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Monday, March 8, 2021

Unstoppable Entry Machine

    Sounds good!  Sight fine.  FINISHED Barack Obama Part I (Re-known-as-Part IV 20 years from now?), FINISHED Martin Short: The Book.  Next up is reading 2nd half of George Carlin The Book: Parts I Through X Minus Parts VII and VIII.  Huh.  I lost me.  Anyway what else is going on.  Got some nice Day Planned.  We're talking Coming To Terms with I guess I'm a guy who reeds books during much of the afternoon.  Go Figure!  It's called BEING AN ADULT.  No one wants to Talk About That, but the best way to grow from Child to Adult is By Reading.  Kids don't read they watch TV.  You reading books? CONGRATS ADULT.  I feel very strongly about this!  THE OTHER WAY THOUGH.  I wasn't lying when I said I Felt Strongly ABout This but in A MIX EM UP TWIST SURPRISE WORTHY R L STINE I feel THE EXACT OPPOSITE WAY.  Not sure if R L Stine ever employed Mix Em Up Twist Surprises.  Never read much of his books!  Too childish.
What else is going on and crap.  Today AND YESTERDAY I have had A Breakfast.  Not just a throwaway breakfast that don't make too much of a calorie difference for my day.  We're talkin INDULGENT BREAKFAST SANDWICH.  Go Figure!  When thinking about Diet once Quarantine Is Lifted SURE I'm like ya know what, even though I'm gonna try to lose weight, counter intuitively I'm gonna START eating Breakfasts Regular.  It sounds HEALTHY and I'm an ADULT and ADULTS EAT BREAKFAST NO QUESTIONS ASKED.  Hmm.  Breakfast cereal I liked was Product 19.  Until they discontinued it.  Now we got Covid 19.  COVID 19 I wish they would DISCONTINUE THAT!  That'll show General Mills, that'll show General Mills HARDCORE.  Product 19 is Kellogg's.  Who cares I feel like General Mills is a better reference Get Off My Back About It.
     Wonderful.  For some reason it turns out watching DYLAN VS FARROW I MEAN GUTHRIE VS FARROW I MEAN ALLEN VS FARROW isn't That Much Fun To Watch?  I didn't' see that Twist Em Up Surprise coming!  Oh well what can ya do.  This isn't fun like watching heroin addicts!  UNLESS they Throw Woody Allen AN INTERVENTION!  That's a Twist Em Up worthy of JUDY BLUME.  The point is Barack Obama the book ended with him killing Osama Bin Laden.  Good!  Glad it happened!  Wonder what happens next!  Gotta imagine Why It's Only the SPRING and SUMMER of 2011!  Can't wait for that to be either confirmed &/OR denied.  It's FUN reading comedians, etc Memoirs after reading Barack Obama because its suddenly like oh well there's no stakes to this at all.  This is all just easy breezy bullshit.  FUN!  VERY FUN!  Thanks Martin R. L. Short!  Sorry Martin R. L. Short!  Your life matters a lot to me.  Thanks for the laughs!!  That shut em up.
Hmm.  Well.  Move on! All we can do is move on from that!  Lots of good options for lunch!  Rationally, The Best Option is NO Lunch but That's Just Not In The Cards!  I like getting access to More Streams made me want to watch Streams less.  Too many options, I'm paralyzed by abundance of opportunities, The Best Option is NO Streams.  Which is a good thing because NO TV --> Books --> Adult.  First you get the parallelized of stream options.  Then you get the books.  THEN YOU GET THE WOMEN.  Turns out, "Parallelized," is a word. Sounds like nonsense to me but NOPE it's a word!  Hey how about that what else do I got going on for me.  Probably lots of stuff.  St Patrick's Day coming up in a week!  I believe Patrick was The Saint Of Getting FUCKED THE FUCK UP!!!  Of all the saints he's the one REALLY into drinking.  But socially, in a fun way.  He doesn't have a problem is the point.  GET OFF HIS CASE HE'S DOING THE BEST HE CAN.
     Wonderful.  I dunno.  31 days now, right?  I remember yesterday I was 32 days away from Quarantine Lift because I remember it being a day after being 33 days away.  So I crunched the numbers and everything and 31 days!  THAT'S A MONTH.  EXACTLY A MONTH!  Hay that's right.  March 8 today.  April 8th Release Date.   I got that going for me is the point.  Hey what else is going on.  1.9 TRILLION DOLLAR STIMULATION BILL?  Gotta imagine that's the right thing to do.  I don't have the numbers in front of me but I TRUST people who are for it!  TRUST IS KEY!!!  NOT ALL PEOPLE FOR IT.  I don't trust everyone for it, but everyone I TRUST is for it (and/or, MOSTLY OR, it Not Being Enough, but a GOOD THING IN GENERAL STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION-- Better Than Doing Nothing Is The Point).  IT'S CALLED TRUST do you TRUST ME to have this paragraph make sense?  Either way April 8th Release Date I got that going for me is the point.  Be back in a bit!





More To The Point

    I dunno.  Finished watching ALLEN VS FARROW Episode III: Allen Is Still Guilty.  Great just great.  Watched 2/3rds of ROCKY: THE ROCKY MOVIE last night.  Possibly only the 2nd time I've watched it and the 1st time I've paid attention to it more or less.  Hmm so basically there's this guy Rocky.  A few other characters mucking around.  BOXING is involved.  And It Won Best Picture.  Yep seems about right.  Look did I see The Two Creeds in Theater?  YES MOST LIKELY.  I remember there was one which was the origin story.  Then there was another where He Does Underwater Training.  It's like he sinks into a Pool with Aquanaut Gear On and moves around TRAINING-WISE because being immersed in water BUILDS UP RESISTANCE.
     Sounds like a good movie to me.  Biden will PREFER To Keep Filibuster?  Well I'd PREFER He'd... uh... you know... the good thing.  Good political thing.  In terms of Both For Politics and For Helpings Peoples on a Thing-By-Thing Basis!  THIRTY FIVE MORE MINUTES OF ROCKY PART I: A NEW HOPE left.  Figure I can watch Oh I Don't Know HALF TO ALL OF THAT during Upcoming Act Break.  OR Some Intervention &/OR 600 Pound Lives.  Docu Series following impoverished people in Britain called My 600 Pound Life.  And they get paid 600 pounds a month.  It all depends on how often they're getting 600 pounds and the title doesn't say which way explicitly so in the end not a great title I dunno if this is gonna be about poor people, working class, upper class, or filthy rich.  Maybe their life is making 600 pounds a minute.  For their sake I HOPE SO!  For other peoples' sakes I HOPE NOT.  Not in Other Peopleses' Best Interest of This One Docu Series Subject to be So Filthy Rich!
     Anyway.  Royal Family Stuff Going On!  I believe Oprah is involved.  Presumably in her most common role as Interviewer.  I feel like the main people involved were the people who one of them was in the royal family and then the other one was from America and was &/or IS part &/or ALL black and married into the royal family.  And skin color was the source of conflict in this scenario.  About exactly as much as I've gathered from this News Topic.  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  I dunno if I'll have lunch with Act III or wait until after entry.!  I DON'T KNOW A LOT OF THINGS.  SEE I JUST TOLD YOU ABOUT THIS NEWSWORTHY TOPIC THAT EVERYONE KNOWS ABOUT EXCEPT FOR ME.  Well I think I got about 50% of the sotry.  I got THE BASICS right just not THE SPECIFICS.  I'll be back in a bi... wait no I'm not going anywhere.  I'll be back in a second with the next paragraph
     HERE I AM.
  Well that was quick.  Hey what else is going on and crap.  The point is Is One Of The Supporting Actor Stars of Rocky Carl Weathers?  Yes no one is debating that.  Is another one Burgess Meredith?  One can only imagine I have very little reference point of what a Burgess Meredith is!  Referenced in A Mr. Show Sketch!  That's the extent of my knowledge of this current News Topic I'm Talking About Right Now.  LOOK am I worried that Joe Biden will be 100% unwilling to support to END or SIGNIFICANTLY ADJUST Filibuster?  YES OF COURSE I AM.  You'd have to be a FOOL, A DAMNED FOOL to not worry about it!  Still most likely He'll do more or less the right thing.  I can be worried about something that may or may not happen.  In fact, those are the BEST TIMES to be worried about something!  You worried about something that Definitely Will or Will Not Happen, you're just making it harder on yourself for no good reason!
     Last paragraph of Act II.  Chili + Rice NUMBER ONE LUNCH.  Al Fredo Dish NUMBER TWO LUNCH.  In terms of PROBABILITIES.  I like watching Rocky Movies because the main thread that I'm always thinking about is always Wait is, "Adrian," his love interest or his trainer.  I keep forgetting.  And then inevitably it is confirmed one way or another and I'm like Oh right I'll remember that from now on.  Also YES at THIS POINT I can CONFIDENTLY SAY, "Adrian," is his love interest.  But in terms of him being like YO ADRIAN, look, maybe he's talking to his trainer!  Adrian is usually a guy's name!  And that's something You Can Take To The Bank!  Anyway I'll see you guys in a little bit.





Pick It Up!

    Well, okay.  Got lunch going on.  Chili + Rice!  Wonderful!  Plus Wonderful!  2wonderful.  Math!  I dunno why Yo Adrian never explicitly had a Significant Other ring to it.  It's like a recognition of Someone Who Helped Get Rocky To This Point.  Yo Adrian can either mean hey TRAINER LOOK WHERE WE GOT WOULD YOU EVER HAVE BELIEVED?!?! OR hey SIGNIFICANT OTHER LOOK WHERE WE GOT WOULD YOU EVER HAVE BELIEVED?!?!  The point is Rocky should just date his trainer and that solves all the problems, makes everything a lot easier.  Anyway what else is going on.  Gotta imagine if Joe Manchin is open to some changes to Filibuster OF COURSE his, "Joe-Bro," Biden would be on board, too!  Imagine it!  I did and now You Must!  Cool.  Joe rhymes with Bro.  That seals the deal!
     The point is only 4 more paragraphs to write today!  We're talkin AN ENTIRE BEER LEFT FOR TODAY plus A FRACTION OF A BEER I'm WORKIN' ON!  I'm, "OLD ENOUGH," to remember that their main argument for electing George W Bush was he's a guy you would want to have a beer with.  And, look, in retrospect, WOULD I have a beer with George W Bush?  SURE.  Anyone is better than drinking alone!  But would I RATHER have a beer with Al Gore?  DEFINITELY.  I'd force him to explain Climate Change to me.  Not just the science but the politics of it and where we're at currently and what we need to do and maybe the history of it and what should be done and what may not be done even though it should be done and anyway JUST GET AL GORE TALKIN' YOU NEVER GOTTA TURN THAT MOTHER OFF!  On the other hand W might give me a cool nick name.
Three paragraphs to go!  Saw they might be doing an Infrastructure Bill next &/or soon.  Gotta imagine they could really LEAN INTO addressing climate change with Infrastructure bill.  Make that one of the main contexts and objectives for and of the bill.  I IMAGINED IT AND NOW YOU MUST I DON'T MAKE THE RULES BUT I DON'T BREAK THE RULES.  What else is going on.  Finished lunch.  It was delicious!  I've got no problems with it except for the fact that there wasn't 33% More Of It.  Pretty sure Rocky loses in Rocky I.  It's not a spoiler because I DON'T KNOW.  It IS a spoiler because it Spoils what I consider An Educated Guess.  Oh well what can ya do.  Finish writing the entry.  Only 2 more paragraphs to go!  I can handle that!  No problem.
     Cool!  There's STAKES to George Carlin's autobiograph.  Presumably he still does the Same Specials and Dies over the last few decades.  I KNOW the main part of what happens but if it turns out IT DIDN'T happen that's pretty high stakes!  The ramifications on my world would be TREMENDOUS!  What you mean things I definitely remember NEVER OCCURRED?!?!  WA... Hu... THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING!  Anyway what else is going on.  Only But A Single Paragraph after this one is over!  I feel like this entry was BETTER than Yesterdays.  Which isn't saying a lot!  All Of Yesterday I was like not happy with the entry I wrote today [EDITOR'S Note -- YESTERDAY] but what can I do about it.  Not a lot!  JUST BIDE MY TIME.  Wait for Tomorrow [EDITOR'S NOTE -- TODAY] to make up for it!  Editor's Note-- I'm The Editor!  Same guy as the Regular Writer.  Kind of a trip, ain't it.
Last paragraph!  Spring coming up!  Pandemic Lifting coming up!  DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME OCCURRING!  It's all lookin' great ain't it.  HEY great news I HAVEN'T BROKEN ANY GLASS in the last month or two.  Haven't broke ANYTHING.  EXCEPT FOR MY RECORD OF HAVING BROKEN THINGS. Broke That Record AND CONTINUE TO BREAK THAT RECORD every hour the passes by!  Take a nice ol' Bathing Bath in an hour or so.  I can live with that!  I can live without it!  Not indefinitely!  With or without it I WILL DIE AT SOME POINT.  That's MY Hot Take.  So far my favorite part about watching Rocky is being reminded of the phrase He Knocked His Block Off.  Whatever the pronouns are, I mean.  Someone getting their block knocked off.  I don't think anyone SAYS it in Rocky.  It just came to mind.  I'm gonna knock your block off.  I'm laughing just thinking about it!  Anyway.  I'll see you guys tomorrow I guess.

-2:49 P.M.






Sunday, March 7, 2021

It's Not Important

    We'll see about that!  Hey good news!  Facing EAST today.  For Act I.  It's good news because it's called Mixing It Up.  BAD NEWS can't think of a good lunch.  Every lunch I consider has STRONG NEGATIVES associated with it.  Off the top of my head I GUESS I'm leaning towards Chili + White Rice???  Off the penultimate top part of my head maybe Corn't Beef Sandwiches &/Or Half Sphere Potatoes?.  Third to top of my head this is a tough one.  Better check Online Receipt of recent Super Market order.  Get to see all my options RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME instead of having to rely on memory.  First things first, though-- rarely do I see other people use the word, "Penultimate."  Is it just because it never comes up elsewhere?  Or is it because people ar dumb and don't like the word, "Penultimate."  Probably 50/50.  Oh right Receipt Check Checking.  I DON'T SEE ANY GOOD ALTERNATIVES.  Whatta scam.
     85 pages left to Barack Obama: The Book Experience Part I.  He was originally gonna write a Memoir but it was too long and he split it into 2.  When is Part II being released?  And why is it like an It Scenario.  I ASSUME it's like an It Scenario.  Instead of talking about His History 2011-present, he goes back to talking about his youth and how his friends and him battled Supernatural Evil Clown.  Look would that surprise anyone?  That IT was Barack Obama's Actual Life Experience?  YES that would surprise just about everybody!  Except for Stephen King.  Presumably he saw it coming!  Not happy with this paragraph.  Oh well what can ya do.  Delete it?  WHAT DO YOU THINK I'M MADE OUT OF PARAGRAPHS?!?  Anyway.  YES I'm including the Acknowledgements as part of the book I plan on reading.  It's only a few pages I CAN HANDLE THAT.  Not reading the Index though!  That's where I draw the line!
     Cool.  Had Seafood dinner last night.  Ramen Noodles + what looked like TWO BABY SHRIMP.  Also Buffalo Wings.  IT'S Called SURF N TURF AND IT'S ALL THE RAGE.  When I was a kid I would sometimes get Lobster at Somewhat Fancy, "SEAFOOD RESTAURANT," because I'M A FANCY GUY and there's that brown stuff in the lobster tail that I was never quite sure was supposed to be eaten or not but I ate it anyway because I'M A FANCY GUY AND FANCY GUYS EAT ALL OF THE LOBSTER.  Wonderful.  I feel like I've gotten lobster recently.  Oh, right!  Why It's Only The Lobster Ravioli I got a few times!  Gonna be honest if I had that in refridge right now It'd be OPTION #1 of what to eat for lunch.  The point is I'm A Fancy Boy only the best for me!
     That sort of crap.  2 more paragraphs till I get to take a break!  Chili + Rice is the best option as of now!  Why It's Only a lunch of Turf & Turf!  Rice lives on land.  Chili lives on land.  I don't see why this is up for debate.  Possible riff I made a few months ago re: Lobster... who was the guy who discovered best way to serve lobster was to cook them alive.  Some MANIAC MALADJUSTED SADIST.  The point is lets move on with our lives.  You know what I'd like for lunch Why It's Only SUSHI.  Too bad.  No sushi in my immediate vicinity.  What else.  Remember last entry where I wrote A Snooze of a Paragraph I and I was like this is good now I know to write the rest Well.  Today is the same but instead of Paragraph One it's Act One.  I'm just being honest!  No I'm not.  I dunno how Act ONe will end up overall.  Still a Paragraph Five to be written!
     Cool.  I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out I can get sushi from Super Market Delivery and I just never came across &/Or specifically looked for it.  Better LTURQ.  NOPE NOTHIN.  Maybe some stuff where its like make your own sushi.  I don't wanna make my own sushi!  You make YOUR OWN Sushi.  I got THINGS to do!  When Does Barack Obama Part II get released.  Better LTURQ.  NOTHING ON THE INTERNET.  Why is this a Secret.  I'm sure Barack Obama's Publishers have their reasons.  Wanna build up anticipation.  Not unlike GRAND THEFT AUTO SIX.  VERY Not Unlike GRAND THEFT AUTO SIX.  Anyway what kinda TV am I watching today.  I dunno!  Figure out some movies to watch that's my first instinct.  The funny thing is I'm not a fan of the GTA franchise and I played GTA III on computer when it first acme out and liked it well enough, but after that dropped totally off my radar.  But I STILL check every month to see if there's new data or video of GTA VI.  Because there's so much hype about how intensive the game is.  I WANNA SEE A CRAZY INTENSIVE EXPANSIVE OPEN ENDED VIDEO GAME not so much to PLAY but just to ADMIRE.  What else.  I'll be back in a little bit.





Looking Forward To It

    Hey!!! Part II of III.  LOOK is it easy to just throw on a #600PoundLifeMarchWhatever whenever I Don't Even Wanna Think About What TO Watch?  Yes very easy!  Look at those fat tubs of lard.  I like it when they have like 80 Pound Masses that kinda look of scrotums.  Like a Really Really Big Scrotum.  But several of them.  Across the body.  YES the Mr Show sketch comes to mind.  With the guy who has many scrotums. Maybe this was their inspiration!  They knew 600 pounds of people who had what APPEARS to be many scrotums!  Also I assume it's because they have Ball-esque points of PURE FAT.  And then skin grows around those Bits Of Pure Fat NOT UNLIKE a Scrotum Forms around Ball-esque Testicles.  There just passed Medical School.
What else.  Diary Entry going not so great!  Stupid Journal.  OH well what can ya do!  More important things than Online Journal!  Like Why It's Only HEY CURRENT EVENTS LETS READ TWITTER ABOUT IT.  I have a SOLID one follower on Twitter.  Not bad!  Certainly not the least amount of followers one can have.  That's my hot take.  Maybe sandwiches for lunch today.  That sounds EASY and GOOD ENOUGH.  Anyway.  Just was looking at my SPAM folder and after selecting The New Spams I hit the button DELETE FOREVER. Well that's kind of fatalistic.  I mean, yeah, ALMOST ALMOST ALMOST DEFINITELY am I not gonna want these e-mails in the future.  But the word FOREVER is just too much for me!  I mean it's NOT I STILL CLICK IT ALL THE TIME.  But I'm not happy about it!  Not happy about this paragraph.  Not happy about a lot of things these days.  That's not true.  I'm happy all the time!
     Cool.  A WEEK FROM TODAY is Daylight Savings Time.  What is the corollary day called.  Better Be Daylight SPENDINGS Time!  Lemme LTURQ.  DOESN'T SHOW UP ON CALENDAR.  What the hell kind of knock off calendar is this.  Check Online I Guess!  ALRIGHT IT IS ONLINE & on calendar.  November 7th.  "Day Light Savings Time Ends."  Which doesn't make sense because IT'S NOT A CLEAN 6 MONTHS LIKE I ANTICIPATED & SO BASICALLY MOST OF THE YEAR IS JUST, "DAY LIGHT SAVINGS TIME?"  March through November.  The whole time we're LIVING in Day Light Savings Time ALL THE TIME.  Not just once or twice a year.  Well ya learn something new every day.  Presumably.  I haven't lived every day yet.  So far so good, though!
     Who do we have to blame for Daylight Savings.  Is it Ben Franklin?  I feel comfortable saying It's Probably Ben Franklin's Fault.  Better LTURQ.  NOPE WASN'T HIM.  He WAS a proponent of it but he neither came up with it OR implemented it so wide spreadedly.  So partial credit.  He was associated with it enough that Google Has A Lot To Say On This Matter.  No time to read it, though.  Get back to me before March 14th, though!  I'll be busy SAVING DAYLIGHT and I'll have NO TIME for your nonsense.  I may be wrong but Off The Top Of My Head the MOST important job an EDITOR does is picking out Font for book.  In my head that's how it works.  Obviously they do Spell Check, they have input on the content, all that stuff.  But most importantly SOMEONE'S gotta figure out the perfect font and size and layout of the book and Why Not The Editor?  I don't think they'll have someone else JUST for this Picking A Font job!  Anyway I hope Barack Obama clears this up in his Acknowledgements Chapter.
Last paragraph of Act II!  I dunno.  I can, "Dig," the Corn't Beef Sandwich Lunch Extravaganza for today.  I can, "DIG," taking a NICE Act Break very soon.  Whatta watch?  Still got a few episodes of #InterventionMarchWhatver to watch.  Might as well watch those both because I Enojy Them Still AND to just Knock Out One Option Off My Option List.  The point is Barack Obama did a lot of stuff in just LESS THAN FIRST HALF of Presidency!  Most of it pretty good!  SOLID B/B+ PRESIDENCY SO FAR.  Can't wait to find out what happens 2011-->onward.  2011 Going Towards Onward.  That's what I mean to say!  Anyway I'll be back in a little bit.  Actually NO.  I'm gonna write a few more sentences.  Well, it's been a few more sentences now, I guess.  I'll be back in a little bit.





What Have I Done

    Hey good news got lunch.  What I anticipated!  2 Mini Corn't Beef Sandwiches and FIVE Half Spheres of Potatoes.  Tastin' pretty good!  At this point I'm what about an even 3 days sing Vaccine Shot #1: The Reckoning.  No side effect pain as of this point.  Reckoning can't be the first thing.  It's dependent upon another thing.  So there CAN BE Reckoning.  Better LTURQ.  NOPE you can have a Reckoning as a Title For A First Thing.  I can SEE how I got confused but still I Was Wrong!  Not ashamed to admit I was wrong re: reckoning.  This has been QUITE A RECKONING this paragraph.  Nailed It.  Let's talk about it I finished 1st of 2, "Slider," sandwiches and the 2nd one has relatively more meat than 1st one!  Let's stop talking about it!  That's all there was to say!
     32 days!  Pretty sure I talked about yesterday there being 33 days until Fuck This Quarantine Personally.  DOWN TO 32 I CRUNCHED THE NUMBERS AND EVERYTHING.  Hmm going back to some #TalesFromTheCryptMarchWhatever sounds FUN AND A HALF.  Haven't watched that AT ALL for 2-4 days.  Now it's All Brand New To Me Yet Again!  YES I will finish BarackObamaPresidentBook.  It's just a matter of Crunching The numbers and moving things around to determine when I will finish reading a book and when I will re-binge-watch some TV on my Computer.  Will I take a bath, too!  YES.  I've got a lot going for me today!  Also lined up MARTIN SHORT: THE BOOK after this Barack Obama: The Book is done.  Almost done with that one ALREADY.  I think the last FICTION book I read was Gabriel Marquez Garcia.  I read 2/3rds of his, "Collective Stories," then put that back on the shelf and NEVER RETURNED!
     Maybe have that there chili + rice for dinner.  You'd think Corn't Beef and Beef Chili would be repetitive.  You'd THINK RIGHT BUT I DON'T CARE.  You make do with what you can!  Anyway the good news is The End Is Insight.  LOOK did I originally make 5 Potato Half Sphericals and only have 4?  YES.  I put the 5th BACK WITH THE REST.  LOOK was the main reason I did it because I didn't heat up the Sphericals Of Half Sphere Potatoes enough so they didn't taste great?  YES.  In the end, though, get off my case.  LOOK did HBOMax just upload the Six Regular Rocky movies such that I can binge watch them at some point over the next few weeks?  YES I'd Be INSANE To Suggest That Without It Being The Case!  Get off MY Case, etc.!
     Penultimate paragraph.  Anyway.  Shrimp Noodles were okay!  Been a while since I had a Noodles that wasn't Hint Of Hot & Spicy Tasting.  Today's Sunday, right?  Gotta be.  Lemme LTURQ.  YEP NAILED IT!  I dunno what else is going on.  Here's a good plan-- watch a single #TalesFromTheCryptMarchWhatever.  Take a #BathMarchWhatever.  Read &/OR FINISH #BarackObamaMemoirEnterpriseMarchWhatever.  THEN WHO KNOWS maybe a #RockyMarchWhatever.  Rocky Don't March HE JOGS.  HE'S FAMOUSLY KNOWN FOR JOGGING AROUND.  People can't get enough of Rocky Jogging!  Both IN FICTION and IN REAL LIFE.  That's a thing, right?  Rocky is jogging around for training and then the people who see him are like yeah Rocky Good For You!  Seems like it's accurate, at least.
     Wonderful.  One last paragraph to go.  Hmm so many good options for #TalesFromTheCryptMarchWhatever.  Several days without ANY of them.  It's a TOTAL and COMPLETE RESET!!!  I can't believe it what an abundance of riches.  The truth is I came CLOSE to having the Chili + Rice for Lunch.  Was considering it Up To The Last Second before ultimately deciding in favor of Corn't Beef Sandwiches.  So YES it might be SOMEWHAT repetitive for dinner, but it's the most Thought I've Given A Meal all day that wasn't the meal I had had for lunch!  Good stuff.  This Is Good Stuff!  Presumably.  I'll see you guys tomorrow!

-1:18 P.M.





Saturday, March 6, 2021

Whatever It Takes

    Hopefully Not A Lot!  I don't have it in me to confront a Whatever It Takes Scenario where It Takes A Lot!  Well I can confront it and then LOSE to those set of circumstances.  Fail in confrontation.  Hmm.  Okay.  Let's start the Entry!  LOOK is it possible they'll vote on Stimulation Bill in Senate: The Final End All Be All Vote while this entry is going on?  Seems like a possible scenario!  Hope we CONFRONT this scenario and WIN.  Ya never know someone can throw a wrench into the works.  Water Works.  Monopoly.  LOL.  So I got that going for me.  Look the end all be all goal of this paragraph is to Make A Point to myself to write the next 14 paragraphs REAL WELL.  Get all this out of my system in ONE paragraph... okay LETS GO.
     Lots of good Consumptions Today Right Now and Later Today.
  Can't go through them all!  Would ruin my Goal For This Entry!  Not a Real Good Well Way to write these 14 paragraphs!  Gotta move on with my life!  I can talk about ENTERTAINMENT consumption.  I watched Pet Semetary: The John Lithgow One: I Insist We Refer To This One As, "THe John Lithgow One," As A Standard For Referring To This Pet Semetary: The John Lithgow One.  Long title but IT'S WORTH IT.  It's TOTALLY DIFFERENT from original movie.  Different Gender of the kid who dies 2/3rds into the movie.  Different race of the guy who Doctor tries to help but dies and then comes back as a ghost to help (or ULTIMATELY HURT???) doctor.  Girl instead of boy.  Black instead of white.  TOTALLY DIFFERENT MOVIE.
Anyway what else is going on and crap.  John Lithgow instead of Who Cares What The Other Guy's Name Is All We Need To Know Is He's NO JOHN LITHGOW: The Actor  How do we know John Lithgow is really an actor.  Maybe he's just been ACTING all this time.  Pretending to be an actor.  Getting in our good graces.  Then one day he's like WAS A SCAM THE ENTIRE TIME I'M ACTUALLY AN ELECTRICIAN BY TRADE.  Dunno how to do Electrician Stuff that's why I decided to Act Like An Actor for Lo These Last Several Decades.  Gotta say that scam paid off pretty well for him.  Although it does beg the question WHO WILL DO OUR ELECTRICAL WORK.  One less qualified person in the workforce!  Apparently he wasn't very well qualified.  I dunno maybe he's just being modest.  I'm sure he was a passable electrician!
     Cool.  Fourth paragraph.  Well This Act is just writing itself!  Look I can't go into it re: previous commitments, but I'm enthusiastic about lunches I may or may not have.  That's all I have to say!  Gotta move on without any further details!  I MADE A PROMISE.  Countin' down the hours until I Can Take Walks Day.  Roughly 33 or 34 days.  Apparently I'm not taking Very Good Count.  That's pretty good.  FINE I'LL LTURQ GIVE ME A SECOND.  THIRTY THREE?  Let's say between 32 and 34.  I WAS SUPPOSED TO FIGURE IT OUT EXACTLY.  I WENT THE OTHER WAY.  NOW IT'S EVEN MORE ESTIMATED.  Oh well what can ya do that's how life goes.  Am I supposed to count The Day I Can Take Walks?  Upon further Introspection nope don't count that day I CAN take walks that day.  FINE LTURQ ONE FINAL TIME... including today...: THIRTY THREE.  I feel FAIRLY CONFIDENT it's 33 days.
     Wonderful.  THIRTY THREE DAYS?  THAT'S TWO DAYS FROM A MONTH.  I crunched the numbers and everything.... wait... maybe I better LTURQ... YEP 31 days a month.  Rejected Beatles Song.  Peoples' reactions were just yep that makes sense nothin odd there.  Look will I end up going back to #My600PoundLifeMarchWhatever over time?  YES I WILL.  Maybe even IMMEDIATELY.  I don't have all the answers re: Future Entertainment Consumption!  Once I' Doubly Vaccinated + 2 weeks why SURE I'd STRONGLY CONSIDER seein' some movies in theatrical releases.  See them suckers afternoon matinee during week days.  All the social distancing my  & society's little hearts desire!  Anyway I'll be back in a little bit.





You're Too Kind

    Hey Senate Passed Stimulation Bill!  I'm Properly Stimulated!  I saw they crunched the numbers and determined the average Family of Four will get 7.4K over the next year or something from Stimulation Bill.  Which means MY FAMILY will probably get around 300K.  I LIVE IN AN EXCEPTIONAL FAMILY OF FOUR and I DEMAND TO BE PROPERLY COMPENSATED.  Ya know that sort of thing.  Now it goes back to the house where they'll presumably Approval Senate Bill and then onto Joe Biden's desk to be signed.  Presumably one of his favorite desks.  Gotta imagine Joe Biden has got 6 or 8 Primary Desks across the White House &/Or Other Assorted Areas Joe Biden Works Relatively Frequently.  So basically it's up to him which desk it goes to??  Or does the senate get to decide that?  I don't have all the details.
     Anyway what else is going on.  Makin progress with #BarackObamaBookMarchWhatever.  Probably'll be done sometime this week.  By which I mean Some Time Next Week.  Saturday is in NO WAY appropriate to be considered at the beginning OR EVEN MIDDLE OF a week.  Either last day or penultimate day of the week.  Let's talk about it!  Look out of 1.9 trillion, I think it's not crazy to give my family of four 300 thousand dollars.  Seems appropriate, even!  Not even EACH Family Member.  OVERALL!   Anyway time to move on with this entry/my life.  When Barack Obama was running for president, and he was trying to court the CSPAN &/OR Senate Procedural Fan vote, he should have used a slogan along the lines of Vote O-Bam-A.  You wouldn't get it unless you're a CSPAN &/Or Senate Procedural Fan Vote.  What If I'm ANTI Senate Procedural.  That Still counts as being a fan of Senate Procedurals In General.  I shouldn't have to explain this!
     Hey great just great.  Gonna put food in the oven.  Let's get it all out there-- Havin' Some Frozen Artichoke and Spinach Pizza Unfrozen.  putting it in oven now!  That's it, that's all there is to it!  Alright accomplished that.  That's a load off my back.  LOOK did I cut myself 45% of Pizza instead of the 50% I aimed for?  YES but I can't go back in time and change it.  I could go Now In Time and cut off a slice of the 55% and put it in the oven with 45%.  TOO HARD.  Why tempt fate?  Could only end up making things worse!  I'm OKAY with the amount of pizza I got comin' to me is the point I'm trying to make!  I saw on #My600PoundLifeMarchWhatever that the doctor is like don't drink carbonated beverages, even diet, because the carbonation makes your stomach increase in size and then you'll be hungrier.  I had always seen Diet Soda can Lead To Weight Gain but NEVER DID SOMEONE EXPLAIN IT OT ME.  PLUS THIS EXPLANATION MAKES SENSE.  So that's sometin' I should be takin' with me for the rest of my days.
Cool.  33 days?  That's only THREE sets of 11 days!  If you know a better way to contextualize 33 days I'd Like To Hear It!  I think the worst part of Netflix is how they have algorithms to determine What Still Of The Movie shows up when you're browsing.  Look if I Wanted to see a still from this movie I'D FUCKIN' WATCH THE MOVIE.  Just give me the standard poster still don't try to IMPRESS ME with this It's DESPERATE and frankly an INVASION OF MY PRIVACY.  Look I GET you'll be Invading My Privacy either way but YOU DON'T HAVE TO CONSTANTLY REMIND ME ABOUT IT.  Anyway hey what else is going on.  Lunch'll be ready in Oh I Don't Know 25-30 minutes.  Lining up pretty well with Taking Short Break after Act II and having lunch wit Act III.
     Whatta watch in the mean time!!  I dunno!  Maybe some #InterventionMarchWhatever.  Gotta fair amount of those left.  Cool good stuff cool cool.  Hey I figured out a good compromise re: Potential Haircut.  It's YES I will get a hair cut BUT it's like OK GIVE ME A REAL HAIRCUT THAT'S UTILIZING MY CURRENT LONG HAIR.  Obviously cut off Some Of The Long Hair but with the end goal that It Looks Like A Real Quality Hair Cut and not just the nonsense that I got goin' on now.  Seems like a fair compromise.  Hey how about this I show barber picture of Brad Pitt and I'm like can you make me look like this and he's like no problem and then I get A Brad Pitt Haircut and I'm like NO I WANTED TO LOOK LIKE THIS *pointing to the picture more emphatically*.  I'll see you guys in a little bit.





What Time Is It

    Look if I have a couple of Rreal Read-O-Ramas, I could finish this book tomorrow.  If I had a REALLLL READORAMA I cuold finish it today!  It's 200 pages look I'm HAPPY with a Read-O-Rama of 100 pages per day.  In the mean time though hey got lunch just as I suspsected.  Look last night ended up having Chicken Caesar Salad I tried for first time.  It was okay!  We're talking yep basic components of chicken ceasar salad.  Lettuce.  A few pieces of chicken.  CROUTONS.  Dressing I didn't use.  Grated cheese I didn't use.  Wonderful.  Several good options for dinner tonight!  Current best option is what I anticipated for dinner last night Why It's Only Corn't Beef Sandwiches and Potato Sphere Halves.
     Great, just great.  A positive morning.  1.9 trillion dollars!  I have no idea if that's a lot or a little!  I've lost all ability to contextualize how much money money is.  Anyway how much money am I supposed to donate to the Dr. Seuss Estate.  I know Republicans are buying up Suess Books to protest Suess Estate and giving them money that way.  I assume those of us who SUPPORT the Seuss estate's efforts to not print racism should show our support by just DONATING them money.  SO in the end it cancels out and everyone is happy.  Seems to check out more or less.  The point is I AM A PUBLISHED AUTHOR.  As a (Gag?) gift someoene gave me a 200 page printed out book of my old Crazysheet.com.  Thought it was entirely appropriate and deserved at the time.  Looking back maybe he was making fun of me?  Either way I still presumably have that book somewhere.
     Three more paragraphs to go.  Just finished lunch.  The good news is I am drinking carbonated soda so that's either good or bad I forget the details.  Definitely somethin.  What else is going on and crap.  Presumably Brad Pitt has had different hair cuts over the years.  Maybe that's what I'm going for.  Maybe I want a haircut that will self-change-itself every 2 months.  I don't think that's too much to ask for!  Look I also need to have a #WatchDocuSeriesORamaMarchWhatever it's all about Finding A Balance!  LOOK Let's Talk About it Pizza has a creamish, white saucish taste.  WHICH I ENJOYED JUST NOW.  I can have a Pasta Al Fredo for dinner.  WHY NOT.  LET'S KEEP THIS CREAMISH TASTE GOIN LET IT RIDE!
Penultimate paragraph.  Thought of another way I can take Walk Breaks Walk Break.  Ya know sitting on a BENCH or at COFFEE SHOP midway through walk.  I can READ.  Take a book-- Any Book Will Do!-- and just READ THAT SUCKER for 40 minutes.  But IN PUBLIC.  People will be like hmm this guy must love reading he can't leave the house without reading now we're talkin.  I dunno the point is ever so closer to end of the entry.  Here's how II conceptualize 1.9 trillion-- Super Rich GEnius Lady in Watchmen is a Trillionaire.  Can't be much more than a single trillion, right?  So basically we're using THE ENTIRE FUNDS OF TWO TRILLIONAIRE-- Either FROM WATCHMEN or NOT.  Well, just under.  TWO .95 TRILLIONAIRES.  That's a lot of people's money!  TWO!  Anyway hey great time for one last paragraph. 
     Thank god for REAL LIFE Billionaires.  They help us contextualize TRILLIONS of dollars.
  I knew they were worth something!  Giving us Money Perspective!  So in the end its all worth it I guess.  Anyway lets get into it it's March SIXTH?  I can, "Live," with that.  I find March to be The Most Patriotic of ALL The Months.  March.  That's what soldiers do!  Or Trained Civilians in Authoritarianish Countries!  Only real rival is MAY.  May just plainly is Patriotic I don't know why but I feel we can all agree on that pretty universally.  HEY great the entry is over.  I'll see you guys tomorrow presumably.  Not LITERALLY.  See ya later.

-2:04 P.M.





Friday, March 5, 2021

Let's Entertain Myself

    Why not!  It's the best idea I've had All The Last Eight Seconds!  Accepted Super Market Delivery Order.  Put some of those suckers of items away!  Got coffee + beer going!  Will have lunch in Act III.  THOSE ARE ALL MY CONSUMPTIONS OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD.  Anyway I know they say your shoulder might feel sore a day or two after Shot but my UPPER ARM JUST BELOW THE SHOULDER FEELS SORE.  Maybe this Part Of Body is referred to as a Shoulder for short?  Like my shoulder has annexed the nearest part of arm to be considered a Shoulder?  I don't have all the, "Deets," but anyway YES its a few inches down from where Shot Took Place that I'm sore.  I guess Virus migrated a few inches and then camped out there and is like well gonna be sore here for a while.  That's how Viruses work!  That's how Everything works!
     Cool.  Look one more Consumption Note-- lunch gonna be Chicken + Broccoli + Sweet Potato + Bonus Piece of Chicken In The Form Of Buffalo'd Wing.  OK I think we're all caught up now!  Anyway GOT NETFLIX loaded back up.  HULU next!  Hulu MIGHT have All The #InterventionMarchWhatever and there's a solid SIX OR SO SEASONS I haven't seen.  Alright there's more Consumption talk.  We CONSUME entertainment.  Yep no one is arguing that.  I AM.  Yeah but no one is arguing AGAINST that.  NOT YET BUT THEY WILL.  Hmm.  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  Anyway hey how about this What's next are they going to cancel WALDO?  Sure you can cancel him.  That's if you can find him!  GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!
Okay.  I SEE.  April 8th Release Date.  That's a solid THIRTY EIGHT WEEKS of 2021 to Enjoy!  We divide things into weeks for CONVENIENCE.  Nothin' ground breakin' there.  We're all on board with Weeks.  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  One UH-OH I had was I forgot that this Super Market Delivery was only for 6 days, on account of it being delayed a day this week.  I PLANNED FOR SEVEN DAYS.  THIS IS THE BIGGEST UH-OH I'VE HAD ALL WEEK!  Uh-oh almost done with coffee.  What am I supposed to do RE-FILL THIS CUP?  Yep that seems pretty straightforward.  Upon further Introspection YES I CAN SEE MYSELF DOING THIS.  Ugh.  What else is giong on and crap.  We're talkin WALKS on APril 8th.  BIG OL' WALKS.  We're talkin FOOD DELIVERIES &/OR PICK UPPERIES.  Well we're talking about thiose thigns now.  I just brought them up!  I don't think anyone was JUST talking about it before then, though.
Wonderful.  Not on board with Last Saw Movie!  Easily Worst Saw Movie!  NO SPOILERS.  Do people consider that a Spoiler generally.  Real question.  Hey I HEARD THIS WAS GONNA BE either REALLY GOOD or REALLY BAD.  That's A Spoiled!  I feel comfortable saying YES you should alert Spoiler Alert before discussing Quality Of The Movie.  YES I get its subjective where as spoiling something In Plot is objective.  I STILL FEEL THE WAY I SAID I FEEL RE: QUALITY SPOILERS AND NO ONE IS GOING TO CONVINCE ME OTHERWISE.  Ugh.  Signed into HULU: The Word That Doesn't Really Exist and they have FOUR seasons of Intervention TWO OF WHICH I haven't seen.  Plus other stuff!  I can live with this turn of events!
     Cool.  LOTS OF Docu Series that I've watched across ALL the half dozen channels.  Plus Real Movies and TV!  This is gonna be a #MarchWhateverMarchForTheAges.  Presumably.  Make some more progress with #BarackObamasMemoirExperienceMarchWhatever later in the day.  Make some progress with Docu Series I'm 60% interested in, too!  Talk About A Nice Balanced Day Planned.  What's today THE FIFTH?  That surprised me.  I was operating under the impression gotta be March NINTH or something at this point.  Good thing I have a calendar to clear that whole mess up.  Also, "Above the fruited Plain!".  That's what My Calendar has got to say about, "March."  IT'S PATRIOTISM YOU WOULDN'T GET IT.  YOU WON'T BELIEVE HOW MANY #My600PoundLifeMarchWhatever I have.  ROUGHLY FIFTY OR FIFTY FIVE.  Maybe you'll believe it.  I've proven to be a semi-trustworthy narrator.  Somewhat?  Almost?  I'm close to trustworthy ON OCCASION.  I'll be back in a bit.





    I don't think I'm speaking out of turn when I say people don't APPRETIATE that when you're having Any Sort Of Chip, the taste quality Goes DOWN every day that passes with the bag open.  You can try to roll it up, might help a little!  Not enough!  Anyway.  Also I Don't Think I'm EVER speaking out of turn on this website.  I'm the only one here!  It's ALWAYS My Turn!  Anyway lets talk about it.  BIDEN HAS A NET APPROVAL RATING OF +15.  We're talkin you take his approval rating.  You take his disapproval rating.  You subtract disapproval from approval.  Why IT's Only 15 On The Dot.  Anyway.  I like NeandterthalGate.  I feel like we may be reaching a POSITIVE inflection point where a majority of people across all spectrums are like well this is pretty dumb.  Potentially most UNITED the country has been in a while!  Based on MY OWN GUESSTIMATIONS I've seen no polling or even watched the news coverage explicitly myself! Just feels like a moment where we're all like this is supposed to be a thing?  And they're TRYING to make it a thing?  When it's clearly just Dumb?
Positive Guesstimation!  IF WE'RE NOT EARNESTLY FIGHTING OVER BIDEN SAYING OFFHAND THAT DUMB ACTING REPUBLICAN GOVERNOR ACTING DUMB IS DUMB LIKE NEANDERTHALS... WHO EVEN ARE WE AS A COUNTRY?  I dunno I guess we'll find out!  Anyway I dunno whatta do RE: #LockDownMarchWhatever.  Entertaining enough but at this point A DOZEN better options in terms of Many Episodes of Docu Series.  But I'm so far into... WAIT HOLY SHIT ONLY 1.5 EPISODES LEFT OF #LOCKDOWNMARCHWHATEVER.  That solves that!  FINISH THAT SUCKER and then move on to Better and Greener Pastures!  LIke Oh I Don't Know SPLITTING TIME BETWEEN #InterventionMarchWhatever &/OR #My600PoundLifeMarchWhatever.  Man Dr Nowzaradan must be a HUNDRED MILLION DOLLAR AIRE.  He's in ALL THESE SHOWS helping people lose weight.  We're talking like 50 or 55 episodes As Doctor Who Performs Weight Loss Surgery. 
     Rolling in the dough!  Some sort of pun about overweight people and, "Dough."  I'll leave it to YOU to figure that one out!  Anyway I think I had a tiny amount of coffee leftover in Travel Mug when I poured Orange Soda in just now and it's GREAT.  That's MY Hot Take.  LOOK let's talk CONSUMPTION I'm pot committed to Lunch I Told You About but what I have for dinner is UP IN THEMS AIRES.  Maybe a Corn't Beef Sandwich.  Haven't had that in a while!  Well great then its settled!  No not yet.  It's settled FOR NOW but I reserve the right to consider this motion further before tonight's dinner.  Have some roast half spheres of potatoes that are now qualified with, "Roast," even though I never used that in the description before... with the sandwich.
Cool!  AIRES is a word.  Presumably I'll LTURQ to SEE WHY.  BUENOS AIRES.  Yep that checks out.  I guess.  I think the only way to address this controversy this country has plunged into is to air ENCINO MAN tonight AND EVERY NIGHT at 8 PM on ALL THE CHANNELS.  Yeah!  Decent movie.  Maybe for 8 year olds.  That's when I considered it a decent movie.  And why shouldn't that count, 8 Year Olds consume a lot of entertainment.  We should devote ALL our entertainment resources to Getting Eight Year Olds On Board.  Seems about right.  Also LOOK is Brendan Frasier actually a Neanderthal PROBABLY NOT.  He's probably just a regular human but from 10,000 years ago.  I shouldn't have to explain this to you dummies.  Am I joking that Brendan Frasier's CHARACTER isn't technically a Neanderthal-- which isn't a joke, but is a true statement.  OR am I joking that Brendan Frasier-- in real life-- isn't a Neanderthal but a Regular Human from 10,000 years ago.  I dunno AND I HOPE TO GET TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS ONE DAY.
     Last paragraph of Act II!  HEY I just realized I have ONE LESS DAY before Super Market is re-upped which means one less day to ration re: Beers.  Probably was gonna go for 5 days out of 7 NOW ITS 5 out of 7!  Everything's working out my way!  Such Is Life!  Am I supposed to feel slightly guilty about getting vaccine because I was 5 pounds Over The Limit?  Maybe!  But if not me WHO SHOULD get it.  I think everyone Elderlies has already had it available.  So WHY NOT me over SOME OTHER JERKS.  Gotta be SOMEONE.  The point is Brendan Frasier must been THE VERY FIRST to get the vaccine.  WHAT THE HELL THIS GUY IS 10,000 YEARS OLD?  COME RIGHT THIS WAY IMMEDIATELY SIR.  Anyway I'll be back in a little bit with Act III and Lunch #1 out of 1.  Yep that checks out.




That's How I Roll

    Hey I got lunch going on, JUST AS I SUSPECTED.  It's going OK.  Only a, "B."  Its GOOD but I'm gonna be honest I Was Hoping For More.  The point is what else is going on.  Lookin like Stimulus Bill might pass tonight?  Tomorrow?  Some other date in the future?  Never?  Before?  RIGHT NOW? In an alternate dimension?  Never even existed?  Exists but can't be passed for some metaphysical reason?  I've narrowed it down to those seven things.  Hmm GUESSTIMATED It was seven.  Let's go back and count!  NINE.  WONDERFUL.  Cool!  FINISH #LockDownMarchWhatever when this entry is over.  Lock Down, Lock Up, either way it's all Prisons and all Locks.
     Man oh man am I gonna have all the sweet potatoes my little heart desires in Oh I Don't Know A MONTH AND A WEEK?  BROCCOLI, TOO!  Also grilled chicken is all well and good but I CAN THINK OF BETTER PROTEINS TO HAVE. 
Anyway in IN THE ARMY NOW in the beginning when they're signing up for the Army Reserves they're like ok this is only a weekend a month.  And I never understood if signing up for the Army Reserves meant signing up for A WEEKEND EACH MONTH OR A WEEK AND A MONTH aka five weeks.  I'd look into it now but I'm not 100, "Comfortable," with Google seeing my ask about In The Army Now.  AS OF NOW, SUBJECT TO CHANGE, BUT AS OF NOW, I'm 100%, "Comfortable," with having 2 mini Corn't Beef Sandwiches plus Sphere Halves of Potatoes for dinner!  That's  pretty much a situation where 100% specifically Does NOT Apply.  Oh well what can ya do.
     Three more paragraphs to go.  Finished lunch!  I'm okay with it!  Solid, "B," lunch!  Anyway I LIKE MOST COOL PEOPLE are gonna have to make a decision on whether to get haircut when this is all finished.  Look we've grown it out longer than we ever would have before.  Why not just STICK WITH IT and SEE HOW FAR WE CAN TAKE IT.  OR well everyone else has long hair I'm gonna get ahead of the curve and be REALLY CUTTED HAIR'D people won't believe how short my hair is!  I dunno!  I feel like if I could just choose between Hair I Have Now and Nice Good Hair Cut I'd get the hair cut.  But I'd be CRIPPLING my chances of having longer hair anytime in the present-into-future.  THIS IS A TOUGH ONE and I'm gonna have to make a decision in Oh I Don't Know APRIL OR MAY.
Cool!  I need to completely shave and I'm often too lazy to do it myself.  Often just wait till I get a haircut.  So THAT certainly comes into play!  Didn't get any WRAP this week.  Got Corn't Beef instead.  Make my own sandwich(es).  MAYORAL RACE IS, "HEATING UP," IN NYC!  PRESUMABLY!  I HAVEN'T HEARD ANYTHING ABOUT IT IN TWO WEEKS!  BUT BASED ON WHAT I HEARD TWO WEEKS AGO IT'S A DECENT EDUCATED GUESSTIMATION THAT BY THIS POINT IT WILL HAVE BEEN HEATING UP!  I'm supporting MAYA WILEY in this Early Stage of Primary.  I know there's HER and there's YANG and YANG said something wrong a few weeks ago I DON'T REMEMBER.  Ugh.  I'll look into this and get back to you Well Informed!  If not for you then FOR ME.  Definitely Not For You, Too!  What The Hell Do You Care!!!
     Last paragraph of the entry. Today's lunch had FOUR slices of Sweet Potato.  Last time it was THREE.  Progress.  What else is going on.  Upper arm still hurts.  Which I think means I have FULL FLEDGED COVID BUT IT'S ENTIRELY LOCALIZED RIGHT BENEATH RIGHT SHOULDER.  Which I guess is good?  As long as it doesn't spread My Right Arm Below Shoulder can handle Covid no problem.  Buffalo Wings SMALL again.  2/3rds, MAYBE 3/4ths the amount size of Regular Buffalo Wings!  Ya make do with what ya can!  They give MORE.  I think they give the same amount of OZ of Buffalo Wings no matter how many individual ones there are!  Doesn't sound good!  Sounds like I'm getting more Bone and less Wing in this scenario!  Oh well what can ya do.  I'll see you guys tomorrow.





Thursday, March 4, 2021

I Wouldn't Worry

    Look You Idiots I GOT VACCINATED PART I AND It was PFIZER!!!  I'm gonna be honest, I didn't wanna say this out loud, but between Pfizer and Moderna?  DOWN WITH PFIZER A BIT MORE.  SOUNDS COOLER.  So that worked out for me.  They Didn't ENFORCE the premise of us waiting around for 15 minutes after shot in case we got ill.  Totally based on the honor system!  I WAITED THOUGH.  Because I HAVE HONOR.  Also to celebrate all this I am having an Indulgent Breakfast Sandwich.  Look over the lat fe months ANY breakfast would be considered indulgent.  Also this is because No Beer today but I can make up for it in Breakfast Sandwiches!  NEXT SHOT is 3 Weeks from today-- Why It's Only March 25th!  TOTALLY SAFE TO DO STUFF 2 weeks from that-- WHY IT'S ONLY APRIL 8TH!
Yay!  The YAYS HAVE IT!  Also I think its a thing that when we're double vaccinated and safe We Revert To Exactly Who We Were A Year Ago.  We thought we were gonna grow as people thanks to this WORLDWIDE Re-adjustment.  NOPE THOUGHT WRONG!  TOTALLY WASTED YEAR.  Fooled Ya!  Hey Another One The YAYS have-- figured out I had EIGHT episodes of #InterventionMarchWhatever I could watch!  Watched about Oh I Don't Know THREE OR FOUR OF THEM.  I like those odds!  Also this season appears to be Only Canadian Cases.  Which is great because even when there's a drug addict ruining the lives of those close to them they're all VERY polite about it.  Most importantly at the end.  Will they accept treatment?  Yea sure okay I'm Canadian I'm okay with that.  You know that sort of thing.
     Cool!  Got shot in RIGHT shoulder.  They were like which arm is dominant.  And I FIGURED they meant Handedness.  So I asked!  And They Confirmed!  So they shot the NON Dominant Shoulder.  Hmm if I had Breakfast at 10:30-10:45, Lunch can be as soon as 2:00-2:30!  I've gotta crunch the numbers on that, its been a while since I've had to calculate Breakfast --> lunch.  ALSO where was the breakfast buffet where I was getting vaccinations!  Aqueduct Race Track!  Famously Known for it's Breakfast Buffets!  Anyway when they gave me my shot, a NURSE NOT A COMBAT PROFESSIONAL, I wanted to say SOMETHING but all I could come up with was Thank You For Your Service.  Which is ACCURATE in regards to what I wanted to say but it's WRONG to say that.  So basically I said THANKS FOR NOTHING and then took off my mask to Heavy Sigh On Them FOR AS LONG AS I COULD GET AWAY WITH IT.
     Anyway.  I was HAPPY with Adult Indulgent Breakfast Sandwich.  Hmm added, "adult," to that.  One can only imagine because I meant to say, "Indulgent," and it shares some letters and syllables are close.  Either that or NOW THE WHOLE THING IS SUDDENLY AN ADULT OPERATION.  Got some coffee going now.  Wonderful!  Maybe take a big ol' break after Act II and return with LUNCH & Act III!  HEY I got a Spam Donation email saying JOE BIDEN GIVIN A BIG OL' STATE OF THE UNION SPEECH IN, "THE COMING WEEKS"  REPUTABLE SOURCE, TOO.  THIS SOURCES' SPAM IS ALWAYS ON THE UP AND UP!  Now all he has to do is announce Cat and We're All On Board 100!  Anyway while waiting 15 minutes ON HONOR SYSTEM I was like hmm do feel kinda sick kind of immediately.  Oh well that's to be expected.  In fact that's how I know its working.  I hope this never goes away!  It did go away.  100 on board with my health symptoms as of now.
     Cool.  It is kind of weird where we spent A FUCKIN YEAR going WAY out of our way to not contract virus and suddenly I'm like Well now I have the virus and not only that I just gave it to myself on purpose.  Seems kind of counter intuitive.  I know THE SCIENCE behind it IT WAS JUST AN IDLE THOUGHT GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT IT.  You know what lunch I might want tomorrow, first meal of the week-- why it's only the Grilled CHicken Cutlet + Sweet Potatoes + Broccoli + SOME OTHER KIND OF SIDE I dunno MAYBE A WING OF BUFFALO?  That sweet potato hit the spot and ya know what what this broccoli, broccoli is okay on occasion, this broccoli was VERY OKAY!  Grilled chicken Cutlet was Great Sure Why Not.  Anyway I'll be back in a bit!




Don't Make Me Laugh

    No problem there!  Fantastasizing about takin Three Hour Walks in afternoon.  Just be like well lunch is done dinner later... GONNA WONDER AROUND GO AHEAD AND TRY TO STOP ME!  I can listen to MUSIC I've never heard before.  PODCASTS I've never heard before.  Maybe get an AUDIBLE account and listen to FOOTBALL PLAYS THAT WERE CALLED IN THE HUDDLE I've never heard before.  Hail Mary.  That's a football play.  It's the best one!  It's the one where its like OK EVERYONE WE'RE ALL GONNA RUN IN VERY STRAIGHT LINES AS FAR AS WE CAN GO, I'LL THROW IT TO ONE OF YOU, THE ONE WITH THE BEST CHANCE OF SCORING TOUCHDOWNS PER MYE EDUCATED GUESSTIMATION.
     Easy play to understand, is the most exciting play, and got a nice clever name.  What's not to like!  Why isn't it April 8th NOW.  Oh, right.  Because of how Calendars Work.  Cracked that code!  I HAVE COVID 19 NOW!  RIGHT?  GET OUT OF THE WAY!!!  Hmm if you're given a small dose of Covid... doesn't that mean you can SPREAD a small dose?  I guess NOT otherwise WE'D HAVE BEEN WARNED.  Hmm.  They say Vaccine doesn't protect from other people.  Well I guess that's why its important we all get Vaccines.  CRACKED THAT CODE.  But if I'm doin' my thing wearing masks Making It A Point to only Get Close to those who are vaccinated I CAN GO ABOUT MY LIFE MORE OR LESS RIGHT?  I'll wear MASK.  I'll wear DOUBLE MASKS, I don't care!
     Anyway.  I'll have a nice properly timed lunch whether it's with Act III or Beyond Or What.  Been reading about hopefully they might legalize marijuana before Bduget Bill or whatever is required April 1.  Now THAT'S a FANTASTASIZING worth FANTASTASIZING ABOUT.  Walking around for 3 hours ON MARIJUANA listening to MUSIC I AIN'T NEVER HEARD BEFORE.  Then ALSO before or after walk WORK ON MY OWN MUSIC.  Drinking is for Writing!  Marijuana is for Music!  EVERYONE KNOWS THIS.  Still not gonna get my hopes up.  Walking Around A Lot sober is GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME.  Close enough to good enough.  I can live with living a life with these circumstances whatever they may be.  Listen to some AUDIO BOOKS.  Whose a good Audio Book writer.  We never learned that in school, audio books weren't being written yet!  Need a CRASH COURSE of who the best Audio Book writers are and how their respective catalogues of Audio Books stack up against one another.  It's funny because I'm Being Dumb.  Makes me laugh!  Well, bemused.  Makes me bemused!  Sure that's what Bemused means.  It's AMUSED but to the point You're BEING it.
     Penultimate paragraph of Act II!  Anyway, with all thems walkings, I can be at a weight I'm VERY happy with by Oh I Don't Know NEW YEARS DAY.  CLOSE on New Years Eve.  VERY close.  New Years day that's CLINCHING IT.  CAMOUFLAGED Military Men doin' the Point Checks at Vaccination Spot.   Semper Pfizer am I right.  Oh I'm wrong?  That's Marines?  Maybe it was Marines being navigators for people to get vaccines.  Need the best and brightest of Military Men-- The Marine People-- running administrative tasks!  Anyway YOU IDIOTS SAID I WOULD NEVER GET VACCINED.  You were wrong!  Way off!  I totally got A VACCINE TODAY.  And am IN THE BOOKS for another one in 2 weeks.  TWENTY ONE DAYS.  I dunno not 100% happy with Whats BEcome Of This Paragraph.
  Maybe walk around a PARK.  Maybe walk on some of usually suburbish city streets.  The Citiest of them, thuogh!  I don't wanna walk past residential areas anymore than I have to!  I wanna be where the action is!  WHITE CASTLE.  I could walk to White Castle and back THAT'S WITHIN REASON over 3 hours.  Don't even need to get anything!  Just for fun!  Maybe watch some #InterventionMarchWhatever.  I can do that sure.  Anyway I'm gonna be honest with ya I'M FEELING FLUISH.  Wait, no.  I'm feeling FOOLISH.  Sorry.  I am also actually feeling Fluish.  Get off my back about it I'll Probably Be Okay!  Anyway I'll be back in a little bit.



Read A Bit More!

    Look is it a thing that people are, "Into," feeling sick?  Flu-ish symptoms specifically.  I'm asking for a friend.  Anyway Lunch Today is lookin like Noodle + Salmon.  Dinner lookin' like Hour Deserves Party.  I am NOT having lunch right now, though!  That'll be in a couple of hours!  I took a LONGER BREAK THAN NORMAL to BATHE myself but not long enough to be havin' lunch Right Quick.  Look 3 hour walk is gonna be great.  Take a backpack with me!  Throw in laptop in there LOOSE.  We're talkin leave a Spiral Notebook in my packback, too!  Maybe sit down at a BENCH and write or Oh I Don't Know A STARBUCKS and be like alright gonna set up shop here for Oh I Don't Know FORTY MINUTES?  Lots of opportunities to do stuff when You're Out Of The House!
  I was feeling FLOOISH a litle bit again before BATHING but now I feel back to normal again.  Wonderful, like I said, just like I said, wonderful.  At waht point can we Cancel Cancel Culture.  Wait no that's what THEY want us to do.  At what point can we Cancel Cancel Cancel Cancel Culture? ... hmmm just figure if we stop talking about it, it will go away.  I wouldn't mind it not going away!  After years of scaring people the apocalypse was near, we're all child molesters and killers, Fox News Viewers being WHIPPED INTO A FRENZY over Children's Books seems kind of like a good thing?  Sorta the least worst of all possible worlds. There that should get the cancel cancel cancel cancel cancel cancel culture canceled.  THE NOODLES I'VE BEEN GETTING AREN'T AVAILABLE THIS WEEK.  Gonna have to try a different brand which YA KNOW WHAT I'M ON BOARD WITH.  SHRIMP FLAVORED?  WHY IT'S ONLY A FANCY SEAFOOD DINNER I'VE GOT COMING TO ME.
Yeah!  I cracked the code that they must not have Intervention in Canada and this is the only way they can find subjects who genuinely don't know they're gonna be facing an Intervention.  There cracked that #InterventionMarchWhateverMysteryOfTheYear.  Any more codes you want me to crack?  E-mail me the codes to mankindguy AT gmail DOT com Then NOTHING ELSE That's It.  That's The E-mail!  I guess so.  HEY I left my band aid from Vaccination on DURING BATH.  Which is good because now I know FOR SURE bathing didn't wash the vaccine away.  Extra layer of protection between my Vaccinated Shoulder and the Water Involved In The Bathing Enterprise.  I had a dream a night or two ago where I had money on poker and I just kept signing up for-- at first on purpose and then eventually uncontrolled-- Sit n Go tournaments and first it was 3 which I could keep up with all at the same time, then it was 4 at the same time that I tried to manage with, and it just kept getting HIGHER AND HIGHER and I was like JESUS I'M WASTING MONEY I CAN'T DO ALL THESE AT ONCE ITS IMPOSSIBLE I CAN'T EVEN FIT THEM ALL ONTO THE SAME SCREEN AT ONCE.  I woke up and it was just a dream!  Too bad.  Now I Don't have ANY money on poker.  Presumably in the dream I had at least SOME money left over even after wasting so much of it at once.
     Penultimate paragraph!
  HEY I just saw that the FINAL #SawFranchiseMarchWhatever movie that I hadn't seen is available to me ON THE STREAMS.  I'll watch THAT later!  Not too much later!  I don't wanna lose my chance to See Saw!  HILARIOUS STUFF, THIS IS GREAT.  SHRIMP?  Why I bet there's A SINGLE PIECE OF BABY SHRIMP IN THAT CUP.  No kidding I DO THINK that's a real possibility In The Cards!  Anyway my Today Lunch'll be in I dunno AN HOUR 45?  TWO HOURS?  From this very moment.  Got shot at Aqueduct Race Track.  What do Aqueducts have to do with race tracks.  I guess I'll never know!  Forgot to ask anyone there!  I blew my best shot!  Hmm getting a 2nd shot LITERALLY AND FIGURATIVELY in three weeks.  So it's settled, I'll Ask Everyone I See what's the deal with Aqueducts re: Race Tracks.
Alright last paragraph of the day.  Then tomorrow re-uppin with beer.  Will HOPEFULLY be SLIGHTLY Fluish?  GOnna have some great lunch &/or dinner.  Dad got Double V'd yesterday.  Mom's Double V'd Date is March 16th.  It's all going according to plan!  What plan.  The get Vaccines when you can get them plan.  Hmm sounds like a good plan will I be ablle to reproduce your results.  Probably only one way to find out Go Ahead And Try It!.  THanks for the tip I'm gonna step back and let yuo finish the entry now.  That's what happens!!  Jeez.  I'll see you guys tomorrow.

-1:24 P.M.





Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Is This The Best I Can Do

    Let's Hope... NOT?  ... Hope SO?  Maybe?  Not sure what the right answer is here but I can't spend any more time talking about it I've Got Potential Lunches To Update You On!  Best Tasting lunch could be Some Frozen Ribs.  But that's too messy to type with!  Best 2 options, then, are Bagel + Egg (NOT TOASTED BAGEL IT'S AN EVERYTHING BAGEL CAN'T TOAST THAT CRAP) and Noodles + Salmon (NOT TOASTED SALMON IT'S RIDICULOUS TO EVEN CONSIDER THAT WHAT'S YOUR MAJOR MALFUNCTION PROBLEM IS THE POINT I'M TRYING TO MAKE IN THIS PARENTHETICAL).  Vaccine tomorrow!  Still worried it'll be a J & J.  A lot of people are saying J And J vaccine is a scam and we should Throw Insurrection Riots if that's the vaccine we're being given.
     Cool.  I don't think its a coincidence that Texas Governor apparently wants more people to die of Covid for no good reason AND the fact that Texas kills more Death Penalty People than any other state.  These jokers in Texas just LOVE KILLING PEOPLE!  It's part of the Texas Spirit!  "Don't mess with Texas," and the subtext is "Or We'll KILL YA!"  Anyway what else is going on.  Not sure about that part of riff.  The whole premise is They'll Kill Ya even if you DON'T Mexx with Texas.  You could be sitting around minding your own business and then suddenly Texas Kills You.  Doesn't seem right but that's the choice you made!  You can move to another state!  No one's forcing you to live in Texas: The State That Kills People!
Yeah!  Good slogan for Congressional Campaign for whatever Congressional District is the Bottommost on the map-- "I'm FOR LOWER TEXAS."  Just throwing that out there.  Just an idea!  OH NO THEY'RE CANCELING DR. SEUSS!!!  THERE GOES MY AFTERNOON!!!!  Laff-em-up.  The premise is this adult is/was going to read Dr. Seuss for his afternoon.  Get It?  It's a joke!  It's a good one!  Let's go back and read it again.  I can't get enough of Having Written A Joke.  DR SS.  Is that like Goebells or.. AH GOOGLE SAYS JOSEPH MENGELE!  Yes I Googled, "Nazi Doctor."  Not because I'm into Nazi's, google!  Please believe me!  Because I wanted to write a spin off of Seinfeld where its a gang of, "Nazi Professionals," who refuse goods and services to people based on how much respect they are shown.  A Nazi Doctor is just a guy whose like NO HEALTH CARE FOR YOU. PLEASE BELIEVE ME!
Anyway, what else.  Maybe Egg and Bagel.  I can eat 3 eggs AND just snack on a Whole Uncooked Bagel.  Maybe divide bagel in half, have 2 half sandwiches of bagel + egg, but UNTOASTED.  Is that a thing people can do?  Surely!  You can have Bagel sandwiches without it being toasted.  That's THE STANDARD when you're at a Deli Bodega PER MY FURTHER INTROSPECTION.  Let's do it!  Read some more #BarackObamaMarchWhatever yesterday.  Will read some more today!  Pretty comfortable making that prediction!  Why shouldn't I feel comfortable making a prediction!  Even if it ends up wrong that's no reason to not feel Comfortable Making A Prediction!  Such is life sometimes you make wrong predictions!  Don't worry about it it's okay happens to the best of us!
     Last paragraph of Act I.  Finished The, "Green," Mile yet again.  Now its onto What I Dunno.  Better LTURQ, what FILM can I watch HOPEFULLY a Horrorific.  NOPE not coming up with anything.  SURE there's #TalesFromTheCryptMarchWhatever.  I can watch the one described last entry Per My Understanding-- "TELEVISION TERROR!"  It's about a group of TV people going into a HAUNTED house with GHOULISH CONSEQUENCES.  No spoilers.  Alright just a little bit of spoiler.  Now you know They Enter A House.  And There MAY or MAY NOT Be Consequences.  Put that sucker on in a minute when act I is over I'm comfortable with that.  I'll see ya in a little bit!




Let Me Get Back To You

    Sweet!  Got some coffee and beer going.  Got lunch coming up in roughly an hour.  Got lots of things going for as of this moment!  Had ZOOM appointment with therapist today.  Forgot to bring up Why Am I Dropping Glasses All The Time.  Dunno if she'd have an answer beyond Hmm I dunno that's No Bueno though probably should look into that.  So basically I DID bring it up because APPARENTLY I could predict her response 100%.  Good as done.  I just hope I don't drop Vaccine!  They're about to give me my vaccine and I in an UNCONTROLLABLE SPASM GRASP THE SYRINGE FROM THEM AND THROW IT AGAINST THE WALL.  I HOPE that doesn't happen but look gotta be prepared.  Gotta focus on something else other than Politics.  These assholes defending the filibuster Make ME Wanna GRASP SPASM MY HAIR AND RIP IT OUT AND THEN THROW IT AGAINST THE WALL.  What's their motive!  Can't just be Naivety and Stupidity!  They MUST Have MOTIVES and I WANT TO GET TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS.
I guess we'll have to wait and see how much Democrats can manage to accomplish!  Who knows!  Presumably there won't be a Voting Rights Bill because they wont end the filibuster!  Allowing Republicans to continue and PROGRESS in rigging elections on a state level.  But WHAT CAN YA DO THERE'S A FILIBUSTER IN PLACE I GUESS WE'LL HAVE TO LET REPUBLICANS STEAL ELECTIONS.  Alright I'm done!  Done!  ...UNTIL ACT BREAK BETWEEN II and III.  THEN it's BACK TO TWITTER!!!  Maybe I'm displaying Naivety and Stupidity Myself!  I dunno the, "Deets!"  But that's these be the impressions I Been Gettins.  LOOK Barack Obama seemed to be against The Filibuster when he first broached it in his book!  Presumably that perspective lasts later into the book!  And Barack Obama is a Great Politics Guy.  Take your cues from him!  He's got it all figured out presumably!
  What else is going on and crap.  Manchin and Sinema seem to be okay with getting stuff done with reconciliation with 50+ votes.  So gotta imagine there's a handful of great things we can do with that process.  No we don't have to imagine that.  They'll throw a monkey in that wrench too presumably!  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  INFRASTRUCTURE BILL?  That sounds like it's right up Reconciliation's Alley!  Presumably that's why they're floating that to be the next thing!  Presumably Lots OF Stuff I DON'T HAVE ALL THE, "DEETS," as some might say.  Also presumably eternally a thing where you can imagine bipartisanship.  Let's see how that goes!  It's INTERESTING To See How That Will Go I THINK I KNOW ALREADY!!!  Will my Thoughts be CONFIRMED like Merrick Garland?  Or TOSSED ASIDE like Neera Tanden.
  I think it's interesting that I Never Was Exposed to Neera Tanden's Tweets.  From what I read ABOUT Her she seemed not so great in terms of potential Policywise and Background-Experiencewise.  But her tweets never even made it into my, "FEED," (BOTH LITERALLY AND FIGURATIVELY).  I get the sense SHE'S AN ASSHOLE but I have NO CONCRETE PROOF right in front of me.  Gotta imagine someone'll give me a Daily Briefing on Neera Tanden someday.  Better Late Than Never!  I can watch RED DRAGON: THE ONE OF THE HANNIBAL LECTOR MOVIES today.  That's a Horrorific.  I can, "Live," with watching that!  SINEMA sounds like a brand of vaccine.  MANCHIN sounds like a brand of Cupboard Noodles.  Glad we got all that covered.  Does Manchin have Presidential Ambitions?  Manchinian Candidate?  He can be a Manchinian Candidate even just for Senator.  Well we cracked that code.  Either he's a Manchurian Candidate OR he's Cupboard Noodles.  Can't be both!
Last paragraph of Act II!  Plenty of stuff I can do that's not Politic Consumption.  Why It's Only Reading Barack Obama THe B.. wait nope that's Politic-Current Event Consumption.  Just because it was 10 years ago Doesn't Make It Any Less CURRENT EV... WAIT yes it does.  Anyway great just great.  Watching it last night my favorite part of #TheGreen'dMileMarchWhatever is there's an entire sequence About CornBread and I was like hmmm wish I had some corn'd bread.  Got DINNER rolls in the fridge.  Guess I'll have one.  It's JUST NOT THE SAME THOUGH.  Then again the way Michael Clarke Duncan got Corn Bread was by curing Tom Hank's Urinary Tract Infection.  It was a GIFT for his service.  I've cured NOBODY'S ANYTHING.  Gotta do something to EARN the CornBread.  And as of now I haven't yet made a strong case for myself to get corn bread.  I'll be back in a little bit.





It's Hard To Say

    LOOK am I having Orange Juice right now mixed with water?  YES.  Also orange juice is ALWAYS mixed with water.  Unless you're Doing It Yourself.  Gotta imagine Store Bought Orange Juice has been Watered Down NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY.  You know like what's going on with the Covid-19 Stimulus Package?  NAILED IT!  I told myself I wasn't gonna write about politics Act III.  You don't pass up a good joke once the set-up has primed it.  You go for it and MAKE that joke.  Is it funny?  Not Really.  Is it clever?  KINDA!  Let's move on with our lives though, that's the point I'm trying to make.  Don't have lunch yet.  Too early in the day &/OR not really that hungry!
     ANYWAY what else is going on.  Need some QUALITY TV to watch on my MEDIOCORE BUT NEWISH Laptop While LYING in MY Bed.  Anyway.  Not a fan of how 90% of #LOCKUPSMarchWhatever are in JAILS not PRISONS.  Jail is where you are TEMPORARILY.  Either before being convicted &/OR for short sentences PER MY UNDERSTANDING.  I WANNA SEE LIFERS.  I WANNA SEE REAL-DEAL PENETENTIONARY ARENAS.  I haven't watched #TheDeuceMarchWhatever in 2 or 3 weeks I can get back into that it may even be significantly TITILLATING if you know what I mean!  Sure you know what I mean.  You Know WORDS.  That's a word we learn at the latest 8 or 9 years old.  Everyone GETS what words mean!  Anyway My Dad is DEMANDING QUARTERS for a reason I don't fully understand.  I know he's getting Shot #2 today and maybe the quarters are for a parking spot?  But he wants 16 quarters (I'm giving him 20 TO PLAY IT SAFE).  But anyway Don't Ask Don't Tell!  He want quarters SAY NO MORE HERE'S FIVE DOLLARS IN QUARTERS ENJOY.
Cool!  I don't think I'm alone to say I'd be AMAZED if there's a significant bipartisan bill on a, "Vaguely Touchy Subject Which Matters," with over 60 YAYS.  IT WILL NOT HAPPEN.  You're basically just saying I WAS ELECTED TO THE SENATE TO MAKE SURE NOTHING EVER HAPPENS.  Which may be how they feel!  Sounds about right!  NO ACTION is AN ACTION though!  IN FACT No Action is MORE OF AN ACTION than EVERYONE ELSE is taking.  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  I am LOOKING FORWARD to lunch I'm just not having it yet!  Get off my back about it & whatnot!  Here's a KEY sticking point-- if I were to return to #TheDeuceMarchWhatever-- is the exact moment in the exact episode I last watched Right There for me?  Makes things a whole lot easier.  Instead of speculating about this In A Paragraph I could have been looking it up myself  But its too late for that, now I have to finish this paragraph without looking it up.  I'll look it up once the paragraph is over, though.
     YEP and it looks like I stopped at the end of an episode.  So I got that going for me is the point.  Maybe despite being Democrats they Just Don't Like Helping People &/Or Doing The Right Thing.  Makes sense to me.  Probably consume SOME sort of entertainment for abuot half an hour after entry, then eat Lunch.  Probably lots of things!  MMM I was Thirsty and was like well I guess I have to drink soda it's whats in front of me and then I realized wait a second this is WATER JUICE THIS IS WONDERFUL NEWS I CAN'T BELIEVE MY LUCK.  So that's the sort of thing I got going for me.  I think I saw they're preparing for planning of potential Violence Attacks tomorrow.  I just hope they stay away from The Aqueduct Race Track.  AND my house.  I'll be splitting time between Aqueduct Race Track & My House tomorrow.  So that's MY Hot Take.
     Last paragraph!  My personal timeline for Vaccination &/Or return to normal life is great, and its been settled over the last few weeks, but I really, "Dig," seeing Everyone Else's Timelines being moved up a few months over the last few weeks.  This is wonderful Communal Herd Immunity We All Gettin' In The Summer Spirit This Year Alright!  Of Course I'll be getting in the SPRING SPIRIT and I hope you'll continue to support me through this difficult time.  Havin' beer and orange juice at the same time brings to mind when I used to drink Vodka + Orange Juice.  My MAIN Alcohol Drink of choice first couple of College Semesters which was first times ever I been drinking!  Hmm good stuff.  Anyway I dunno that'll do it for today.  I'll see you guys tomorrow!

-12:07 P.M.




Tuesday, March 2, 2021

I Don't Mean Nothing By It

    Sounds about right.  Spoiler Alert-- "Sounds About Right," was original Title Just NoW but TOO HIGH a chance I've used it before.  We're talkin 80% shot!  I Don't Mean Nothing By It?  More like a 1 in 3 shot.  And I can deal with repeated dumb riffs and life stories but repeated Titles is A STEP TOO FAR.  Which I believe is a Walking On A Cliff Reference.  AA step too far, and you're going to plummet to your untimely death.  Had some fun bloodwork done today.  I guess!  Good to get out of the house, anyway.  Got 3 beers for tomorrow and today each.  Taking VACCINE DAY OFF.  Then back at it inside the day of Friday.  YES I had half a wrap for dinner and NO it wasn't Great but YES SOMEHOW I'm TRULY looking forward to finishing it for lunch.  I was all like this doesn't taste great but it's got a weirdness to it that I'm ENJOYING that not-quite-good taste.  Go Figure!
     Anyway.  Up to the part of Barack Obama Presidential Book where he's a newcomer on the INTERNATIONAL STAGE and getting impressions of World Leaders.  Makes ya think about Trump's interactions with world leaders.  Gotta imagine The Top Anwer Survey Says to how world leaders reacted to Trump was What The Hell Is The Deal With This Asshole.  Wonderful.  I think I'd be a good Diplomat for America.  Fist Order of Business- band named Diplo-- is that a reference to Diplomocy?  And I bring that up at the G20 Dinner when I formally Have The Floor.  Suddenly Brazil chimes in DIPLO IS A MUSICAL MAN NOT A BAND.  Brazil can't get enough of Diplo.  Ya know that sort of thing.  I don't have a problem with Brazil.  I don't have too much of an opinion of Brazil either way.  Off the top of my head, First Impression of Brazil is when Pitbull sings In Brazil They Freaky With Big Ol' Booties so I was like well THAT'S a net positive.  Then my Second Impression of Brazil, more of a deep dive thought is, when I had a Gameboy Soccer Video Game pretty sure Brazil was the team to beat.  So basically got all the important Intel going into a 1 on 1 meeting with a Brazil Person.
     Great!  If I'm getting a J & J Vaccine on Thursday I'm Gonnna Throw A Fit!  Dunno how that would help.  Make me feel better to vent some upsetedness.  One day I hope to get to the bottom of Why Portugal Is A European Country And Not A South American Country.  Gotta be some underlying logic to that which is just going straight over my head.  Also, taking Canada into the equation, I think one could argue America is a Central America Country.  That sort of thing.  I like how we're supposed to be Ultra Allies with Canada and Britain and when we ponder why, we might think about the entirety for 20th century history, OR we May Just Ponder Well Yeah we speak English like them.  Easy to communicate!  Makes sense to me.  Also all three are big CULTURAL producers.  Maybe I just think that because I consume Mostly Only English Spoken Culture.  I don't know I DON'T HAVE ALL THE PRESIDENTIAL BRIEFS IN FRONT OF ME.
     Cool.  Australia is English.  Great just great.  Australia is an after thought unless we're talking about Probable Future Dystopias.  One day I hope to get to the bottom of why Microsoft FrontPage is okay with the word Utopias but not with the word Dystopias.
  Sounds like a CURRENT FUTURE DYSTOPIA where WE'RE NOT EVEN SUPPOSED TO ACKNOWLEDGE THE WORD &/OR CONCEPT OF DYSTOPIAS.  That seems to check out.  What can ya do.  Probably not a lot!  That's what I've been operating under across all contexts.  What can ya do in general?  Probably Not A Lot!  That's My Hot Take.  Look I get J & J prevents Deat AT LEAST FOR MONTHS and greatly reduces chance of Serious Debilitations but I CAN GET SOMETHING THAT JUST WON'T GO AWAY FOR REST OF MY LIFE.  Oh 25% chance you'll get something that's mild. YEAH I KNOW THAT'S TERRIBLE THAT CAN GROW WORSE AND WORSE OVER THE COURSE OF MY LIFE (ROUGHLY OH I DON'T KNOW FORTY MORE YEARS???)
  Hmm maybe try putting Wrap In OVEN.  Googled that and read the results for ROUGHLY FOUR SECONDS and one tip I got was wrap that wrap sucker in a wrap of aluminum foil to put in oven then it gets heated evenly.  BEST SPENT FOUR SECONDS OF MY LIFE.  Now I Know about Alll The Wrappings Of Wraps.  Also I can sort of just IMAGINE putting a sandwich-wrap wrapped in aluminum foil into oven.  Dunno where I'm getting that from.  Presumably somewhere.  But It RINGS TRUE is the point.  Took my weight at Blood Work!  And since Vaccine Criteria I Can't Get ENOUGH of seeing how much I weigh.  No longer because I'm worried I won't qualify but just because Now Upon Further Introspection I ENJOY THE CONTEXT.  Anyway, weigh about as much as I thought I did.  So I got that going for me.  Hey I'll be back in a bit.





If You Ask Me

    I won't answer.  Either because I Don't Know or because I Don't Want YOU To Know!  Anyway lets crunch the numbers, I have 6 meals before Re-upping with Super Market.  1) Wrap 2) Wide Fetticni 3) Hour Deserves Party 4) Noodles + Salmon 5) Bagel + Egg 6) WILD CARD.  Sounds good just good.  Wrappin' up Wrap today for lunch!  I CAN DIG THAT.  I think the reason I can picture Wrap in oven in aluminum foil wrap is because I FEEL like if you get a Pita Sandwich from Halal Cart they serve it in aluminum foil.  Now, that doesn't mean they're telling you put in oven if you'd like, they gotta imagine you're eating that sucker imminently.  But I can PICTURE Pita Wrap in Foil so THAT SETTLES THAT.  Couldn't hurt.
     Man oh man all this talking about wraps made me go to Fridgerator and take a bite of that there wrap COLD.  Tastes GOOD.  I can LIVE with this in fact I can EXCEL IN LIFE with this.  3/4ths through #TheGreenMile'dMarchWhatever.  Maybe delve back into some #LockDownMarchWhatever.  Maybe A THIRD OR FOURTH THING I don't have the briefings in front of me.  Anyway gonna put those suckers in the oven in Oh I Don't Know 10 minutes?  Or Specifically End of Third Paragraph of Act II: The Act We're In: The Net Paragraph Of The Paragraph We're In.  Remember when we learned in the first months of Trump's Presidency that they have to include his name 2 dozen times in Presidential Briefings otherwise he'd get bored and wouldn't pay attention to them.  Back when Trump's Stupidity was the main thing for those few weeks.  IT WAS A SIMPLER TIME.  Because we had a SIMPLER president.  Ya know that sort of thing.
     Wonderful.  Sometimes it feels like, ACCURATELY, we need to accomplish as much as we can as quickly as we can re: Democratics In Power.  Then It's like Biden's gonna be president FOR FOUR FUCKING YEARS.  MAYBE EVEN EIGHT.  WHA... Tha... OVER HALF A DECADE PER THE AVERAGING OF CALCULATIONS.  Hey may not always have Senate &/Or House but He also MAY always have Senate &/Or House.  Generally do the right thing, pass voting rights act, and those midterms and presidential-year elections are there to be won!  How the west was won!  Presumably by Oregon Trail People.  West didn't know what hit 'em!  Anyway were Western American Indians aware of white people from their cousins on the east.  Did they have advance knowledge like hmm these fuckin' white devils just SHOWED UP One Day and yadayadayada they are just RUNNING SHIT NOW watch out for that THEY'LL COME FOR YOU TOO.
Yeah!  Put lunch in oven!  Yeah!  Wrapped Wrap in aluminum foil!  Yeah!  Put Potato'd Pancake ON aluminum foil!  Sure!  What else!  Cool!  Biden cut a deal between MERCK and J & J to share resoruces to get Vaccines out there.  GREAT.  NOW DO ALIEN VS PREDATOR.  What else is going on and crap.  If you add, "A's," to the front and back of, "MERCK," WELCOME TO AMERICA!  Hmm what's a good FUN #TalesFromTheCryptMarchWhatever.  Maybe the one taking place in a HAUNTED HOUSE ON TV.  TV Crew goes into haunted house and get MORE HAUNTS THAN THEY BARGAINED FOR.  That's one option.  Several other options!  Best option is Just Watch Something Else Entirely.  I LIKE those odds.
Cool!  AMITYVILLE II: THE POSESSION: THE PREQUAL TO AMITYVILLE I is on Shudder!  Feel like I've seen it before but Hey That's The Kind Of Thing Yer Gonna Wanna See Again!  YOU YADAYADAYADA'd OVER THE GENOCIDE!!!  Call back!  I don't thikn it's fair that you can record a GREAT Answering Machine Message and YOU never get to enjoy it yourself.  It's only for OTHER people who, lets face it, are DUMB and aren't gonna appreciate this Answering Machine Message to the extent YOU would.  Also sure I've heard that riff somewhere before.  Maybe even Seinfeld!  Maybe nowhere!  The point is we can all enjoy it again in this here paragraph.  Anyway I'll be back with lunch with Act III!  See ya!





You'll Like This

    HEY got lunch going on.  Suddenly I'm reminded of Oh Yeah I DIDN'T particularly like this too much last night.  Putting it in wrap in oven WORKED but to be honest KINDA BETTER COLD.  Anyawy LOOK is WIde Fettuccini my best option for dinner tonight?  PROBABLY.  Anyway looking forward to, "Getting Into," The Barack OBama Book Experience.  He'd probably lie about it anyway, but since I am skeptical of politician, I always felt like in the 2004 Democratic National Convention HE KNEW alright ON THE FAST TRACK TO PRESIDENCY!!!  Not the impression he gives in book!  It's more like What A Wild Ride It's Been as opposed to Cold and Calculating.  Probably somewhere in the middle is the truth.  That's Political Actors For Ya!  Either way I'm comfortable 90%, "Buying Into," the narrative as Barack Obama tells it.  Probably True ENOUGH.
    At the same time Barack Obama was LIGHTING UP THE DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION, I was riding high from giving a SPEECH I WROTE in Speech & Debate Class several months before.
  Never thought that would put ME on the fast track towards Presidency, though.  All that came as a surprise.  Or never occurred.  Either surprise or Just Didn't Happen.  Who can say!  Gotta nice ZOOM appointment tomorrow.  Must have done this Think-Em-Up... it's called Zoom because everybody involved wants it to be over as soon as possible, right?  SURE 90% shot I wrote that before.  How's Barack Obama's presidency going.  So Far, So Good!  Gotta imagine that'll continue in perpetuity.  Maybe it will, I dunno.  Obama can put a nice positive spin where he's like Overall My Term Was A SOLID B+/A-.  I wouldn't it put it past him!  To put a nice positive spin on it!  Which in the end isn't that All A Fella Could Want?
    Three more paragraphs to go.  NO CHIPS to snack on.  A few CHEEZ ITS upon further introspection.
  Oh well what can ya do.  Was listening to Apple Playlists of Bob Dylan: The Music and DID YOU KNOW that Tangled Up In Blue * Simple Twist Of Fate were ORIGINALLY ONE SINGULAR SENSATION SONG.  I heard it with my own ears!  And then 15 minutes later I was like Tangled Up... Twist... HE'S KEEPING THE TITLES WITHIN THE SAME FRAMEWORK.  So we got that going for us is the point.  I also like how Bob Dylan can just play totally different music live with totally different vocals with presumably the same lyrics more or less and we're supposed to just be like yep that's the Bob Dylan catalogue.  2 different songs are the same.  Makes sense.  Look it may be out of necessity than out of style.  Bob Dylan has hundreds of vaguely recognizable songs!  You can't expect him to REMEMBER HOW ALL THOSE SONGS GO.
    It's true, you can't!  Go ahead and try YOU'LL FAIL I GUARANTEE IT.  Maybe the reason it's called zoom is because presumably you have the option to Zoom In On Yourself (or other people) [or zoom OUT on yourself] {or other people}.  That doesn't seem to check out because I don't think those options are available but it would be one potential explanation if you were unfamiliar with the logistics of How Zoom Works.  I'm not sure what it is about Wrap I don't like.  I can identify the TASTE but I'm not sure if its coming from the chicken, the bacon, or the brie.  Or the wrap.  Or the spinach.  My best guess is THE CHEESE but I'm not 100% comfortable committing to that answer.
     Last paragraph!
  Next 3 things to do in I DUNNO WHAT ORDER-- Barack Obama The Book, Bath The Bathing Activity, and Oh I Don't Know FINISHING THE GREEN MILE: THE FILM BASED ON THE MAJOR MOTION NOVELLA.  Also it's called The Green Mile because it's Deathrow Jail Mile that they say is green but I've watched this movie plenty of times DON'T RECALL ANY GREEN.  Not in the costumes or props.  CERTAINLY not in the Aisle itself-- if it twere green, very muted!  We want EYE POPPING GREEN THAT'S WHAT WE PAID OUR TICKET TO SEE.  Anyway hey the entry is over.  And what an entry its been!  SOLID D+ entry.  Not even D+/C-.  D+!  What can ya do.  See ya tomorrow.

-2:18 P.M.





Monday, March 1, 2021

No Big Deal

    Wow it's a new month.  And with the new month comes A New Color!  It's called WHITE and it's All The Rage!  Nope.  Not that.  Sorry.  Anyway great news puttin' together Super Market Order for Acceptance on Friday.  Mmm cutting back Pasta meals to make way for Wrap Meals &/Or Personal Non-Pasta-ish meals.  Good stuff!  Halway through Part II of IV Parts of Woody Allen Docu Series.  Hmm lets crunch the numbers.  THREE EIGHTHS through the docu series.  Has anyone ever considered Woody can't be this guy's real name.  Is it Totally Made Up or is it from Woodford or something Better LTURQ.  ALLEN STEWART KONIGSBERG Is His Name. Well that's just great.  Obvious Hot Take-- Woody Allen DROPPING the Stewart to sound less Jewish and Jon Stewart ADOPTING the Stewart to sound less Jweish.  I dunno maybe either of them &/Or both had other motives.  Maybe lots of things!  Trying to think off the top of my head Jon Stewart's real name.  FOr some reason I keep thinking of Fran Lebowitz.  Maybe because that WAS his last name too.  Just drop the, "Fran!"
Cool.  Are right wing conservatives Against Changing Your Name.  GOD NAMED YOU ALLEN STEWART AND ITS NOT PART OF HIS PAN FOR YOU TO BE, "WOODY!"  One would imagine No That's Ridiculous How Could Anyone Hold Such An Obtuse Position.  Oh, right.  Them.  That's what they're known for?  Hmm Seems To Check Out.  Obtuse side of a triangle.  Let's think about it!  What else is going on and crap.  My middle name is Adam.  Am I supposed to change my name to Michael Adams? No!  How &/Or WHY is it suddenly PLURAL.  NOT ON BOARD, THAT'S WHERE I DRAW THE LINE.  I've never gone by Michael Adam K**Nlum in my life except for SOMETIMES on official paperwork forms and when that happens I'm like Hmm Michael Adam K**nblum THAT'S GOT CHARACTER.  I LIKE SEEING IT WRITTEN OUT.  It's Got CHARACTER. ... OH WELL WHAT CAN YA DO.  It's good as a SOMETIMES thing.  A nice sweet treat once a year or so.  Can't spoil that by making it the standard!  Wouldn't be special anymore!
     Cool.  I WILL accept the, "A," as part of my initials most of the time.  So there's that.  What do I got in store for lunch.  For today, best two options are a Noodles + Salmon and a 1/2 Wrap + Side.  Dunno which one for lunch.  MAYBE THE NOODLES + SALMON play it safe for some reason that's playing it safe I don't know why I don't have all the answers!  Why would Woody Allen change his name to make it suond a lot less Jewish and then HEAVILY lean into being Jewish for most of his career?  Wasn't thinking ahead, that's my guess.  Didn't Think It Through!  Maybe people are on board with a Jew with a Gentile Name.  A Jewish name is a bridge too far!  Also check out my new title A Jew With a Gentile Name.
Anyway.  Penultimate paragraph of Act I.  WRAP I have in store is Bacon Chicken + Brie.  Haven't tried this one yet in Entire Life!  So, "Hefty," that 1/2 wrap is more appropriate than entire wrap.  According to SELF PROCLAIMED NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION from Super Market Website!  Anyway Portioned My Beer such that I have THREE Beers a day over the week before Super Market Delivery on Friday, Not Counting the day with Vaccine Shot!  I was originally parceling it out so several of the days would be TWO.  I SHOWED ME, I SHOWED ME REAL GOOD.  Well that's good, Me Is On Board With Showing Myself Real Good.  Sounds like a Net Positive for everyone who identifies as me. 
     Yeah!  Made LOTS of progress in Barack Obama The Memoir: The Barack Obama Enterprise Experience.  Roughly halfway through this monstrosity.  Also, re-reading how his first few months went (as I am up to right now) I'm like OH RIGHT that stuff SORT OF rings a bell.  Seems like he was doing a DECENT job shoring up our current economy.  Not making changes to make it better and more fair overall, but making it better the way it already was.  So whose to say whose right.  Barack Obama.  He's writing the books I'm reading.  He says whose right.  Yeah but next I'll read something that says its wrong.  That's My Prerogative I Guess!  Seems to check out pretty good.  I don't know, do I REALLY want to commit myself to reading Another Book at some point during my life?  That sounds like too big a promise to make.  Anyway I'll be back in a little bit.



I Guess So

    Watched a bit of #LockDownMarchWhatever and if only I could splice Lock Down Docu Series with Woody Allen Docu Series.  YOU KNOW by having prisoners Make Films?  I'd watch some Prison Films.  Not films about prisons-- though I'd watch those, too!-- films made by ACTIVE PRISONERS.  Plus it's good because It Teaches Them To Get Along and also Now They Have Experience with Films for when they get out of jail.  And most importantly we've now got Prison Films.  JUST WHAT WE NEED!  Anyway where was I.  I had a SMALL Bite of Chicken Brie Cheese Bacon Wrap just to see what it was like-- tried to get a bite with all ingredients included-- and IT WAS OKAY but I can DEFINITELY, "Dig," saving that for dinner tonight and eating Noodles + Salmon for lunch!  Speaking of Hash Tags HEY IT'S MARCH.  I covered this before but I'm VERY Excited about.  February is the pits but March THAT'S WHEN SPRINGDOM STARTS.  Freakin 3 weeks away from Spring.  And almost definitely I'm gonna be able to start #WalkingAroundSpringToRemember at some point in APRIL. 
     I can see myself carrying that Hashtag With Me for Lo Those 80% of Spring Days that I would presumably be Walking Around (and having it be a Season To Remember Significantly DUE to the Walking Around).  I love it!  I was half joking a few entries ago about Just Walking Around All Day.  The more I sit with that thought the more I like it!  Only question is how can I determine a nice Walk that ends up being in a circle. I  CAN walk all the way one way and then just trace back my steps the way back.  But that's REPETITIVE.  Gotta figure out a way to Circle Around at SOME POINT at least.  ...Wouldn't that still get repetitive if I'm doing that each day?  Yes but only HALF as Reparative.  I CRUNCHED THE NUMBERS BRIEFLY IN MY HEAD AND OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD THAT'S AN ACCURATE MATH.
Cool!  Hey I wonder what kind of weather springs we'll have over the course of my life time.  Will Global Warming just make it pretty much just Warmer each Spring?  Could it have ancillary effects that make it colder?  Or something different?  Perhaps something totally unpredictable?  Presumably We Gotta Enjoy Each Spring As It Comes because it may be The Only Spring Like That We're Getting!  So ENJOY AND PARTICIPATE IN #WalkingAroundSpringToRemember.  It's now or never re: Remembering This Spring (and presumably Walking Around to the best of your ability).  Is it a thing where Wheel Chair confined people still take, "walks?"  It's good for mental health.  Gets you out of the house.  Soak up them Spring Conditions.  I'd do it if I was WheelChair.  That's good enough for me!
What else.  What are the odds I end up in a wheelchair over the course of my Future Life.  And not counting times where there's just an empty wheelchair somewhere and I sit in it and am like HEY LOOK AT ME!!!  I mean, will I be CONFINED to a wheelchair at some point.  I dunno.  10%?  If we're including the years where I'm Ultra Elderly.  Presumably.  If I make it that far.  I DON'T HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS.  All I know is DON'T SIT IN EMPTY WHEEL CHAIRS-- BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR YOU JUST MIGHT GET IT.  What else is going on and crap.  1ST VACCINE Tomorrow's Tomorrow's TOMORROW.  I call it THURSDAY, how about you?  HEY THE GREEN'D MILE Is one of MANY newly added films to HBOMax this week.  I'll watch that film!  One of my favorite, "Dramatic-Themed," Films!
     Wonderful.  WITH JUST A TOUCH OF WHIMSY!!!  Hey this is the last paragraph of Act II!  Make some more progress with Barack: The Book: But Also Just A Crash Course Of What Happened In Politics During Lo These Several Years.  From the perspective of President Barack Obama!  He's at the center of it more than anyone else in the world, I think he's a pretty reliable narrator.  I saw Biden came out as Pro-Union.  Barack Obama beat him to it!  He was pro CIVIL Union.  Now Biden is trying to one up him by being Pro ANY Union PRESUMABLY FOR THE MOST APART ALTHOUGH I'M SURE THERE'S SOME UNIONS HE HAS MIXED POLITICS ABOUT.  I know there is FOR ME.  They're called Police Unions and They're Some Of The Worst And Most Harmful Organizations In America.  PER MY UNDERSTANDING.  Well I'll be back in a little bit.




What's The Point

    Look I can't be more than several dozen pages away from Cash4Clunkers.  Anyway I got a lot of B- options for TV Entertainment.  Lockdown, Punky Brewster, now A LOT of HBOMAX Film & Assorted Other Enterprises.  Look if you're asking me was I aware of the concept of a Punky Brewer before this week I'd say YES but I have No Further Knowledge. Other than it being a sitcom.  I knew that much.  LOOK if you told me that the Male Lead in this current Punky Brewster is Freddy Prinz Junior I'd be like NOPE but then I read Credits List and it is him and I'm like yeah I guess that checks out.  Also YES he's the Male LEad but he's not a co-equal lead with Punky.  He's the the Main Man but not on Punky's Level!
     Wonderful.  Also LOOK is there a new SNL castmember named Punky?  Almost definitely!  Better LTURQ.  Punkie Johnson.  Wonder if she's got any inside line on getting J & J vaccine.  Also I keep reading people are like JOHNSON AND JOHNSON VACCINE IS GREAT WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM.  My problem is it's less good than the other ones!  Maybe I'm eternally Missing Something but from what I gather to be common knowledge information J & J is worse!  I DON'T GET IT.  SOMETHING'S, "OFF," in my analysis presumably.  I Don't Get It!  LOOK if we were ranking last names by Most Common In America would Johnson come in around #7 or #8?  YES That's MY HOT TAKE.  Better LTURQ.  NUMBER 2?!?!?!  I was underestimating Johnson and I'm Sorry I've Learn't My Lesson I won't underestimate Johnson Again!  Unless if its their vaccine.  But I feel like I'm NOT underestimating it.  I'm just going by the information Made Available To Me!
Cool. Slurpin Some Noodle Soup.  I wouldn't be surprised if it's just a Dumb America Thing that we're not supposed to slurp soup &/OR noodles.  I bet in other parts of the world they're just like SLURP AWAY!  If we can't slurp that would make THE MAJORITY OF OUR MEALS INEDIBLE!  That's My hot take!  ALSO we're allowed to CHEW FOOD?  RIGHT? ...RIGHT?  THAT'S WHAT I'VE BEEN DOING ANYWAY.  Alright maybe some #LockdownMarchWhatever when this entry is over.  I feel like I could watch that for 10-50 minutes!  About 10 minutes left on one episode.  That's where THOSE Estimations Come From!  It's tough reading Barack Obama Book for the first 200 pages and then have to read the rest.  Everything's Going GREAT the first 200 Pages.  THIS IS WONDERFUL I'M ON BOARD WITH ALL THIS HISTORY.  Then suddenly it's like WAIT WHAAAAAAT?  I DON'T LIKE BEING REMINDED OF THIS CRAP ESPECIALLY SINCE IT'S WHAT LED TO THE EVEN CRAPPIER CRAP THAT WE'VE BEEN THROUGH PAST CRAPPY DECADE.  Too much crap for one person to handle!  But if ANYONE can make it seem less Crappy I wouldn't put it past being Why It's Only President Barack Obama!
     Penultimate paragraph.
  If Trumpists refuse to say FORMER President Donald Trump then I'm gonna go with Not Saying FORMER President Barack Obama!  YA REAP WHAT YA SOW THAT'LL LEARN YA GOOD.  OH almost forgot #TalesFromTheCryptMarchWhatever.  So much good stuff to do!  TV.  BOOKS.  Looking forward to Health Security & Loosening of Life Restrictions.  Goin' Good!  Goin' PRETTY GOOD on my end.  And that doesn't even mention LUNCH and the quality/variety of lunch ROCKETING EXPONENTIALLY once Loosening of Life Restrictions kick in.  Anyway how's that Mars Rover going.  Anyway.  If Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, I think it's safe to say NASA is clearly more into Men.  Just based on their recent track record of what they're enjoying exploring!  No judgment!
     Last paragraph!  Look its a joke I don't think you COULD land a Rover on Venus there's no solid ground per my understanding.  Get off my back about it Men &/OR WOMEN.  Math Question-- If I was trying to determine the least common last name in America-- would it be a last name with ONE person using it or a last name with ZERO people using it.  I feel like zero is a level BELOW least common.  That's My Hot Take!  Hey just about finishing lunch with finishing entry.  GOOD if not GREAT track record of finishing Act III more or less as the same time of finishing Salmon + Noodle lunch.  Wonderful!  I can't get enough of that synchronicity.  Anyway that'll just about do it for today.  Wonderful!  March!  See Ya Tomorrow!

-1:42 P.M.






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