting Gaming System (GS) with my Mom and she was relatively on board but was like well lets get your TV situated first.  And I Was like GREAT CONFIRMATION NOW THE BALL IS IN MOTION.  Can balls be in motion?  Balls are in play.  I think it's Something Else that's in motion, though.  What, though.  What is in motion?  Better LTURQ.  Now the CARDS are in motion.  No, that can't be it.  Wait it IS ball.  And also you can get the ball ROLLING.  The point is there's this ball somewhere and it can do lots of things and they're all Great First Starts to anything you can imagine!
    I counted 15 Xbox or Xbox 360 Hard Copies of games.  NO I DIDN'T I counted that many boxes.  Easily could be an empty box!  Oh well no way of knowing.  I don't open boxes unless I intend to use what's inside!  That's my rule and I don't break it, not for counting hard copies of video games, not for anything!  Also I have a Grand Thefted Auto collection of 3 through 5 and I count that as 3 games.  I will NEVER play any of them MUCH LESS the first two.  Too scary!  All of 'em!  People can just punch you out of nowhere!  I don't need that kind of hassle in my life!  Thinking about having another bath tonight.  Two nights in a row!  I've come to this decision because why not no reason not to.  It takes 90 seconds to set up garbage bag to cover wall opening so I can take bath without any consequences.  That's great, just great.
     Re-tiling will be addressed next Thursday and Friday.  Then hopefully that's over!  Then it's time for the REAL fun to begin.  Ya know taking showers and whatnot.  That's part of it but the BEST part is ENJOYING THE NEW TILES.  Wow these tiles are BIG and BRAND NEW I'm really getting a kick out of these tiles!  Gotta imagine that'll wear off over a course of months, getting used to them, but the first few honeymoon weeks with new tiles are gonna be a blast and a half.  Also I can LEAN ON THEM ALL I WANT.  Drench em with water.  Nothing bad can ever happen to them!  That's the impression I'm under!  Got more Super Market Fresh Meals than I've gotten since Pandemic Quarantine (PQ).  They're generally lower in calories!  And I don't need that high calorie intake for meals especially dinners these days!  Wonderful!
    I can't wait to play THE HALO on X-Box.  I was watching a video of gameplay and it brought me back to playing it.  Yep that'll happen.  I like the part where you get into a vehicle and suddenly you're driving or flying the vehicle and presumably the vehicle can also shoot at your enemies.  WOW I was having fun just running around AND JUMPING THAT'S KEY but now I'm in a vehicle CAN THIS GAME GET ANY BETTER???  That sort of thing.  There's a brand new special HALO for the new system coming out Holiday Season 2021 (Their words not mine although I have used these words myself in the past as well).  I can probably get a nice CHEAP Halo to tide me over.  Gotta imagine each of these games are exactly the same!
     Wonderful!  I'm not a HALO FAN BOY.  But it has its place.  YEAH!  What else is going on and crap.  I can buy A HALO?  A HALO IS AN ANAGRAM FOR ALOHA.  GOTTEM.  When I first thought of that in my mind I was like ALOHA, like they say in Hawaii.  Now I'm thinking it means Hello in Spanish.  Better LTURQ.  NOPE I WAS RIGHT IT'S HAWAII.  Where did I get Spanish from.  Also it can mean Goodbye in Hawaiian!  Not hello!  Well the moral of the story is trust your first instincts.  Sometimes.  When it turns out your first instincts are correct.  They could just as easily be wrong and your second and/or third instincts are correct.  Or most likely all your instincts are wrong and you're just a dumb motherfucker.  Also Aloha CAN mean Hello.  At what point am I just gonna shut my big fat mouth and Stop Saying Wrong Things.  I dunno probably at SOME POINT.
Yeah!  HOLA.  That's Hello in Spanish.  I WAS ONE LETTER OFF.  AND YA GOTTA MOVE TWO OR THREE LETTERS AROUND.  GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT IT.  Gonna have Bison Burger plus Bonus 8-10 Frenched Fries for lunch.  Part II of Seafood Parade for dinner.  Go to sleep for nighttime.  Wake up at breakfast hour.  Drink some Coffee Time Coffee.  Then it all starts over again!  I wanna get that Friday The Thirteenth Game.  I MAY have just dreamed this game, but there's a 90% chance it's real.  And basically the gameplay is Jason is after you and you need to run around and hide in places to avoid him long enough and at some point you win because I guess he gives up?  So basically It's HIDE AND SEEK.  It's a video game of hide and seek.  WHICH SOUNDS DELIGHTFUL.  HMM I never read anything about YOU playing Jason and trying to find other people.  Maybe that comes in the sequel version of the game.  Maybe it already exists.  Maybe this game doesn't exist at all!  I don't have all the answers!
     Bonus paragraph of Act I!  Yeah!  Hide under a bed.  Hide in a drawer.  Climb out the windows if he's getting too close.  Also presumably there's cut scenes of you having casual sex with someone because that's what's gonna incur Jason's Wrath in the first place.  That's what steams his griddles so that he wants to getcha at all!  HMM PORNOGRAPHY suddenly I'm on board with this game!  I was on board from the start.  I told you-- hide and seek video game sounds delightful!  I wasn't joking.  Anyway what else is going on.  Anyway.  Jason died when he was a child.  Now supernaturally he appears to be an older teenager or a young man.  And this lasts decades.  How come he's not in his 60's at this point.  He aged at first!   Why would he age at first after his death and then stop aging at some point.  Either he's aging or he's not!  Figure it out and get back to me!  Anyway I'll be back later. 





Oh There's No Question

    Hey!  I was imagining getting Great New Entertainment System (GNES) by imagining hey these games will be like PAST next generation video game systems but now upon further introspection I'm starting to realize they'll be WAY BETTER.  Because the PROCESSING SPEED IS DIFFERENT.  And Better!  I don't remember any choppiness with Xbo6 360 but Man Oh Man there DEFINITELY won't be any choppiness with this one!  Can't wait for the next 500 dollar system in six years.  The choppiness will then FINALLY ONCE AND FORALL be done away with completely!  So its good to have things to look forward to is the point.  Man just imagining all those Graphics Going Quickly.  It's not even FAIR to be that well entertained and engaged.  Why would God allow us Such Heaven On Earth?
     Anyway what else is going on.  Juneteenth is a Federal Holiday!  Now it's on US to remember Which of The Teenths of June it is.  My guess is NINETEENTH.  Better LTURQ.  YEP.  So just remember it's the last of the teenths.  I might have told you to remember Just That a year ago.  Sounds like something I would say.  The evidence is all there that it's something I would say because it's something I definitely just said!  Yep that all seems to check out what else is going on.  I looked up one of my favorite classic games of my childhood ALL STAR BASEBALL 2003 &/V 2004 and not only does X-box not confirm they're compatible with New Xbox BUT they don't seem to even recognize these titles ever existed.  They've totally disowned this franchise and are trying to bury the evidence of its existence completely.  WHY is it because they're in the pocket of Big RBI BASEBALL: Another Brand of Baseball Games?  Either that or... I dunno.  Something else!
Cool!  Anyway I think it's great we have a new Federal Holiday.  What does that bring us to.  I'm gonna guess Oh I Don't Know TWELVE.  Lemme LTURQ.  ELEVEN.  DAMNIT I WAS SO CLOSE.  Guess I'm gonna go punish myself now!  I dunno in what way.  Probably in a sexual way!  Might as well get something out of this whole experience!  That seems reasonable.  What else is going on.  I used to have a Halo Game for Xbox 360.  I don't anymore!  I'm guessing someone stole it from me in Oh I Don't Know sophomore year of NYU?  Either that or it got lost accidentally.  Either that or someone STOLE it.  Hmm I've narrowed it down to MOST LIKELY the person who signed me up for Xbox Online without my permission for himself.  He STOLE money from me in the form of playing video games online!  And now he stole my video game!  Or it got lost inadvertently!  I don't think he had the same game system because why else would he be using mine so I don't know what he'd get out of stealing it!  Maybe he just wanted to hurt me and stealing a video game I kind of liked was the way he chose to do it!
    DAMNIT.  I'm pretty sure that the next Halo released Holiday 2021 is maybe a 5% different game than Doom from 1993 Confirmation Of That Year Pending.  CONFIRMED.  Also I checked the date of release before typing in 1993.  So I confirmed what I had already checked?  Something along those lines YES get off my back about it.  The point is it's the exact same thing 30 years later!  Let's talk about it!  YEAH BUT IT'S REALLY NOT VERY CHOPPY AT ALL ANYMORE.  Well that better be the case or else I'm gonna sue XBOX into oblivion!  Not sure I have much of a case there.  Not sure about much these days!  Also I just thought of one key difference YOU CAN'T JUMP IN DOOM.  That's a key way to avoid fire when playing Computer or Specifically Other Real People.  Not only are you running around but you're JUMPING CONTINUOUSLY.  Also no multiplayer in Doom.  Hmm maybe there are some differences I'll get back to you on this. 
    Yeah!  What paragraph are we up to.  Fifth.  And there were Seven first Act.  So that might be the way to go with this act maybe not I don't have all the details in front of me!  I'm gonna finish #TheBigLoveSummerSpringtime this weekend!  I can't wait!  I don't really enjoy watching it anymore!  I don't like the characters!  I don't completely hate them, either!  I don't wanna see Good Things happen to them AND I don't wanna see Bad Things happen to them.  I can't win with whatever happens to these characters at all.  Basically I've adopted the position I want WHAT'S APPROPRIATE for these characters.  I want the most REALISTIC thing to happen.  They're gonna do whatever they wanna do and the writers are gonna address that with Plot however they want, but what I'm Rooting For is what would really happen.  Yep that seems to check out pretty well as a representation of my feelings!
     Cool!  One thing's for sure probably and that's that I have roughly 200 DVDs of MOVIES and/or TVs and those are all computable with Xbox Series X.  Solid 80% chance they're 99% compatible 90% of the time.  So I got that going for me.  Would I watch Dogma?  I don't know-- maybe! That's my honest answer.  Would I watch the other Kevin Smith movies of that franchise?  I dunno!  I don't think I have all of them!  THANK GOD.  Yeah.  What else is going on.  HEY if I ever go back to college we can play HALO all over again but this time WAY HIGHER PROCESSING SPEED.  Ya never know what might happen!  Kids these days are probably Spoiled on Processing Speed.  All they know is high processing speed!  They don't appreciate it at all!  When I Was a kid we were HAPPY with whatever processing speed they gave us!  I dunno about this paragraph.  I dunno about this paragraph At All.
Last paragraph of Act II!  In my mind, and probably in reality, the benefits of newer gaming systems (NGS) is that basically when you're in a Big Virtual World it can process the surrounding environment faster than in old systems (OS) so there's no choppiness between your immediate surroundings and the surrounding surroundings.  Which is Good I Guess?  I would never know the difference-- I'M NOT in the surrounding surrounding!  I'm very explicitly where I am in the video game!  That's the impression I'm getting though that's one of the main differences.  I DUNNO THOUGH some games you can MOVE VERY QUICKLY so your current surroundings can QUICKLY become outer surroundings.  Yep that seems to check out I guess that's the premise this entire thing is situated upon I believe!  HEY the good news is the act is over!  I'll be back with Another Act in a little bit!





Happy To Be Of Service

    Hello!  Firs two acts were a bonus paragraph each.  MAYBE have this act as 2 paragraphs instead of 4 to compensate!  Which is good because Act IIIs are always a slog.  Which is a word that means something.  Relatively appropriate in this context!  That's my impression.  I'm eating the bison burger with a fork and knife for some reason no one is really sure of.  It's called eating chopped steak with bread get off my back about it.  Also, new generation of Xbox?  Much less Choppy Steak!  I feel like my Dad used to get chopped steak at restaurants.  Before he started taking care of himself!  Now he gets CHICKENS and TURKEYS and that kinda stuff.  Presumably!  Red meat is bad for you.  It being red is a dead giveaway!  Not supposed to eat red things.  Try to think of ONE red thing that you're supposed to eat.  Can't do it!
     Yeah!  I'm trying and failing at trying to research potential Xbox Games that sound really good.  The sports games are probably okay but there's no way of knowing.  Halo, I remember getting enough out of that, wonderful.  Call of Doodies is fine I guess.  I could watch Dogma.  All the commentaries.  Special Features.  Really get into it.  I was checking Columbia House to see if they had a deal where I get 12 DVDs for a penny each and then I sign up for buying lots of DVDs at regular price to see if it was worth it.  But their main deal-- their top deal-- is BUY 2 DVDS for 9.95$ each!  And that's how they ROPE YOU IN?  I wouldn't do that ALONE let alone as a down payment towards a commitment to buying MORE stuff.  Speaking of Columbia House it occurred to me recently that a main Book Publisher is called Random House.  That struck me as borderline amusing when you really think about it.  SO RANDOM.
Yeah!  I just finished lunch.  And I finished half of Act III!  And all I had to do was Type Things That Are Totally Worthless In Terms of Reading Value.  Sounds like a fair trade I'd make it again RIGHT NOW if I could.  Hey that sounds like a good idea.  Let's keep the ball in play.  Is there a Columbia House xbox game. Instead of writing that in my website it might be more useful to type it into google.  Ok that sounds like fun lets do that.  NOPE NOT SEEING ANY OF THAT.  It's a Good Thing I wrote this paragraph.  It's a Very Good Thing.
  Gotta imagine playing Deadwood Red Exemption II on Xbox would be a GREAT way to transition from binge watching (Deadwood) towards binge playing (Redwood Exumption II in Xbox).  Sounds about right.  Anyway.  I think my Xbox 360 is still functional.  I believe this to be so.  Maybe I should just keep that and buy HALO 2 of 5.  I dunno sounds too choppy.  I've been spoiled by PROMISE of higher processing speeds I can't go back to the past now.  Also that can't play HD or Blue Ray DVDS!  And I may one day own several of those kinds of DVDs!  The point is the entry is over.  I'll be back tomorrow!

-4:34 P.M. 



Thursday, June 17, 2021

That's Another Story

    Hey!  I haven't heard the first story yet.  Sure I have.  I just forget!  Anyway what's going on in the wide world of sports.  Thinking about having a delicious portion of Lox Eggs and Onion omelet that my mom left over from a few days ago for lunch.  We're talkin A THIRD OF AN OMELET.  We're talkin A BIG HEARTY POTATO PANCAKE.  We're talkin MAYBE A SLICE OF RYE BREAD I DON'T KNOW IF IT'S NECESSARY OR NOT.  We're talkin WHY IS IT CALLED A LOX EGGS AND ONION OMELET, OMELET MEANS EGGS, YOU'RE BEING REPETITIVE AND I DON'T LIKE IT.  Solid chance I've said that Eggs insight-em-up OVER TWO TIMES in the past.  Even more likely I've said it once or twice in the past!  Is it possible I've never said it?  I GUESS.  I've sure Thought It over and over, though!  Anyway.  Delicious Parade of The Seafoods for dinner possibly.  Half a parade!  You know THIRTEEN MILES.
Yeah!  Hmm I should do some Walking Half Marathons.  I don't know why.  No one GIVES ME anything for completing it.  And I make it a tenet of my life to not do anything unless I get a prize at the end.  That's just common sense!  What if there's an official marathon and I do it backwards.  Meet the other people when I'm 1/10th into it (I'm a lot slower than the quickest of them!) and wave politely and keep going on in my way.  Nope, no.  That's nothing.  I feel like I could be arrested doing that.  If you're doing the marathon wrong then they can take you to jail.  They need to have disincentives from people bending marathon rules or just flat out abandoning them (going backwards).  Those kinds of hijinks will not stand!  It's always struck me has unfair when marathons start with thousands of people because CLEARLY there are people starting out at the front of the crowd and people at the back of the ground.  From STEP ONE there's certain people ahead of the game and certain people way behind.  This is Marathon's Dirty Little Secret!  It's not a secret anyone can realize that.  But they're dumb.  Don't consider it!
     Cool!  This omelet doesn't have LOX it has SALMON.  They're very clear about that on the menu.  Then again maybe they're dirty dirty liars.  Some guy coming on a couple of hours to check out Bathroom Tile Wall for some reason no one is really sure of.  Sure other people are sure of.  Not me, though!  And I'm multiple people!  Anyway I think it's to ASSESS if there's WATER DAMAGE OR A LEAK or something.  Sure there's a leak I take a leak in the toilet all the time!  Yeah but this is about Behind the Tile Wall.  Sure there's a leak I pee inside the walls all the time!  NOW you're telling me I shouldn't have been doing that?  How else Do YOU ward off the bad spirits that live inside your walls if not marking that area as your territory through the miracle of urination?  I dunno about this paragraph.  Gonna have to think on it for a while.
    Huh.  Maybe later.  Urination is a miracle.  Otherwise we'd become oversaturated with pee.  YEAH.  Closing in on it only being NINE weeks until Wonderful Concert To Remember Patent Pending.  I just hope I don't trip while walking in the bleachers at Stadium and die.  I've never been to this Stadium but I feel in other Arenas the steps are too close together and very thin and I felt there was around a 1 in 5 chance while walking up or down them (ESPECIALLY UP!) I would slip and fall to my death.  That's ridiculous.  It can't be more than a 1 in 20 chance!  I'm worrying over nothing!  Also I could be ON BEER.  That makes it exponentially more likely I'll trip and fall to my death.  Maybe I shouldn't drink beer.  Yeah maybe I shouldn't!  For other reasons, Too!  Reasons in real life!  Not just this dumb one!  What else is going on.  I can IDENTIFY 3 or 4 songs at this point of The Sleater-Kinney.  I know the music, I know the title, I know it all!  Wow!
     Wow!  I can identify Oh I Don't Know EIGHT Jay-Z songs?  That's not just from Recent Listening but from Entire Life Time.  I don't think any of it is from recent listening.   Same eight songs I could identify 2 weeks ago!  YEAH!  Looking forward to checking my weight in a few days.  I'm hoping I'm down into the 140's by then!  I might even be by now!  Wanna be more certain, though!  I wanna be 75% certain instead of 40% certain IS THAT SO WRONG?  Seems pretty right to me.  I crunched the numbers and everything!  Also 40% certain doesn't mean I think it's a 40% chance that's the case.  It's just that in terms of my own PERSONAL SUBJECTIVE CERTAINTY it's not above 40% close to Maximum Certainty.  GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT IT is the point.  Guess who just added miniature cake ice cream cones that hardly are any calories?  ME NOW GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT IT.
Cool!  I'm not so sure #TheBigLoveSummerSpringtime is a better than average show at all.  The first season seemed pretty Well Done.  Over time though it just became kinda Dumb and with Few Redeeming Qualities.  JUST LIKE POLYGAMY that's the point they're trying to make.  Maybe.  I dunno!  They might be trying to make points and if they were trying to make points no reason why this can't be one of the points they're trying to make!  Anyway hey the Act is almost over.  I don't know why we had to write &/v read it but there it is anyway.  I might wanna get a PLAY STATION as video game console.  That's the one main brand of console I've never had.  Had a bunch of Nintendos.  Had a Sega GENESIS and a DREAM CAST.  Had 2 or so X BOXES.  What's missing form this list Why It's Only Play Station!  This is good stuff keep it going!  Nope!  Gonna take a break now!  Hopefully I'll remember This Good Stuff though and Keep It Going when I come back! 




Get With The Times

    Hey!  Some guy just came and assessed my Wall Situation and he said there was no leak!  Good deal!  People coming to replace tiles next week and that should be that.  Good deal!  Thinking about getting the cheaper of the new X-Boxes.  It's a Good deal!  Also X-box are entirely backwards compatible.  I still have 12 OR FOURTEEN Original X-Box &/V X-Box 260 games.  I'd be an idiot to not get an X-box!  Also PS doesn't have cheaper version.  I'd be a FOOL to not get cheaper version of gaming system.  I DUNNO PS5 GOTTA GOOD RUMBLE PACK.  You hold control and then it vibrates and then that gets you off.  X-Box also has it but its not as advanced at Getting You Off per my understanding.  I still have The Simpsons Crazy Taxi Game.  I'd play that sure SOMEONE needs to be playing a Crazy Taxi Game why not me?
     Cool!  OH NO THE PROCESSING SPEED ISN'T AS GOOD AS MORE EXPENSIVE MODEL.  WHATEVER WILL I DO.  I'm pretty good at processing.  Maybe I can lend a hand to this Gaming Entertainment System and help make up some of the difference!  Also I imagine even the cheaper version that I'm likely to get can Put A Man On The Moon ten times over!  Within TWO HOURS.  10 times over 2 hours.  Roughly once every 12 minutes can the CHEAPER X-Box put a man on the moon.  Gotta find at least 10 men, though.  That makes sense I guess.  Don't I need rocket ships.  I dunno I don't have all the details in front of me Better Get X-Box to help me process all this for myself.  Gotta read the fine print on X-Box.  It CLEARLY says X-Box New Series is Backwards Compatible WITH ALL THE GAMES FROM ANY X-BOX EVER!  ...Not all games are compatible.  Sounds close enough to me!
     Anyway.  On the other hand Play Station has an exclusive Spider Man game and I've never had a Spider Man game before and it sounds like a blast and a half.  Goin' around the city slinging webs and whatnot.  Both for travel purposes and to hurt enemies or stop busses from falling off a cliff.  So many uses for slinging webs and in this MMORG FPS FIFA we get to utilize All the purposes presumably.  I don't have all the details in front of me but my IMAGINATION for how a Spider Man game might work makes it pretty appealing!  Then again the better X Box and the Play Station are all out of stock for the foreseeable future.  All signs point to Cheaper New X-Box as the way to go!  You know like THREE signs.  That's more or less All Of Them.  No signs AGAINST it.  Well there IS the play station having a more Sexually Stimulating Rumble Pack.  But that's the exception that proves the rule!
     Yeah!  Is there a reason we don't have a High Quality Pornography game yet?  I know all about the uncanny valley (it means vagina) but at this point I think we can eclipse that and just have a good straightforward PS5 Game that's primarily for pornography purposes.  Prove me wrong!  Gotta help my Dad take pictures of Broken Tile Wall and then send it to his e-mail to show insurance company.  I can figure that out within a matter of Oh I Don't Know 15 minutes!  I feel it will be RELATIVELY INTUITIVE to figure out.  Now it's time for Michael (Me) To Shine!  WOW THERE'S GOLF GAMES OUT THERE.  Gotta imagine the only thing more boring than golf is a video game golf.  HEY I REMEMBER ENJOYING A GOLF VIDEO GAME AT SOME POINT.  It was probably on Oh I Don't Know DREAMCAST.  It rings a bell for some reason.  This is good stuff lets keep it going.
Wonderful.  Pretty sure all of these Entertainment Gaming Systems (EGS) play DVDs.  I'm reasonably 70% sure.  Not 70% odds that they all play DVDS, 70% SURE IN A SUBJECTIVE WAY of that fact.  Why do I have to keep explaining Degrees Of Certainty to you?  You should get it by now!  Maybe you do, I have no way of knowing.  Gotta play it safe though and assume You Don't Get Anything.  UH OH CHEAPER X BOX DON'T PLAY DVDS  AT ALL.  NOR physical copies of X-Box games I may or may not have.  Well that throws everything up in the air I dunno what to think now!  GET MORE EXPENSIVE X-BOX.  YEAH YOU'RE RIGHT I SHOULD DO THAT.  Not in stock, though.  IT MIGHT BE.  But it isn't.  PROBABLY NOT.  In a perfect world I'd be getting Gaming System BEFORE I have to watch Six Feet Under.  It's gonna be cutting it close but it's a possibility.
     Last paragraph of Act II!  I dunno.  If Deadwood is next, I think I'll have to binge roughly one more complete series after that at least.  WELL is it ROUGHLY THAT or AT LEAST.  MAKE UP YOUR MELON.  I don't know please get off my back about it and whatnot.  Enjoying some Jay-Z today.  Enjoying lots of things!  All in all I'm okay with Today In General So Far.  I did want to amend something I said earlier, though.  I said I could probably identify EIGHT Jay-Z songs off the top of my head.  I think I oversold it!  I think it's more like SEVEN songs!  Whew glad I got that off my chest.  I felt like a real asshole bragging about being able to identify 8 songs.  Xbox
∞.  I don't think there's any debate that's a VERY solid way to name their next X-Box after this generation.  Must have been in the running for this current generation or past ones, even.  On SOME level of X-Box Headquarters they've discussed Xbox ∞.  Also in Courier New At Least, the infinity symbol is DIFFERENT than what I thought it was.  Has the right circle bigger than the left!  I thought they were equal!  Boy is my face red.  Then again it's great to come across new knowledge.  I'll be back in a little bit.    




Who Do You Think You Are

    Hey!  I got lunch going on.  There's plenty to it!  Too much!  Gonna have AL Egg and Half Potato Pancake.  Brought up getting Video Game Entertainment System (VGES) with my Dad and he's on board!  I didn't tell him how much it costs yet!  Too late!  He's committed now by saying how much is it and me saying I dunno I'm looking at different systems.  By RESPONDING to me in the first place It's Done I Have Approval.  Also, here's my argument point-- it's not like I'll need a new TV or gaming system next year, this will last me into the 2030's!  Which in retrospect doesn't' sound good.  It's me saying I'm gonna prioritize watching TV and playing video games into my 40's!  Not the positive message I wanna get across necessarily!
     Cool!  Play some SPORTS games.  Maybe some MMORGS.  A FPS.  It'll be my nighttime thing!  I've always wanted to go to sleep later but I can't stay entertained with TV.  Video Games-- That's The Answer!  I'm a little concerned with the Face of the major league baseball game being a totally unproven player Fernando Tatis Jr.  What if he ends up not so great (So far he is doing great in real life)?  But what if he ends up bad?  This video game will sure have egg on its face.  Also what if they outlaw baseball completely?  Presumably they'd also halt all sales and playing of baseball video games.  Then all the development and advertisement and shipment of these video games are in the toilet and all for naught!  I've talked about this before.  Recently.  Possibly SEVERAL TIMES recently.  Alright I Finished my lunch.  Great now what am I supposed to do.  Oh right, write 2 more paragraphs.
     Yeah!  I think it would have been a safer bet to have Fernando Tatis SENIOR as the face of MLB The Show '21.  He's presumably 55 years old but he was a SOLID major league regular.  Nice respectable career!  And at 55 he could have a MR. 3000 thing going on.  Where you have to play as 55 year old Fernando Tatis Sr. and get 3 base hits WHILE bringing the clubhouse together between the players and the manager.  ALSO woo a lady sports reporter AND operate a car dealership all at once.  See you thought it was gonna be simple at first but if anything this video game proves JUST HOW HARD A BIND Bernie Mac was in in that movie.  Also he has to learn to be less of a jerk over time.  He can still be a slight jerk but in a FUN way.  Great sign me up for that video game lets go.
Last paragraph!  I think it's about time I bite off some good nail.  I feel like it's been days since I've had a good nail biting session.  See that's why I need Video Games.  That sort of thing!  I'm pretty sure there's a video game that's like Deadwood.  In the sense that it's about The Wild Wild West.  I guess that's something worth saying to pad this paragraph and get me closer to being able to end it and move on with my lives.  That doesn't check out at all.  It was completely worthless.  That's life I guess!  Worthless!  My last Entertainment Gaming System (EGS) was an Xbox 360 which I probably got in 2005 or 2006.  Possibly 2004!  Probably not!  Probably 2005 or 2006, like I said!  Better LTURQ in terms of when it was first released. NOVEMBER 2005.  WELL IT SURE SOUNDS LIKE 2006 IS THE CASE TO ME.  Seems like it rings a bell that it was just before I graduated from high school.  YEAH!  So the point is this system might last me 15 years too assuming the last 14 years I don't play any video games at all.  WOW WHAT VALUE.  I'll be back tomorrow!

-4:30 P.M.




Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Everything's Great

    Hey!  I don't like it when people of other religions make fun of Mormonism by thinking it's crazy and stupid.  LOOK it's maybe .2% more crazy than YOUR dumb religion.  HOW DARE YOU.  Also people of other religions are always bashing Mormonism to me for some reason.  Maybe they think I'm sympathetic to their cause!  Hey THIS GUY will appreciate me thinking Mormonism is stupid.  And they're half right-- I do agree BUT I think THEY'RE EVEN STUPIDER for not being one and one together and realizing THEIR RELIGION is 99.8% as crazy IF MY MATH CHECKS OUT IT MAY NOT.  Also I don't talk to people.  I'm basing this on things I've seen on TV, right?  Must be!  In fiction and in documentary and as asides on talk shows.  By the way let me pause promoting my movie by pointing out MORMONISM IS CRAZY NOT LIKE MY CHRISTIANITY.  Happens All The Time!
    More-man?  More like MORE WOMEN.  BECAUSE THEY'RE SOMETIMES POLYGAMISTS.  THE MULTIPLE WOMEN KIND.  Nailed it!  I checked internet and 62% of Utah are Mormon.  I don't feel comfortable with that!  They've taken over an entire state!  Who knows what they'll do with their State Power.  They could do anything they want!  So far they haven't done too much per my understanding.  But I can imagine a world where it's breaking news every day UTAH IS UP TO ITS TRICKS AGAIN AND TODAY THEY'VE... I dunno what they might have done Today to be Breaking News and Presumably Negative Thing.  But THEY know.  They got plans that's all I'm saying and we should nip it in the bud.  How.  What plans.  What's my problem.  I dunno I'm not The Answer Man!  Also yes let's face it if Mormons were in charge Everything Would be .2% CRAZIER.  And we're at razor thin margins in terms of our eternal countrywide battle between Crazy and Not Crazy.  .2% doesn't sound like a lot but it can tip the balance greatly!
     Wonderful.  Thinking about getting delicious Chinese Food for Meals today.  It's delicious and I haven't had it in a while BUT it's not very health AND I'd have to commit 2-5 meals to it depending on what kinda stuff I get.  Then again what would Joseph Smith do.  Whose Joseph Smith.  He's King Mormon.  I dunno I better LTURQ.  Seems to check out.  I think Mormons should keep Kosher/Halal.  Pretty sure they don't but if they wanna be taken seriously in today's modern religion environment they'd throw their lot in with the communities who are Kosher &/V Halal.  Just trying to help!  Hmm what other Tips do I have for Mormons.  Subset of Christian Rock that's SPECIFICALLY Mormon Rock.  And then the album cover of the best Mormon Rock Band is a picture of Mormon Rock, which is a Famous Boulder in Utah that Joseph Smith was fond of.  Hey that's another good tip.
    I think polygamists don't get a fair shake.  HEY THEY'RE JUST DOING THIS SO THEY COULD HAVE LOTS OF SEX WITH MANY WOMEN.  These people do know that you can have sex with ladies without marrying them, right?  If all they wanted was sex Hey Go For It Nobody's Stopping You!  Maybe it's looked down upon in religion.  Then get a new religion that ALLOWS CASUAL SEX NOT POLYGAMY.  How fuckin' hard is that?  You're making things too complicated! But anyway if they're into many wives and not just fucking around maybe their intentions are pure!  I dunno about that.  I think having lots and lots of kids is also a Bad Way To Go.  They're not being altruistic they just want more of themselves in the world.  It does Earth no good if some dumb Mormon has 20 kids but THEY'RE jazzed about it because they're like AWESOME MORE DESCENDANTS I'M GONNA BE A GREAT GREAT GRANDFATHER.  BY WHICH I MEAN I WILL BE A GREAT GRANDFATHER, ONE ABOVE GRAND FATHER, WHO IS ALSO GREAT IN TERMS OF BEING GOOD BUT BETTER THAN GOOD GREAT.
Wonderful.  I'd like to see a picture of Little Rock in Arkansas.  I'm  gonna LTURQ!  TRUE STORY-- I looked it up, saw the picture of the rock, and my genuine immediate thought was That's Not So Big.  Word for word my thought!  Perfect.  And it isn't it's just some rock I DON'T GET IT.  Maybe a tiny miniature boulder, I dunno.  I don't get it either way!  My Dad's 4th Mayor Vote was for Garcia (Yang was his 5th).  Maybe I put in Garcia 5th maybe not!  That's MY Business.  Far it be from me to discuss who I'm voting for mayor on a Public Forum like this website.  I wouldn't do it!  Nope!  I'd like to see her POSITIONS on things.  She was endorsed by THE NEW YORK TIMES OF NEW YORK TIMES FAME.  WOW SCREW HER POSITIONS THAT'S WORTH A SOLID 5TH VOTE!  Yep that seems to check out I guess.  I'm not HAPPY about it checking out but there it is.
     Why don't I just get something healthier than Chinese Food.  Or get a relatively healthy Chinese Food.  Or don't eat at all I Don't Know I Got Lots Of Options.  I'll think about it and keep you updated on this situation as it progresses.  Frozen Pizza for one meal and maybe A Subway Sandwich for other meal.  Pizza sounds reasonable but I dunno about Subway Sandwich!  Not on board with that for today!  What if I get a SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT KIND OF BREAD.  Well now we're talking!  That could be a delightful mix-em-up!  I'm not HAPPY about that being my real feeling but there it is.  Getting used to Sleater-Kinney enough that I don't really feel my family is at risk from this music anymore.  Most of it isn't very threatening at all!  And tithe part that IS threatening I've learned to implicitly trust Sleater-Kinney enough that they won't erupt in ACTS of violence.  As long as its limited to their music I'm not worried FOR NOW.  I'll be back in a little bit.





You Could Say That

    I think I am gonna get Subway for dinner!  But it's a mix-em-up I'm getting A HAM SANDWICH.  At first when contemplating the kind of sandwiches I can have I was like HAM?  IN A SANDWICH?  AND THAT'S IT?  WHOSE EVER HEARD OF SUCH A THING.  But now upon further introspection sure people have ham sandwiches all the time.  How about a Ham AND CHEESE that sounds pretty normal.  So that's where I'm at right now!  ALSO I'm not gonna pile on all the toppings.  I think each topping TASTES okay but some of them detract from the TEXTURE.  Makes sandwich oddly crunchy in an odd way and in a crunchy way and upon further introspection I don't know if I like that!  Also upon further introspection I think I want to Experiment With Cheese but I'm not sure which cheese to go with! 
    Also I think Subway should have to pay The American People a settlement for bringing Jared The Pedophile into our living rooms.  Betrayal of trust!  I think we've got a case for a class action lawsuit against The Subway.  Looks like its on me to arrange it.  Nobody else is!  FINE I'll do it.  Gimme a weekend to start putting the pieces together and I'll keep you updated on this situation as it progresses.  I'll put together A Power Point and whatnot.  Just to get the ball rolling!  MMM I'm starting to really get on board with Today Meals.  Frozen Super Market Prepared Pizza for lunch.  Ham and cheese sandwich NOT CRUNCHY VEGETABLE VERSION for dinner.  Some space in-between to do stuff and whatnot.  No bath today!  I don't know why!  It's simple enough to set it up.  I need to tape a garbage bag over the part of the wall that doesn't exist anymore!  But that can be done in a matter of THREE MINUTES all said and done.  Either way Whatever I'll wait another day.  It's GOOD to bathe only once every two days.  Otherwise your SKIN might fall off.
    And then where would you be.  Same place you were before.  But without skin!  You don't wanna be some guy without skin.  Anyway.  Listening to Mermaid Avenue Part III: The Outtakes That Didn't Make Part I or II.  Never heard these before!  Great!  Was it Woody Guthrie who did The This Land Is Our Land song?  Better LTURQ.  YEP IT WAS.  I know he was trying to be progressive about it with that song but gotta imagine American Indians have a HUGE problem with this song.  First of all saying it's ANYONE'S land is bad enough YOU CAN'T OWN LAND.  Second of all If It's Anyone's Land SHOULD BE THEIRS.  This is why I assume Woody Guthrie was assassinated by an American Indian.  I haven't seen any evidence that indicates otherwise.  Hmm I Gotcha There didn't I.  Anyway at this rate I might be getting TV by the end of the month!  If not by July which is the next month I'm assuming off the top of my head!  Also I'm SERIOUSLY considering Video Game Entertainment System.  Not just FLEETING thoughts.  I gotta run it by my parental units but I don't see why I can't make that case for Game Entertainment System successfully!
     Wonderful.  Hey we're halfway through Act II!  I don't believe it!  Here's a wonder-em-up-- if I get Video Game Entertainment System do I get ONLINE SUBSCRIPTION where I play games ONLINE with The Other People In The World Who Aren't Me?  I dunno sounds like too much stress.  I don't wanna get involved with these people!  What kind of people spend their time playing Video Games.  Not the kind of people I'd like to associate with.  Also they're presumably all 16 year olds.  I don't need to get involved with 16 year olds at all in any scenario LEAST OF ALL by teaming up with them OR TEAMING UP AGAINST THEM in a video game.  Maybe there's a, "Mature," setting I can access where I play with likeminded Adult Alternative People.  Seems like that could be a thing in a world that isn't quite so different from our own.
     Anyway.  ALSO I can get a gaming system that doubles as a DVD player!  I can finally watch all my DVDS!  First thing on the docket is Ok Let's Look At DVDs Randomly And Say First One I See... DOGMA!  Let's watch DOGMA.  I liked that movie a lot when I was in high school but now I realize it's probably very not cool to like Kevin Smith and I've known this for A LONG TIME so it's been a long time since I Watched &/V enjoyed Kevin Smith movies.  I'm an Adult Alternative person and the tide has turned against Kevin Smith and I'm not gonna go out on a limb about it.  Sure I let other people's opinions influence my own opinions about consuming entertainment.  That's just common sense!  Two heads are better than one And Whatnot.  Guess I'm gonna get Subway on upcoming walk and put in fridge for later.  Why put off to this evening what I can do this afternoon.  I dunno I'm sure I could think of some good reasons.  Why bother!  Hmm good counter argument.
Last paragraph of Act II!  About to finish Season III of V in #TheBigLoveSummerSpringtime.  I'm gettin' there!  I can't wait to watch the next show Why It's Only I Dunno DEADWOOD?  Sounds about right.  In my head it's still about a Freak Show, though, that's why I'm comfortable predicting it will be next.  Even if there's just a 10% chance in my head its about a Freak Show (It should be 0%) that's enough to Get Me There.  Really makes ya think.  Maybe I should get the Super Nintendo Video Game System.  It's just a Super Nintendo loaded with, what, like 20 games?  That sounds like A Blast And A Half for an hour and a half and then being like well I wish I was playing a three dimensional game.  That sort of thing.  I like four dimensional games.  That's when you're playing a Three Dimensional Game for Anything More Than One Nanosecond.  Sounds fun to me!  Anyway I'll be back in a bit.





That's All

    I've been doing some research on Deadwood and I'm reasonably sure it's not about a Freak Show but it looks good, anyway!  I'm eating pepperoni pizza and I'm reasonably sure it's pepperoni pizza and it tastes good, anyway!  I got the ham sandwich for later!  We're talkin LETTUCE, SPINACH, ONION AND JALAPEŅO PEPPER.  Some slight crunch with the onion and a little bit with the jalapeņo pepper but they serve their purpose.  Not like banana peppers.  That's crunch and Who Needs It!  I don't even know what its supposed to taste like!  It sure isn't Banana!  DEADWOOD is what happens when you're fantasizing about sex and then you think of your grandma naked.  DEAD WOOD HA!  I thought of saying that joke ironically in the last act.  I decided against it.  Now I'm saying it DOUBLY Ironically because I pointed out its past history wit hit!
     Wonderful.  I can't think of my grandma naked because I never knew my grandparents to be able to visualize them.  Also I don't know what a naked woman looks like.  I've got some ideas but they haven't been finalized yet.  Finalized?  Yep that sounds about right.  Elderly women is one fetish I've never really gotten into at any point.  Go figure!  OldER women is great, no problem with that.  But let's say 60, 65+ I've yet to see Porn and/or Imagination make a compelling case for.  What else is going on in the wide world of sports.  Hey I cooked this pizza just the right amount.  In the oven for about Oh I Don't Know 33 minutes?  NAILED IT.  Great, this is good stuff.  People can't get enough of how long I put my food in the oven and the relatively different gradings of how well it went.
Okay!  I briefly gave some thought to starting Deadwood before #TheBigLoveSummerSpringtime was done with but then I thought even more than briefly about not doing that and well that's where we're at for now!  Anyway, it doesn't sit right with me that Aaron Paul has a supporting role in #TheBigLoveSummerSpringtime when he so famously also played another role in another TV show.  I don't get it!  I'm supposed to buy that This Same Guy is TWO OTHER PEOPLE COMPLETELY.  I can buy one guy being ONE person.  Two people?  Doesn't add up and I don't like it one bit.  Also for most of the #TheBigLoveSummerSpringtime he wore glasses and I'm starting to suspect they were FAKE.  He doesn't need glasses at all for the other role!  Maybe he's wearing contact lenses.  I don't know I don't have all the details in front of me!  Someone, quick-- get me all the details!  And put them in front of me!  I've got ASSESSMENTS to make!
Last paragraph!  Wonderful.  HMM haven't given much thought to what kinda small side I can have to Subway Sandwich.  How about some #JoeBidenKettleChipsToRemember.  Yeah that sounds about right lets go with that.  HMM.  Finished lunch.  Gonna watch some more #TheBigLoveSummerSpringtime and then take a walk!  I can't wait to get to DEADWOOD.  But then DEADWOOD is only 36 episodes.  I don't have any good plans for life Post-Deadwood!  Maybe Six Feet Under!  But then what happens after that!  WESTWORLD?  I CAN'T STAND THE WILD WILD WEST.  I dunno I forget what I was talking about.  HMM six feet under.  What are funny ways to deal with your remains after death other than graves.  I dunno I was gonna think about that but then I decided to just end the entry.  I think I've done quite enough!  I'll be back tomorrow!

-4:38 P.M.





Tuesday, June 15, 2021

I'm Doing Well

    That sounds about right.   What's going on in the wide world of sports.  An hour ahead of schedule today!  Had Zoom appointment early and that pushed everything up a bit!  Zooom.  It's called Zoom because It's Video Conferencing.  Fast Video Conferencing!  Zoom!  Oh now I see.  Anyway nice Warm Day outside.  Maybe a little too warm!  I could stand it being Oh I Don't Know four degrees cooler?  Also Four Degrees is the name of a TOOL song.  I don't think I've ever liked Tool.  But there was a period of a couple of months I listened to Tool for some reason no one is really sure of.  Anyway that settles that.  Four Degrees is also what someone who has too much free time and money and likes going to college achieves.  YEAH!  Sometimes I Think about going back to college not to get a graduate degree because that's presumably too hard but just to accumulate more bachelor's degrees.  I don't REALLY think about it like I REALLY wanna do it.  But sometimes I think man it'd be cool to just have 7 Regular College Degrees.  I'd be a Crappy Knock Off of a Renaissance Man!  YEAH.
You wanna talk about Your Family Being In Danger how about Tool.  Scary!  Tool backwards is Loot.  Gotta keep that in mind next time I start a palindrome.  Yeah!  I've been enjoying listening to The Wilco that I had never really listened to before because it's from the past decade and never got around to it.  HEY I LIKE IT.  Turns out I like more music from the bands I like for the most part.  Didn't see that plot twist coming!  Gonna have Chickened Pot Pie for one meal today.  Gonna have frozen Sesame Chicken Health Meal TV Dinner To Remember for other meal.  Probably Pot Pie for lunch Other Thing for dinner.  YEAH!  GOnna be great!  I like having bigger lunches and smaller dinners.  My dinner is consumed an hour or so before Bed Time.  I wanna have a nice small dessert before bed.  Might as well have smaller dinner to accommodate all those factors I just went through.  YEAH!  Stop saying that.
Cool!  Halfway through #TheBigLoveSummerSpringtime.  Maybe next is DEAD WOOD.  Which is either about A Freak Show or The Wild Wild West.  Or both.  For some reason those are the possibilities off the top of my head.  Better LTURQ.  DAMNIT it's about The Wild Wild West.  I was really hoping Freak Show.  Also has there been much scholarly historical discussion to Just How Wild Wild The West Was?  Gotta imagine some amount of the wildness has been exaggerated.  The amount of wildness going on is actually less, and the wild that IS going on isn't AS wild as we've been led to believe.  Well I dunno I guess I gotta watch this show to figure all this out.  HBO is Scholarly Historical Discussion.  That's what I've been led to believe.  Lookin' at the cast of Deadwood.  Brad Dourif, voice of Chucky, that's good.  Jeffrey Jones: Pedophile, can't get enough of him.  Timothy Olyphant, I have no idea who that is but okay...
     Let's talk about the Olyphant in the room.  What else.  I'd like to apologize to Michael McKean because after learning Jeffrey Jones was a pedophile many years ago I, for a long time, confused him with Michael McKean and thought Michael McKean was a pedophile which I guess he might be but the odds are heavily against it.  I'm confusing them again Just Now in my head.  AND AGAIN RIGHT NOW.  DAMNIT THIS IS HARD.  I think it's VERY irresponsible for famous people to become pedophiles because then the person People Confuse That Famous Person With suffers!  It's not fair at all to the Confusee!  Is that person the Confusee.  Or is the original person the Confusee.  Or maybe WE THE CONFUSER are the Confusee.  No that can't be I Just Said We Were The Confuser!  This is tough I'm gonna have to think about this one.  Is it possible the child victim is the Confusee?  DON'T DRAG THEM INTO THIS.
Wonderful.  Jeffrey Jones had a role in a Tales From The Crypt where he's a college professor and he kidnaps a lady student of his to give her to A Mummy either to kill her or have sex with her or to have sex with her and then kill her.  Well we can't blame Jeffrey Jones for that seems like The Mummy is the real agitator here.  I dunno about that but it really makes ya think!  Maybe the mummy is gonna kill her and THEN have sex with her.  Mummy is presumably Dead, good shot he likes his ladies dead, too!  Here's a good way to defeat a mummy-- UNRAVEL.  Grab onto a loose piece of their clothing and just unwrap the mummy completely and they'll collapse into dust.  It's the wrappings keeping them together completely!  Well good thing we covered that now you know how to easily defeat mummies.
     Last paragraph of Act I! 
Unfortunately it's not as simple as that to defeat non-mummy pedophiles.  Last paragraph of Act I!  Pretty sure there's a show about a Freak Show that's kind of like Deadwood and would JUSTIFY me thinking it was Dead Wood. OH I know JUSTIFIED.  Better LTURQ.  OH NO THAT STARS TIMOTHY OLYPHANT, TOO.  Nope not seeing anything.  There was the reality show Freak Show which I watched.  There was a cartoon show Freak Show which I watched.  There was a season of America The Horror Story about Freak Show which I watched.  Nothing about a Freak Show to confuse with what I was hoping Deadwood would be, though.  YEAH!  Probably take a bath today.  Later today!  Not now!  I got things to do now like take another walk and whatnot.  I'll be back in a little bit!





I Wonder What That Means

    Hey!  I just realized that looking at Wilco Set List from last year as a Solo Show was even more than I was imagining.  26 songs I believe BUT a lot of Wilco Classics are Long Songs!  WOW NOW WE'RE TALKING.  Maybe they only play the first third.  They stop abruptly and are like that's just a taste!  Gotta get the album for the whole deal!  And then the crowd is like Nope we don't buy albums more it's all Streams.  And then Wilco is like fine makes no nevermind to me get off my back about it.  Seems about right.  Nice Call-And-Response element to this presumptive concert.  ALSO let me get this off my chest I Also conflate Michael McKean, Jeffrey Jones, and whatever no-name played the lead in THINNER.  I feel like I've talked about all this before.  Well it weighs heavily on me.  Also they're all overweight slobs. They weigh heavily on Scale!
     Wonderful.  I was looking out The Outback Steak House Restaurant Experience To Remember menu and I think I'm really gonna try them sometime soon!  I think I can talk my Dad into trying them with me!  They got The STEAKS.  The RIBS and SIDES.  CHICKENS AND SEAFOOD.  They got ALL the bases covered and at affordable prices!  Also I remember they used to serve Brown Bread as a side and I remember there being agreement around the table hey this Brown Bread ain't bad bread!  Gotta imagine I can get some Brown Bread with my upcoming outback order.  Also it's AUSTRALIAN themed.  WOW!  Pretty sure Bloomin' in Australian is a family-friendly way of saying an Expletive.  Like THIS BLOOMIN' WEBSITE UGH.  Can you get a load of this Bloomin' asshole writing it?  So my theory is The Blooming Onion is just THIS FUCKIN ONION APPETIZER UGH.  Seems to check out.
     Yeah!  Gonna take a bath later today!  I think I already told you that!  You may have forgotten, though!  Now you know Again!  Had some sort of nightmare last night.  I think there were multiple parts to the nightmare that were loosely connected.  Either way, one of the nightmare parts woke me up and I YELLED in terror.  And my parents heard it and reminded me about it in the morning!  I'm not sure WHAT I yelled but hopefully it wasn't anything too embarrassing.  Like MOMMY! or even just MOM!  MOM!  Hopefully it was something more generic and less focused on Who May Help Me In My Family.  Even just a generic HELP!!! is reasonable.  I'm SURE I didn't say Mommy.  I never said Mommy in my life.  Just not part of my lexicon as a child OR an adult.  But 50% chance I went MOM!  MOM!  Also I was addressing The Same Mom Twice.  My house isn't a Big Love Situation.  Sure if it was I wouldn't be able to tell you but it also happens to be true that it isn't.
     Cool!  What's the LEAST embarrassing thing I could have yelled upon waking up.  "I'M A BIG MAN AND I'M NOT SCARED AT ALL OF ANYTHING!"  Sounds about right.  I don't think I said that, though.  Just doesn't ring true.  Looking forward to Chicken Potted Pie for lunch!  I'm in the mood for a nice hearty lunch and that's just what chicken potted pie delivers!  Until I finish it.  Then it's not hearty at all anymore.  It's not Anything At All Anymore at that point!  Also I'm looking forward to a nice light dinner later!  It's ODD that I can truly hold both feelings in my heart at the same time but I Can and I Do!  Anyway I guess its up to me to write a pilot of A Freak Show For HBO.  Hmm what can the main plot be.  It's about the Freak Show.  Ok what's the secondary plot.  About the characters in the freak show.  Yeah but what's the TERTIARY plot.  About the surrounding places and people and organizations which RELATE to the Freak Show.  Great I got it all covered now the ball is in HBO's Court.  Hbo show about A Court.  Nah that's stupid.
Penultimate paragraph of Act II!  Also it takes place in MODERN ERA.  I think when you think of Freak Show representations on TV you're thinking earlier times.  This is a MODERN Freak Show I feel very strongly about this!  What else is going on and crap.  What kinda freaks we got going?  I dunno!  Real freaks as actors?  I dunno!  Where does it take place?  AT THE FREAK SHOW I TOLD YOU.  Anyway what else is going on in the wide world of sports.  Also the HBO show about Freak Show is made by the same production team that makes Real Sports: The Every Now And Then Series On HBO I'm Assuming Is About Sports That Are Based In Reality.  Whatever happened to all the HBO shows that are pornographic reality shows.  REAL SEX.  CATHOUSE.  Taxicab Confess-em-ups.  Gotta imagine there's some sort of Adult Streamer for those types of programs.  I never found them that great but I'd watch them for nostalgia reasons!
    I'd watch lots of things for nostalgia reasons.  Nah I don't wanna watch something for nostalgia reasons.  But it's nice to have the OPPORTUNITY.  Maybe I will LATER.  What else is going on and crap.  Maybe I can take a Taxi Cab Confess-Em-Up to concert in August.  I dunno a better way to get there!  Also if you're Confessing-em-ups during a taxi ride I'm assuming the ride is free!  So you get paid, what, 11 dollars for agreeing to be on TV AND in a Confessing-Em-Up narrative situation?  YES!!  ELEVEN DOLLARS IN YOUR POCKET THAT WOULDN'T BE THERE OTHERWISE!  I'd take 11 dollars if you were offering it RIGHT NOW.  Not for anything.  Just if you wanted to give me 11 dollars, I'd enthusiastically take it!  That's how strongly I feel about eleven dollars!  Anyway I'll be back later.  Big break between now and Act III because I was ahead of time from the start.  Be back soon!





Is Anyone There

    Hey!  Guess who kind of liked today's schedule waking up an hour earlier than usual?  Why it's only Me The Guy Whose Me!  Why was that a guessing game in the first place.  I dunno!  Also guess who looked in the mirror without a shirt on at my gut definition and visibly lost weight?  Same guy who likes waking up an hour earlier than he used to Why It's Only Still Me!  Guess whose been looking and vaguely fantasizing about the menus at The Out Back Steak House and The Apple Bees?  STILL ME ALL OF THESE THINGS ARE ME.  Guess who started next Jay-Z album!  PROBABLY some other people In The World Just This Day but ALSO Me!  I like the song Hard Knock Life because it may or may not be a comment on His Past Songs as well as A Lot Of Past Songs By Many Rappers that they're always complaining being a Gangster is a Tough Job.  They go about in pity for themselves for how hard it is being a, "Player," often in The Dope Game.  C'mon get over it it can't be THAT hard.  Probably a lot of positives to it, lets be honest!
     Cool.  BAD NEWS my belt is coming apart.  Why does the worst things in life always happen to me.  The part where you notch the belt into however long you want your belt to be, the metal thing is coming part so there's no way to make that Bind Notch.  Sure I know how to explain things.  Like that.  I just explained things well just now!  Look I'm sure there's a lot of plusses and minuses to being a Gangsta, no doubting that.  But maybe we shouldn't dwell on the negatives and try to appreciate the positives!  What else is going on.  Who am I to talk my life is Cake.  I get to take a bath in 45 minutes.  That seems to check out but the point is this paragraph is almost over.  Yeah! 
  Just finished lunch.  Hearty!  I feel satisfied for now with how it all went down.  I don't get how there could be so many drug dealers.  Yeah I know a lot of people use marijuana and crack and heroin and all that stuff.  But it can't be THAT many people in the grand scheme of things.  Yes Some Drug Dealers are to be expected!  But the impression I get from Rap Songs is that there's more drug dealers than there need to be!  Oversaturated market or something, I don't have all the details in front of me.  That would be a Product concern.  Too many drugs compared to people who want drugs, that's over saturation, right?  Well great that's no problem Drugs Don't Go Bad now you have a surplus for Tomorrow's Drug Customers.  Hey this is working out great! 
     Last paragraph.  Look if you wanna talk about the difficulties being a lower class African American person then yes that could be good to draw attention to.  That makes sense off the top of my head!  But that's a different focus than the impression I get from much of these Raps.  I could be wrong, what do I know.  Nothing off the top of my head!  Also let me clarify my position-- complaining about the problems of being A VERY SUCCESSFUL Gangster &/V Player is where I have some misgivings!  Being a lower level person YES THAT CAN BE TOUGH and you might not even have much of a choice in the matter of doing this for a living so that's even worse.  But if you're at the top of the game c'mon take it easy a little bit!  I dunno do I feel very strongly about this no I do not.  I'll be back tomorrow!

-4:26 P.M.





Monday, June 14, 2021

I'll Figure Something Out

    Hey!  I just wished my dad a Happy Flag Day and I got the impression he already knew it was Flag Day!  Well that's not that amazing in today's modern era of Digital Calendars and whatnot.  We're alerted every which way what kind of day it is!  So basically these sentences contribute nothing to any of our lives.  The good news is I got delicious Super Market Fresh Chicken Caesar Salad Meal for lunch.  No dressing for me!  Healthy!  Dunno about whether I'll have the croutons or not!  Potentially Healthy!  Right now I'm thinking what if I had HALF the croutons.  The good ol' King Solomon Solution. Gotta imagine croutons are kosher.  I can't think of why they wouldn't be.  Cubes of food are too risky to eat in olden times you can choke.  Better make it not allowed for safety reasons.  That sort of thing may or may not check out.  We'll see!  How Will We See.  I dunno at some point over the next 50 years someone might tell me.  Now we play the waiting game.
Cool!  Thinking about having delicious Hot Dogs for dinner.  From deli!  No Super Market Sawdust dogs we're talking Regular Hot Dogs.  TWO!!!!  Holy shit I like the BUNS I dunno about you.  The hot dog meat is pretty good, too!  HOWEVER the sum of the parts is LESSER.  I LOVE the bun I LIKE the hot dog meat and The Overall Hot Dog I guess I can have that now and then but I don't normally care for it.  Go figure!  Why is it called Hot Dog.  Because it looks like a dog.  No it doesn't.  Because they wanted people to think it's made of dog.  I guess that checks out?  Can't think of a better reason.  Look it's a dog eat dog world out there.  If we don't eat the dogs they'll eat us.  That checks out, too!  Lots of things are checking out this paragraph like That and Whatever I Was Talking About Before That I Forget. 
In-between albums right now!  We're talking going through The Jay-Z, The Wilco, and The Sleater-Kinney so far over the past Oh I Don't Know day and a half or something!  No bath for me today!  I'm gonna Stink It Up!  But no one would be the wiser because I'm not gonna leave my house.  Yes I am Several Times.  Oh, right.  Forgot about that!  But I'll be wearing my mask so no one can smell my face.  They can smell other parts of me.  Yeah but they won't know it's me!  Wearing a mask!  They won't know who to blame exactly for the bad smell!  I think the next album I listen to will be a The Wilco Album: One of the ones I never listened to at all maybe once or so.  I already did that last night with another one I never listened to and it was great!  I dunno what the songs were called which is also GREAT.  Let the music speak for itself!  ESPECIALLY the songs where the chorus is almost definitely intuitively the actual song title.  Not only do I dig this song but I NOW KNOW THE TITLE WITHOUT ANY EFFORT!!!
     Wow!  What kind of TOPPING can I put on Hot Dog.  Let's eliminate ketchup right away.  Lets eliminate mustard next.  Lets eliminate hot sauce barbeque sauce chili beans peppers of all kinds.  Let's eliminate Anything Else.  Let's eliminate Nothing.  OH NO WHAT TO DO NOW, WHAT EVER AM I TO DO.  I'm gonna have TWO hot dogs.  Because that's just the kind of guy I am this dinner!  What kinda stuff I been watching.  Besides #TheBigLoveSummerSpringtime.  HEY less than a week left of Summer Springtime.  It sure was a Summer Springtime To Remember.  Nope no it wasn't.  Only 5% of the time did I say it was To Remember.  I guess it was a Summer Springtime To Forget.  Nope not that I NEVER said that.  I guess I can remember it OR forget it at my discretion.  WOW WHAT A WONDERFUL JOY!  Just had a thought should I microwave my Caesar Chicken Salad.  Then I had the thought no.  It was a story I would remember for the rest of this paragraph.
     I hope no longer than that.  Some things are better left in the past.  Gotta imagine Julius Caesar isn't happy with being reduced to a salad.  And not even a great fancy salad.  The most generic salad possible!  Who says it was Julius Caesar.  Coulda been ANY Caesar after him.  Or even before him!  There might have been Caesars here and there that LED to Julius Caesar.  I'd read a book about it but I don't wanna end up on some list.  Hmm this guy is studying history LETS FLAG HIM HE CAN'T BE TRUSTED.  Flag Day!  What else is going on.  Some things are better left in the past.  What else is going on.  I don't like the phrase if you don't know history, you're doomed to repeat it.  A lot of history is great!  We should be So LUCKY to repeat it.  I'm gonna estimate 50% of history is positive off the top of my head.  We got a solid 1:1 chance we're repeating good history!  That's a phrase, right.  Doomed to repeat history.  Sounds right.  Apparently WINSTON CHURCHHILL made that quote popular but was quoting somebody else.  GREAT now that I know that history I'll never Repeat Winston Churchill saying i... wait a second I ALREADY REPEATED IT WE'RE TOO LATE. 
     I forget if I'm making sense.  That happens pretty often!  Gonna take a walk when this paragraph is done.  You know what that's like, right.  Anyway I tuned my guitar to a step and a half down.  MAN the strings are, "Loose!"  I must have used to have less Gauge Strings in the past because this rings a bell that when I used to play guitar the strings were this LESS GAUGE.  Which is great it makes playing guitar easier.  Don't have to press so hard!  Sounds good to me!  I definitely used to have LIGHT GAUGE.  I'm guessing at some point I switched to medium because I gave myself too much credit.  I musta been like I've been doing this for a while I THINK I CAN HANDLE some Medium Gauge.  And I couldn't!  I was wrong!  Oh well too late now everything's ruined.  I'll be back in a little bit.




Don't You Think

    I think Julius Caesar would be okay with the Crouton part of Caesar Salad.  He seems like a cool guy and croutons are cool so it's a match made in Ancient Rome.  Are croutons a necessary part of Caesar Salad.  Sure they are what's your problem with croutons why are you so anti-crouton.  Get a life!  Leave croutons alone!   Imagine how many good musics I'd have made over the last half decade if only I was using Lighter Gauged Strings.  My head was too big!  I thought I could handle medium based on pure ego.  Oh well what can ya do.  Re-string my guitar with lighter gauge strings.  Nah can't do that not very good at re-stringing guitars.  Which is another big blow to my Guitar Playing Ego.  I should have that down pat at this point!  I should have a lot of things down pat at this point get off my back about it.
     If God wanted me to re-string guitars regularly he wouldn't have made it so hard to do.
  Seems to check out!  Hey Election Day Primary Edition is a week from tomorrow!  I'm gonna do All The Votes.  Besides Mayor just vote Working Families Party.  That's the One Good And True Way.  I forget what I'm basing that on.  I know my parents are definitely on board with Working Families Party and probably my brother, too.  I dunno where they got it from.  I mean I know they're progressive and whatnot but I forget where and why I put all my trust and faith in them as the end all be all.  Oh well pot committed to it now what can ya do.  Except for in specific races where I can form my own opinion. Like mayor!  Then I'll take their recommendation Under Advisement and get back to them at the earliest date possible.  What's the earliest date possible.  Probably like 8 thousand years ago roughly.  I can't pin point it exactly but more or less 8 thousand years ago.  Huh?  Wha?
Cool!  I think I need a non-Jay-Z, non-The-Wilco, non-The-Sleater---Kinney to listen to next.  I just feel like it's about time to mix things up!  Hmm what kind of great music is there that Isn't One Of Those Three Musical Artists.  I think I had a dream last night I was spending time with Green Day.  I forget what we were up to but I vaguely remember they were peer pressuring me or something about something?  Or maybe it was just ME who wanted to seem cool in front of them?  Something where I wanted them to approve of me socially and I had to go out of my way to some relatively minor extent to achieve that.  Wow What A Nightmare.  You said it!  Maybe it's because the main alternative to Wilco and Sleater-Kinney was Green Day and Weezer and The Fall Out Boys Concert.  Now I'm haunted by dreams of Those Bands for the rest of my life.  What if I see Green Day at some point in the future.  Then The Dream Wins.  And I can't let Dreams Win!  That sets a TERRIBLE precedent.
     Yeah!  Dreams are very important in my life.  They tell me What I Want And Whatnot.  Dream about a girl?  I wake up going OH YEAH THAT SOUNDS ABOUT RIGHT.  Gonna pine for the girl for the rest of my life now!  I'm not proud of it but Hey That's My Life For Ya.  Maybe not THE REST of my life.  Let's say one dream is equal to 2 months of Pining.  But then a second dream of the same girl gets ya to 6 months.  Third dream we're talking TWO YEARS.  It increases exponentially that isn't an Exact Exponent but You Get The Idea.  Doesn't it depend on The Dream.  You'd think so wouldn't ya.  Part of the calculation is how well I know &/V are familiar with the girl in real life.  What else is going on and crap.  This is the fourth paragraph of Act II.  No doubtin' that!
     Cool!  I feel like I figured out a good Next Album To Listen To but now I forget it.  Dang!  HMM how about the next Jay=Z album.  What's that called.  When was it released.  How long is the album in time and how many tracks.  DON'T bother me with the track names I've got too much going on right now I can't handle the Song Titles, too!  OH the one with THAT song?  DAMNIT I TOLD YOU I DON'T WANNA KNOW THE SONG NAMES!!!  What if I already knew the song name.  Then it's not adding new information into my Brain Area and thus isn't too much of a hassle.  That makes sense BUT I didn't know this song title Specifically and Definitely.  Now that I see it it's probably what I would have guessed what the title was but I didn't Know For Sure!  Well there goes that now there's too much going on in my brain area and I need time to decompress and the next 48 hours I better just spend in bed with no external stimuli.
That sort of thing!  Why would I try to impress Green Day and Billie Joe Armstrong in particular.  They should be trying to impress me!  I dunno about that, either.  Can't we all just get along and co-exist without Trying Anything At All?  That's the kind of world I want to live in!  Nobody Tryin' To Do Nothin'!  At all!  Sounds easy.  I LIKE that.  Google says Neil Armstrong of Astronaut Fame is Billie Joe's Great Uncle.  Sounds like a Prank, though!  I'm not fallin' for that one so easily!  What you take me for some kinda chump?  I bet no one's related to anyone!  I dunno about that, either.  Some people are related to other people.  Sometimes!  That probably checks out pretty well off the top of my head.  Anyway I'll be back with Act III in a little bit.




This Ain't It

    Hey!  Not a lot to this chicken Caesar salad.  Very little chicken!  So few chicken I'm having all the croutons AND I made a piece of TOAST as well.  I'm sorry but It Had To Be Done!  Also I think I FINALLY figured out how to spell Caesar on my first try-- it's the way you wouldn't think it'd be.  With the, "Ae," part.  The rest of it is what you'd think it would be!  Anyway what else is going on in the wide world of sports.  Almost done with season 2 of #TheBigLoveSummerSpringTime.  Starting to realize oh this show is kind of boring.  Wait let me correct myself I'm starting to RAELIZE.  That's how that goes.  Anyway if I had to be married to one of the wives on Big Love it'd be The Daughter.  Closer to my age!  Or at least what my age was when this was still on TV.  Now I'm way too old for the daughter!  In which case I'll Marry Oh I Don't Know the THIRD wife.  She seems the most secular!  And I LIKE that.
     Cool!  I'm not even halfway into #TheBigLoveSummerSpringtime but I'm getting the impression they won't necessarily address lesbianism within marriage.  Which I think would be the first thing right out the gate!  That's MY hot take!  I'm starting to get the impression the concert I'm seeing isn't necessarily Wilco headlining and Sleater-Kinney back-upping.  They might be on equal footing now that I think about it!  Which is OKAY I guess.  Who am I to say.  A WILCO FAN PRIMARILY that's who I am to say.  Oh well such is life.  What kinda stuff am I gonna do for the next Almost Five Hours to tide me over Food Consumptionwise til Dinner.  Maybe eat some sort of Oatmeal Raisin Fiber One Cookie if I wanna really treat myself.  But WHEN.  If I can't TIME it strategically then there's No Strategy To It At All!  YEAH.
Sleater-Kinney still feels like my Family Is Threatened And At Risk.  Punk enough that I'm scared for my family's safety!  Not like with Wilco!  Wilco would never hurt a fly!  How CAN you hurt a fly!  I know you can kill it easily.  Not sure how you can Just HURT It and let it live.  And even if you could What Are You Trying To Accomplish?  Just being sadistic for some reason no one is really sure of.  I dunno lets say you got a good line on a fly's fly pattern.  You time everything right and you use your fingers to FLICK it to some distant area mid-fly.  That probably wouldn't kill it but presumably would cause some pain and at the very least Inconvenience now that it's in a place far away from where it wants to be.  Look ANTMAN can hurt a fly.  But not us!
     Last paragraph!  What else is going on in the wide world of sports.  STRONGLY considering getting Carrie Brownstein Of Sleater-Kinney Fame's autobiography book.  No reason not to!  Maybe that will help put them on equal footing with Wilco to me.  Already read Jeff Tweedy's book a few years ago!  This gets em back to even!  I ate a breadstick after salad and now my stomach hurts!  Breadstick is roughly 2 and a half months old!  In retrospect That Explains It!  At first I was like To Myself well it's just a coincidence why would a breadstick hurt my tummy.  Now I get it!  Breadstick is 70 days old more or less!  The point is GREAT the entry is over.  I'll see ya tomorrow!

-4:31 P.M.




Sunday, June 13, 2021

Right Back At It

    Hello friends.  Onto a new rapper to listen to Why It's Only Jay-Z!  I'm one song in Chronologically and so far I'm Okay With It!  I like his FLOW that sort of thing.  Anyway, Jay-Z is an interesting rapper to listen to because I Don't Think There's Any, "J," At All in his given name.  Lots of letters, roughly a dozen, but no, "J!"  Go figure.  No, "Z," either.  Didn't think to explicitly say that but I guess I should.  If I was battle rapping Jay Z, maybe say something along the lines of Jizz-y?  That's just off the top of my head, though!  I like Jay Z, though.  For some reason half the time I'm listening to a rap song and there's a guest vocal my second instinct is almost always WAIT IS THIS JAY Z?  I don't know why.  I think I Can identify Jay Z by his, "Flow," but I'm obviously wrong 97% of the time.  But it's in a POSITIVE way.
     Yeah!  Restaurant Diner did indeed sell steak & eggs!  Gonna have Part II of that for lunch today!  Also totally reasonable, pretty much ideal portion of components.  Maybe coulda used 25-35% More Egg.  But steak was hearty without being way too much!  And so on.  Still thinking about Noodles for Other Meal today but I don't have the discipline to take care of that for lunch.  It's THE AFTERNOON I got THINGS TO DO.  OH JAY Z, it's a Rhyme on CRAZY.  Which is Me.  I GET IT NOW.  Fascinating.  Wikipedia suggest Jay Z adopted his name as a reference to his mentor, "Jaz-O."  Well that settles that.  He's doing a Name Pay It Forward for his mentor.  Better look up what kind of mentor this is.  Off the top of my head I'm imagining a Finding Forrester type scenario.  ALSO that's combined with him being known as JAZZY around the neighborhood.  Put those two together you get Jay Z.  Also you add Rhymes With Crazy and now the entire picture comes into focus. 
    Cool!  I told my Dad today is your special day and he was like WHY and I was like it's Fath... wait that might be next week, HOLD ON... ... Calibrating by checking my phone... calibrating... OOP not for a week.  GET READY FOR YOUR SPECIAL DAY.  DAMNIT.  I ruined the surprise of Me Being A Kind And Loving Son for Fathers Day.  Now he's gonna see it coming a mile away.  A week away.  Half a fortnight!  Also he got a muffin on purpose last night and I didn't do anything but did I have a slight primal instinct to go out of my way to sniff it?  Yes!  About 15% of me was like I know I can't sniff the muffin but its the forbidden fruit that tastes the sweetest.  Anyway.  He got a CORN Muffin, though.  Of all the muffins that's the least fun to sniff the aroma presumably.  Who needs it!  Gimme some CINNAMON MUFFIN to smell.  I'll smell some CINNAMON MUFFIN all day. 
     Cool!  Some very highly paid freerolls going on on poker today.  I dunno about that!  I like my routine without poker!  What good would having 50 dollars on poker do me.  I can turn it into 50 MILLION DOLLARS.  That checks out I guess but the odds are slightly against that.  I dunno if I can accumulate 50 million dollars on this poker site.  There's possibly not even that much going around the website in total!  I'd have to methodically one-by-one bust every person who participates on the site.  That would take a long time AND a little bit of luck.  And I got no luck!  Bad luck, maybe!  That sort of thing.  The point is there's gotta be a mini-rivalry between Queens rappers and Brooklyn rappers.  And if not let's start that beef going now.  Beefs are GOOD for the rapping business because it encourages everybody do to their very best.  They wanna show their boro is better than the other boro!  No time to get complacent and tired when you're beefing with other places rappers come from!
     Seems to check out pretty well.  Also my whole life I've assumed it was spelled borough but at some point a couple years ago I Saw it OFFICIALLY spelled as boro, not just some dumb guy saying it but OFFICIALLY, and now I don't know what to think!  I think both are acceptable!  Boro I guess is kinda fun now that I'm getting used to it but Borough sounds better and more DIGNIFIED.  Google doesn't seem to accept, "Boro."  It DOES say, "Boro," is a word which means, "Representing Boron."  I guess I'm some sort of Boron thinking Boro was an acceptable spelling for, "Borough."  Boron is an element, gotta imagine, right?  Yes it is. Finally our imagination is paying off!  Thinking about asking my parents if its cool for me to get an Iced Coffee from The Starbucks once in a while.  WOW this can Make Or Break my Summer Summer To Remember Patent Pending.
Last paragraph of Act I!  I knew some JAY Z when I was into Popular Rap at the turn of the century (most recent one).  He was on The Hot 97's at the time!  Fascinating.  What kind of music was on Hot 97 before The Rap Revolution Patent Pending.  DANCE.  Wow fascinating.  Also if your temperature is 97 it's actually SLIGHTLY cool!  Yeah but if its 97 outside it's HOT.  Hmm.  What else is going on.  Hmm it appears there's only 14 Jay-Z solo albums.  Why, I'd be done with that in a matter of weeks!  Doesn't seem right.  Tomorrow is finally Flag Day.  Get your flags ready!  Also I've been assuming it's American Flag Day.  But there's lots of flags out there!  Dozens, off the top of my head!  Maybe we're celebrating all the flags or at least most of them.  Maybe FLAG means something else.  Like I'm gonna FLAG THIS DOCUMENT there's something WRONG with it or something.  Something wrong with tomorrow!  Gotta flag it.  I was about to say, "Better LTURQ," AND Actually Looking It Up but then I realized Oh Right Nonsense.  It's not nonsense to know the story behind Flag Day!  Gonna LTURQ!  Oh.  It's just, "Celebrate American Flag."  Dumb.  Pointless. Dumb!  I'll be back.




How Dare You

    Great, just great.  I'm back here for more Writing Some Entry!  I made a BIG change in how I listen to music last night.  JUST LISTEN TO IT WITHOUT KEEPING TRACK OF SONG TITLES.  In the past I've ALWAYS been looking back and forth so I know what song title I'm up to.  I figured because If I like this track It's Important I remember what its called.  But it became too much of a hassle, it took away from Just Listening To Music Experience, and did I mention it became too much of a hassle?  So far I'm a couple albums in with not caring about new tracks and their titles and I'm having a blast!  See you IN HELL song titles.  If I really liked it I'd remember the track title through the natural course of things over moderate periods of time.  Also lets face it I Looked Like A Chump taking my phone out of my pocket three times a minute.  You had to check the titles three times a minute?  YES I NEEDED TO MAKE SURE I REMEMBERED IT.
     Wonderful!  Starting to give some SERIOUS thought not PASSING THOUGHT but SERIOUS to getting a Gaming Entertainment System either at same time as TV or soon after.  That way I can LIVE without watching HBO Dramas because I can be playing VIDEO GAME instead.  I can DEFINITELY see myself becoming a Gamer for two hours a day!  That's A LOT of Gaming (not compared to TRUE Gamers but compared to those who just Dabble In Gaming).  Stop saying, "Gaming."  I'll stop saying things when I'm good and ready!  I just gotta make sure its not games that can scare me.  Which is roughly Oh I Don't Know 2/3rds of games?  Sports games won't scare me!  Other kinds of sports games won't scare me.  TETRIS WON'T Sc... actually Tetris would scare me.  OH NO NOT ONLY ARE THE TETRIS PIECES BUILDING UP WAY TOO HIGH BUT NOW IT'S THEY'RE FALLING QUICKER WHAT THE HELL THIS IS GOING TERRIBLY OH NO.  That's my hot take.
    Apparently Jay-Z has 1.4 billion dollars.  So basically he's in my bracket.  We both have between Zero and Two Billion Dollars.  Pretty similar life experience and whatnot.  Gotta wonder if that includes Wife Beyonce's money and I'm guessing it doesn't.  In which case they can definitely possibly be OVER 2 billion combined.  Oh no now I'm alone in My Bracket.  Dang it!  Gotta imagine their kids are multi millionaires.  They've probably done stuff that earned them millions of dollars.  Better LTURQ.  Blue Ivy appearing in music songs and whatnot.  I think she read an audio book or something.  Yep that's gonna net her millions of dollars.  Good for her!  Also she NARRATED an audiobook.  Anyone can READ an audiobook.  Actually NO ONE can.  Audiobook is for listening.  Ya HEAR audio book you READ regular book.  Looks like I've raised more questions than I've answered in this paragraph.
Cool!  Alt joke-- I wonder if there's a service where they transcribe audio books so you can read them.  Not really an, "Alt," joke.  Just a joke.  But we have to forget that I acknowledged the existence of regular books already.  Wow.  What else is going on and crap.  Gonna take a Bath Enterprise Experience later this late afternoon after entry is over.  I can't wait!  I'm gonna lie down and have water immerse me Up To A Point.  Rub a bar of soap over me roughly 2 or 3 times for each spot.  Not going through the motions COMPLETELY 2 or 3 times each spot. But each spot I wipe over around 2 or 3 times back-and-forth quickly before moving on to next spot.  You know how soap works.  Maybe you do it differently, I dunno.  Either way gonna do THAT.  Some shampoo which I put in my hair.  All that good stuff!
   Yeah!  Looks like I'll finish Jay-Z album SEVERAL MINUTES before end of next walk.  Gotta have next album lined up and ready to go! HMM.  Is the Blue Ivy audiobook any good?  Gotta imagine it's top notch.  HOWEVER I don't listen to audiobooks, just music, thems the breaks!  Hey listen to some Sleater-Kinney.  I like them just fine.  They EMBODY the... Sleater-Kinney... ethos?  Also every time I listen to a Sleater-Kinney album I get closer and closer to having their Band Name Pronunciation Down Pat.  I dunno I'm still having troubles.  SLEETER is just more intuitive!  That's my hot take!  I JOINED huge freeroll and I LOST.  Perfect!  I gave it my all so no one can say I didn't try!  And I lost so no one can say I won!  And I talked about it on website so nobody can say anything It's My Website.
     Last paragraph of Act II!  Wonderful.  No Orange Juice Water until Friday at the earliest.  No orange juice at all!  We still got access to water, though.  Good water!  No complaints about this water. I still filter it before using it as a component for a beverage but even without it I'd be happy with the water compared to Other Waters That Are Out There.  Kinda feel bad about using this water to bathe!  I should donate it to people who need better water and then accept their shitty water and bathe in that.  I dunno that doesn't seem to check out at all.  I don't wanna bathe in shitty water.  Oh well, what can ya do.  Hey the paragraph is over!  I'll be back later!  




I Didn't See That Coming

    Hello friends.  Got delicious lunch going on.  What I predicted!  I didn't see that coming.  Wait no yes I did.  In the course of things the eggs got mixed in with the hash browns which I think is the way many Restaurant Diners do it ON PURPOSE and they SHOULD it's delicious!  They call it HASH and that's where the term hash browns comes from.  It's the BROWN part of the Hash.  Also why we call Eggs Hash Yellows.  Or we will one day based on this paragraph.  Took a #TheBigLoveSummerSpringtime break to watch a #TheSImpsonsIt'sCalledEVERGREENTerraceForAReasonWatchParty.  It's called that because that's where The Simpsons live.  The Mets were going to win today but then they let the opposing team's star player hit a grandslam [a homerun when the bases are loaded (with people)].  What are they dumb or something.  Just throw the pitch somewhere either in the strike zone where the guy won't swing or in a place where the guy will swing and not hit it.  EASY.
     Cool!  Gonna leave over some of the Brown Hash Component for health reasons.  I know I told you that every component of meal was just right but lets put all our cards on the table (not just some of them) there was more hash brown than necessary.  What else.  Noodle flavor for tonight is SHRIMP.  WOW FANCY STUFF.  When I went to Diner Restaurant in person as a child I would sometimes get Shrimp Cocktail.  Because I was a FANCY BOY.  It's on my Dad's dime I'm gonna live it up!  Also I'm gonna put all my cards that I somehow didn't put on the table before on the table now and tell you I finished all the hash browns!  I'm okay with my decision I don't regret it one bit.  Maybe two or three bits out of 30 bits.  That's the amount of bits maybe I regret it just a bit! 
    Fascinating.  Noodles is too low in calories for a meal!  Presumably wouldn't be filling.  Guess what I'm thinking of pairing with it to make it better Why It's Only Golden Oreos.  TWO!  I can see myself enjoying that and not regretting it any negative bits.  So I may regret it bits.  Positive bits.  Yes I will, just putting all my cards on the table (I got a new deck of cards).  I saw Sleater-Kinney sometimes tunes their guitar to Db Tuning?!??!  A STEP AND A HALF BELOW AVERAGE?  I've heard of half a step below average- very common.  I've heard of a step below average-- I used to do this because of my hero Elliott Smith doing it!  A step and a half?  WHAT ARE THEY TRYING TO DO HERE.  Wonderful.  A step is two notes.  A step down means Standard Tuning but each string is 2 notes lower.  Go figure!
    Sure I gotta try that next time I feel like picking up my guitar.
  It's gonna be fun!  My guess is my guitar will suddenly become intuitive to me again and it will begin a new renaissance in my life as a musician.  Either That or NOTHIN.  I've narrowed it down to those two things.  Hey one of the main Sleater-Kinney ladies has an autobiography out!  I'll read That Like It Was NOTHIN!  I guess I'll add that onto the next Amazon Order my household gets.  That and a three pack of cards I keep losing all my cards to This Table.  Huh.  Well hey the entry is over again.  That's good because I want to go somewhere else now.  I'll be back tomorrow!

-4:44 P.M.





Saturday, June 12, 2021

This Is A Normal Title

    Hello friends.  It's me-- your favorite Guy Who Does Things.  Better narrow it down.  In terms of Guys Who Do Things I am not near the top at all!  It's me your favorite guy who writes this website specifically.  That checks out!  I dunno maybe you like NO ONE AT ALL who writes this website specifically.  Still even with Zero Votes From All Of You I WIN because I'm My Favorite.  One vote for me, zero votes for anyone else!  WONDERFUL WHAT A BOOST TO THE SELF ESTEEM.  I'm My Favorite!  All that seems to check out but lets move on with our lives.  Checked weight on scale today.  I LIKE what I saw!  No complaints there!  My goal is to be down to 140 or less by Concert show.  I need to make a good impression on Jeffrey Tweedy He'd Be Looking Right At Me!  Hmm.  Upon further introspection I had what must have been a dream where someone told me hey those seats you got for that concert are actually GREAT SEATS.  WELL DONE.  I don't think anyone told me that in real life.  Someone told me that, though.  Must have been a dream!
     Cool.  I think it's great that I discovered Sleater Kenney just in time before signing up to see them In Concert.  Just under the wire!  What does that Mean.  I don't get it.  Maybe someone will explain it to you in your sleep because I certainly ain't doin' it now!  I got THINGS to do.  Onto season two of #TheBigLoveSummerSpringtime.  Cool!  Look at these characters go!  Wonderful.  Have polygamists ever considered just having one spouse and having several close friends?  Just throwing that out there!  I know it's a very INOBIVOUS and UNINTUITIVE way to go about your life, but I came up with it and now you can all reap the benefits.  Anyway.  Concert is in a stadium?  For some reason in my mind I feel like well in a stadium we should be getting a much more extended concert time wise.  I think it's because the bigger the venue the more songs they have to play.  1:1 thing.  More SPACE More SONGS.  It makes sense to me!
    Also part of it is well it's gonna take us forever to get situated in stadium they have to play longer to justify all that time it took us to get acclimated to our surroundings.  Can't spend HOURS finding our seats just for a couple songs!  I dunno that's part of my reasoning but I like More Space More Songs better.  Also not just more space but its OUTSIDE SPACE.  This is like Classic Concerts of Yore which are DAYS long.  Outside!  Gotta go on forever that's my hot take.  What else is going on and crap.  Am I supposed to bring binoculars.  When I was a kid and we went to baseball games I feel like I often brought a pair of binoculars I had.  I was encouraged by my parents!  At the time I was like oh sure this is what people do.  Upon further introspection I dunno if I ever saw anyone else ever bring binoculars to baseball game.  And now I feel embarrassed for myself!  I looked lame! Like a NERD.  If you're a nerd for wearing glasses you're EXPONENTIALLY more a nerd for holding up binoculars!  DAMNIT MY LIFE IS RUINED IN RETROSPECT.
Also brought a glove half the time.  Similar thing but I feel SOME kids do that here and there?  Better LTURQ.  Mostly for kids, yeah.  But I was a kid!  Better LTURQ re: Binoculars.  Well there's SOME discussion on internet about binoculars at baseball game but I feel it's sufficiently rare (and LAME) that the last paragraph is still justified.  Also, again, for the kids.  So if I'm not lame and nerdy at the very least I'm childish and frivolous! Anyway.  Thinking about Steak &/v Eggs for tonight.  Haven't gotten that since before Pandemic Quarantine!  Not on their limited menu but my impression is they've had their full menu this entire time and that's just for the chumps.  Not sure the reasoning behind that being for the chumps.  Not sure of a lot of things these days!  Anyway either that or some seafood parade I don't have all the details in front of me! 
    Hmm.  Would be STEAK.  Would be eggs (FRIED?).  Would be HOME FRIES PRESUMABLY.  Would be TOAST.  How can I juggle all of this and not be overeating per meals?  I dunno figure it out its not that hard.  YEAH but I... uh... SHUT UP!  Split it into 3 meals, I dunno!  Depends on how much steak there is!  Home fries and toast I can leave over.  Steak and Eggs MUST BE COMPLETED THOUGH.  That's where I Draw the line!  What line.  The One I Just Drew!  Oh okay.  Hey today is my half birthday!  32.5!  My first instinct with that was hmm all things considered sounds like about 1/4th of my life.  Then after a minute I was like WAIT A SECOND I'd be VERY LUCKY if it's One THIRD of my life.  97.5 Years overall if that's the case.  Anyway.  The point is NOW I'm an adult.  32 was still my young childhood years.  32.5?  Now its time to start taking things seriously!  Uh oh I don't like the sound of that.  Good I was just joking I'm not gonna take things seriously NOW or EVER.  Uh oh I don't like the sound of that either.  LOOK ME I'll figure something out.  Oh okay.
Wonderful.  Took a bath yesterday.  What fun!  Probably gonna wait until tomorrow to take the next one.  What fun!  Not gonna take a bath today.  What fun!  OH NO Max Schezer is day to day.  My Fantasy Baseball team is in ruins!  Hmm wonder if I can start a new team-league this late in the season.  I dunno about that.  It would cheapen the one I'm already in!  And I'm going down the ship on this team.  I still have a pretty good shot at 3rd place!  And when I played with my friends for money THIRD PLACE GETS A TINY PRIZE.  So if this was for money and we all agreed on the money structure and we all agreed third place would get a tiny prize I STILL GOTTA GO FOR IT.  So let's just pretend that's the case for all of those Ifs.  They're not!  But lets use The Power Of Pretend to imagine they are!  Anyway I'll be back in a bit.





It's Settled Then

    Hey!  Got a sample of potential replacement tiles for my bathroom.  We're gonn go with THE BIGGEST titles.  Not just for style but for substance!  Bigger tyles are safer &/v longer lasting or something.  Presumably off the top of my head because less space between tiles which are, "Problem Areas."  I'm quoting myself with that phrase I guess.  Either way WOW BIG TILES THIS IS A GAME CHANGER.  Also we're getting WHITE tiles.  Not OFF WHITE what kind of sociopaths do you take us for?  Anyway.  Gonna have Kids Meal Chicken Parm for lunch in a couple of hours.  I'm enthusiastic about that!  Getting enthusiastic about steak & eggs even with the stress involved in terms of portion control and calorie counting.  It's gonna taste so good and be so hearty it's solidly worth all the trouble that comes with it!
     Yeah!  Right now the plan for tomorrow lunch is CUP O NOODLES THAT ISN'T THE BRAND CUP O NOODLES.  I don't think I've had that once since PID (Personal Independence Day).  I'm pretty enthusiastic about that, too!  Not the best brand, though.  Not even the second best brand.  It's the third best brand out of three that I had been getting!  ALRIGHT BRONZE!!!  I know they're selling steak.  I know they're selling eggs.  They BETTER be selling steak and eggs or else They're Dumb And I'm The One Whose Suffering!  Doesn't seem right is the point.  HMM gotta think of next album to listen to.  I feel like I might have skipped over 2 or 3 Sleater-Kinney albums!  That's something I can listen to and be enthusiastic about it for some reason.  Good music.  Oh right that's a good reason!  Gonna see them gotta get acclimated to their discography offerings.  That's a good reason, too.  That's all I got right now.  UH OH NOT A THIRD REASON?  Better think of something else to listen to, then!
    YEAH.  There's AT LEAST two albums of Wilco I don't hardly know.  POSSIBLE THREE.  Well this is great I can spend a lot of the next 10 weeks getting familiar with All Wilco and All Sleater-Kinney.  That way by concert I'll be bored of them!  Really takes the edge off of listening to them in person.  Not enjoying it.  Much more positive experience!  Yep that checks out pretty well.  Music is all well and good but I am VERY interesting in seeing what Forest Hills Stadium is all about.  Is it a STADIUM.  Is it an ARENA?  So many unanswered questions as of now.  It's A Stadium.  Oh good we answered one of the unanswered questions.  Now we're down to the amount of unanswered questions we used to have minus one.  Let's say 1 album a day of either Wilco or Sleater-Kinney.  That way it's an intensive experience but not too intensive!  Sounds GREAT JUST GREAT.  I'LL THINK ABOUT IT. Get off my back about it is the point!
    Cool!  Gotta figure out my Mayor Rankings.  Morales Wiley Yang Stringer and Oh I Don't Know... uh... I THOUGHT I KNEW THIS.  I guess it turns out I don't know this.  Also let's say Morales String Wiley Yang.  Fifth spot I'll have to flip a coin.  ...A LOT OF COINS.  There's a dozen people vying for one spot gonna have to work out several large brackets to arrange flip coining for that spot.  Or I could just leave it empty.  What am I A CHUMP?  I don't understand how ranked voting works at all but I do know you wanna fill all 5 spots or else you're a chump.  That's just intuitive!  Hmm can I write in, "A CHUMP," for my 5th ranked candidate.  And the implication is they can pick any chump they want if it comes down to My Fifth Vote Specifically Somehow.  Hmm how do they pick the chump, though.  Most popular chump?  The chumpiest chump?  I specifically get to choose which Chump after the fact?  Hmm gonna have to do some research I guess on how Ranked Voting works.
Penultimate paragraph of Act II!  If I'm gonna be taking deep dives into really acclimating myself to Band(s) Wilco and Sleater-Kinney are Great ways to go even without Looming Concert!  Lots of great CHORUSES and VERSES and maybe some CONCLUSIONS.  Songs that have great conclusions really Get Me Going.  Then again it feels wrong to listen to things I already have listened to and in the case of Wilco have listened to many many times!  That's why it's only 1 album a day.  SOUNDS GOOD LETS MOVE ON WITH OUR LIFE.  Anyway was just watching some Mets Highlights from last game and it suddenly occurred to me that Striking Out The Side is a KKK.  We call Strikeouts, "K's" for some reason!  Better LTURQ.  "Because it's the last letter in, 'Struck."  Wow.  That guy who made that decision is dumb.  Lets see if he's running for mayor.  And if not actively running lets determine if he'd accept the nomination were it to fall to him.  Also you're very clearly NOT striking the ball.  That's the DETERMINING FACTOR in a strike out.  I've had it up to HERE with things!
Last paragraph of Act II.  Finish #TheBigLoveSummerSpringtime episode I'm 20% into before next walk.  I got excess time for the early afternoon and you know what we do with excess time Why It's Only Watch More TV.  Anyway.  Not gonna have Bites of both steak and egg at same time.  You'd think steak and eggs enjoyment comes down to that.  Having both at the same time!  But then you're eating too quickly.  You can still go back and forth between biting steak and eggs.  Just not at same bite!  You eat this steak and eggs responsibly and you got no problem.  You wanna push it?  Eat eggs and steak in same bite?  Or eggs and bread or eggs and potato side at same time?  You're gonna run into problems-- like eating it too quickly!  Anyway I'll be back a little bit later.  Good Paragraph.  I'm very proud of this paragraph.  See ya soon!





Act III In The House

    Hey!  Crunched the numbers on Wilco and Sleater-Kinney albums.  21 full length regular albums between 'em!  Three more if I'm counting the collaborations between Wilco and Billy Bragg with lyrics from I Wanna Say Woody Guthrie.  Probably SHOULD count 'em I can see Wilco playing a couple of those songs.  Then again WHOSE GOT THE TIME.  21 albums over 70 days that's easy.  24?  Now that's crazy!  Anyway listen to thems at randoms.  No chronological or less heard ones first.  Just random!  I like that because it's FUN and UNPREDICTABLE.  Anyway got delicious lunch Why It's Only Kids Meal Chicken Parm.  I never had any chicken parm as a kid.  I had SPAGHETTI that's the only pasta or anything I ever had.  Don't remember liking it with tomato sauce, either!  That was too much for me.  Just plain spaghetti.  Didn't particularly LIKE IT but I could eat it if I had no choice.
Yeah!  What's going on in the wide world of sports.  I gotta tell ya I like Outside While Wearing Mask so much more than Without Mask.  Leaves something to the imagination when looking at people or people looking at me.  We don't Need TO Know the kinda faces we're making with our mouths.  Too private!  That's how we should be thinking!  Gotta imagine one day no one will be wearing masks.  I dunno about that.  I live in Asian American neighborhood.  I'm of the impression in some Asian Asian cities like CHINA they Already Wore Masks All The Time because of air pollution.  So basically the people in my neighborhood are more likely than others to just be like FINE MASKS ALL THE TIME.  It's been done other places we're gonna do it here now.  In which case I get to continue wearing masks, too!  Can't be rude to my Asian American Neighbors.  YES finally things are working out in my favor.
Cool!  I was supposed to see a THIRD EYE BLIND show last year before pandemic quarantine hit.  Upon further introspection SURE I CAN LIVE WITHOUT THAT.  I like some Third Eye Blind songs!  Some of them a lot I guess!  I'm just not enthusiastic about it or anything for some reason.  That's life I guess!  Am I supposed to wear my Wilco shirt to Wilco concert?  So people know FOR SURE that I'm a fan of Wilco?  Something worth thinking about.  AWESOME I got 70 Days to think about it!  That's ten more days than people have to last in prison on false pretenses for TV show.  I think there should be a sister program to 60 Days In when someone who was convicted of a crime and hasn't yet served his time Gets To Live In Your Neighborhood.  A real switch-em-up!  I would watch that program in all sincerity.  I guess it depends on the neighborhood, but I could see myself watching it for ANY kind of neighborhood.  But the best of all neighborhood for it to be is YOURS.
Last paragraph.  I hope they send us a free muffin tonight and I get a second chance to Not Sniff It.  That would be a positive thing BUT if they send it again and I DO accidentally sniff it NOW I'M REALLY IN THE DOGHOUSE.  What else is going on in the wide world of sports.  Finished my lunch.  I did that roughly 8 minutes ago!  I just got distracted following Mets game on ESPN: The Electronic Sports... Pornography... Network.  I see the letter, "P," I of course think of pornography just like any normal person would.  Man oh man we're almost halfway through June Month of Patriotism Calendar and I can't wait to get to July.  This Cancer Kid freaks me out and I don't believe the toddler with him is actually his brother.  Hmm should I skip ahead and see what July Patriotism Picture is?  YEAH LET'S GO.  It's a silhouette of a guy fishing.  And it says, "From Sea To Shining Sea!"  I only see One Sea, though.  Anyway I'll be back tomorrow.

-4:41 P.M.





Friday, June 11, 2021

I Feel Very Strongly About This

    Hey, great news!  Gonna see a concert show in 2 months.  We're talkin' Wilco.  We're talkin Sleater Kinney.  We're talk... wait a second before, "We're talkin Sleater-Kinney," better re-look up how to pronounce it.  Off the top of my head it's like SLAYTER Kein Knee.  LMLTRQ.  Yeah it's kind of that?  I can't figure out how to represent what it really is!  Assuming robot lady voice is accurate.  Hmm saw another thing on youtube with a MAN voice (both male AND a person) which is more on the nose in regards to What I Thought It Was.  Amazing.  Now I don't know what to think.  Probably stop thinking about it and move on with my lives.  That's my first instinct.  Anyway gonna be sitting in SEATS.  Almost exactly PERPENDICULAR to stage.  I dunno that sounds like not a great angle.  Oh no the music will come at me from not a great angle.  C'mon.
Maybe they set up the stage in the middle of Assigned Seating.  Suddenly my seats seem pretty good.  More or less on par with most other seats at that point.  Except for the seats that have been repossessed by the musical acts.  They've got no where to go!  Gotta listen to the show from the concession stand!  Presumably there's concession stands.  I hope so.  I was really looking forward to using the bathroom and I imagined the bathroom opposite concession stands.  That's where my head is at.  Forest Hills Stadium.  Go figure!  Got coffee and orange juicewater going.  Go figure!  Accepted Super Market Delivery earlier.  They send us some GRATED PARMESAN for some reason no one is really sure of.  I dunno whatta do about that!  Slightly more likely I'll try that than the Apple Cider but considerably LESS Likely I'll try that than I Won't Try That.  Is that English.  When I was typing it I thought yep this is great English.  Now I'm not so sure!  I looked up apple cider earlier.  Nothin' about the taste on wikipedia.  Probably could read about Taste on other websites.  Yeah but whose got the time.
Not me!  I've got things to do presumably!  I've got a CONCERT SHOW to go to in 2 months I need to get ready!  I hope it's a LONG concert!  Get my moneysworth and whatnot!  Guess who snuck into third place in Fantasy Baseball.  I'll give you time to e-mail me your guesses and then will reveal the answer in about a week.  Gotta give everyone ample time to get their guesses in!  In a week whoever snuck into third place may no longer be in third place.  Doesn't matter!  This contest is about who snuck into third place just this morning!  Also whoever wins gets Third Place In The Grand Scheme Of Things.  Not bad!  Bronze Medal just for guessing something on a website thing!  Is it possible in real life Bronze is more valuable than gold or silver.  There was a BRONZE age.  Because BRONZE was used for good productive reasons.  Can't think of no SILVER or GOLD ages.  I guess Silver can be useful.  And not just for superstitious reasons like werewolf protection.  I think Swords are Silver.  And where would we be Without Swords.  GOOGLE Practical Uses of Silver.  I got bored of Practical Uses of Silver immediately and went onto Bronze which is a lot of stuff and then gold which is Oh Right Why It's Only GOLD TEETH.  Also iPhone is part gold they say?  Wonderful.  The point is Bronze blow Silver and Gold COMBINED out of the park in terms of usefulness.
    So the point is lets pool all of our bronze medals together and build some sort of Thing.  Practical thing.  Wonderful thing!  Hey it's the fourth paragraph.  Watched two Simpsons last night!  I gotta stick with this as a routine Simpsons are amusing to me!  Also I am going to concert with my BROTHER.  I can, "Dig," that!  What a wonderful friendship we have!  I hope Wilco plays the GOOD songs.  CLASSIC WILCOS.  Man oh man I didn't even think of that.  I was just imagining them playing the 15% of songs I don't really care for.  Now I realize they're gonna play some of the songs I LOVE.  This is gonna be great!  Also I was imagining it just being Jeff Tweedy for some reason.  While browsing shows I saw Wilco AND I saw other shows that were Just Jeff Tweedy.  You'd think that'd be a big clue that Wilco isn't just Jeff Tweedy.  Until just now though I didn't put one and one together! 
     Yeah!  I hope his children aren't there playing with him/them, though.  This could get, "Adult Themed!"  What else is going on.  Instead of Potato and Egg hero last night I got Veal Cutlet hero.  No sauce!  No cheese!  Just some nice clean fried veal cutlet on some nice... clean... bread.  That' be a good use of Bonus Parmesan.  Sprinkle some on 2nd half of Veal Cutlet Hero.  NO I WANTED NO CHEESE AND I TOLD THEM NO CHEESE AND I MEANT IT.  Sprinkled cheese isn't cheese.  It's sprinkles!  If I had to describe Sprinkled Cheese as Cheese OR as Sprinkles I'm going with Sprinkles every day of the week.  Which means all the time!  No days of the week that aren't days of the week!  Huh.  People might be coming next week to replace Wall.  Which is good!  Let's knock that out of the park.  Costs a lot of money.  Which is bad!  I'd rather Us Have The Money than Them.  Just a good general rule re: considering who should have money.
    Last paragraph of Act I!  Have I mentioned before that if I'm Rank Voting 5 people for Mayor Primary I should be getting 5 I Voted stickers?  66.7% chance I said it and 33.3% chance I've Said Things In The Same Spirit As That.  Either way.  Also I'm voting for other elections, too.  Down Down ballot stuff?  So should I be getting 2 dozen stickers?  I think the answer to that is obvious.  Yes I SHOULD but No I WON'T.  Oh well that's life for ya.  I think a new Slayer Kennay album, "Dropped," TODAY!  I'll listen to that.  Assuming it's available to me.  If its not available to me I'm not gonna listen to it!  Those are my terms!  I'm drawing a line in the sand.  Drawing a line in the sand seems kinda futile.  Any sort of slight breeze at all gonna ruin your line.  Anyway I'll be back soon.




What Was That

    Hello friends.  I'm back with 2nd half of Water Orange Juice Water as well as 2nd cup of Coffee Coffee.  I dunno it's not really Coffee Coffee.  Coffee Coffee is Coffee Flavored Coffee.  This is just Coffee.  I have no idea what I'm talking about.  The sad part actually is I DO.  THIS ALL MAKES SENSE TO ME.  I'M 100% FOLLOWING AND ON BOARD WITH THIS PARAGRAPH AS OF NOW.  Anyway started Sleater-Kinney album.  Is that the right spelling.  If I'm not 100% on pronunciation I can at least get Spelling Right.  That's my policy on Things.  Anyway yeah I like it!  What fun.  Looked up a Wilco set list from some show in March and I browsed it quickly without fully registering it because I Don't Want To Remember Songs They Do So I Know What's Coming BUT I did IN PASSING absorb YEAH A LOT OF THESE SONGS ARE GONNA BE AWESOME.  I dunno how long their set is gonna be.  Sleater Kinney is part of the show, too!  So is a MULTI INSTRUMENTALIST I've never heard of.  Gotta imagine he's gonna play some music, too!
     Wonderful!  Got results from Blood Test I took last week.  I'm doing GREAT in everything.  Had a level of something that was bad last time re: LIVER.  Today?  Liver Level Leveled Off!  Now its good.  Gotta imagine not drinking in two and a half months could have helped.  IMAGINE IT.  RIGHT NOW. WE'RE NOT GONNA MOVE ON UNTIL YOU'RE DONE IMAGINING IT.  Alright we'll move on.  Ya called my bluff well done.  Speaking of two and a half months, concert is in two and a half months!  WOW!!!  Let's speak about two and a half months some more.  I bet we can figure out other things that are two and a half months.  Almost a season.  Well that's great, that's a third thing, wonderful!  GOOD period of time to have an abortion.  I feel like if it's two and a half months since conception that's a GREAT place to abort the baby if that's your prerogative.  Not too early, not too late!  Hmm.  Better LTURQ.  Is 2.5 months a good time for an abortion.  No that's too specific a question.  Just When is a good time to get an abortion.  Apparently 9 of 10 abortions are within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.  I WAS RIGHT.  10 WEEKS IS A PERFECT TIME FOR ABORTIONS.  You heard it here first!
    Feel like we should have covered that in Sex Ed.  But we didn't!  So you heard it here first unfortunately after the fact.  Let's move on with our lives.  My dad had an unborn sister (so, NOT A SISTER) who is BURIED in GRAVE.  I dunno how far along girl embryo enterprise was in pregnancy, COULD HAVE BEEN even stillborn.  I guess I get stillborn in grave.  Anything before that and Grave Seems Excessive.  I was thinking about Googling this but hen I realized Oh Right Google Doesn't Know About This.  Can't ask my Dad out of nowhere.  Raise too many suspicions about my motives for Why I Wanna Know!  I think on the grave it says, "Baby Korn.blum"  Without the dot.  I don't want people googling that word (our name) and then seeing this private information about it!  Maybe I should just not put private information on the world wide web.  Yeah Maybe Lots Of Things Get Off My Back About It.
    I like the term Still Born.  HEY THE BABY IS DEAD.  Even Still... it was Born!!  Makes a lot of sense to me.  Hey I'm halfway into Act II.  Gonna hopefully take bath late late afternoon after entry is all done.  Gotta set up garbage bags to cover the wall or something?  I don't have all the details in front of me.  Gonna have pizza for lunch veal cutlet hero for dinner.  Not 100% on pizza preparation, though.  Could be cold.  Could be Ovened.  Could be microwaved!  This is gonna be a tough one.  I think I haven't tried microwaving pizza since Personal Independence Day (PID).  Ate it cold a lot.  Tried oven I believe twice.  No microwave yet!  Let's mix it up and try that.  It COULD work out in my favor if it turns out that's a Delicious Choice To Make!
     Yeah!  I've never been to Forest Hills Stadium!  I'm still kind of skeptical that it even exists!  Apparently it's a big Tennis Place.  Still kind of skeptical TENNIS even exists!  Are there different kind of Tennis Paddles that you can choice from during tennis matches.  You can choose whichever one you feel fits you more.  You can do that with bowling balls!  And tennis and bowling are pretty much halfway there to being the same sport.  Better LTURQ Tennis Racket Variations.  YEP you can choose from several different ones.  I registered that immediately and CLOSE THE PAGE EVEN MORE IMMEDIATELY (slightly less immediately) because I don't wanna know the details!  Leave something to the Tennis Imagination!  I feel like there should be electric guitars that are the same thing BUT 85% the size.  I'd be ALL OVER that guitar.  Totally Gettin' Into It And Whatnot.  Well that's not a bad idea.  Now the BALL IS IN YOUR COURT if you know what I mean.  You suddenly have a ball in your tennis court.  Hopefully a Tennis Ball!  Now you can finally play some tennis!  You've been hanging around Your Court doin' nothin FOR HOW LONG? 
Wonderful.  This microwaving pizza is a big make-or-break moment of my life.  It could be one of the best decisions I've ever made or it could just as easy (easier?) turn out to be a blunder of epic proportions.  I guess I'll have to think about it for as much as I can up until it would be time to start cooking the pizza should I decide to go that route.  HMM FASCINATING.  I think in tennis it should be a TEAM sport WORKING TOGETHER and you try to see how long you can hit the ball back and forth without messing up.  You WANT the other person to get to it in time and hit it back to you so you can get to it in time and hit it back to them.  Much more positive game.  Much more EXCITING game.  They've been doing this FOR THREE HOURS OH MY GOD HOW LONG CAN THEY KEEP THIS UP!!!  Sounds fun to me.  Anyway I'll be back in a little bit.




I Didn't Hear Anything

    Hey!  Got pizza going.  I microwaved it!  I read a tip online to microwave pizza along with a glass of water for Chemistry Reasons!  Presumably makes the pizza Not Soggy.  I tried it!   Maybe a little less soggy!  Either way delicious.  What else is going on in the wide world of sports.  Gonna take a bath in an hour!  I haven't bathed or showered in a week or so.  And I haven't bathed or showered without standing in sewer water beyond my ankles in another week or so before that!  Did I mention my IRON LEVELS are OFF THE CHARTS appropriate?  Can't get any more appropriate levels of iron than I have!  I dunno about that.  I know FOR SURE it's in the normal range.  I dunno HOW normal but being in the range is good enough for me!  Iron Age.  Bronze Age.  Which is better Iron or Bronze.  Iron came after Bronze.  Thus Iron is better!  I dunno Bronze is more CLASSIC.  Can't go wrong with a classic and That Classic Is Bronze.
Wonderful.  I WONDER how many songs will Wilco play along with Sleater-Kinney.  Gotta imagine they're playing less songs than if it was Just Wilco And MULTI INSTRUMENTALIST.  And look I like Sleater Kinney just fine and I may grow to like them Fine Just Fine but I want as much Wilco songs as I can get my hands on!  Also in my research I found out Wilco means something.  Military Term.  "Will Comply."  HEY GO AHEAD AND DO THIS THING.  And the response is WILCO.  Yes I Will.  I dunno kinda seems this band is subliminal messaging for the military industrial complex.  I shoulda guessed!  I dunno how I would have guessed but I shoulda!  There's the album Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.  I THOUGHT THEY WERE JUST BEING CUTE.  It's a WEIRD sequence of WORDS I thought it was FUN.  Now I know the cold hard truth and I don't like it!
     Penultimate paragraph  Usin' fork and knife with pizza.  That'll tell ya that it's still somewhat soggy.  I don't mind it's delicious!  I'm okay with having microwaved it.  Anyway up to final A Tribe Called Quest album.  I like it!  It's one of my favorite albums that I've partially listened to today.  Right up there in the top 3!  I liked the two slices of pizza I just ate.  Right up there in the top 3!  Cool.  I'm gonna eat the shit out of veal cutlet hero tonight!  It's gonna be a blast and a half I'm tellin ya.  What kind of delicious things did I accept from Super Market Delivery today.  Re-upped with all my favorite frozen treats.  We're talking COFFEE flavored bar of ice cream. We're talking MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP flavored bar of ice cream (different brand).  We're talking ORANGE CREAM flavored bar of ice cream (3rd brand).  Different flavors yes but TOTALLY DIFFERENT BRANDS totally different eating compositions.  Wonderful.
     Last paragraph.  Also they're all Good For You because They're COLD.  If Wilco would normally play 26 songs alone I think it should go Sleater-Kinney plays 10 and then Wilco plays 18.  We get a bonus 2 songs because that's just the way things go!  Also a(semi-official?  OFFICIAL?) website About It left space for us to REQUEST A SONG DIGITALLY.  And it had 200 songs (mostly Wilco songs) that we can pick from to request a song.  I made a request but I'm gonna keep it to myself.  I WILL say though that it's a COVER song.  Now the ball's in their court.  Instead of requesting a song can I just request More Songs?  Bonus 2 songs!  That's my request!  Nope there was no Digital Form I could fill out to request more songs.  Oh well that's life I guess!  I'll be back tomorrow.

-4:36 P.M.




Thursday, June 10, 2021

Don't Look At Me

    Hey!  Got some coffee going.  My mom had made some earlier in the morning it appears so I piggybacked on that brew and I'm not 100% happy about it.  Is it great I didn't have to do an extra 45 seconds of work?  I DUNNO on the one hand SURE on the other hand I LIKE WORK THAT'S JUST WHO I AM.  Also, on the other hand [and keep in mind, on the first hand (good hand) there was ALREADY some negatives!] I don't think there's enough for my Standard 2 cups!  Enough for one cup!  Some left over.  I'm estimating somewhere around 60% of what I would normally want to get out of a cup.  Could I have poured out leftover and started over.  I'm not some kind of SOCIOPATH going around wasting coffee.  What are you CRAZY with that suggestion?  MAN OH MAN BREAKING NEWS UPDATE.  Mom just asked me if there was coffee left.  Now it appears SHE wants left over coffee.  Let's recalibrate the situation.  I can make my own pot brew enterprise later when I would want 2nd cup.  I dunno about that I'd have to make LESS.  And if you're making LESS what's the point.  So I can drink the coffee I'd like to drink.  YEAH you'd think that checks out wouldn't you.
     Whatever.  Getting the hang of watching #TheBigLoveSummerSpringtime.  I can totally identify each of the characters and if pressed give you a half sentence description of their role.  Alright pop quiz hot shot who is Bill Paxton.  Main Guy Polygamist.  Ok who is Chloe SYgnegie.  Middle wife Polygamist.  Apparently one of the 2 important qualities I can identify people by is, "Polygamist."  That doesn't narrow it down at all!  Off the top of my head maybe ALL the main characters are Polygamists to some extent?  I was gonna say 80%, then I was gonna say 90%, but when I really think about it I can't think of a single main character whose not on board with polygamy or participating in polygamy in some respect.  Hmm.  Either way the moral of the story is I can identify these characters and give one word descriptions which narrow down who they are.  Fascinating.  I don't like the theme music God Only Knows by The Beach Boys.  I really like that song!  Well, I did!  Now I'm associating it with this dumb Introduction to this slightly less dumb show?  You ruined this song!  God only knows how much I'd still like this song if it weren't for you.
    Ruined!  Is it possible Bill Paxton is an undercover officer who doesn't REALLY believe in polygamy but has several wifes and many childrens with them as part of a STING operation?  My guess?  Yes.  That is possible.  I guess I'll have to continue watching to see if that theory pans out!  Also before this show I would not be able to identify Bill Paxton in a lineup and presumably after this show I will go back to not being able to identify Bill Paxton in a line up.  He's dead now, though.  In real life!  I feel like I'd have an even harder time identifying his corpse from other corpses.  Or live people-- even easier.  I can tell if someone is alive for the most part and if they're alive I know it's not Bill Paxton.  Well.  I HOPE SO at least.  Not to say that I hope Bill Paxton personally Stays Dead.  Just in general I don't want the dead returning to life.  Why not.  I dunno I just feel like more likely than not there'd be bad consequences from that.
     Yeah!  Probably won't get TV for another few weeks.  I made a pact for some reason to wait until Wall Repairs is done to get TV and now who knows it might spread to other rooms and this can take weeks in the end!  Oh well I'll survive.  Unless walls tip over and crush me in my sleep.  In which case probably will still survive that, too.  These walls Are NOTHIN.  Well apparently that's the case.  Damn.  What else is going on and crap.  Is it possible this whole thing is because I put up a CORK BOARD in my room in 2008?  I feel like that could have been the first step towards bathroom walls collapsing.  The rooms are right next to each other!  It wasn't a Shared Wall Panel but It Was Close!  Anyway up to a Wu Tang Clan album which is considered to be A Clunker but I like it!  I guess I'm some sort of idiot is the impression I'm under but what can ya do.  I found a Good Easy And Quick Way to watch Mets highlights from each day.  I get to some THE HOMERUNS.  The CATCHES.  The ROUNDING THE BASES.  All that good stuff! 
    Wow!  I feel like if I was playing baseball right now I'd Bunt For A Base Hit.  Easy baseball, though.  Let's say we're playing with a handball and we're all terrible.  I'd go up there and bunt for base hits because I think the other infielders are gonna be lackadaisical getting to the ball and then throwing the ball to first.  I'm gonna be hitting .700 by bunting for base hits.  What else is going on and crap.  HEY I can have coffee #2 be Iced Coffee.  More accurately described as AKA Cold Coffee.  I dunno about that.  I haven't been 100% happy with drinking it here and there over last few weeks.  It' okay I guess!  I haven't cracked the code of what to add to it and in what proportions and whatnot.  I feel like if I did some deep thinking I can figure it out.  How to enjoy it to the max.  That sort of thing!
     Last paragraph of Act I!  I think Bill Paxton should have a friend and he talks to his friend about polygamy and his friend is like I DUNNO ABOUT THAT!  And he's a main character.  Not just supplementary.  Otherwise how would I know being anti-polygamy is a legitimate viewpoint.  That sort of thing.  May be able to take a bath today!  Wonderful!  I don't wanna take a bath!  Too much of a hassle.  I don't wanna have to go through the Watering The Bathtub, the laying in bathtub, all that stuff.  Just put me under a shower and I'll take care of business easy.  Bath is too much of a commitment!  What else is going on and crap.  Did FIFTEEN MINUTES of work yesterday cleaning off bathroom mirror.  Which I accomplished about SIXTY PERCENT OF.  The spray specifically says LEAVES NO STREAKS!  Guess what?  PLENTY OF STREAKS. I dunno what to do about all these streaks!  Just give up, that's my instinct!  Anyway I'll be back soon.



This Is All Your Fault

    What's going on in the wide world of sports.  So many Important Updates!  1-- got regular coffee going!  Turned out I beat my mo to it AND it was enough for a whole cup!  Looks like Michael Is Coming Out On Top THIS Afternoon!  Not like all those other afternoons where I Eat Shit and Nothing Good Happens For Me At All.  2-- Some guy is coming this evening to assess Bath Room Tiles & Whatnot.  He'll set us straight about what the deal is!  I was hoping to take a bath around then but now I can't!  I'll take a bath tomorrow!  That's great news Who Wants To Take A Bath.  Me, for months and months, before PID (Personal Independence Day).  I dunno why PID is relevant to The Bathing-Showering Equation.  Not sure of a lot of stuff these days!  Anyway to Close The Paragraph Delicious Meated Loaf for lunch and Potential Delicious Egg & Potatoe Heroe for dinner!  HALF OF ONE.
Wonderful.  Next album may be the next Wu Tang album Chronologically.  I've narrowed it down to That or SOMETHING ELSE.  Or I never listen to anything again.  Does Nothing Ever Again count as, "Something Else?"  I guess my question is can Nothing Be Something.  Hmm lets think about it.  Thing = Thing.  So we're wondering can Some = No.  I still don't know.  I'd check the internet but who really cares in the grand scheme of thing.  I don't even care in the immediate, minor, relatively irrelevant scheme of things.  Let along the GRAND scheme of things.  What the hell am I supposed to do with Potato Egg Hero.  I'm not eating both halves at once.  I'm not insane.  Half of it is ALMOST just enough.  In my book it's 90% enough.  What to do about the other 10% To Make Enough.  I thought of get some garlic knots, maybe have 2 with each half.  Which gets us slightly over 100% enough but STILL.  I dunno I'm gonna have to think about this one!
     Yeah!  I just listened to Wu Tang Clan-- Iron Flag and taking a quick look at Patriotism Calendar next Monday is FLAG DAY.  What an idiot!  I blew it!  I could have listened to this on Flag Day but now its too late!  I can listen to it AGAIN I guess.  I'm not going to, though!  What am I a SOCIOPATH?  Well, kinda.  YEAH but that's not relevant as of now.  Hey Today is a New Moon.  Wonderful!  Does Patriotism Calendar thing we're all Gypsy Pagans who celebrate the Lunar Calendar.  It's the new moon lets sacrifice a goat to appease the moon god.  C'mon guys I'd be surprised if any more than 20% of us are Gypsy Pagan in America.  We don't care!  I don't think Gypsys care about the lunar calendar.  Well great that's their prerogative I guess.  Maybe they should start caring!  Couldn't hurt!  They could use some forward momentum and caring about the lunar calendar might be the jumping off point they need!
    I dunno.  Is it possible that menstruation cycles can be related to the lunar cycle?  My guess?  YES VERY POSSIBLE.  Have 8 or 10 Tater Tots with Meated Loaf lunch.  WONDERFUL I CAN'T WAIT.  What was the last Rock N Roll album I've listened to.  HMM.  Does playing fantasy baseball count as listening to a Rock N Roll album?  NO.  NOT AT ALL.  Why would I even think that.  Note ven close!  Wonderful.  Weight continuing to go down presumably!  I think the lowest weight I've been since at least the mid 2010's was around 140.  PER MY UNDERSTANDING I'd get down to that by when September starts.  Wake me up when September starts.  WHY.  I dunno I wanna keep doing what I was doing in August but I guess I must have fallen asleep at some point. 
     Wonderful.  What's going on in the wide world of sports.  GARLIC KNOTS WHO NEEDS EM.  I'd need em but I know too much about carbohydrates now!  Never gonna need em again.  What do I know about carbohydrates.  It's ENERGY.  That checks out.  BREAD HAS IT.  Accurate.  It HYDRATES US WITH CARBOS.  Nope that's where I'm wrong that doesn't seem right at all.  Oh well 2/3 ain't bad.  Ask Meatloaf.  That's for lunch.  Wonderful.  Why am I wasting everyone's time with this.  Seems like a good use of my time.  That checks out!  I don't know how but it does!  If it was just meat loaf I think I'd get a kick out of just microwaving it instead of oven.  Can't microwave frozen tater tots though.  Yep.  That's what passes for entertaining myself.
Last paragraph of Act II!  Forget 8 or 10 Tater Tots.  I'm thinking NINE tater tots.  Awesome!  Maybe I should get a Gaming Entertainment System (GES) to go along with new TV.  I can play The MMORGS.  I can play the FPS.  I can play the FIFA.  I can play the TETRIS.  All that stuff.  I think I'd need to get a controller too, though.  Can't just buy a system.  You'd have no avenue to Control Things.  What if all I need is my remote.  I dunno I guess that could happen in today's modern age of technology.  Either way need to get a remote then.  Man this is more work than I was prepared for.  Anyway what else is going on.  Gotta finish this paragraph so I can take my walk so I can set up Meatloaf in oven.  Lots of pieces in play and me finishing this paragraph on time is KEY in everything working out correctly in unison.  Hey the point is the paragraph is over now!  I accomplished it by saying Nothing for several (all of the?) sentences.  I'll be back!





That Makes A Lot Of Sense

    Hey I got lunch going on!  Delicious!  Gotta write a few paragraphs now.  Bill Paxton's brother came out AGAINST POLYGAMY in a scene I just saw!  So there's one guy whose for monogamy!  Or, at least against polygamy.  I guess you can be against polygamy AND monogamy.  Sure that checks out why not.  I'm FOR marriage but LESS THAN ONE spouse.  Somewhere between zero and one.  Not sure how that works out, that's your problem to figure out!  Not me who decided to get married!  Don't blame me!  Why would you blame me about your marriage in the first place.  Because I'm the one telling you you can't marry more than a fraction less than one people!  Oh right that.
  Still trying to crack the code of how you can be married to somewhere between zero and one persons.  Not trying too hard.  I feel like if I really tried I could crack that code but I don't have the time to try right now!  Gotta do some Typing.  Thought of a good rhyme earlier.  Something Something Crime and Punishment to give you CON TEXT.  That's all I got for now.  Also a week or two ago I came up with  something something Track And Field Competition but this ain't a Race War.  That's all I got so far.  Fascinating.  Why would referring to Race Wars even come up at all.  I dunno you don't wanna know what's going on in my subconscious.  And I REALLY don't wanna know what's going on in my subconscious.  Can't dwell on this at all!  Gotta leave it behind and move on with our lives!
     Penultimate paragraph.  Finished lunch.  Smaller lunch than I was thinking about earlier.  Instead of TWO rolls with meatloaf and tots I only had ONE.  Would have had TWO to make TWO SANDWICHES instead I had ONE to eat AS A SEPARATE ENTITY to Meated Loaf.  Track and field is a race war.  You're fighting each other (War?) by Racing.  I think that part of it makes a lot of sense.  Crime and Punishment is a Con Text because it's a Text (Book?) about A Con (Convict).  Also it's a Double because the word context fits in there Doubly As Much.  Still not exactly sure how to make Race War a Double.  Not sure if I'd want to even if I could!  Wait, I am sure.  I am sure I don't want to even if I could!  Race War is a Hot Button Issue that nobody wants to talk about!
     Last paragraph.  Then I get to take a walk!  Then I get to come back home!  Who knows what kinda fun I'll have then!  The point of the lyrics is I'm NOT gonna start a race war.  I feel like if we're talking about race wars, being explicitly anti- race war is the position we should be taking!  Nothing wrong there.  What else is going on in the wide world of sports.  No more track and field, that's for sure.  I'm through with it!  Doesn't cause nothin' but problems!  Aren't All Races Wars.  The word marathon might be funnier in that Rap but it's not really much of a race.  I mean, it is.  Generally it's a personal thing, to see if you can make it through the marathon, but they definitely are keeping track of winners, too.  Anyway.  I've given someone a lot to think about.  I'll be back tomorrow.

-4:51 P.M.






Wednesday, June 9, 2021

I Don't Know About That

    Hello friends.  What's going on in the wide world of sports.  I was just taking a walk in the heat and I was like ya know what would be The Tops, if I was in a Log Flume right now.  Yes partially because its FUN but mostly because hey I bet I get SPLASHED with some COLD WATER constantly.  The point is we should have Log Flumes as forms of city transportation to get us from point A to point B.  Does it have to be an Up-and-Down log flume, an all out ride?  YES to some degree.  If you're just going in a straight line Very Little Splashing!  Also on Busses they should have a camera set up to take your picture right as the bus driver is calling your stop.  Nah that's dumb.  Transportation Log Flume is Smart though.  What else is going on in the wide world of sports.
    It occurred to me yesterday that the Stoppage of me getting my TV process was my parents adopting the position I needed to clean my bathroom before we can get it.  Which is connected presumably because we'd have someone install it an what if they open door to bathroom and then report us to City Services.  Is there such a thing as, "City Services."  II mean, THERE IS.  There's SOME sort of organization which fits my description.  I dunno if its called City Services.  Either way they'd Take My Parents Away or Me Away or Something.  Either way the point is Cleaned Up Bathroom here comes TV Now I guess!  I dunno about that.  SOME Streamers aren't automatically available on Smart TV menu is the impression I'm under.  You mean I have to BROWSE or something.  Maybe SEARCH.  WHAT THE HELL!
Cool.  Getting in the spirit of wearing my tightest t-shirts.  They're a little snug but not uncomfortably so NOR visually gross, with rolls of fat making definitions in shirt.  I feel like its my way of taunting weight.  YOU'RE DOING YOUR BEST TO MUCK UP MY APPEARANCE WELL GUESS WHAT I'M WEARING WORST SHIRT POSSIBLE AND I'M STILL COMFORTABLE.  I dunno why I'm angry at, "Weight."  I'm not 100% sure what that means at all, actually.  Either way I'm Sticking It To Weight or something.  Don't have all the details in front of me!  Ya see the other reason I need to wear these shirts is because these are the shirts that say what bands I like.  Yesterday I let people know I liked AC/DC.  Today I'm letting people know I like Wilco.  Tomorrow I might let people know I like Elliott Smith.  The next day I'll probably let people know I like Belle and Sebastian.  That's most of the band tight fitting t shirts I have.  Fascinating.
Anyway.  Getting in the spirit of watching #TheBigLoveSummerSpringtime.  I can totally tell The Wives From Each Other at this point.  Yes it's THREE PEOPLE but over the course of several hours I can distinguish them.  The moral of the story is I have some sort of mental deficiency when it comes to recognizing people apart from each other either by voice or by appearance or by voice and appearance.  Oh well gotta have mental deficiencies about SOMETHING.  I dunno if that's accurate.  Could be accurate!  Could be inaccurate!  Could be lots of things!  If I had a choice of how many wives I ultimately have I think I'm gonna go with one.  Off the top of my head that feels about right.  Classic arrangement and whatnot.  Who am I to disagree.  Well it all depends on the potential wives, doesn't it.  I guess.  I'll keep you updated on this situation as it progresses.
     Cool!  In-between albums right now.  What to do!  Too many choices!  THREE!  I mean sure there's way more than three choices (eight?) in the grand scheme of things.  But I have three different ideas I'm currently entertaining in my mind.  YES there's FIVE other music albums out there more or less (estimation off the top of my head) but those one's aren't on my radar as of now.  Man TV is gonna be great.  Watch COMMERCIALS.  Do some BROWSING.  Uh oh what if I have an Entertainment Option Overload.  Off the top of my head, fuckin' what, 500 channels?  my brain will explode!  Off the top of my head you might say!  I dunno I feel I'd acclimate to it.  Pretty quickly.  At first it'd be weird but I'd get the hang of it!  I'd have to set up computer on Other Surface.  Face in another direction when writing.  I've been facing Oh I Don't Know SOUTH completely the last 2 months at least.  Oh well life is full of mix-em-ups.
Last paragraph of Act I!  They should set up a Sister Line at amusement park for Log Flume where when you get to the front a guy just throws a gallon of water at you.  Not the barrel its contained in.  He tosses it at you so you get soaked with the water, not the barrel.  I've said this before.  I know I have.  I'll say it again!  The point is THIS TIME I'm saying it it's also complimented by The Line Element.  You get to decide which line to get on, log flume or water splash.  Right next to each other.  Obviously water splash goes a lot quicker.  You're in, you're out.  Get to the front SPLASH see ya later.  No double splashings!  That'll hold the line up!  And besides who needs a double splash.  What's it gonna accomplish that single splash didn't already.  I'll be back.
  Took a ten minute break and was about to take a walk BUT I thought I DID LOG FLUME ALTERNATIVE BEFORE, gonna write an xtra paragraph to make up for it.  Why is it socially acceptable to spell Extra as, "Xtra."  With the premise being oh It's just shorthand for, "Extra," don't worry about it.  IT'S ONE MORE LETTER.  HOW HARD IS THAT.  YEAH.  I feel like, "Xtra," is mainly using in commercials and advertisements.  You buy this, you get this other thing, "XTRA!"  In which case their goal isn't Good Language its Selling Product.  And when people see they're getting something XTRA as opposed to something EXTRA, NOW they're on board with this product &/V service!  Yep seems to check out.  I'd rather have something XTRA than EXTRA.  And I'M THE GUY who EXPLICITLY is against the word, "Extra!"  Hey what a wonderful paragraph.  It took me almost two or three minutes to write!  I'll be back.




Please Believe Me

    Hello friends!  Back here to write another act.  Will it be six paragraphs like normal?  Will it be seven paragraphs like act I?  There's no way of knowing besides Wait & Seeing.  What's going on in the wide world of Wu Tang Clan.  I'm on the last album Old Dirty Bastard appears on before hi death.  How sad.  He never lived to be an Old Old Dirty Bastard.  Not 100% happy with how that, "Joke," manifested.  I feel like it could have been worth half a laugh.  If only I worked out the kinks and whatnot.  Either way what's going on in the wide world of BAYSIDE.  The Band.  Or should I Say, "The, 'Band."  As an insult.  They're so bad we can't even call them a band.  I'M TOLERATING THEIR MUSIC.  I guess not enough that I haven't had the motivation to continue their discography in over a week.  I'll work back around to Tolerating It!  I'm not messing around it'll happen at some point!
      Cool.  What do people really get out of music anyway.  Isn't it all just a game of Tolerance.  Nobody NEEDS it.  That's my Hot Take.  Someone coming to house either today or tomorrow to Assess Walls and Tiles and Whatnot.  Not just in my bathroom!  All over the place!  Maybe we need Brand New Walls.  Sounds like a hassle.  Bette than having No Good Old Walls, though.  We're completely exposed with Walls That Are Actually No Good!  Any number of bad things can happen because of that!  Hmm lets go through them.  ONE-- someone breaks in while we sleep by just busting through the wall not unlike Kool Aid Man.  TWO-- walls hold up ceiling above them.  Walls collapse, all the ceilings collapse, and that's either a hassle and a half OR it kills us which is way more than 1.5 hassles it's the most hassle you can have Being Dead.  THREE-- like living in a glass house where everyone can see us!  Don't throw stones in this situation and whatnot.
     Cool!  I may be misinterpreting this Wall Situation.  The point is what else is going on.  Haven't had a manual labor chore in almost 48 hours.  Too bad.  I liked Doing Work.  Finally life makes sense.  I have to DO something.  Rings a bell in terms of What Life Is.  Now I'm back to I dunno I guess just sit around and if TV comes on maybe watch some TV.  Not sure what the ultimate point of a life Watching TV is, though.  Good preparation for afterlife.  Now I know CULTURAL REFERENCES so in After Life I can have a conversation with Oh I Don't Know NOAH about Boardwalk Empire.  Gotta imagine Bible Heroes are BUSY in Heaven.  Everyone wanna be Noah's friend!  Get on his good side.  If Heaven floods you wanna get on Noah's boat.  Gotta imagine Heaven floods sometimes.  Drain gets clogged!  That sort of thing.
Yeah!  Gotta imagine Heaven doesn't exist.  That checks out, too!  Now I don't know what to believe.  Gotta imagine if there's a flood on Earth Boardwalk Empire is the first place to go.  What else.  Been eating less Snack Variety Calorie Allowance.  We're talking I just don't need it too much!  WOW.  I'd strike up a conversation with King Solomon LIKE THAT with this kind of talk!  Gotta imagine in Heaven you can stuff yourself silly with food without consequences.  That sounds like gluttony to me.  In Heaven are you suddenly allowed and even ENCOURAGED to commit mortal sins?  What if it's fun to do those sins.  Now you can, right!  Heaven is you get to do whatever you want all the time.  Go ahead and covet thy neighbor's wife IT'S CALLED HEAVEN. 
     Seems to check out.  Sounds like fun!  Either way what else is going on.  Is there any polygamy where it's One Lady and Several Fellas.  Gotta imagine somewhere, right?  Better LTURQ.  "REVERSE POLYGAMY GOOGLE.  GOOGLE SHOW ME REVERSE POLYGAMY.  SORRY, GOOGLE, 'WHAT IS REVERSE POLYGAMY.'  "POLYANDRY."  It's a thing AND it's got its own word.  Fascinating.  I could click the wikipedia link to learn more or I can just move on with my life.  I think... I'll.... Learn More!  I read some of the article and, I think... I'll.. Move On With My Life!  The point is Should I Be On Board With That?  As long as I'm The Sex Husband.  Am I Right Fellas?  Let the other husbands do the other stuff.  I'm The Sex Guy!  ALRIGHT HIGH FIVES ALL AROUND.  I dunno about that I wouldn't be on board with that even if I Am The Sex Guy.  So what I'm saying is I Don't Want To Be Involved In Polygamy OR Polyandry.  Yes, I know it's a strong position to explicitly take, but that's where I'm at as of this moment!
     Anyway.  What paragraph is this.  Sixth of Act II.  Maybe aim for Seven for Symmetry with Act I.  Maybe lots of things!  Got some ONION RINGS to go along with Lunch Bison Burger.  Dad got it as part of his meal.  He don't eat no onion rings!  I'll take 'em!  I don't have a side for Bison Burger so this works out perfectly!  Anyway.  They gave us a Free Bonus Muffin wrapped up in cellophane.  First thing I did was grab it and SNIFF IT to determine what flavor it was-- by smell!  Then FOR SOME REASON my Dad is like well I was gonna eat it but now I'm not.  JUST EAT IT.  IT'S IN CELLOPHANE DAD I THINK IT'S FINE.  Also guess what I THINK IT'S CINNAMON.  The point is he can't taste stuff so he would have eaten it and not tasted it but absorbed the malnutrition involved.  I'm a HEROE ruining this muffin.
     Last paragraph of Act II!  Is there still a TV Guide Channel.  I mean it can't be very popular anymore.  We have DIGITAL ways to browse what's on TV.  But gotta imagine some people don't and they still need a TV Guide channel.  Better LTURQ.  Looks like the TV Guide BRAND exists and they put out some sort of Periodical but I don't think the channel is still operational.  Great.  How the hell did we used to have the patience to watch the TV Guide channel.  Not even just the patience but the ENTHUSIASM.  Oh boy I can't wait to see some of my favorite channels coming up soon.  I like a solid 18, 20 channels at least A BIT and I'm interested in seeing what EACH OF THEM have on or WILL have on in a half hour.  Wonderful.  Kids today don't know what they're missing!  You gotta put in THE WORK for watching TV to really, "Get It."  These kids don't appreciate watching TV at all!  They Take Knowing What's On for granted!  I'll be back in a little bit. 




Here Comes The End

    Fascinating.  I know what TV I'm getting!  Now its just a matter of waiting for Other Stuff Like Walls to be taken care off.  Got delicious Bison Burger going on.  Fascinating.  OH NO Wikipedia doesn't seen to be enthusiastic of next Wu Tang Clan Album Chronologically I got coming up.  Probably gonna listen to it anyway, though.  I'm a man of my bond and I made a sacred pact with someone (myself?) that I'd listen to these albums and there's no going back now!  Sure there is.  I make an interesting counter-point!  Anyway, before PID (Personal Independence Day), I imagined getting more meals for myself that were hamburger-based Fast Foods.  I got McDonalds once or twice back when PID (Personal Independence Day) ended and then that was it!  GOOD!  Not very healthy!  Still though I wonder what might have been.
    Why.  I can do it now!  No use dwelling in the past on something I can change for the future.  Yeah but I still Don't Want To!  Man oh man.  Getting the TV!  I know which one it is.  I just make a few clicks and BAM it's here Oh I Don't Know five days from then?  Also GOOD NEWS it must have been on sale when I was first looking at it because now its 500 dollars and I don't remember it being that much.  So the good news is it's worth more than I thought and thus I am getting a better TV product &/v experience!  I finished lunch just now.  I'm OKAY with that.  It was bound to happen eventually!  Also it happens roughly once EVERY DAY.  I was prepared for this to happen is the point and I'm OKAY with it.
     Penultimate paragraph!  Wonderful.  Gonna take a bath tomorrow in my bathtub.  Gonna have to set up garbage bags or something around the wall to protect wall from bath moisture.  But the point is I will be CLEANSED but kinda feel cheated I don't get to take a Shower Vacation with my parents' shower.  I kinda was looking forward to it!  Oh well such is life and whatnot.  I can't wait to get to heaven.  Boy Oh Boy Am I gonna Do Some COVETING.  With no consequences-- All bets are off!  And by coveting I mean I will team up with St Peter and we will co-vet people for Heaven.  YEAH.  Gotta suck for St Peter that he has to WORK the entire time he's in Heaven.  He was a saint surely he deserves some kind of Heaven Reward Experience.  NOPE.  He's WORKING ROUND THE CLOCK 24/7.  Maybe he likes it.  He gets his jollies being of service to Some Lord.  PERVERT.
Last paragraph.  Had a delicious Real Breakfast Food For Breakfast today.  We're talking HALF A BIG SLICE OF CHALLAH FRENCH TOAST.  I dunno why I'm yelling at you.  I'm KIND of enthusiastic about it in retrospect but not THAT much.  Anyway.  Guess what I'm thinking way ahead about having for dinner tomorrow night.  You'll never guess!  You'll never have the opportunity to guess.  I'm about to tell you right now.  Potato & Egg Heroe!  You had your chance to guess and now that's expired.  You now know.  The point is sure that seems delicious 29 hours from now or so.  NO CHEESE NO SAUCE.  Just the HERO BREAD, the Egg and the Potato.  Which came first, the egg or the potato.  I dunno the egg?  Anyway hey the entry is over.  I'll be back tomorrow!

-4:20 P.M.




Tuesday, June 8, 2021

My Head Hurts

    Hey, I've got good news and bad news.  Good News-- What's Up!  Bad News-- Who Cares.  I got coffee and soda going on.  That's a good news.  Coffee go with juice not soda.  Maybe snapple if we're loose defining juice.  I had snapple already!  Two glasses!  Now its time for Soda!  What else.  Bad news-- personal weight scale has me at same weight as two weeks ago!  I'm trying not to let it bother me though.  HOWEVER it is bothering me.  HOWEVER who cares lets move on with my lives.  At SOME POINT I will be the weight I want and then all I have to do is stay there.  Easy.  EASY!  Anyway watched episode II of #TheBigLoveSummerSpringtime.  I'm getting the hang of this show!  These characters can take care of themselves they don't need my person investment in each character.  I TOLD YOU I Can only care about 4 or 5 people at once, tops!  Either TV or Real Life or anything!  Another episode into this TV show I realize just watch 'em go it's okay they'll survive.
     Anyway.  Started Wu Tang Clan listening.  I like it!  Not my favorite rap, not my least favorite!  Probably closer to my favorite than least favorite!  It's solidly I LIKE IT based on the first Oh I Don't Know six tracks.  36 CHAMBERS?  I assume you mean 34 CHAMBERS STREET.  Which is almost exactly where Train Stop was when I went to high school.  I can only imagine that's a reference to Chambers Street and not What They And Internet say its references to.  MAN OH MAN if I was listening to this music walking to high school on my headphones I'd have been the coolest kid in town!  I dunno about that.  Oh well too late to go back now.  Am I sure about that.  Reasonably sure!  Yep that seems to check out.  I can enjoy it now, though!  Oh right almost forgot about that. 
     Watched some more Latin America Haunted TV Episodes.  Down to only 1 left!  Hmm I, "GET," a solid 25% of these words.  They tend to keep it simple, that's why.  So far my favorite Wu Tang Clan Member is Method Man because he's the only one I was familiar with going into this because of his roles in TV and Film.  Seems good to me!  I knew he was a rapper but I didn't realize he was a CLASSIC rapper.  Thought he was just an OKAY rapper.  Same with Redman!  I didn't realize he was a classic rapper, either!  I thought these two guys were just Okay Rappers!  Is Redman going to have to change his name like Cleveland Indians and what not.  I assume it's a reference to American Indians.  Because they're red?  Gonna have to look into that one.  Also Method Man is a reference to Soap.  I often have supplies of, "Method," Brand Soap.  I dunno if that brand is universally known.  I guess Method Man has his work cut out for him if he wants to get this Soap Trending.
     Ugh.  Think I'm done with Cleaning Bathroom Chore.  Now I just gotta keep it clean by cleaning it oh I don't know once every 2 weeks.  That seems pretty on top of it, right?  Wonderful.  Bathtub isn't 100% clean but its the best I can do.  It has a Tramp Stamp from when there used to be Mat Down On It for years and years and it left symmetrical marks once it came off.  Can't scrub it off no mater how hard I try!  I bet if I tried harder I could scrub it off!  But I can't do it no matter how hard I try while not trying Too Hard.  So you can see the kind of predicament I'm in.  Also maybe those vaguely permanent marks are just how the bathtub was designed.  For some reason those areas are prone to dirt accumulating and never leaving.  Either way I don't care anymore what else is going on.
     Cool!  HMM gotta imagine there's Too Many Wu Tang Clan albums to listen to if I'm including solo albums from the members.  How many are there just from Wu Tang Itself.  EIGHT?  That's enough Wu Tang Clan for now.  Then LATER I'll cycle back around to the Top Spin Off Albums.  Fascinating.  I had a nightmare last night I had offered someone a trade in my fantasy baseball team and he rejected it and in the e-mail which informed me the trade was rejected it included a very mean message from the guy along the lines of HAHA NO WAY.  But in the dream it was even worse.  I felt terrible and humiliated.  My fault for offering a no good trade to this guy.  What was I THINKING.  Nobody would EVER accept this trade.  I dunno ya never know gotta try.  Why am I so invested in this fantasy baseball team that I'm dreaming about it.  It means nothing!  No money on it!  Half the league is completely inactive.  It's not with people I know.  Gotta get invested in something, right?  I dunno I'm gonna have to look into that.
     Anyway.  Thinkin' about having Some Sweet for dinner tonight.  A breakfast dinner, ya know.  Frenched Toast or Belgianed Waffle.  That sort of thing!  Got Chipotle II for lunch.  That's set in stone at this point!  LOOK did my Scale ALSO say I lost 2 pounds since last time I checked?  YES.  But MORE OFTEN it said I'm at the same weight.  I checked EIGHT TIMES so I can get a wide array of results and the most consistent was The Same As Before.  Look some people would be checking TWELVE times.  THOSE people are crazy.  I'm just being responsible!  HEY Non-Personal Independence Day is in less than a month!  I will celebrate by WALKING BY people celebrating.  Based on what I've seen and experienced Walking Around the last couple of Years Minus One Year I'm betting on walking by one or even TWO barbecues.  Which aren't intuitive to do in my neighborhood.  We don't have that kind of LAWNS or anything.  But people will do it anyway.  That's my guess!  This is good stuff, too bad I gotta take a break now.  I'll be back soon with Even Gooder Stuff.




I'm Tired

    Hey!  Back with Act II Comin' At Ya.  Almost between albums for walk.  Got 2 minutes left of Final Song on Wu Tang: The First Album As I Believe It's Officially Called Including This.  Great!  Gonna be another day or two until I can take a bath.  Taking a bath now might make the wall collapse completely!  Too much moisture!  Could I take a shower in my parents' shower?  I dunno haven't asked them.  That'd be weird!  One the one hand BAD my parents LIVE HERE NAKED.  On the other hand GREAT it's like taking a vacation in your own house!  I could use a vacation.  Who couldn't.  People always on vacation.  Sure.  Been several days since I listened to Rock music.  Or whatever non-rap music is called.  HMM gonna have to look into that one.
Cool!  Finished Jurassic Park III again.  Upon further introspection not 100% sure why I had to watch this movie.  Not a great movie.  Not even a good movie!  I WANT to like it so it's halfway enjoyable but on its own merit It's Got Nothing Going For It!  Very little, at least.  Hmm what's ONE part I like.  Gotta be able to think of ONE THING.  OH!  There's a scene with a Kid eating a CRUNCH bar.  The script called for it to be Just A Candy Bar I assume, but we can clearly see the label CRUNCH, so gotta imagine that's 80% they get paid for product placement, 20% pun because that's what TRex Is Gonna Do To You If He Gets The Chance.  I enjoyed that!  80% because I want to eat the candy bar, 20% on its own merit.  If I had to eat a candy bar that isn't a Health Bar in any sense, Crunch might be at the top of the list!  Maybe not the BEST but the MOST SOLID.  For now, at least.  I dunno maybe try some Fancy Chocolate Bar.  Gimme some of that Toblerone.  I don't think I've ever had Toblerone.  I'm not A MILLIONAIRE!
     Anyway.  Shutter: The Horror Streamer has an UNDISCOVERED George Romero movie!  Well it very clearly WAS discovered.  That's the exact situation we're in.  Either way gotta look into watching that one.  It's from the 1970's?!?!  Sounds scary to me!  Maybe too scary.  One of the scariest decades around, that's my hot take.  Maybe watch some more #TheBigLoveSummerSpringtime today.  Now that I know I Don't Have To Love Them it's a lot more pleasant to watch.  Also 51 episodes left?  13 days until Summer Summertime?  13 x 4 is 52?  I CAN MAKE IT.  It's unlikely but I CAN finish #TheBigLoveSummerSpringtime IN SUMMER SPRINGTIME as has been my life long goal the entire season.  13 x 4 is 52?  I dunno I'm gonna have to look into that one.  What else is going on and crap. 
     Cool!  Asked my Dad about Shower Vacation to His Shower and he said he'd think about it.  Talk it over with My Mom.  His wife!  That lady who also lives here is the point I'm trying to make.  So I guess we'll have to wait and see.  Hmm.  Maybe listen to Next Chronological Wu Tang album for Next Album I Listen To Chronologically In My Life.  In my CURRENT Time Line of life.  No telling the twists and turns that'll be taking as soon as I get my hands on time travel God Forbid.  Maybe no bathing is why I haven't lost weight.  Hasn't been Showered Down and Gone Down The Drain.  Sure makes about 4% sense why not as good a guess as Any Other Really Dumb And Almost Impossible Guesses.
What else is going on and crap.  Is it just me or are Classic Rappers on average Classically Good Actors?  Maybe not gonna win academy awards but they know what they're doing and are often funny if they're trying and/or entertaining in some other factor.  Really makes ya think.  I Don't WANT To Think!  Unfortunate then that this makes me think!  WE'LL SEE ABOUT THAT.  I guess.  Hey creeping up on the end of Act II!  Still about an hour 45 minutes until lunch time.  So I'll have to think of something to do besides walking in-between end of Act II and Act III.  PERFECT HAVE I HEARD THE GOOD NEWS ABOUT WATCHING TV???  Yes I have.  Oh boy have I.  Haven't had Frenched Toast in Oh I Don't Know FIVE WEEKS?  A month was what I was gonna say.  And in all honesty A Month is a better estimate than Five Weeks.  I still said Five Weeks though!  I can't say for certain Why.  Sounds cool.  Five Weeks.  Man what a period of time! 
     Last paragraph of Act II!  The next Wu Tang album is FOUR YEARS after the first one?  What the Hell!  Too long!  I was hoping for an update on Wu Tang Business halfway between this time period!  Not sure what that means.  My first instinct reaction, though!  What's Wu Tang's position on 1995.  I don't know what that means.  What else is going on and crap.  Been having breakfast almost every day BUT pretty much the smallest breakfast possible.  Been having FROZEN TREATS.  Ice Creamish treats.  All of them clocking in at 90 or 100 calories.  Delicious and nutritious!  Except for the nutritious.  Delicious might be overselling it, too.  All in all though I'm Pretty Good with this routine!  I'm not starving or anything by lunch time 5 or 6 hours later.  So it gets the job done! Except, like I said, for providing nutrition.  Gotta imagine there's Coconut Milk in these ice cream sandwiches that say they use coconut milk instead of real milk.  That'd be my instinct.  Anyway I'll be back later. 




I Can't Feel My Fingers

    Hey!  Got lunch going.  Got soda going.  Got Thunderstorm Going Outside Any Minute.  Then lasting 2 hours!  Gonna have to push back #4 walk to #5 walk time.  Then have #5 walk time An Hour After #5 walk time.  Hmm.  Seems to check out.  Makes sense.  Could Chipotle Bowl have benefited from another 60 seconds in microwave?  IN THEORY YES.  But in PRACTICE it might change the texture of food.  Overmicrowaving does that.  Makes it very chewy for lack of a better word.  Chewy actually fits pretty well.  About 90% the right word.  But it's that 10% I'm worried about!  Finished Haunted: Latino America.  Wonder what the next thing I'll have to watch in Spanish.  Is there Spanish Spoken Classic Music Album I need to listen to?  Better LTURQ!
    Lots of Spanish Popular Pop Songs.  I don't particularly feel I want to listen to those, though!  Anyway. Livin' La Vida Loca is the first music video I ever remember watching on MTV.  Might have been the last music video I ever remember watching on MTV!  NOPE I remember there was a period of a few months in 2007 in NYU we would watch MTV music videos while being high on marijuana.  I remember a few of those off the top of my head!  Either way what else is going on.  This burrito bowl is way too much Burrito Bowl Fillings.  Too much!  I can't believe I'm supposed to believe this is all 600 calories.  No believing from me!  Anyway normally I try to eat food slowly and deliberately (try And fail!) but this meal I'm stuffing down as quick as possible.  It's a race between Me Finishing The Food and My Stomach Hurting From Eating Too Much Food!  Hmm just had a nice bite of lots of pinto beans at once.  Delicious!  Not sure why that's website fodder.  Not sure about a lot of things these days.
     Cool.  Maybe leave over some rice!  A forkful of rice.  With that kinda left over this is no more than 400 calories now.  Roughly.  Amazing.  What am I gonna watch when this entry is over.  Gotta be something.  Can't take a walk!  It will start thunderstorming in no more than 11 minutes!  Maybe more!  They don't know for sure!  But heavy odds on favorite is Thunderstorm In No More than 10 and a half minutes now.  That took me half a minute to write.  Jeez get off my back about it.  Maybe have Frenched toast tonight.  Get a BISON burger for tomorrow.  Other meal for tomorrow would be Super Market Delivery Wide Fettuccini Al Fredo.  Wonderful.  Is this over yet.
Almost!  Is it just me or do Latin American people have weird hair cuts.  Maybe everyone has weird hair cuts, but I just don't notice because I Understand The Word They're Saying.  Once I start to tune out from someone's voice I really start to realize hmm that hair cut looks kinda dumb.  Just like the person who came before this one.  Lots of dumb hair cuts out there is the point.  Probably universal!  I can't think of a Hair Cut that ISN'T Dumb.  That's a tough one.  I guess Hair Is Dumb!  I've been BRAINWASHED by Big Bald.  Bald is even dumber, though!  That's how I feel!  So I dunno I guess we're all Dumb is the point.  Anyway I'll be back tomorrow.

-4:30 P.M.




Monday, June 7, 2021

I've Had Just About Enough Of Me

    Hello friends.  It's me again!  Brand new week if we're thinking of Monday as first day of week.  I can say that literally every day.  Except replace Monday with whatever day it is.  I think TUESDAY as first day is underrated!  I think having a Tuesday through Monday week would be a good way to go!  Anyway plumber came this morning and fixed my drain up 100%.  Presumably!  I wasn't entertaining him and witnessing the fruit of his labor first hand but my Dad seemed to leave the situation with the impression he got his moneysworth.  Either way gonna clean up bathtub and take bath later on in the day.  We're talkin I'm thinkin' of cleaning up after walk #2 before act #2.  Or do Round 1 of 2 or 3 then, more accurately!  Can't take a shower! T He moisture would cause wall to collapse completely. MR GORBACHEV, TEAR DOWN MICHAEL'S WALL.  That sort of thing.  Either way Kitchen Sink Drain was more clogged than mine!  So we got our moneysworth there, too!  All in all Positive Experience!  Before my bathtub drain problem we could have said EVERYTHING IN THE HOUSE BUT THE KITCHEN SINK is Not Clogged.  I dunno why we'd want to say that. 
     Anyway.  Started watching #BigLoveSummerSpringtime.  It's an entertaining enough show but there's too many characters!  I don't wanna get emotionally invested in this many characters!  Four, five characters for me to get emotionally vested in per TV or Movie, TOPS.  2 Dozen at equal standing?  I can't keep track and more so I don't WANT to keep track.  Either way, solid enough viewing experience for episode I that it's a reasonable assumption I will continue on with this series!  I assume the film was inspired by The Pixies Song Gigantic.  It goes Gigantic, gigantic, gigantic, Big Big Love.  Now you know!  Either that or Something Else.  Started watching HAUNTED: LATIN AMERICA which is the show I enjoyed about People Haunted By Things but now it's IN SPANISH.  And presumably filmed and populated by SPANISH people.  And by SPANISH PEOPLE I mean PEOPLES WHO SPEAK SPANISH.  Not LITERALLY FROM SPAIN.  HISPANIC PEOPLE that sort of thing.  OK stop yelling.
Anyway I have to pay attention because if I'm not reading Closed Captioning by Closed Captioning I'm totally lost!  Hmm looks like there's a baby in a crib.  Dunno what's being said but I hope nothing bad happens to that baby.  Kinda getting the feeling that something bad might happen to the baby.  That sort of thing.  THE CRIB IS ROCKING ON ITS OWN OH NO.  WHY IS NOBODY SAYING ANYTHING ABOUT THIS!!!  I would HEAR Spanish talking.  I just wouldn't understand it.  NOPE that's where I'm wrong.  I hear Spanish language and it doesn't even register as language!  Just sounds like weird background sounds.  I don't understand that it's people talking!  Hmm I make an interesting counterpoint to my nonsense.  That's even more nonsense.  Makes sense to me.  Wonderful.  I don't get why in high school and whatnot they traditionally offer you Spanish, Italian, or French.  More or less the big three. With Spanish hand French being the big two.  Uhh I don't know if you've looked around this country but there's Not A Lot Of People Speaking French All Over The Place.  I don't get it.  Just teach Spanish.  What's WRONG with this curriculum!  WHAT ABOUT PEOPLE FROM THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC.  I dunno I think I think they speak Spanish?
Where did I get French from.  Wikipedia said French was in charge for like a decade.  That couldn't have left too much of a lasting impression.  Am I thinking of HAITI?  Ami I Thinking of ANOTHER COUNTRY?  Am I thinking of FRANCE???  LMLTURQ I wanna get to the bottom of this truly.  I think I am thinking of Haiti BUT Dominican Republic being French for a while was NOTABLE according to Wikipedai History so I'm halfway there I guess.  Also Canada used to be called NEW FRANCE.  Funny.  I don't know why!  We've got New England.  But that's not a country that's an INFORMAL COLLECTION OF STATES.  It IS an informal collection of states and IT ALWAYS HAS BEEN an informal collection of states.  Well, that settles that, I guess.  I got Chipotle Part II for dinner and am thinking of Oh I Don't Know a bagel with cream cheese for lunch!  Well, that settles that, I guess.
Been a while since Last Bagel.  I think I'm ready.  I'm enjoying The Tribe Called Quest!  So far so good!  My favorite part of the first 80% of first album is one of the Tribe Called Guests just goes BRIDGE! and then the bridge of the song comes.  Wonderful!  My second favorite part is one of the three main guys, Phife Dawg, goes by The Five Foot Assassin and is listed as 5'3!  WHY that's exactly what I am!  5'2!  I'm assuming he lied about his height by exactly one inch for some reason even though he appears to be owning up to his height completely so why would he lie about 1 inch but that's exactly what he wants you to think and he is actually 5'2 exactly!  Yep all that seems to check out EXCEPT FOR THE FACT he's dead.  Still could be 5'2 Dead Person, though.  Either way GREAT I could have had a wonderful role model.  Can't have a dead role model!  Sure ya can.  I dunno I'm gonna have to look into that one.  Also the part of Queens A Tribe Called Quest is from is Relatively VERY close to my neighborhood.  I go to Queens Village every now and then because of Certain Train Stop that is there.  And I know the area VAGUELY.  About a 12 minute drive.  And The Point Is their neighborhood BORDERS Queens Village.  Probably about a 20 minute drive to A Tribe Called Quest's House.  Yep.  Great.  Wonderful.  I used to go to Bay Terrace all the time.  Still get food deliveries from there.  A Tribe Called Quest lives THE SAME DISTANCE AWAY but in the other direction.  Now we play the waiting game for them to invite me over for a sleep over.
Last paragraph of Act I!  The point is it's a pretty short quest from my house to A Tribe Called Quest's house.  I assume they all live together.  In the neighborhood they're from.  Even the dead guy.  That sort of thing.  Now my goal is to be able to identify which rapper is which.  Harder than it sounds!  It took me years listening to Beastie Boys before I could tell the difference between Ad Rock and Mike D!  WHY DO THEY SOUND SO SIMILAR.  Seems redundant.  Just pick one and pair him with MCA and that's the Beastie Boys.  Look I think we're gonna have to cut Mike D.  It's tough decision but I get paid to make the tough decisions!  Nothing!  Maybe if I make enough tough decisions someone will start paying me!  Reasonable course of action to happen!  Also MCA is dead.  So if Beastie Boys want to continue making music I guess now we have to live with All Of It Sounding Like The Same Person.  Wonderful.  Time to take a break.




The People Demand More

    Hey!  Cleaned bathtub for 22 minutes.  Close To All Of A Tales From Them Crypts episode.  Tales Of The Crips.  Bloods aren't gonna like that one.  Maybe they will I dunno I don't speak for Bloods.  Know thy enemy and whatnot.  Keep your friends close and your enemies closer and at this point you're way too close to Everybody you need some space.  Anyway.  Gonna spend another Oh I Don't Know 19 minutes cleaning bath tub for another session today and spend Oh I Don't Know 39 minutes cleaning other things I didn't fully get.  It's fun!  I get to do work and put my mind at ease.  Turns out my mind needs a Remedial Work Break every now and then!  By which I mean two and a half hours a day!  But in small bursts!  So YES every now and then but a Frequent Every Now And Then!
     Cool.  Moved onto next chronological Tribe Called Quest album.  I THINK I can identify Q Tip from Phife Dawg.  If only there wasn't a third Main Guy I need to recognize.  Well, this is easy, isn't it?  If I'm not recognizing it as Q Tip of Phife Dawg, it's the third guy, otherwise known as... ... well he's gone after the first album apparently.  Wow!  Only two people ate the forefront.  Suddenly this TRIBE has become a DUO.  Yes I know IT TAKES A VILLAGE to produce a rap hip hop album and there's many people making contribution but it's TWO PEOPLE at the helm.  Per my understanding!  QUEENS VILLAGE MAYBE.  Nailed it.  Looking forward to some bagel for lunch.  Low fat cream cheese maybe.  Easier than butter!  Cream Cheese also needs spreading but Butter can be a hassle and a half.  Too hard as a substance!  Too hard to evenly distribute!  Too hard all around.
Yeah!  Should be able to bathe myself later today!  I'm gonna do that and get clean and whatnot.  I'm probably rife with disease from standing in sewer water up too my ankles for showers over the course of a week.  Got some JURASSIC PARK III to watch today.  Otherwise known as the underrated Jurassic Park.  I dunno I think The Lost World is more underrated in relation to how good it is.  AND YA KNOW WHAT Regular Jurassic Park is VERY VERY GREAT as opposed to being Pretty Good so its THE MOST UNDERRATED.  The point is stop underrating Jurassic Parks you idiots.  William H Macy?  In A Jurassic Park?  Both in terms of being in a Jurassic Park movie but ALSO being in a Jurassic Park Island?  How can you go wrong!!! Well they do manage to figure that one out but STILL underrated.  I Dunno it's easy to go wrong with that.  What does William H Macy have to do with Jurassic Parks.  Nothing!  Seems like a relatively weird crossover.
     Anyway.  I dunno what else is going on.  What's the a cross over between.  The Jurassic Park Universe and Real Life William H Macy.  Ok.  I guess.  What else is going on.  Probably do next cleaning session AFTER lunch BEFORE walk #4 AT THE SAME TIME as doing the next cleaning session.  Wonderful!  What's a Fife.  Is that like a medieval flute.  That sounds accurate off the top of my head.  YEP CHECKS OUT.  What else is going on and crap.  Also if I stand on my toes all the time like I should be doing anyway I'm 5'3!  Not only am I suddenly taller but it's GOOD for your posture.  I don't have the details to back that up right now but it's a very reasonable assumption to make!  Gotta lose weight.  Need to have a Nice, Compact Body!  That's where my head is at!
     Penultimate paragraph of act II!  How many episodes of #TheBigLoveSummerSpringtime are there.  My guess is FIFTY THREE.  LMLTURQ.  YEP 53.  Either I'm a genius or insanely more likely I read it was 53.  KINDA felt I read it when I guessed it.  Anyway that's A Deck Of Cards Plus 1 Joker.  How many jokers are standard if you're using jokers.  I feel like when you get a new deck of cards you get maybe 2 jokers.  Or 1 joker and 1 How To Play Blackjacks.  Or 2 jokers and TWO How To Play Blackjacks.  Why would you need two cards to tell you how to play black jack.  I dunno you can give one to a friend!  You can just give the one you have to a friend After You've Learnt How To Play Black Jack.  Yeah but maybe you'll forget how to play and you know you'll never get that card back!  Ok I guess that checks out.  Either way LMLTRQ.  Standard Deck has 2 Jokers.  Fascinating!
     Last paragraph of the act.  Phife Dawg also goes by Dr. Pepper.  I heard him say it in a Rap!  If he's such a doctor how come he has diabetes.  Interesting point.  Maybe watch a solid Latin America Haunted after upcoming walk. 
That sounds fun.  This one has to do with a DOLL.  Presumably a HAUNTING DOLL.  I believe they're called munyetas.  But Spelled Better.  MuŅeca!  I WAS MORE THAN HALFWAY THERE!  Do I know that word (more than halfway) because of a Sublime song?  You bet!  I dunno if you were betting on that.  If you were BIG PAY DAY COMING YOUR WAY.  Assuming it was a real bet.  Not just some sort of Gentleman's Wager.  Whoever TOOK that bet is on the losing end though and I don't envy that person right now.  Dunno what kind of odds you got.  That's between You And The Person Who Took Your Bet.  Either way I'll be back later.



That's Not Important Right Now

    Hey, got lunch going.  Bagel + 1/3rd LESS Fat cream cheese.  Should I have had Eggs with Bagel instead?  Sure but I didn't think of it till just now.  Woulda been more calories, though!  I'm watching my figure.  Actually I'm going out of my way to NOT watch my figure.  I walk by reflective glass in store windows I'm not looking!  Don't wanna know!  That's life I guess.  Anyway started watching Jurassic Park III.  I'm not 100% sure WHY but Yep This Is About What I Expected To Get Out Of It.  Finished album #2 of A Tribe Called Quest.  I can identify between Q Tip and Phife Dawg at this point!  All I had to do was spend ALL my listening effort for this past album on getting a handle on who is who.  From now on I know so I can forget about that and just enjoy the music!
     Wonderful.  I don't know why I sometimes want cream cheese but whenever I have cream cheese I never enjoy it.  Maybe if it's a tiny bit of cream cheese, that's okay, because I'm not taking in that much of it.  But even a tiny bit of cream cheese, what I'd REALLY ENJOY is none of it!  I think there was a 6 month period in my life when I was Oh I Don't Know 20 when I truly enjoyed cream cheese.  That's it!  Since then I've been faking it!  HMM.  Don't have a meal for tomorrow lunch right now.  What if, HEAR ME OUT, what if I saved Chipotle II for lunch tomorrow and have something NEW and GREAT for dinner tonight.  Like a Subway Sandwich for instance.  Hmm interesting What If.  Gonna have to think about that With My Mind instead of While Typing Paragraphs.
In the mean time though what else is going on.  JUST THOUGHT ABOUT IT FOR THREE SECONDS WITHOUT TYPING and as of these three seconds yeah sounds like a good idea, subway sandwich, wonderful.  Cool!  I think it's possible I've half conflated A Tribe Called Quest with The Wu Tang Clan in my lifetime so based on that maybe listen to Wu Tang Clan next.  Still got a few Tribe albums though, so lets not get too far ahead out myselves!  HEY Wu Tang is NYC, too!  Staten Island BUT STILL.  This may be a controversial opinion but I think Staten Island is the FOURTH best boro and Bronx is the worst.  Stupid Bronx.  Dumb.  Who needs it!  Nobody that's why.  I think my mom is from the Bronx.  When she was in childhood.  Oh well what can ya do.
Last paragraph!  The point is I ENJOYED THIS BREAD that was inside the bagel.  Subway sandwich is 4/5ths bread.  Chipotle Burrito Bowl is Zero Bread!  That's where my head is at and whatnot.  Also thinking about Subway is fun because I get to think about hmm what kinda side do I wanna eat. Off the top of my head Feels like a TOSTIDO'S NIGHT.  Also off the top of my head Good Ad Campaign Slogan FEELS LIKE A TOSTIDO'S NIGHT.  For Tostido's.  It'd be a weird ad campaign if it was for something else.  Also sure It's called, "Tostito's," and I was about to correct myself but ya know what I'M STICKING WITH TOSTIDO'S.  Prove me wrong!  Hmm.  Hey the entry is over!  I'll see ya tomorrow.

-4:19 P.M.




Sunday, June 6, 2021

Oh Right This

    Hey!  More progress cleaning bathroom.  We're talkin' finishing cleaning non-floor surfaces as much as I could last night!  Which is about 95% overall!  5% I can't do presumably!  And just now I cleaned up all the stuff sticking to the floor!  As much as I could!  Which is about 95% overall!  BUT for this 5% I could probably get rid of it with further Regular Cleaning.  WONDERFUL I'M GONNA DO IT.  Then all there is is getting plumber to plumb the drain and getting A WHOLE NEW WALL.  Easy.  It is easy for me!  Mostly gonna fall on my Dad to do that stuff.  DAMNIT.  I don't wanna give my dad Work & Stress!  That's the worst part about this.  Then again I also don't wanna do the work & stress over it myself.  So you can see the kind of bind I'm in.
Yeah!  Figured out a good routine of listening to TV in Regular Room while in bathroom cleaning.  It makes the time just fly by!  First I thought of music but that's too much Work & Stress.  Tales From The Crypt does the trick much better!  Anyway.  Still a 25% chance I can figure out how to unclog bathtub drain myself.  No way I can figure out how to Put Together A Wall myself.  Just not gonna happen!  What I am THE... WELL... there's lots of examples in World History & Art & Culture with putting together walls.  You pick one yourself!  It's fun!  I'm gonna go with THE WAILING WALL.  Which is, based on my impression, the HOLIEST site in Jewish World currently standing.  I mean I get why it's PRETTY good.  I think it's a remaining wall from the first big temple over 2 thousand years ago.  Sounds great!  I can dig it!  I dunno about the BEST thing.  Have they heard of THE LOST CITY OF ATLANTIS.  Could have gone with hundreds of things for that, "Joke?"  I went with THE LOST CITY OF ATLANTIS.
     Anyway.  Should be done with Cleansing Bathroom AS Much As I Can For now after about 3 more work sessions of Oh I Don't Know 25 minutes each?  Tales from the Crypt are on average 25 minutes.  This Work Sessions are in 25 minute segments.  I shouldn't have to explain this to you, you know all about work sessions!  Surely you're familiar with how they overlap with Tales From The Crypt Episodes.  Anyway.  Jacob DeGrom of The Metropolitans is pitching one of the best Pitching Seasons so far about TWO SEVENTHS into the season.  I don't get it!  Why can't the players just GUESS where and when the pitch will be.  I get that it has a lot of movement and speeds and stuff so if it looks like it'll be in one place at one speed its in another place at another speed.  Seems like you'd be more successful if you just think I'm not even gonna LOOK at the pitch at all.  Just shut my eyes and swing at this place at this speed.  They'd be successful oh I don't know half the time!  Hmm looks like I should be a major league baseball coach.  HITTING COACH.
    I dunno about being a pitching coach.  I guess I can do that, too!  Just close your eyes and throw the ball SOMEWHERE at SOME speed.  You'll be successful oh I don't know HALF THE TIME.  That sort of thing.  Not a very good pitching coach.  If the hitter is successful half the time at Each Pitch he's doing way way better than hitters are supposed to do under normal circumstances.  So you're saying I shouldn't be a pitching coach.  Just be a hitting coach.  Got ya.  What else is going on and crap.  Halfway into Jurassic Park II: The Lost World: The Major Motion Picture Enterprise Experience.  Good stuff!  You can argue its a more fun movie than Jurassic Park I!  We get to see STEGOSAURUS in this movie.  They're one of the tops dinosaur!  Below triceratops!  In name value they are the main dinosaur with tops in their name.  Per my understanding!  Hmm here's a good research idea best dinosaurs no one knows about.  Well if no one knew about them what exactly would be coming up in my research.  NO that RESEARCHERS know about but the layman doesn't.  Lmlturq.  NO.  I typed in BEST DINOSAURS into Google and realized quickly I DON'T CARE.
Anyway.  What else is going on.  Maybe do another round of cleaning after upcoming walk after upcoming Finishing This Current act.  Up to 2nd of two Still Alive Albums by Biggie.  It's Okay!  I feel like I'm 40% appreciating it and 30% getting what I'm supposed to get out of it!  Which doesn't sound like a lot but it's WAY more than the 0% appreciating it and 0% getting what I was supposed to get out of it before!  Hmm is it possible I WAS appreciating it and Getting What I Was Supposed To Get Out Of It before listening to it?  No.  Contradiction!  I might have THOUGHT I appreciated it &/V got what I was supposed to get out of it but I Had No Idea!  Neither can be done without listening to it, I feel very strongly about this now that I've formed an opinion on the spot! 
     Wonderful.  I can listen to some Jurassic Park II while cleaning bathroom.  I've SEEN the dinosaurs all I need to do is HEAR it and I can PICTURE what's going on.  I've seen this movie roughly 30 times.  That's the best guess I can come up with on such short notice.  Not too conservative, not too liberal.  Hmm which is more conservative and which is more liberal, more or less, in which direction.  Conservative means less and liberal means more, right?  That's my instinct on how works work in this particular instance.  In this case it's probably implied that 30 is POSSIBLY TOO MUCH.  So being conservative would be UNDERestimating so that you Believe Me and it seems More Reasonable.  Liberal is maybe trying to be more accurate but in the process OVERestimating.  Yep seems to check out.  Thirty times.  I dunno now that I think about it.  Maybe THIRTY FIVE, FORTY times.  This is a tough one.  I'll keep you updated on this situation as it progresses.




I'm Gonna Do It

    Hey!  Took a solid 45 minutes after walk #2 to clean bathroom and I'm 95% done!  Bathtub ain't done, but that's by design!  Don't wanna mess with it!  Gotta spit shine some fine tuning, going twice more over each surface, but figure I'll save that for Day Before People Enter Bathroom!  Pretty much done for now!  WOW WONDERFUL.  Now I can FINALLY move on with my life to more matters befitting The Kind Of Guy I Am: The Kind of Guy Who Avoids Doing Work.  What kinda matter DO befit me then.  You know Trivial Matters.  Matters that don't matter.  Those sorts of things!  Anyway in Tales From The Crypt measurements, the final session of Cleaning was about one and four fifths episodes.  Good ones, too!  I enjoyed half listening to them.  I'll do it again!
     Cool!  Was even able to scrape off almost all of Gum and/or assorted other semi-solids STUCK to floor (No Shit).  No shit!  It's TRUE (No shit!) that there was No Shit (excrement).  As far as I Can tell.  Which I didn't really register at the time as a Good Thing because why would I even consider there's shit in the first place.  But thinking back I easily could have had a part where I Was like oh shit THIS IS SHIT.  Never happened!  What a great experience is the point.  HEY what else is going on.  Halfway into Notorious BI. G.  Some of these songs I am getting what I'm supposed to get out of!  On the whole I could be doing better but here and there I'm appreciating it.  Got Fried Calamari for lunch.  Gonna get Chipotle for dinner.  Didn't necessarily need to Italicize Chipotle.
I bet Biggie would have liked Chipotle.  He likes food in general one can assume so why not.  Maybe he hates food and his unfortunate weight problem is glandular.  He eats 1200 calories a day.  That could be the case.  Either way what else is going on.  Honest question-- is the Rap Coast Wars still going on and if so should it effect my listening?  And also if it is still going on gotta imagine other regions are like WE'RE PART OF LOCATION BATTLE TOO like the Dirty Dirty South for instance.  Either way I DO like East Coast rappers more than West Coast ON AVERAGE and we can draw several conclusions based on that but hey what can I say that's just the way the cookie crumbles.  Don't like the band Bayside, so you KNOW I'm not just in favor of Musical Acts because they're near where I live.  I do like the band Bayside.  That's the, "Dirty Little Secret," of the last month of my life.  I don't like it!  Really!  I can tolerate it That's All!
     Anyway.  America qualified for Baseball Olympics Event.  Wow!  Seems kind of dumb having baseball in the Olympics.  Weird byzantine clunky relatively unathletic game.  Look, baseball is my favorite sport.  Either as spectator or God Forbid if I have to play a sport.  But even I can recognize this doesn't belong in Olympics.  Olympics is for INTUITIVE SIMPLE ATHLETIC UNIVERSAL sport competitions.  I dunno why I feel the way I do.  But I do!  I dunno if I had to play a sport maybe KICKBALL if that's an option.  Can't go wrong with Kick Ball!  Unless you miss the ball while trying to kick it!  Then not only are you striking out but you look like a fool in the process.  How hard is it to kick a ball rolling at a slow-to slowly moderate speed at you.  You miss that ball you're either the least foot-eye coordination blessed person possible OR you're over thinking things!  Slow down.  Let The Ball COME TO YOU.  Now I'm hitting coach for Kick Ball.  Kicking coach.  That sort of thing.
  Do a Kick Bunt for base hit.  They're unprepared for that!  Get on first then someone can drive you in with a double.  Lets move on with our lives.  Is it just me or does it seem harder to play tee ball than baseball with a pitcher trying to help you hit it.  THIS FUCKIN TEE IS MESSING WITH MY MIND.  I can't concentrate!  I can't get a good SWING ANGLE the tee is in my way.  This is just me trying to justify True Memories I Have of being unsuccessful in Tee Ball.  IT'S NOT ME IT'S THE DAMN TEE HOW IS ANYBODY SUPPOSED TO HIT WITH THIS THING IN THE WAY.  How old was I at the time?  Gotta figure 6 or 7.  By 8 I was probably in Regular Baseball League, right?  LMLTURQ.  HMM INTERNET DOESN'T SAY HOW OLD I WAS WHEN I WAS IN TEE BALL.  I thought I could google League I Was In, maybe they'd have web page, and they'd say what age they have for t-ball.  They're not on the internet!  Maybe they don't exist anymore!  Maybe they NEVER existed.  Uh oh I don't like the sound of that.
Last paragraph of the act!  I HAVE THE ENTIRE HEART OF THE METS BATTING ORDER TODAY ON MY FANTASY BASEBALL TEAM.  We're talkin Pete Alonso hitting 3rd.  Dominic Smith hitting 4th.  James McCann hitting 5th.  Hmm.  Thought that would be interesting for some reason.  SORRY.  What else is going on and crap.  I think FOR THE MOST PART rappers are getting along these days.  Makes sense!  They should TEAM UP against NON RAPPERS.  Pool their talents and resources rather than beef with one another!  SURE THERE'S ALWAYS GONNA BE BEEFS.  That's just the nature of the business!  I have no idea what I'm talking about.  Hey the Act is almost over.  Probably do another 20-30 minutes of cleaning up bathroom today . I can go over the floor and some other random surfaces once more for good measure.  I like the sound of that!  Sounds fun!  Finally making myself useful is the point.  I'll be back in a bit!




Do What Exactly

    Hey!  Partially unclogged the drain!  We're talkin it's still clogged by a long shot but it is going down!  Totally down over the course of an hour or so.  Still gotta get it professionally unclogged and need to get wall professionally... replaced?  but all in all I'm in a better place than I was 24 hours ago.  It's called MY ROOM.  24 hours ago exactly I might have been in My Bathroom which IS A PRETTY SHITTY PLACE.  Not literally shitty-- we've covered that!  But all in all you don't wanna be in there even now after cleansing Having delicious Calamari right now.  Going to have delicious Chipotle in Oh I Don't Know five hours?  Gonna have delicious spending half an hour cleaning bathroom more later.  Then tomorrow clean tub (Deliciously).
     Cool!  I have an entire half an hour more of Jurassic Park II to watch.  Also apparently Jurassic Park II is only a bit over 2 hours long.  In my mind I was thinkin this is a BIG HEARTY MOVIE probably around 2 hours 35 minutes.  I might be confusing it with Godzilla: The Sort Of Fake Dinosaur Movie That Came Out Around Then And Per My Recollection WAS Like Three Hours I Better Look That Up Right Quick.  RUNNING TIME 139 MINUTES?  THAT'S TOO SHORT TOO.  I guess the moral of the story is I am bad at estimating how long relatively long movies are especially when I was younger in the late 1990's and with Dinosaur Type Antagonists.  Dinosaurs are innocent.  It's MAN who is the antagonist.  Hmm that may or may not check out I have no desire to Think Right Now lets just finish this.
    If velociraptor are so smart do they KNOW they're the bad guys.
  Probably not.  They're hungry and want to harass someone!  That's what People are for!  It's Peoples' fault for being around in the wrong place at the wrong time.  The Wrong Place is A Jurassic Park.  The Wrong Time is ANY TIME.  Cool.  Water is just about down in bathtub but man oh man is the leftover semi-solid disgusting.  Sewer Water!  COULD be elements of shit in that water.  Gotta imagine actual sewer water bubbled up into bathtub.  You don't have to imagine it.  I was imagining it.  I could easily be wrong, though.  The good news is I Never Shat In The Shower Myself Per My Understanding.  Gotta bump up cleaning bathtub to Tonight.  I can do that!  There's EIGHTY Tales From The Crypts I can choose from to entertain my ear drums.  Sounds about right.
Last paragraph!  Finishing Biggie album on upcoming walk.  Need to have another album waiting in the wings for listenitude!  HMM.  A Tribe Called Quest looks good!  They're East Coast which I Prefer and also I've Heard Of Them Before!  In positive contexts!  Pretty often!  Now I gotta figure out where to start Discographywise.  HMM maybe start out chronologicallywise.  That seems to be the way to go based on my limited research.  Got some ideas for next Show To Bingewatch.  Big Love.  DEADWOOD.  Six Feet Under.  BREAKING BAD.  Oz.  THE WIRE.  PATRIOTISM CALENDAR.  Ugh.  I'll be back tomorrow.

-4:27 P.M.





Saturday, June 5, 2021

What Does It Look Like

    Hey!  Today is another day.  Compared to Other Days.  What's going on in the wide world of what I'm watching on TV.  Finished The The Conjuring.  Finished The John Adamses.  Five minutes left to Jurassic Park I: The Jurassic Park Begins.  Yep that covers just about everything.  Very warm outside!  Only have one clean shirt!  Relatively heavy button down shirt!  I feel like I'm doing the Right thing by wearing uncomfortable clean shirt over comfortable unclean shirt.  BESIDES I've worn unclean shirts every day for the past week.  Time to mix it up!  What's going on in the wide world of music I'm listening to.  Back around to 2Pac.  Fascinating.
Now its time for the REAL entry to begin.  Have you heard the good news about what's the deal with Oh I Don't Know LUNCH?  Maybe get Chipotle!  Maybe have Kids Chicken Parm Meal.  I feel like it's the Right, Adult thing to eat the Kids Meal because I have to eat it at some point.  I don't have to eat Chipotle at any point.  That's totally at my discretion!  I dunno was pretty uncomfortable during walk.  Maybe put on unclean shirt for rest of the day.  GREAT I just BLEW this entire clean shirt experience for less than an hoursworth of Wearitude.  Not very Right thing to do.  Not very Adult!  Oh well I let myself down and I let my family down but there's nothing to be done now.  Can only go forward!  Maybe side to side a little bit!  Can't stay in the same place and CERTAINLY can't go up or down! 
     Cool!  John Adams had one more episode than I thought it had!  WOW!  I bet John Adams was happy about that.  Imagine if you went through your whole like All You Were Gonna Get was Six Episodes and then it turns out you get Seven Episodes.  Wow!  What a wonderful turn of events!  I dunno he gets pretty old and he doesn't seem to be enjoying it one bit.  Yeah but that's for DRAMATIC LICENSE.  In REAL LIFE John Adams LOVED being 90 and I'm basing this on absolutely nothing but still I feel like there's a solid 10% chance it could be relatively accurate!  Not 100% sure how John Adams son got to be president.  Even John Adams Original must have been an after thought by the time he was president. Oh yeah that guy was around for revolution rings a bell lets go with him for president.  By the time his son was around WHO CARES.  John Adams wasn't that a president I don't have all the details in front of me let's make his son president for some reason.  Hmm. I would have been a Real Interesting History Teacher. 
     Anyway.  Halfway through Act I!  There are still John Adamses going today!  Go figure!  I wonder if there are any tortoises alive on Galapagos Island that were around for the American Revolution.  What stories they must be able to tell.  I dunno about that.  Moving on!  I really don't know if I should continue showering.  I'd say it's OVER 50% chance I'm exposing myself to germs more by standing in sewer water than I'm subtracting germs for rest of my body.  Also IT SMELLS IN THERE.  I don't like it!  I don't get it though why is the drain clogged.  What is it stupid or something.  Just don't be clogged!  Let water go down the drain normally.  It's not hard.  This is easy!  Man is my drain stupid or something just my luck.  Do your job!  That's all I'm saying!  Do your job!  I dunno about that.
What else is going on and crap.  Maybe I'm A target audience for Tupac and Biggie!  They wouldn't MIND me liking them is my impression.  They'd welcome it!  Sounds like Target Audience to me That Settles That.  Also somewhere along the way me being a target audience went from People with Me Qualities being the target audience to just being ME, THE SPECIFIC PERSON I AM, NO ONE ELSE being the target audience.  Seems to check out.  Certainly one way to think about consuming music.  Not the best way.  But it ranks as one out of many, many ways!  You can do it, too!  Go for it.  Anyway what was I talking about.  Man my next walk is gonna be enjoyable because it won't be too warm BUT I may smell because of dirty t shirt BUT it still smells better than sewer water bathroom experience so it'd be a WELCOME change of pace. 
     Cool!  Hmm.  I CAN take a bucket and dump bathtub water into sink &/V toilet which drains do work.  That way it won't smell as bad.  Not a long term solution at all BUT it helps certain conditions immediately.  GREAT NOW WHERE CAN I GET A BUCKET.  Hmm a 10 gallon hat might do.  GREAT NOW WHERE CAN I GET A TEN GALLON HAT.  Also I feel like at 10 gallons I probably could be taking a bath IN THIS HAT right?  That's how Gallons work!  Hmm the 2Pac album I'm on is called, "Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z."  I WONDER am I the target audience for this or not.  No way of knowing!  Different definitions to that word!  He even had his own BACKRONYM for that word.  Which is a word they used in Wikipedia which I Thought Was GREAT.  The point is Ya never know what his exact implication was!  Maybe ya do!  I choose Not To, though!  Anyway hey the Act is over.  I'll be back in a little bit!





We're In This Together

    JEEZ more problem in Bathroom.  I was leaning on Wall and Tiles Of Wall just collapsed!  The wall bordering Bathtub and Outside.  Tiled wall!  Six tiles came off just like that!  Probably due to being weakened by mold */V mildew!  So its my fault probably for not taking better maintenance.  Hey that's life sometimes bad things happen because of your own gross negligence.  The good news is is FINE I'LL CLEAN THIS SHIT UP STARTING LATER TODAY.  Alright!  Now ya'll see how its done, gonna be an ADULT, here it comes!  Wonderful.  I will start inbetween LUNCH and DINNER.  Probably before or after walk #4.  LETS DO IT GONNA KNOCK THIS CHORE OUT OF THE PARK.  Walked by some kids playing baseball in park today.  Kid at the plate Walked.  Good for him!  He jogged enthusiastically to first base.  Then it left my line of sight unless if I wanted to go out of my way and watch while walking.  I didn't!  Wish him the best of luck.
     Cool.  Changed into an unclean shirt!  That's just how it goes sometimes now.  Gonna eat Kids Meal for lunch today.  Gonna get Bison Burger and Fried Calamari tonight but I dunno which will be, "A," meal for tonight and which will be, "B," meal for tomorrow.  I may leave it up in the air until it's time to prepare food in oven several hours after it arrives!  I'd have Part II of Daily Bathroom Cleaning Chore to think about it.  Wonderful.  Let's aim for doing it completely in two days, back up three days.  Two days is do-able and reasonable!  Three days is less reasonable.  This is time sensitive stuff or one and for two Three Days will make me lazy.  Ahh I can take a break now I'VE GOT THREE DAYS.  It fosters chore negligence, Three Days!  I can't do that!
     YA KNOW WHAT do some cleaning halfway through this act.  After this paragraph!  Gonna set goals.  Clean up surface of sink and corresponding shelves.  Get that done completely!  Now we're talking Adult Progress Chore Mode.  HEY just took an Adult Progress Chore Break.  We're talkin' cleaned the entire SHELF.  That surrounded sink and sticks out over toilet.  For you to put stuff on!  Not an insignificant amount of surface!  Clean Now!  Because I'm a hero!  Yeah!  Puttin' a game plan together, should finish it after tomorrow.  Today do rest of non floor surfaces.  Tomorrow do Floor Surfaces.  Gotta do bathtub as a Part III but can't do that while stagnant water is in there!  MAN ON MAN I'M GONNA DO SINK NEXT.  GONNA BE A BLAST.
    I'm having fun!
  PROGRESS.  It looks better than it did 20 minutes ago.  Thanks to me!  I'm some sort of Heroe I guess and that's welcome news to receive!  Let's celebrate it by doing More Good!  Three paragraphs of GOOD starting now.  Yeah.  Wearin' some GLOVES.  Haven't worn gloves since before Personal Independence Day (PID).  It's fun!  Get into the spirit of manual labor and whatnot.  I wouldn't wanna do it every day but as a once in a while thing I can see the appeal!  No I'm not.  I make an interesting counterpoint.  Dunno what to do about Inside Toilet, though.  That's a whole different kind of cleanining!  I dunno what to do with that.  SOMEONE TELL ME.  Actually SOMEONE DO IT FOR ME.  If you're telling me you're already halfway there to doing it yourself so just go ahead and do it!  I'll transfer Birthday and Chanukah Credits to you.  So, whatever my parents see fit to get, its yours!  You got Bonus Birthday and Chanukah Presents coming to you!
     Anyway.  Take a break after Act II.  Well that goes without saying.  Take a WALKING break after Act II.  Hmm that didn't go without saying, good thing I said it, otherwise we wouldn't know.  Okay.  Maybe clean SINK before Walking Break.  Really get in the spirit of things.  Gonna knock these mini-chores out one by one like its nobody's business.  Wonder when it was my bathroom was last cleaned.  Would have been my Mom.  My guess is either 2 or 3 years ago.  What have I done that went so wrong over 2 or 3 years.  It's so bad I almost have to had PURPOSELY been doing the wrong thing over and over and in a myriad of ways.  Pissing on the floor on purpose!  I don't REMEMBER doing it but maybe I was sleep pissing.  Pissing all over the place.  Pissing in the sink, on the shelf containing the sink, IN THE TOILET, Everywhere!  Gotta imagine most of this is piss, right?  That'd be my first instinct.  Apparently.
     Last paragraph!  Then doin' some Sink Cleansing!  Pissed in the bathtub!  All the time!  Maybe not every time bust most of the times!  When I was cleansing myself.  I didn't just go piss in the bathtub when I had to go at other times.  Maybe I should have, though!  Better the bathtub than the floor.  Bathtub is DESIGNED to accommodate repeated streams of urine.  That's what it's there for!  Presumably!  Why do I have to clean up sink.  Sink is designed for garbage.  You know not PEOPLE garbage but GERMS and stuff.  Garbage substances that may or may not form mold &/v mildew.  That's what sinks are for!  Not sure that checks out completely.  Either way gonna do the chore right now!  I'll be back later after other activities such as Walking Break!





Don't Remind Me

    Hey!  Got lunch going on.  Kids Meal of Chicken Parm and Spiral Helix Pasta.  Tastes okay!  I cooked it well enough.  Anyway cleaned SINK ITSELF.  Now I gotta clean toilet for the rest of the day.  Top of toilet.  Top of toilet tank.  Top of toilet that isn't the top of the toilet but is the top of the toilet.  That's not so bad!  I've already done a solid 50% of what I had to do today today.  Maybe even more!  This chore is just flying by!  Also up to Last Tupac Album I'm Going To Listen To For Now.  Possibly his best album!  It does bring to mind that things could be much worse than having to do several mini-chores cleaning up bathroom.  I could be dead!  And then where would I be!
    Who knows.  Not me!  Have I watched Tupac Films?  Sure!  Not more than 2 or 3 times at most.  I'm not intimately familiar with them!  What movie am I remembering that actually has him in it.  I've seen Juice and Poetic Justice.  Not many times each, though!  The point is in my minds eye I can PICTURE Tupac as well as all the other rappers I've been listening to.  Hmm better look up NAS right quick to see if he looks like he does in my head.  YEP that's what I was thinking of.  I bet NAS never had to clean up his own bathroom.  Well he never would have let it get this bad.  Yep that sounds like NAS to me.  Anyway I just finished my lunch.  Go figure.
Last paragraph that isn't the last paragraph!  What to do with the rest of my day that isn't Meals, Walking, or Cleaning Up Enterprise.  HMM.  I was thinking recently it's been two weeks since I last watched #TalesFromTheCryptSummerSpringtime.  I can get back into that like it was nothin'!  Which is a good thing!  Means little to no resistance or push back or problems.  Just making a good Watching TV Decision without any negative consequences of that decision at all!  Hmm.  Which would be worse-- being somewhat confident I have an impending Rap Death, OR, being in a Jurassic Park DEFINITELY with dinosaurs running amuck INCLUDING velociraptor &/v T-Rexes.  Well I guess it all depends on how sure I am that I Have An Impending Rap Death.  AND how likely it is that Jurassic Park run amuck would result in my death.  I dunno there's more to these scenarios than just Death Probabilities.  For example it's be an interesting thing to be a Rap Star AND it'd be an interesting thing to be In A Jurassic Park when you're not in mortal danger for either of them.  What's going on.  Where am I.  Is this paragraph over yet.
It sure is.  Wonderful.  Any John Adamss out there?  Show me where you're at!  I dunno.  Gotta finish this entry to move on with my Adult Chore Filled Life.  Sweet.  My next immediately upcoming walk is the more PLEASANT walk.  Walks 2 and 4 are around the park.  A couple of minutes shorter, better scenery!  Really get into the groove with 2nd and 4th walks of the day, let me tell you.  Look forward to them all Other Three Walks Long!  Probably gonna finish Final 2Pac Album 2 Me right around end of last walk of day.  Then its onto something new!  Like Oh I Don't Know last Biggie Album?  Wonderful, great, this is good stuff.  I'll be back tomorrow!

-4:50 P.M.





Friday, June 4, 2021

What's On Your Mind

    Hey!  Started listening to That Notorious B. IG.  Look am I glad classic rappers died young?  Of course not!  It's a tragedy!  BUT it does mean I can listen to their entire Regular Discography that much quicker.  They have lots of post-humus albums (Being Not Humus anymore) but generally I can skip over them until I'm doing a Future Deep Dive which I may at some point who knows I can't predict the future.  Good thing, too.  Apparently if you're predicting the future you're often predicting your own death and then you often Do Die.  So if I'm NOT Predicting My Own Death I'm ahead of the game!  Greatly increases the likelihood I'll Live!  That's just Math Statistics, that's all that is.  MAN I can't wait To Continue Living.  It's gonna be a blast!  Anyway.  Kind of weird to hear Classic Rappers make references to Trump and be like Yo I'm like Trump I got money and whatnot.  Because upon further introspection maybe he's not the best role model for people??
Anyway.  Not just Rappers.  Lots of Culture liked Trump.  Little did they know that he wasn't such a great guy.  The signs and concrete evidence were there but culture just didn't wanna hear it!  Anyway I accepted Super Market delivery this morning and all went well.  I got everything I wanted presumably!  Only thing I really registered were Golden Oreos (they're golden because vanilla cookie is YELLOWISH GREY LIKE GOLD).  That's the main thing I wanted though so its all good.  SURE did I think hmm better have 2 of these RIGHT NOW.  But DID I?  I don't THINK so.  Depends on our definition of RIGHT NOW is, though.  Good chance I'll snack on them with 1 or 2 later in the day.  Later in the day, in the grand scheme of things, is pretty much A Right Now! 
     Yeah!  I don't know the order of the meals I have set out for today will be!  I don't know lots of things!  This is a pretty good example of one of the things I don't know!  Anyway I fiddled around with Bathtub Drain and I fixed it a solid 15%.  Now its going down very slowly as opposed to not at all!  I dunno what to do about it, though.  It's not ideal to get a plumber because of my Mounds Of Mold all over the bathroom.  He'd be judging me pretty explicitly!  Not even implicitly.  He's going to vocalize his judgment.  WHAT THE HELL IS THIS he might say.  WHOSE RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS AND HOW CAN I REGISTER MY DISAPPOINTMENT he might say.  Then I'd have to own up for it and he might say II SHOULD HAVE KNOWN YOU LOOK LIKE A DISGUSTING ASSHOLE.  And then he fixes the drain but my self esteem would never be the same.  Maybe I can get him to clean up mold.  I feel like if I gave a plumber 10 thousand dollars to clean up Mold more often than not the plumber will take the deal.  He needs the money he's a plumber!
I dunno about that.  For some reason I feel like plumber has the stench of Common Job which isn't highly paid.  In my experience though they must be doing really good.  They can charge whatever they want!  We're completely at their disposal.  It's not GLAMOROUS maybe that's what I'm touching on.  I feel like one of the Honeymooners was a plumber.  Either The Honeymooner or The Honeymooner's Friend.  Friend, I think.  He worked in a sewer.  Is that the same as plumber.  Better LTURQ.  I dunno.  That's a hilarious job, though, well done HoneyMooners.  Only thing funnier than working in the sewers is living in the sewers.  Hmm better LTURQ in real life do people live in sewers.  Not really.  Maybe here and there.  But that's not reliable info!  YES I know there's lots of fiction of people living and working in sewers.  That's not what I'm here to talk about, though.  I'm talking about REAL LIFE.  These are the REAL issues facing homeless people.  SHOULD they live in the sewer or not.  I DON'T KNOW I don't have all the answers.
     Ugh.  I've NEVER had the instinct when writing lyrics to speculate Dying Young.  NEVER.  So I guess it's just not gonna happen!  Still could happen just less likely.  That's MATH.  Statistics.  ALGEBRA.  Algebra is my favorite math.  Simple, easy, intuitive, useful.  It's all good when it comes to algebra.  Unless your Enemy is using Calculus.  Sure I guess but that's his deal.  I'm here using algebra I don't care about any enemies.  Sure they'd be more successful in World And Life using calculus than me using algebra but that's just not my problem is it???  Sure makes sense to me.  What kind of work is to be done in the sewer.  Hmm overflowing with sewer sewage.  Better walk around it a bit.  Shake my head in disappointment thinking There Should Be Less Sewage Than This And Also It Should Be Higher Quality Sewage. 
     Anyway.  Last paragraph of Act I!  If they didn't want people to live in the sewer they shouldn't have made it so glamorous!  I dunno about that one.  Jeez.  I think when I was a kid I didn't appreciate classic rappers because I thought oh well they're Doing Rap Well I guess, but that's just what Rap Is, what's so exciting or new or original about that.  And now I realize yes That's Just What Rap Is because They Did It Just Then.  While I Weren't Paying Attention That's What They Did.  Also I probably wasn't predisposed to like gangster rap when I was seven years old but that's another point for another paragraph.  Not really.  I just made the point in this paragraph.  And it was a very appropriate time to make the point based on the rest of the paragraph up to that point.  Hey great that checks out all well and good I guess.  I'll be back for more in a little bit!





Hold That Thought

    Told my parents about Bathroom Bathtub Drain Clog.  All out in the open now!  Broached the subject of combining all my accumulated birthday and Chanukah gifts I haven't used in recent years o Pay Someone To Clean Up My Bathroom.  It's the perfect gift-- me not having to do work!  I feel like they weren't receptive to that BUT there was some room left open where I can pressure them to accept that deal over time.  I feel like it's a Square Deal!  That's where they got that phrase from a hundred years ago!  Predicting me having to clean my bathroom either by manual labor (doing it myself) or automatic labor ( automatons doing the labor for me)  Square.  Box.  Think outside the box.  Where'd that phrase come from.  I wasn't even thinking of A BOX AT ALL until you brought it up.  Now you're telling me to think outside the box?  You're the one who brought up this box!  Now you have a problem with it for some reason?  LEAVE ME OUT OF IT.
Cool.  Got some John Adams stored up.  Jurassic Parks.  The Conjuring Film: The Conjuring Film.  Not sure why I did that, ":."  Try working a Square Deal into a Circle Hole.  You can't do it!  Sure you can if the square is smaller than the circle.  We can assume 50% of the time that's the case.  Hmm I make an interesting point.  MORE OFTEN THAN NOT (now it's over 50% for some reason!) you CAN fit a square into a circle hole.  You heard it here first!  I saw the Cleveland Indians are changing their Team Name.  I dunno why.  They DO live in Cleveland.  It's totally accurate to use the word Cleveland in their name.  What do I know, though, I'm just some idiot.  Anyway.  Gotta imagine the American Indians native to Cleveland are the Cuyahoga tribe memorialized in the Cuyahoga river.  That is a real river.  Did I get it right on first shot?  No but I got the spirit of it.  Anyway not a Tribe of Indian.  Better LTURQ what tribe is Cleveland All About.  The Erie People.  Of Lake Erie Fame.  Go figure.  SEE? LEAVE LAND.
     SEA?  LEAVE LAND.  That makes even more sense.  HEY THERE'S SOME SEA.  Let's leave land!  Going to the sea is gonna be a blast and a half.  Has there ever been a people on Earth that just lives on boats.  As their main residence.  No going back and forth places, or even spending extended times on boats.  Just living on boats year in year out.  My guess is probably not but maybe that's something we can aspire towards.  I feel like that's a thing in Fear Some Walking Dead.  NO way that can backfire if zombies get on board somehow!  It's not like you'd be trapped completely!  No risk there!  I've got a BIG problem with Shipboaters in Zombie World.  Not as big a problem as THEY HAVE, though!  I wish them the best of luck they're gonna need it.  Hmm. I know people live on boats that are DOCKED.  On house boats.  But they spend most of their time On Land.  I mean people who live On Boat Out At Sea and spend All Time On Boat (Or neighbor boats).  What about people who work on cruise ships.  I dunno.  I feel like in general they probably spend a few months at sea, a few months at land.  But maybe there are some that Live On Boat.  Great just great Look At All We Accomplished With This Paragraph.
Anyway.  What else is going on.  I'd live on a hot air balloon.  Especially if I had no choice.  Hmm.  Just took a shower.  Before this paragraph started.  It was okay!  Spent a little bit of extra time soaping up my feet because they've been standing in sewer water 5 minutes a day for the last week.  Gotta imagine that's gonna come back to haunt me soon.  Yep that's accurate.  Something bad may come of that.  Oh well such is life.  I can do without my feet.  Get some mechanical feet.  Maybe that's even a better scenario than just regular feet.  I dunno I guess it depends on the quality of the mechanical feet!  Not only is it a great birthday present  to remove mold from bathroom and make it sparkling clean, but I can also get my jollies watching someone forced to work in substandard conditions.  Very demeaning for them and they're risking their own health.  They probably have a family who depends on them to do this.  They'd wish they were anywhere but here.  MMM.
I'm not into that at all! But I'm just saying IF I WERE it would just it a Doubly Good Graduation Present.  I've graduated several times.  Gotta imagine I'm owed a present for at least one of them!  Anyway I'm between albums at the moment.  Still got Regular Life Album #2 of Notorious BIG.  Figure I'll work backwards through Tupac's discography to listen to his first two Still Alive Albums.  Maybe incorporate some Non Rap to balance out the days!  That sounds great just great.  Cleveland.  THE LAND OF CLEAVE.  Gotta imagine that's some sort of topography reference.  The land is named after some guy named Cleaveland.  True story!  As far as I know.  Google could easily be lying to me it has no inherent motive to tell the truth.  Only inherent motive it has is keep me on Google longer.  And if lying about Cleveland's Name Origins does that then that's just what they'll do!  I'm onto them.
     Hey last paragraph of Act II!
  Wow today is just flying by ain't it.  First step is Several Birthday Presents Person To Clean Bathroom.  Then there's Graduation Presents Person To Unclog Drain.  Two step process!  I dunno I feel like I'd be happy with either one.  Either one is a huge step up from the conditions I've been living in!  I should be happy if just one of them happens!  Gotta imagine I'd rather have Bathroom Clean.  I can deal with some Sewer Water corrupting my Feet if it means REST of Bathroom is relatively clean.  It's not a 100% perfect situation but its an improvement!  I could always just use a bucket to pour out sewer water onto bathroom floor every day after shower.  Then it's an even 50/50 solution.  Huh.  I'll be back in a little bit!





No More Entry

    Hey!  Got lunch going on.  Chickened Pot Pie.  Delicious!  Plus its Hearty.  Which is great because I'm hungry right now.  Yep that's why I'm eating, it all checks out.  Started listening to 2Pac's debut album.  I get the sense listening to classic rappers that I might not be the target audience?  I mean I'm A Target Audience.  But not THE.  Maybe a secondary or tertiary Target Audience.  Which is still pretty good!  It's an honor just to be nominated as a possible target audience, that's how I feel.  I'm not the target audience of ANY music.  Secondary or tertiary, maybe.  Yep that seems to check out.  Gotta imagine there's one band out there that went along under the premise other people are all well and good but This Is Specifically For Michael.  Gotta imagine TWO bands out there did that.  Three!  I guess.
I'm glad I'm not Target Audience.  It would be wasted on me!  Maybe its just me but I feel far and away the most common target audience for anything is Yourself.  Either that or MALES 18 TO 34.  Because of Money Reasons.  Target audience can be for Money Reasons or for Artistic Reasons in which case You Like The Same Kind Of Art You Like So It's For Yourself.  Not ALL the time just as a general rule.  Nice chicken pot pie I got going on.  Heavy on the chicken and potato and light on the peas and corn.  Just what I like!  Anyway I'm watching The The Conjuring movie.  So far, great, I dunno what do I expect.  Anyway a Scary Haunted Thing happened to me last night!  I was playing guitar on my amplifier and then SUDDENLY with NO PROVOCATION the Setting on the amp changed.  Electronical, not manual knob.  Went from one Preset to another and then another and then back to the first other.  Then it stopped!  GOD DAMN IT DEMON WHY HAVE YOU CHOSEN ME TO TORMENT.
Yep that checks out.  HMM maybe it was an Angel and they were like hey try this guitar preset it's more You.  AWESOME being haunted by angels!  HOW SWEET IT IS.  Gonna put my feet up and relax.  ANGELS GONNA TAKE CARE OF ME.  That's how angels work, right?  They do all your manual labor for you.  Gotta get some angels working on my bathroom that's step one AND two.  Anyway got steak dinner part II for dinner tonight.  Looking forward to meals tomorrow!  It could be anything!  Why would angels consciously scare me.  Maybe they thought in the long term its more important I find a Preset That Works For Me than it is that I'm momentarily spooked!  Angels gotta make tough decisions I don't envy them.
Last paragraph!  Maybe it was neither angel or demon.  Yeah C'mon What are the odds of that???  Everything is either Angel or Demon.  Common knowledge!  Anyway only a pound or two above being only halfway overweight.  I lose another 2 pounds or so?  Right in the middle between Just Overweight and Just Obese.  HALFWAY OVERWEIGHT.  You know what that means!  I JUST TOLD YOU, YOU CAN'T HAVE FORGOTTEN ALREADY!  Wonderful.  Gonna finish Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It when this paragraph is over.  It's a GOOD MOVIE because it has CAMERAWORK and ACTING.  Also for some reason I just assume the entire movie is in Long Island.  It's 90% because of Amityville Movies (which are also part of this universe) but it's also 10% it just SEEMS like this would be in Long Island REGARDLESS.  Anyway I'll be back tomorrow!

-4:17 P.M.






Thursday, June 3, 2021

This Is Going To Hurt Me More Than It Hurts You

    Which is pretty negligible because This isn't hurting me or you very much at all.  All in all a relatively painless experience!  That's my assumption, at least.  If this hurt you you'd probably stop reading it, right?  That's what I would do!  Just checked Mayoral Polls.  The top two aren't even on my radar!  Which means they're not good!  Someone would have put them onto my radar if they were any good!  Hmm if they were terrible maybe they'd be on my radar for that.  Nope!  Terrible Is The Generic Standard!  Being Terrible doesn't show up on Intelligence Radar at all!  Anyway, I saw endocrinologist, and I'm healthy and all but my main take away is I'm down 12 pounds from 3 months ago!  THAT'LL SHOW 'EM, THAT'LL SHOW ALL OF 'EM.  Also apparently my Levels are okay AS OF NOW.  Blood work hasn't been processed yet. So my levels are okay based on what.  Based on my assumption!  Why is that an update.  Hadn't made any assumptions until today, this morning!  Hadn't occurred to me to do it!  Ah okay that all checks out.
Apparently John Adams recently became the first Vice President in America History!  Wow!  Now we're talking Founding Father!  Possibly the first Vice President in WORLD HISTORY.  Man oh man what a Founding Father Of EARTH. 
Thinking about getting delicious Ben's Deli tonight.  We're talkin' delicious Steak over two meals and delicious Chickened Pot Pie over one meals and That's It No More Meals Isn't That Enough?  Anyway.  I made some progress into THE JURASSIC PARK and its fun as ever.  I'm up to the point where the kids show up!  AH KIDS!  What great kids.  Except for the girl.  Kind of a nerd!  The boy is a nerd, too!  But he's a DINOSAUR nerd.  Which in this movie is a plus socially.  Girl is a COMPUTER nerd.  That never comes up or helps anybody in any way throughout the entire movie.  See the movie yourself if you don't believe me!
    I think its too much of a coincidence that there's a kid whose a huge dinosaur nerd AND his grandfather brings dinosaurs back to life.  I know kids love dinosaurs, presumably even more in the 80's for some reason, but few read BOOKS about it and know DINOSAUR THEORY.  Maybe he got turned onto it from his Grandpa Doing Dinosaur things but I don't buy that either.  Grandpa is LAME in little boy life.  If anything that'd make him want NOTHING TO DO with dinosaurs.  The point is This Movie Makes A Lot Of Sense but not in terms of relatives being enthusiastic about dinosaurs separately but equally.  Hmm.  At The Jurassic Park, did they ever consider Just Doing Herbivores?  Look, I know the more vicious the dinosaur the cooler it is-- no arguing that.  But if you just had a bunch of brontosauruses NO RISK AT ALL.  You might get stomped and die that way but other than that It's All Upside!  If all you had was herbivores who would eat them.  Why do they need to be eaten.  Because that's how Jurassic Park Works.  Also they'd eat up all the plants!  Suddenly you have a much higher demand for Plant Food and you've got to accommodate that AND QUICK.
     Have two Jurassic Parks.  Regular Jurassic Park for thrill seekers, and a Jurassic Park Lite with just lame animals for Kids and People Of Delicate Sensibilities.  That's one way to go!  Also every year they have to play each other in Softball.  That's one way to go, too, I guess.  What else is going on and crap.  Toronto Raptors.  What's that all about  You know because Toronto is Famous for It's Jurassic Parks.  Better LTURQ, something sounds wrong about that.  Anyway.  Wikipedia credits Jurassic Park as inspiring the name Raptors, which makes sense, it's a cool dinosaur and a cool name, but there's absolutely zero discussion on WHY TORONTO.  I guess because They Were The First To Think Of It.  First come, first serve!  Makes sense I guess.  Good for them.  I wish them all the luck in the world.  Well, maybe like 2%.  That's still a shit load of luck for One Sports Team.  Too much luck!   With that kind of luck they're gonna win the NBA Championships year in and year out.  Hmm.  Great.
Wonderful!  TWELVE POUNDS?  How many 10 gallon hats is that.  I was about to crunch the numbers In Real Life but then I thought Why.  Which is a POWERFUL counter-argument.  Anyway very exciting thing I'm getting from Super Market Delivery tomorrow Why It's Only Vanilla Cookie Part Flavor Oreos.  I dunno why I haven't thought of this sooner!  I enjoyed those kinds of cookies in the past.  Where there's cream in the middle but the cookie part isn't chocolate.  I dunno what's the point.  Chocolate in general is better than No Chocolate so why get complicated with it.  Because in this case Vanilla (is it Vanilla or is it Just Generic?) is better in my opinion hands down no discussion that's just the way it is sometimes for this upcoming week at least presumably.  Yep that seems to check out.  Also I can count on my Dad to help me finish them because he can't taste anything in the first place!  He won't notice a difference at all!
     Last paragraph of Act I!  I feel like Toronto might be known for paleontology for some reason no one is really sure of.  Either a site for digs or maybe a famous Dinosaur Museum.  Nothing is coming up in my research but I still fill like this would be a good explanation if it were accurate.  Anyway.  I feel like the target audience for Double Stuffed Oreos are Dumb People.  People who are like Well I like Oreos presumably I'd like MORE OREOS.  This offers me that opportunity.  Have they considered just eating more Regular Oreos at a time?  I dunno about this.  I think people DO think I'd like more of JUST THE CREAM in Oreos.  In which case They Are Still Dumb because WRONG IT'S A PERFECT PROPORTION THEY'VE DONE STUDIES AND TESTS.  Just eat three regular Oreos if you wanted two double stuffed ones.  Easy.  EASY!  Don't be a Dumb is the point I'm trying to make.




My Amusement Is Paramount

    Hey!  What's up!  Took a shower before starting Act II.  I felt all dirty inside!  Sure I guess.  Down to only 1 more Regular Nas Album.  It's been Real!  I feel like now its time to go to another Classic Rapper Discography.  Why not Tupac.  I listened to one of his albums already and it was pleasant.  Not sure that's the right word.  I enjoyed the experience!  Not sure that's the right takeaway either.  It was good!  That's inarguable fine I'm okay with that takeaway impression.  Anyway I had a delicious Fiber One: It's Like A Fake Candy Bar experience.  No Fake Brownie or Fake Cookie here.  Fake Candy Bar!  And  it was a pleasant experience which I enjoyed.  Fine that's a Fine way to discuss fake candy bars.  Great, glad we got all that settled!
     Anyway I think I've mentioned the drain in Bathtub is clogged and water has been accumulated for days.  Here's a new wrinkle IT'S STARTING TO REALLY SMELL.  That's no good!  Something should be done!  I'd like to get around to it at some point!  I'm showering IN SEWER WATER.  It's up to my ankles!  Who knows what kind of diseases my feets are getting.  Also the smell is powerful!  Even in my room I can smell it!  Not a great situation!  Really gotta take a look at what's going on with the drain.  Today!  No more putting it off!  Anyway got some Hunger going on right now.  Presumably because of reasons.  I've been pretty good during diet with not being too hungry in between meals &/v snacks and also having what hunger I had satiated after eating!  I think I got too excited with a Nice Round Number 12 Pounds Lost and now my body is like actually YEAH I CAN EAT.  Dumb body!
     Cool.  Gonna have delicious Frozen Spinach and Artichoke Hearts Pizza in about an hour and a half.  That'll show my body whose boss.  Pizza!  Maybe it was watching Tyrannosaurs Rex stalk his pray: The Lawyer.  He gonna have himself a snack why shouldn't I?  Also eating humans seems kind of beneath a T Rex.  How satisfying can one person really be?  It's like one of us eating a chicken finger.  Not gonna make much of a dent in our hunger!  Well what is T Rex SUPPOSED to eat.  I don't know Brontosaurus.  They're big!  A whole gang of T Rex can enjoy a Brontosaurus!  Hmm dinosaur probably taste real good.  I feel like I've done that bit before.  Wonder what Dinosaur would taste like.  I may be remembering me doing a bit of ya know I DO wonder what human tastes like I bet it'd be interesting.  Which is equally worthwhile, I guess.  Maybe moreso!  Either way who knows not me. 
I crunched the numbers and 12 pounds lost is just about almost 200 ounces.  That's A LOT OF ounces just GONE.  200 roughly!  I don't believe it.  Why is 200 a number.  Featured in a Ben Folds Song Title.  200 dollars for passing Go.  200 is a very good score in Bowling.  All Good Reasons for Why 200 Is A Number.  Except for the Bowling one.  That one was kinda dumb.  Not 100% happy about the Ben Folds Song Title.  Passing Go, though, Yes, that's a relevant point to be made.  What about the start of millennium.  I dunno for a solid TEN YEARS it was pretty big but that's long gone now!  Been 12 years since it was a thing more or less!  I've done ALL this T Rex talk before.  Humans can't be satisfying for them included!  I don't think I've done The Jurassic Park Lite before.  Ya know what I could have easily done it before.  YEAH but THIS TIME it's BETTER for some reason no one is really sure of. Just more appropriate time to make these think-em-ups.  The People are READY for it now whereas they weren't 2 years ago.
     Cool!  The Mets are CRUSHING it in the National League East Division.  These other teams are way behind!  I think it would be wise if they stop the season now and the Mets advance to the post season thusly.  It would be good strategy for The Mets to do it.  Why can't they hire someone like me for Strategy.  Anyway.  IT'S MONEYBALL you wouldn't understand.  I feel like if I ever to get a job it may very well be in the Field Of Strategy.  Could be!  I dunno!  Just as likely as the next thing I suppose!  Hey I'm not really hungry anymore.  WELL WELL WELL now who looks like a genius for eating Fake Candy Bar!  Me, that's why!  I don't get how in Monopoly before you can build a hotel, you build a house first, then you get to build 2 houses, and so on.  In real life is there ever a thing where its like WE WANT TO BUILD A HOTEL ON THIS PROPERTY.  We're gonna have to build a house first, THEN TWO HOUSES, but EVENTUALLY...  Worthwhile joke.  Worth.  While!  If only I fine tuned it.  Whose got the time!
     Last paragraph of Act II!  Why are you building hotels on Baltic Avenue.  Who the hell is going to VISIT Baltic Avenue.  I can see people being forced to live in the ghettos of Baltic Avenue.  It's a sad fact of life.  But I dunno whose going there for vacation!  HMM it is VERY CLOSE TO BOARDWALK MAYBE THAT'S WHY.  That's one argument.  You can say it's very close to it, or you can say it's the furthest away possible!  Depends on your interpretation of Game Board.  Also why are tycoons constantly spending time in Other Tycoon's houses and hotels.  Railroads, I can understand.  Everyone need to use railroad!  I dunno I can go on forever about this.  I choose not to, though!  Wanna take a walk now!  I'll be back in a little bit.




I Don't Know Either

    Hey!  Got lunch going on.  Halfway point through the day!  That's what I've been led to believe.  Got some Jurassic Park in my immediate future.  Are dinosaurs from Other Periods Than Jurassic allowed in Jurassic Park?  I feel like the answer is Definitely Yes There Are Concrete Examples.  Doesn't seem right, though!  Also they're all like oh no dinosaurs have been thrown into mix with Human, species separated by millions of years.  Well GUESS WHAT I'm sure a lot of these dinosaurs weren't around at the same time as other dinosaurs.  Easily could be (And DEFINITIVELY ARE PROBABLY) two species separated by millions of years.  Too much thought given to how will dinosaur act with Man and not enough thought given to how Dinosaurs Will Get Along With Each Other.  Also all of this is fiction.  None of this is real.  Not at all.
Not YET.  I can't wait to see what George Washington As President is all about.  My best guess is on the scale of Not Chump To Chump he's solidly actually Not A Chump.  I guess It's Not TV: It's HBO will settle this once and for all!  Also it turns out Benjamin Franklin KIND OF A DICK.  If only we can find records of mosquitoes who sucked the blood of Benjamin Franklin.  We could have an entire Jurassic Park for the Founding Fathers.  Probably even MORE dangerous than Dinosaur Jurassic Park.  They'd try to overthrow Our Current America.  That's Just What They Do!  Maybe it'd be better.  If the founding fathers came back from the dead and tried to overthrow America and start America II HMM THIS IS GONNA BE A TOUGH ONE I THINK I'M LEANING TOWARDS AMERICA II.
I'd need to see the details and everything but that's what I'd lean towards.  Anyway here's an interesting think-em-up-- are the Houston Astros actually formally named The Houston Astronauts?  My guess is no of course no I would be made aware of such a thing.  But it's an interesting think-em-up all the same!  Maybe watch some THE CONJURING movie.  There is a new one coming out tomorrow!  I should get into the mood by watching a previous one!  Or TWO!  That's all, though!  More than two would be a fool's errand!  Maybe watch the one about The Nun.  I forget what it was called.  The poster looks pretty creepy, though!  That's not bad!  Having a creepy poster is about halfway there if you want to have a successful horror movie.  Not measured in terms of Box Office.  Or Video Rentals.  Or Streaming Subscriptions.  Just in terms of Look Did Ya Do A Good Job What With This Horror Movie?  50% having Good Poster!
     Last paragraph!  Wonderful.  Do you know what's good from The Bens Deli is that they have Assorted Cookies.  And I like a solid 80% of the kind of cookies that assorted cookies tend to have.  Raspberry Cookies I can do without!  I don't mind them!  It's better a cookie than no cookie at all!  But all in all I'd prefer some Chocolate or Rainbow or somesuch thing.  Lots of different kinds of chocolate cookies even just within the Assorted Cookies You Get From The Bens Deli.  All good!  No problem with any of them.  Anyway great what a wonderful way to end the entry.  I feel like I accomplished a lot.  It's solidly four or five hours after I first started it.  That's pretty good!  I'll be back tomorrow.

-4:31 P.M.




Wednesday, June 2, 2021

What Am I Up To

    Hey!  Started watching The John Adams TV Programme.  First impression?  Director and main guy behind it IS BRITISH.  According to internet!  Internet is pretty reliable.  I'll tell you what's NOT reliable, is a BRITISH telling the story of America's Beginnings.  I dunno he's doing a pretty rosy picture for America's Beginning.  Still, though, then he's a Traitor to Britain!  And anyone' whose a traitor to Britain ISN'T RELIABLE.  This guy cannot win reliability he's painted himself into a corner!  CORRECTION he's, "British-Australian." ... Now I don't know what to think!  Either way I like the show!  Now I know about history!  My main impression so far is Benjamin Franklin was a PIMP.  Maybe still is!  If anyone figured out how to live to 300 it's Benjamin Franklin!  That guy was (and is?) on the ball! 
    Who was the trendsetter politician who decided ya know what we're not gonna wear these powder white wigs anymore.  It seems like it disappeared over night!  At some point in the 1800's or so ONE GUY was like I'm done with this and then everyone else was like YEAH THIS GUY IS RIGHT!  Good.  Great!  I dunno about you guys but based on this unbiased TV series John Adams might be the father of this country?  The main one, I mean.  This TV show certainly spends more time on him than others!  Case Closed He's The Main Guy!  Anyway, I had Jurassic Park open on a tab and had it on pause to remember to watch for later.  And then every couple of hours it started up by itself.  So out of nowhere I HEAR DINOSAURS and I GET SCARED.  OH NO SOMETHING TERRIBLE HAS HAPPENED I think!  Then I figure it out.  You'd think I'd remember what it is the next time instead of getting scared again.  You'd think so wouldn't you.
     Cool.  So far my favorite part of John Adams TV Programme is when his family gets Small Pox on purpose.  And his little girl is covered in Small Pox.  I'm not HAPPY she has small pox but I think the Special Effects were GREAT I really got a sense man oh man this what Small Pox looks like FASCINATING I'm going to write an entry in my Medical Journal about this experience.  Sure I know what Medical Journals are.  They're diaries where you write about medical experiences you've witnessed on TV.  Anyway.  I had Chicken Pox when I was a kid.  And I beat it!  Wow I must be some sort of Marvel of Modern Science.  Not just ANYBODY beats Chicken Pox as a kid.  Takes a special breed!  Why do we still use pox in Illness Names.  A POX IS UPON US.  In the 21st century!  Doesn't seem right!  Well we gotta ask ourselves, What Would Ben Franklin Say, and Ben Franklin would stick with calling things, "Poxes,"  Case closed!
     Wonderful.  Didn't Ben Franklin invent the Farmer's Almanac.  As far as I'm concerned that's his main thing.  Great.  It was a good thing.  Wonderful.  That settles that.  As far as I'm concerned the REAL greatest thing Ben Franklin did was writing THE ORIGINAL Guinness Book Of World Records.  Compiling it, I mean.  He didn't write it as a piece of fiction.  As far as we know.  Anyway.  New York was the one state that didn't vote for Declaration of Independence or Something by Abstaining.  YES!  GOOD JOB.  I dunno about you but I PERSONALLY am still holding out hope The Crown wants to reconcile our differences and come up with a compromise.  ANY DAY NOW... 
     Wonderful.  Maybe get me some Subway for lunch.  Maybe lots of things.  This is one of the more likelier Maybes, though.  Last time I wanted a Cold Cut Combo they said nope you have to get a full 12 inch to get that.  And I accepted that.  It sounded wrong, but I accepted it!  Now I've thought about it more and done more research and I'm SURE it's wrong.  I'm prepared to have an argument fit about it later today.  What I'm just supposed to eat turkey?  But there's no TURKEY HAM OR TURKEY BOLOGNA TO COMPLIMENT IT.  WHAT AM I AN ANIMAL??!  Just do the exact same thing as making it a 12 inch but do it half as much.  Easy!  Man oh man am I gonna throw a nice Argument Fit.  They won't know what hit 'em!  Also my back up is just Turkey.  I talk a Big Game about Throwing An Argument Fit but when push comes to shove damned if I don't just meekly get a Turkey Sandwich.
     Cool!  Got someone else's Mail Package today.  Brought it over to the right address because I'm A Hero.  Now worried I put it too far in front of their door.  I coulda put it 6 inches closer to their door.  Now it's easy access to from the sidewalk!  This is gonna keep me up at night.  I could adjust it on next walk assuming its still there.  But I can't touch it now.  I'm interfering with their mail at this point.  Even though it was legally mine for 20 minutes.  Possession is 9/10ths of the law.  The other 1/10th is This Other Guy Says It's His.  That's, I guess, exactly 10% Of The Law!  Yep seems to check out.  I went to sleep last night thinking the Mets were going to win. T hey didn't!  I plan on throwing an Argument Fit about it at some point but I dunno who to direct it at.
     Hmm.  Am I to listen to Nas Collaboration Album with Damian Marley.  I already knew one of their collaboration songs even before all this began!  But get this that song isn't even on this album.  If it was I'd definitely listen to the album!  Great song!  Now that I know it's not I dunno about this album at all!  Probably listen to it, right?  That's the safe way to go.  OR I could continue Nas discography chronologically without it but make a PACT with myself to return to it at some point down the road.  Hmm I make an interesting point.  No I don't.  Yeah that's also true.  The Mets LOST?  What The Hell was the point of that game at all, then!  They'd have been better off not playing it at all!  What are they DUMB or something!?!  Anyway hey I'm gonna take a walk now.  I'll be back!




I Have No Idea

    Hey, great!  I listened to Song I Know from The Nas-Damian Marley Connection!  That was it!  That's how music fit into my walk!  I dunno what's next but whatever it is I'm Sure It Will Be Next.  Anyway I got Endocrinologist Appointment tomorrow presumably.  Gonna get all my levels checked out and whatnot.  ESL.  PTG.  XRT.  All the levels.  Keeping a close eye on the XRT, that's been a problem area in the past.  I dunno.  I just had some orange juice blow up in my face.  Was gonna shake up bottle before pouring it because I've been led to believe that's just what you do with orange juice.  Last person (probably me?) didn't put cap on completely.  So orange juice got out of the bottle and onto surfaces where it doesn't belong mainly the floor.  I cleaned it up because I'm Not A Sociopath.  I make a mess I clean it up as quickly and halfheartedly as possible.  That's just the kind of guy I am!
    Either way gonna make this orange juice + water taste all the sweeter knowing what I had to go through to get it ready.  John Adams was the second president, right?  I better LTURQ just to play it safe.  THEN AGAIN maybe that's a Spoiler.  It's for the best I dunno!  Then I'll be surprised along with the rest of 'em!  I am SURE George Washington was the first president.  Very confident.  I dunno if it was a good choice SEEMS LIKE KIND OF A CHUMP TO ME.  I dunno.  Don't kick me out of America!  Kind of pot committed to living here!  I was joking about National Hero George Washington!  He's solidly halfway in the middle on the Chump To Not A Chump Scale!  Chump more like a CHAMP!  Yeah!  Champ more like a CHIMP!  Chimps are monkees!  That's the best animal out there other than Eagles: America's First Animal.  Chimpanzees are apes.  Go figure.  Now I don't know what to make of this entire paragraph!  Almost seems DUMB in retrospect!
     Well I spelled, "Monkey," like the band, "Monkees," by accident.  I guess at some point in my life The Monkees became more of the standard word for Monkey than Monkeys.  Go figure.  Almost seems DUMB in retrospect.  Paul Giammati can do it all!  DRAMA.  COMEDY.  A THIRD THING.  SCI FI.  Gotta imagine he's done some SCI-FI.  I feel like he could have been in one of the Planet Of Them Apes movies.  Better LTURQ.  HAH.  I googled Paul Giammati and Google's first recommended question was Is Paul Giamatti a Nice Guy?  The People Demand Answers!  Anyway SCI FI GIAMATTI let's see.  HAH he was in a Planet Of Them Apes movie.  Wow I remembered something that I knew at some point.  I guess that makes me a genius!  Figure I'll take a break after this paragraph for Shower.  Then write 2nd half of Act II after shower.  Hey it's the end of the paragraph already.  Wonderful!

     Cool!  What else is going on in the wide world of sports.  Mets are playing a game again today!  If they win this one, combined with yesterday, they're a solid .500 over the last two days (speaking at the end of today).  That makes them have a worthwhile 2 days.  They're in 1st so going 50/50 FOR NOW is good enough.  I'm good at strategy.  Gotta win games to make the games worthwhile to play.  You're losing the games?  You'd have been better off not playing them in the first place!  Keep that in mind for the NEXT time you're playing games and thinking about losing them.  Don't Do It!  On DoorDash they say I can order a 6 inch Cold Cut Combo.  Armed with that knowledge I can really make a good case for myself AT The Subway.  Look I know what you say but I've done some research on the subject and if you'd just look t my Power Point Presentation.  Now I gotta bring a Power Point Presentation with me.  Hassle!  It's worth it, though!
     Anyway.  Two more paragraphs for Act II!  This day (Today) is just blowing by.  I got more John Adams to watch!  That guy makes an interesting Focal Point in terms of history.  I'm on board with this kind of narrative for American History!  Of course if HBO mad ANY OTHER focal point for American History I'd be on board with that, too!  HBO knows what its doing and I trust them implicitly.  Guess I'll take walk to get subway when I would normally want to take a walk, rather than put it off half an hour or so so I can eat right when I get home.  It's a COLD cut combo I don't need it heated up or warm.  I'm asking for a Cold Cut Combo and asking them to put it in the oven I'm gonna get some looks!  This guy is INSANE with this they'd be saying with their eyes!
     Hey I wrote 7 paragraphs with Act I.  Maybe I'll do that again for Act II!  I like symmetry and consistency!  It's one of my main attributes!  Anyway I'm not surprised that America is probably gonna win the Revolutionary War.  We LIVE here.  Lots of people here already!  Sure there's a lot of British people IN GENERAL and they have a REAL PROFESSIONAL ARMY but they're coming here One Ship At A Time!  Gotta be outnumbered pretty much consistently overall.  This is gonna be a CAKE WALK America is gonna run up the score against Britain.  I think.  I hope!  Look it's probably gonna be closer than I'm implying but as long as we win in the end I'm happy.  Guess we'll have to wait to find out.  Was there any consideration whether we should invade BRITAIN.  Take the fight to them!  Then if we win there now we're really cooking! 
     Last paragraph of Act II.  I guess.  What kinda side will I have with Sandwich?  Got some pork fried rice left over!  You'd think that'd be a good side.  You'd think so wouldn't you.  Also got Tostidos.  Got some Kettle Chips II Remember.  Animal Crackers.  That's goin' in a different direction with it but that's certainly something to consider.  Hmm its a good thing I wrote an extra paragraph about What Will Be Side For Lunch.  Without this paragraph you'd have no way of knowing!  Until I tell you Next Act when its all worked out.  Wonderful.  Anyway I'll be back in a little bit.




What Are You Looking At

    Hey!  Got lunch going.  Turkey sandwich and animal crackers.  Because I'm an adult!  Look I never asked for these cookies to be in the shapes of animals.  That's the only way they make 'em!  Look I never asked for Turkey to be... uh... what's wrong with adults eating turkey.  Absolutely nothing!  It's one of the most adult things you can eat!  Good for ya AND healthy.  Also Part Of Being An Adult is accepting that you can't get the cold cut combo for six inch subs despite how dumb that rule is.  I accepted it!  A Child might have just thrown an Argument Fit and decided not to eat lunch at all!  I Thought About It but decided I'd rather Eat Some Lunch!  Cool!  Started watching some Jurassic Park.  My favorite part is John Hammond.  I like this guy!  I don't know why!  I wish all rich people were like John Hammond!  Or at least most of them!  We need some Bad Rich People to serve as Cautionary Tales!
    That makes sense.  I got all the vegetables I normally get on sandwich except for banana peppers.  I went through the other ones one by one, then I hesitated on banana peppers for some reason, and shut up and moved on to the next thing (jalapeņo peppers).  I don't know why.  Instinct, I guess!  Maybe something was wrong with the banana peppers and my Sixth Sense picked it up and told my brain no banana peppers this time.  OR maybe I was just anxious to get to the jalapeņo peppers.  I can't Wait to point out THESE peppers it's gonna be great.  What else.  Got 2nd half of Seafood Parade for dinner tonight.  No Soup Version!  I can see myself enjoying that.  I can see myself not enjoying it.  I can see all sorts of things on the spectrum of Enjoying Seafood Parade &/v Not Enjoying it.
     Yeah!  Still got a few JAUNTEDS to enjoy.  You know, the show that's called HAUNTED but I made a typo with and decided to just run with it?  Also, even more if you count the SPANISH LANGUAGE VERSION.  Which his a thing!  I guess we can count it!  I'm assuming there's subtitles!  Also Spanish know all about Haunted.  Curse of La Llorna.  Day Of The Dead.  Mother Theresa.  I can think of a few things wrong about that last one.  Hey I have a single largish chocolate chip pancake.  What the Hell am I supposed to do with that.  It'd be a good Breaking Of Nightly Fast I guess.  But it's more than I've been eating lately!  I can eat it IN PORTIONS for SNACK.  Say a quarter of a pancake is a good snack portion.  I can figure out a way to eat it as a meal.  Pair it with some COOKIES or something.  Chocolate cookies.  Animal Crackers aren't the right man for the job for padding out pancake meal.  Hmm.
Anyway what else is going on and crap.  Last paragraph!  I guess it's the 18th paragraph overall.  Crunching the numbers.. processing... proce... YEP THAT'S CORRECT.  Just had a small piece of pancake like a snack like I said!  Not measured really.  Just ripped off a piece!  It was good!  I anticipated doing it and then being unhappy with it but you know what I was happy with it!  George Washington was a Military Man.  That's why he's a chump.  Who needs em.  LOOK would we have won the revolutionary war without him?  I don't know!  I Haven't Watched That Episode Yet!  The point is I guess I'll wait for HBO to explain history to me.  If you have a better idea to learn history other than watching TV I'd like to hear it!  Actually I WOULDN'T.  DON'T WASTE MY TIME.  I'll be back tomorrow.

-4:51 P.M.




Tuesday, June 1, 2021

This Guy Knows What I'm Talking About

    Hello friends.  This GIRL also knows what I'm talking about but that goes without saying.  What girl.  You know, the one that's either You or Someone Else!  Anyway-- I switched up the colors to Crazysheet Classic this month and I don't like it!  Giving me a headache!  I'll get used to it, though.  Also, not a literal head ache.  Just doesn't feel right.  A metaphorical headache!  Well, great, I got that going for us.  Listening to some ERIC B AND RAKIM.  I'm gonna be honest-- I don't totally get it!  A little too raw for my tastes.  Also My Tastes are the best.  I dunno about your tastes.  I don't agree with them 100% At All!  Either way, I 25% appreciated it and 40% got what I was supposed to get out of it.  Which I feel is a Mission Accomplished.  32.5% Succeeding With Music Album?  That's halfway there more or less.
     Wonderful.  Had chocolated chip pancakes last night.  It was fine!  I coulda easily just had Fish Dish and been even more happy.  I got that in store for lunch today, instead!  Also, let me keep it 100%-- I thought I was gonna eat 1.5 pancakes last night.  I ended up eating 2.0!  Smaller than I anticipated!  All in all I feel I did the right thing.  And nobody can take that away from me.  Unless if someone convinces me I did the wrong thing.  In that case, someone has taken that away from me.  I don't know what their motive would be, though.  Just leave me be!  Anyway this is a WEIRD theme for Patriotism Calendar this June.  The Phrase Theme is okay.  "And crown they good with brotherhood."  I don't have a problem with that.  All in all, one of the best half phrases from the entire song.  I'm on board with crowning thy good with brotherhood.  What I DON'T LIKE is that the page of the 2 pages that isn't the calendar itself is a huge picture of TWO KIDS.  One is like 5 BUT HE'S BALD.  Next to him is a 1.5 or so year old holding an American flag.  And the bald kid is wearing an Uncle Sam hat.  Wait he's wearing a hat?  Maybe he's not bald at all.  I dunno I can see his hair under the hat OR LACK THERE OF.  Looks like a Chemo Kid.  That's June for ya.
     I get it.  Brotherhood.
  I guess we can assume they're brothers.  Why else would they be hanging out.  They're not the same age that they can be friends.  I guess they could be cousins.  Crown thy cousins.  That sort of thing.  I don't feel this in-between-baby-and-toddler is safe holding this American Flag.  Too many ways that can go wrong.  Poke his eye out.  Choke on the stick holding up the flag.  Pee on it by accident and then get sent to Patriotism Jail.  ALSO they're on a couch OUTSIDE.  What the hell.  I gotta look at this all month, also!  That's the kicker!  I mean I kind of like it IRONICALLY.  Because that's just the kind of guy I am.  Monday the 14th is Flag Day.  God Damnit Patriotism Calendar.  I never noticed before how many Patriotism Days there are each year.
    What does Flag Day really celebrate.  It can't just be the day where we give thanks to A Flag Design, can it?  Lemme LTURQ.  NOPE.  IT JUST CELEBRATES THE FLAG.  Amazing.  It's not even that great a flag!  Too complicated!  I can be kicked out of the country for this, but other flags are way better!  Also who decided that every flag has to be the same proportion rectangle.  What id Japan wants to have a circle flag.  They can't!  Nobody would stand for it!  Not just because they're pot committed to Same Size Rectangle Flag EMOTIONALLY, but LOGISTICALLY, It'd be a Y2K level melt down.  I'm guessing America is to blame for this.  America is usually to blame for stuff like this.  I dunno I feel like it's probably EUROPE'S fault in all honesty.  Better LTURQ.  Are all Flags the same proportion.  HMM internet tells me yep all flags are different aspect ratios but we can condense them into ours.  But they do all get simplified into a 2:3 Aspect Ratio.  STILL, no circles! 
    Switzerland and Vatican City are PERFECT SQUARES.  And, get this, there is ONE flag that's just a weird shape-- NEPAL.  Look it up yourselves!  Really weird shape.  Who knew NEPAL had it in them.  Never think much about Nepal but now that I know they're Flag Rebels maybe it's time I give them another look!  America's flag is so dumb that if they ever wanna add a state WHELP GOTTA CHANGE THE FLAG.  Most flags are FLEXIBLE.  Japan wants to add a territory?  Great, means nothing to the flag.  Still the red circle or something off the top of my head!  Yep.  That's what it is.  That's ALL it is.  A red circle.  I was picturing at least some other sort of thing to compliment it.  Maybe a bar of some color on the bottom of the flag.  Nope!  Red Circle Right In The Middle!  What's the DEAL with things.
    How about a Stick Of Flag Day.  We take a day each year to celebrate the stick that holds the flag up.  That's one way to go, I guess.  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  Flags are important!  Without flags, how would we remember where we are!  You see an American flag you know well probably in America, then.  Not 100% guaranteed, but it increases the likelihood more than it'd be Without Seeing Flag.  If anything, The Flag should take one day out of the year to CELEBRATE US.  If anything, indeed!  Most likely Nothing, though.  No Anythings!  I'm happy with Absolutely Nothingings!  Up to the final episode of #It'sNotTheMoonLandingIt'sHBOSummerSpringtime.  Then its on to something new!  Hmm.  I'll think about this as I take my upcoming walk.  Not really.  I'd like to but I just don't see that panning out.  Anyway, I'll be back soon!




So Many Titles

    Hey!  Nas had a line about no black people in NASA!  He had a different take on it than I did, though!  As far as I can tell!  What about Hidden Forces: The Movie.  Both of our opinions were expressed before the movie came out!  Mine wasn't.  Yeah but it was Before I Thought Of It Just Now.  That checks out.  Also it's called Hidden Forces because it's a PUN on Math-Physics.  Stuff do with Forces.  I don't have all the details in front of me, but I'm relatively certain Forces is a Math-Physics Thing.  Physics.  Physics.  Not psychics.  I think I'm getting my words right.  In Earth II The Moon they refer to there being 500 thousand people either directly or indirectly working on Moon Landing.  WOW THREE OF THEM WERE AFRICAN AMERICAN LADIES.  It's a Triumph Of The Human Spirit!  YEAH IT IS get off Nasa's Back.  Nas.  Nasa.  Hmm what's going on there.
Wonderful.  I think its interesting that Nas's album that he meant to title, "Nigger," went untitled because of controversy and now Apple Music has it titled just as Nas.  So basically it went from Nigger to Nas.  Which apparently means that the Big Wigs were like Nas, Nigger, Nigger, Nas, same thing essentially.  They're calling NAS the N WORD ON HIS OWN FUCKING ALBUM.  That was my impression, at least.  Maybe he's calling himself that BUT he wouldn't have done that if it weren't for them.  I dunno I don't have all the answers re: Titles In Music.  Only some of the answers.  Maybe 25, 30% of the answers.  Anyway.  Talkin about being scared all the time of ghosts and stuff.  I saw a physiatrist when I was 10 or so for Depression Reasons and I remember talking about this to him just as an aside and he was like did you ever SEE anything supernatural or anything and I was like what the fuck you talkin' about I ain't crazy of course I haven't.  Then later on I Became Crazy but at first I was insulted by the implication!
    Cool!  Someone half took care of Fallen Tree on Park Path.  Sorta somehow got some of it out of the way.  Still gotta do a Mini Jump up onto the tree and off, but not as bad as it was before.  PLUS still dissuades people from taking the path.  There was literally someone 15 feet in front of me, comes to the tree, stops, walks in the other direction.  I hop onto the tree then off and continue on!  I look back and I see the other person has stopped and is now contemplating following me!  Hmm I wasn't gonna go down this path but now that this other person did it maybe I should.  I'm not sure how it went.  I continued walking and didn't look back again!  I CAN say he definitely didn't catch up with me &/v surpass me.  But he coulda been behind me for 5 or 10 minutes until we went in separate directions again!  GREAT STORY!  I thought so, too!  I was also the one who said it originally.  I know, I said it, AND I thought so, too.  Hmm.
Thinking about binging #TheBreakingBadsSummerSpringtimeToRemember next.  I watched it once before!  I liked it!  HOWEVER too much comedy.  It The Sopranos was 80% Drama and 20% comedy, Breaking Bad is 70% Drama and 30% Comedy.  Too much comedy!  Maybe even more than 30%!  Could be as high as 35, 40%!  I'm not in the mood for laugh-em-ups I wanna see some drama-em-up.  FUNNY DRAMA-EM-UP.  Certainly not Dramatic Funny-Em-Ups, though.  I feel very strongly about this!  Walter White was an astronaut in The Earth Meets The Moon.  I wanna say Buzz Aldrin.  I know it's the guy who was second on the moon.  And I THINK Buzz Aldrin was the second on the moon.  So, putting those pieces of information together, I think Bryan Cranston was the second man on the moon, I mean, Buzz Aldrin.  YEP ALL CHECKS OUT.
    Was Buzz his Christian Name.
  Better LLTURQ.  NOPE.  Well that went nowhere.  Buzz is still alive.  Woulda guessed he died in a Space Ship Explosion at some point.  Obviously not before he walked on moon.  He was still alive for that!  As far as we know!  Maybe on a subsequent trip or something, I dunno!  One key takeaway from From The Earth To The Moon is that they repeatedly, ALWAYS, pronounce Gemini as, "Gem Innie."  Not, "Gem In Eye," as we all do.  Gemini was the sequence of missions before The Apollo ones.  And one can only speculate why they didn't know how to pronounce it in the 1950's and 60's.  On Wikipedia the FIRST THING it has is Pronunciation And it has a paragraph about how and why its pronounced.  Which makes sense.  This Project was all well and good in terms of Space Exploration but First Things First Why Do They Pronounce It Dumbly?  Turns out Just Because They're Dumb Or Something!  Never give a good explanation.
     Yeah!  Last paragraph of Act II!  Wonderful.  Maybe I can watch #TheBreakingBadsSummerSpringtimeToRemember but skip every scene with Bob Odenkirk &/V Walter and Jessie Talking To Each Other.  That'd cut down the comedy to a fair extent!  Sure I'd forget what's going on but that's a sacrifice I may or may not be willing to take!  Maybe I can watch MAD MEN.  Too scary, though.  The theme music is too frightening!  Also I feel like I watched the first few episodes when it came out and I couldn't relate to it at all!  Anyway gonna take a shower when I'm done with this paragraph.  What are the odds these kids in Patriotism Picture are really brothers.  15, 20%?  I wouldn't rule it out completely but I think it's safe to say the odds are they picked out these two kids separately to POSE as brothers to TRICK us.  Ugh.  I'll be back in a little bit!




I'll Leave You To It

    Hey!  Got lunch going on.  Finished #FromTheEarthToSomeMoonSummerSpringtime.  Started listening to Destroyer, a different band from one of the main guys from The New Pornographers.  Hey we're all caught up how about that.  What's going on in the wide world of sports.  Damn Chemo Kid staring back at me.  I guess maybe it was his last wish to be a Patriotism Calendar Model?  That's one possible explanation of Why.  I guess I can go back to watching The Deuce.  That has pornography!  Non-sexualized pornography, though!  PICK A LANE.  Do you want me to be aroused or don't you!  Make up your mind about it and whatnot!
     Cool!  I can't be thinking about arousal THESE KIDS ARE STARING AT ME.  One of them is near death and the other one is ALSO near death because he's gonna poke his eye out with that American Flag.  He's only 1.5 years old we can't trust him with a Flag Stick!  Also you can't survive without an eye.  Also it's demeaning to The American Flag for a toddler to hold it.  This is AMERICA FLAG it ain't for babies its for REAL MEN.  And women.  NO BABIES.  This America Flag is Serious Grown Up Stuff!  That sort of thing.  HBO has a JONATHON ADAMS MINISERIES?!??!  That sounds GOOD ENOUGH to be my next thing.  I'd have to pay close attention, though.  Read the closed captions carefully.  It's presumably Old New English so I won't absorb it just by listening alone!
     Anyway.  Without seeing Mini Series, my guess is that John Adams The First was one of the most Okay presidents ever.  I mean that in the Most Okay Possible Way.  I'm sure that view will be CHALLENGED with the mini series.  All of the Okayness I attributed to John Adams will be CALLED INTO QUESTION.  Partially because is he really good enough to be okay and also Partially because maybe he was even Better than okay???  I guess I'll find out based on this #It'sNotHistoryIt'sHBOSummerSpringtime.  HOLY SNAP the original three Jurassic Parks are on PEACOCK: The NBC Streamer That I Previously Thought Was Crap But NOW I Think Is Great!  Those movies are great.  You heard it here first!  Jurassic Park: Great Movie!  Pee Cock.  Yep that's how it works.
Last paragraph!  John Adamssourous.  Hey great nobody is happy with that.  But the time to move on with our lives is now!  These kids are creeping me out.  Also it's weird to know In Real Life They're Dead By Now.  Wait huh this picture can't be more than a couple of years old.  Yeah, but one has cancer and the other one has poked out all his eyes and presumably other organs out with this Flag Stick.  Anyway.  Two months since I started dieting and exercising.  Well, exercising started up a week after that.  But either way, One More Of What I've Already Done and I'll be roughly at the same weight I was when Pandemic Quarantine started.  And I wanna lose another 20 or so pounds after that, but that's a cool milestone!  I'd like to get me a milestone.  Presumably some sort of Geology Thing.  Maybe found on Moon.  Anyway, hey, I'll be back tomorrow!

-4:46 P.M.






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