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Saturday, January 22, 2022

don't just sit there

    Hi friends.  Scheduling and following scheduling is going great.  No complaints as of this moment.  Let's get into some yukk-em-ups.  Have you heard the good news about yukk-em-ups.  They exist sometimes!  And MAY be in store today.  Anyway Saturday Morning entry.  I'm EXCITED about new context for scheduling because if I move one thing around Just So I'm eating EXACTLY every 1.45 hours throughout the day.  WOW.  Look 2/3rds of those times are the smallest amount you can eat that counts as something.  I'm eating a lot but it's as little as you can eat if you're eating this often.  Except for meals.  I'm eating an average amount for those!  WORLDWIDE average.  Not AMERICAN average.  American Average is Too Much.  So what I'm trying to say is I eat WORLD TRAVEL sized meals not PATRIOTISM meals.  I guess.  I feel my meals are pretty Patriotic, though!  Whenever I can I replace the word French with Freedom.  As long as I remember to.  Which I usually don't.
Cool!  Had a great time with ham sandwich yesterday.  Had a great time with all my meals yesterday.  I'm getting into a schedule where I enjoy the things on the schedule because I like All Of The Schedule.  You center your schedule around certain parts of the schedule to enjoy you're never gonna be happy.  Ya need a schedule where MOSTLY EVERY PART you can get a kick out of.  THEN LIFE IS A CONSTANT KICK.  Which sounds vaguely dangerous but also vaguely amazing.  So there's that!  Anyway World Travel National Food Of The Day is.. National Blond Brownie Day and National Hot Sauce Day.  AMAZING.  I like brownies.  I like blondes!  I think blond means LIGHT in this context.  Like it's not chocolate but some sort of blond food.  Better LTURQ as to what food is blond exactly.  COCOA IS REPLACED WITH BROWN SUGAR.  Just as I suspected.  Also Hot Sauce is Hot Sauce.  You won't get any argument from me there!
    Yeah!  Blond is brown sugar?  But blond and brown are different.  SOUNDS LIKE A SCAM.  Then again we're onto the next paragraph Stop Living In The Past!  The point is I haven't been having any snack that would be the one 1.45 hours after Breakfast and I've been fine without it.  So I'm not gonna force myself to eat it.  Go with what works!  Just KNOW that symmetrically It's A Phantom Snack There that I'm choosing daily to skip.  YEAH.  DAMNIT I have to keep that in mind for the rest of my life in perpetuity?  Can't I just keep it in mind for the next 90 minutes and then start thinking about something else?  Sure why not.  Yeah!  Anyway.  Key difference from today's schedule than the last few months is that instead of separating Act II and Act III of entry with Shower, I'm separating it with an entire walk!  WOW.  That's a GAME CHANGER MIXEMUP.  I can't wait to see How Great It Turns Out To Be!
    Hmm.  Anyway.  Watched Forrest Gump on DVD last night.  Okay movie!  I liked the part where stuff happened.  That's a recurring thing with me.  I like the parts in movies where things happen.  Probably you do too!  You just never really thought about it as in depth as I have.  Because I'm a real great Thinker.  I spend all my time thinking.  You might spend only 40% of your life thinking.  Hmm what are you doing the other 60% of the time.  I dunno that's your business not mine I guess.  The point is GREAT.  Balls of feet still kinda crusty.  My latest theory which I may have shared with you is that it's not that I'm getting older, it has to do with the sit ups.  Put pressure on the balls of my feet against surface to get balance when I'm doing sit ups.  Puts pressure on the balls of my feet.  And if science has taught us anything ever it's that FEET plus PRESSURE equals CRUST.  Hmm.  Maybe science has taught us nothing.  Because I don't think it's taught us that.
Yeah!  What else is up.  Haven't had hot sauce in a while.  I like the part where it's hot.  The sauce part isn't quite for me.  Yep.  Hmm.  Maybe Coffee #1 has counted in essence as The Missing Morning Snack.  Makes sense physiologically and logically and maybe just phisio.  OR maybe I should have 2 Fig Newtons in 15 minutes.  What do I know.  Not a lot!  I spend too much time Thinking All The Time and not Obtaining and Retaining Knowledge.  I got BETTER things to do than learn.  I'm busy CONTEMPLATING THE DUMBEST THINGS POSSIBLE.  I dunno.  I'm probably giving myself too much credit to say I'm Thinking and/or Contemplating constantly.  The gears are grinding but to no use.  Just sort of going through the motions without serving any real sort of purpose.  Hey that's life I guess.  Going through the motions without serving any real sort of purpose.  That's been my experience at least.  Coffee time.
  Two fig newtons.  I don't believe it.  What a game changer.  Look I know I'm joking but I also know It's No Joke.  Every little bit of the day adds up to the big picture and every little bit I progress in getting right adds up to eventually perecting the day and liking most days for most of the day!  The point is AMAZING.  Anyway.  Down to my penultimate individual serving bottle of snapple.  World Travel Fact Of The Day is... Jousting is the official sport of Maryland.  I get nothing out of the fact.  It's very hard to make me care less about a World Travel fact.  The point is I've seen jousting.  It's called Mideval Times.  I dunno if that's real jousting.  It's like calling the WWE wrestling.  It's all a show!  I think!  Maybe they're jousting for real.  They gotta have SOME winner and it's gotta be spread out so frequent guests aren't bored.  How do they decide which color night will win each night in Mideval Times.  Hmm.
Sure.  Forrest Gump is good because Forrest Gump does a bunch of things.  Good for him!  Also he was a young man in Vietnam and then he was still the same age 25 years later.  I THINK.  I've been assuming it takes place in Present Day from when the movie was made in 1994 I'm guessing.   Maybe it actually takes place in the early 80's?  VERY possible.  They don't do any History References after the early 80's.  I might have been watching this movie wrong my entire life!  Anyway the point is the actual year it was released was 1994 just like I said.  Look I know what I'm doing when it comes to this.  Also in 10% of other arenas of What I'm Doing.  The point is I don't know what I'm doing a huge amount of the time but you don't see me bragging about that!  Hmm.
Wonderful.  The period of time in history is called Mideval Times because it was only HALFWAY evil.  It was certainly on the evil spectrum but all in all could be better, could be worse.  Makes sense.  Eighth paragraph.  Makes sense.  Adding an entire snack to the day would mess up the amount of calories I consume over the day, right?  WRONG.  I just have to move the pieces around a bit!  Not GREAT but DOABLE. YOU IDIOT.  Also now the food eating aspect of the day is SYMMETRIC AS FUCK.  Wonderful!  Also current walking schedule ALSO SYMMETRIC AS FUCK.  Basically my life is going great because I'm finding the grooves and some great concurrent symmetries.  And you idiots all doubted me!  What Horror Film can I watch on DVD tonight.  HMM. I got a lot of choices.  I can watch Forrest Gump again.  That sounds KIND OF scary.  Anyway I dunno. 
     Sure.  Ninth paragraph!  That sounds KIND OF scary.  Anyway how much am I looking forward to the rest of the day.  I dunno haven't really thought about it.  I'm not DREADING it.  That's good.  I know there will be some good parts to it.  But I guess the negative thing is I DON'T KNOW WHAT ENTERTAINMENT I WILL CONSUME IN DOWNTIME.  That leaves a big hole.  How can I look forward to a day when most of it is In A Hole?  I dunno.  What kinda stuff is there.  Pick at the balls of my feet.  That'll just make it crustier.  You pick at some crust that just increases the overall surface area of crust and then you're worse off than when you started!  What else is up.  Lots of running from Forrest Gump.  He does a lot of things in his life and 2/3rds to 3/4ths of them are related at least somewhat to running.  Good for him.  I hope it works out for him in the long run.  Also one part of what he does in the film is A VERY LONG RUN.  YEP I WENT THERE.
Last paragraph of the act!  What's up and crap.  Divide my day up into thirds evenly.  Divide it up into halfs easily.  Divide it up into Sixths REAL easily.  That's how that goes.  Hmm what about if I wanted to approximate FOURTHS.  Lemme LTURQ.  HOLY SHIT DIVIDING INTO FOURTHS IS GREAT.  Easily on par with how great Halves and Thirds are.  Wow I'm really knocking this schedule thing out of the park.  What else is wonderful.  Lots of stuff.  Presumably.  Okay NOW LET'S DO FIFTHS.  BRB.  HMM this is PRETTY GOOD but not perect.  The point is it's just about time to finish up this act.  WHAT A TERRIBLE ACT.  Not like the Four Acts Of My Day.  Those are great.  I like the part where it's MORNING, EARLY AFTERNOON, LATE AFTERNOON, and NIGHT.  But to be fair-- Morning, Noon, Afternoon, Evening and Night are good too.  That's me pleading the fifth.  Amazing.  I'm gonna take a walk now.  Then shower.  Then act II!  See ya in a bit!




most titles have been used before

    Almost definitely including that one.  Probably the third or fifth time I've used that title, too!  Anyway gonna save coffee for Act III.  Maybe I ultimately decide I can drink it with act II but for now I'm gonna give it a shot to save it!  ANYWAY what's going on and crap!  I'm all showered up and then dressed myself up and now I'm here up and it's gonna be a blast and a half.  The point is I got great meals to look forward to.  I got great snacks to look forward to.  Got great walks to look forward to.  Got great downtime to look forward to.  Got great I dunno SIT UPS AND PUSH UPS? to look forward to.  Also the more sweet snacks I eat more constantly the less I can justify getting sweet breakfastcentric meals for lunch or dinner.  Getting my daily quota of sweetness already!  And that's a high quota to hit!  But I am!  WONDERFUL.  Healthy!  I'm great at being healthy this three week period more or less.
     Okay.  Fine tuning bed-time.  A little difficult because there's several stages of bed time.  There's when I take my evening pills which is relevant not just as a Marker but because some of them particularly make ya sleepy.  There's GOING to bed.  There's deciding while in bed ya know what now it's time to try to fall asleep.  There's Actually Falling Asleep.  Also GETTING UP is a little difficult, too!  There's when I set my alarm.  When I take morning pills.  When I actually get out of bed.  The point is I still gotta work the kinks out of WAKING UP and GOING DOWN (to slumber) but once I get those kinks worked out I'll be UNSTOPPABLE.  Huh?  Oh okay.  LOOK I know generally what time to think of as Wake Up Time and what time to think of as Go To Bed Time for Daily Schedule Symmetry.  And it's great relevant times that work out symmetrically.  But the truth is a little more complicated as it always is.
    Huh.  Right now I feel like I should be having coffee with Act II.  I think I'll go ahead and do that.  Because that's just the kind of guy I am this morning.  Anyway.  What if I just accept I'm writing mediocre daily entries on my dumb website that may or not be read by anyone I know or don't know and move on with my life.  Yeah but move on TO WHAT.  Making the most out of my walks, meals and snacks, sit ups and push ups, down time and daily upkeep.  What does that MEAN.  How do you make the most out of something That's Just A Thing.  That you can't do differently or anything.  You're doing the exact same thing every day over and over.  It is what it is!  I dunno I feel like I COULD make the most out of The Exact Same Things I've Always Done somehow.  Can't quite comprehend HOW or WHAT IT WOULD LOOK LIKE but I think that's in the cards!  If I play them correctly!  My cards!  I don't trust your cards!  Probably marked!
    Amazing.  What else is amazing.  Once I get used to Perect Schedule for a few days up to a week, I can start EXPERIMENTING with doing things at roughly different times.  So basically  I spent a lot of time making The Perect Schedule with the ultimate goal of discarding it.  WRONG.  Still gonna follow it 95%.  100% in spirit and 100% in Things In The Same Order.  But maybe loosen up A BIT on EXACT TIMES of things.  Give things a 10-30 minute window either way on when I do them exactly.  Hmm that sounds like the schedule is still Very Much Intact.  YES EXACTLY.  Schedule works!  I can just work with it a little bit on a Doing Thing by Doing Thing basis.  The point is do you have to root for the Knight in Mideval Times that represents the color of where you're sitting in the arena.  Or can you pick another knight maybe because you like that color better or maybe you just like the cut of this knight's jib better.  Gonna have to look into that one.
     Yeah!  In fact I've already been giving myself up to a 15 minute leeway on when I do things.  The only difference is now I'm expanding it all the way up to TWENTY MINUTES leeway.  Up to HALF AN HOUR if I REALLY feel STRONGLY about it!  Ugh.  Anyway what else is up.  Coffee during this act is the right move.  Still having it during act after shower like I was before.  And next Act will be relatively close to Lunchtime so I don't wanna ruin my appetite with coffee now do I?  No I don't.  That's the premise of asking the question rhetorically in the first place.  Get on board with rhetorical questions and whatnot.  Hmm.  I guess.  What else is crappening.  I'm gonna open a chain of novelty destination restaurants that's a sequel to Mideval Times called THE RENNAISANCE.  And you watch people painting or sculpting or something like that.  LOTS OF STUFF WAS ACCOMPLISHED DURING RENNAISANCE.  Much more art than just painting and sculpting and MUCH MORE THINGS than just art!  Well we focus on painting and sculpting shows.  If you don't like it start your own chain of novelty destination restaurants.
Actually don't.  I don't need competition!  That'd be a hassle and a half!  Sixth paragraph.  Wonder how long this act'll go.  I feel comfortable that it won't entirely set precedent for future days so there's less pressure in that respect.  But it's still something I should keep an eye on!  Anyway in the end I might end up finishing and posting entries not much later than I have been doing.  So that's good news for some reason no one is really sure of.  The point is Great.  Gonna take a walk after this paragraph.  Then return refreshed from walk and ready to write act III!  Presumably.  I hope the walk refreshes me.  I can't return after walk UNREFRESHED.  That'd be terrible!  Not sure why.  Not even sure what being refreshed is or means.  But I know it's a GOOD thing.  I THINK it's a good thing.  Sounds like a good thing!  Anyway I'll be back in a little bit.




let's see how it goes

    Hey!  GAME CHANGER!  Try again to cut gum out of diet completely and replace with Coffee #3.  I feel like if I'm constantly eating what do I really get out of ALSO constantly chewing gum.  But I WOULD get a lot out of a Coffee #3.  WOW TALK ABOUT A GAME CHANGE.  I just did.  WELL TALK ABOUT ANOTHER ONE.  There is none off the top of my head.  THERE MUST BE SOMETHING.  Well when I get home from Walk #3 to Long Lunch Break which starts with finishing entry, I can LOLLIGAG a bit.  Just take it slow.  No time constraints!  WOW THAT DOES SOUND GAME CHANGING.  The first two acts are a little bit more ON SCHEDULE.  Yep.  Lolligaging for 20 minutes?  Great!  Almost as great as WOW THIRD CUP OF COFFEE A DAY AND IT'S SYMMETRICAL AND EVERYTHING.  The point is my life is RIGHT ON THE EDGE of being amazing.  I'm SO CLOSE.  Almost there.  I can't wait to share it with you.  The PERECT SCHEDULE.  For me at least!  You gotta figure out your own!  Sorry!
    Hey great what else is up.  Got coffee #3 now.  Already chewed some gum.  That's TODAY for ya.  Tomorrow I know not to chew gum.  I had to put the seven different flavors of gum packs open away in a drawer.  I'm exaggerating.  It was actually only Six different flavors &/v brands that I had open.  Also have unopened packs ALREADY in a DIFFERENT drawer.  The point is let's see how this goes.  I got a good feeling about it!  More or less.  Relatively good.  Past neutral on the spectrum between Good and... Evil?  The point is a third coffee instead of daily gum is Probably Not Evil.  That's the way I feel as of this moment.  Anyway.  Was thinking about something else for lunch because Variety Is The Spice Of Life, but now I'm thinkin' I'll do the same thing as yesterday but replace Ham with Turkey.  So that's good.  That's in 1.75 hours!  YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS.  SNACK TIME.  Snack right now is CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE FLAVORED 70 Calorie Fiber One Brownie.  On the low end of calories a snack can be!  Cause I got lunch relatively soon!  Also CAUSE IT'S RELATIVELY DELICIOUS.  Here we go.
What else is up.  Gotta do something when this entry is over.  Didn't think about that.  Hmm.  What can I do.  I'll figure something out.  I'm picturing laying in bed and checking my phone and turning on the TV and... and... I DUNNO.  Something will present itself to me.  Presumably on The TV I Just Turned On In The Future.  Not sure what.  Also not sure something will present itself to me.  I'll probably have to Think For Myself and come up with something where I'm like oh yeah that's something I can check to watch or something.  I guess we'll see!  Hmm.  Gotta put a plastic bag in my garbage bowl.  Not bowl.  Tin.  Thing.  The cylendar where you throw out garbage but presumably hopefully it's into a bag.  The point is I've been throwing stuff out into the BIN THAT'S IT but there's no garbage bag!  Better course correct that or something.  Anyway I feel confident I'll come up with something to watch by the time this entry is over!
    Sure.  Why not.  Still got the last episode of Tales From That Crypt to watch this go-around.  The only one that scares me!  The animated one where it's a Scary Re-telling and Re-imagined Three Pigs story.  The one where they build houses made out of dumb stuff.  I believe the moral is if you're going to build a house better think it through first.  Anyway.  Act II was six paragraphs.  Usually that means Act III should be aimed for being six paragraphs.  New kinda schedule today though!  All the rules are being thrown out the window!  Except most of them.  Almost all of them.  These rules have served me well.  I'm holding onto as many rules as I can!  That's how I feel.  Hmm.  What else is going on and crap.  Is this paragraph over.  I think it's over.  Well it is NOW.  By which I mean NO... NOW... After the next ellipses.  Wait now I don't need ellipses.  After the next period.
Yeah!  Last paragraph of the day.  Then it's onto Rest & Relaxation.  Cool!  What else is going on in the wide world of sports.  How far into the day are we Mathwise.  5.75 hours.  Which, given a 15 hour day, equates to .38333etc of the day.  NOT A VERY CLEAN DEMARCATION.  But this is just a random moment.  Means nothing.  Can't expect EVERY random moment to be in universal symmetry with everything else.  Lots of moments are just dumb random moments.  I HATE THEM SO MUCH.  OH.  23/60.  That's what that number means.  We're 23/60 into the day.  Well when you put it that way AMAZING.  Let's reduce that to 2.3/6.  What does that accomplish.  It's another sentence closer to the end of the entry!  Amazing.  Well let's think about it.  There's SIXTY 15 minute intervals in my 15 hour day.  We have reached the 23rd.  Makes sense to me.  Let's celebrate by Stopping Doing This.  I'll be back tomorrow!

-1:16 P.M.

WAIT A SECOND I WAS GONNA WRITE A SIX PARAGRAPHER ACT III and that was only the fifth paragraph.  DANGIT.  Oh well too late now.  I'll be back tomorrow!



Friday, January 21, 2022

hold that thought

    Hey friends!  Friday entry.  Act I may be interuptted by Super Market delivery but not likely.  Also every work I use the word interupted and I NEVER get it right.  Always goes to spell check after I'm done writing.  This time around LET'S FIGURE IT OUT RIGHT NOW.  So I'll know for next time.  Okay let me type it out.  Interupt.  Hmm can't even get it right without the, "ted."  What is it without it.  INTERRUPT.  There got it.  Now let's carry that progress over into the ted.  Interrupted.  HEY I GOT IT.  Okay.  Two R's.  Who would have thought!  ME, now!  The point is I got some nice schedule framework such that even though today's schedule is INTERRUPTED because of waiting for delivery and not knowing when it will be here, I STILL gotta pretty good idea-plan for how today will go.  AMAZING.  Next week.  Sometime next week we're finalizing schedule and YOU WILL SEE IT!!!  Then you will be able to Live Along With Me.  However long it lasts.  My hope is at the very least one and a half 3 week Period.
Fun!  Got snapple going on right now because I feel like it.  Also NOT going to do the 2.5 cups of coffee a day!  It's just not gonna work out I'm sorry to say.  NO I'M NOT.  Happy to say it.  SEE YOU IN HELL 2.5 CUPS A DAY IDEA.  Needlessly complicated!  What else is up.  I saw a new Snapple World Travel Fact during a bottle yesterday but I forget what it was.  DAMNIT.  Or should I say DANGIT.  Yeah.  I've been saying that lately.  It's fun!  I gotta remember to say it all the time from now on.  Anyway.  Checked weight today for first time in half a 3 week period.  Within the same 1.5 pound range that scale has been telling me for weeks.  Perfect.  Everything is going splendidly.  Not everything.  And not splendidly.  40% of things are going halfway splendidly.  That sounds more accurate.  Hmm.  Gonna have a nice ham sandwich for lunch today.  Perfect.  When people think of lunch they think of ham sandwich.  And when people think of ham sandwich for lunch they think of children bringing in lunch to school.
    Dumb kids!  First half of elementary school I brought in Bag Lunch for lunch.  Second half I had what they call HOT LUNCH.  Which is eating lunch from school cafeteria, "Freshly," "Prepared."  DELICIOUS.  Hot lunch people sat at the end of the table.  Not sure why they sequestered hot lunch from regular lunch kids.  But they did!  Hmm.  The point is Hot Lunch beats Home Prepared Lunch every day of the week and twice on Thursdays.  YEAH.  Anyway.  Started a new pen.  THIS IS GOOD STUFF.  I ain't lying.  I started a new pen yesterday afternoon and it was exciting!  Never before used.  Has a CAP to it which is a nice mix-em-up compared to the pens I've been using.  Delicious.  Wait no.  Some other positive adjective.  Not delicious, though!  Well not to my knowledge yet at least.  I feel like it's a thing where kids chew on the ends of pens or pencils?  Or maybe nervous adults?  I don't know.  Either way probably don't do that.
Meatloaf died.  The musician and actor, not the meal.  I assume.  Maybe it was the meal.  I'm going by second hand information right now.  My Mom told me she read it but I haven't checked it out yet.  Maybe it was the meal.  Better LTURQ.  Yep.  Hey he was 74.  That's not so bad.  I was picturing he'd be in his mid 60's somehow.  Now I realize that doesn't make sense.  74 makes the most sense.  Because That's What It Is.  Anyway I enjoy those 3.5 songs of his I can identify.  There's the one I can DEFINITELY identify and then there's the 3-4 songs that I can mostly identify combine into 2-3 songs I can identify.  Hmm.  Interesting choice of Artist Name.  I've always felt that and never really articulated that feeling out loud or even 100% in my mind.  Meatloaf as artist name.  PERSONAL SOLO ARTIST NAME.  Very intriguing move.  Oh well I guess we'll never know for sure.  Know what for sure.  Lots of things.  Why his name is Meatloaf.  What he'd do for love.  That sort of thing.
     Coffee after this paragraph!  Wonderful.  Will I do circlewalking today?  Don't need to!  I got schedule planned out that makes it unnecessary.  But I may do it anyway cause I'll be like dunno what ELSE to do while I'm waiting.  Waiting for Super Market delivery.  I'll keep you updated on this situation as it progresses.  Glad I haven't gained weight in the last week and a half.  Good sign!  That I can do what I'm doing and probably not gain weight.  What I've been doing is more or less sustainable!  Will continue moving the pieces around but overall it's more or less gonna be a similar thing.  HAM SANDWICH HUH.  I like the bread part.  Got some nice bread thins.  What's it called.  Lemme LTURQ.  SANDWICH THINS.  But they're no thinner than bread.  They're thin for what they are.  Pita-ish bread.  The point is I think I made my point that I like what I use as bread lately.  FASCINATING.
  Look if I had to make a Sophie's Choice and choose between Meatloaf The Artist dying and Meatloaf The Meal dying... I dunno.  First instinct is to Save The Person.  But meatloaf does a lot of good for a lot of people all across the world and has been for a long time and, if I can stop it from dying, will continue to do so for a lot of time.  Ya know what?  I'd give the decision to Meatloaf.  He'd be more in tune with the stakes and relative importantance of what to do.  I trust Meatloaf to make the right decision.  The artist.  Not the meal.  Meals can't make decisions.  I hope not at least.  Kinda feels like I shouldn't be eating them if they can make decisions.  Hmm.  LOOK Meatloaf would save Meatloaf The Meal because that's just the kind of guy he is.  Stand-up guy!  One would imagine.  Anyway.  The delicious part of Ham Sandwich is not just the ham or the bread but also the SIDES.  No Spoilers but they're great.  THERE'S A SPOILER IN THERE.  They're.  MULTIPLE SIDES.
    Hmm.  What else is going on and crap.  I ate the same thing yesterday as the day before like I told you I would BUT IN REVERSE ORDER.  What I had for lunch and what I had for dinner were FLIP FLOPPED.  I had 'em flipping and flopping all over the place.  Great.  What else is going on and crap.  Gotta tape up my phone cameras.  No one must be able to see me ever.  Leave something to the imagination!  Anyway.  I always associated the name Meatloaf with being WHOLESOME.  He's meatloaf.  FAMILIES eat meatloaf.  Wholesome guy.  Talks a lot about sex and stuff in songs but not in an entirely unwholesome way all things considered.  Anyway.  Meatloaf is in a Tales From That Crypt episode.  Decent sized role!  Only one scene but he's playing a legitimate character and whatnot.  HEY WAIT A SECOND CRACKED A CODE.  SPOILER ALERT they end up eating the character Meatloaf plays in the episode.  His name is Meatloaf in real life.  Never put the 2 and 2 together
.  Now I have and I don't know how to feel about it.  Should I go to the papers with this?  Or hold onto it to put in my tell-all book about things later on in my career.
     Whatever.  Eighth paragraph!  I don't believe it.  What else.  Not sure what the success rate is for ham sandwiches.  I don't have them very often, but what adult does.  I feel like I usually get enough out of a ham sandwich that I don't completely regret it.  Sometimes it's kind of a let down, but just as often it's kind of a positive experience!  I dunno if I've ever gotten a HUGE kick out of it though.  I've given myself a lot to think about.  Ya know, ham sandwich stuff and crap.  That sort of thing.  Hey National Meal Of The Day is... better not be Meatloaf... National Granola Bar Day!  GREAT.  I've been enjoying granola bars the last month or two for the first time in my life.  Not re-upping with them lately because they still have a lot of sugar but I may be re-thinking this.  I may re-up with granola bar in upcoming Super Market orders because they're delicious.  Assuming they're loaded with chocolate and sugar.  Safe assumption to make.  Otherwise who would ever eat it.
Yeah!  Great!  Only 4 more episodes of Tales From That Crypt to go this time around watching it.  Wonderful.  I guess.  Any guesses on next time I start watching it?  My safe general non-specific guess is I'll start up within 1-3 3 week periods.  I WAS gonna say 1-2, but ya know what?  MAYBE IT MAKE IT PAST 2 THREE WEEK PERIODS.  What the Hell am I talking about.  Hmm.  ROBOT UMPIRES IN TRIPLE A THIS YEAR according to ESPN.  ROBOT UMPIRES is kind of misleading.  It brings to mind an actual humanoid robot standing behind home place.  I'm assuming that's not what's going on.  It's just computer algorithm umpires, right?  Robots are physical things.  Humanoid in most cases!  Look would I LOVE some robot umpires?  Sure who wouldn't.  But don't get my hopes up with this erroneously named new procedure.  Hmm.  There's a Twilight Zone episode about a Robot Baseball Player.  Robot Umpire is the natural progression of that idea.  Hmm.
Sure!  Great!  Yeah!  What else.  Gonna try experimenting with getting out of bed for good when the alarm goes off.  For months at least the routine has been snoozing for a good amount of time.  Then eating breakfast and getting back in bed and snoozing for more.  NO LONGER.  I'll have to think about when exactly I wanna get up every day, but I wanna GET UP WHEN I SAY I WILL.  This is gonna be tough but worth it in the end I feel.  Anyway.  Acts II and III of entry and ultimate time of Posting Entry To Internet will be delayed today but Oh Well That's Life.  Gotta delay stuff sometimes.  Don't fret over it.  I feel like I used the word fret in song lyrics once and I was like THIS IS GENIUS.  It means one thing and it also means a guitar thing.  I'm the greatest song writer of my generation and/or EVER.  More or less.  What else is going on.  Gonna write a couple of extra paragraphs.  Probably EXACTLY a couple.  A couple is exactly 2, right?  Yep that checks out.
Sure.  I scared myself last night by realizing that my many snacks of the day can be reduced to the exact same ones day in day out for 75% of them or so.  And I could and possibly should have them in the same order and/or at the same time of day.  Seems like TOO routined.  Then again I KIND OF can dig that somehow???  What else is going on.  Another reason to get more granola bars.  Then I have MORE CHOICE and VARIETY to pick from.  So there's that.  What else is going on.  I SHOVE yesterday.  My facial hair is less than it was going into the Shoving Situation.  Words mean what I say they mean.  More or less.  Hmm.  What to do if not walking in a circle after next paragraph.  Just LAY AROUND and WATCH TV?  That doesn't sound like me.  What else.  Delivery Estimate for Super Market delivery is on the Earlier Side which is good but that's unreliable.  I wouldn't count my chickens before they turn into eggs or something.
     Yeah!  What else is crap.  I dunno why my instinct is to be upset that I don't know how Meatloaf died.  Ya hear he died, he see his age, GREAT HOW DID HE DIE.  You're not telling me?  WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO HIDE.  I NEED TO KNOW HOW MEATLOAF DIED AND I NEED TO KNOW NOW.  So I can avoid doing what he did.  Cause I wanna continue living and whatnot.  The point is huh?  Anyway.  Watched a FILM last night.  On DVD!  Now I'm calling the shots.  What film was it?  It was UNBREAKABLE.  I've seen it before a dozen times but THIS TIME AROUND I enjoyed it Again.  Fascinating.  I like the part where the stuff happens.  More or less.  Wasn't my LEAST favorite part at least.  I didn't mind the parts where stuff happened all in all.  Huh.  Maybe pick out another DVD to watch tonight.  Again, when I'm picking a movie from my Home Library, it's ME calling the shots.  Not waiting to be told what fillums to watch from TV or Streamers.  YEAH.  THE TABLES HAVE TURNED AND WHATNOT.  Which means nothing.  What do turning tables do and/or mean.  Are you turning them upside down completely?  Rotating them?  Revolution-ing them?  I need more details!  I'll be back in a little bit!




don't do that

    Hey you idiots.  Schedule wasn't mucked up that much at all!  Delivery came at reasonable time where walking schedule was more or less unaffected.  Entry Acts II and III just moved down one unit of time, that's it!  Act II is when Act III would be (a little earlier!)  Act III will be between where DownTime between Walk III and Lunch would be.  PERECT.  The point is what else is PERECT.  Nothing.  It's not a word.  Not yet at least.  I guess every word has to start off somewhere.  This might be where PERECT starts.  Probably not, though!  Anyway drinking that Cran-Grape juice for first time since getting it and WONDERFUL.  I'm digging it to the extent that I don't regret getting it!  Amazing.  FRESH DIRECT AIN'T HAVE MY TURKEY MEATLOAF WITH HEALTH SPAGHETTI MEAL?!!  I WAS GONNA HAVE THAT FOR LUNCH.  NOW I HAVE TO HAVE HAM SANDWICH.  Also I knew ahead of time the turkey meatloaf wasn't in the cards.  It should have been a sign Meatloaf was going to die.  My turkey meatloaf wasn't in stock and Regular Meatloaf died at the same time.  Interesting.  REAL PERECT.
     What else is up.  Watched about 4 minutes of a The Simpsons episode.  I'll finish that, sure.  Then re-assess my priorities in life.  I have either one or two Individual Snapple Bottles left.  I wonder if those World Travel Facts will be unique.  Can't wait to find out.  It's crunch time!  Now or never!  Pressure's on!  What else is up.  HMM timewise I'd be having coffee around now with Act III starting.  Think I'll do that now.  Because lunch will still be at the same time.  Gotta separate Consumptions at regular intervals.  I can't be having coffee and then immediately lunch.  It would detract from both of them!  Presumably!  Anyway I'll go take care of that after the next paragraph.  After this paragraph I need to take care of re-filling my Cold Beverage Whatever That May Be.  The point is I got work to do.  Refilling beverages.  I do it a lot so I'm pretty good at it!  Almost second nature.  Don't even need to think much about what I'm doing when I'm doing it at all usually for the most part.
    What's going on.  Crap and stuff.  I say DownTime between Walk III and Lunch but let's get into it it's UPTIME.  Entry is over.  Walk after entry is over.  First part o the day I can re-calibrate privately without any set activity to do.  But that IS the set activity.  RE-CALIBRATING.  It takes up a lot of time.  Maybe at some point the need to re-calibrate will decrease and I can find better things to do with that time.  Either way SOLID part of the day and I hope that carries over to when I'm writing Act III during it.  So, great, sure, what else is up.  Got delicious Coke Zero I'm finishing from yesterday.  Last soda from last week!  Also this week BACK TO DIET PEPSI.  Better make the most of this Coke Zero while I can.  WHAT A GREAT PIECE OF WRITING.  It is!  In the macro-sense.  You read a guy talking about drinking soda once, no big deal.  You read a guy talking about drinking soda half a dozen times a day for 8 years, now THAT'S an accomplishment to write AND to read AND to just exist in general in the universe As Is.  Hey Coffee time. 
    Just spend a good amount of time on Scheduling and Dieting Allotment.  Too much time one could argue.  10 minutes.  Not that much time individually but as part of the bigger picture it adds up quickly!  The good news is the changes I made are DELICIOUS YET REASONABLE.  What else is going on and crap.  Basically planning out all my snacks and meals somehow is my way to inadvertently attempt to Binge Eat Responsibly.  By figuring out when to eat snacks and meals and having lots of regular snacks and positioning them JUST SO I can trick my body into thinking I REALLY AM eating constantly over the day.  WOW I'M A GENIUS.  I know they say sometimes hey good diet idea is to eat every 90 minutes or something or so I don't have all the details.  But I figured it out for myself through trial and error and I don't follow 90 minutes exactly but the main idea is the same.  ALWAYS EATING.  STILL HEALTHY.  PERHAPS EVEN HEALTHIER THAN WHAT YOU IDIOTS ARE DOING.
Looks like I'm a genius again!  Hmm.  What else is going on.  Fifth paragraph of the act.  Aiming for six as of this sentence.  Prove me wrong!  I've calculated all the contexts in the back of my mind and quickly came to the obvious conclusion that yep six is the way to go re: paragraphs of this act.  Amazing.  GENIUS!  I feel like I probably haven't lost or gained any even relatively significant amount of weight in the last 3 weeks overall BUT I feel like parts of my body are losing and other parts are gaining.  Sides of my torso are continuing to concave.  But weird vertical slab of some fat in my belly has stayed the same or even GRUESOME.  Sorry Tales From The Crypt Man said GRUESOME in one episode when he meant to say Grew Some.  Musta rubbed off on me.  Sorry for any hurt or pain this may have caused you.  Either way What Can Ya Do.  Probably things.  Yeah but What Can I Do.  Still, probably things.  I don't know what things though.  Oh well then I guess there's not much to be done.
  Last paragraph of the act.  Amazing.  Starting to realize that lots of Times Of The Day Contexts are UNIVERSAL and there's nothing I can do about it other than either ignore it and don't think about it or LEAN INTO IT and make it my own.  12:00 PM to ~5:00 PM IS THE AFTERNOON?  A SOLID BLOCK OF TIME WHICH HAS A DIFFERENT RELATIVE FEEL TO OTHER BLOCKS OF TIME?  I CAN MAKE THAT MY OWN.  That sort of thing.  That's just one example.  MAIN EXAMPLE that occurred to me yesterday.  But I feel like there's other examples that I'll work out on my own time.  As opposed to working it now. Now I'm on YOUR time.  I'm on the clock doing jobs for you.  Writing sentences.  That sort of thing!  I may not know what Being On Mine or Someone Else's Time means.  Which makes sense because there's over 70% of things that I Don't Know What It Means.  Hmm.  Alright gonna take my walk a little earlier than I planned.  See ya soon!




i'll let you know

    HEY!  Based on today's mix-em-up schedule I came up with an ENTIRELY SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT schedule on my most recent walk.  It came about because of the Writing Entry Parts At Different Times Of Day With Different Other Activities Dividing Them And Whatnot.  KIND OF LIKED THE DIFFERENCES.  I'm happy.  A NEW SCHEDULE.  Second 2/3rds of the day are more or less the same.  But man oh man is there a part of the day that's slightly different.  Gonna try this out tomorrow that's for sure.  Gonna be fun.  Maybe I alternate between schedules has anyone ever thought to do that before?  I feel like I may be the first person to think of that.   Wonderful.  Gonna have lunch in an hour.  Wonderful.  I dunno how to feel about that.  Lunch in an hour while I'm writing an entry now and I'm thinking about a New Schedule Tomorrow.  Too much is going on.  I gotta calm down.  Gimme some sort of Anti-Stimulation Drug.  Eh I can do without it.  I'LL BE OKAY!
     Anyway.  The schedule isn't really THAT different.  Just feels very different because YES each day I'm making adjustments but today's adjustments were A BIT above and beyond and quicker than I'm used to.  The point is I wonder how I will make the next few paragraphs worth reading.  It just occurred to me that might be something I should try to do.  Hmm.  I got nothin'.  That's the key part of a schedule.  Will it make Entry Better.  Because unfortunately this is my job.  And it's only PARTLY to entertain myself as the main mission.  There's theoretical Reader and there's a segment of my psyche that wants to entertain this phantom audience member.  Ideally.  If it doesn't mean I have to do too much work.  If it comes easily through the natural course of things and all, I'd be okay with being entertaining to other people.  That's my general position.  Hmm.  Also other important keys to scheduling -- making the most out of meals and snacks and timing them appropriately, working around my parent's Specifically My Dad's Schedules, and having reasonable if not totally ideal amounts of time between breaks in walks.  YEAH.
I appear to have gotten Bubble Gum flavored Gum a week or two ago that I forgot about.  Probably on purpose.  Trying that out right now.  Calibrating... Calibrating... RE-Calibrating.. KIND OF LIKE IT.  Nice mix-em-up.  Either way new Alt Schedule Idea would result in entries being finished and posted to internet about 45 minutes to an hour later than now.  Deal with it!  What else is going on.  Pretty sure this is just bubble gum flavored.  And not suddenly gum that is applicable to blowing big bubbles.  Which is fine!  I don't wanna blow no bubbles out of gum.  I've got BETTER things to do.  Probably.  That'd be my assumption at least.  Anyway.  What else is crappening.  There's more going on in the world than my slightly different daily schedule idea!  PRESUMABLY.  I haven't seen any evidence to that point yet because I've been writing an Act Of Entry since taking lat walk with No Checking The Internet as to whether there's anything else crappening in the world.  I'll get to that soon don't worry.  Keep you updated TOMORROW on what's Crappening TODAY.
Wonderful.  Three more paragraphs to go here.  I got that going for me.  Anyway.  Just scrolled up in Microsoft Front Page and caught a glimpse of me saying the words Waiting For Super Market... and there's a Flaming Lips song where it's Waiting For Superman.  So basically that struck my fancy which is a phrase that shouldn't exist but does and also somewhat applies in this situation even though it shouldn't.  Anyway.  Today isn't the new schedule.  Today wasn't the old schedule  Today is an ABERRATION.  A MISTAKE.  A FOLLY OF NATURE.  This will happen once every seven days on Fridays.  Oh well if that' what nature wants to do who am I to argue with nature.  Part of nature in a way.  THE MAIN PART possibly.  So I got that going for me I guess.  What else do I have going on in the wide world of sports.  A whole lot of the rest of the day leftover.  And pretty much from the end of this entry on is the same schedule day as both Old Schedule AND New Schedule.  As of 2:00 PM which is what it is now I think schedule is pretty much set!  ONE WALK which I'm not sure of the exact time.  Could be 15 minutes in either direction as where I have it now.  THIS IS MY LIFE.  I'M HAPPY WITH IT.  GOT NOTHIN' BETTER TO DO.  WHICH IS GOOD.  BECAUSE THIS ALREADY IS PRETTY GOOD.  ANYTHING BETTER WOULD BE TOO MUCH.
     Penultimate paragraph.
  Cool!  Should I consider heating up sliced ham in microwave.  My guess?  TOO LATE I ALREADY CONSIDERED IT.  IN retrospect I could have done without it.  Not much argument there to heat up thinly sliced ham for a ham sandwich.  But I made my choice and it helped me make my ultimate choice and now I know for the future so I don't even need to consider it again.  Hmm.  What else is up and crap.  I dunno.  The point is the soda and snapple I put in the fridge are already cold.  Or were cold from the start.  And remained cold.  Not 100% sure how cold they were when I first got 'em!  You'd think I pay attention to that sort of thing because you think of me as Some Paying Attention Guy but you'd be wrong in this case and possibly other cases.  The good news is this paragraph is almost over.  Hey Louie Anderson also died.  He probably liked Meatloaf.  Case closed.
Last paragraph of the day!  Amazing.  Put on some Dumb TV after this one for lunch watching.  Body Bizarre.  Or an I'm Too Fat! program of which I can choose from half a dozen.  Something along those lines sounds like the way to go  SURE I've seen all these episodes 5 years ago.  A lot has changed in 5 years!  I'm a new man and thusly the TV I watch is new to me.  During the Becoming A New Man Changeover I got a fresh start to watch Dumb DocuSeries about people who look weird or unhealthy.  Amazing.  And that's just ONE area where my life is Amazing Now.  Cool!  The point is what else is going on and crap.  Put a bit of non-silly putty in my hair again today for some reason.  Not makin' it spiky this time around at all.  I figured out a way to style it so it looks like I didn't put in any putty at all.  And looks like it would look without any putty in the first place.  WOW what a productive use of my time and money.  I'll be back tomorrow.

-2:10 P.M.




Thursday, January 20, 2022

the thing of it is

    Hello friends.  MAN OH MAN is my schedule coming along nicely.  I feel like it's almost complete!  AND YOU IDIOTS DOUBTED ME.  I doubted myself a lot of times.  Many A Time I felt like this will never end and if it does it will be with me admitting defeat.  Now I feel like it will end and I will declare Mostly Victory.  I just started typing out my exact schedule.  But then I felt I was giving away too much information.  The point is I got set times for waking up and going to bed, the 5 walks, the 3 meals, and estimations for the 4-5 Set Snacks.  Gotta leave it to your imagination after that.  Just know IT'S WONDERFUL.  Hmm.  Lately I realize it makes me think of being In Hospital.  They have set times for everything.  Now I cut out the middle man and have a nice comfortable non-stressed schedule for the day For Myself!  Looks like the patient has become the... administrator who sets... the schedules...
Whatever.  Lots of people follow schedules without being In Hospital.  I envy them.  What else is going on.  Supposed to be snowing right about now.  Wasn't during my walk.  Drizzling sure.  I'll take some drizzling.  Bring on the drizzling, that's what I always say.  Wearing a Laundered Shirt.  My mom came through in the clutch and laundered 8 or so of my shirts yesterday.  Hmm.  Was supposed to shave yesterday.  I CAN DO THAT DURING AFTERNOON ACT II: THE MAIN ACT TO GET RANDOM THINGS DONE.  Sounds good to me.  I dunno that's a health and/or appearance UpKeep Thing.  Not quite in the spirit of what I imagined Afternoon Pt II would be.  But why not!  We're here to experiment with things.  Presumably.  Gotta be here for some reason.  Might as well experiment with things.  Anyway National Food Of The Day is... National Cheese Lover's Day and National Coffee Break Day. 
     Cheese lovers doesn't celebrate cheese, it celebrates people who love cheese.  HATE IT.  I like cheese half the time and dislike it the other half.  I don't have a big problem celebrating cheese.  But I DO have a big problem celebrating people who love cheese.  First of all why should I celebrate people at all.  Second of all I feel like people who love cheese are suckers.  You tell me you love cheese my opinion of you immediately plummets.  The point is coffee BREAK?!?!  The whole point of coffee is to help you get stuff done!  Why you taking a break with your coffee.  Counterintuitive!  Look I'm poking fun.  I GET coffee breaks.  But my point is still vaguely valid.  Also what else is up.  I feel like I've never taken a coffee break in my life.  When I had a job I don't think I drank coffee.  And without a job there's nothing I'm taking a break from.  Hmm.  Now I kind of wanna take a coffee break.  Seems kind of pleasant.  I've been getting this all wrong!
     What else is up.  THURSDAY EH.  I spent most of yesterday thinking it was Tuesday.  But I'm OKAY with it turning out to be Wednesday and now it's Thursday.  I can live with that!  The point is I forget.  Got more than enough beverages to last me until tomorrow's re-up with Super Market.  Looks like I'm only gonna get one 12 pack of Snapple.  They don't have the other flavor!  I guess I could get 2 12 packs of Lemon Flavor.  HEY that's a brilliant idea.  Why didn't I think of that.  I just did.  Yeah but BEFORE.  Hmm.  I can get 64 oz snapples instead of individual ones for cheaper.  That way I can get MORE for LESS.  Also I don't have to concern myself with World Travel Facts at all!  Let's do that.  ALRIGHT IT'S DONE.  Getting a lot more OZ of snapple for only a couple dollars more.  AMAZING.  It'll take a while to adjust to not reading World Travel Facts but in the end I think it's definitely a GOOD thing I'm without them.
     Sure!  YA KNOW WHAT I'm gonna reward myself for doing this Snapple Swap by getting Croissants.  Wait No That's No Good.  I shant be doing that!  Ok I won't.  But now you know I had that instinct.  Great!  I like sharing things.  Gotta do something with this website.  Anyway.  What kind of fun stuff do I have in store for AFTERNOON and then EVENING and then POST EVENING AKA NIGHTTIME.  Well I can look forward to The Dividers.  Meals and walks which give the day structure.  Not sure what to look forward to during the times that they border.  But the Dividers themselves Oh Boy.  LOOK have I considered TRYING to do music stuff?  YES.  Many a time.  But it's HARD.  Both to commit to doing it and to actually starting doing it and to actually do it well if and when I started doing it.  OH WELL THAT'S LIFE.  Hard to do stuff.  Coffee time.
     Maybe every time I pour a glass of Snapple a World Travel Fact is transmitted to my brain.  Probably not!  But maybe!  Better turn Airplane Mode on to prevent that.  Or Off.  I forget which one is which.  But the point is I'd rather that not happen.  Hey great how bout that.  Maybe if the World Travel Facts were BETTER and unique each time I'd be okay with that scenario.  But they're not so I'm Not!  What else is up.  Got delicious salad yesterday for lunch.  Have it again today for lunch.  Made my Mom and my Self delicious Super Market Beef Sirloin for dinner yesterday for dinner.  Have it again today for dinner for dinner!  Delicious.  Tomorrow we got a blank slate!  More or less!  Lunch gotta be something new I just got from Super Market.  But I LIKE those things.  That's why I got them.  I KNOW WHAT I'M DOING RE: GETTING GROCERIES.  Mostly try to get the stuff YOU WILL WANT TO ACTUALLY EAT.
Fascinating.  Finished Cobra Kai Season Whatever It Was.  Either 3 or 4.  Who knows for sure.  Probably lots of people.  I do a poll of people there's gonna be dozens of thousands of people who know immediately off the top of their head.  Best estimation I could do on such short notice.  Get off my back about it.  What else is up.  Hmm what if I got Croissants to reward myself for something Presumably The Snapple Switchover.  Gonna have to think about that one.  Turns out switchover is a word.  Thought I was doing a wrong word going into typing it.  Hey Great!  What else is up.  Look should I aim to eat meals at :15 minute intervals YES PROBABLY.  I don't know WHY but it feels like something I should do.  You know, at either :00, :15, :30, or :45 of the hour.  FEELS RIGHT and ya gotta follow your heart in matters like this.  Or follow your liver.  Good luck with that.  The point is Great.
Anyway.  LIVER?  I HOPE MY Whole Body IS LIVING.  Thanks for the applause and laugher following those 3 sentences.  I would imagine.  What's going on in the wide world of sports.  I still have a fair amount of World Travel Facts leftover from this week.  Don't worry!  There's still some that we don't have to stop Cold Turkey.  Hmm cold turkey sounds delicious.  I dunno about that.  I like HOT turkey.  I like ROOM TEMPERATURE turkey.  Maybe when you say cold turkey you're actually imagining Room Temperature Turkey.  Which is fine. But turkey that's COLD?  I don't need it and neither do you!  The point is I can't remember the last time I had a breakfast that wasn't a dessert breakfast.  I've been keeping track I think so that if I delved deep into my records I could find that out.  But I don't CARE.
     Ninth paragraph!  Let's keep it going for some reason. Gotta do SOMETHING in life.  Keep life going IN SOME direction.  Why not writing the ninth paragraph right now.  Okay!  Hey what else is going on.  Got a good feeling about Act II today.  I feel like for once in my life I exhausted talking about schedule and/or eating stuff.  Look I'm sure I didn't.  But I FEEL like I covered all the bases for now.  Anyway I dunno.  My computer had Airplane Mode highlighted in blue.  I pressed it to see what would happen.  The blue disappeared.  I'm GUESSING I turned it off from it being on.  I'm GUESSING I will notice absolutely no difference.  Hmm.  the little airplane graphic disappeared from the bottom right of my Start Menu Bar.  GOOD.  That's what I accomplished it turns out.  I didn't like seeing that airplane and now I don't so in the end I did the right thing!
     Okay.  Oh here's a GAMECHANGER in scheduling/eating stuff.  Keeping track of calories I'm eating-- I don't always round it off to nearest 25 calories anymore.  Sometimes I do.  Sometimes I keep track EXACTLY.  You'd think that's MORE obsessive but it's actually less.  I can't explain why because the answer's too complicated and your puny minds wouldn't be able to follow me.  But just take my word for it!  What word.  I typed several words.  Dozens of them.  Well pick one and take it.  What else is going on.  I guess one more bonus paragraph for the act after this one.  It makes sense TIMEWISE.  Ugh.  I don't like writing paragraphs and acts and entries Timewise.  Should be doing them Paragraphlengthwise.  I had more success with that.  OH WELL WE CAN ONLY MOVE FORWARD NOT BACK.  I feel like that'd be a Snapple World Travel Fact.  This Animal Can Only Move Forward, Not Back.  Maybe some sort of rodent or amphibian.  I dunno!  Hmm I CAN stop here after 10 paragraphs.  I'm gonna do it!  Be back in a bit.




i've been doing this a while

    TEASER once I reach 3-4 days of following the same schedule 95% I WILL SHARE IT WITH YOU.  Hopefully I'm on Day 2 of following the same schedule.  I'm ALWAYS on Day One At Least.  Either way tomorrow Super Market will interrupt schedule BUT I can continue schedule IN SPIRIT.  So maybe, JUST MAYBE, Sunday I can let you in on THE ULTIMATE SCHEDULE.  STAY TUNED.  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  Was snowing lightly on walk just now.  Not enough to bother me.  Not enough to accumulate on ground.  I feel like I'm Winning versus The Snow this morning.  Well WE'RE ALL Winning.  But me specifically.  The point is gonna have delicious Cheesecake for Morning Snack/Brunch.  LOOK it's no Brunch.  It's set in time more than other snacks like a meal, and it's generally slightly longer, but THIS IS NO BRUNCH.  But I'm getting ahead of myself.  This will all be covered on Day III or IV of following the same schedule!
     What else is going on.  Am I happy about having the exact same lunch and dinner today as yesterday?  I dunno!  Not really!  But it worked out pretty well yesterday and I enjoyed both meals.  So all in all NOT TOO UNHAPPY EITHER.  Wonderful.  Oh hey I got half a cup of coffee from Act I leftover JUST LIKE YESTERDAY.  Gonna fill it up for Act II.  Let's go do that!  TOGETHER!  By which I mean I'm gonna go do that and by the time I'm done it will be instantaneous for you because the next sentence FOR YOU READING will be immediate.  HELLO.  Hey did what I set out to do.  Wonderful!  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  Hey today is Thursday.  We might have already covered that.  Seems like one of the main bulletpoints to get out of the way within the first few paragraphs.  BULLETPOINT isn't a word according to Microsoft FrontPage?  WRONG.  It's a word and I'll go to my grave standing by that.  No I won't.  I'll never go to my grave as long as I'm alive.  I'll wait until I'm dead.  And then They'll BRING ME to my grave.  Looks like I got other people to do the work for me.  I WIN AGAIN.
Okay.  What else is going on.  Gonna have delicious Morning Snack in a matter of minutes and/or paragraphs.  You can divide everything into minutes and/or paragraphs.  Except many things.  Like the distance from me to File Cabinet.  Can't measure that in minutes and/OR paragraphs.  Hmm.  Trying to do that now in my head.  Calibrating... Calibrating... RE-Calibrating.. Nope can't do it.  Definitely not in minutes.  Maybe in paragraphs???  Well let's see.  We can measure the distance in terms of how long would it take ME to get to the file cabinet from WHERE I AM RIGHT NOW.  That's minutes.  Now let's think about paragraphs.  In how many paragraphs will I motivate myself to be like okay I've written enough paragraphs now it's time for me to reach out 4 feet and touch the file cabinet.  So I guess I was wrong.  Or right.  I forget what I said and what I said it about.
     Yeah!  2.5 cups of coffee a day makes sense.  On average .75 cups for 2 Acts Of Entry and 1.00 cup for 1 Act Of Entry.  It'll be kind of hard to figure out the logistics and specifics of working that out but I GOT TIME.  Oh no this might set me back in terms of schedule.  I'd need a few days to fine-tune this.  It's not part of schedule.  It's IT'S OWN THING.  What else is going on.  Hmm Kind Of Is Part Of Schedule.  DANGIT.  I dunno what's going on anymore.  That's January 2022 for ya!  Also the rest of the months forever in the past and future.  That sort of thing.  What else is That Sort Of Thing.  Haven't checked World Travel Calendar on file cabinet in the last week or two for possible World Travel Days of the month.  I'm sure it says MLK JR Day a few days ago.  That's a World Travel.  What else do we got here... NOTHIN.  Also just had a lot of trouble getting calendar to stick to file cabinet again.  Part of the magnet FELL OUT onto the floor and I couldn't get it to stick without it.  Then I FOUND sticky part, re-attached it to magnet, and IT WORKS.  GENIUS.
I'm a genius for Picking Things Up Off The Floor.  That makes sense.  Every genius needs an area of expertise and that's mine.  I'm not proud of it, I'm not ashamed of it.  That's just how things are.  HMM logistically it'd be roughly .75/.75/1.  In terms of cups of coffee per Act Of Entry.  That makes the most sense off the top of my head.  Pour one cup, fill it up with .75 of other cup later, then fill that up with another .75 cups later.  2.5 overall.  SEE THAT WAS EASY.  I'm a genius!  What else is going on and crap.  Fifth paragraph of the act.  Guess I'll go for six overall.  Because I dunno why I do things you figure it out.  Cool!  Lemon Iced Tea World Travel Fact Of The Day is... another repeat.  Just like these paragraphs.  They all convey the same idea and premise.  I'm Trying To Figure Something Out, Lately The Perfect New Routine.  PERFECT.  I'm SO CLOSE.  I can't wait to share with you what I got because it's coming out GREAT.
     Okay.  Maybe experiment with taking Brunchish Morning Snack AFTER shower.  Maybe even with ACT III.  OH NO AM I SURE NOW IS THE TIME TO EXPERIMENT.  YES.  Now is ALWAYS the time to experiment.  Why put off till tomorrow before you can do it today within reason or something.  Huh.  Nah I ain't gonna do that.  Brunchish Morning Snack Time I've been doing has been working out fine.  Ya don't fix what isn't broke!  And ya don't fix what is broke!  Get someone else to do it for you!  You've got better things to do!  What else is up.  ALRIGHT about 75% into cup of coffee with my act II.  Put it aside for now and refill it back up with Act III.  SEE I'm already doing the routine naturally on DAY ONE.  Amazing.  Pretty ahead of schedule today.  I actually AM gonna have Brunchist Morning Snackish after shower!  Because it's the same time as before.  SEMI EXPERIMENT, SEMI STICK TO WHAT I'VE BEEN DOING.  I'll be back soon.




don't get me wrong

    Hello friends.  Time to write another I dunno six paragraphs?  Let's go with that.  Refill coffee after this paragraph.  Have Cheesecake Bar Pastry Thing at a certain TIME not at a point in paragraph.  WHAT TIME?  Only time will tell!  But I CAN tell you it will be at a 15 minute interval.  I HAVE MY REASONS GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT IT.  HMM adjusting my schedule a bit today.  Enough that it's on the border of Sticking To Yesterday To Count As The Same Thing and Sticking To Yesterday In Spirit But Enough Change That It's A New Thing.  OKAY THAT'S EVERY DAY.  EVERY DAY is that border.  Sticking to yesterday as if its the same thing and sticking to yesterday in spirit.  And each day I get A LITTLE BIT CLOSER.  So the TEASER still stands-- you will see the perfect schedule-- soon!  Just maybe not this weekend.  Hopefully probably beginning of next week then.  Gotta get it out of the way because I GOT THINGS TO DO.  Definitely by the end of January.  It's not a three week period but Definitely By The End Of January sounds good.
     TEASER I'm putting together a schedule in my head AND IN MICROSOFT EXCEL AND MICROSOFTWORD that would have me playing guitar at a structured time of the day.  Arranging it in my mind so it seems like something I CAN and would presumably eventually WANT to do.  GAME CHANGER.  Anyway.  Having coffee and Delicious Strawberry Cheese Cake Bar Thing.  Wonderful.  Let's keep it going!  By which I mean MY LIFE.  Same premise as yesterday but slightly better.  Not sure how or why it's better. Things are more EVEN and in EQUILIBRIUM and HEALTHY and PRODUCTIVE and ADULT and CONVENIENT IN THEORY.  Probably some more stuff but I got tired of thinking of positive ways to justify My Obsession.  What else is going on.  Oh ALSO that works around responsibilities and stuff with the people I live.  Sometimes I need to help them or work around their schedules.  NOW I CAN DO THAT AS PART OF MY SCHEDULE.  YOU IDIOTS.
Wonderful.  THIS IS A TOUGH ONE.  Do I continue eating Brunchlike Snack after shower with act III like I did today or go with what worked in the past and do it the other way around.  THIS IS A TOUGH ONE.  I don't think I'm gonna come to a conclusion today.  Gonna play it by ear tomorrow.  FASCINATING.  Real tough one.  The Earlier Morning Snack HAS worked in the past but I'm really kinda digging this Morning Snack that occurs FORTY FIVE MINUTES LATER.  I've given myself a lot to think about, that's for sure.  The point is I'm way ahead of schedule today.  We're talking ROUGHLY HALF AN HOUR.  Man oh man do I like measuring things by the :15's.  And when they're ACCURATELY that, and not just rounded-- that's the sweet spot of what gives me pleasure in life theoretically.
    Anyway.  Three more paragraphs theoretically.  AND PRACTICALLY!!!!!  Huh.  Practical isn't related to Theoretical.  I mean I guess they are KIND OF.  But they're not DIRECTLY 100% Related.  Such that Practically is the main corresponding thought to Theoretically.  OH NO I'M SCARED.  The point is I dunno.  Finished coffee.  I got that going on for me.  I dunno what I'm gonna do After Walk III slash Before Lunch.  I guess watch TV.  That's what I would be doing if I wasn't thinking about Setting Precedent.  But I feel like I got better stuff to do than watch TV as a Setting Precedent.  I dunno WHAT.  I'm pretty sure I DON'T.  But I SHOULD.  I should have better stuff to do!  That's a big hole in this schedule.  I should have better stuff to do for most of the day.  Oh well live and learn.
Penultimate paragraph!  Amazing.  The Better Thing I Have To Do lately has been MAKING SCHEDULE.  Once schedule is made I have NOTHING better to do!  Hmm better keep this going on forever then.  No I can't do that.  Hmm better keep this going on into next week hopefully by the beginning or middle of it.  Sounds good to me.  Sights good to me, too!  Touch Not So Much!  What else is up.  What if I watch FILMS on the TV instead of TV.  I feel like that's more productive.  Because I'm an idiot.  But it feels right!  Hmm what kinda film can I watch soon after upcoming walk.  I'll figure something out.  It's gonna be good!  ALRIGHT.  Gonna watch a FILM.  I'm pumped up about this.  That'll take 90 minutes SURE.  Plus I'm gonna have 105 MINUTES OR SO for this time between walks.  You can fit over 50% of films into that time I feel.  Maybe roughly 50%.  I DUNNO I'M GONNA HAVE TO LOOK INTO FILM LENGTH WHEN DECIDING THE FILM.
Wonderful.  The sooner I finish the entry THE LONGER THE FILM I CAN WATCH.  Also I can watch any length film I want.  It can end before the next walk or I can finish watching it after the next walk.  YEAH BUT WHERE'S THE FUN IN THAT.  GOTTA FIT THE SCHEDULE STRUCTURE PERFECTLY TO REALLY REALLY GET A KICK OUT OF IT.  I'm a sick man.  What's going on otherwise.  I'll be back tomorrow with a bunch of paragraphs about something else.  Really!  I feel like by tomorrow's entry over 50% of the paragraphs will be about brand new things.  Or relatively new things.  Or maybe just Brand Things.  The point is Huh.  I think I like the slightly later Morning BrunchTimeAndSpace Snack To Remember.  Gonna aim for doing it again tomorrow.  Gotta aim for something.  Might as well be what I did today.  Feels more natural than what I did yesterday.  I already kinda forget what I did yesterday!  By tomorrow what I did yesterday will be but a distant memory AT BEST.  Might not be a memory AT ALL.  Hmm.  I'll be back tomorrow.

-12:27 P.M.




Wednesday, January 19, 2022

whose got the time

    Hi friends!  Another day, another day closer to ideal schedule.  I LIKE IT.  Got Amazon Fresh order yesterday.  Tried new ice cream sandwich and new Fiber One Cheese Cake for breakfast today.  I LIKE IT.  I enjoyed both!  Go figure!  Down to possibly my last clean shirt today.  Probably one or two hiding tucked away somewhere.  And I can always wear sweatshirt jacket as a shirt.  Or wear a dirty shirt.  Or no shirt.  OR something else as a shirt.  THINK that covers everything.  Anyway gonna be a Healthy and get Create My Own Salad for lunch.  And be super healthy and divide that into two lunches over today and tomorrow!  WOW.  The point is I'm wearing a new pair of socks compared to the last few days.  Which is good because the last pair THE LEFT SOCK had a big hole in it WHERE THE BALL OF MY FOOT is.  You know The Main Crusty Area.  Starting to suspect I'm doing something wrong for the bottoms of my feet to become crusty and it's not just the aging process.
    Hmm.  What's going on and crap.  Wednesday, am I right?  Yes I am.  Whew that's a relief.  The more I'm right about things the better.  Kinda FULL now.  Feels weird.  I like spending my day anticipating eating the next thing but being full I can't really do that.  In theory that sounds like not a bad thing, but it's confusing!  What else is going on.  Gonna buy case for phone in the next day or two.  Then when case comes I'll tape up cameras before putting case on.  Not 100% sure why I have to wait for the case to come to do that.  Kind of 80% sure why I THINK I should do that and about 40% sure that it's accurate that I SHOULD do that.  So I got that going for me.  The point is I forget.  Man oh man is today gonna be a good day.  Continue Fine Tuning Schedule.  At first this was a daunting chore but at this point FUN STUFF.  Probably.  In theory.  I guess!
     National Food Of The Day is... lemme look this up... CALIBRATING... CALIBRATING... RE-CALIBRATING... National Popcorn Day, National Tin Can Day, and National World Quark Day.  My name has Korn in it THOUGHT ON POPCORN DOWN.  Tin Can Day what are we goats TIN CAN DOWN.  World Quark Day I dunno what that is QUARK DOWN.  Alright lemme look up Tin Can Day.  It's dedicated to Tin Cans.  That hold food.  Not sure what else I Was expecting by clicking that link.  Goats eat tin cans or something, right?  Why is that in my head.  Better LTURQ.  YES.  Goats eating Tin Cans is a thing for some reason.  WHY.  Internet says it's false.  WELL I SHOULD HOPE SO.  But what does it mean in the first place.  Any World Quark Day.  Some sort of cheese.  Possibly the same thing as Cottage Cheese.  COUNT ME OUT.
Okay.  Sure.  Where are goats specifically getting tin cans.  And why would they want to eat them.  Where did this come from!  Anyway I don't have a problem with goats.  I think they're an underrated animal.  Except that I think Satan is sometimes a goat.  If the goat is Satan then I DO have a problem that THAT GOAT SPECIFICALLY.  What else is going on.  Is Satan a Goat or something else.  Better LTURQ.  Looks like it has some basis in reality.  Well not REALITY reality.  It has a basis in history of religion or something.  Satan being a goat.  Hey great what else is going on.  Probably things and crap.  That'd be my guess!  DANGIT it's gonna snow tomorrow morning.  Right in the window where I'm taking my walks.  They better downgrade the snow OR ELSE THERE'LL BE HELL TO PAY.  From me.  To the weather.  Something along those lines.  The other time I got Create My Own Salad it was right after a binge.  So I wasn't enjoying it because I felt it was necessary.  This time it's all good!
    Sure.  I'm gonna add ONIONS this time.  A few weeks ago I still cared that they said onion are dangerous.  At this point I don't care anymore.  I'll take my chances with onion.  It's worth the risk!  Not sure that's accurate but I don't care.  Anyway.  What else is crappening.  I feel like if I was a child I'd go AIRPLAINE MODE! and then start walking around in a circle mimicking an airplane with my arms going up and down and back and forth.  Not sure why I had to say that.  I thought of it yesterday.  I can imagine A child doing that and it being fun.  Not necessarily ME as a child.  But if someone's gotta do it Why Not Me As A Child.  Pull my weight!  Do Airplane Mode!  Also I don't know what airplane mode is.  At some point I'd like to learn.  Now would be a good opportunity to do that.  Sure why not.  Disables Radios and Transmitters.  Sure why not.  I didn't know my phone was Radio-ing or Transmitting in the first place.  Either way though I'm getting coffee now!
     Delicious.  Transmitting WHAT.  Transmission Signals I dunno.  Fine.  I'll settle for not knowing for now.  Because I Don't CARE.  Do I have airplane mode on right now or what.  I would look it up but I'll settle for Not CARING.  Also when I was talking about being a kid doing airplane mode I was gonna specify six or seven years old but then I was like lets be honest if it was me, I'd be doing it when I was 13.  With two specific people.  You adapt your sense of humour based on who you're trying to entertain.  But I can imagine when I was a preteen a couple of people who would get a kick out of Airplane Mode.  It's fun because WE'VE JUST ENTERED PUBERTY.  But we're still DOING AIRPLANE MODE.  Sounds fun to me.  I'd enter puberty again.  What fun!  Huh.  What else is going on.  Had a Fig Newton yesterday.  I loved it!  I had one and it was enough and it was delicious.  Didn't see THAT coming.  Along with Cheesecake and ice cream Sandwich I kinda expected not to be happy with it.  Weird.
Okay.  What else is going on.  Still a couple of other things to not be happy with from that order.  I'll keep you updated on this situation as it progresses.  Or degresses as the case may be.  I'll let ya know!  Degress isn't a word.  Pretty sure Degress is a word.  I'm smarter than Microsoft FrontPage is the point.  Know more words!  The main measurement of Smartness.  Better LTURQ.  I'd say over 50% chance internet says Degress/Degresses is a word.  Degression is in the dictionary.  Not sure about Degress.  Either way close enough.  Microsoft FrontPage doesn't even accept Degression.  So the point is I WIN, PROGRAM LOSES.  Wow.  Gonna shave today.  Wow.  It was a joke when I said Left Sock had a hole in it.  I think 99% of pairs of socks are uniform with each part of the pair.  But I also thought I was joking when I said the hole is on the bottom.  I think lots of socks probably aren't uniform all the way around and DO have a bottom and top.  I just don't pay attention to that.  Oh well.
     What else is going on.  There's a million dollar idea if I ever heard one.  Socks where there's lefts and rights.  Also apply that million dollar idea to shoes.  And gloves.  That's about all I could think of.  Also presumably the material is exactly the same but a different design.  You don't want different MATERIALS and FEELS.  Just aesthetically different maybe FOR FUN.  Eighth paragraph.  What FUN.  I feel like I didn't eat any MightNight snacks this past MightNight because I didn't keep any record of it and I'm usually pretty good with that.  But ALSO I'm pretty sure there's a tootsie pop stick on my nightstand that wasn't there before.  HMM.  This a stone cold Who-Dun-It!  I think it's an open and shut case I ate a lollipop.  And don't 100% remember it and didn't keep track of it.  ANOTHER MYSTERY PROBABLY ACCURATELY SOLVED.
What else is up.  I feel like the answer to stopping MightNight snacks lies within what I do before going to sleep.  If I figure out the right routine and/or what and when to eat Final Snack Or Two Of The Day, I can get rid of this practice of MightNight Snacks.  Hmm gonna have to look into that one.  What else is going on.  Probably crap and stuff.  Gonna have to look into that one.  The point is I Forget.  Thinking about transitioning into keeping less and less Official Track of what, when, how much, and when I'm eating and/or walking.  I think I should keep track until I'm pretty sure I got the basic schedule down.  So I can fine tune it with better context.  But I think maybe by the end of this current 3 week period transition into keeping LESS track.  Official Track!  We'll see how that goes.  I will at least.  And I'll probably keep you updated!  Don't worry you're along for the ride here. 
     Huh.  Mom woke up and agreed to probably Launder some shirts for me.  PROBABLY.  I LIKE those odds.  My computer has Airplane Mode ON right now.  Which means Radio and Transmitters are disabled.  GREAT.  I wasn't getting anything out of having radio or transition signals going out and about at all as far as I know.  Maybe I was.  Better LTURQ.  What do I PERSONALLY get out of having airplane mode off.  It says airplane mode you can't do most of the functions.  LIES.  I've had airplane mode on and off at random intervals I feel.  And I don't think I've EVER been like hey wait a second now I can't do this thing.  Then again I'm an idiot so what do I know.  Anyway.  As we creep closer to Brunch-- It's Not Really A Brunch But It's The Biggest Snack Of The Day By A Little Bit-- my hunger is slowly re-appearing.  PERFECT.  JUST RIGHT.  I guess.  One more paragraph before walk!
    I can, "Dig," that.  I have no choice.  I'm already pot committed to doing it at this point.  This is the greatest thing since TIN CANS.  Anyway.  I feel like I'd enjoy bread more if it wasn't sliced.  Just take a huge slice out of a loaf of bread.  Assuming it's still in relative loaf shape.  Even if it isn't!  Just take a big hunk of bread and go nuts.  Why try to re-invent the wheel with this slicing nonsense.  What else is going on.  Also I'd take a big bite out of a wheel.  A wheel OF FOOD.  I guess it depends on the food.  How about a nice wheel of bread.  We've established I'd take a big bite out of any shape of bread.  Why re-invent the wheel and repeat that in a slightly new way.  Huh.  Also forget thinking about Brunch as biggest snack of the day most of the time.  It CAN BE most of the time and that remains to be true.  But just EAT SNACK I WANT WHEN IT'S SNACK TIME.  Within reason.  MUST BE WITHIN REASON!  Hey great I'll be back in a little bit.




we're almost done here

    Hi friends.  What's going on in the wide world of sports.  Got some adjustments to make for today's schedule because I'm cooking dinner for me and my Mom so I'm eating dinner earlier.  GREAT!!!  Maybe the adjustments I make are actually BETTER than what I had going on before.  I like to experiment!  Also I had some coffee left over from last Act.  GREAT!!!  I'll add another half a cup to it and have 2.5 cups over the day.  I like to experiment!  GREAT!!!  Not behind schedule at all today.  Everything on track for it to be another wonderful day in Michael Land.  What else is great in Michael Land.  Well that about covers it I think.  Oh well such is life.  Mom is gonna Launder at least a few shirts for me.  Maybe I mentioned that earlier.  But this time around when I mention it it's Slightly More Confirmed.  So I got that going for me!  TIME FOR .81 SIZE CUP OF COFFEE.  Let's get into it.  Key difference in having earlier dinner isn't even the earlier dinner.  It means switching around snack after brunch and lunch.  So lunch is where 2nd snack would be and 2nd snack is now first snack of the afternoon.  And lunch is EARLIER.  I LIKE IT LET'S SEE HOW IT GOES.
Wow!  Wonderful.  Lemon Iced Tea World Travel Fact Of The Day is... another repeat.  GREAT!  I don't know if I had it in me to absorb new knowledge.  This barely qualifies as knowledge even when it's new.  It's dumb, irrelevant, I CAN'T EVEN BELIEVE IT (not in a good way), and half the time it upsets me for some reason.  Oh well live and learn.  I'm not just shifting down lunch the same amount of time I'm shifting down dinner.  MORE COMPLICATED THAN THAT.  Don't you worry I think I know what I'm doing.  I'm getting the hang of mixing together contexts to make an ideal day where even GOD would be like hey that's well done you really figured out the best way to do things for this period of 4 or so three weeks.  Wow I'm impressing GOD?  He's the ultimate audience to impress!  Presumably.  Unless there's a Super God.  In which case Super God probably has better and/or more important things to do than care about my day.  Whereas Regular God doesn't?
     Okay.  Not sure I have enough coffee left for an entire cup with the next act.  It's enough that it'll be over half, though.  That's halfway there.  OVER actually.  Anyway I dunno.  Hey it's time for brunch-snack coming up.  Gonna try a few of these sugar free vanilla filled wafer cookies I got.  It's HEALTHY because of the no sugar thing.  YES.  THAT CHECKS OUT.  It IS a lot healthier than other things I may be eating.  I think I'll have FOUR.  WOW.  I don't know how big they are but four sounds PRETTY extravagant.  Go get that maybe closer to the end of this act.  I'M TIMING OUT THINGS EXACTLY I THINK I KNOW WHAT I'M DOING.  I don't know what I'm doing but I think I know what I'm doing enough that what I'm doing may or may not be close to what I should be doing AND/OR progress on the way towards doing things better tomorrow and so on.  You know that sort of thing.  Huh.  Makes sense to me.
What else.  HEY I'M A GENIUS what if I don't finish this cup of coffee.  Then I can work it out so I definitely have enough for topping it off into a full cup for next act.  I dunno gonna have to think about that one.  I definitely am a genius for thinking of that, there's no question.  But I still may or may not want to do it and if I do do it I need to think about to what extent.  Huh.  Also at this point I think I'm just gonna finish the coffee.  Not so much there and I'm getting a kick out of it right now such that I might as well ride this out.  This is the dumbest entry I've ever written.  Which is interesting because each day the entries get progressively dumber.  So being dumber than the last entry-- the dumbest I've ever written until then-- is quite the accomplishment.  SUPER GOD WOULD BE PROUD.  No he wouldn't.  He'd not care at all.  We've established that!  And Regular God wouldn't be proud, either!  He'd have NEGATIVE feelings about it!
     Okay.  What else is going on.  Thought about getting Chipotle instead of Salad.  I think it's reasonable.  Not as healthy but I'd eat a reasonable portion.  Felt for five minutes that was the way to go.  NOPE.  BACK ON SALAD.  I'm in the MOOD for it and whatnot.  YEAH.  The point is I'll write six paragraphs for some reason this act, then have cookies, then take shower.  Then blah blah blah and eventually I'm Dead.  That's the End Game of planning out schedules.  Ya Die At The End.  I don't like the sound of that.  When I'm dead Who Will Carry On My Schedule?  Hmm.  Guess I can do it more in the afterlife.  Sounds like one way to go about things.  Gotta do SOMETHING in the afterlife.  What else is going on.  Maybe lean into having unhealthy breakfasts and get a 4 Count of Croissants from Super Market.  They're the amount of CALORIES I wanna eat!  Yeah let's try that.  I like being dumb.
Not sure if I've ever been happy about eating a croissant.  I think there's one moment of happiness somewhere 1/3rd to 3/4ths into a croissant.  I forget where that point is exactly because it's been a while.  But before and after that is no good.  But somewhere there is a point of satisfaction!  Maybe even 2 points somehow.  So I got that to look forward to.  Maybe only have 3 cookies coming up for BrunchSnack if they're appropriately big enough.  So I got that to look forward to.  NO I SAID FOUR AND I MEANT IT.  I don't know.  What else is going on.  Finished coffee.  Maybe I have enough coffee left for a full cup for act III maybe I don't.  Either way let's speculate on it some more to finish this paragraph.  That's the way to go!  Wait a second the paragraph is already over sort of.  You know, after this thing I'm writing.  Hmm.  This paragraph is very similar to the last 3,000 paragraphs.  Gotta figure I'm due for an original paragraph in Act III.  Let's see!




okay keep it moving

    Hey you idiots.  Getting close to moving on with the rest of my life after this entry.  Then coming back here relatively soon when considering the scope of The Rest Of My Life.  Hopefully.  The point is I had three of those vanilla filled sugar wafer cookies and they're cheap and crumbly and not huge but ya know what?  DELICIOUS.  I got what I wanted to get out of them taste-wise 100%.  Hmm if I wanted to have them as a meal how many would that be.  About 15-20.  That's not so much.  I feel like if I was having them as a meal, to REALLY satisfy myself, I'd have to have like 30.  Maybe 20 would do it but I'd feel a lot more comfortable with 30.  What the Hell.  This paragraph is no different than the last paragraph.  I thought I was gonna try to write a New Kind Of Paragraph.  Maybe next one.  BEFORE we get to that let me just say I'm excited about trying out new earlier dinner and lunch schedule.  Such that I'm already planning on doing it in perpetuity potentially!  THAT'S THE PARAGRAPH.
Had enough coffee for half of a standard cup.  Delicious!  What else is going on.  Raspberry Iced Tea World Travel Fact Of The Day is... another repeat.  Great.  That saves me all the time of having to write out a sentence.  Just typing out another repeat is shorter and quicker than ANY FACT I've seen so far.  Maybe there's a fact or two shorter than that.  I'd like to see that fact!  What else is going on.  Gotta nice Rest Of The Day in store for me.  Totally New Framework.  Now I'm scared.  I was excited about it for a while but now I don't know what's going to happen and that's scary.  I CHANGED TOO MUCH.  Why couldn't I take it slow.  I made one change and then I made another change and then I decided I'm gonna try these changes in perpetuity and then I made seven other changes and then I committed to it even more in my mind and in excel spread sheet and word document keeping track of Day Scheduling Ideas and then I made 11 more changes.  Hmm guess I'll have to just take it One Unit Of Time At A Time.  Sounds about right.  Could work out in the end perfectly!  Wonderful!
     Yeah!  I guess.  I lost track of what was going on.  I'm gonna take a walk soon, I know that.  Then I'm gonna order The Salad Thing soon after I get back.  Then I'll eat it.  Then take another walk.  Then is MID AFTERNOON BREAK.  Then I take another walk.  THEN THE REST OF THE DAY IS FREE and assorted things will happen during that time.  Also other Assorted Things Will Happen BEFORE that time but I didn't go into it because I didn't feel it was necessary at the time.  Well I think we're all caught up.  Makes sense to me.  Well when you put it that way it doesn't sound so confusing.  Sounds CONFUSING but not SO Confusing.  HMM.  Times are not equal, but basically I'm taking 5 walks a day and the things I do during the 5 times between walks are THUSLY -- Act I/Act II & III/Lunch/Get Stuff Done Afternoon Break/FREE TIME AIRPLANE MODE.  Free time Airplane Mode isn't between walks.  It's between Last Walk and SLEEP.  Gotta remember to turn airplane mode OFF before sleep.  Huh?
Yeah!  LOOK 90% of the time I have nothing to do to Get Done in Afternoon Break.  So I'll have to think of a better way to contextualize that.  THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS.  It'll be changed every day for roughly the next 30 days.  You might call it A MONTH or so.  I dunno.  Don't fuck with months!  I do three week periods.  Anyway.  The point is the last couple of paragraphs make no sense to you and make little sense to me but SOMEHOW they helped move things around in my brain so that things ARE starting to make sense to me.  These paragraphs don't.  They're already obsolete.  But they helped me get closer in my brain!  LOOKS LIKE I'M COMING OUT ON TOP AGAIN!  What else is going on.  Two more paragraphs after this one presumably.  I like those odds!  WAIT A SECOND I NEED TO FINISH THIS PARAGRAPH?!?!  What the Hell.  Who came up with that rule.  Why can't I move on to the next paragraph without finishing the last one.
     Penultimate paragraph!  Let's keep it going for some reason.  I'll let you know tomorrow JUST HOW WELL this current schedule turned out.  My guess?  PERFECTLY.  This turns out to be the nail in the coffin of contextualizing things.  The point is what else is going on.  I got last episode of Cobra Kai'd to watch today.  Anything else.  Got the last season of Tales From That Crypt to watch in current era of binging that show.  Hmm.  Probably other stuff to watch.  I'm gonna have to think about that one.  Hopefully not too hard!  I'm busy thinking about other stuff.  You know, scheduling stuff.  It's my life!  I gotta take care of business!  And this is the only business I can come up with on such short notice.  Hmm.  The point is my Dad asked me to take a walk as early as possible and I told him errantly that I would take a walk at 1:00 at the latest and he accepted and now that's in 13 minutes so I better write the next paragraph which I don't need to do but I will REAL QUICK.  Cause I also need to spend a few minutes spell checking and posting to internet NOT TO MENTION gathering my belongings that I need to take with my On Upcoming Walk.
    YEAH.  Dad just asked me when I'm taking my walk and I said 15 minutes at the latest and he said okay.  FORGET THAT 13 MINUTES I ESTIMATED.  I JUST BOUGHT MYSELF ANOTHER TWO MINUTES.  Finally things are going MICHAEL'S Way.  The point is Crap & Crap.  I got a good feeling about tomorrow.  I think today is PEAK Scheduling Nonsense.  For you at least.  I'm sure I can continue going at this plateau for the next THIRTY DAYS (a little over one and a third 3 weeks) PRIVATELY.  And to some extent sharing with you.  But this was the peak level of sharing it.  I'm guessing.  I'm aiming for!  Now we're scheduling something new.  How much sharing scheduling should I do with you.  Ramp down slowly I guess.  Can't go from 100% to 0%.  Gotta ease you off this kind of content.  The point is I wrote this paragraph in three minutes and I think everyone can agree WHY.  I'll be back tomorrow!

-12:50 P.M.




Tuesday, January 18, 2022

alright i hear that

    Hello friends.  BIG NEWS.  I adjusted generic calorie intake slightly!  I CHANGED GENERAL PRESUMED AIM-FOR calories during Afternoon between lunch and dinner and during night between dinner and sleep!  NOW I GOT SOMETHING TO LOOK FORWARD TO.  YEAH.  Anyway.  I got too many ways to think of the days.  Divvy up the day between times, walkings, work activities, rest activities, meals, having to deal with stuff like deliveries and my parents...  The point is there's a perfect schedule that incorporates all of these things evenly and the universe is in balance over the next several Three Week Periods.  And I'm PRETTY Close to that point!  What else is going on.  Internet wasn't working for a second but I figured out how to MAKE IT work.  I make the internet WORK FOR ME not the other way around.  Anyway I saw there was an article about MLK JR's favorite foods and for some reason I didn't really pay attention to it.  I think the first one was Fried Chicken and I was like well I don't like where this is going.
I trust it to be a real list of his favorite food, though.  And not just a parody article written by some dumb person.  SO WHAT he likes fried chicken so do lots of people.  Either way better bookmark that page so I can go back to it later.  National Food Of The Day is... National Gourmet Coffee Day and National Peking Duck Day.  I got nothin.  ABSOLUTELY NOTHIN'.  Coffee is fine.  I'll try some gourmet coffee.  Duck is fine.  I'll try some duck.  National is fine.  Just don't put White before it.  Or, "Ist," after it.  Or, "The," before it.  THAT'S A BAND AD I CAN'T STAND 'EM.  Maybe they're good, I dunno.  Can't name a single song of theirs.  Probably a song or two in the universe that's theirs that I would recognize but I don't know it's them.  We can only imagine I don't like them, though.  That's my base assumption re: music.  I haven't heard it yet?  PROBABLY DON'T LIKE IT.  Makes sense.  Otherwise I'd have heard it!
     Okay.  Let's see.  Tally up what MLK Favorite Food are stereotype foods for black people, what definitely aren't, and what kind of sound like they might be but I'm not sure.  2/2/3.  Two foods DEFINITELY stereotypes, 2 foods not really stereotypes, and three foods I Don't Know What They Are.  Also they're all Southern Food.  WHAT THE HELL.  Get some Northern Foods on your palate MLK.  Like NEW YORK STYLE PIZZA.  Huh.  BAD Framework for the day is turning it into Entry is PT 1 and Everything Else is PT 2.  Considered that during yesterday and I didn't like it!  I like Morning Afternoons and Nights.  Where the Nights are longest, followed closely by Morning, with Afternoon bringing up the rear.  I LIKE A THREE ACT DAY.  Everything should be in three acts.  But that's just me.  Hey!  SPOILER ALERT-- I liked the surprise ending of ETERNALS where it showed the credits and it turned out it was directed by a woman.  Didn't see that coming!  They got me good.  Also GOOD JOB.  Well done direction in that movie.  What else is going on.
    Hmm.  Had another dessert breakfast today.  Maybe it's time I just Admit Defeat.  Settle for usually having dessert breakfasts.  NEVER.  I WILL NEVER ADMIT DEFEAT.  BY WHICH I MEAN MAYBE IN A COUPLE OF DAYS OR A WEEK OR TWO AT MOST.  THEN I ADMIT DEFEAT.  What else is going on.  I feel like I probably gained 1-2 pounds over the last few weeks.  Oh well.  Adjustment Period!  That's life.  Presumably.  It's part of life.  I've been Living This Entire Time and it happened during this entire time.  So the point is Huh?  Need to get some laundered shirts by 2 or 3 days from now.  I know who to talk to for that.  Her name is My Mom and she hangs out in my house ALL THE TIME.  Lately I've noticed she just sits on her bed staring into space.  LOOKS LIKE FUN.  MAYBE I'LL JOIN YA.  Separately.  I'll do the same activity as ya so I'm joining you in that regard but I won't physically sit next to do and do it WITH you.
     Okay.  Gotta imagine she's doing GREAT.  Sitting on edge of bed and staring off into space feeling GOOD about things in her life and the world.  YEAH!  Anyway.  LOOK JUST LIE DOWN AND PRETEND TO SLEEP AND STARE OFF INTO SPACE.  LIKE THE REST OF US.  Anyway.  Re-upping with Amazon Fresh today.  Getting a couple of new products.  Some stuff I've had before but not in a while (FIGGED NEWTONS) and some stuff I haven't had before (FIBER ONE CHEESECAKE BAR PASTRY THING).  I don't like cheesecake but I'm an idiot and want to try this anyway.  It looks and sounds good to me on the box and the picture on the box.  Also how bad can it be.  It's a Sweets.  I like sweets!  Hmm.  I feel like this time around I'm gonna enjoy Fig Newton.  They have about a 30-40% success rate of me enjoying them when I get them.  This time I got a good feeling about!  I'm gonna get some coffee now!  Good feeling about it, too!
    NIGHTTIME EH.  I like it!  It's like I HAD A BUSY DAY TODAY.  NOW I'M RELAXING.  Whereas if it's Afternoon + Night as one thing it's just I'm doing nothing today Now I'm Relaxing IN THEORY.  Don't like it!  The point is Great What Else.  Coffee machine did a weird thing that I thought was gonna be a huge inconvenience but it resolved itself.  Huge deep puddle of water in filter where there should be Zero water!  But after I looked at it it went down quickly SOMEWHERE (Into The Pot?) and didn't leave a mess or anything.  OH WELL LOOKS LIKE I WIN AGAIN.  Bad things happen but I don't have to clean up after my mistakes.  THAT'S MY IDEAL LIFE IN ESSENCE.  Cool!  Could try Cheesecake for Dessert tonight.  Could try new Ice Cream Sandwich.  Could do something else.  Could be dead by then!  We JUST Don't KNOW.  Hmm. 
     What else is going on and crap.  Seventh paragraph of entry!  Feels like a marker in my day.  I'm into it now!  Great.  I realized that there were at least 2 Snapple Facts that were practically the same.  IT just occurred to me yesterday.  One of them was something like Some kind of Bat/Bug Or Something weighs less than a penny.  And then there was another one a Hummingbird or something weighs less than a penny.  Snapple is FASCINATED by animals weighing less than pennies is the conclusion that I came to.  I THINK I got a Snapple Fact that preceded this thought that was one of them.  Or maybe I was just living my life and it suddenly popped into my head.  Pretty sure it was the first one.  I'm not THAT MUCH of a genius that I would think of it all of a sudden by myself.  I'm slightly a genius sure but I'm not on that level!  What else is going on.  Possibly NOTHING.
Okay.  Having to pee during walks has gotten worse.  On the positive side, it's more likely that I don't have to pee at all during a walk.  But on the negative side, if I do have to pee, it's even more urgent and immediate.  So far I've only peed my pants ONCE this entire time and that was actually IN MY BATHROOM.  The one time I peed myself I made it all the way home, into bathroom, closed the door, and then while I was panicking trying to take my dick out of my pants I lost patience and let loose.  IT HAPPENS.  Adults with no relevant medical conditions pee their pants.  No one likes to talk about it but that's part of life.  Maybe I have a relevant medical condition.  I should ask someone about that.  A doctor of mine.  Not just someone on the street.  I can't talk to them anyway!  COVID!
     What else is crappening.  Enjoying granola bars.  Ones that aren't Fiber or Protein or anything special like that.  Just sweet bars presumably with granola and also presumably the granola is healthy and somehow this bar is healthy and not just a relatively bland cookie.  Either way healthy or not kinda getting pretty into 'em.  Cool!  Google Martin Luther King's favorite opinions on how healthy are granola bars.  They might not have had granola bars in his time.  He'd be amazed by them.  HOW FAR WE'VE COME.  What else is up.  Is it possible I lost another pound or two over the last few weeks?  Sure, I dunno!  My calculations were off the last few months so who knows what I'm actually consuming and/or burning.  Probably that guy on the street who I'm talking to about peeing my pants.  He seems to be on the up and up when it comes to things like this.  What paragraph is this.  Ninth?  Amazing!
     What else is up.  I dunno.  I think I'm admitting defeat to tootsie pops.  They're delicious, they last long compared to other snacks, and they're relatively low in calories for the deliciousness and last longitude!  I CAN'T SAY NO TO ALL THAT.  Maybe I could but I Have Very Little Will Power.  That's an untruth.  I got lots of will power.  I just appropriate it proportionally to other stuff.  Not a lot left over re: Tootsie Pop Consumption.  OH well that's life.  What else is going on and crap.  Tenth paragraph.  Probably write an eleventh after this one.  Probably that's it for Act I!  OF ENTRY.  Act I OF DAY continues!  What Act am I up to in life.  That's a tough one.  I have no idea when I die!  How am I supposed to imagine my life in Three Acts with perhaps an introduction and conclusion at the beginning and end respectively without knowing how long I'm living?  Seems difficult!!
     Last paragraph of the act.  Amazing.  Gotta be into Act II though, right?  At the start of it hopefully.  Either way I dunno.  I read CheeseCake and sometimes I see it the nouns combined and don't like it.  But sometimes I just kinda register the Cake and I'm like HOLY CRAP I LIKE CAKE.  Also the PICTURE looks good.  So I got that going for me.  Also I'm getting TWO boxes.  Because I added two by accident!  And they wouldn't let me delete one!  But my Dad called them and they're giving us a refund for one!  But I'm still getting two boxes!  I guess that's good but now I gotta eat two boxes at some point!  Not the boxes themselves!  The treats contained within!  Hmm.  Tricky part of day is when and how many and what snacks to eat between lunch and dinner.  Got a lot of the rest of the day figured out.  This one is a puzzle, though!  Hmm.  Not causing me a lot of problems per say.  I just don't know THE IDEAL.  Hey great I'll be back in a little bit.




but enough about me

    Hey friends.  Here to write Act II o the entry.  Still Act I of the day though.  Wrap your head around THAT.  Or don't.  Actually don't.  Act II of the entry is still relevant to you.  You're on board with reading this entry and it being act II of the entry is universal for all of us.  Acts Of Days though, that's Just Me!  Unless you're playing along at home and doing everything I do.  Which is impossible because I only talk about ~25-33.3% of what I'm doing and thinking specifically here on the website.  This is just the tip of the iceberg!  Good luck though to you.  Maybe you're taking what you read and making it your own!  Gotta imagine you've got better things to do with your life.  But THEN AGAIN you ARE here which doesn't speak well to that idea.  What else is going on and crap.  Probably CRAP and Stuff.  That'd be my first guess.
     Cool!  Jeez.  Look it's morning.  Coming up next is Afternoon.  Which ISN'T the Evening and/or Night.  Evening and Night come AFTER Afternoon.  Also for the purposes of my day the first hour of afternoon is morning.  12 PM to 1 PM still an extension of what Morning Is For Me.  I don't like how it's wrong in terms of what words mean either.  But that's just how it is!  And I don't know what to refer to this period that bleeds into Afternoon other than Morning.  There isn't a word for 7:30 and/or 9:30 AM up to 1:00 or 1:30 PM.  DAMNIT.  Now I gotta think of a word.  I can't think of words.  I'm too busy not thinking about anything.  You suddenly throw me into a situation where I Have To Think and I'm VERY uncomfortable.  Huh.  Anyway Wide World Of Sports-- What's Going On In It.  I like my new phone.  I had forgotten what it's like to have a phone that doesn't cut out calls after 2 minutes, where I can hear the other person and they can hear me, where the battery stays charged all day... and... and... OH RIGHT.  That has NO RECORD of ANY Pornography.
     Clean Phone Clean Mind.  That's my motto!  Cool.  I especially like the part where I can use the phone to have conversations out loud.  That was pretty difficult in the past for those various reasons.  Got some nice meals planned out for today.  I anticipate Probably Not Enjoying Them.  The whole time I'll be thinking this isn't that good.  Also it's going by too quickly.  Also no way am I gonna be full at the end of this.  Also what the Hell am I looking forward to once this is done.  Basically eating meals is terrible and also they are the main thing I get to look forward to.  What a wonderful world.  Also basically same premise for eating snacks.  Also maybe the answer is have other things in life to enjoy and look forward to.  Hmm that sounds difficult.  NOT IMPOSSIBLE but difficult.  Gotta think about that one.  Anyway I'm gonna have a snack AFTER next paragraph.  WHAT CAN I DO to make the most out of it.  I DON'T FREAKIN' KNOW!!!
     Cool.  I look forward to walks and listening to music.  I look forward to relaxing at home.  In THEORY.  I enjoy and look forward to those things IN THEORY.  Kind of.  Hmm what kind of small but semi-indulgent snack should I have as Brunch.  I don't care!  It'll just make me miserable in the end whatever it is.  DAMNIT.  I hate being made to feel miserable in the end.  That's not the kind of life I'm looking for!  The point is somehow I have much more Orange Soda than other sodas PROPORTIONALLY.  Usually Orange Soda goes quick!  FASCINATING.  THIS IS GREAT STUFF.  SOMEHOW I'M TOPPING DIET AND SCHEDULE TALK.  By proportional surplus of orange soda talk.  How I keep being fresh day after day I'll never understand!  That along with most things.  I'll never understand most things!  Hey time to get that snack.  Let's say an iced cream sandwich.  ...Also some orange soda.
  Just live my life in the morning life everyone else-- I can then continue doing the same thing for another hour every day and it's a consistent and relevant block of time to me-- but still after 12 PM ADMIT TO MYSELF WITHOUT A HASSLE that hey it's the afternoon.  CAUSE THAT'S WHAT IT IS.  Hmm I've given myself a lot to think about.  That makes A LOT of sense.  I've appropriately contextualized parts of the day for my own schedule I've been working out in several different ways.  Good!  But there's still the sections of the day that all of society has agreed on for decades, centuries and/or millennia.  I don't have to abandon those!  Keep ALL Contexts!  Sounds hard but anything worth doing is.  Cool!  Maybe take a shower circumstance after the next paragraph.  I can do that.  No one's gonna specifically stop me at least.  Some people might try but they will fail.  I am unstoppable in this regard.  What regard.  I dunno, you're asking me to remember what I was talking about 2 sentences ago.  I already forgot about that!  I remember something about writing one more paragraph before shower circumstance.
     Delicious!  Again if I lived alone I could have a meal where it was 4 or 5 of these ice cream sandwiches.  But I don't.  Maybe it's for the best.  Doesn't SOUND like it's for the best.  I feel like it'd be for the best if I had 4 of these ice cream sandwiches and 3.5 pop tarts for dinner.  At least once.  I'd do it one day and then take it day by day what I wanna do the next day!  That's totally reasonable I feel.  The point is I can always watch pornography on the internet browser on my TV.  I feel like that's not so safe but I've already done it plenty of times so no reason to stop now.  Sure I go to the INCOGNITO tab but I doubt that really does much against nefarious forces who can see my Web Surfing Anyway.  Where did Surfing The Web come from.  And where did it go.  World Wide Web has no context where it has to do with surfing Like On Waves.  I think it must.  There must be some relevant phrase where Surfing is an appropriate Pun or something.  Hey time to take a shower I'll be back soon.




we should do this again

    Hello friends.  Getting very close to the afternoon.  I don't care if this entry writing exercise goes half an hour to an hour over.  It's STILL the afternoon very soon.  I'm laying down the law to myself.  The OLD WAYS of thinking about periods of the day STILL MATTER.  The point is great what else is going on.  Pour some coffee after this paragraph.  Gotta give me a paragraph to ramp up Wanting Coffee.  Don't wanna waste it until I really want it Several Minutes From Now.  Hmm.  I dunno about that.  Oh well I've made my decision and now I have to live with the consequences.  Maybe get my Snapple now.  Ahead of time!  Well this is Good Stuff.  They say that Snapple is made from the best stuff on Earth in their ad campaign.  Or they used to.  Never really elaborate what that is.  And if they mean it literally or figuratively.  I think they mean literally.  But they never are explicit about what that is.  Sugar and/or Artificial Sweetener and Lemon Extract.  Sounds like the best stuff to me!  Well maybe not but it's certainly in the top 60% of stuff.  Snapple Time!
    Oh right it should be coffee time.  Well first comes snapple time.  Then after this paragraph is coffee time.  FASCINATING.  Hey guess what it's 11:55.  Get ready for a GOOD AFTERNOON TO YOU coming up VERY soon.  Anyway Raspberry Iced Tea World Travel Fact Of The Day is... Every ton of recycled paper saves about 17 trees.  This is a very exact calculation fact and I don't trust Snapple nearly enough to believe it.  I believe that a ton of recycled paper saves trees.  It COULD be 17.  It could definitely be relatively CLOSE to 17.  But all I know is it's between >0 and Infinity.  Well let's say TWENTY THOUSAND.  It's between >0 and 20,000.  Maybe it's 17.  I DON'T KNOW.  Point is Hey what else is going on and crap.  Why do I have to wait until I'm between paragraphs to pour coffee.  That makes no sense.  I'm gonna pour coffee now.  And I'm finishing the paragraph now too but JUST BY COINCIDENCE.  Exception that proves the rule!
    Hey I lost track of what I was doing and now HAPPY NOON TO YOU is 10 minutes late.  I know EXACTLY what I was doing.  Reconfiguring how I think about snacks.  Instead of thinking them as structured between meals and/or waking up and going to sleep, NOW I think of it in terms of... look I'm not gonna get into it.  I dunno if this new framework will catch on with me or not.  If it doesn't I certainly don't wanna share it with you because it turns out to be wrong.  And even if it does work maybe this is the kind of thing I should just keep to myself.  You figure this stuff out on your own!  That's half the fun.  What else is up.  Enjoying some beverages right now.  Also who cares if Snapple is made from the best stuff on Earth.  A beverage is more than the sum of its parts.  It could be better or worse than it's ingredients separately.  Your advertising campaign is Snapple is THE PRODUCT WHICH IS BEST ON EARTH REGARDLESS OF THE QUALITY OF ITS PARTS. Okay calm down you don't have to yell.
     Hey what else is up.
  The Television Entertainment I've been consuming as of yesterday Afternoon Part II is Tales From That Crypt.  I like it!  Some episodes make little sense but each time I watch them they make... slightly LESS sense?  That can't be right.  You'd think over time they'd make more sense as I pay more attention.  Nope!  The more attention I pay the less sense they make!  Oh well works for me.  Still gets the job done!  What else is going on and crap.  Two more paragraphs after this one.  I can, "DIG," that!  What else is crappening.  Haven't had alcohol since December 31st.  Of last year.  Been a while so I better clarify of last year just so we're all on the same page.  Don't particularly feel the NEED for it.  But I have been coming to the conclusion that during certain framework of Days having a drink or a smoke of marijuana or some other thing like those two things during Night Time might be okay.  NAH.  I'm okay without it.  But at the same time maybe on THE WEEKENDS.  WEEKENDS?  GOTTA CELEBRATE THAT.  THEY'RE THE DAYS WHERE I REALLY DON'T HAVE TO WORK.
Penultimate paragraph.  Let's get it going.  I might still be losing weight.  I guess!  We'll have to wait until three weeks from this past Sunday to find out.  I said I was gonna do things in three week periods and I meant it!  Check weight on February 6th.  We can only speculate and guesstimate and introspection about it until then.  Hmm.  What else is up.  Thinking I might try getting into having a 2nd Ritalin during the day again.  For years it was prescribed.  Then it became as needed.  And overtime it became Pretty Much Never.  But now I feel like maybe taking it halfway into the day-- when Early Afternoon can easily be referred to as Mid-Afternoon-- is something to, "EXPERIMENT," with.  I can't pinpoint why I feel like this is necessary or beneficial to my day but it kinda feels right to try!  FASCINATING.  What else is FASCINATING.  Hmm.  Walks 1, 3, 4 are in the park.  2 and 5 are down Springfield.  GET WITH THE TIMES.
What if it turns out I still have a calorie surplus of like 300 calories a day that I'm losing weight with.  I guess in that case I'd die from excitement, re-animate myself, drop from 5 walks to 4, and eat slightly heartier snacks proportionally.  Then have trouble with doing that and start binging and then have to re-calibrate and adjust to it and by the time I adjust to it it just feels Regular and Not Indulgent At All and even vaguely a chore to keep up with and stick to.  WOW sounds like a real Amazing Future.  What's amazing in my near future.  Lotta day left to relax.  I feel pretty confident I'll figure out how to relax for the majority of today.  It seems pretty within reach I feel!  Why do I wanna relax so much.  Because I feel STIMULATED all the time.  Then why do I wanna take a 2nd Ritalin.  IT WILL CANCEL OUT WITH MY NATURAL STIMULATION.  It's like multiplying Negatives.  Hey the entry is over.  See ya tomorrow.

-12:36 P.M.




Monday, January 17, 2022

take care of yourself

    Hi friends!  Time to start a new WorkWeek.  Pretty sure I have Zero things to do this week.  So much zero that I had to capitalize it!  The first letter at least!  SERIOUS.  Had another dessert breakfast today.  The point is most of my dessert breakfasts are accepted by society as breakfasts.  Chocolate Chip Pancake.  Pop Tarts.  People are okay with this so in the end it's not unhealthy.  People wouldn't stand for unhealthy things.  Anyway Jeez.  Some more fine tuning schedule.  I'm at the point where I have an All Day Schedule but there's parts of it which are wide open and a lot of discretionary funds.  And by funds I mean time.  And by time I mean time.  YEAH.  Had either 50 or 100 in calories for MightNight Snack.  Oh well.  At some point I'll figure out how to Not Do That At All.  I went through most of my life not doing that at all.  In fact I went through most of my life not ever using the, "Word, "MightNight."
     Cool!  Just about 12 weeks until I have a clean Exact Year since I started walking outside and dieting.  Figure that's as good as any a place to calibrate having this schedule last until.  12 weeks.  TAKE IT ON A 3 WEEK BY 3 WEEK BASIS to there.  I feel very strongly about this for some reason.  Cause I'm an idiot probably.  That explains A LOT.  Anyway I finished watching ETERNALS: The Movie With No The At The Beginning.  SPOILER ALERT I Got bored during the last half of the movie!  Lost track of what was going on.  Reasonably sure the good guys either Won or Drawed at the end.  I vaguely remember positive soundtrack music.  Which they wouldn't have played if Evil Triumphed.  Unless the music coordinator was evil him or herself.  Hmm.  Anyway what else is going on.  I don't like how infrequently I have to charge my new phone. Kinda suspect.  What's it up to.  I don't like it.  It's up to SOMETHING.
Okay.  Why did I buy Chocolate Chip Pancake in the first place you ask?  Because I'm DUMB I Answer!  Anyway.  I can't be taking my last walk at around 5:00 PM as if I'm getting off work.  Walking IS my work.  Besides entry and assorted now-and-then stuff, walking is my work!  Take final walk at 4:30 and BE BACK at 5:00 PM when Working Day Ends.  HOLY CRAP SO MUCH TIME IN EVENING AND NIGHT.  Anyway National Food Of The Day is... National Bootleggers Day and National Hot Buttered Rum Day.  WHAT THE HELL.  We're celebrating CRIMINALS now in National Holidays?  What's Next? ... SUPER Criminals?  The point is sure they provided a public service but still HOT BUTTERED RUM BROKE THE LAW AND WE SHOULDN'T CELEBRATE THEM.  Huh.  Also sounds disgusting.  I like rum.  I like butter usually.  I'm okay with HOT.  Don't put them together what are you an idiot.  That sort of thing.  Martin Luther King Day.  What does that have to do with food.  Nothing!  GOOGLE Martin Luther King's Favorite Food.  For some reason that had a fair amount of hits.  Really!  Top hit is just an article about his 9 favorite foods purportedly as told by his friends and family.  What the Hell is going on.
Sure!  Hair is still puttied from yesterday.  Not sure how I feel about that.  I think Negatively.  I want a fresh start every morning.  The point is what else is going on.  Warm outside today!  Supposed to get colder.  That's how the weather works.  Today, at least.  Can't say for sure about tomorrow.  Can't say for sure about a lot of things.  12 weeks as 4 three week periods.  Normal people IF PRESSED would say 3 four week periods.  3 months.  You idiot.  Three months would be 13 weeks.  Don't be a dummy.  Anyway I dunno what's going on.  Maybe I never did and maybe I never will.  That's life I guess.  You go through the entire thing goin I dunno what's going on.  Sometimes I have back up pills somewhere but when I finish the pills I have where I go every morning and night to take them, I don't replenish my supply for several days to two weeks and I just go a while without taking that one pill.  This happens A LOT.  I am VERY lazy.  Depends on the pill.  Some pills I MUST take every day.  Some pills I'm like Yeah whatever I'll get around to it TOMORROW.  I don't need SYNTHROID today.
Now that I type it out suddenly I sound like an idiot!  Until just now I thought I was beating the system.  Now I feel dumb.  THANKS A LOT.  Cool.  Alright today once and for all take a Synthroid from My Reserves and put it in Cabinet with rest of Current Drugs I Take.  I feel like as of now it's been 4 or 5 days I missed it.  NOT TOO BAD.  It won't be Blood Tested for another couple of months.  NO ONE WILL BE THE WISER.  And my body better go along with the deal and not act up OR ELSE.  I'm not sure what I could do to my body to make it worried about consequences.  Gonna have to think about that one.  Anyway I dunno.  Coffee coming up soon!  I like that because it's Hot but not buttered or rum.  Some slight Fat Free Cream.  That's kind of like butter.  And there's NO Rum.  That's kind of like Rum.  It's on the Rum Spectrum.  ALL THE WAY ON THE BOTTOM.  Or on the left.  I feel like if I'm picturing a Spectrum it's left to right.  And on the right is 100% RUM and on the left is NO RUM.  Anyway be right back.
     My Dad is emptying dishwasher!  In the way of me getting coffee!  He'll be done in five minutes!  I'm gonna write half a paragraph UP TO A PARAGRAPH before going downstairs to get coffee.  Let's see.  What's to be said in the meantime.  Eternals was okay up until I lost interest.  And even when I had interest was it REALLY okay?  Yeah sure it was.  I had an appropriate amount of interest invested in it.  I dunno.  Porn version called INTERNALS?  Because that's what sex often entails.  Going inside someone or someones.  Doesn't have to!  Up to you how you wanna do it.  That's my hot take.  The point is what else is going on.  Nice schedule I got going on.  Really falling into place all around.  TIMES I do things.  WAYS to think about portions and times of the day.  THINGS TO DO during TIMES I'm doing NOTHING.  Hey I finished this paragraph in like 2 minutes.  That was quick.  All I had to do was Say Nothing.
    Pretty sure I've said INTERNALS before.  That's just what's on my mind.  The heart wants what the heart wants.  Probably oxygen or something.  Gotta imagine heart is powered by something and why SHOULDN'T it be oxygen.  Heart isn't powered Heart IS power.  Yeah but something has to power the heart.  Oh right OXYGEN.  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  It occurred to me yesterday while meticulously contextualizing My Days that hey a lot of this is relevant to other people.  They have mornings and afternoons and evenings and nights, too.  A lot of this could help OTHERS contextualize.  So there's that.  Also other people could take my daily regimens and adapt them to their schedules and responsibilities.  They probably SHOULDN'T.  But at the least they can be like oh okay it's Afternoon Part I right now.  Bleeding into Afternoon Part II at around 3:15 PM.  FASCINATING.  That's my contribution to the world. 
     Yeah!  Eighth paragraph.  That lines up with MY LUNCH.  Lunch is just right after Afternoon Part II begins.  That's my current frame work.  FASCINATING.  You don't have to do it that way.  ONE PERSON ONE VOTE.  ONE BODY ONE CHOICE.  Anyway I forget.  Been thinking about treating myself with Pop Tart for Small Brunch each day for about a week.  Always hold off because I had already treated myself to Dessert Breakfast.  TODAY MIGHT DO IT ANYWAY.  I LIVE ON THE EDGE WHAT CAN I SAY.  You can't live on the edge.  Christopher Columbus proved this once and for all.  If you think you're living on the edge you're really just wrapping around to where you were from the other direction.  That sort of thing.  Anyway.  I think it's pretty impressive Columbus sailed the ocean blue.  I'm from 500 years later and I couldn't sail across the ocean at all.  Not even close!  I couldn't sail 20 feet let's be honest!
     Cool.  TRYING A NEW ICE CREAM SANDWICH ALL HANDS ON DECK.  At first I wasn't sure whether to try it or not.  Then I talked to my Dad about it and he didn't really give me any influence either way but based on that context I now thought hey why AREN'T I trying it no reason not to.  So I AM.  And now I'm excited about it.  Gotta be excited about something.  Keep the heart going.  Maybe heart is powered by itself.  What else is powered by itself.  Not a lot.  Oh well that's life.  What else is life.  MOST THINGS.  Oh okay.  What else.  Morning Part II is creeping up.  About halfway into Morning Part I as of now.  WAKING Morning.  And first hour after waking up is just Waking Up Time.  This is Morning Part I of ACTUALLY DOING STUFF in morning.  Look this all makes sense to me.  I'm giving you little snippets but trust me it all makes sense if you see the bigger pictures.  Or it makes less sense.  We'll have to wait and see!
     Sure.  Tenth paragraph of the act!  I like it when that happens.  Means I can stop the Act afterwards.  I like stopping things.  Means I get to do something else for a while!  What else is something else for a while.  Still gotta tub of relatively low fat vanilla ice cream from a year or two ago.  Expiration date is in May 22.  Still got those mini cake cones.  Calorie wise and taste wise and somewhat filling wise, it all adds up into a fine snack!  I jus don't like doing it.  I don't trust myself to make a good ice cream cone.   There are some things in life I do well and some things I don't.  Making an ice cream cone is something I don't.  It's not the end of the world!  There are more consequential things one would imagine.  Anyway.  Maybe I'm better at it and I just don't know.  Ya try to put some spoonfuls/scoops into the cone and it doesn't adhere to the shape of the cone and go right to the bottom and fill it up evenly.  Maybe it does it ITSELF over a short period of time while making it.  But it doesn't seem to.  I'M BAD AT THIS.  Hey time to take a walk.  I'm GOOD at that.  Be back soon.




i was gonna do that anyway

    Hey!  Time to write some entry.  Time to have snack soon.  Will it be The Ultimate Brunch-- A POP TART?!?!?  VERY possible.  At this point it's quite likely.  Great.  That will make my life better.  No it won't.  BUT THIS NEW THING WILL.  Newest Framework of thinking about day is GREAT.  I'm awake for 15 hours-- get up at 7:30 AM, go to bed at 10:30 PM.  THREE SEGMENTS OF THE DAY.  Morning-- first six hours.  Afternoon-- next three hours.  Evening-- next six hours.  EVEN.  GREAT.  RELEVANT.  DOABLE.  GIVES YA TIME AND STRUCTURE TO DO WHAT YA WANNA DO as my life is now and what I may want and/or have to do in the next 4 periods of three weeks.  I can' wait to see what improvements I can make to this over the next periods of 12 hours.  Also now that's how I measure time.  Hours ain't nearly long enough.  Days are too long!  We're measuring things in periods of 12 hours.  Probably should be eight or nine hours.  Probably eight.  Oh well too late to go back to now.
    I dunno about afternoons.
  I've enjoyed Morning into Noontime Blocks for a long time because of entries.  Now that I have very long evening blocks uninterrupted by walks or anything else I'm getting the hang of getting a blast and a half out of those.  Afternoons are the next step!  Finishing up walking for the day, if I have any real responsibilities to do I can maneuver around the walks to do those there... I dunno!  Gotta figure out a way to get a kick out of afternoons as opposed to just being a bridge from morning to evening.  I CAN DO IT.  For example today I think I will watch The Saturday Night Live during the 2 1.25 hour periods of Afternoon between walks.  Sounds like work to me.  ALRIGHT.  Afternoons are for WORK just like I said.  Maybe that's why I've been unsatisfied lately.  No work to do!  Without work Afternoons aren't pulling their weight!  Anyway Lemon World Travel Iced Tea Fact Of The Day is... another repeat.
Whatever.  I dunno!  Not happy with the flavor of Pop Tart I have to have.  I've got like 8 Frosted Strawberry and 1.5 S'mores.  I'd have a S'more hands down.  But I gotta RATION THEM.  Also Frosted Strawberry is still delicious.  I like the part where it's sugar and gives me three blasts and three quarters.  Can't get enough to that!  DO I PUT IT ON A PLATE OR WHAT.  I can just bring it up to computer handheld.  I think I'd like to get started on a plate for the day, though.  Keep it in my room when I'm done.  I enjoyed doing that that one day.  Then I Forgot About It for a few days.  NOW I REMEMBER AGAIN.  Let's do it!  I'll get that in Let's Say The End of Next Paragraph.  Wonderful.  LOOK we can shave an hour off the Morning and Night Schedules each symmetrically.  First hour of day is WAKING FROM SLUMBER and RAMPING UP.  Last hour of the day is GETTING SLEEPY and WINDING DOWN.  Let's talk about it.  We just did.  There's almost always more to be said.  Not in this case.  Shows how much you know.
    A lot!
  In this case it shows you know a lot because you're Absolutely Correct.  Well done.  A prize is in the mail.  Colloquially Speaking.  Huh.  Anyway I dunno.  Getting Diet Cran-Grape juice from Amazon FRESH.  We're talking 8 oz has 5 calories.  JUST DIET ENOUGH that I'm not gonna feel lied to.  Also I can mix that with water 50/50.  Now we're talking!  I was talking before.  You weren't.  Maybe you are now.  That would explain why I said that.  Huh.  I hope Pop Tarts are slightly stale.  Makes em crunchier.  That's my hot take.  Normally I don't like crunchier sweets.  Like me some soft sweets.  Especially COOKIE wise.  I dunno.  Maybe Pastrywise I enjoy some relative crunch.  Either way going slightly stale turns pop tart into a vaguely pastry enterprise into a vaguely cookie enterprise.  Hey let's go get that RIGHT NOW.
  At least one more sleeve of 2 S'more Pop Tarts than I anticipated.  Still had a Frosted Strawberry right now.  Tricked myself into preferring it already.  WELL DONE.  I trick myself all the time into enjoying things and I'm generally relatively good at it!  The point is shower circumstance is creeping up on us.  That'll be fun because let's see how Putty Deals With That.  I've had it up to here with this putty staying in action from 24 hours ago.  I want it DONE.  Look I like the way it makes my hair look but at some point ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.  Hmm.  This day's afternoon will be productive.  Watch some SNL.  I have to do it to stay on top of Culture.  If I'm not on top of Culture what even is life?  Anyway gotta Bison Burger for lunch with three toppings including SAUTEED ONIONS.  Because I like to live dangerously!  Not really!  If I had a choice I'd live safely because it's safer.  But sometimes dangerous things are positive to do for OTHER reasons.  I wouldn't do it JUST because it's dangerous.  I'm not AN IDIOT.
    Wonderful.  Well that sure was a Pop Tart.  Pretty much got what I expected to get and what I hoped to get out of the deal.  Kinda feel like I should eat three more right now, though.  Probably WON'T.  But anyway.  Not a bad meal idea at some point when my parents aren't paying attention.  Four Pop Tarts.  I'd have to make sure it's at a time my parent's wouldn't notice and judge me.  Tough to figure that out.  But if I can MAN OH MAN THAT'S THE BEST IDEA I'VE HAD SINCE 1 hour/5 hour/3 hour/5 hour/1hour SYMMETRICAL DAY.  Great.  What else is crappening.  I HAVE THREE LEVELS OF ICE CREAM.  40 Cal Fudge Pops.  100 Cal bars and ice cream sandwich.  150 cal ice cream sandwich.  When crunching the numbers and planning the snacks I easily come to the conclusion that each day can include one of each.  I LIKE ICE CREAM THESE DAYS A LOT.  I don't care.  Who cares!  I eat it responsibly.  Who are you to judge me.  Some Idiot that's who.
Anyway.  Seventh paragraph already of the act.  Figure I'll take a shower after this one.  Shower ain't gonna take itself!!!  UNLESS...  Hmm.  LOOK for my size meals would three Pop Tarts have to do it?  Sure.  Four pop tarts is a very reasonable amount for a meal for most people but I eat slightly smaller meals!  At the same time I think I'd get enough of a kick out of three Pop Tarts.  And we can always go with 3.5 pop tarts.  Also I hope this never happens.  By which I mean I hope one day I live by myself and I will eat Pop Tarts for meals all the time and/or other similar general premises.  But that time is not in the cards for the immediate future!  Anyway.  Oh right limiting sugar intake.  Almost forgot about that.  Who cares.  People eat sugar all the time.  EVERYONE eats too much sugar and LOTS OF PEOPLE are doing okay healthwise despite it.  Anyway time to take a shower.  Be back soon!




guess i'll do this some more

    Hey!  Time to write the last segment of the entry.  Then I take a walk.  Then I watch the most recent Saturday Night Lived for Afternoon Part I activity of the day.  Sounds fun AND productive.  The point is in the meantime great.  Gonna have coffee in a paragraph.  Life is good!  I haven't considered anything outside those two things-- SNL and coffee-- but if that's all that's going on in the wide world of sports AS IT MAY BE then I'm pretty satisfied with that.  What else is going on.  I think I woke up a few times in the middle of the night feeling kind of flu-ish.  I forget how.  But I haven't felt a lick of Fluishness since getting up for good.  So maybe I had covid for the night.  Already recovered!  Good for me.  FEBRUARY SIXTH.  Three weeks from yesterday.  That's when this New Three Week Period ends.  I must have started Three Week Periods as a joke, right?  But it quickly got REAL SERIOUS, REAL FAST.
     Coffee time.
  Poured coffee and brought it upstairs.  Paragraph II time.  Of Act III.  Of Today: The Day That Is Today.  Time.  Anyway.  Ahead of schedule a bit today.  And I've even moved up schedule 15-45 minutes officially than what I had been doing the last few months and/or the last few months before the last few months.  Now everything is more regimented.  I MUST HAVE STRUCTURE.  I figure out the best way to do something one day?  Why NOT do it again tomorrow.  I'd have to be SOME SORT OF IDIOT to mess with success.  Oh no I am some sort of idiot.  What if I decide to mess with success.  Guess I'm just gonna have to try real hard to control my Idiot Impulses, now won't I?  That's life!  Wonderful.  I dunno.  I wish I did know!  I forget what I was talking about so I DON'T EVEN KNOW THAT.  The point is Huh?  Wha?  ZUH?
Cool.  Raspberry Iced Tea World Travel Fact Of The Day is... another repeat.  I think.  Just to play it safe-- The longest attack of hiccups lasted 68 years.  I DON'T BELIEVE IT.  I say it lasted LONGER.  I'm sure this one guy did have it last for 68 years but I don't think that's the record.  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  HMM GETTING A HEAD START ON AFTERNOON BY ABOUT 15 MINUTES.  I think I have seven different ways of conceptualizing the afternoon.  But the point is I'm getting a head start on them in at least 4-6 of the seven ways.  Pretty comprehensive evidence I'm getting a head start on the afternoon!  Hmm.  What else is going on.  THAT'S NOT EVIDENCE.  It's all CONJECTURE.  I'll look up what Conjecture means sure but I'M KEEPING IT TO MYSELF.  YEP.  THAT'S WHAT IT MEANS.  I LOOKED IT UP AND I AGREE.  The point is I forget.  The point is I may end up not 15 minutes ahead of schedule but that's not MY problem.  It's YOUR problem somehow.
     Jeez.  Penultimate paragraph probably.  WOW THE THREE, "P'S!"  Penultimate, paragraph, and probably.  Three tenets to live by.  HEY GREAT I DON'T CARE.  Sauteed mushrooms on bison burger, too.  I LIKE TO LIVE DANGEROUSLY.  I dunno what's dangerous about mushrooms besides psychedelic mushrooms.  Those are dangerous because your reality is altered for a few hours.  I'M NOT SURE I'M COMFORTABLE WITH THAT.  Also Jalapeno Peppers.  DANGEROUS.  What if they're too spicy on my palate.  I might be SLIGHTLY UNCOMFORTABLE for a period of FIVES OF SECONDS.  The point is I forget but I'm sure there is a point because there's a point to everything.  We may not intend a point.  But it's there!  That's my hot take re: Points.  Jeez.  One more paragraph after this one?  That still gets me solidly into 15 minutes ahead of schedule!  AND YOU ALL DOUBTED ME.  Man you all look like idiots now.  If only you could see what I see.  A Bunch Of Idiots.  Specifically For Doubting Me!
     Last paragraph of the day.  My Mom put some of my Snapples-- both flavors-- in the fridge.  WHAT DOES SHE WANT A PRIZE.  I'm supposed to be grateful and forever in her debt every time I have a snapple?  I COULD HAVE DONE IT MYSELF.  You get NO CREDIT for this.  Sorry that's just the way I feel!  What else.  Who else gets no credit for things because I could have done them myself.  Hmm.  Not a lot!  Lots of stuff I can't do by myself.  Or don't want to.  Or don't care enough either way to do it even if I could and/or wanted to.  The point is I'll give you credit for doing something I care to have done that I don't want to do.  But putting snapple in fridge I have no problem doing!  Well wonderful that's the way to end it for today.  I'll be back tomorrow with NEW and EXCITING things to say!  I Capitalized those words so you know I mean business.  See ya tomorrow.

-12:33 P.M.




Sunday, January 16, 2022

sounds like a plan

    Hello friends.  Another day.  SUNDAY or something.  Had another dessert breakfast.  Because I'm an idiot!  Also gonna have nice indulgent micro indulgent snack as Brunching.  It's a micro indulgent snack because it's 185 calories.  A REAL indulgent snack would be THRICE that.  Hey great what else.  Watched the first 40% of THEM ETERNALS last night.  So far it's pretty good.  I don't have a problem being entertained by it!  Not sure why the cast is so diverse, though.  Kind of confusing!  I like it, though.  Also I've seen the Eternals main enemy and they seem dumb.  Just some big dumb hulking animal.  No different than a large alligator or small dinosaur.  I feel like they're pretty easy to handle.  I'M ONLY 40% IN I DON'T UNDERSTAND THE POWER OF THE DEVIANTS YET.  Maybe I never will.  MAYBE!  Nurse is coming to give my Dad blood infusion today.  GREAT!  Maybe we have a tryst.  Probably not but the odds are exponentially higher than when there's nobody to have trysts with nearby.
     What else.  National Day Of The Food Day is... International Hot & Spicy Food Day, National Fig Newton Day, and Prohibition Remembrance Day.  ONE OF THESE ISN'T NATIONAL.  Throw it out.  ONE OF THESE IS BRAND SPECIFIC.  Throw it out.  One of these isn't celebrating a food!  THROW IT OUT.  WE'RE DOWN TO NO GOOD DAYS TO CELEBRATE DAY.  Look I like hot and spicy food.  And if I had to narrow it down to either American hot and spicy food or international-- I'm going with international!  Imagining some nice Chinese Hot and Spicy.  Look I like Fig Newtons because I'm an idiot.  They're cookies and they're no healthier than cookies but they FEEL like you're accomplishing something healthy.  Also look I like prohibition being remembered.  I think we should remember all sorts of things in history.  Like this AND THE HOLOCAUST.  Off the top of my head never forget.  What else is going on and crap.  When Oh When can I easily get marijuana.  Closing in on a year since they legalized it.  DAMNIT.  That would fit well in my current schedule.  Do it at night when I have long stretch of time free.  DAMNIT.  By the time I Can get marijuana, even if I like it, this schedule may be out of date!  DAMNIT.  I've been saying Damnit instead of Dangit which I was making into a thing over the last few days.  DANGIT.
Sure!  What else is up.  The Mets hired a bench coach!  Why would a bench need a coach.  It's not gonna hold people up sitting on it without encouragement and strategy!  That's why!  Also Johnny Bench was a baseball player.  I guess there's thirty people in Major League Baseball assigned to coaching him if and when he comes back.  WOW he had a pretty good career.  I looked him up on The Baseball Reference.  And he's still alive!  So putting two and two together he can easily come back.  Alive and was very good in his prime.  Gotta be worth something.  Also he could be A SCAB.  Major League Baseball players don't wanna PLAY BALL?  Hire some scabs.  Like Johnny Bench.  He seems like a traitor to other players let's call him up.   What else is going on and crap.  I'd settle for having Johnny Bench's career.  Not sure what that means.  In lots of respects it makes no sense.  Oh well that's life.
Hey!  What else is up!  Cold outside today.  But will be getting warmer over the day!  Also may snow a bit later.  GREAT.  Starts at 5:00?  JOKES ON YOU I can be done with my final walk by then.  IDEALLY I'd be done at 5:15 or 5:30.  WE'LL PLAY IT BY EAR.  Which is a phrase because people love playing with ears.  It's called Earplay.  It's The New Way To Sex All The Kids Are Doing It.  I am using Kids COLLOQUIALLY to mean young adults.  Kids SHOULDN'T be doing this.  They're not responsible enough!  The act of earplay is for consenting adults who understand the seriousity of what earplay entails.  Huh.  I'd do some earplay.  I'd do most kinds of Play.  That's where I'm at in life.  Also earplay has nothing to do with SOUNDS.  Soundplay is different.  Earplay has to do with PHYSICALLY dealing with ears.  GET IT RIGHT.  SOUNDPLAY can be LOTS OF FUN but is VERY DIFFERENT.  Maybe you can do both at once.  I guess that's the case.  Good for you.  Live the dream!
Coffee after this paragraph.  Yeah!  Also is this guy the coach for ALL benches.  Or just the ones in the dugout for the team he's working for during the 162 games a year while they're going on.  I dunno.  I imagine the team sits on other benches sometimes and as long as they're on a bench he's supposed to be coaching them.  So there's that.  Did some mightnight snacking last night.  A decent amount but not an amount to go crazy over.  That's life!  You live life a decent amount but not an amount to go crazy over.  Unless you choose to.  Which I do.  I go crazy over life because I Don't Know What That Means Exactly But It Sounds About Right.  Sure.  Gotta help my Dad with some quick things to prepare him for nurse to come.  That'll happen within minutes.  Guess I'll put off pouring coffee until after that.
    FASCINATING.  Getting close to World Travel February 2022 Picture & Calendar.  I feel like I skipped ahead either purposely or accidentally a couple of weeks ago but I forget what it is.  Good.  As long as its not a place where monsters live again.  Which would be kind of funny, though.  I like their sense of humor if they advertise themselves The Calendar as a world travel suggestion calendar but each month is where monsters life.  I LIKE THE PREMISE.  RUN WITH IT.  Huh.  Growing to be less of a fan of my crusty balls of my feet.  At first it was cool because it was new and made me feel like a real man.  At this point it's kind of a hassle and kind of gross and it's dawning on me that this might be permanent.  DANGIT.  Oh well.  I guess nurse and or other potential tryst ladies will be unlikely to wanna do ball of feet play with me.  GOOD.  I'm not into it anyway from the start.  THEN AGAIN...
Huh.  The point is when I go to bed half an hour later I fall asleep quicker.  It's FUN.  I was already falling asleep relatively quick and not it's even more.  NO WASTED TIME.  I get a blast and a half out of this.  What else is going on.  I LIKE the diversity of Eternals.  SOME OF THESE GUYS ARE FAT GUYS.  Some of these guys are GEEKS.  A lot of WEIRDOES.  What else is going on.  Just helped Dad prepare for Nurse.  Then I poured my coffee.  Now I'm here again  ALL CAUGHT UP.  What else is going on and crap.  Hmm.  I could probably figure out a schedule where I have a bigger brunch but the brunch is healthy.  I'm already trying to have a health breakfast.  Now you want me to have a health BRUNCH?  WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO KILL ME??!?!  Too much health isn't healthy either.  Everything in moderation!  The point is this is roughly the seventh paragraph.  That's not THE point.  It's A Point!
     What else and crap.
  I dunno.  First part of day is entry and most walks.  Second part of day is wrapping up walks, doing assorted other responsibilities as they arise.  Third part of the day is Supreme Rest &/V Relaxation.  THREE ACTS OF VARYING SIZES but all several hours long.  The point is  WOW WHAT A DAY.  The point is ROUGHLY TWICE A WEEK THIS GENERAL SCHEDULE IS PUT TO THE TEST.  Something mucks it up.  And I gotta make ADJUSTMENTS.  OH NO ADJUSTMENTS My Mortal Enemy.  Adjustments aren't mortal.  They're IMMORTAL.  ETERNAL if you will.  Hmm.  I better LTURQ.  What does Eternal mean EXACTLY in Human Language.  Lasting forever.  One of them already died and I'm only 40% into the first film of the franchise.  NOT SO ETERNAL NOW ARE YA.  Almost as if names mean nothing.  Hey no one said they were Eternal in the way we use the word.  That just happens to be heir group name.  TOTAL COINCIDENCE.  Oh okay sure.  Also as far as I can tell Deviants aren't Sexual Deviants.  Which is what comes to mind when I think of Deviancy.
     Maybe they are!  Only 40% into the first film of the franchise.  What else is up.  Ninth paragraph!  I can, "Dig," that!  WHERE'S THE SHORT MAN ETERNAL.  I feel unseen.  I wanna see a 5'2 guy and he has special powers and everyone respects him for some reason.  Maybe in the sequel.  Hey this is the ninth paragraph.  I can dig that and whatnot.  I said that a few sentences ago.  Yeah but then I spent 5 minutes looking up potential ice cream bars and sandwiches so you could see how I would have gotten completely distracted and lost complete track of what I was talking about beforehand.  Also I GOT SOME INTERESTING HITS.  On Amazon FRESH.  Probably won't get an order from them for 2 weeks or so but now I have something to look forward to.  I did before, too.  TIME PASSING.  What fun.  I like the part where you do stuff while time passes.  A lot of times when you do stuff the stuff isn't so bad!
     Last paragraph of the act.  Cool!  Gotta compliment Nurse on eating her cookies last time she was here.  I dunno how to talk to people but presumably that seems like something that should happen in polite society.  Maybe it makes her bring more cookies.  I'll eat them.  I don't know the nutritional info but I'm willing to make an exception in this case!  Huh.  What else is crappening.  Did I run out of micro animal crackers?  Sure I did.  Is it for the best?  Only time will tell.  Is it for the worst?  Only time will tell.  Is it for something else?  Yeah probably get off my case about it.  The point is I was on track to be a history teacher for a few years and I knew NOTHING about Eternals.  How is this possible.  Seems like a pretty big oversight!  Well this was before the extended Marvel Universe Film Enterprise, NO ONE knew about the Eternals yet.  Oh okay sounds fair.  I'll be back in a little bit.




okay sure why not

    Hey!  Having Fiber One Bar for Brunch.  Indulgent Bar!  Ugh.  Nurse is here.  Told her I liked her cookies.  She seemed SURPRISED and ANGRY that my Dad shared them with me.  But I complimented them and she accepted the compliment.  Either way I feel comfortable with how the situation turned out.  VERY comfortable.  Either way last bit of fine tuning schedule after figuring out for good Great Walking Schedule is fine tuning snacks.  WHAT SNACKS AND WHEN.  HOW FLEXIBLE TO BE.  WHAT WORKS, WHAT DOESN'T WORK.  It's fun!  I get to think about snacks but also in the framework that somehow I'm still concentrating on making the MEALS the star of the day.  Snacks can be constant and delicious but they get me from meal to meal is the premise I'm working under right now hopefully to some extent theoretically.
    Wonderful.  Got Eternals to watch.  Got SNL to watch.  Got some Cobra Kai to watch.  Got lots of stuff to watch.  And that's what makes life worth living.  Watching stuff!  Now I've seen the same stuff as what other people have seen.  I feel involved in the world and that can't be a bad thing.  Maybe it can.  More or less it probably isn't if you had to say it either is a good thing or a bad thing.  I don't know whose forcing you to say these things.  AND I DON'T LIKE IT.  Get out of this abusive relationship at once!  What else is going on and crap.  Current breakthrough as of last walk--  WAIT A SECOND.  Current times of meals is 8 AM/3:30 PM/8:00 PM.  ALL DIVISIBLE BY 1.5 HOURS.  And I've been having Main Snack Of The Day-- Now Referred To As Brunch-- at 11:00 AM.  And been having Main Dessert at 9:30.  I've been doing things in 1.5 hour separations NATURALLY.  So of course now my other snacks clock in at 2 PM, 5 PM, and 6:30 PM.  AND IF NECESSARY 11:00 PM.  Whatta breakthrough.  This is AMAZING!!!
    Figure I'll give each snack and meal a 30 minute window.  15 minutes early up to 15 minutes late.  That's a fair amount of leeway while sticking to the schedule pretty regimently.  WOW WHAT A GAME CHANGER.  Also I'm allotted one or two TINY BONUS FLOATER SNACKS.  I think my Days over the next 3 weeks or some sort of Several Three Week Periods are gonna be great.  LOVE IT.  The point is what else is crappening.  Gotta be A LOT of other things crappening in the world.  At this point it's getting to be a race against time as to I will ever make this balanced breakfast meal where Egg Whites I Make co-star along with a bowl of cereal and a slice of some sort of bread either toasted or not toasted.  Egg whites go bad in late January or early February per my recollections.  TIME TO GET SERIOUS.  Wait you mean I wasn't supposed to be serious before?  I thought I was being serious since March 2018.
Cool!  Got two more paragraphs until shower circumstance.  I just went downstairs 8 minutes ago refill my soda and now its empty again.  I feel like it wouldn't be accepted by nurse if I came down now for more soda.  It wouldn't seem right and I think she might be a little creeped out by that. Yeah it's the soda.  NOT ME.  The soda thing creeps her out.  Not the 33 year old guy who lives with his parents and doesn't seem to do anything adults should be doing.  I'M COMPLIMENTING HER ON HER COOKIES.  Kids aren't gonna do that.  Kids have no manners.  I GOT MANNERS EVER SINCE I WAS 27!  So there's that.  What else is going on.  Figure I'll give it another 10 minutes before I get soda again.  At that point it's 19, 20 minutes.  That's reasonable.  Maybe I'm doing something that requires constant hydration.  And you can't judge me if my preferred method of replenishing myself with liquids is with diet soda.  Well you CAN judge me.  And you probably WILL.  But that's your problem!
      What else is crap.  Anyway I went a little bit earlier than planned but I got a SNAPPLE instead of soda.  That'd be okay with nurse.  Oh he's moving over to snapple that's reasonable he wants to cleanse his palate I can understand that I'm A Nurse.  That's what people who have professions think.  They have thoughts and then go I can understand that because I'm A Whatever-They-Are.  Or from my perspective, the nurse or something else, because I'm a Whatever-I-Am.  Anyway Snapple World Travel Fact Of The Day is... another repeat.  Hey that's life I guess.  Lots of repeats!  Man I wish I had some soda and not this Snapple.  I made my choice and now I have to live with it!  I like taking my last walk around 5:00.  Because I'm like well another working day done.  Got the entry done in the first half of the day.  Got all my walkings done over the day.  Sometimes I may or may not have accomplished some real stuff in the afternoon.  Also I LOVE the premise of taking the last walk at around 4:45 to 4:55.  LEAVIN' WORK EARLY NO ONE'S GONNA STOP ME I'M WAY AHEAD OF THE GAME WITH THIS!!!  What an idiot.  I'm gonna take a shower now.




works for me

    Hey what's up.  Enjoying snapple now after shower.  Feels right!  Gonna pour coffee after this paragraph.  Feels right!  Gonna do some other stuff after that and/or in-between this and that.  Doesn't quite Feel Right but I got no better ideas.  The only idea I have is gonna do some other stuff.  I've narrowed it down to that is the point.  Maybe I should put PUTTY in my hair now to impress nurse.  I did it once and liked how it looked!  But then I realized I have a hat on every time I leave the house.  I'm gonna do it again.  IMPRESS SOME LADY.  YEAH.  NOW WE'RE TALKIN'.  The point is I eat 5-8 snacks a day but they're ALL HEALTHY except for the ones that really aren't but EVEN THOSE ONES aren't INSANELY unhealthy.  The point is I crunched the numbers yesterday and I forget exactly, and its in flux partially, but I think I'm getting like 70-120% of my daily added sugar intake from All My Snacks.  NOT SO BAD.  I don't like the unspecific range I'm providing you and/or myself but all in all COULD BE WORSE.  YEAH.
Coffee time!  Hay great what else.  I'm loving the snapple.  I'm digging the coffee.  But there's a Diet Root Beer sized hole in my heart that I just can't get over.  Look at this point it's been long enough since Last Soda to pour more soda.  BUT it's been 2 minutes since I poured coffee!  So I can't go right back to the beverage well.  Which is what many wells are.  But the point is maybe I can get away with getting more soda in TEN MINUTES.  THE CLOCK COUNTDOWN TIME BEGINS NOW.  Well let's say 30 seconds ago.  I dunno why I'm arbitrarily saying 30 seconds ago-- which now is more like 41 seconds ago-- but the point is You Get It.  Huh.  I know I was dissing taking walks in the dark a few weeks ago but I like my last walk TURNING DARK while I'm walking.  I start off and it's mostly light and by the end it's ON THE DARK SIDE but not quite MOSTLY dark.  PERFECT.  This magic time will last maybe a week or two.  Then if I wanna replicate it I'd have to start taking later walks.  AND THAT'S COMPLETELY OUT OF THE QUESTION.  Huh.  What a wonderful life I live.
Sure!  It's been 5 minutes.  I'm gonna get soda n-- HEY NOW IT'S BEEN SIX MINUTES.  I'm DEFINITELY gonna get soda NOW!  Went with Sprite.  Prove me wrong!  Anyway what else is crappening in the wide world of crap.  What order will I watch the crap I'm going to watch on TV in.  Figure I'll save the crappiest stuff for as late as possible.  Let me build up to it mentally.  Also in this respect Crappy is a positive adjective.  I don't know how or why.  But it is!  DEAL WITH IT.  The point is Hey Great let's write 2.5 more paragraphs like it was nothin'.  Least healthy thing I eat every day is the tootsie pop.  I was thinking about this all wrong!  It's one of the very healthiest snacks I THOUGHT because it is in terms of calories.  But in terms of sugar it's outranking even snacks two or three times as big as it!  OH WELL WHAT CAN YA DO.  Demote it to a floater snack.  Not a snack I plan on every day.  A snack that FLOATS.  Maybe I eat it maybe I don't.  And it could happen at any moment in the day!!!  I'VE GOT GOOD IDEAS ABOUT HAVING FLOATER SNACKS.  And low calorie high sugar snack is perfect for floating.  Won't wreck my diet if I have it but IN THEORY it's terrible for me.  Also IN PRACTICE.  But to me high sugar effecting me on a day-by-day basis is PRETTY MUCH THEORETICAL.
    AMAZING.  WOW!  I DON'T BELIEVE IT.  Penultimate paragraph.  These tootsie pops aren't that much more added sugar than ice cream sandwiches.  Which I am not considering cutting out.  Too delicious!  Oh well live and learn.  I've learnt that I'm already indulging myself inappropriately so I might as well indulge myself inappropriately slightly more.  MAKES SENSE.  TOO MUCH SENSE.  So much sense it wraps all the way back around to NONSENSE.  What else Is Crap.  No cookies today from nurse.  Unless she has them in her car or something and is waiting for the right time to surprise us.  Wait no that can't be it.  When we were talking about it she was like I never make cookies but I did this time for some reason.  So now we've established she rarely makes cookies.  So the odds are she did it again and will surprise us with them aren't very high.  UNLESS THAT WAS A FALSE FLAG to throw us off track.  I learnt the term False Flag from QAnon.  I mean I'm sure I've heard it before.  But they really leaned into popularizing the term False Flag.
Last paragraph of the day!  Wonderful.  Figure my current plan is to finish watching Them Eternals before moving onto something else.  I'm pot committed to finishing this movie!  I already watched a VERY large chunk of it.  Also hook me up with any kind of cookie that calls itself Chocolate Chunk Cookie.  JESUS.  I've heard of Chocolate Chip Cookies.  This is THREE STEPS BEYOND.  CHUNKS of Chocolate in this cookie.  I'm making myself Desperate For Chocolate Chunks just by writing these sentences.  Wait.  No.  Just wore off.  All I had to do was finish those sentences.  Now I'm back to normal.  So I got that going for me.  YEAH.  Anyway I guess it's time to start wrapping up the entry.  By which I mean Please Just Let Me Say The Dumbest 4 Sentences Possible To Make This Paragraph Over As Soon As Possible.  That counts as 2 sentences or so already.  Now we're up to four.  Hey I Did It I Guess!  See ya later.

-12:51 P.M.




Saturday, January 15, 2022

i'll try again tomorrow

    Hey!  Had dessert breakfast again today!  That's how last entry started.  Well it's how today starts again also!  Either way my dessert breakfasts now are but 80% of the amount of what they were for a few weeks.  Slightly less sugar.  About 20% less per my calculations.  Either way I'll figure something out at some point about how to eat real food for breakfast.  I wouldn't put it past me completely!  Anyway gotta nice weekend in store.  We're talkin I don't need to be on the phone with customer service support type things AT ALL.  Totally Nothing I Need To Do Sort Of!  Anyway it was cold outside OR WAS IT.  Internet said 11 degrees and it feels like -5.  I DRESSED IN HEAVY LAYERS BECAUSE I'M SOME SORT OF GENIUS.  I TOLERATED THAT WEATHER LIKE IT WAS NOTHIN AT ALL.  So I got that going for me.  Some sort of genius!  Gotta imagine that'll pay off down the line.  Then again I can't stop myself from having desserts for breakfast.  Gotta imagine that'll hurt me down the line.
Sure.  Enjoying some nice gum.  Ya know what?  Don't even need to have 14 pieces a day most days.  Most days TEN TO TWELVE is more than enough.  HOLY SHIT WHAT CONSERVATION.  Anyway National Food Of The Day is oh yeah I already told you Bagels.  Lemme double check that just to be sure.  I just had some deja vu.  I felt like it was National Bagel Day at some point before.  And it was!  But I didn't know about it.  And I certainly didn't tell you about it.  Anyway it's ALSO National Booch Day, National Fresh Squeezed Juice Day, and National Strawberry Ice Cream Day.  Booch!  I can't get enough of Booch.  Also what is Booch.  Let's see.  Alcohol Kombucha.  Now if only I knew what Kombucha was.  I heard of it before.  Oh well I guess we'll never know for sure.  WAIT A SECOND.  I have access to the internet.  INTERNET CAN TELL ME WHAT IT IS.  Fermented Tea.  Now if only I knew what Fermented means.  Oh well.
Yeah!  Yesterday I was home from my last walk at 5:15 PM.  HOLY SHIT.  I enjoyed THE HECK out of that.  Not THE HELL.  I didn't enjoy it that much.  I enjoyed it up to Heck.  Which is pretty good all things considered.  What else is pretty good all things considered.  CURRENT SCHEDULE.  Wait a second that was the first thing that was pretty good all things considered.  Part of it at least.  Okay but now it's ALL THINGS.  I was first talking about getting home for good at 5:15 yesterday.  Now I'm talking about ALL OF IT.  YEAH.  WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD.  What else is going on.  Gonna check my weight next February 1st.  Hope I haven't gained weight!  And if I have, hope it's not more than a pound!  And if it is, hope it's not more than three pounds.  And if it is, I hope it's not more than 4 pounds.  And if it is, OH NO THIS IS GETTING TO BE TERRIBLE.
Something along those lines.  What else is along some lines.  Let's look forward to some lunch.  Real food!  It will make me big and strong.  Presumably.  That's what I've been led to believe.  Real food gives you NUTRITION.  It's actually somehow GOOD for you to eat a lot of food.  It seems counterintuitive but it's true.  Hmm.  Current diet scheduling breakthrough as of this morning is HEY.  WAIT A SECOND.  For the amount of snacking I'm giving myself a day, I can have roughly exactly ONE EACH of the seven main snacks I have in stock that I eat regularly.  It evens out JUST RIGHT.  And that's sort of what I've been doing but I didn't realize how it aligns so close to perfectly.  WOW.  This is a gamechanger in terms of how I understand and contemplate my SNACKING.  Also it's not all snacking.  From now on between Breakfast and Lunch is Brunching.  Between Lunch and Dinner is Still Snacking.  And between Dinner and Sleep is Dessert.  I feel very strongly about this.
Cool!  If there's mightnight snacking it gets added onto dessert.  I hope that doesn't happen though!  I feel very strongly about this.  Also roughly half of these snacks are healthy.  To varying degrees.  If we're being LOOSE with considering things relatively healthy it's more like MOST of these snacks fit the bill.  WOW.  Fitting a bill.  I believe that's a Duck Reference.  Can't be certain though.  I don't have all the details in front of me!  I feel like I've written 400 paragraphs in a row about Scheduling and Dieting.  YEAH.  It's important.  Now you know that I'm Fine With Wasting All Of Our Times.  YEAH.  At some point through the natural course of things I'll figure out how to write yukk-em-ups or maybe think-em-ups again.  Right now this is just a Personal Diary Personal-Think-Em-Up.  Give MYSELF stuff to think about in terms of BETTERING my life.  YEAH.  COFFEE TIME.  That'll BETTERING My Life.
  Lemon Iced Tea World Travel Fact Of The Day is... another repeat.  Great.  I don't have to add something to my memory banks.  Now I can save that space for later.  Cool!  Anyway I dunno.  What else is going on and crap.  Time on computer is falling behind now and again lately.  Corrects itself at some point.  But I've noticed TWICE that it was 5-10 minutes behind over the last couple of days.  And it must be happening all the time without me noticing!  WHAT THE HELL.  How dumb can you be.  Just keep time!  How hard is that.  You're a computer you're supposed to be SMART.  Eh.  I had a dream I was wearing the new best mask that people wear but after a while I realized I was wearing it upside down.  IT was a BAD dream.  But it was good in the sense that it was a dream and not reality.  WHEW DODGED THAT BULLET.  Also now I'm prepared for reality.  I know to be extra careful!  So it was a GOOD dream.  It was a WARNING.
     Hey what else is going on.  Seventh paragraph!  Delicious.  I feel like I'm getting to the point where I have a perfect thorough and exact schedule and then I will immediately be like I don't wanna follow a schedule that's stupid.  But it'd still be a good GENERAL FRAMEWORK.  Whatever happens I say this whole exercise was worthwhile.  Because at the very least it gave me something to do for a few weeks.  IS THAT ALL IT'S BEEN.  It feels like FOREVER.  Been a few weeks.  Hmm.  What else is going on and crap.  It's also possible I reach exact best perfect schedule and I LIKE IT.  I continue getting a kick out of following it indefinitely.  That would be great.  Just great!  Not better than great.  Not worse than great!  WOW great is PRETTY great.  I got no complaints with Great.  Unless it's great for my enemies and not for me.  I wish my enemies the worst!  I don't want things going great for them.  Hardly seems fair!
     Sure.  Anyway.  I'm SICK of there being articles on the Mets Home Page Semi-Fan-Run Blog that are videos.  Half these articles that should be short midlength articles about things are actually VIDEOS.  I haven't clicked on 'em once but I feel like it's probably 1 and a half minutes that I don't need.  JUST LET ME READ I DON'T WANNA WATCH.  I wanna READ about should Starling Marte lead off for The Mets.  I've wondered it myself.  I don't need to SEE some idiot talking about it in the context of a sportshow highlight reel quick commentary.  Hmm.  What else is going on and crap.  About 15 minutes ahead of schedule today.  GREAT.  15 minutes is a nice dividing time.  It's 1/4th of an hour LETS TALK ABOUT IT.  We just did.  LETS TALK ABOUT IT AGAIN LATER.  MAYBE IN THREE WEEKS.  IS THAT GOOD FOR YOU?  Hmm.  Starling Marte!  LEADING OFF.  I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF THIS IT'S GONNA BE GREAT IF IT HAPPENS.
I'm assuming Baseball happens again.  Probably will at some point.  Maybe the players should form their own league.  Has anyone considered that.  A real League Of Their Own.  Also I'm guessing the women in A League of Their Owns weren't actually in charge of the league.  They were but bit players in the entire franchise all things considered.  But let them have their ill gotten glory.  If it makes them and us happy.  What else is going on.  Gotta imagine male baseball executives were in the war and were replaced by women baseball executives.  I don't imagine that.  I feel like rich white men probably avoided going to war for various reasons.  I just can't imagine them suiting up for war.  Hey good for them I'm glad it's all working out for rich white men in perpetuity.  Gotta work out for someone!  Hmm.
Sure.  Speaking of baseball is it possible I get HOT DOGS for dinner?  YES.  I haven't done that in let's say 2 or 3 months.  But IT CAME TO MIND this morning and I can't GET IT OUT OF mind.  This is gonna be great if it happens.  Solid, I dunno, 2/3rds chance I can make it happen.  Gotta get family to agree on getting Deli for dinner.  They're usually pretty flexible!  WOW WHAT A GREAT STORY.  HOT DOGS.  It's a think-em-up because it makes you think hmm should I also eat hot dogs somehow someway for dinner either today or at some future point in the near immediate future.  And you probably should!  So there's that.  Tenth paragraph.  Figure at this point it'll be 11 or 12 overall for the act.  It's important to write more when you're writing poorly.  That way... uh... can't really justify why that's better.  Oh well, that's life.  Impossible To Justify!
Okay.  Last paragraph of the act.  What's going on in the wide world of sports.  Presumably something about should Starling Marte lead off for The Mets if Baseball Happens Again.  I don't have the details but my theory is YES GIVE IT A SHOT.  Also if baseball union forms their own league gotta imagine they'd have to start from scratch with teams.  No more Mets!  Gonna have to figure out who to root for.  Probably the team that plays near where I live.  I live in closest proximity to where they play so it's only natural I will root for them in their baseball endeavors!  So there's that.  Hmm.  Or I could just root for whatever team Starling Marte is leading off for.  What if he leads off for no team.  Then you've lost me!  Hmm.  I like it when my Dad teaches not just to eavesdrop but because I feel more By Myself.  Dad is busy teaching.  Mom is busy staying in her room.  We're all off on our own.  YES I LIKE IT.  I wanna be on my own.  I'M AN ADULT GIMME MY PERSONAL SPACE AND TIME.  Anyway I'll be back in a little bit.



eh this isn't for me

    What's going on and crap.  Onto another part of the day.  Arguably the SECOND part of the day.  You could make the case it is not another part of the day at all.  You could argue lots of things.  Pretty much anything.  It's up to you what you decide to argue.  I ain't here to hold your hand!  Maybe I am.  Well I'll decide whether I want to hold your hand on a hand-by-hand basis.  What else is going on.  Got coffee coming up with Act III.  That's a consumption exercise that'll provide me with a real kick.  Not sure why new phone had Cross Fade as the default when listening to music.  Seems like that should be something you have to change it to.  Why is it the natural way to listen to music for one song to bleed into the next.  That's not what happens ON RECORDS.  It's not what happens IN LIVE SHOWS.  It's not what happens in.. kinda happens in radio sometimes I feel.  But that's the exception that proves the rule!
     Sure.  Great.  Took a bath yesterday and water heatness is even more of an issue there than with shower.  GREAT.  Huh.  I don't like drinking all the sodas when I get them even if I know I'll definitely have enough for the week.  I still know at some point-- no this week-- but at some point I'll be rationing soda and I'll look back to these days of drinking soda all the time too much and just shake my head.  What am I supposed to do though.  Nothing I can do!  Might as well enjoy diet beverages.  It's HEALTHY because it's not sugar.  Gotta imagine drinking 5000% of your daily recommended dose of artificial and chemical sweeteners is bad for your health too.  Probably contributes to me wanting to eat sugar.  I'm no doctor.  Besides what would most doctors know about that.  It's not their area o expertise!  STICK TO YOUR AREA OF EXPERTISE.  That's how I feel about Doctors.  GET REAL GOOD AT ONE THING.  Like Robin Williams.  He was good at being a clown.  Well I didn't personally think so but the results speak for themselves.
What else.  I dunno.  Jeez.  Successfully went to bed at 10:30 last night.  WOW!  Late stuff.  Now we're into the BEWITCHING hour.  Or is it just witching hour.  Not sure if there's a Be or not.  To Be or not to be.  That is Some Question.  Not sure what the answer is.  My instinct is Not To Be.  Sounds safer.  I dunno what I'm getting myself into by Being Something.  The point is Great Just Great.  I'm REALLY overdoing it by plotting out exact times of snacks and what snacks to be.  Then again this Real Over Doing It MIGHT JUST BE THE GAMECHANGER I NEEDED to get me over the top.  Also ultimately I'll spend a day or two trying to follow it exactly, and if it turns out to be a good framework, then I can start following it LOOSELY.  And if it's NOT a good framework BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD.  I used that phrase a day or two ago  Back to the drawing board.  I didn't like it then and I don't like it now!  Get off my back about it!
    Anyway.  If Democrats can't get voting rights shored up, I guess their last ditch effort to win elections is DO A LOT OF REALLY GOOD STUFF.  It's come down to this!  It's crazy I know but it just might work.  If they just knock it out of the park that's their only option!  HELL if they hit a ground ball to the short stop and the short stop makes an error and they end up first THAT MIGHT BE ENOUGH.  I hope so because that's the very most I'd expect out of them.  Either way what else is going on.  Gonna have most indulgent snack of the day soon.  HOW SOON?  The ball is in my court!  What else is going on and crap.  Who is the short stop in this scenario.  I dunno.  Jose Reyes.  He was a short stop.  A very good one!  He's not gonna be very good now.  He's old and retired.  Probably better than YOU though.  So why are you getting on Jose Reyes's's Case?  I don't get it.  Hmm.
     Sure!  Anyway half these snacks are low in sugar, half of them are relatively low, and then the tootsie pop is high.  And I may end up eating other snacks that are also high here and there.  But all in all if you're going to have 5-7 delicious snacks a day you can't do much better than what I got in mind.  YEAH.  SO GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT IT.  Speaking of getting off my back I gotta do some situps now.  That's getting ON my back.  Yeah but Guess What Genius when I'm done I'm getting OFF MY BACK.  THAT SHUT EM UP.  Anyway.  I dunno.  Probably write one more paragraph after this one for the Act.  Then it's move on with my life.  Also when thinking about dividing up my days first into 4 3.5 hour segments and then into a 4/4/3/4 framework I DID briefly consider thinking of them as Acts.  Wait I already told you that.  Cause I talked about how the Act IV was the coming attractions for tomorrow.  Anyway based on current walking schedules even 4/4/3/4 is out dated.  Hmm.  What's the framework I got going on bubbling beneath the surface of my mind now.  Let's say 4/3/3/5.  What an idiot. 
    Yeah!  I stopped using the deodorant every day.  Just can't figure out why I need it.  No one ever complained specifically that I smell bad.  I MIGHT.  But no one's making a big deal about it.  Also you can't smell people outside in the cold in the winter.  So just passing by other pedestrians, it makes no difference.  Also might as well conserve this bar of deodorant.  Save it for a rainy day when I really need it!  That sort of thing.  What else is that sort of thing.  Probably should cut my hair in about a month.  By which I mean I make token efforts to sort of cut my hair and then get my Dad to do 95% of the work.  It's okay.  He doesn't mind!  He likes doing stuff presumably.  I like doing stuff.  Stands to reason I got that from my Dad.  Lots of stuff I don't like doing.  Yeah but those are the exceptions that prove the rules.  Hey great I'm gonna take a shower circumstance now.  Be back soon!




feel like writing more

    WAIT A SECOND.  What if instead of 4/3/3/5 IT'S 4/6/5.  THAT'S THREE ACTS.  YOUR STANDARD AMOUNT.  AND IT MAKES SENSE.  I dunno I don't like this middle act of the day.  Maybe the reason I don't like it is I've been understanding it wrong.  NOW I'm starting to understand it better so I can approach and enjoy it better!  GAME CHANGER.  Wait a second no I think it's still 4/3/3/5.  Oh okay great.  Hey what else is going on in the wide world of sports.  Got some five or six paragraphs to write here.  Let's go for it!  Got delicious coffee coming my way in let's say 10 minutes.  Usually I do it during breaks in the paragraph.  NOW I'M DOING IT IN TEN MINUTES FROM NOW.  Either get on board with it or don't.  Well you could have imagined those were your options without me saying so.  But now everyone is definitely on the same page so we got that going for us!  Anyway Raspberry Iced Tea World Travel Fact Of The Day is... another repeat.  Also it's something I knew before Snapple.  Also when I knew it before Snapple I thought it was the opposite.  It's the one that says Astronauts actually get taller while in space.  For some reason Before Snapple I thought they were getting shorter.  Oh well.  Good for them.  I hope it works out!
     Yeah!  I'm starting to realize the best way to attack this semi-indulgent ice cream sandwich that is a what, circular prism?  It's a circle that has depth.  Like a hockey puck.  Anyway the best way to do it is eat around the sides and then work your way middle over time once the sides are done.  I dunno why this works best but it does.  NOW YOU KNOW.  Hey I accomplished something.  I figured something out useful to myself AND useful to other people.  Good!  Turns out my life has been worth living in the end.  Didn't see that plot twist coming!  The point is huh.   Not sure how many sit-ups and push-ups I should be aiming to do.  For months, since I started, I basically just do it whenever I feel like and there's wide discrepancies day to day.  Anywhere from 30 sets a day all the way up to 65, 70!  I feel like I should pick a number and stick to it.  Obvious number is 50.  WOW OBVIOUS?  SOUNDS GOOD TO ME.  The point is gotta imagine all those sets add up to some calories burned.  I know these exercises don't burn a lot of calories compared to other exercises.  Still gotta be SOMETHING.  And doing a lot of them adds up to RELATIVELY RELEVANT SOMETHING.  Hmm normally I'd go get coffee now.  But apparently I need to wait another four minutes.
DANGIT.  This came back to bite me in the ass!  What else is going on and crap.  Just googled, "Time."  With my computer ya never know how accurate it is.  It was accurate.  Oh well.  OH A CYLINDER.  Right?  It's a cylinder.  Better LTURQ.  YEP NAILED IT.  Maybe circular prism could be a synonym?  Better LTURQ!  Not a phrase regularly used but I THINK if it was it's a synonym.  So I get partial credit.  WAIT NO.  I get BONUS credit.  Comin' up with synonyms!  I'm a genius or something!  What else is going on or something.  Into the third paragraph of act III.  I can deal with that.  It's a number and an act and we're, "Into," it.  All the great elements of something or something.  HMM what to watch during afternoon breaks.  We're talkin not BIG SOLID AMAZING BREAK in the evening and night.  But I got a lot of spare time in afternoon too!  Gotta watch something!  I don't know what life is unless I'm watching TV!  Presumably one day I'll figure something out and I envy Future Me for that.  But Current Me is done no good from that!  Except for it giving me something to look forward to.  That's A Thing That's Good.
     What else is up.  Covered more or less all the important issues of the day so far this entry.  Now all that's left is the scraps leftover.  Hey scraps wonderful.  I'll name a dog Scraps.  Sure.  MY Dog.  I ain't wasting the name Scraps on your dog.  ONLY THE BEST NAMES FOR ME.  What else is going on.  Probably some more Dumb Stuff that's so dumb I haven't even thought of it yet.  Cool.  Fourth paragraph of the act.  Probably just write five.  Because I got places to go.  Outside!  In a circle!  End up back here.  But it's a BIG circle.  Alco not much of a circle.  Kind of a rectangle with rounded edges.  Also not a real rectangle.  Some of the paths are topsy turvy and curve in and out and don't follow straight lines.  The point is I end up back where I started and COLLOQUIALLY that's a circle so get off my back about it.  Maybe write a sixth paragraph this act.  I wrote a bonus paragraph for Acts I and II.  WHAT WOULD PEOPLE SAY if I don't do it again for Act III.  Probably NOTHING.  They'd have strong feelings about it but keep it to themselves.
Yeah!  Forget it.  I changed my mind.  Last paragraph of the day Right Now.  Hmm.  HOT DOGS EH.  Not healthy.  Gonna be inhaled pretty quickly.  Delicious though!  Maybe pair some POP CHIPS with them.  Haven't gotten POP CHIPS in months and months.  Tried a few.  They taste good to me now.  Sometimes in life Pop Chips taste good, and sometimes in life Pop Chips taste bad.  Right now they taste good.  So let's ride that wave as long as we can to wherever it takes us.  Hopefully to shore.  I have a life on shore.  I got a house and everything.  I can't spend the rest of my life in the ocean.  What would I do to survive?  No one, that's who!  At this rate I'm gonna write a sixth paragraph.  And we owe it all to Pop Chips.  They're the gift that keeps on giving!  Until they stop!  Then they're the gift that kept on giving for a certain amount of time that was beyond what you might expect!
    Okay great let's wrap this crap up.  What else is going on.  Had 4 snapples yesterday.  Guess I'm alternating between 3 and 4 a day for the week.  I can dig that.  Sometimes I AM like hey ya know what.  I like soda. A LOT.  Probably more than pretty much anyone.  But right now I need something LIGHTER.  I need A SNAPPLE.  So there's that.  HEY snow for Sunday night has been downgraded from 1-3 inches to, "A COATING TO AN INCH."  WOW A COATING?  That sounds PLEASANT.  I'd LOVE to go outside and everything is A Coating To An Inch.  SIGN ME UP FOR THAT RIGHT NOW.  Before it gets sold out or filled up or they stop offering it or something.  I have to sign up immediately to hold my spot or something.  Huh.  Hey the entry is just about over.  What a terrible entry.  What a waste of everyone's time.  Jokes on you!  I WOULD HAVE WASTED MY TIME EITHER WAY!!!  Now whose the idiot!  Anyway I'll be back tomorrow.

-12:34 P.M.




Friday, January 14, 2022

it's not what you think

    Hey!  What's going on.  Had dessert breakfast again today!  Eating sugar is what motivated me to get out of bed.  At least yesterday I was pretty successful at eating stuff with less sugar.  Also breakfast today was slightly smaller than lately.  So all in all progress is being made re: This Thing That Means Nothing.  What else.  Today's Act I may be interrupted by Super Market delivery but probably not!  Down to last glass of soda.  Would have poured water but I just used the pitcher for coffee machine!  And filled it up!  I can't pour it while it's filtering.  It'll open up all over the place and spill water Also All Over The Place.  Can't be having that!  Either way figured out how my phone can get texts from iPhones without them having to change their settings.  So my phone is up to 100% working as far as I know!  WOW.  That's almost 102%!
Sure.  Possible I take a circle walk between Act I and Super Market delivery.  Probably shouldn't!  We'll see how that goes and whatnot.  OH NO Healthy 0 sugar ice cream bar I ordered looks like it wasn't shipped.  DANGIT.  I was looking forward to that ALL THE LAST 18 HOURS.  I feel like things with 0 sugar that taste sweet are close enough to a negative number.  Eats away sugar I had consumed before.  If not, it's pretty close at least!  Huh.  I don't get it.  Also I said it before.  So I Don't get it and I don't get why I had to repeat it.  Also I don't get most things in life but you don't see me complaining about that!  I should, though.  Squeaky Wheel gets the grease.  And wheels LOVE grease.  It's their favorite thing!  Speaking of Grease, Nation Food Of The Day is... National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day.  OKAY.  I'm okay with that.  Pastrami is fine.  Tastes kind of like salami.  Or corned beef.  Tastes like Jewish deli meat more or less.  Most of those meats thrive in other cultures, too.  Yeah but I think of them as from JEWISH Delis.  PROVE ME WRONG.  I already covered that I knew I was wrong.  Yeah I know that I'm wrong but I'm throwing the gauntlet down for YOU to PROVE TO ME that I'm wrong.
Huh.  Anyway.  I dunno.  Maybe I do some circle walking, why not.  Couldn't hurt.  Doesn't really drive me crazy.  I think I joke around that it drives ya crazy but in reality it drives you SANE.  Gonna have to look into that one.  What else is going on.  THEY ALSO AREN'T SHIPPING ME MY CHICKEN PARMESAN KIDS MEAL.  Great.  One less meal I have to eat.  This is GREAT news.  Waking up 15 minute or 30 earlier than I used to.  Going to bed 30 minutes later.  Instead of four segments of 3.5 hours, new frame work is 4 segments of hours in the following order-- 4/4/3/4.  FEELS RIGHT.  SUPER RIGHT.  Well maybe not super right.  Feels SLIGHTLY MORE than SOMEWHAT right.  Let's go with that.  Ya know feels right based on what my specific schedule actually entails.  Oh Okay I Get It.  Current plan is to take last walk of the day in late afternoon.  So I got a huge chunk of the day free going into bed time.  LONG amount of time where I can relax and also know I'm done for the day.  GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT IT.
Okay.  Go with No Spoilers Balanced Breakfast tomorrow hopefully.  What else is going on.  Letter N on keyboard is acting up a bit.  Not all the time but enough times that I've noticed.  Have YOU noticed.  Maybe I missed it a few times and you're like WHERE THE HELL IS THE, "N."  Either way now you know what's going on.  Keyboard acting up!  It's not ME.  It's Not a CHOICE I'm making.  Huh.  Look-- I wanna eat healthy breakfasts, but I wanna have a nice relative-to-other-snacks-I-eat-on-the-big-side snack halfway between breakfast and lunch that presumably will be A Sweets.  So I got that going for me is the point.  HEY anything interesting happen this entry.  Sure.  You know it's Pastrami Day.  Hot Pastrami.  Hot Pastrami Sandwich.  Get it right.  They went out of their way to be specific about what to celebrate today and the least we can do is celebrate what they were specific about!
     Coffee after this paragraph.  I don't believe it!  Sure I do.  Interesting counterpoint.  Man I thought four segments of 3.5 hours each made sense.  This new 4/4/3/4 is EVEN BETTER.  What the Hell am I doing with my life.  TRYING.  I'm making an effort is the point.  Deal with it!  Hmm probably some healthier snack I could eat for small brunch.  Maybe like half a bagel.  Bagels probably have sugar in them.  Better LTURQ.  Spoiler alert I read tomorrow is National Bagel Day.  Anyway sugar in bagels.  Hmm.  Yeah not really.  A small amount.  Either way that's something to consider.  I like considering things.  Makes me feel like a big man!  I like feeling like a big man.  It rarely happens.  Only when I consider things.  And sometimes when I stand on my tippy-toes.  But not when I use the phrase Tippy Toes.  I could have just said Toes and you'd get the point.  Also the point is I forget.
   Anyway.  Mom just called down to my Dad can you make me half a bagel.  So there's that.  I know they say Great Minds Thing Alike but I think dumb minds do.  Great minds are original!  Feel like I said that before in Let's Say 2015.  About time I said it again!  I was getting worried I forgot about it!  If I was worried about it I must not have forgotten about it.  Either way what else is going on.  I was imagining half the bagel to just be half of a cold bagel.  Like ripped off without cutting it in half.  She wants half a toasted bagel.  Big difference!  Also what else is going on.  Is it WRONG to start your day off with Sugar.  Let's get started on a high note.  Why not.  Bad for your health.  Oh right that.  Forgot about that for a second!  DANGIT.  Man oh man I kinda DUG being awake and conscious and at home the entire time for 4.5 hours at night going into going to sleep.  VERY new and VERY fun experience.
     What else.  At this point I'm anticipating 45 minutes of circle walking.  I guess.  I can see myself getting something out of that or something.  Whatever!  Seventh paragraph.  I can, "Dig," that!  Anyway putting together schedule for the day based on when I'm estimating Super Market order gets here.  AMAZING.  I got everything figured out it looks like.  Wonderful.  WILL I HAVE LUNCH WITH ACT III?!?!?!  NO SPOILERS.  Also I don't know.  I'm planning to but anything can happen.  Didn't I say No Spoilers.  Well I didn't spoil it in that sentence.  I spoiled it later on.  I never said NEVER no spoilers.  I just meant in the sentence No Spoilers that there wasn't a spoiler.  Also is that a sentence fragment?  I don't know!  It's not like I majored in English in University!  I majored in it IN COLLEGE.  We're in AMERICA BUDDY get it right.  What else.  Three more paragraphs theoretically.  Hmm Theoreticals.  My College Educated Mind can handle some Theoreticals.  Let's get into it.
Wow!  Finished soda once and for all.  Hopefully I get new soda in 1-3 hours.  That'd be my instinct as to what to hope for in the immediate future.  Thinking about watching some Simpsons during circlewalk.  I don't think I've watched it since last circlewalk, whenever that was.  Two weeks ago or something.  But now it feels right to do it again.  IT WORKED OUT THEN it'll WORK OUT AGAIN.  Jeez.  Look am I just gonna have a pop tart for Brunch?  Probably!  That's what I'm fantastisizing about.  LOOK is one pop tart 33% of daily sugar?  YES if they can be trusted.  It's on a box.  I trust boxes!  Way more than I trust people.  If I could Live Amongst The Boxes and not people then I would.  But I can't!  Gettin' mini Black And Whites as one indulgent cookie thing from Super Market.  Have one and a half of those as Brunch.  YEAH.  Let's do that.  Makes sense because I BOUGHT THEM TO EAT.  Let's do that is the point!
     Ninth paragraph!  How about that.  Watching Simpsons while walking in a circle for 2 episodes can't be any worse than this entry so far.  Maybe it can.  Things can always be worse.  That's my motto!  Well it isn't but maybe it should be.  What else.  Why do I need a motto.  People don't need mottos.  I feel like if someone had a motto and they went around using that motto people would think that person is a jerk in some respect.  Come up with original things to say every conversation!  No one cares about your dumb motto.  What else.  Reason I couldn't get text messages from iPhones was because my last phone was an iPhone and iPhones text other iPhones slightly differently than when they text other kinds of phones and I never changed a setting so other iPhones thought my new phone was still an iPhone and texted me accordingly.  Changed the setting online!  Works now!  It's a good paragraph because now you know once and for all the specifics about what my problem is.
Cool!  Maybe another paragraph or two after this one.  Maybe not.  WHO CARES.  ME.  Yeah but who cares BESIDES ME.  There are other people besides me?!?!  Now I'm scared.  What else is going on.  Probably not enough to go past this paragraph for Act I.  Either way huh.  What else.  Getting used to the dimensions of new phone.  Angles and whatnot to hit buttons and swiping and stuff like that.  I'm great with technology.  I know how to hit buttons and everything after less than 48 hours.  I am quick to adapt!  Anyway my contacts did carry over into new phone.  Guess I can do a little spring cleaning myself and delete 90% of them manually.  Hey that sounds like a lot of fun.  See you IN HELL guitar teacher for that one lesson I had one time that it took me 5 and a half hours round trip to get there and to get home.  I'm never calling you again!  Unless I dial your number manually.  Which I won't!  Almost definitely not!  Anyway I'll be back in a little bit.



i don't know how to feel

    Hey.  Did 60 minutes of circle walking.  Food came about half an hour after that was done.  Took a walk.  All in all I'm about 1 to 1 and a half hours behind entry normal entry schedule entry normal.  Gonna have lunch right after act III instead of taking a walk because I'm on schedule with walks.  GREAT that means I'm having coffee this act.  After this paragraph!  Anyway did I have delicious indulgent 1.5 small black and whites for brunch?  SURE DID.  Do I regret it?  SURPRISINGLY NO.  Will I regret it at some point.  SURPRINSGLY CAN'T SAY AS OF NOW.  Also I have no idea where this idea came from and whether it makes any sense but a couple of minutes ago I was like HEY I should keep my daily plate and utensils IN MY ROOM all day.  Instead of leaving it at my place on kitchen table between meals.  I dunno what that accomplishes.  But it's a new idea so it feels right.  My life is terrible so any new idea feels right for at least a little amount of time.  My life isn't terrible.  I guess not IN THEORY.
     Sure.  Coffee time!  Snapple time, too.  I'm excited to drink soda after the last couple of days but I need to be drinking these snapples FOR REAL.  Sure. I'd experiment with having meals and whatnot downstairs at kitchen table like a normal person but they always have the TV on.  BAD TV.  MSNBC.  I don't fuck with no MSNBC!  No Thank You!  Anyway Iced Tea World Travel Fact Of The Day is... Dolphins are unable to smell.  Good for them.  Who needs smell.  Only makes things worse.  Never have I smelt anything and gained anything out of it.  Seems like an inaccuracy.  Sure.  What else is going on.  Fine tuning some scheduling recently.  Specifically meal and snack scheduling and ways to measure things.  But that's just MY LIFE.  What's going on WITH YOU.  Probably nothing.  That's why you're here!  Cracked that code.  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  Figure for the immediate future I'll indulge myself and aim for a not over-or-under estimated sugar intake of 115-150% daily recommended value.  We gotta assume that 100% is already way too much.  But Big Sugar has successfully lobbied whoever is making these guidelines.  Either way I feel like that'd be progress!
     Sure.  WOW only 33 or something % more?  THIRTY THREE is nothing.  I've heard of numbers as large as 800.  33?  That's a drop in the bucket compared to the huge majority of positive integers.  What else is going on.  Gotta be something else going on.  There can't be Something Else going on.  There was never a first thing.  This is the thirteenth paragraph and we haven't gotten to Thing One yet.  WRONG.  I'm THING ONE.  ME.  And it's been all me and nothing but me all day.  YOU ARE WELCOME.  I like it when I'm standing by the door for a delivery and the deliverer can clearly see me and he puts down all the delivery by the front door and looks at me and then rings the door bell and walks away.  OH I THOUGHT THIS WAS TV.  I DIDN'T REALIZE THIS WAS REAL.  NOW THAT I HEAR THE DOORBELL I KNOW IT'S FOR REAL AND FOR ME.  GOTCHA.  THANKS.   I dunno.  Also they start walking away quickly and I always give a THANKS and 80% of the time no response or recognition I went out of my way to be a gentleman and thank them.  JERKS.
What else is going on.  Looks like baseball season might be delayed.  Looks like the two sides are very far apart.  GREAT.  I'M ROOTING FOR THE UNION SIDE.  We need to stick together.  MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL PLAYERS AND ASSORTED OTHER UNION OR RELATED UNION MEMBERS TO REMEMBER SOLIDARITY.  Then again I also hope they just reach an agreement so baseball can start.  Based on last year I like baseball again.  I'd like to see more of it in the coming month and or months.  That's my hot take.  Can executive and upper management types unionize.  Not sure what that would look like.  But that'd be an interesting counter-punch.  They don't need a union they already have the power.  Yeah but it could never hurt to try to get MORE power.  That's the premise of the world among the jerks in charge per my understanding.  Maybe you don't use the same plate for all meals all day.  And the same utensils.  Maybe you're an idiot who doesn't like to conserve resources.  Maybe lots of stuff.  Maybe NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. Wait this is ALL your business.  Maybe NONE OF MY BUSINESS.  Hmm okay carry on then.  Do what ya wanna do I ain't here to tell you how to live your life.
Sure.  WAIT A SECOND.  Dolphins are unable to smell.  Maybe that means dolphins are unable to EMIT smells.  I assumed it meant they can't smell other things.  Maybe it means other things can never smell them because there's no smell to a dolphin.  Let's get Dolph Lundgren in on this conversation gotta imagine he'd have something worthwhile to contribute.  Anyway.  Probably take a shower after this paragraph.  Great!  I like doing things.  Gotta do stuff all the time.  You could only last so long Doing Nothing.  Huh.  I'm a little concerned that the 1.5 small black and whites satisfied my hunger AND my sweet tooth too adequately.  I don't feel unsatisfied either way right now.  Seems weird.  If I'm not unsatisfied with things in my life what am I even supposed to feel.  SATISFIED with parts of my life?  That doesn't add up at all.  The point is I'll be back in a little bit!



well when you put it that way

    Hey!  Gonna take a walk after this act.  Then eat lunch.  The the rest of the day will be great.  Don't you worry about the rest of the day.  I got some good ideas for how that might go to my benefit.  Also we got the weekend coming up!  Everyone likes the weekend.  Except for people who don't.  They don't.  Sure.  Got myself some soda.  I should appreciate soda more is the moral of the story as per the immediate recent past of my life.  And guess what?  So far?  I AM appreciating it more.  So mission accomplished in that respect I guess.  What else is Mission Accomplished.  Still gotta plate in my room.  Ya know what?  I like it!  Reminds me that I eat meals.  Sometimes I forget and that's when I get into trouble.  Huh.  Still gotta put masking tape over Phone Cameras.  I've gone closing in on two days with cameras showing me!  Not masturbating.  I was able to resist masturbating with cameras focused on me.  At first I was gonna say without cameras focused on my dick but ya know what?  I'm equally glad there aren't cameras focused on my masturbating face.  I don't think I make any weird faces but what do I know.  Maybe should tape myself and go back to the video tape.  Nah I ain't gonna do that.
     Sure.  Haven't gone to any pornography websites on the phone AT ALL.  Still possible I need tech support or send the phone back completely.  I'm no dummy.  It's too early to feel comfortable that this phone won't be immediately accessed by other people.  Also maybe I wanna go this entire phone's lifespan without accessing pornography on it.  Ever think of that?  You might have!  In which case Well Done.  You thought of something.  That's more than a lot of people can say.  Mission Accomplished To You!  Anyway.  Great.  I had a blast last night.  Really I did!  Was home and awake for a solid 4.5 hours.  I watched some nice Horror Documentary that I still have half left over.  It was a Reallll. I dunno.  SOMETHING?  Taking last walk of the day getting home at 5:30 or 6:00 is almost like NORMAL life.  People have JOBS.  They get home around then for the most part.  THAT'S ME NOW.  Entry and Walkings are my job.  DONE FOR THE EVENING.  REST AND RELAXATION.  And I don't even need to spend time with my family or loved ones.  Just hang out in my room!  WOW.  This positive great life schedule might last UP TO WEEKS.
  What if I get bored tonight and don't know what to do with myself in a positive great way.  THEN MISSION UNACCOMPLISHED.  Back to the drawing board!  Hmm I need to get a drawing board.  Right now I have Nothing To Go Back To.  What else is going on.  GUM ESTIMATES for the day is Let's Just Aim For One Pack A Day.  Packs seem to be 14 pieces across the board.  Easy and convenient to do that.  Also I think it's an interesting idea to have several different gum flavors in stock but stick with a single one on a day by day basis.  Could work out pretty well!  YEAH.  SURE.  Anyway.  SPOOKY documentary.  Sometimes documentaries about horror film is spookier than a horror film itself!  Like in this case!  Possibly NO OTHER CASE EVER.  I'm just basing these generalized hypothesies of how the world works based on Single Things.  If you know a better way to make generalized hypothesies I'd like to hear it.  Not really.  Maybe submit it to me in writing.  I'll get around to reading it.  Don't just tell it to me though.  I just don't feel like listening to you talk.
Penultimate paragraph of the day!  Wonderful.  Probably.  Maybe I write a bonus paragraph.  What's it to you.  I dunno.  I feel like I get different sound for listening to music from new phone.  Which is weird because I'm using the same earbuds.  Kinda feel like it must all be in my head.  You'd think it's 100% earbuds that make the sound.  Maybe it's only 80% earbuds.  And 20% device.  Apparently that may or may not be the case.  I've narrowed it down thusly at least.  What else is going on.  Well sure why not.  I know there's Audio EQ Presets and whatnot that can change the sound.  Those are done through the device.  SUDDENLY THIS SOUNDS NOT CRAZY AT ALL.  Anyway off the top of my head I feel music sounds better now.  So I got that going for me.  Sure.  Speaking of may or may not be cases I still need to get a case for this phone.  In case I drop it.  Then I break the case and not the phone.  But cases are replaceable.  Phones aren't!  Phones will not replace us!  Something like that I dunno.
What else is going on!  It's going to snow Sunday Night?  FINE.  LEAVE ME OUT OF IT.  Huh.  Let's say I'm gonna be averaging 140% of my daily sugar intake recommendation for current diet plan to remember.  FINE.  I musta been going over 200% at least every day lately.  PROGRESS is the name of the game.  What are the rules of the game.  Try to make progress.  That's not a rule that's a mission statement on how to win.  You can't cheat or something.  That's a rule.  Dunno how you'd cheat.  Maybe you do.  Don't do it, though!  That's the premise of this rule that you're reading right now.  What else is going on and crap.  One more paragraph after this one.  Because I Feel like doing things like that!  Going to bed half an hour later last night was fun.  I lost nothing out of the whole deal but gained another half hour of watching Horror Film Documentary.  What did YOU accomplish yesterday between the half hours of 10:00 and 10:30 PM.  Send in your responses to mankindguy at gmail dooot com.  I'll get around to reading them immediately. 
     Last paragraph of the day.  Let's get it goin'!  Tomorrow is national bagel day.  Haven't had a bagel in a while.  But earlier in the entry I thoughtfully considered what it might be like to eat a bagel and I enjoyed fantastisizing about it.  Not even toast it or put anything on it.  Just microwave it because its been in the freezer for 20 or whatever seconds.  Then just RIP INTO IT.  Chew off chunks and whatnot.  Hey I CAN do that.  Half a bagel as Brunch Snack.  We covered this earlier but I wasn't really seriously considering it.  Now I AM.  I'd rip into that bagel like it was... uh... something that's good to rip into!  WHICH IT IS.  Look some people might have whole bagels for breakfast.  These bagels are bonus calories for some reason though.  I HAVE NO CHOICE but to only have half.  Well that's a paragraph.  That's the bonus paragraph.  Thank GOD we have it.  I'll be back tomorrow.

-2:17 P.M.




Thursday, January 13, 2022

one way or another, this will end

    What's up friends.  Starting entry later than usual because I had a Zoom appointment with therapist!  And I had half an hour before that when I could have started entry but decided to just wait until appointment was over.  I HAD MY REASONS.  I got my new phone yesterday.  Wanted to noodle around on that!  Anyway new phone is 90% good but I can't receive text messages from some people!  Hopefully we can fix it instead of them sending me a brand new phone.  Already got attached to this one!  I can't let it go that easy.  We've grown fond of each other.  Plus I've added APPS and everything!  Anyway.  Also kind of too big.  Fits in my back pocket but its sticking out!  Also kinda responds to button pressing and swiping from the other hand better.  I'm a LEFTY.  I'm using opposite hand and fingers than most people!  It's trained to think movements from that direction are a mistake.  WHAT THE HELL IS THIS BULLSHIT.
Anyway.  Binged a bunch last night!  Didn't eat dinner because of it!  Came out a little worse for wear but not too much!  I forget why I binged.  Phone setting up was a hassle and a half.  Well, just a single hassle.  But it was a hassle how it was left unresolved and I might have to go through sending this back and getting a new phone and starting over again.  Also it was a hassle that it looked like I might not be able to get apple music because this isn't an iPhone.  Turns out I can!  So that half a hassle was course corrected.  Either way TODAY IS A NEW DAY.  Probably. Haven't checked my World Travel calendar specifically but I'm assuming today is a new day.  OH I KNOW HOW TO CHECK.  See if there's a new National Food To Celebrate.  National Food OF The Day Is... National Peach Melba Day.  Gotta find out what that's like.  If it has anything to do with melba toast I'm on board!
    Nope!  Peaches, raspberry sauce, and vanilla ice cream.  WOW.  ONE THIRD OF THAT IS DELICIOUS.  Maybe it carries the entire dish.  If it's 95% vanilla ice cream I'd try that sure no problem hands down why not.  Huh.  Not enough soda to last me today comfortably.  Huh.  Third paragraph!  Delicious.  Binging was good because I was like wait a second I don't need all this sugar.  I can eat regular food that gives me Health Strength To Get Through The Day.  THAT'S what food is REALLY all about.  Interesting.  Also instead of liking snacks and having meals in between I can have MEALS I like.  And if I need to snacks in-between.  WHATEVER I'LL COME UP WITH NEW PHILOSOPHY TOMORROW.  Wow.  That sounds great!  I'll have several more hours of life experience so it will be a better informed philosophy!  The point is GREAT JUST GREAT.  Gotta talk to them again this afternoon to fix phone.  DANGIT.  I was just thinking hey today might not be so bad.  Now I remember.  DANGIT.
     What else is going on in the wide world of sports.  24 snapples to last me seven days.  That's 3.5 a day ROUGHLY.  It's a ROUGH estimate.  Not SMOOTH but ROUGH.  Anyway food is good because it makes me big and strong!  Hopefully not big.  And kinda hopefully not strong!  If food is making me strong I'm not sure that's healthy either!  Seems like it's too much in the RIGHT direction and I'm kind of suspicious about that.  What else.  Don't like the format of what this website looks like on this new phone!  OH NO.  That's how some people might read this website if people read this website!  Oh well they're used to it they don't mind.  That's what they think this is.  Dummies.  Don't they know how I see things is the main accurate way to see things?  I guess not!  What else is going on and crap.  Ended up having the chicken curry yesterday!  Delicious!  Ate the whole thing.  Wasn't as much rice as I was anticipating.  Was as much chicken!  Either way GREAT WHAT A WONDERFUL STORY.
Coffee after this paragraph.  Anyway.  I sampled most of my Sweets once again in binge yesterday.  Kinda getting the gist of it.  Oh this is what this is like in ideal conditions.  The ideal condition is stuffing it in my face between stuffing other things.  Kinda feel like I don't need it again after that because I got the gist of it!  That's the Hope at least.  It's strange that the first Star Wars is now called A New Hope.  Everything is new in this franchise.  This is literally the first thing we know about it.  The title of the first one.  You don't need to say NEW.  There's nothing else we can think of it as new in context to!  AND ANOTHER THING WHAT'S THE DEAL WITH WHATEVER.  Huh.  I put food in oven for dinner last night. I had already done the majority of my binge.  Then I did a slight more binge while it was cooking.  Then when it was ready I was like WHO NEEDS THIS so I just put it back in the fridge.  AMAZING.
    Coffee time!  Delicious.  Maybe I should try drinking coffee all day.  That's constant calories but maybe it takes my mind off eating calories.  That's an idea.  Not a good one.  But it does qualify as technically an idea.  In for a penny in for a pound!  Great.  I inserted MICROCHIP into phone all by myself.  I had to balance it just right on tiny piece of plastic.  I think I am at the same quality as BD Wong in Jurassic Park scientist at this point.  Hmm.  In my head if I think of fancy brilliant high end scientist I think of Jurassic Park workers.  Makes sense more or less.  Also specifically BD Wong.  Wayne Knight musta been a computer whiz but he looks and acts like a slob so I don't aspire to be a whiz like him.  Also is Wayne Knight dead?  I feel like he might have died over the last couple of years.  NOPE STILL ALIVE.  But then again aren't we all dead.  We'll be dead some day!  We're just keeping our body warm for death in essence.
     Huh.  I dunno.  Therapist suggested I go to library to read books if I don't know what to do with my time.  Great idea.  Thank for that.  I dunno.  I think Wayne Knight should do one of those things where he loses a lot of weight and looks good and everyone is like DAMN IS THAT WAYNE KNIGHT.  WHAT A SEXY MOTHER FUCKER.  He's still 66 years old but HE CAN MAKE IT WORK.  Also he wears spectacles but HE CAN MAKE IT WORK.  The point is I forget.  WAIT A SECOND.  Bruce Wayne.  The Dark Knight.  WAYNE KNIGHT.  I THINK WE FOUND OUT WHO BATMAN IS FOLKS.  The clues were all there and it took a genius BD Wong Level Genius Like Me to figure it out!  Might have made that conclusion in 2015 or so.  Oh well it's been 7 years.  New conclusion at this point.  6 years would be the expiration point on that conclusion.  Brand new again!  Huh.  Forgot to shave yesterday.  Shaved this morning!  Another thing I accomplished between Walk and Zoom Appointment instead of starting Entry.  FASCINATING.
Huh.  I also don't like size of phone because it takes adjusting to not be able to reach bottom of the phone from holding the phone near the top.  Old phone, if I was gripping it at the top, I could reach pressing the bottom buttons with my thumb.  NO LONGER.  Don't have the WINGSPAN.  Oh well that's life.  Gotta deal with what they give ya!  You can ask for something else but whose got the time.  The point is I tried a new granola bar I hadn't had before and I was a little upset that I really liked it. I feel like I should have tried this as early as a month ago.  I've been wasting my life not having this brand.  Oh well that's life.  Will run out of it too!  Have to go a few weeks without it because it's from Amazon Fresh which we only get every few weeks!  DANGIT.  I say Dangit a lot lately.  It reflects how I feel a lot lately!  That makes sense.  I like how new phone charges like its no big deal.  I'm used to charging phones being a hassle!
    YEAH.  Also I had a 4 digit pin number set up every time phone went to sleep.  Got rid of it!  Why bother doing this 500 times a day when no one else will ever get ahold of my phone any time soon.  Less likely there'll be a butt dial.  Unless my butt figures out my 4 digit code.  Which is possible.  Anyway.  Huh.  Ninth paragraph!  Let's aim for ten for now.  That's the way to do it!  Spoiler alert my 4 digit code is something from high school.  My student ID number or something.  I don't remember the specifics but I was a 4 digit number I think throughout the entire 4 years and whatnot.  Anyway without giving away TOO MUCH information I was pretty high up in the 4 digits!  Up to the point where at some point they must have considered we gotta go to five digits.  Or phase out earlier digits.  Hmm this is a tough one.  I feel like that's no too much information.  And also I stopped using this security measure.  The code means nothing now!  You will accomplish very little if you guess this code.
     Last paragraph of the Act!  Hey great good for me.  Therapist suggested I look into adult continuing ed online classes that might interest me.  GREAT.  I can look into that.  I'll even do it at some point!  MAYBE EVEN RIGHT NOW BRIEFLY.  Hey a lot of No Classes Available.  Way to be on top of the ball therapist.  The point is I didn't really wanna do that anyway.  I got better things to do!  Nothing!  Nothing is better than many things.  Probably.  If not I've wasted most of my life!  Yeah that sounds about right.  DANGIT.  What else is going on.  Hmm.  I think at this point it might just literally be a Sugar Thing.  I like sugar a lot!  I don't wanna say I'm ADDICTED to it because that's admitting defeat.  Let's just say I'm ATTACHED to it.  Very attached to sugar, that's my guess of where I'm going wrong these days.  Maybe not a BD WONG level hypothesis but it's the best I could come up with as of last night and yes it will probably be changed into new philosophy as of this afternoon.  Anyway.  Be back soon!





so we got that to look forward to

    Hello friends.  Here I am again to write some more paragraphs.  Act II!  Act II I hit a wall the last week or two with current schedule idealizing.  I get in my main snack between breakfast and lunch, I don't have coffee available to me yet, I gotta write a whole two acts... TIME TO MIX THINGS UP.  I'm not sure HOW.  But I'll figure something out.  Anyway started looking at SUGAR CONTENT of snacks.  WOW This sweet snack only has 15% of daily sugar recommendation.  That's NOTHIN.  Sure I'll eat six of these or an equivalent snack a day.  PERFECT.  Coming it at UNDER 100% for the day.  What do you mean there's sugar in everything I eat for my main actual food.  THAT SOUNDS LIKE A LIE.  And even if there is can't be more than 10% of my recommended sugar intake, can it?  CAN IT?!?!  Huh.  Mind over matter!  Just don't crave sugar anymore.  EASY.  Perfect.  You can't have mind over matter.  Mind IS matter.  Just look at it.  Clearly is Something Physical.  Hmm.
Hey!  Anyway.  Maybe chew a piece of a gum with act II.  GAME CHANGER.  Also there's zero sugar to these gums. Great!  Anyway.  I can make a legit effort to cut down on sugar.  And look forward to eating Real Food.  Stop fantastasizing about upcoming sugary food and start fantastasizing about upcoming food which gives me quality health more or less.  YEAH.  This is gonna be great.  ALSO came up with a new way to think about schedule.  DAY IS FOUR SEGMENTS OF 3.5 HOURS EACH.  I'm awake for roughly 14 hours.  Not counting 15-45 minutes I'm in bed going to sleep and/or waking up.  DIVIDES EVENLY.  Division Times already line up pretty well with current activity times.  WOW GAME CHANGER.  The only problem I have is lunch lines up as the last with of Act II of the day.  Feels like it should start Act III!  BUT IT DOESN'T.  As soon as I accept this everything else will fall into place!
     Sure.  What else is going on.  Got water going on.  Delicious!  Hey some of these health snacks I've been eating DO have Zero Sugar.  Now I know which ones to eat.  Delicious!  What else is going on and crap.  Four acts of the day.  Delicious!  Act I is easy.  I wake up and do it.  Act II I run into problems.  Rest of the day is problematic because Act II set a problem precedent.  I guess I gotta start fixing Act II before I can even think about the rest of the day.  And maybe just working out Act II makes rest of the day easy!  I DON'T KNOW I DON'T HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS.  The only answer I have is divide day into FOUR ACTS.  Which is odd because generally narratives are three Acts.  ACT FOUR IS THE COMING ATTRACTIONS FOR THE NEXT DAY.  Oh okay.  That makes a lot of sense actually!  Not TOO MUCH sense but just enough sense that I'm like YEAH.  HEY.  GREAT.  WHAT ELSE IS GOING ON AND CRAP.
Between chewing gum with Act II, dividing days into IV Acts, and cutting down sugar, I'm a little concerned I've figured out life TOO much.  This might make everything a bit too perfect!  Oh well that's life.  Gimme one day.  Gimme just one solid day where I feel everything went great.  Then gimme tomorrow.  Then the next day.  Than let's say 60-70% of the rest of my days overall.  I can live with A Clear Majority Of Days Going Right.  Sounds fair.  Anyway what else is going on.  JEEZ.  I thought I was being healthy with these tootsie pops as snacks.  Low in calories.  HIGH IN SUGAR.  Oh well by tomorrow I'll forget all about sugar.  Sugar always wins in the end.  What, what makes me so special that I think I can beat sugar.  I don't stand a chance is the point.  Well I can work it to a DRAW.  That's my best case scenario.  And it IS accomplishable.  I can even things up with sugar!  IT'S HAPPENED TO PEOPLE BEFORE.
     Sure.  What else is going on.  Shower after this paragraph.  That's how that goes.  Anyway.  I feel like if I eat 150% of my daily recommended sugar instead of 350% that's a win.  A BIG win.  One might say the BIGGEST win.  Well that one might person might be wrong.  But either way it's solid.  What else is going on and crap.  GREAT.  A decent amount of the snacks I like have minimal sugar.  GAME CHANGER I know what snacks to stick with and which ones to ditch.  Now we're talking HEALTH BINGE.  By which I mean a Binge Of Healthiness.  Not a Healthy Binge Of Food.  GET IT STRAIGHT.  What else is going on and crap.  ACT II OF THE ENTRY?  ACT II OF THE DAY?  Fascinating!  I lost track of whether I said anything meant to be amusing the last few paragraphs.  Pretty sure I didn't.  Oh well we're past the point of trying to be amusing.  I gave up on that in October of 2017.  Now we're at the point of Not 100% what the point of where we're at the point of is.  Hey time to shower.  Be back soon!




why didn't i think of that

    Hey!  What's going on in the wide world of sports.  Cutting out Dessert Breakfasts for the most part should be healthy.  That makes a lot of sense.  Probably!  Makes more sense the alternative.  That cutting out dessert breakfasts would be unhealthy.  Not a lot sense in that at all!  What else is going on and crap.  Raspberry Iced Tea World Travel Fact Of The Day is... cows give more milk when they listen to music.  I can buy that.  I know I PERSONALLY would give more milk when I listen to music.  If I gave milk.  Which I feel I can!  It might not be milk exactly but I can give SOMETHING I know that much.  So there's that.  Anyway.  I imagine the kind of music you play for cows influence the amount AND QUALITY of the milk they're giving.  And probably the speed, too!  I can see the milk just pouring out due to THE WEEKND.  It's a Weak End because they're missing a letter.  Now I get it.  Time for coffee.
     Let's put the pieces together.  Less calories at breakfast and snacks because I'm trying to cut down sugar a bit means more calories for GUM.  So I CAN have gum with Act II GUILT FREE.  This is going great.  My life is improving BY THE HALF HOUR.  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  Gonna have the food I put in the oven last night today for lunch.  Put it in the microwave!  I think I've ovenned it enough.  Even if it's basically Back To Zero from being in the fridge.  Microwave is the way to go this time!  Also microwave for lunch, oven for dinner.  I feel like I haven't thought of that before but it's an interesting rule to consider.  It makes sense for reasons I can't AND DON'T WANT TO explain.  What else is going on and crap.  Hmm looking at Real Food Meals I get from Super Market and most of it has very limited sugar.  Maybe I CAN get to 100% or close daily recommended sugar.  WOW THEN I WILL WIN SOME SORT OF PRIZE OR SOMETHING.  Someone hands me a balloon.  That's the LEAST I should get.  But also Fine.  I'll settle for getting the least I should get!  That's why It's The Least!
     What else is going on.  Putting together in my mind the pieces for a nice balanced breakfast for tomorrow.  NO SPOILERS but if it goes the way I think I'm going just might be a Game Changer!  Sure.  Anyway.  I dunno.  Less than three paragraphs to go.  I got that going for me.  I have to go on phone with customer support in a few hours.  I've got that going against me.  Maybe I luck out and it's 10 minutes.  Most likely I don't luck out and it Actually Never Ends.  Or maybe it takes 90 minutes but is resolved.  I'd settle for that.  Why not.  A resolution today would overall be a win!  The point is I forget.  Taking a walk in thirty minutes.  That's the TIME I settled for.  I also SETTLED for going with exactly five PARAGRAPHS for this act.  I might have some time left over to muck around.  I dunno what I'd accomplish with that amount of time.  Very little to accomplish.  I guess just kinda think about what I'm gonna do with upcoming Act III of the day.  Main part of the day where I can have REST and RELAXATION.  By which I mean WATCH TV UNINTERRUPTED TO STIMULATE THE MIND.
     Penultimate paragraph!  Sure.  Not gonna have that much time at all left over.  So I got that going for me.  What kind of crap is on the television.  Watch some more bullshit here and there.  We got different streaming services to sample and everything!  Unfortunately today I have to severely ration my Soda.  But tomorrow onward I should be okay.  Think I'm getting enough from now on to last me comfortably.  I've said that before!  I've meant it before!  And it's turned out to be foolish because it doesn't always pan out that way.  But maybe now FOR REAL I'll remember how to get enough soda every week and FOLLOW THROUGH.  Sure.  Anyway!  Hey what else is going on.  I already said that.  Probably several times.  Probably TWENTIES of times.  We have a word for Twenties.  It's called Scores.  Why bother having the word if I'm not gonna use it!  No bother that's who.  Hey, great, wonderful.
Last paragraph of the day.  I'll tell you tomorrow how multiple new frameworks for diet and day are working out.  I bet MODERATELY WELL.  Then again probably not it'll just devolve into the same crap every day devolves into.  Relatively speaking.  DANGIT.  It's gonna be tough when it comes to Breakfast centric Meals.  I enjoy the crap out of some pancakes and/or waffles and/or Freedom Toast.  Gotta imagine those have lots of sugar in them.  I don't have to imagine it.  I CAN LOOK IT UP.  Pancakes definitely cause I get 'em with chocolate chips.  I guess waffles maybe aren't high in sugar?  I dunno!  THEY SEEM SWEET TO ME.  GOOGLE BELGIAN WAFFLE SUGAR AND WHATNOT.  I DUNNO I'M RECEIVING CONFLICTING REPORTS.  I guess we're not gonna be able to settle this today.  Gonna have to start over again tomorrow from the beginning re: Finding out whether belgian waffles usually are high in sugar or not.  Be back then!

-1:30 P.M.





Wednesday, January 12, 2022

that doesn't sound like me

    Trying a Fiber One product I get sometimes and never like.  This time around?  KINDA GOOD.  Wow!  This is the most exciting development in my life IN DAYS.  Anyway looks like my phone is out for delivery from some place in Queens so I should get it today.  FINALLY.  I can do PHONE STUFF.  Like look at it for a while and whatnot.  Anyway had bloodwork done today.  Every walk and potentially meal schedule is the same, but entry acts are being pushed back one unit of time.  Usually act i is between walk 1 and 2?  NOW IT'S WALK 2 and 3!  GET USED TO IT.  Wait, no.  Get used to it for today.  Then quickly get un-used to it.  Because then we're done with it.  HEY I should eat another one of these Fiber One Brownies I suddenly like.  Who knows how long this period of time will last that I like it.  Make the most of it while I can!  That's my theory.
    What else is going on.  Checked my weight at blood work.  2-3 pounds heavier than what other scales implied to me.  But more in like with my expectations.  And still more or less what I was originally on target for from the start.  Instead of being down a bonus couple of pounds and then being like well yeah I MEANT to do that.  Also at this point let's do ANOTHER bonus couple of pounds.  The point is I'm under 120 pounds without clothes on no matter who you ask and that's more or less all I was aiming for.  YEAH.  SHOWS HOW MUCH YOU KNOW.  You know as much as I know.  I just told you everything I know!  Hmm gotta be other stuff I know.  You'd think so!  Watched a documentary on Oasis.  Kinda made me like Oasis less!  I listened to Oasis a lot in high school.  Good Train Music.  Some nice albums to listen to on the LIRR to and from school.  That sort of thing.  I don't like how aggressive they are personally.  Kinda dicks!
    Anyway.  Possibly having lunch with ACT III!  No spoilers on what lunch will be but if it is what I think it is it'll be a good one.  Also if it is what I DON'T think it is it'll probably be an even better one!  Because apparently I've decided that this other theoretical lunch would be better.  Otherwise I wouldn't be eating it!  Anyway what else is going on that's delicious.  I better be able to set up phone for use immediately or very quickly OR ELSE.  There's gonna be HELL to pay if it takes greater than 30 minutes.  Sure.  Did some mightnight snacking again last night.  Made up for it again with mini breakfast again.  Hmm.  Mightnight.  I feel like that should be a thing.  Not sure what.  But something.  Gonna have to look into that one.  Anyway.  Wrote three verses and/or choruses yesterday.  We're talking TWELVE LINES.  THREE STANZAS OF FOUR LINES EACH.  That's a song!  That's all ya need.  PERFECT.
Then I played some Rocksmith and I was worse than ever.  I was a real novice!  Oh well that's life.  The point is I wore New Fancy Mask today and I liked it.  Very snug.  I'd wear it all the time if society would accept it.  I'm sure society would have no problem with it.  Yeah but I can't afford enough of them to wear them all the time.  We've got other things we need to spend our money on!  Like Disney Plus and whatnot.  Never know when I might wanna watch 2 episodes of The Simpsons.  That's MY thing I spend money on.  Theoretically.  My parents pay for masks!  Totally different pool of funds.  Anyway I'm going crazy for upcoming super market order and getting Lemon AND Raspberry Diet Iced Tea In The Form Of Snapple.  Have 3-4 snapples a day.  I just decided that's what would be best for my life this upcoming week and I don't think my Dad will go crazy against it.  So I got that going for me.  Sounds like too much Snapple.  Shows how much you know!
    Hey great.  Lunch with Act III means coffee with Act II.  Funny how things work like that.  I don't get it.  I think it's a GOOD thing.  I'm HAPPY about it.  Not splittin' my sides though.  Not a lot of things do these days.  I get bemused all the time but not a lot of side splitting I'm sorry to say.  I know I'm using BEMUSED wrong.  In my mind there's A-mused.  Which is a step below Side Splitting but still too high for what I wanna say.  Then logically after A the next level of amusement is B mused.  Get off my back about it.  National Food Of The Day is... National Curried Chicken Day, National Hot Tea Day, and National Marzipan Day.  SPOILER ALERT-- Chicken curry is my main back-up to current lunch if I change my mind.  It'd be DELICIOUS but it's a little too hearty a meal for what I'm anticipating wanting.  SPOILER ALERT-- Hot Tea sounds like HOTTIE so it'd be a nice thing to say to someone.  SPOILER ALERT-- Marzipan is a thing.  What That Thing Is I'm Not Sure.  Possibly Bread Related.  Let's look that up right quick.  Oh some sort of dessert.  HEY.  I LIKE DESSERT.  HOOK ME UP WITH SOME OF THAT.
Coffee time!  There was a period of my life where I drank hot tea every day.  I think it was the first time I lost weight.  After the first time I gained weight there was the first time I lost weight and I made drinking tea a thing.  I wasn't into coffee yet.  And my Dad drank/drinks tea a lot.  So I tried it!  Lasted probably a couple of months.  Either way hmm I'd drink some Hottea.  Not NOW.  I got COFFEE.  Which is more STIMULATING.  Gotta get stimulated in life, that's what I always say.  I said it just now and I gotta remember to say it again in the future.  A lot!  Over and over again.  People will associate me with saying that all the time at odd moments and whatnot.  Huh.  Haven't gone to get my coffee yet.  I guess I will after THIS paragraph.  Wonderful.  They never asked me what color phone I want.  They apparently are just giving me black.  I don't really care!  It's what is on the inside that counts.
     Amazing.  Raspberry World Travel Fact Of The Day I is... HMM this may be a repeat.  I think there's an 80% chance this is a repeat but at least part of me is like this may be new.  Similar things I've read but THIS MAY BE NEW.   Anyway a hummingbird weighs less than a penny.  Well sure great.  WHICH PENNY.  Every penny is unique!  Huh.  Not sure about that reaction to this fact.  That's life I guess!  I like hummingbirds.  There are TWO songs called Hummingbird by totally different bands that I get a kick out of!  I haven't listened to Music I Like hardly ever lately but when I DID listen to music I really liked those were some nice songs!  WOW.  There's a lot of music out there that I've liked that I haven't listened to in a while.  Oh well absence makes the heart grow fonder.  Probably.  Not sure about that.  Kinda feels like absence makes the heart forget.  Doing things routinely and regularly and obsessively makes the heart grow fonder out of NECESSITY.
      What else is going on.  Mightnight huh.  WE'LL SEE ABOUT THAT!  Great.  Did I have any pennies in my pocket while they were weighing me.  Maybe that's why I was 2-3 pounds heavier relative to clothes I was wearing.  These things weigh more than birds!  Gotta imagine if I had 20 pennies in my pocket that's gotta be 2-3 pounds EASY.  Huh.  Pounds are money, too!  What's the penny to pound conversion rate.  I'd look it up but Oh Well What Can Ya Do.  That's A SAYING.  In for a penny, in for a pound!  Right?  Lemme LTURQ.  YEP I WAS RIGHT.  I guess originally in olden days Pennies and Pounds were part of the same currency system.  WOW.  WE JUST LEARNED HISTORY.  I DID IT!!!  I'm a history teacher once and for all.  Great news for me.  Anyway.  If we get foot from the size of the king's foot (although history tells us this was probably exaggerated and he just wanted people to think he had a big foot) gotta imagine Pounds come from the size of the king's dick.  Which was probably exaggerated too to make people think the king's dick weighed more than it really did.  Huh.  Is that a thing.  We should be judging dicks by how much they weigh?  Interesting discussion topic!
     What else is going on.  Ninth paragraph.  What a wonderful world.  I'd say the lyrics I wrote are a SOLID B-.  Better than most people in the world could write lyrics!  But overall Not Great!  The point is I forget.  Gotta write another two paragraphs or so.  I like it when my Dad has some of the snacks I get for myself.  It's nice that we can share the experience of enjoying the same things and also it makes me feel smart because I'm like well I might be dumb for eating these snacks, maybe they're dumb snacks.  Now I have CONFIRMATION that someone else-- my Dad whose opinion I respect of all people-- is into these snacks!  So there's that.  My dad can't taste things.  As of last year or maybe even he year before.  He says he's lost 90% of his tasting things.  He still gets a glimmer.  Also no we don't know why or how this happened.  MY THEORY is HE'S BITING THINGS WRONG.  Try biting things differently!  See how that goes!  Haven't expressed that theory to him.  Maybe it's time I do!
     Last paragraph of the act.  Wonderful.  Also it's nice that it's a two-way street.  I get snack ideas from what he gets and he gets ideas from what I get.  RECIPROCAL RELATIONSHIPS ARE THE BEST.  Then again What Else Is Going On.  We've established I'm a novice at playing songs on the Xbox.  No reason I can't play guitar by myself and pretend what I'm playing sounds like real music!  I'd be NONE THE WISER because I'm not constantly being confronted by the fact that I'm missing notes and out of rhythm and hitting the wrong notes.  I can't identify good music from bad music!  FINALLY things are working in MY favor.  Anyway.  I dunno.  Possible I'll have phone working and able to listen to music by next walk later in the afternoon!  Even MORE possible I'll have that going on for lat walk in the evening.  WOW POSSIBILITIES NOW WE'RE TALKING.  I'll be back in a little bit.




oh i get it

    Hey!  Made a couple of Life Changes.  ONE-- getting just a pack of 12 LEMON Iced Teas and ZERO RASPBERRY Iced Teas.  I don't need 'em!  Getting a Diet Cran-Grape 64 oz Concoction from Amazon Fresh.  That'll be enough for balance.  TWO-- Gonna have Chicken Curry today!  I can DIG the heartiness upon further introspection and if I don't wanna finish it I can leave over some rice and or chicken!  Plus maybe I lucked out and they sent a slightly smaller portion because I LIKE FINISHING THINGS.  THREE-- pretty sure there was a third thing that was rela... OH RIHGT.  Gonna have lunch AFTER act three, not with it!  Gives me something to look forward to!  Also in my head it's like well this is like my job.  People do their job and THEN eat lunch.  They don't eat lunch while doing their job.  Well they can.  And do.  But IDEALLY they'd be like OKAY GOTTA DO THE JOB FOR ANOTHER THIRTY MINUTES THEN I GO EAT LUNCH.  I think I know how jobs work I HAD ONE ONCE.
     Sure.  Anyway what else do I got going on.  Is this the first day since Keeping Track that I've had the National Food Day Food on the Day Of The National Food... Day?  Maybe.  Very exciting stuff.  JESUS HOW AM I GONNA TAPE OVER ALL THESE CAMERAS.  Also it's gonna look weird.  Or maybe COOL.  Hey that guy's phone has 12 pieces of masking tape on it I LIKE HIS STYLE.  That's someone else talking.  Not me talking about my self As Some Other Guy.  Although I might say that too about me and calling myself That Guy.  I wouldn't put it past me!  AT this point we have to consider that I'm capable of anything!  Anyway.  Jeez.  Gonna take a shower circumstance when this act is over.  Probably shave myself later on in the day.  Watch some Television Set.  Might even put a program or two on!  We've established I can't play music video game but maybe I can play world war II video game.  A lot easier to kill people than it is to play guitar.  That's the lesson I've Learned from X-box 360.  Also some DVDs don't work if you left them out of their case over 10 years collecting dust.
Hmm.  What else is going on!  Maybe watch some DVDs.  A solid 90+% of them WILL work.  Anyway what else is going on in the wide world of sports.  I saw the Yankees hired a lady to be the manager of their Low-A minor league baseball team.  GREAT.  I HAVE NO JOKES ABOUT THAT.  Leave it to the someone else to make jokes about that.  I think it's SERIOUS.  No laughing matter!  Either way I wish them all the best.  Except for the prospects that have a shot of being real major league players.  I wish them the worst!  They're on a rival team!  I hope the 90+% of the people involved on the team who will absolutely never be relevant to major league baseball the best because it doesn't effect ME or THE METS at all.  Also THE LADY.  Because if this lady does good it opens the door for MORE LADIES and I'm a fan of ladies for the most part!  What else is going on.  HEY Dad is telling me Diet Cran-Grape didn't go through!  Going back to DOUBLE SNAPPLE.  And I even ran it by my Dad and he didn't GO CRAZY AND THROW A FIT.  HE'S TOTALLY OKAY WITH IT!!!  Wow.
   Fresh direct made some sort of mistake either with us or with lots of customers in general and they have a 10 dollar off promotional code and the code you have to enter in is SORRY10.  Amusing.  WE'RE SORRY.  THE CODE IS SORRY.  Amusing!  What else is going on.  Maybe my life is BETTER NOW with no cran-grape?  Now I'm back to where I was before but I know my Dad is okay with all this snapple.  Wow that's a load off my back.  There was some sort of load on my back before.  All that snapple.  Gotta imagine at some point carrying snapple on your back will become a load that's troublesome.  I can imagine enough snapple grouped together where loading it on your back would be a hassle!  Ugh.  The point is for months I have made sure not to see the weight when Clozopine Blood Work checked it but I went into it today thinking I'd PROBABLY look.  And I Did!  And I went into it thinking about a range of numbers I'd be either happy with or not upset with.  THIS WAS THE EXACT HIGHEST NUMBER I WOULD NOT BE UPSET WITH.  And it panned out!  I'm legitimately NOT upset!
Looks like I win again!  What else is going on.  Fifth paragraph.  But not gonna take my shower for a little bit anyway so I'll write up until that I guess.  I might get distracted and go on WEB PAGES.  But I'll be here is the point.  IT might be better in theory to leave over some rice and finish the chicken but it's possible in PRACTICE it's okay to leave over some chicken as an and/or situation.  This occurred to me earlier and it's a real game changer is the point.  Huh.  Kind of enjoyed and/or am at least enjoying up to this point the schedule of today's entry.  With walks being the same but each part of entry pushed up ahead one segment of time.  Dunno how sustainable it is for future, though.  It would mean I have 1 or 2 hours in the morning to do things before the entry.  I got nothing to do!  I'd be confused!  Then again what else is going on in the wide world of sports.
     Huh.  Also that's my prime mistake the last few weeks.  HEY TODAY WENT OKAY I GUESS.  BETTER DO WHAT HAPPENED TODAY TOMORROW BECAUSE IT WENT PRACTICALLY ADEQUATELY.  Huh.  Also if I don't wanna commit to doing what I did today tomorrow then I'm admitting that today wasn't wonderful.  And I ADMIT NOTHING OF THE SORT.  WHAT THE HELL.  Super Market Made Meals of Beef Lasagna and Turkey lasagna are same serving size, same ingredients I'm pretty sure other than the meat, and the turkey is 20 calories more.  THIS IS WHY I DON'T TRUST PEOPLE.  THIS THING HERE EXACTLY.  What else is going on and crap.  I guess I'm sticking with beef lasagna!  I wanted to try the turkey because it's healthier and it almost definitely is and would be less calories but I Dunno I Guess I Gotta Bite The Bullet And Trust What They Say!  Maybe other ingredients are slightly different or something, I DUNNO!  DANGIT.  The point is I forget.  If we can't trust websites where shall we put our trust in?  Maybe just don't trust anything.  Learned Trustlessness.  Sounds about right.
     Last paragraph of the act.  Don't trust shower water to be hot!  Based on experience!  What do I trust.  And that is good.  I trust that... ya know... hmm.  What is there.  Microwave will work!  When I have lunch in a little bit I trust I can heat it quickly and easily and to the extent I desire.  Off the top of my head that's something soon that I can trust.  MICROWAVES.  WE CAN ALL TRUST THEM.  Not really.  WELL WE KNOW WHAT WE'RE GETTING WITH THEM MORE OR LESS AT THE VERY LEAST.  Cool!  Tryin' some CAULIFLOWER Crackers.  I dunno.  I guess that might work out.  Might not!  Worth a shot though, that's how I feel.  Anyway.  Today is a good day to experiment with having Coffee #2 later in the day.  Don't need to have coffee an hour before I have lunch, right?  That's my instinct.  WOW INSTINCT?  WE CAN TRUST THOSE HALF THE TIME.  Hmm.  Gonna take a shower now.  I'll be back soon!!  Maybe with coffee anyway!  Gotta do SOMETHIN'!




i think i have an idea

    So basically what I'm gathering from this entry is We Can Trust Microwaves and What More Can You Ask For.  Trust toasters.  I DO TRU... well actually lemme think about it.  I MOSTLY trust toasters.  I'd say on the spectrum of trusting toasters, I'm significantly closer to trusting them than not trusting them.  Anyway what else is going on.  Gonna write this act for an undetermined about of time.  That's how that goes.  No walk immediately after!  Could be any amount of time in the world.  Ya know what?  GOIN WITH TURKEY LASAGNA.  I think it's gotta be healthier.  And even if they're telling the truth about calories, it's probably still HEALTHIER in general.  So let's do it.  Let's give it a shot!  I'm all about giving things shots.  I think it should be mandated!  That's my hot take.  Anyway incrementally getting more and more into chewing gum these days.  Not PROUD of it.  But at the same time HEY THAT'S LIFE.  People have stress in life!  Gotta chew gum to relieve stress!  TOTALLY NATURAL.  Nothin' to be ashamed of.
    Sure.  Ya know what?  I don't need coffee.  At the moment.  In general in life I need coffee a lot!  Even at this moment!  Wait a second.  I DO need coffee at the moment.  Oh okay let's take care of that.  Putting serious thought into planning tomorrow to be a similar schedule to today.  But instead of getting blood work again would be pointless and dangerous, just stick around and watch TV or something!  Hmm.  Got the entire day to mull this one over.  Don't need to make a decision right now.  What else is going on.  I NEED SCHEDULING.  Get off my back about it.  This is how I operate this month okay.  Live and let live!  STOP TRYING TO STOP ME FROM LIVING.  Huh.  I like how they can make turkey taste like beef but they still decide most of the time to make turkey taste like turkey.  Look I like turkey as much as the next guy but I think everyone can agree turkey isn't as good as beef.  I don't agree with that.  Many people wouldn't!  I don't!  And I'm even the guy who started this whole argument!  The point is I FORGET.
Okay.  Snapple Fact II is another repeat.  Get off my back about it!  Figure I'll watch some more stuff on TV.  Not in the mood for Cobra Kai right now.  In the mood for stuff about Scheduling.  And pushing back scheduling.  Is there a movie where you follow a schedule for many months and then you push back the schedule by an hour and a half?  I'd watch that movie.  It'd be very relevant to me right now at this moment in my life.  What else is going on.  Maybe watch a Shutter: The Screaming Service film this afternoon.  Whatever film I watch this afternoon I better get used to quick because if it goes moderately adequately NEW ROUTINE.  Watching that film EVERY afternoon.  No pressure, though!  Great.  Last act was 7 paragraphs.  Seems like the way to go for this act.  Great.  I dunno if I'm being dejected or sarcastic or sincere.  It's Great!  I dunno how you wanna interpret Great.  That's your deal not mine!
    I guess over the last few paragraphs today's premise has morphed into this is a job I'm finishing entry like it's a job then I eat lunch like a job then re-calibrate.  I didn't start off the day like that!  And God Willing I won't end the day like that.  It's not a job.  I can see why it might be nice to imagine it that way.  But it's also nice to imagine it other ways!  Imagination is nice.  You can go different ways with it!  Cool!  Anyway.  Normally I could also say I have nothing else productive to do today so there's that.  NOPE!  I presumably get phone and have to set it up.  PRODUCTIVE.  ... Uh... I gotta SHAVE.  Productive!  I eat the meal that the National Meal Of The Day Folks are telling me to eat.  PRODUCTIVE.  TURKEY LASAGNA. Productive!  So the point is I'm making a lot of great decisions an doing a lot of important legwork in terms of moving my life forward.  Sure.  Let's go with that!
     Fifth paragraph of the act.  Three more overall per my understanding.  HMM did some deep diving into the internet and it looks like I may not get my new phone until nighttime.  In which case next two walks will be by my lonesome again.  I was looking forward to re-upping with listening to music.  Guess I'll have to wait another day.  That's okay.  I got lots of stuff to do while I'm waiting.  Watch some Tales From The Crypt.  This time from THE CRYPTKEEPER'S point of view.  That's a tough one.  What does The Crypt Keeper get out of watching these tales.  Nothing he's the one telling them.  Not really!  He's introducing them.  I never get the sense that the narrative is being led by Crypt Keeper.  So the point is I wanna get into Crypt Keeper's head!  What's he thinking while all this Episode is going on!
    HEY maybe that's something productive I can do tomorrow between walks 1 and 2.  Maybe get all the phone stuff the night before but set it up once and for all in that time period the next morning.  INTERESTING.  I LIKE IT.  NICE.  SOMETHING TO CONSIDER.  GREAT.  Huh.  I think I'm gonna have that Fiber One Brownie I never like but liked today again later today.  Why mess with success.  Ya don't!  You might.  You shouldn't!  Success is success.  Great.  I have to write one and a half more paragraphs of this shit.  Huh.  How long a break do I got until next walk.  I guess one or two hours.  As of NOW.  Actually as of SIX MINUTES from now.  Huh.  Look I like to get things exact.  If that's a problem maybe you should stop reading this and go to another website IF THEY'LL HAVE YOU.  What else is up.  I think it'd be great if I get phone and I press three buttons and its like ok all set up ready to go get started!  It's possible!  That'd make me happy inside AND out.
     Last paragraph of the day.  Dangit.  Maybe there's an Oasis Part II documentary I can watch.  I liked parts of the documentary.  And most of the parts I didn't specifically like kept me entertained enough while I was doing other things.  What other things was I doing.  I dunno.  Going from station to station.  Desk to desk to nighttable.  Not sure what I was accomplishing at each station but I vaguely remember going from here to there.  Anyway.  Wore gloves today even though I didn't need 'em!  Not sure how I feel about that moving forward.  I think I'm done with it.  I maybe got a slight kick out of wearing them but I think I'd get an even more significant kick out of not wearing them.  What else is important that's going on in the world.  That's about it.  I'll be back tomorrow!

-3:00 P.M.




Tuesday, January 11, 2022

this isn't going well

    Hi friends!  Today is a new day.  Compared to other, older days.  Got some nice new Scheduling Calculations Estimations Guidelines.  We'll see how that goes.  In the meantime though it was really cold today in theory!  Internet said real feel was negative 2.  DEGREES!  I felt okay because I was well prepared in dressing warm.  Also I wore gloves which I notoriously don't like wearing.  These were okay though!  Kinda feel like I've been missing out not wearing these all the time.  I can't get a grip on anything with em but I think they're nice and comfortable and really spiffy.  Spiffy is recognized as a word.  I had gone into typing it expecting to see red wavy lines under it!  Great.  This is wonderful news!  Anyway had some snacking last middle of the night but very minimal.  Made up for it with lighter breakfast!  Also in addition to not being dark it was less calories.  Part of it was dark. 
     Huh.  My Dad is teaching tonight.  I'm excited for him because I'm betting he's looking forward to it.  If one person in our household is happy I think that's a win for everyone.  Except for my parents in relation to each other.  I'm pretty sure they would prefer their counterpart to be miserable.  That's the impression I get.  Anyway.  Set up getting a new phone!  Should be here in one to two business days as of yesterday evening.  Business Days?!  Does that mean I have to be in business for 1-2 days?  I dunno what kind of business I can do.  But I need to do it for at least 1-2 days until they give me my phone.  Hmm, business, business.  Can business be slang for taking a shit?  I feel like I need to take care of business is a euphemism for taking a shit.  Either way to do that for 1-2 days will take YEARS overall.  UNLESS...  Hmm.
     What else is going on.  Man oh man I hope my phone contacts don't carry over.  I wanna fresh start!  I don't want these random numbers in my contacts.  See you in HELL Random Numbers.  Anyway phones these days have like 8 cameras.  I like putting tape over cameras.  To play it safe!  Don't need hackers to see my various private body parts.  How many private body parts do I have.  Off the top of my head eight?  WOW and they can be seeing them all at once it looks like!  Anyway that's a lotta tape to get!  Also I think it doesn't come with a case.  Gotta imagine parents will insist on buying case separately.  DANGIT.  I like the style of no case.  It LOOKS BETTER because it's MORE BREAKABLE.  Makes sense.  Been getting used to walks without music.  VERY getting used to.  Oh well back to basics once new phone comes.
Sure.  I'm thinking a good idea might be to not have exact schedule day after day BUT each night set out a schedule for the next day.  So I'm scheduled and have a gameplan and know what I'm aiming for each and every day.  But there's tons of flexibility!  IS THIS IDEA A GAME CHANGER?!?!  I THINK SO!!!  So now the main schedule is work on new schedules every night.  That sounds like a fun use of my evening.  Work on schedule for the next day!  WOW!  I dunno.  Doing it last night seemed fun and like it would be fun and productive in perpetuity.  Now that I type it out sounds kinda weird.  Then again maybe that's something many people do but just in their head.  I CAN'T KEEP TRACK IN MY HEAD.  GOTTA PUT IT DOWN ON COMPUTER.  ESPECIALLY EXCEL.  I find using excel lately has been very fun. What else is going on.  National Food Of The Day World Travel Day is... National Hot Toddy Day and National Milk Day.
Well let me stop you right there and tell you milk is disgusting.  As part of other things it's great and necessary.  But just a glass of milk is terrible.  Hot Toddy?  Gonna have to LTURQ.  HOT SWEET WHISKEY DRINK???  I'd try that sure.  I don't like the hot part though.  Maybe I would like it.  Doesn't sound good off the top of my head.  Wait sure it does.  What else is going on and crap.  OH NO TERRIBLE NEWS.  Slightly more indulgent ice cream sandwiches I've been having lately are 10 more calories than I thought!  I THOUGHT THEY WERE 150.  TURNS OUT 160.  Oh well better I find out now than live the rest of my life in ignorance.  Also I can live the rest of my life in ignorance IN GENERAL still.  Just not in this one specific thing.  Now I'm NORANCE of it instead IGnorance.  Coffee time.
    Just came upstairs with coffee and my Mom saw me and was like it's true what they say, having a hot drink makes you feel warmer.  And it was a PERFECT opportunity to bust out my knowledge and say ya know today is Hot Toddy Day.  I didn't though!  I thought better.  My Mom would think I'm weird for knowing that.  Unlike YOU.  YOU get it.  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  Also YEAH I was assuming drinking hot beverages make you hotter.  It' HOTNESS.  Going into your body.  Totally intuitive that it would make you warmer.  Maybe I'm just a genuis though I dunno!  Jeez.  What else is going on.  Looking forward to listening to music again.  I need my fix!  I like the part where chords happen.  Can't get enough of chords.  Can't identify chords.  Probably a lot of musicians can.  I can't!  Well that makes sense I'm barely a musician.  HEY HOW DARE YOU.
     Thinking about trying to either play Rocksmith or make new new music or even just noodle around on guitar these days.  So far I haven't!  But the thought is there that I should!  So I got that going for me is the point.  I feel great that I Conquered Cold today.  Parents told me it'd be too cold?  HAH!  It's nothin'!  I braved that weather and was relatively comfortable the entire time.  I guess I'm some sort of Hero or something.  Not sure how I reached that conclusion.  I didn't.  I've been at that conclusion my entire life.  I'm some sort of hero or something.  Pretty much a generic premise I follow overall.  Anyway.  Going to get blood work done tomorrow.  Hopefully I won't get omicron.  I probably will but I have no choice.  Gotta get blood work done!  DANGIT.  What is this the seventh paragraph.  Yes.  DANGIT.  Huh.  New Scream is coming out any day now which is right up my alley but it's not gonna be on any Streamers.  Or should I say SCREAMERS.  No Streamers was right.
What else is going on.  Also gotta imagine screaming makes you more likely to get Covid.  Definitely spread covid.  You're screaming the covid in someone else's direction.  But also screaming you're opening up your mouth wide for covid to slip into.  Basically not safe at all to be screaming in public these days.  Hardly seems fair when there's so much to scream about these days.  Huh.  The point is this if the 5th Scream.  So if I watch Scream 1 and IV or Scream 2 and III back to back it's the same as watching this new one.  It's called addition and it's all the rage.  I bet the surprise this time is there there is no killer and it was all just a dream.  But WHICH CHARACTERS' DREAM?!!?!  That's the surprise ending we gotta hold on for!  Hmm.  Anyway.  Still some pain in my left neck collarbone area.  Who cares.  Do pushups anyway.  I don't care!
     Cool!  Can't wait to take next walk in cold to show everyone how great I am.  What else.  DID I MENTION I'm re-upping with Amazon Fresh for snacks.  I don't think I did!  I am now!  Delicious.  I'm A HUMAN MAN I eat snacks.  Because I deserve them for being such a good boy.  Whose a good boy.  I'M AN ADULT HUMAN MAN.  Whose a good adult human man.  ME THAT'S WHO.  What else is going on.  Got a few episodes left of Cobra Kai.  That'll entertain me for a very decent sized portion of the day.  VERY decent.  Yep.  Are there even Cobras in South East Asia. Better LTURQ.  YEP THERE SURE ARE.  So this all checks out completely.  Good!  Anyway not a fan of snakes.  Beyond the Adam and Eve parable even.  Just kinda seem like Jerks Of The Animal Kingdom.  Slithering around.  Being jerks.  Don't like it!  Probably influenced by the Adam and Eve parable.  One of the main parables we got!  It'd influence me subconsciously sure.
     Tenth paragraph!  We'll see how this goes in terms of how many I'm writing for the act.  See over time!  Huh.  One key scheduling difference that may be permanent is taking last walk before dinner and not after.  So I can RELAX with dinner and be like well I got nothing else going on after this.  This is ALL rest and relaxation as of getting home LAST walk.  WOW.  Wow was part of my thought process.  The concluding part!  For that thought process segment.  Then presumably I start thinking about something else.  Maybe not immediately!  Maybe there's some downtime between that thought process I just described and then starting a new thought process!  I don't know how my mind works.  You'd think I'd get the gist of it by 33 years old but you'd be very wrong!  What else is going on that's Very Wrong.  Too much stuff.  Easily a plurality of things going on are Very Wrong.  That doesn't sound good.
What else is going on and crap.  Besides Very Wrongness In General.  Maybe take a walk after this paragraph.  Sure.  Anyway I realize now that without earbuds in some of the times I'm nodding to people on my walks they're saying Hello or Good Morning to me while nodding.  We've been nodding every time we see each other and I thought that was it.  Now I realize they're doing some talking too.  But apparently they're not insulted that I don't talk back.  Otherwise they'd stop saying it.  The point is I shouldn't respond now even though I can.  That'd set PRECEDENT for me responding and that's not the way to go with this right now!  Also I'm gonna write one more paragraph after this one!  That sets no precedent!  Also EVERY SINGE DAY I need to get right schedulewise to set PRECEDENT for good schedule.  Oh okay now I get it.
Yeah!  Can always watch a Tales From That Crypt episode or two today.  That'll get me over the hump.  What hump.  The one I want to get over.  Why bother stay behind the hump.  It's nice back here.  Interesting counterpoint.  Anyway.  Slightly more indulgent ice cream sandwich has been multiplying rapidly in terms of how often I have it as a snack.  It started out as NEVER and is now working it's way up the ladder incrementally but quickly incrementally.  Oh well what can ya do.  Not a lot!  It's delicious and it's as big as any other snack you'd be getting for this amount of calories.  No FIBER to it though.  No PROTEIN.  And I've been led to believe snacks better have fiber and/or protein or you're doing it wrong.  They're probably telling the truth there.  I don't not misunbelieve them!  Anyway I'm gonna take a walk now.  Be back soon!




now i'm prepared for Future Not Going Well

    Hey what's going on friends.  Into another part of the day.  I like this part of the day!  Very similar to last part so I kinda know what I'm doing more or less.  Let's go with Or LESS.  Wow I slammed myself.  Oh well that's bound to happen now and again.  Put computer on night table over night so it could ALARM ME when it was time for me to wake up.  Worked out okay.  Not sure I was comfortable sleeping so close to electronics.  But I made do and nothing terrible happened to my knowledge.  Anyway waking up 15 minutes earlier now.  NEW SCHEDULE NEW RULES.  Hmm there's no sort of design or advertisement on my t-shirt.  It's comfortable.  But that's only half the battle.  The other half is letting people know something through a design and/or text.  Hey I'm wearing jackets over it the entire time I'm out in public.  Yeah but my parents now are being deprived of being reminded of what's on a certain T-Shirt at a certain Time.  Wow.
     Anyway.  Not feeling confident that I'll enjoy upcoming shower circumstance.  I'm betting the water heatness won't be to my liking!  Oh well.  Gotta clean myself anyway.  That's my general premise.  I feel like I've gone through periods of life I went weeks without bathing.  Either as a child, a teenager, or young adult.  Or parts of all three.  I'm not PROUD of it.  Maybe I'm a LITTLE proud of it.  Proud I could get away with it.  It's not good in almost any respect but the fact that I got away with it gives me a little self esteem.  I'M IN CONTROL.  I don't wanna bathe?  NO ONE'S GONNA STOP ME FROM NOT BATHING.  That's something to be happy about.  Anyway.  Person who helped me over the last 2 days with trying to get a new phone was bugging me at the end to do customer satisfaction survey for her and give her good reviews.  Which was fair!  She was on the phone with me for over 4 hours and was very nice and helpful.  And I was like sure absolutely you were great.  It's not immediately apparent to me how to do this rating, though.  OH WELL WHAT CAN YA DO.  NO.  I WILL TRY HARDER TO FIND OUT HOW TO RATE HER.  I owe her that much.
Anyway.  Urinated with her on the line while in speaker phone.  Didn't realize she'd be able to hear it!  She said something like oh are you eating.  I forget what she suggested I was doing.  Either way I was like uh no I'm washing my hands.  And she was like oh from eating.  And I was like yeah I was eating before.  Which wasn't a lie.  There was a certain time before that moment that I was eating.  Anyway I continued to do this again 2 or 3 times over that day and the next day but A) turned it off speaker phone and B) peed on the sides and not into the splashzone to make minimal noise.  LOOK I gotta pee.  If they hear me pee that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make.  What else are sacrifices I'm willing to make.  That's up to the third base coach.  He thinks I should bunt so runner on second can move to third?  GREAT!  I'm pretty sure that's not the third base coach's call but he'd have some decent input if he was consulted on this one would imagine.
     Sure!  Anyway.  I think it's possible third base coach RELAYS calls.  Call comes from dugout what to do and he's the middle man between dugout and batter.  Batter can just look over at dugout.  NAH let's get third base coach involved.  If it makes him feel important why deprive him of that joy.  ALSO on physical box of ice cream sandwich it DOES say 150 calories and not 160.  But on computer image if you zoom in it says 160.  And in nutrition facts on website it says 160.  THIS IS A REAL CONUNDURUM.  I don't think I'll ever get to the bottom of this no matter how much of the rest of my life I devote to solving this problem.  Well current box is probably most up-to-date.  Images and old boxes can be out of date.  Less likely that this box is out of date and images and website are more up-to-date.  I think I cracked the code!  WOW AMAZING. 
     What else is going on.  Maybe they're slightly different products.  Ever think of that.  Yes clearly I have.  That's what led to me typing it.  See how that works?  What else is going on.  Had a granola bar with this act.  Gonna have coffee and snapple with next act!  What a great world we live in where we can be consuming things all the time.  PLUS Produce things every day.  It's called THIS and it's what makes my life justifiable to myself.  That and perfecting the perfect schedule.  Assuming nothing changes in my life.  Which is a good assumption?  It's good in that if I perfect the perfect schedule I'm set in perpetuity.  But it's bad in the sense that my life needs to improve in 2-6 different areas tangibly for me to thrive and/or just support myself and/or make further steps in being an Adult Man Male Human.  So basically I WIN EITHER WAY.  Either my life gets better or I perfect my current dumb life.  WIN WIN.
What else is going on.  Sixth paragraph of the act.  Wow!  Gonna take a shower circumstance after this one.  I like that the kids in Cobra Kai are incrementally older.  The older they are the more relatable they are because they're closer to my age.  Well every year they age I also age a year.  Yeah but I'm An Adult.  Adults are just adults in a lot of respects.  So they're a year closer to being Just An Adult and I welcome them further and further gradually but not all at once yet.  Also the adults in the shower are a  year older.  I hope that works out for them, too!  Either way what else is going on.  Not sure Cobra Kai is realistic.  How come they're not constantly eating Fiber Infused Granola Bars?  Seems like it's not being true to real life by not portraying that aspect of our daily lives.  Hmm.  I'll be back in a little bit.




hopefully it never goes well again

    Hey!  Shower went okay.  Water heatness was bad but I survived anyway.  Now it's time to write here for another hour or so.  However many paragraphs that translates to.  Probably!  Gonna pour coffee after this paragraph.  Delicious.  Probably get a snapple and a snapple world travel fact of the day.  Write some more bullshit.  Gonna be a good day!  Current schedule seems to be a good one.  One good thing-- after beginning of the day with entry, most of the day is divided exactly into 3 2.5 hour segments of being home around walks.  I LIKE CONSISTENCY.  It SEEMS like something worth striving for.  I dunno what I'm basing it on.  Definitely not personal experience!  My personal experience is who cares.  But philosophically it feels like something worth striving for.  I dunno if I trust my personal experience!  I'm dumb and have only been around 33 years.  You put those things together and my personal experience means nothing.  Also not a lot of personal experience even beyond my just being only 33.  Wow!
     Cool!  Raspberry World Travel Fact Of The Day is... another repeat.  No news is good news I guess.  A bad fact to get would be a retraction of another fact.  Then I'd have to re-evaluate everything I THOUGHT I KNEW about everything!  I don't have time to re-evaluate everything I Think I Know.  That would take forever!  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  Entry is just another part of the day.  Not the end-all be-all to what makes a good day.  JUST SOME DUMB STUFF I DO TO ENTERTAIN MYSELF.  I don't like the sound of that.  Then I need to be productive in some other respect.  I'll figure something out.  I was productive for hours over the last couple of days trying to get a new phone.  Now all I need to do is Break More Things so I have to replace them.  Sounds like one way to go about things for the immediate future.  What else can I break that would be a hassle.  Computer comes to mind.  TV maybe.  Hmm.
Yeah!  I could break myself.  But the way to fix that wouldn't be over the phone.  Probably would have to go into hospital or something.  I don't want OMICRON.  Let's take a step back from having to leave the house and go inside some other building.  I wanna be productive fixing things OVER THE PHONE.  By which I mean I DON'T want to do that but for some reason I'm doing a bit that I do want to do that.  Can't remember why.  Oh well this seems like a natural end to that bit.  Onto the next bit!  Could do something to my teeth.  That can be fixed over the phone.  They tell me how to gnash down on my teeth Just So to fix whatever I broke.  Anyway.  MY PHONE HASN'T SHIPPED YET?  It's been a significant portion of 1-2 business days at this point.  I feel it should have shipped by now.  COVID IS AROUND THAT DISRUPTS TIME FRAMES.  ALSO COLD OUTSIDE.  NOBODY WANTS TO DO ANYTHING IN THE COLD.  Oh okay I guess IT'S OKAY THEN???  Hmm.  I guess!
     Sure.  Experimenting with leaving laptop on and open throughout the day.  Normally for years I'd just close laptop for most of the day and be on my phone instead while doing other stuff.  No phone?  Experimenting with being on laptop here and there all day.  INTERESTING.  VERY INTERESTING.  I think it has a lot going for it.  Lots of transitioning between work spaces in my room.  Laptop desk.  Desk 90 degrees to Laptop Desk.  Nightstand.  Going to bed and/or computer.  I'm all over the place and taking care of business like it's nobody's business!  Except for mine.  That's why I'm taking care of it.  If there's business afoot and it's nobody's business how is that even business.  CAN business exist without it belonging to anybody.  Hmm.  I THINK SO.  That's my first instinct at least.  What else is going on.  Probably a lot of stuff that I haven't even started to scratch the surface of.  Hmm maybe I'll figure out that stuff for tomorrow.
    Yeah!  Had a brief moment in time where I had snapple, coffee, and soda all at the same time.  I say brief but all in all it lasted 3 paragraphs!  It's over now, perhaps forever, but I'll always have my memories.  Already kinda forgot about it.  I know it happened but I can't really pinpoint how it made me feel or any specific great moments it produced.  The point is what else is going on.  Instead of ending this entry at a TIME might go old school and end it at a certain amount of PARAGRAPHS.  Which presumably will be after NEXT paragraph.  Oh okay wonderful.  Gotta imagine the rest of the day will be great.  I know I talked a big game about liking being productive, but for today I think I'll try to get a real kick out of doing nothing productive.  That's life!  Gotta find pleasure in whatever you end up doing.  Whether it's being a production or not being a production.  Hey time for the last paragraph.
Sure.  Steppin' up my doodling game.  Just having one day's experience going into yesterday on the phone was enough to make progress.  If I had to do Productive today which involved doodling idly I feel I'd have made even more rapid incremental progress.  I don't think that's happening though.  Oh well gonna be back to Zero probably by the next time Doodling comes up.  Also Doodling includes writing words.  And short phrases.  We're not getting into sentences and fully formed thoughts.  Just a couple of words here and there idly.  That's part of the doodling process IMO.  Not so much a coherent message as it is a contribution to the general aesthetic of the page.  So the point is what else is going on to close up this entry.  Not much.  I guess I'll see ya tomorrow.

-12:23 P.M.




Monday, January 10, 2022

i'd be crazy not to write this

    Hello friends.  Spent 2 hours on phone yesterday to get my new phone!  Didn't set it up yet!  Was one step away.  Couldn't complete penultimate step!  Hopefully able to accomplish that this afternoon and put it behind me ONCE AND FOR ALL.  Also I FAILED THE TEST because the stress led me to binge eat.  But it was at dinner time!  So I just didn't eat dinner.  But then I ate some more later.  In the end though wasn't a huge deal.  Also I feel Thinner now today than before.  Funny how things work out like that.  Anyway.  I feel judged by my Dad when I have a single healthy snack for some reason and he sees it.  And then when I was stuffing myself with bullshit within a 5 minute period I felt no judgment at all.  In truth he probably isn't keeping track that much either way.  And even if he is I shouldn't let it bother me!  And even if I let it bother me I shouldn't let it META Bother me.  And even if it meta bothers me I still need to move on with my life!
    Sure.  ONE STEP AWAY!  That was the worst part.  Anyway what else is going on.  Started watching season IV of Cobra Kai.  Good stuff!  I like the part where it entertains me somehow in a way no one can fully explain.  Just spend 10 more minutes trying to do Phone Stuff.  To no avail!  That's life.  Avail is a word and it's always To None.  Never heard about avail when things GO TO AVAIL.  Oh well that's life.  Had a legitimate breakfast today.  Not a HEALTHY one.  I had a relatively unhealthy breakfast burrito.  But it was a vaguely egg based meal as opposed to a sweets based meal.  Which is PROGRESS.  Got chicken pot pie in store for lunch today.  Hopefully won't be disrupted by one of two phone calls I must make re: Phone.  GOOD STUFF.  Gotta put it in oven ahead of time.  So I can't just wait until I'm done Doing Stuff to have it then.  Gotta prepare in advance!  OH NO WHAT IF THINGS DON'T WORK OUT.  Then it'll be just like the rest of my life.  OH RIGHT I'M USED TO THINGS NOT WORKING OUT.  Kind of!  I MAKE 'em work out for me.  If it doesn't work out I pretend it does!  Problem solved.
     Cool.  Not very good at doodling.  Did some doodling while waiting on the phone yesterday.  TERRIBLE.  The worst faces/stick figures.  The worst Just Drawing Lines And Curves.  The worst Everything Else.  Just real bad stuff.  Also terrible at taking notes on the call.  I take one word notes that mean nothing.  Look I'm out of practice.  I haven't done this kinda thing in a while!  Maybe I'll be incrementally better today.  Hmm.  Can you be incrementally better in a 2nd and only 2nd time.  Or does it need to be #+ times for increments to be set into motion.  I don't know!  The point is I think the last week or two I've been thinking subconsciously about what I want to binge on.  So when binge was finally ready to be set into motion I kind of knew under the surface exactly what I wanted to do.  Not CONSCIOUSLY.  Consciously I was just grabbing stuff.  But I feel like part of me was like FINALLY okay now we're gonna do this first, then this...
     Wonderful.  I had to deal with the stress of having to do something!  That doesn't seem right.  Then again today I know what to expect so even if it's close to up to as much of the same amount of hassle I'll be okay.  One would imagine.  Hmm.  I feel like I wanna reach a point I'm not meticulously counting calories explicitly and just living my life.  But I'm too vaguely acutely hungry all the time!  If I wasn't keeping track I'd just eat when I felt like it and t hen I'd gain weight quickly.  I'M OUT OF OPTIONS.  By which I mean I have at least one option.  Keep doing what I'm doing.  Which has been working out pretty good!  Hmm sounds like a pretty good option that I'm not out of.  National Food Of The Day is... National Bittersweet Chocolate Day and National Oysters Rockefeller Day.  FIRST THINGS FIRST now I see yesterday it also said National Pizza Week.  I THINK THEY JUST ADDED IT.  I'd have noticed it yesterday if it was there.  THIS IS A WORLD EXCLUSIVE BREAKING NEWS.  It's national pizza week!  CRAZYSHEET FIRST ON THE SCENE.
     Anyway.  Chocolate is fine.  I'd like any kind of sweetness in chocolate.  Including Bitter!  Oysters, whatever.  Let's see how Rockefeller liked his oysters.  Looks good.  Oysters topped with some sauce or breadcrumbs or something.  Sauce may or may not be okay.  Breadcrumbs is and DEFINITELY IS Great!  So there's that.  Hook me up with some breadcrumbs.  I dunno how to make this point any clearer.  I want to eat bread crumbs.  Especially COOKED.  I feel like if they're baked a bit that's incrementally exponentially better!  So there's that.  HMM.  Might be able to accomplish penultimate step to getting new phone with help from y Dad and HIS phone.  Gonna ask him about it LATER.  Don't feel like going into it RIGHT NOW.  Maybe I'm wrong about this but gotta go with my gut to do it LATER.  So there's THAT.  Anyway.  Did a walk right after binge eating and a bonus walk an hour later and didn't have to pee at all!  I think it was being in a regret binging mindset.  Hmm I should do this all the time then.
Coffee time.  I don't fully comprehend if I take the math away how I could binge like an idiot one day and end up with a 300 calorie surplus and/or deficit depending on how you look at it and then be careful all day another day and end up at 0.  I feel like there should be a greater discrepancy!  I DON'T LIKE IT.  Well it's cause I didn't have anything for dinner.  And binging is the same amount of calories as ONE THING plus some other stuff.  Look I get it LOGICALLY and MATHEMATICALLY.  It just feels weird.  The point is I have coffee and nobody can stop me now.  Stop me from what.  Also everyone can stop me at 90% of things.  For instance I'm being stopped at conveniently getting a new phone.  VERY easily.  I'm not putting up much of a fight in terms of easily getting it.  In fact that ship has sailed!  Gotta wait for another ship if I ever wanna get off this island.  Maybe I'm not on an island.  I can get to where I want to by traveling on land.  Whew that' a relief.  Now I gotta wait for a caravan or something.  WAGON Trail.
Huh.  Bob Saget died.  He will forever be remembered for the character in Street Fighter with a similar name to him.  His name was SAGAT.  Live and learn!  Except for Bob Saget.  The living ship has sailed for him.  Maybe he's still learning on some other ethereal plane.  Maybe ethereal is almost a word that I'm getting close to.  We can't say for certain on he plane we're on!  Hey a ship might have sailed but here comes an AIRSHIP.  I call it a plane.  I hope that catches on.  Hmm.  Working out a schedule in my brain re: Middle of the day.  Taking into account walks, setting up lunches, and Customer Support Phone Calls.  So there's that.  Working out enjoying a mid First Part Of Day snack in my mind.  Not sure what to call it.  It's MID SOMETHING we know that.  Halfway between breakfast and lunch.  Late morning and close to noon.  It's mid ENTRY.  But I don't wanna think of it like that.  I wanna think of it in term of TIME.  And I wanna use the word MID.  I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO.  FUCK!!!
Sure.  What else is going on.  Bob Saget seemed like an okay guy.  As far as I know he's never killed anybody.  That's step one towards being an okay guy.  Hmm.  A lot of people who kill people do it JUSTLY.  Wonder what the statistics are on that.  How many people causing other people's deaths would I be like well that person was JUST in that.  Gotta look into that one.  Was this Murder NAUGHTY or NICE.  Gotta leave room for neutral!  Where it's bad but I don't blame them AT ALL.  0% blame.  Not even on the spectrum of blame.  Hey great what's going on.  What walk are we on.  FREUDIAN SLIP.  What paragraph are we on.  I'm gonna guess EIGHTH.  I was right.  Amazing.  How do I do it!  Through MAGIC.  Oh okay wonderful.  I said at the beginning of the year that it being 2022 wasn't so weird. I  still feel it's not weird BUT I have lots of trouble REMEMBERING it when writing the date.  Actually each day it gets incrementally easier.  By today it's not so bad.  But for a few days it was bad.  And I forgot to tell you about it!  Telling you about it now!  Even though it's outdated information!
     WOW.  What else is going on.  It's a good thing I binge ate.  It led to me watching Cobra Kai because I did some circle walking and needed to put something on.  Also it makes sense thematically because Cobra Kai is all about kids working out through karate.  Getting in shape!  That sort of thing.  Getting In Shape is a strange way to put it.  I feel like you're more In Shapes the bigger you are.  The more thin and appropriate your proportions, the less of an interesting shape (or SHAPES) you are.  Hmm.  Let's see, what else.  Gonna postpone penultimate walk a few hours so I can take care of Phone Calls without interruption.  Another benefit to having this amount of walks.  FLEXIBILITY.  I can delay a walk BY HOURS and it has no domino effect on other things.  FASCINATING.  Also what else is fascinating.  Gotta heat up coffee I feel.  15 minutes after pouring it.  THAT'S NO BUENO.
    I'm gonna be honest.
  I'm not proud of this.  Kinda didn't like Bob Saget!  I know he got his fame and whatnot from being a clean-cut character on a sitcom.  And then in his later years I see him in stuff like The Aristocrats and I feel he's leaning too heavily into being dirty.  I thought he was trying too hard!  I WAS WRONG.  He was JUST DOIN' HIM.  Let Bob Saget be Bob Saget!  IT'S TOO LATE NOW.  Well I've learnt my lesson at least.  Now I know to Let People Be The People Who They Are.  Anyway.  10th paragraph.  Gonna write another paragraph or two after this.  A bit ahead of schedule.  Dad went out of his way to wake me up because my phone couldn't so I felt guilty if I was gonna go lie in bed another 20 minutes.  WONDERFUL.  Hey if I write one or two more sentences then I can make it a clean break MID PARAGRAPH when I'm filling up my coffee.  THIS IS THE SECOND OF THOSE TWO SENTENCES. 
     Fascinating.  I have a Good Feeling about the next act of entry.  I think it's because I'm like well this act has been bad and the next act can't be any WORSE.  Worst case scenario it's the same.  It could only get better is the point.  YEAH!  Hmm had no snapple with this first coffee.  Guess I'll have one left over for later in the day!  Wonderful.  What else is wonderful.  I told myself I could have a pop tart as Mid-Something snack if I had a legitimate breakfast.  Breakfast was a SEMI INDULGENT legitimate breakfast.  Maybe I give myself the pop tart anyway.  SEE HOW THAT GOES.  Wow with Act II I'M DONE TALKING ABOUT THIS.  I guess it's possible I bring it up again.  VERY possible.  Hmm.  Looking forward to getting new phone.  It'd be good for several reasons.  That's how I feel!  INTERESTING.  Bob Saget was 65.  Pretty young all things considered!  Well I didn't consider ALL things.  I'm not ARISTOTLE or PLATO.  But I considered SOME things I guess.  Not a lot.
     Last paragraph of the act.  Then it's onto bigger and better things.  Not really.  Same size and potentially the same quality things all in all.  Huh.  I feel like if I died I'd be like well I'm gonna be honest I didn't 100% like myself.  I Was Wrong though.  It's a Bad News that I died.  What else.  Easier to eat an ice cream sandwich than a pop tart.  I dunno what I'm basing that on.  But that's the word that comes to mind.  EASIER.  Pretty easy to eat pop tarts when you're binging.  That's part of what makes them so great other than the flavor and the perfect size for being part of a binge (big but not too big).  But ice cream sandwich is even easier.  Kinda in the process of slowly incrementally melting as soon as you take it out of the freezer.  So in essence it's eating itself!  It's doing half the work for you!  Hmm.  I'll be back in a little bit.




i'm not talking to you

    Hey!  Just spent 20 minutes working on Potential Steps Towards Getting New Phone.  Didn't make progress.  Well, I made progress in the sense that I now know what I did over the 20 minutes will not make me any progress.  So that's SOME progress.  Either way let's write Some Act II then take a shower.  Wonderful!  I had NEITHER ICE CREAM SANDWICH nor POP TART.  I had protein bar!  Those are the best but I didn't get enough of them and I can only get them from Amazon Fresh which we only get every few weeks.  Didn't plan ahead!  Now I know for next time.  Cause I should be having these suckers one a day.  Gotta imagine once I stock up on them such that I will always have them available in perpetuity my life will be better.  That's what I AM imagining at least.  I guess I sort of Gotta.  Ya gotta have done something ya did.  That's just simple math philosophy.  I subscribe to math philosophy!  Summed up as Math is accurate.  Might as well be philosophy, too!
  Is that a good The Aristocrats.  "I'm Dead.  THE ARISTOCRATS."  Not quite in the spirit of things but I think it's a decent try.  At least you're TRYING.  What else is going on.  Didn't check my weight for the first time in several days.  See you IN HELL checking my weight!  Maybe check it in a few days.  Maybe hold off until the start of next month.  That was doing me good.  Once a month!  Let's go with that.  The good news is what else is going on.  Got some Cobra Kai to watch today.  Now that we've established I Finally Turned It On we can move on with watching the rest of it.  The first step is the hardest.  Second step is the easiest.  Third step is somewhere in the middle.  Fourth step is I Dunno Never Made It That Far.  What else is up.  Maybe I should be having early lunch.  Longer break between lunch and dinner as opposed to breakfast and lunch.  LOOK I DON'T HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS.  Get back to me in six weeks.  Six weeks from now?  I'll have all the answers.  I feel like that's a decent time frame to figure this out.  Six weeks is A LOT of time to get things done but at the same time you're like well that's not THAT far off in the future.
Sure.  I already talked about how Three Weeks should be a time frame.  That fits in with this perfectly!  Makes sense that if three weeks is a time frame TWO OF THEM is also a Very Relevant Time Frame.  Also 9 weeks lets get into it.  Wonderful.  Worked it out with Dad that because of special circumstances I gotta take my next walk early.  So let's see if I can work out up my five paragraphs per act.  I think I can do that.  I just can't go Over By A Few as I was anticipating.  OH NO.  NOT WHAT I ANTICIPATED?  WHAT THE HELL.  LIFE IS THROWING ME A SLIGHT CURVEBALL THAT I DIDN'T ANTICIPATE?  SOUNDS LIKE I SHOULD EITHER TAKE THIS PITCH OR IF ITS DEFINITELY IN THE STRIKE ZONE TRY TO HIT IT.  MAYBE TAKE IT ANYWAY.  I'M NOT GONNA MAKE GOOD CONTACT EVEN IF I HIT IT SO IT'S BETTER TO JUST TAKE THE STRIKE THAN GROUND OUT OR SOMETHING.  EITHER WAY I WONDER WHAT THE THIRD BASE COACH WOULD RECOMMEND I DO.  CAN'T LOOK OVER THOUGH GOTTA KEEP MY EYE ON THE BALL.
Wow!  What else is going on.  Looking at the time I can easily get this all done by the time I have to.  More or less relatively easily!  Maybe it involves some effort and there's some ambiguity that I can accomplish it actually! Whattawonderfulworld.  Huh.  I'm in slightly more of a time crunch potentially right now than for Act III.  Or maybe not.  I dunno.  I dunno anything!  I'm a freakin' idiot!  Not knowing things doesn't make me an idiot.  Just makes me ignorant and/or unable to predict the future.  Being an idiot HOWEVER does make me an idiot.  But those things aren't as related as they might seem at first.  What else is going on.  Gonna eat a slightly late lunch!  Not too late.  In the standard window of time I've set for myself.  SIX MORE WEEKS AND THIS'LL BE DOWN PAT.  SECOND NATURE.  THAT SORT OF THING.  The point is do I operate better under time pressure?  Sure who doesn't.  Not something you could fake, though!  Probably it is.  OH WELL.
     Last paragraph of the act.  This is easy!  Didn't get enough soda this past week to last me all week.  That was hard!  You'd think at this point I'd have it down pat.  Some things are harder than others to get down pat.  THIS ISN'T ONE OF THOSE THINGS.  SHOULD BE PRETTY EASY.  Oh well we all make mistakes.  These are the kind of mistakes I make.  Kind of in the middle of whether they're big deals or not.  Some mistakes that people make are more important, some are less important!  Mine are smack dab in the middle-- not getting enough soda to ration out for a week AND not always learning from it such that it will happen over and over again from time to time.  Huh.  Cool.  Anyway.  Look the point is am I ever gonna stop trying new granola bars?  YES.  I will run out of ones to try eventually.  The other point is it's time to take a shower!  I'll be back soon and whatnot.  Then not as much of a time crunch unfortunately for act iii.



why won't everyone read this

    Hey!  Got 45-55 minutes to write this.  I can do that.  I do it all the time.  By which I mean I have sex.  DOING IT means SEX.  Also masturbation is sex.  Prove me wrong!  The point is I tried putting some gel or clay or putty or something in my hair today.  Looks good!  I'm a good lookin' dude.  That's how I can achieve DOIN' IT.  Sure I only need my own consent but you'd be surprised at how difficult that is to get!  What else is going on.  Got some coffee coming up IN MERE MINUTES.  Also in MARE MINUTES.  Mares are horses.  Horses are fast.  Lets make the next 45-55 minutes go as fast as mares!  UNLESS THEY'RE CRIPPLED THAT'S NO GOOD.  Huh.  Got snapple in anticipation of getting coffee.  Raspberry World Travel Fact Of The Day is... A compass needle does not point directly north.  THAT'S NO GOOD.  ME AND A LOT OF OTHER PEOPLE HAVE BEEN RELYING ON THIS NEEDLE TO POINT DIRECTLY NORTH.  This is TERRIBLE news!
    Coffee time.  I am But Four Paragraphs Away from moving on with the rest of my life.  Wonderful!  Gonna take a nice half hour break after upcoming walk before contacting more customer support stuff.  Think of all I could accomplish.  I could watch MOST of a Cobra Kai episode!  Kai means YES.  That's my assumption.  And Cobra means Cobra.  Better LTURQ.  Kai means, "Society or Association," in Japanese.  And Cobra DOES mean Cobra in English.  I'm assuming.  I didn't actually look that up.  I guess I have to.  I set a precedent of doing that to be sure.  Look did I just really prepare myself to type into google what does cobra mean in english?  Sure I did.  Will I actually do it?  I was planning on it!  Now it seems kind of stupid though.  And all things being equal I'd probably rather not be stupid.  Sure being stupid is fun but if I had to choose whether to be stupid or not for the rest of my life, obviously the responsible decision is to Not Be Stupid.
     Huh.  What else is going on.  Is it VERY possible my next snack is Great Ice Cream Sandwich?  SURE.  Am I happy about it?  Right now!  Is it responsible?  Check back with me six weeks FROM TODAY.  We're not backdating this six weeks.  We're not frontdating it.  TODAY IS THE DAY for the 2 3-week periods to start.  What else is going on.  I forget.  I enjoyed semi-indulgent breakfast burrito.  Didn't last very long.  That's the indulgent part at work.  It made up for indulgence by being small.  Either way I WILL have it again.  Kinda have to.  Got an entire box o 4 or 6.  Also I'LL ENJOY IT.  Also I PROBABLY WON'T BUY IT AGAIN.  Until enough time has passed that I'VE FORGOTTEN ABOUT IT but then am on a kick where it seems like something I'd like and be like HEY I DON'T REMEMBER TRYING THIS.  I probably have I know but I DON'T REMEMBER SPECIFICALLY.  Also WHO AM I TALKING TO and WHY AM I YELLING half of the time in bursts.
Yeah!  Wonderful.  Figure there's about a 50-66.7% chance I successfully am in the process of getting a new phone by the end of today.  In terms of they're like okay its all set up it's on its way more or less.  I think it's more likely than not!  Sounds like I should have said 50.01% then as the lower part if I'm so sure of saying it's more likely than not.  Maybe.  Maybe not!  Don't tell me what to do!  You have no right!  Huh.  Gotta write another paragraph and a half.  No time crunch at this point.  It's all good!  Anyway the main World Travel fact of the month is don't trust calendars.  Telling me to go to Transylvania?  That's one of the least likely places you're getting me to go.  Where do werewolves famously live.  I know in films there was a werewolf in London and one in America.  There was an original film and then a follow up film in the 1990's.  I saw the follow up film!  Get off my back about it!
     Last paragraph of the day.  Jeez.  It could be a good day if I just consider the time spent trying to get a new phone in terms of NOT considering it.  Because the non-that part of the day won't be so bad!  Huh.  What makes silly putty so much more silly than other putty.  I think it's not as serious?  By which I mean it's not as permanent or intense or sticky or something.  Not gonna cause a hassle.  You can play with it safely and without any potential negative effects.  So you're saying the putty I put in my hair Which Isn't Silly is too dangerous.  Too many potential negative effects.  YES EXACTLY.  Hmm.  Probably shouldn't be putting it in my hair then.  Oh well too late now.  HEY I finished this entry with time to spare.  The point is I'll be back tomorrow and it will potentially be a better entry than today!  Potentially worse!  SORRY.  That's the way the world works.  SORRY.  See ya tomorrow.

-12:39 P.M.




Sunday, January 9, 2022

what am i trying to say

    Hello friends.  Bad news re: My Phone!  Alternates between not turning on completely and turning on but saying 1% charged and it's actually charged more and works a bit.  That second part isn't so bad!  But right now it's not turning on completely and there's no guarantee I'll get back to it being on at all!  Gotta order new phone today.  I can do that LATER during Afternoon Production Time.  It's a time where I'm to be productive.  It's a Production.  Makes sense.  What else is going on.  I couldn't decompress lying in bed looking at phone for 5-10 minutes after first walk before entry.  Had to come to my computer and look at my COMPUTER for 5-10 minutes!  It's just not the same!  Also it's worse!  Also my stomach hurts.  That may or may not be related.  Hmm.  Anyway weight is a pound higher than it's been showing the last few days.   JUST GIVE ME SOMETHING I CAN TRUST.  I'd be okay with my weight, higher or lower, as long as I knew REALLY THIS IS WHAT IT IS.
    I NEED CLOSURE.  That sort of thing.  HMM I WONDER IF MY PHONE WILL TURN ON NOW.  I bet not!  HEY it didn't turn on I'm a genius.  Hmm.  Did I remember to turn the coffee on.  I'm gonna guess YES.  No going downstairs to check.  Let's roll the dice!  I like to live dangerously.  All living is dangerous.  One small misstep at any point and we could die.  Lemme look around my room.  There must be some bleach or something I can drink that would kill me.  Basically I'm several small movements away from death.  I don't see any bleach.  Maybe electronics.  If I EAT electronics.  I dunno if that would kill me.  I'd have to figure out a way for it to electrocute me.  And then eating it too would be an after thought.  It's really the electricity that's getting me.  What else is going on.  Got some lightbulbs.  I can crack those open and eat the remnants.  That'll do the trick.  Anyway people who commit suicide have no imagination.  Do something original like eat some lightbulbs.  Sounds like you might survive that.  I'd just be painful.  Well sure if we're going by SOUNDS.
    Anyway.  Another day, another breakfast, another time I fail to eat healthy breakfast sandwich and instead eat unhealthy junk food.  Today it was one pop tart and one ice cream sandwich.  WHY.  I even had a great idea to have health breakfast and then splurge a tiny bit and have pop tart as snack between breakfast and lunch.  Couldn't even trick myself into accomplishing that!  I wake up and I need my sweets.  I'm an ADULT MAN I NEED TO EAT TOASTER PASTRIES FOR BREAKFAST.  What else is going on and crap.  National Food Of The Day! is... National Apricot Day?  I don't like the sound of that!  Apricot sounds like a fruit that's a chore to eat.  Some fruits are okay to eat.  Some fruits are chores!  Apricot sounds like a chore.  If it didn't wanna be classified as a chore it shouldn't have had such a dumb taste and name and smell and look.  Not 100% sure whey smell or taste or look like.  Sure SOUNDS dumb though.
Okay.  Anyway!  I dunno how I'm gonna enjoy walks without music.  Probably by taking the walks without music and getting used to it after half a walk.  Sounds like a chore.  A NECESSARY chore!  Wonderful.  Think I know what I'm gonna do for lunch.  And if it turns out to be what I think it's gonna be it's gonna be one for the ages.  No spoilers!  I don't wanna jinx it.  Anyway how's my crusty feet coming along.  Some lint from socks getting stuck in crusty crevices.  This is all very new to me.  One day I had normal feet and it seems like over a week or so suddenly they're crusty.  Oh well.  At least I'm retaining lint.  Gotta imagine that's good for the body.  The more lint retained the better!  That's what doctors are always saying.  Probably.  I don't listen to what doctors say so I make up my own things to imagine them saying.  It's cheaper that way.  And more positive!  I can make em say things to MY liking.
   Not sure about this Treat Myself Like A Dog Once Or Three Times A Week schedule plan.  In some respects its good, in some respects it's not!  Right now I'm thinking NOT.  I should be aiming to hit maintence calories each day, not accumulate a surplus!  That's CURRENT thought.  Out of 30 possible thoughts I've either had or will have.  WOW OVER THREE PERCENT OF THOUGHTS IN ONE PARAGRAPH.  Wonderful.  Also let's get real I'm giving myself Adult Man Human Treats all day long.  How much more do I need?  Interesting.  Hmm.  Got coffee coming up soon.  That'll be good because I like pouring it down my gullet.  I've been using the word gullet a lot the last few years.  Better LTURQ to make sure it's a real word.  Or something resembling a real word.  YEP I'm getting it right.  Just like all those other things I get right.  Not including the things I get wrong, though!  Totally different category!
    Raspberry Iced Tea World Travel Fact Of The Day is... there is a museum of strawberries in Belgium.  Okay.  Fine. I don't really care.  There's museums of lots of things in Belgium.  Why not strawberries.  If you said RASPBERRIES you got my attention.  Because this bottle's juice is made from raspberries presumably partially.  Gotta imagine there's .3% of raspberries in this concoction.  What else is going on.  Also I don't like the phrasing.  Is the museum MADE OUT OF strawberries.  A museum of strawberries sounds like a strange way to put it.  What else is going on.  Almost into the seventh paragraph.  Everyone likes the seventh paragraph.  I don't see why they wouldn't.  Other than the poor quality of it.  Still though.  I watched the new Space Jam finally.  NOT GREAT.  But then again what is.  NOT A LOT OF STUFF.  S oit's a PARABLE for our times.  Things ain't great.  Now it seems great!  Holding a mirror up to society and whatnot.  OH NO LOOK AWAY I'M HIDEOUS.
Anyway.  How does Dracula shave if he can't see himself in the mirror.  By FEEL?  Good luck with that!  Certainly could be accomplished with a little bit of practice.  I envy him.  I guess.  What other critically acclaimed major motion pictures should I watch before award season.  Hmm how's AWARD SEASON.  The film.  Doesn't sound very good.  Nor does it taste or smell or feel good.  Kinda looks good though.  That's the one thing it's got going for him.  WAIT A SECOND it's still the seventh paragraph?  I just blanked out for 10 minutes.  I think I was looking at Snack Products on the internet.  Some Fiber One products.  MY FAVORITE.  I dunno how they got me but somehow they got their mitts around me and now I trust them completely for my snack products.  They taste OKAY.  I BUY that they're relatively healthy compared to other snacks.  But am I a bit brainwashed by them?  Sure A BIT.  We're all brainwashed a little bit by most things.  LOW LEVEL though.  That's life!
     Not so much brainwashed as Brain Splashed.  Our brains were splashed with contagion water to get us to believe and or think a certain way.  But it's just a splash!  Nothing permanent or too intense that we need to worry about it.  Keep cool it's all good.  Anyway.  Hmm.  Gonna have to walk and listen to the real world on my walk.  Not sure I'm comfortable with that.  Other people might be talking or making noises and Leave Me Out Of It!  So there's that.  I could ask my Mom if I could borrow her phone so I could listen to music on walk.  That would be a whole big thing though.  Hmm.  I could phrase it like I NEED A PHONE IN CASE OF EMERGENCY. And if in the course of things I listen to music while waiting for an emergency to happen WHAT'S THE HARM.  I dunno if I wanna open that can of worms.  Leave the worms in the can!  They like it there!  And if they don't, who cares!  They're worms!  I have very little invested in whether worms are happy somewhere or not.  Maybe that makes me a bad person.  Maybe it makes me a BETTER person.  No way of knowing as of now.
     Sure.  Ninth paragraph!  10-12 paragraph for Act I again.  That's the routine!!  Anyway I asked my Mom about phone and she said No.  Wonderful.  Also as my phone's dying act when I felt like I was going to lose it forever, was my last moments with the phone spent desperately trying to Erase Browser History and assorted similar acts?  YEP!  Ya never know who is gonna try to retrieve my phone and how easy it will be for them to see porn histories.  I think I erased it to a significant extent.  Maybe even enough that it won't just pop up unless the guy is really looking for it.  WHEW THAT'S A RELIEF.  Also I'm not bringing this in anywhere.  I'm getting a new phone!  And I'm not going anywhere for them to transfer this phone onto that phone.  PANDEMIC GOING ON.  I ain't goin' NOWHERE BUDDY.  Both re: Getting new phones and re: Life.  Hmm.
     Tenth paragraph.
  What else is going on in the wide world of sports.  Pretty sure TV or computer aren't gonna crap out on me.  I'll be able to accomplish some sort of bullshit today.  YEAH!  The point is not listening to music on walks is only 5/7ths as severe as it would have been a couple of weeks ago.  And I also already got 2/3rds of listening to music on first walk.  So you crunch the numbers on that one.  Also my bet is I get another walk or two later in the day with listening to music.  That's my guess.  And I'm good at guessing.  Guesses don't come true most of the time but when it comes to Making A Guess When Prompted I'm gonna make some sort of guess EASY.  Why not.  Finished coffee.  Finished snapple.  Finished soda from before coffee and snapple.  I dunno what to do!  Either pour more soda or just call it a day and don't drink anything else before next walk.  These are the things that keep me up at night.  Nothing keeps me up at night.  I fall asleep relatively easily!  In the past I've been kept up at night a lot.  NOT THESE DAYS.  I'm sleeping like a baby.  Which is A LOT.  Babies are known for their sleeping abilities.
    Last paragraph of the act!  Maybe have some soda to get me through the last paragraph sorta.  SURE.  What's going on in the wide world of crap.  Haven't looked at World Travel Calendar since the turn of the year.  I'm assuming no Patriotism (or World Travel) days yet.  Better LTURQ.  January 2nd just says, "Holiday (Scotland)."  So there was a holiday in Scotland.  Which we can only assume is just called Holiday.  I better LTURQ.  That's too good to be true.  They celebrate a holiday that's just called Holiday.  I think it's just to celebrate New Years Belatedly.  And I'm getting mixed messages on whether they actually just legitimately call it Holiday.  I could look into it further but, ya know.  Don't particularly care.  Hey that's it for now.  I'll be back in a little bit.




it's a good thing you're here

    Hey!  Phone still not working.  Took a walk without music.  Was actually not so bad!  I got a kick out of listening to myself thinking.  I'm pretty sure I was thinking the same stuff I'd have been thinking while listening to music but it was 10% louder in my head because the music wasn't there distracting me from my general dumb thoughts.  Hmm what kind of thoughts did I accomplish.  Well main one was carefully considering what snack to have when I got home.  Went with less intensive ice cream sandwich!  And yes it did feel good going down my gullet.  So score one for the walk!  Anyway.  Hope phone call to get new phone goes quickly.  It could be fifteen minutes or it could be three hours and there's not even a resolution after three hours.  I don't think I'm gonna be on the phone for more than three hours today.  But the three hours can ultimately prove pointless and I'd have to start over from scratch tomorrow.  WOW SO DEFINITELY JUST FIFTEEN MINUTES?  I'M PUMPED ABOUT GETTING THIS OVER WITH.
Sure.  Lunch still sounds like one of the best lunches I've had in a while.  It COULD be a highlight of the entire year.  Or it could crash and burn what do I know.  Lunches are unpredictable!  Not really.  Everything is unpredictable to some extent.  And lunches aren't any more unpredictable than the next thing.  Probably LESS.  Fair enough.  There's a museum of strawberries. If they said a museum FOR strawberries I wouldn't be so bothered by this.  A museum of strawberries has mixed connotations and I'm not sure what's going on logically in that sentence.  Also I'm not going to Belgium to see a museum of strawberries.  Off the top of my head Belgium sounds like a good World Travel place because it immediately makes me think of chocolate.  So off the top of my head sure I'll visit chocolate.  I did as a kid!  Hershey Park!  There's literally a hotel resort/semi-amusement park in Pennsylvania I believe just devoted to Hershey Bars.  IT WAS FUN.  I REMEMBER EATING AT LEAST ONE HERSHEY BAR.
The point is Great.  HMM that would be a good Adult HUMAN TREAT to have once a week.  A full sized candy bar.  That' the 2nd mini binge.  SOUNDS GREAT.  SIGN ME UP.  Why should you sign me up.  If I'm so into it I can sign myself up!  Why am I outsourcing this to you and why would you put up with it.  Hmm.  That made me look up Super Market website to see if any good chocolate bars interested me.  I LIKED THE FIRST THING I SAW THAT POPPED UP.  Not a bar but chocolate covered pretzels.  I was JUST THINKING about chocolate covered pretzels a day or two ago.  In the context of hey I've never had that and in the past it didn't sound good but now I'm thinking about it again for some reason and it sounds good.  WOW ALL THE PIECES ARE COMING TOGETHER.  LIFE IS HARMONY AND LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL.  Gimme some of them chocolate covered pretzels.  Or Pretzel Middled Chocolates.  Whatever!
     Sure.  Shower in about half an hour.  That'll do the trick.  Of making me somewhat cleaner than before.  Not gonna be 100% cleaner.  Probably over 50%, though!  Let's say I'm gonna be 79% cleaner.  Sounds PRETTY good.  Wonderful.  Now that I think about it it's probably more like 9% cleaner.  It depends on the context you're using for clean and what metrics and whatnot you're incorporating.  What else is going on.  One person might think with chocolate covered pretzels YOU'RE RUINING CHOCOLATE and another person might think YOU'RE RUINING PRETZELS. I'd say 85% of people who think it's ruining something think it's ruining pretzels.  LOTS more people passionate and invested in chocolate than pretzels.  That's my guess at least.  Prove me wrong!  Actually even better PROVE ME RIGHT.  That'd be better for my overall credibility for when I say things.  Anyway.  Phone turned on again!  Stuck at 1% battery it says.  Who knows how much I'm gonna get out of it.  Maybe enough to listen to music for most or all of next walk!  We'll SEE.
     What else will we SEE.  Part of me feels like healthy snacks that have brain splashed me are actually lying that they're good for me so in some twisted perverse logic I'm actually being healthier by eating dumb snacks that are up front with how terrible they are.  Kinda feels like Trumpian logic.  Not sure how to explain that but I feel like the contortions in those feelings are similar to what he and or conservatives say and or inspire.  Anyway what else is going on.  Gotta nother paragraph or two in me for this act.  Ya know for fun and whatnot.  Getting a new phone should take 10 minutes.  I'm on hold for 9 and a half minutes and then some guy is like Hi I'm Corey how can I help you and I just go GIVE ME A NEW PHONE YOU IDIOT.  JUST DO IT.  NOW THE BALL IS IN YOUR COURT.  I EXPECT THIS NEW PHONE WITHIN A WEEK.  GOOD BYE.  That's how you deal with people!  People named Corey at least.  This is ALL BASED on the guy's name being Corey.  If it's a different name I might go with a completely different strategy!
    Huh.  What else.  Last paragraph before shower.  Wonderful.  Gotta go get bloodwork done next week for Clozopine Levels.  GREAT JUST GREAT.  Outside is a breeding ground for covid!  When I say outside I mean outside my personal house.  Not Outside All Buildings.  Other buildings are outside to me.  But I gotta go!  Clozapine is the kind of drug where it can mess you up suddenly and they need to check blood often to make sure it's not messing you up.  It's a LEGAL REQUIREMENT THING.  I don't have a choice!  Get off my back about it!  What else is going on that you should get off my back about it.  Most things.  I feel like it's relatively rare that you should appropriately be on my back about it.  Hmm.  I haven't taken a bath in a while.  Concerned the water wouldn't be hot enough.  Maybe try that for today.  SURE GREAT.  I'll be back soon.




tell me something i don't know

    Hey!  Time to write some more paragraphs.  I'm feeling relatively good about upcoming day despite potentially no music on walks and potentially having a nice chunk of it talking to someone on phone about getting new phone in a stressful way.  Besides that I'LL BE ALIVE and SHIT WILL HAPPEN AT ME.  Put on some TV.  DRAMA AND COMEDY ARE HAPPENING AT ME.  Eat some food?  NUTRITION AND PLEASURE IS HAPPENING AT ME.  Doin' other stuff?  MORE STUFF HAPPENING.  At ME!  So I got a lot going for me today is the point.  Anyway Sunday huh.  I can, "Dig," that!  Took a bath.  Water was barely hot enough to keep me happy.  Great story.  DANG it might start raining soon.  Hopefully not enough to make my upcoming walk uncomfortable!  That'd be a real blow to the prospects that today will be a good day.  Every little negative bit counts!  Jeez.  Coffee time I guess!
    Snapple World Travel Fact Of The Day #2 Is... possibly a repeat.  I think it's like 85% chance this was a repeat.  I won't say it out loud just in case.  If you say a World Travel Fact five times then Candyman appears and does bad stuff to you like presumably killing you with his scythe.  Also it doesn't need to be one after another.  It's a running tally over your whole life.  That hardly seems fair.  I'll say this fact 5 times over my life without thinking.  Hey GUESS WHAT LIFE ISN'T FAIR.  Better you learn this way NOW than some other way SOME OTHER TIME.  Huh.  Looks like rain should be relatively light?  I can live with that.  Because that's life.  Rain is relatively light.  Learn this NOW so you will already know for SOME OTHER TIME.  YEAH.  What else is going on.  LOOK this lunch can be a bust.  Or it could go down in the books as a key lunch in the history of man which sets me off on a streak of MANY great lunches.
     What else.  I dunno!  Gotta write some more paragraphs for some more time, though.  Which is good because I have nothing else to do for now!  Cool.  At least three more paragraphs to go.  At least half an hour left of writing.  That lines up pretty good.  Pretty safe amount of time to accomplish what I want to accomplish.  What in the wide world of sports is going on.  Figure it's 50/50 whether I can listen to music for all of upcoming walk.  And I dunno the exact probabilities of whether I'll be able to listen to music for 90 seconds or whether I'll be able to listen to music for 20 minutes.  All I know is it's 50% chance it's the entire walk.  I crunched the numbers THAT MUCH can you PLEASE get off my back about it.  Huh.  Maybe find a balance between binging two times a week and letting surplus calories accumulate. Just binge HALFWAY.  EASY.  I'd go into specifics but I CAN'T I DON'T HAVE THE WORDS IN ME.
     Cool!  Jeez.  I still have a tab open about Holidays in Scotland.  Well I don't anymore.  I just closed it BEFORE I wrote that sentence.  So basically I'm a dirty dirty liar.  Either way I feel like I accomplished nothing with that research.  I wanted to know if there was a Holiday on January 2nd just called Holiday and I didn't really find out conclusively one way or another whether that was the case.  What a giant waste of everyone's time.  Oh well that's life.  Giant waste of everyone's time.  Sounds about right.  Cool!  What else is cool.  THE WEATHER AM I RIGHT.  It's the winter.  Gets COLD outside.  COOL is synonyms with COLD.  Same basic root word and/or concept I feel.  Huh.  Of course if you say cool the implication is it's not quite as cold as cold.  Not sure why.  Not sure if it's even accurate.  Sure sounds like a sentence to me, though!
     Let's say 2 more paragraphs and then move on with your lives.  My main criteria for New Phone is WILL IT FIT IN MY POCKET.  That's the sticking point that determines whether I'm okay with a new phone or not.  ALSO I've had success with phones that can make outgoing and accept incoming calls.  That's also important.  Other than that who cares.  The premise of this is that I can get a new phone for free, too.  I assume up to a certain point.  Some phones are free but some better phones'll cost ya.  GREAT.  Gimme a free phone that fits in my pocket.  SOLD.  LET'S MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIVES.  The point is huh I forget not sure what the point is.  Maybe there is no point.  That'd be an interesting mix-em-up.  Because everything else I say has a point!  The point is I WROTE SOMETHING AND YOU READ IT.  CASE CLOSED.  LET'S MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIVES FINALLY ONCE AND FOR ALL.
     Last paragraph of the day!
  I assume I'll SPEAK several paragraphs when talking to person to get a new phone.  A nice monologue soliloquy or something.  Not sure what words mean but I assume that between the words monologue and soliloquy I'm about 75% accurately portraying what I want to portray.  Through words!  Amazing.  This website is a soliloquy.  I looked up what the word means.  WOW now I feel good about this website.  Soliloquy is a fancy word so if I'm doing something that is a fancy word it can't be all that bad!  Also it implies that my life is a play.  Sounds about right!  MY life just being dumb reality never really felt right.  Also all the world's a stage.  Especially the stages.  Those parts of the world are SUPER STAGES.  What else is going on.  If phone craps out on me before I finish the walk listening to music, odds are it'll be within the first 90 seconds.  All or nothin!  That's my guess.  Hey I'll be back tomorrow unless there's some catastrophe.  Some SPECIFIC catastrophe that would effect this.  Most catastrophes and I'm STILL coming back tomorrow.  See ya!

-1:23 P.M.





Saturday, January 8, 2022

it's like i always say

    Hey friends!  Here comes Saturday.  What's new in the wide world of sports.  Ate a delicious large medium black and white cookie for breakfast.  Maybe it was a small large.  Either way I'm happy with the size it was and how delicious it was.  Normally I like the icing for a black and white to be hard.  This time it was on the soft side but HARD FOR SOFT.  And I liked it!  I would get it again and I WILL get it again.  Also I've been reading the internet and apparently having a breakfast that is just a thinly veiled dessert isn't good for your diet?!?!  WHEW.  Luckily for my breakfasts is they aren't even thinly veiled.  I think we can all just acknowledge that They Are Desserts.  So we're on the up and up about things and that's what's important.  Figured out a couple of good UPDATES to schedule.  Should I share them?  SURE.  Generic snack times can correspond to when I was having MEAL TIMES over the past 9 months that are different now.  My body is still in the mood to eat around then.  MAKES SENSE.  Also every week I have a surplus of calories presumably.  Do a nighttime binge 1 and a half times a week with surplus instead of letting it accumulate!
     TREAT MYSELF.  I don't want TREATS.  DOGS eat treats.  Humans eat SNACKS.  Or maybe DESSERTS.  Or maybe TREATS.  But definitely not TREATS.  Anyway what else is going on.  Remembered to turn on coffee today.  I got that going for me.  Hmm.  Also I feel peer pressured to have Treat Surplus after dinnertime.  I don't know when would be the best time but I feel like I HAVE to choose then to have dessert.  FINE WORKS FOR ME.  WHATEVER KEEPS YOU OFF MY BACK ABOUT THINGS.  What if I just had a normal breakfast and then had Dessert Breakfast for Dessert 2 hours after dinner.  That's STRANGE.  WEIRD IDEA.  I dunno about that.  What else is going on.  National Food Of The Day is... National English Toffee Day.  DID WE FIGHT THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR FOR NOTHING?  Our national day is ENGLISH Toffee?  Look the point is I may have never had toffee but I'll have it now if I want.  Even put some toffee in the parade bar just to make sure I get around to having it at some point.  Toffee is overcooked BUTTERSCOTCH?  I dunno what butterscotch is but I don't think I like it!
     Okay.  Watched Frankenstein: The Movie where Robert De Niro plays the creature.  Not a bad film!  I like the part where it makes ya think.  Also the part where it's a pretty good movie all in all.  I remember reading Frankenstein in high school.  Not just the word Frankenstein, either.  I remember reading the entire booklet which was titled Frankenstein.  Good stuff!  Not sure what reading that book accomplishes.  WOW.  It's a couple hundred pages or so.  WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL.  I've seen books just like it all over the place.  Words are slightly different in a totally different order but once you read one book you've read 'em all.  That's how I feel today.  Probably said that before about books being the same.  So that's how I felt That Other Day, too.  So what.  CHECK IT OUT.  It's like every week, I add surplus calories to what would normally be a small after dinner snack.  And then if there's any calories left over from Tuesday Binge, I have a mini UPCOMING FRIDAY NIGHT Binge.  I've clearly put a lot of thought into this.  I hope it turns out to be a thing.  It requires me to have surplus calories over the week, though!  And not change my mind about it because I wanna lose more weight!
    HOLY CRAP A THING.  I LOVE IT WHEN I DO THINGS.  Things are the best.  What kind of things can I do today.  I already watched a lot of things that appear on Television Sets that I'd be interested in watching.  Ya know, over my lifetime and everything.  A LOT of my life has been spent watching TV and most of that time I've just been watching whatever TV decided to show me.  WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD.  To be fair I've also... uh.. when I started this sentence I had something in mind.  There was something I was thinking of where I was like yeah I watched a lot of TV, but this other activity COMES CLOSE to how much time I've spent watching TV.  Now I can't think of it.  I don't think anything comes close.  Going to school, maybe.  I did that a lot of the time for much of my years.  WHAT A WASTE OF TIME.  I went to school all those times and I STILL don't know everything.  So in the end what's the point in the end.
     Coffee after this paragraph.  Raspberry Iced Tea World Travel Fact Of The Day is... Tigers have striped skin, not just striped fur.  Hey!  HEY!  FINE!  Decent fact.  That's something I can tolerate.  NEW and MORE OR LESS DECENT.  Also gotta imagine the person who discovered this was immediately eaten by the tiger.  What if he examined a dead tiger.  Then the fact wouldn't be accurate.  It'd be DEAD TIGERS Have Striped Skin.  Maybe it changes when they die.  WE DON'T KNOW FOR SURE.  Unless we get close enough to one to see their skin while they're alive.  But there's a 50/50 chance we get eaten.  I dunno.  Maybe tiger will just kill us and not eat us.  I think tigers probably wanna be masters of their domain and kill us but they might not necessarily be hungry enough to eat us or anything.  I guess it depends on a case-by-case basis!  What else.  Oh coffee time.
     Coffee Fact Of The Day is... Coffee rhymes with toffee.  Anyway.  I know humans think they're way at the top of the food chain alpha apex predator by far but let's face it, One on one with a lot of animals?  Humans are gonna lose!  If they use TOOLS which they should be able to because they invented them they can win.  But sometimes humans don't have TOOLS on them.  So when they face a tiger one on one guess what HUMANS ARE GOING DOWN.  What hubris.  Probably.  I forget what that means even though I look it up once every year or so.  Anyway YES we're back to Raspberry after going a few weeks in a row with Lemon Iced Tea.  I'M COMFORTABLE WITH MY DECISIONS.  I guess.  Gonna have a nice break in the day again today.  We're talkin' probably let's say Four Hours without a walk.  AND YOU ALL DOUBTED ME.
Stop doubting me.  It only encourages me and pushes me further!  I eat your doubt and poop out RESULTS.  What else is going on.  Still checking every few hours if Parade Bar is already a thing.  Still kinda convinced it is!  Google just is repeatedly lying to me.  Wants to trick me!  DAMNIT GOOGLE.  Anyway.  I dunno.  Schedule of the day is kind of cementing in my head such that Entry isn't the only driving thing anymore.  Still the only worthwhile thing I do.  But I can now sort of picture how the rest of the day will go and pinpoint points in the day I anticipate enjoying such that while writing entry I'm thinking about the rest of the day.  NO GOOD.  GOTTA BE Thinking ABOUT ENTRY AND ONLY ENTRY.  Otherwise I might get distracted and not know what to talk about and just talk about nothing.  AND THEN WHERE WOULD WE BE.  If you think Same Place As Before you're WRONG.  It's like the Same Place As Before BUT EVEN WORSE.
What else is the same place as before.  Hmm.  I'm in the same place as before PHYSICALLY.  My room.  I spend a lot of time in my room.  Even more than watching TV.  I'm very much accustomed to my life just being in my room.  MY ROOM.  No one else's!  I'm king of the room.  Good for me.  I'm also surf of the room.  I gotta play all roles.  No one else here.  DAMNIT.  What's a good middling role in Medieval Ages.  Not a lot of middle ground between surfs and nobles.  Oh well that's life.  Either you're surfing or nobleing.  No straddling the middle!  Huh.  Also probably surfing.  It's my guess that over 90% of people were surfs and not nobles.  OH WELL THAT'S THEIR PROBLEM.  Trickle Down Nobleonomics.  If you make nobles more noble eventually a lot of nobleness will trickle down to surfs!  That's my theory.  What else is my theory.  Trying to imagine what I'd DIG as a big dessert.  I think I'd like to eat a lot of Smaller Things as opposed to one huge thing.  Makes me feel like a big man stuffing myself with a parade of smaller things rather than eating just one big thing.
     Sure!  We'll see if that pans out or not.  I guess.  Ninth paragraph.  Odds are act'll be ten.  Maybe eleven or twelve!  Probably not a different amount than those three possibilities!  Also have I consciously thought do I wanna eat a bunch of Fiber One products so I can fart all night?  Yes!  I have!  And I MIGHT.  What else is going on.  GOOGLE how many people were surfs.  And why do I insist on spelling it surfs and not serfs.  YOU BETTER HAVE A GOOD ANSWER GOOGLE OR ELSE.  Hmm.  Serfs are a subset of peasants.  Lots of peasants who weren't serfs.  I think most peasants were serfs but I guess the middle ground in those times were being a peasant who wasn't quite a serf.  FASCINATING.  Still no answer for why I keep spelling serfs wrong.  At first it was an honest mistake that over time morphed into me pretending I was doing it to be funny to cover up my shame for it being an honest mistake.  THERE GOOGLE NOW YOU KNOW.  So in the future if someone googles Why Do I Spell Serfs Wrong this website entry will pop up.
Public service.  Also is the I in that sentence ME or ANYONE.  Interesting.  I dunno!  What else is going on and crap.  I'm a little worried that if having to pee on walks wasn't part of my experience my life would be TOO good.  I pretty much would have no worries.  Luckily that's not the case and I have significant worries because of it.  Not just having to hold in my bladder but it makes me worry about covid because LOOK I'M GONNA CHANCE IT a lot and go into Starbucks bathroom.  I try not to but I NEED MY FIX.  My Let Myself Urinate Even When I Know I Shouldn't fix.  It feels GOOD.  What a NATURAL HIGH.  Ugh.  What else is going on.  What kind of Productive can I do this afternoon that isn't Get Started On Cleaning Bathroom.  I figure there's more cleaning I can do in my room.  Where TV is nearby to entertain me.  Huh.  Let's do one more paragraph before walk.
  Not sure WHY.  I'm never sure WHY for ANYTHING.  Still gotta live your life, though.  Yep!  Trying out new ways to do sit ups and push ups.  Feel like I naturally put my body weight on either my left side or my right side doing them for some reason.  Hard to do center myself right in the middle.  So now I just LEAN INTO THAT (PUN INTENDED) and do half of each set consciously putting weight on one side, and then the other half on the other side.  Might as well try to even things out as best I could given the circumstances I've been dealt!  Amazing.  Anyway.  Maybe play some ROCKSMITH today.  Probably won't!  Probably should!  Possibly will!  Possibly shouldn't!  There we go I think we covered all the bases there.  What else covers all the bases.  Something about baseball bases.  That's where you stand if you want to be safe.  You're standing somewhere else you're in danger of being tagged out!  Thems the breaks!  I'll be back soon.




i've never said this before

    Hey!  Got coffee going on with act II.  Because I need to stuff my gullet with something and coffee is a worthy substitute for junk food.  Dunno about WORTHY.  We'll have to see.  Coffee is great but I dunno if it'll really satisfy acute hunger.  Maybe PASSIVE hunger.  But I got ACUTE HUNGER RIGHT NOW.  Whatta gip!  Either way I got lots of good plans if I can avoid bouts of acute hunger which I apparently may not be able to.  Two nights a week of big desserts can be one night a week of big desserts plus TWO MORE nights a week of semi-big desserts!  I GOT LOTS OF PLANS.  It all depends on acute hunger times as well as how much it turns out I can eat to maintain weight.  And whether I actively accept I'm maintaining weight and not secretly trying to lose a couple more pounds.  LOTS OF THINGS TO CONSIDER.  Might as well write about them once again for another day in a row.  I'm considering them and now you must consider them too!
     Shower in four paragraphs.  I can eat the hot water presumably.  Probably won't be hot water.  Just luke warm water.  EWW THEN WHY BOTHER.  What else is going on in the wide world of Not Food and/or My Diet.  Gotta imagine I'll enjoy consuming entertainment today.  MOVIES potentially.  Probably bad movies.  Possibly good ones!  As long as there's SOMETHING to watch I feel like I'm A Winner in the end.  People in China don't get to watch anything on TV!  They have TVs and they have time to watch them but all the state media can afford to produce is Test Signals.  So maybe sometimes they stare at that for a few half hours but it doesn't really qualify as watching something because it never changes.  If you watch something that isn't changing it doesn't qualify as A Watching Exercise.  You're looking at something sure.  But watching something means that something has to be changing somehow.  Not sure what I'm basing this on.  Not only am I basing it on nothing but most of me probably disagrees with it completely.  That's life!
     Cool.  Kinda feel like leaving my bedroom door open throughout the day.  Now that I'm home for up to half a dozen hours at a time in the most extreme scenario.  I wanna give the impression to my parents that I'm Here In It With Them and not off doing my own thing.  We're all a part of the same household and I think we should share air.  Wait that's no good.  If I have Secret Symptoms Covid then I wanna be isolating myself as much as conveniently possible!  This is THE WORST TIME I can start having an Open Door Policy.  Maybe subconsciously I wanna spread my secret covid to my parents really.  That's good stuff for psychiatrists these days.  Talking to people and they're like ya know what deep down maybe I WANT to spread covid.  And or I WANT TO HAVE Covid.  And the psychiatrist is like hmm interesting tell me more then give me more money and then tell me more about how you really feel and then ultimately give me more money.  I think pshyctraits are worthwhile.  I jest and poke fun but without them I'd be nowhere!  I am anyway but at least they're giving me a fighting chance!
     Sure.  What else is going on.  ACUTE HUNGER has been DISSIPATING over the last few paragraphs.  That'll happen!  I've noticed that over the last week of dieting.  You don't give into un-earned acute hunger it will slowly dissipate into passive hunger a good amount of the time.  It takes a while.  Fascinating.  Also I gave into it by having coffee, snapple, a few broken off pieces of REGULAR animal crackers, and a piece of gum.  It all adds up to ME BEATING ACUTE HUNGER while consuming only at most what could be considered a microsnack.  LOOKS LIKE THINGS ARE GOING MY WAY.  Okay calm down about it.  Things go my way all the time!  It's not a big deal.  YEAH I LIKE THAT EVEN BETTER.  Amazing.  Having difficulty charging my phone.  Spent about 10 minutes already since getting home trying to get it to charge.  This ain't good.  So what people all over the world have problems.  Yeah but now I have a problem.  ME!  The guy who matters the most!
     Anyway.  Gotta nice bison burger for lunch going on.  Also I'M BACK ON ONIONS.  I haven't seen any update on Onion Recall since November 21st.  As of then they were still unsafe!  But I read some more from back then that specified the worst of it is RAW onions.  I'm getting SAUTÉED onions on my burger.  And I'm taking a chance and going back to them.  If I get salmonella SO WHAT.  Maybe I secretly deep down kind of WANTED Salmonella.  In which case great wonderful I'm getting what I really wanted.  And if I don't get it then great wonderful I'm getting what I really really wanted.  Cause in real life I don't want it.  So basically I can't lose!  At least when it comes to Getting Salmonella.  Sure.  I dunno.  What else is going on and crap.  Still got some time to kill before shower.  Write another paragraph or two.  That'll do the trick.
     Okay.  Let's say just one more.  Then it's shower time!  The time I take a shower.  More or less.  Yesterday took a very late shower in the middle of the day and water was significantly hotter for longer.  Guess it's a time of day thing re: My Water Problems.  Also My Water Problems is what I call my problems with having to pee all the time outside.  I have to pee all the time inside too but that's no problem.  I live right next to a bathroom.  And if I'm leaving my room door open that's even one less obstacle in the way to get to the bathroom.  Anyway what else is crappening.  I feel like acute hunger is all but gone.  I WIN AGAIN.  We will do battle again many a time.  This isn't the last I've seen of Acute Hunger Even And Or Especially Right After Eating.  But every time I win is another boost to the confidence that I can win the next time as well.  Hey great shower time.




not every entry is gonna be a winner

    Hey friends.  What's going on in the wide world of sports.  Desperately trying to plug my phone charger into phone so it charges.  Try comin' at it from the left.  From the right. From bottom or from top.  And from North By North West and all them there assorted Halfway or Quarterway Directions.  So far no success right now.  Oh well.  Something will happen.  Either it charges or it doesn't!  I can't let the rest of my life be dictated by whether I have a charged phone.  Kinda DO have to let the rest of my life be dictated by it.  IN today's modern world without a charged phone WE ARE NOTHING.  Oh well I'll be Nothing for a while I guess.  Sounds like a fun mix-em-up.  I can see myself enjoying Being Nothing.  The point is what else is going on and crap.  Looks like latest speculation is New York Marijuana Dispensaries will open up end of 2022/beginning of 2023.  I CAN LIVE WITH THAT.  I've been living without dispencereries for 10 months since they legalized it.  Haven't really thought about it too much!
     But I am looking forward to giving that a shot.  Because I LIKE DOING THINGS.  Get off my back about it.  Look we have fun but I can't live without a phone.  What would I listen to on my walks?  The Outside?  I hate listening to the outside.  Hear some other people talking to each other.  I DON'T CARE.  KEEP IT PRIVATE.  I don't wanna know what you're talking about or your tone of voice.  The content is bad enough, having to just hear the unprocessed sounds of your dumb voices is something I shouldn't have to deal with!  So there's that.  Maybe buy an iPod.  Do they still make iPods.  I bet they do.  I wonder if there's some sort of new special features so that it's justifiable to buy an iPod for some reason.  Lemme LTURQ.  They still make THE IPOD TOUCH SEVENTH EDITION.  WOW SEVEN?  NOW YOU GOT MY ATTENTION.  Anyway I'll buy that a week ago so I can listen to something not on my phone.  Wait can I stream from the internet on this.  Probably not.  In which case I still can't listen to music.  I don't have MP3s anymore!  Only of my own songs!  And I've listened to them way too much compared to what is an appropriate amount to listen to them.  Which is Once.  Not each song.  You pick one song at random.  Listen to it once.  YOU GET THE IDEA MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE.
     What else is going on.
  Got three more paragraphs to write roughly.  Let's do that now.  So I won't be delayed 5 or 10 minutes later on in my schedule.  I GOT PLANS re: time.  Jeez.  Can have one super binge day.  Can have 2 binge days.  Can have 3 small binge days.  Can do nothing.  Can end my life.  I have lots of options is the point of how I wanna live my life in the upcoming 3 month period.  HMM if we're doing things through winter we're down to 2 and a half months.  And if we're doing things through March we're only down to Slightly More than 2 and a half months.  THAT'S OKAY THAT'S ALL YA NEED.  At this point I think we should start thinking about April, though.  And in February or March we start thinking about May.  JUST GIVE ME A FUCKIN MOMENT TO THINK ABOUT JANUARY THROUGH MARCH OKAY.  Let's try to stay focused!
     Anyway.  Look January through March is all well and good but if it doesn't extend into April Does It Really Matter?  I'm not answering that today.  I can't!  And I don't want to!  And also HOW DARE YOU.  What else is going on.  Two more paragraphs to write.  Then I'm doing Doing This For Some Reason.  Well I'm done because that's what schedule says to do.  The thing that I don't know the reason for is why I have to do this in the first and/or second place.  I know a bevy of POSSIBLE reasons but what's the TRUE reason?  That's an interesting think-em-up that I don't know.  I know what I THINK might be reasons but I dunno the real reason.  Let's get that physiatrist who coaxed my Covid Spreading and/or Getting Guilt out of me working on what the real reason I do this is.  I guess.  That sounds like a good use of my time and money.  Let's figure this one out once and for all!
    Sure.  Last paragraph time.  Then time to take a walk.  Normally I'd be primed to take a nice Park Walk.  But with some of the path still snowy I'd rather go with Semi-City Street Walk.  It's not ALL OUT city streets.  But it's close.  Some of it is neighborhood streets.  But some of it is COMMERCIAL STREETS.  Like you might find IN A CITY.  Anyway not too many industrial streets on this walk.  Not too many at all!  Those are the three zones you can build in Sim City.  Residential, Commercial, and Industrial.  Maybe other things.  Like Dumps.  You can have a zone that's for garbage.  Or is that industrial.  Probably should be recycling this garbage.  That's an INDUSTRY.  Also garbage is an industry.  That's the premise of The Mafia at least and I accept The Mafia's premises at face value.  No reason not to!  Anyway that's it for today.  I'll be back tomorrow with more crap that apparently you are reading all the way to the end.  See ya!

-1:30 P.M.




Friday, January 7, 2022

this is my favorite part of the day

    Hello friends.  Friday morning entry.  That means Super Market delivery can interrupt!  But it almost definitely won't.  It will almost definitely be significantly later than anticipated.  Most likely scenario is I write Act I, then shovel snow, then wait around for delivery, then RE-CALIBRATE.  I dunno what my next step is exactly!  Depends on the time!  Anyway got some nice blood results from Endocrinologist.  Everything normal pretty much!  AND SHE DOUBTED ME.  My weight loss was all me, no wrong things going on that can be detected in a simple blood test.  Unless there's a measurement in blood test that determines How Great I Am.  If they can measure that in my blood they will see I'm Great And That's How I Lost Weight.  I don't SEE any measurement of that in the records they sent me.  Oh well that's life.  Also right now snow is very very soft.  So shoveling snow to clear car area should be A JOY.
     Yeah!  Cleaned up my room a bit yesterday.  I felt like doin' stuff.  That's the stuff that came to mind naturally.  If I wanna continue doing stuff I guess I can clean my bathroom.  That would be SIX TIMES more intensive but why not.  Let's Do Stuff is my position for now.  Won't be able to LOOK at TV from bathroom.  Could still HEAR it.  I guess I can set up a camera to aim at TV and access the camera from my phone and look at my phone from bathroom.  But I don't have a camera!  I do but it's on my phone.  And my phone can't be in two places at once.  Maybe the newer models can do that.  Mine can't!  I think yesterday was the first day with 5 walks.  Went okay.  LIKE I SAID.  I was productive in the afternoon.  I dunno how long that can last.  At some point I'll run out of productive things to do.  Then I'll have to do unproductive things.  NEUTRAL things.  Then when I run out of neutral things to do I'll have to do things that are negative and hurt people.  Oh well that's life.
     Sure.  My dad is getting INTO IT this semester.  He's turning it on for some reason.  Guess it's just getting used to the whole deal teaching from home and all the technology adjustments and everything.  I like it!  Hey.  National Food Of The Day!  National Food Of The Day is... National Tempura Day.  What's that.  Soup or something.  Maybe noodles.  Better LTURQ.  Oh.  Japanese fried food.  That sounds good!  I like the Japanese.  I like the fried!  I'm neutral on the food!  Amazing.  Had a tiny snack in middle of night.  Popsicle.  Hardly anything!  I don't mind that.  That's something I can live with.  As opposed to other things which would drive me to death.  Presumably suicide.  If I'm being driven to death inadvertently by something that doesn't literally cause me death it's gotta be suicide.  How else would Some Other Cause know to kill me RIGHT THEN.  Hmm.  Not sure if that makes sense! 
     Okay.  Shoveling snow can take 10 minutes.  It can take 40 minutes!  I'm not sure because I don't know.  Hmm good logic.  What do I got to watch today on the television set.  Maybe some sort of bullshit.  I dunno!  Hmm.  Maybe looks like Act I/Shovelling/Act II/Delivery/Walk/Act III + Lunch.  INTERESTING SCHEDULE.  I like it.  It's a necessary mix-em-up and I've been waiting for a mix-em-up my entire schedule life!  Maybe only do 4 walks instead of 5 today.  Because time restraints and maybe shovelling snow counts as a walk.  GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT IT.  Hmm.  I could probably fit in 5 walks.  IF I move things around JUST SO.  Just how.  JUST SO.  Oh okay.  Watched Harry Potter Retrospective.  I was WAY OFF when I was watching these films.  I thought I was watching the films right but seeing them in new contexts I realize I was watching these films from the wrong perspective.  Oh well now I learnt better!
    Okay.  I'll get to bathroom sometime soon probably.  Not today.  Today's Productive is doing delivery and snow shovelling.  PLUS my afternoon time is getting eaten up because delaying things from morning because of Today's Productive.  So it's a matter of a finite amount of time.  We all have only a finite amount of time on the Earth!  Then we die.  Well we'll still be on the Earth when we die.  Right?  Is there anyone dead in space.  Must be an astronaut or two who died in space and never returned.  Then again I Don't Think There Is!  No space corpses as of now.  Interesting.  Gotta imagine at some point a billionaire will pre-pay to have his remains rocketing beyond the Earth's gravitational pull.  Good for him!  AND OR HER.  Women can be billionaires too these days.  I'm guessing.  Seems logical that there's one or two of 'em!  Time for some coffee.
   Forgot to turn on the coffee again.
  That's two days in a row!  NICE!  If I'm being an idiot for two days in a row in something might as well be something as benign as this.  All in all I consider that A WIN.  Snapple World Travel Fact Of The Day is... TOE WRESTLING IS A COMPETITIVE SPORT.  First new fact I've seen in weeks.  Also I'm sure it's a sport but how competitive is it really.  I bet there's very little competition.  There's one guy who goes I can beat anyone in toe wrestling and the rest of society is just like good great we'll take your word for it.  And now that one guy is world champion.  I guess that's good for him.  AND good for society.  That sort of thing.  Hmm.  Wore BOOTS today.  For some reason I'm always reluctant to wear boots.  But then I wear them when I have to and kind of enjoy it.  What a story.
Coffee after this paragraph!  Amazing.  I think a lot about whether I should be having ice cream bars and sandwiches in the winter.  You'd think oh you're coming in from the cold last thing you should want is ice cream.  But maybe it's the other way.  I'm getting USED to braving the cold temperatures.  LET'S KEEP THIS GOIN'.  HOOK ME UP WITH SOME COLD ICE CREAM.  Also here's a multimillion dollar idea-- NON COLD ICE CREAM.  I call it CREAM.  Wow.  MULTI-MILLION.  Anyway.  Ice cream soup.  Gotta imagine some people enjoy that.  They may never have tried it.  They have no idea they'd enjoy it.  YOU may be one of these people.  I guess I may be, too!  Doesn't SOUND like I am.  Seems wrong.  But what do I know.  Not a lot!  I probably know 22% of things and even THAT is overselling it a bit.  HMM.  I poured myself coffee.  It was turned on and everything.  And now it's turning ME ON.  SEXUALLY.
Wow.  45 minutes until pre-set time to shovel snow.  Will I write up until then?  Will I stop beforehand?  Only time can tell.  As well as other concepts.  Like Space.  I feel like there's at least one third thing other than space and time.  Oh.  Right.  The Twilight Zone.  There's Space, there's Time, and then there's The Twilight Zone.  And then there's Tales From The Crypt.  What else is going on.  Hmm.  Maybe even fit in a CIRCLEWALK after Act II before Delivery gets here.  I know I talked a big game about eliminating CircleWalking completely but sometimes they're just very convenient!  Why paint myself into a corner and swear off them.  Keep 'em as a possibility in my back pocket.  Not front pocket.  That's too accessible.  Then again if I'm constantly sitting on it it could get mushed or broken or something.
    Anyway.  My toes can't wrestle.  They don't have the muscles.  I can kind of move them a bit but I don't think I'd be able to wrestle with them.  Also they've had no training.  Anyway.  Maybe it's just something called Toe Wrestling and it's an entirely different thing than the name implies.  That's possible.  Kinda seems like Snapple is jerks for false advertising making us think it's one way when its another.  Oh well.  That's life!  Snapple is tricking us.  DAMNIT.  I think I've talked about Space Corpses before.  You don't forget a thing like that.  Or, you do, and then you remember it soon after.  That's the case in this scenario.  When meteor hit dinosaurs did it propel dinosaurs into the air so far that they escaped gravitational pull and went into space?  And now there's Dinos floating around out there?  My guess?  I don't KNOW.  ASK SOMEONE ELSE.  This isn't my area of expertise!
    Hey great just great.
  These NOthin' Popsicles have jokes on them.  Most ice cream snacks with sticks don't have jokes anymore.  THESE DO.  I've been throwing them out without realizing!  I read one joke today from last night's stick.  What book has the most words.  THE DICTIONARY.  I think its meant to be a joke.  I DON'T GET IT.  YES.  IT'S TRUE.  Dictionary has ALL the words presumably.  Or ALMOST ALL if we're being honest.  Maybe it's not supposed to be a joke.  It's not really an interesting fact, either.  That's what I would have guessed!  Either way maybe it's a think-em-up.  It's a ANALOGY OR METAPHOR OR PARABLE.  It's meant to inspire DISCUSSION and RETROSPECTION.  Anyway I threw that stick out because I don't care enough.  What else is going on.  Tenth paragraph!  Gonna do another paragraph or two because that's the kind of thing I'm doing right now.
     Sweet!  Endocrinologist wants me to go get blood work done 3 days in a row at 8 AM at Some Place because something concerned with my weight loss.  I think I'm gonna FIGHT THIS.  She's interested in my CORTISOL.  SHE TESTED MY CORTISOL.  IT WAS RIGHT SMACK IN THE MIDDLE OF NORMAL RANGE.  I don't wanna get COVID I AIN'T DOIN' IT.  What's the worst that could happen.  My cortisol collapses and I die.  I DON'T THINK That's GONNA HAPPEN.  I don't know what cortisol is so one can only imagine whether I have it or not can't effect me.  Ignorance is bliss!  If you don't know about something how could it ultimately hurt you.  Hmm.  Maybe I should look up what the hell Cortisol is.  Some sort of STRESS HORMONE.  And the part that she's concerned about presumably is if you have too low cortisol you might have appetite suppressed and lose weight.  I HAVE NO SUPPRESSED APPETITE.  You're WAY OFF.  The point is I'M GONNA FIGHT THIS ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP IF I HAVE TO.  By just Not Doing It.  That's my game plan.  What else is going on.  This'll be the last paragraph for now.  I guess.  Be back soon! 




so what else is up

    Hey friends.  Got coffee going on with Act II because I'll probably have lunch going on with Act III.  Delicious!  Shoveled some snow for 30 minutes.  The time just flew by.  So gotta imagine that's a good thing to have done.  One more adult experience added to the bank.  Memory bank!  I really should be keeping an explicit tally of adult experiences.  Yeah but then I'd have to rank them in terms of HOW ADULT and HOW EXPERIENCE and that turns it into a whole thing that I don't wanna do.  What else is going on.  This snow was NOTHIN.  Soft as fuck.  It should be ashamed of itself.  It has the nerve to call itself snow.  Probably.  If it was sentient at least.  And spoke English.  And wanted to call itself something for some reason in a conversation.  The point is humans have dominion over soft snow.  HARD SNOW not so much.  Hard snow defeats humans more often than not.  But that's part of life!
     Cool.  What else is going on.  Figure I'll just write five paragraphs here.  Then take some time and ENJOY the break I have while waiting for Super market delivery.  Usually it's stress filled and worrisome because how the Hell am I gonna fit in 7 walks with all this waiting.  Now?  WHO CARES.  ONLY FIVE WALKS.  This is a walk in the park!  Except I took a walk not in the park because I didn't trust park paths to be shoveled.  Half the NON park paths weren't shoveled.  I don't even wanna think how un-shoveled the park paths would be.  It's possible someone went around and shoveled MORE snow onto the paths, that's how bad it could be.  Either way take some park walks in the afternoon.  Take my chances and hope melt has happened to snow at that point.  I like to take chances.  Not as much as Community Chests but better than NOTHIN.  Maybe it's not better than nothing.  Maybe overall Chance will be more likely to hurt you than help you.  I haven't crunched the numbers!
    Also based on what happened lat week it'd be a treat jut to get the delivery!  And it being relatively close to being on time is the icing on the cake!  Also DAMNIT SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN SOME CAKE.  WITH ICING.  Cake is good but imagining eating icing is even better.  I feel like I'm due some cake that has icing.  That's my impression.  Anyway Snapple World Travel Fact Of The Day Part II is another repeat.  Look I'm out of soda.  Gotta drink the snapples.  Also after this snapple I'm out of snapples.  Gotta hope delivery comes in an hour to two hours like they say they are.  What else is up.  I should eat some cereal as a breakfast.  I got nice cereal I like.  Don't eat it very often at all.  When I do its as microsnacks.  But I could have like a TWO TIMES BOWL breakfast of just a bunch of cereal.  WOW A BOWL OF CEREAL FOR BREAKFAST.  THIS IS A BREAKTHROUGH GAME CHANGER THAT JUST OCCURRED TO ME.
    Yeah but it's a BIG BOWL.
  If a bowl is a measurement which I believe it is, let's say 200% of a bowl.  Other people can do that all the time without thinking.  They just pour a lot.  They don't THINK, "I'm doing double a bowl," they just think, "I'm pouring a bowl of cereal to my liking."  What weirdoes!  Anyway what else is going on.  What other film franchise retrospections can I watch today.  I don't think there's ANY.  There was That One and THAT'S IT.  That hardly seems fair.  You got me in the mood for film franchise retrospections and just like that you pull the rug out from under me?  And I trip?  And fall on the ground?  And the ground isn't even Rugged so it's not even a soft landing?  This scenario sounds pretty bad for me!  What else is going on in the wide world of sports.  I could theoretically take a shower after this act.  Probably won't, though.  A LITTLE too risky.  Oh well that's life.  Gotta avoid risk!  That's my motto.  Kind of a crappy motto.  Not very catchy.  Mottos need to be catchy so people remember them so they could learn from them.
Wonderful.  What else is going on.  I know I get to LIE DOWN in the time after this paragraph and before delivery.  I'm ASSUMING I put the television into the On Position so it shows me flickering images and constant sounds.  That's basically the premise I'm working with for my immediate future.  Anyway.  Maybe go to some Tales From That Crypt.  FEELS RIGHT for right now.  Gotta go with what feels right!  Trust your feels!  They're probably right a solid 75% of the time!  I LIKE THOSE ODDS.  And even when they're wrong You Followed Your Heart and that's what's important.  If you don't follow your heart, who will?  No one!  Maybe some people.  I dunno what's wrong with those people, though.  Kinda creepy that they're invested in following your heart!  I don't like this scenario even though it seems like a positive one at face value.  The point is I'll be back a little bit later!  See ya!




where did that come from

    Hey.  Got delicious lunch going on.  Herbed chicken, sweet potatoe, and broccolie!  Good news is I'll devour that within a few sentences of writing Act III.  Bad news is WHAT THEN.  Good news is oh just write the next 4.5 paragraphs anyway and move on with my life.  Then take a walk!  I'm a walk behind today.  Gotta take a bonus afternoon walk to make up for it.  It's okay because that's the life decision I chose to make.  And I'm good at making life decisions!  I do it all the time.  For example THIS LUNCH.  I got 4 or 5 meals from Super Market that just arrived and I crunched the numbers and consulted all the facts and Phoned A Friend and I decided to go with this one for today.  I have no regrets!  Not yet!  Some regret might kick in soon I guess but as of now I'm happy with the direction I decided to go in.
   Sure.  I can still enjoy my afternoon even if there's a 30 minute block of walking that wouldn't be there normally.  Just don't make it a big deal!  Still emphasize the lie OUTSIDE walking.  Being INSIDE house.  Anyway.  Pretty sure 15 minutes after I shoveled snow around car a plow came and plowed the whole area.  They can't plow snow around car.  Plow is too big for that.  I make an interesting counter-point to myself.  Anyway the good news is I accomplished a lot today.  I can't say for certain what it was but I remember having a feeling of accomplishment at some point recently.  OH.  RIGHT.  I had one and a half pop tarts for breakfast instead of two.  That must be it.  Man would that second half of a pop tart be good right about now.  No.  Not really.  Don't feel that way at all honestly!  Felt that way EARLIER.  A few hours ago.  Soon after I stopped eating breakfast I really started getting a hankering for finishing the pop tart!  However I DIDN'T.  Where's my parade.  I assume it's in the process of being scheduled.
    Finished lunch!  Wonderful.  What else is going on.  I feel I should be rewarded for eating lunch without over-eating by getting a treat to eat.  I DIDN'T OVEREAT YET.  WHERE'S MY PARADE.  IN THE FORM OF CANDY.  I feel like there should be a chocolate bar called a, "Parade Bar."  That's a multi-million dollar idea waiting to pop.  Maybe there is a candy bar called a Parade Bar.  Well there is now anyway.  Hmm do I get to DESIGN the bar.  How about CHOCOLATE.  And the word PARADE is EMBOSSED IN CHOCOLATE.  That's all I got so far.  Maybe Milk Chocolate.  Maybe half milk chocolate half dark.  Maybe each inch of the bar horizontally is a different kind of chocolate.  That's where the parade part comes in.  It's a parade of different kinds of chocolate.  And the word Parade is in white chocolate.  All the pieces are starting to come together.
Penultimate paragraph!  Wonderful.  Lemme bring plate and stuff downstairs.  HEY.  Had a microsnack of 7 Miniature Animal Crackers.  Somehow that actually did the trick.  Also I can't stress enough these aren't small animal crackers. They are MINI small animal crackers.  So it was a real MICROSNACK.  And it did the trick adequately!  Maybe I'll be singing a different tune in 75 seconds.  I guess we'll have to wait and see.  What else is going on and crap.  Hmm.  Just got the instinct wait a second THERE DEFINITELY IS a parade bar.  I can picture it right now!  Then I googled it and THERE ISN'T.  I guess it manifested in my imagination pretty quickly.  So that's good news.  Either way just let me eat some embossed white chocolate, okay?  It doesn't need to be RIGHT NOW.  I get that it'll take some time to put together the chocolate bar I just described.  But get started on it NOW and then when it's ready give me the prototype.  I don't think that's asking for too much!
     Last paragraph of the day.  Great!  Guess I'm gonna lie down or something for 15 minutes and then take a walk.  Real MICROREST.  Doing microthings is the best.  It's all the fun of doing things without the guilt of having done things.  Look I'll be honest IT'S THE WORST.  It's all the guilt of doing things without all the fun of doing things.  The point is what else is going on.  Why should I feel guilty for doing generic basic things.  I dunno.  Because I GOT PROBLEMS OKAY?  Mind your own business!  Look am I chewing more gum than I thought I was gonna let myself?  MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS.  This is a personal issue and I don't see how or why you should be involved in it at all!  Anyway great just great another entry in the books.  I'll see ya tomorrow.

-3:02 P.M.




Thursday, January 6, 2022

is this going to be a thing

    Hi friends.  What's going on in the wide world of sports.  Checked my weight today.  Same as a week ago!  Good enough for me to cut down a walk.  Possibly corresponded with slightly cutting down calorie allotment for snacks.  Either way WOW HUGE GAP IN MIDDLE OF THE DAY WHERE I'M HOME.  We're talkin' 3-6 hours!  Think of all the crap I could accomplish with that time.  Then tell me.  Cause I can't think of anything.  So there's that.  What's the National Food Of The Day.  Apple Tree Day, National Bean Day, and National Shortbread Day.  Apple Tree isn't a food.  We don't eat trees.  I guess we can.  Nobody is gonna specifically stop us.  Maybe there should be people to stop us.  But right now there aren't.  Anyway.  Some beans are good.  I like a Pinto Bean in a burrito.  Shortbread sounds okay.  Well we're all caught up on that.
On my walk in the park, there's one tree in a key fork in the Park Road that has some sort of official Parks Department sign attached to it saying something like IT'S OKAY!  HUG A TREE!  And I really don't know what that means or accomplishes.  Also I may not be getting the phrase on the sign EXACT but that's 90% accurate in terms of the gist of what it means and how it's conveyed.  The point is maybe next time get up close to the sign to read the fine print that must be there that explains what the Hell they're trying to say.  Also I can't hug a tree.  Arms aren't big enough!  Lots of trees I can hug.  Not this tree in the fork in the road with the sign on it!  Per my memory it's a relatively big tree!  Hmm.  Also not really sure it's the Parks Department's place to tell us we can hug this tree.  Kinda seems like it should be up to the tree.
     Okay.  I hope I'm doing the right thing with this Big Gap in middle of the day.  What else.  I remember we used to go to THE GAP and I would stand at the window with the mannequins and try to hold still and then when people pass by suddenly move.  And I thought I was being funny and surprising them.  They probably either didn't notice or noticed and weren't surprised and just like what's that kid doing.  I either know what he's doing and not surprised and he's an idiot or I don't know what he's doing and not surprised that he has some sort of problem where he's not moving and then jerking around.  Either way I doubt I ever accomplished what I set out to do.  Anyway.  I think THE GAP is an oxy moron.  There's clearly a store here.  If you were a real gap there'd be nothing there!  Unless it's surrounded by Nothing.  Then it's a gap in the nothing As Something.
     Sure.  Just because I can't tell the difference between mannequins and real people doesn't mean other people can't.  If only someone explained this to me!  I think my parents knew I was doing this but they never were like hey you're not fooling anybody.  They might have been like stop fooling around but they never used the logic that I was accomplishing nothing to get me to stop.  Maybe they thought I would be successful in fooling people, too!  In which case THIS IS ALL THEIR FAULT.  Even in the other case.  No matter the case this is all their fault!  I wouldn't even be in The Gap if it weren't for them.  I have no interest in being in The Gap!  Had a good experience eating dinner last night when it actually arrived from restaurant.  HMM.  Maybe next step in eating responsibly is eating meals Downstairs at kitchen table instead of bringing it upstairs.  What do I accomplish eating it in my room.  Watching TV while it happens?  I don't even really like watching TV!
     What else is going on.  Maybe I'm avoiding hearing PARENT'S DOWNSTAIRS TV by going upstairs.  That could be the case.  I don't wanna hear their dumb TV choices.  Too dumb for my sensibilities!  Hey I did no eating in the middle of last night.  I may have woke up and chewed a piece of gum or something.  I don't remember specifically.  The good news is what else is going on.  Successfully Shove yesterday.  Not pushed.  Past tense of shaved.  I shove my face.  That sort of thing.  I bet now I'll be thinking hey it's the middle of the day I got nothin' to do might as well take a bonus walk.  And then I'd be like NO I CAN'T DO THAT IT SETS PRECEDENT THAT I WILL TAKE WALKS NOW AGAIN.  And then I'll be like hey it's the middle of the day I got nothin to do I wont' take a BONUS WALK but I'll take a walk now and not after dinner.  And then I'll be like NO I CAN'T DO THAT IT SETS PRECEDENT THAT I WON'T FOLLOW WALK SCHEDULE.  So I got a lotta problems coming up this afternoon.  YA KNOW WHAT.  Gonna officially cut down calorie allotment by 50 calories to mostly make up for taking one less walk!  FEELS GOOD TO GET THAT OUT OF THE WAY.  I'M HAPPY NOW.
Anyway.  Went downstairs to pour coffee and realized I never turned it on.  And I said to myself and/or my dad I forgot to turn it on.  What an idiot.  And my Dad was like DON'T BE SO HARD ON YOURSELF PEOPLE MAKE MISTAKES.  He interrupted it as me being really frustrated with myself and being self abusing calling myself an idiot.  Whereas I meant it as if I said it here on a website.  As an aside.  Because I am an idiot in some senses and in the senses I'll admit I'm an idiot I Really Don't Care.  Maybe I am partly an idiot for not turning on coffee but it doesn't bother me!  I'm okay, Dad!  Everyone's an idiot to some degree.  We're ALL on the Idiot Spectrum.  The point is now I have to wait another 5-10 minutes for coffee.  I can live with that.  I HAVE NO CHOICE.  The point is I'll go pour that coffee after the next paragraph.  Unless I forgot to turn it on again.  In which case I'll say I'm an idiot more emphatically and believe it more, too!
     Sure.  Maybe other people don't accept that they're on the Idiot Spectrum.  In which case that's their problem not mine.  Life is better when you accept you're kinda dumb!  Because You Are.  So you might as well acknowledge it to yourself.  The point is what else is going on.  Hopefully getting super market delivery.  Dad is concerned it'll be postponed or canceled or late for a variety of reasons.  Like omicron making less people show up for work to deliver it and there being some snow to make it harder to deliver.  I'm not convinced!  I say it'll come.  That's my hot take.  Anyway.  Stuff like waiting for delivery in morning won't muck up my schedule that much.  Just push it back a little.  I still take penultimate walk soon after lunch and ultimate walk soon after dinner!  That remains more or less constant!  Hey time for coffee FOR REAL.
    Hey I have coffee FOR REALSIES now.  What else is going on.  Not sure what schedule I'm following for Entry Hours.  Could be shifted one way or another by 15 or even 30 minutes.  Oh well that's life.  Sometimes you shift things by 15 minutes!  What else is going on.  Eighth paragraph!  I got that going for me at least.  I think it's possible that sometime this year it will start to get SO LIGHT outside SO LATE that I will be taking ZERO WALKS in the dark.  And walks in the dark means I have to pee more.  Some sort of werewolf thing but instead of turning into a wolf its I Have To Pee A Lot and also instead of Full Moon it's Just Being Dark Outside and also I have to pee a lot even in the light but it's slightly more when it's dark.  But it might just be that it's later in the day so I've been drinking beverages all day and it's accumulated more than earlier in the day.  I've given myself a lot to think about.
Sure.  Just googled SUNSET IN JULY and there's a 311 song called SUNSET IN JULY.  And 311 is a band.  I feel like I've heard that band name before.  Better LTURQ.  YEP TOTALLY A LEGIT SUCCESSFUL POPULAR BAND.  I guess I knew their song name probably but just forgot about it and thought I was googling a unique thought.  Also I still need to find out when sunset in July is.  LMLTURQ.  Around 8:15.  I'd be taking Ultimate Walks in the light is the point.  Anyway.  Gotta keep writing this act at least until coffee is done.  Great!  I can do that.  Especially because I don't Try At All.  That makes everything easier!  I feel like I've talked about being a mannequin before.  Also at this point I must have talked about Most Things In My Life before!  Kinda felt in the back of my mind it's a never-ending well of things.  But now I realize that it's a finite amount of things that I've experienced in life.  Even if in theory I've only scratched the surface.  It might feel like I've talked about 80% of things when it's really 10% of things.  Even still, there's still SOME number where I run out of things that I've experienced.  But I experience new things every day.  Until I die.  When I'm dead I won't write any more entries.  That's what you think!
     Anyway.  Great!  Maybe watch the Harry Potter retrospective on HBO.  I just watched the films!  They're fresh in my mind.  Gotta see some Retrospection now.  Anyway.  Tenth paragraph!  I can legally stop Act any time after this paragraph.  No kidding.  Internet currently projects 3-6 inches of snow.  Lemme break out my ruler for context.  HMM that's a fair amount of snow.  That might disrupt things IN THEORY.  I think it'll disrupt things in that it's a hassle but not enough that it disrupts things that order is canceled because of it.  IN THEORY.  What else is great.  Hmm well 3-6 inches what's that let's think in terms of My Penis.  I know my penis is THIS SIZE roughly so what does that mean relative to 3-6 inches exactly.  That's another way to go if I couldn't get to a ruler immediately.  But I could.  So the ruler does the work for me!  Amazing.  If we can use the word and concept FOOT because that's the measurement of some ancient king's supposed feet, then current days we can measure things relative to My Penis.  That's how I feel.  Yeah!  What else is going on.  Maybe make this the last paragraph of the act.  I can, "Dig," that!  Also in current days we dig things in relative deepness to My Penis.  Sure!  I'll be back soon.




okay let's try it your way

    Hey!  Think I'm gonna transition from my ice cream sandwiches to the ones my Dad gets.  DELICIOUS!  Filling!  Wonderful.  The point is I still need to finish my ice cream sandwiches.  And the ones he gets aren't always in stock!  But then I got other ice cream and frozen treat options like low calorie BARS not sandwiches.  The point is I'll be okay re: Frozen Treats.  Maybe not always 100% IDEAL but I'll be Okay At The Least.  What do I got going on for this act.  Gonna be roughly 45 minutes.  That's the plan!  Then again the plan could also be Gonna be roughly 5 paragraphs.  By which I would mean Exactly 5 Paragraphs.  WE'LL HAVE TO WAIT AND SEE HOW I FEEL LATER.  I can't wait.  I bet I feel STRONGLY ENOUGH to make a decision!  Sounds good to me.  Nodded to new guy who takes out garbage and does other assorted stuff for us and our neighbors.  Don't know what he looks like really cause he wears a mask.  I guess it doesn't matter.  It's what is on the inside that counts!  You know like organs and stuff.  They keep the body movin'.
Okay.  Great!  Probably write 5 paragraphs.  Writing entries by the paragraph and not by the time has served me well for a long time. Or should I say A LONG AMOUNT OF PARAGRAPHS.  Nope.  Stick with long time.  For this context I think that's the way to go!  What else is going on in the wide world of sports.  Some guy was gonna sign on with The Yankees to be a third base coach or something and was already announced either formally informally to do so but now he signed with The Mets.  WOW.  We're on the up and up!  This guy would rather be a third base coach with the Mets.  Also how much do third base coaches earn and how in the Hell do you justify someone earning enough to support a family comfortably when his job is maybe two times a game he either waves his arms telling a guy to run home or puts his hands up telling a guy to stop.  That's his job in life and that pays the bills presumably.  Look I'm sure he does other stuff to justify his job.  But I bet none of it is important.
Anyway what else is going on.  Also are some people better than others at waving people home or not?  Gotta imagine there's a wide range of quality in third base coaches.  There's the people that really belong and know what they're doing and get it right every Wave Home Or Not.  Then there's people who got hired somehow for the wrong reasons and are terrible at their job but no one would be the wiser because hey probably the players fault for either not being fast enough or the other team's player had too good a throw or something.  Either way what else is going on.  This guy that signed with the Yankees then changed his mind will be a HITTING Coach.  I can see that being a relevant position.  Good for him.  Maybe third base coach is also the hitting coach and/or some other relevant coach and just doubles as a third base coach.  Well if he's doubling as a third base coach seems kinda pointless.  He'd have to be either tripling or inside the parking as a third base coach to mean anything.
    Wow!  Anyway.  Maybe third base coach tries to distract the opposing third baseman while the game is going on.  So if the ball is hit to him he makes an error because the third base coach is messing with him somehow.  The point is Great.  That can't be the case or there would be more errors at third base than at other positions.  Hmm.  Maybe there are.  Let's get Bill James working on that.  Seems like a legitimate thing to look into.  Rates of errors at different positions.  I'd look into it but I don't want to and can't.  If someone wrote an article about it I could look into THEM looking into it.  But I probably wouldn't even do that!  I could read a synopsis.  I'd probably read a short synopsis if I could.  I wouldn't know it until I was done.  I'd read the synopsis through the natural course of things and then by the time I know what I'm reading I'll have already read it.  Okay.
Last paragraph of the act!  What else is going on.  Got chicken fingers for lunch.  Not sure how to prepare them for eating.  Never had these before from this place!  Even if I did I wouldn't know what to do.  My instinct would always be to put them in oven but then the pairing instinct would be that I would best like them cold and then my third instinct would be Well there's always the microwave and then I work my way back to my first instinct and then go through all the instincts again half a dozen times but always in the same order.  Usually end up Ovening.  Today I wanna eat it cold.  Let's go with Middle Instinct.  I think that's the way to go today!  THEN AGAIN Microwaving It has got a lot going for it, too.  What else is up.  Hmm maybe Shower Circumstance will be good today.  Some nice consistent hot water.  Here's to hoping!  Where.  Wherever I am and/or you are.  Oh okay.  So that's where we're hoping.  I'll be back soon.




i'm glad everything is working out

    Hey!  Shower water was hot enough for long enough.  Not perfect but manageable!  Whose managing what in this scenario.  At first I thought I was managing the water.  Now I think the water was managing me.  The point is gonna pour coffee #2 after this paragraph and collect Snapple #1!  Amazing.  Got half a dozen fries leftover somehow from something.  Gonna have those with chicken fingers.  Just try and stop me!  I'd like to see that!  It would be futile!  I'm MANAGING in this situation whether you try to stop me and/or not!  Anyway I'm having delicious salmon for dinner tonight.  I like the part where I eat the skin.  LOOK if I don't eat the weird black skin on the bottom then I'm not really eating the main part of salmon where calories are concentrated.  And that wouldn't be fair!  Gotta eat it!  Hey here comes coffee. 
    Anyway I'm looking down at my belly and I'm Kind Of? okay with how it looks.  I don't like the shape of it.  How it's concaved around the sides and protrudes in the middle vertically.  But when you weigh a lot for a long time and then lose the weight It's Gonna Look Different and we just gotta put up with that!  Maybe if I lose 3 more pounds it goes to relatively normal.  Or maybe it goes to normal because I do more sit ups.  Or maybe it just goes to normal over time by itself.  Either way out of my control!  Wait no.  Some of those ways ARE in my control.  Yeah but whether I turn out to control myself is out of my control!  Hmm good point.  Either I will control myself or I won't control myself!  Gotta wait and see!  Anyway I haven't poured my coffee yet.  I will in a second.  Just lemme finish this paragraph first OKAY?  Oh I can do that right now.  Great!
I may or may not be using the word concave correctly.  I may or may not look that up right quick.  I think I MAY.  HEY I WAS USING IT CORRECTLY.  Wow.  I thought I was just thinking of the phrase caving in and incorrectly went with Concave because it just sounded similar.  NOPE they are legitimately similar words!  Snapple World Travel Fact Of The Day is... another repeat.  This is the first repeat of this one though.  I think I've only had this one once before.  Relatively new to me.  Sounds like a good compromise.  No it doesn't.  Well we'll have to settle for it anyway.  That's life.  Great!  What else is going on.  I guess if I have big break in the middle of the day I'm gonna need something to entertain me.  My first thought was figure out how to get a lot out of watching TV.  Now I'm thinking MAYBE JUST MAYBE I can read book and or books.  That's just the out of left field idea that might gain traction if I had any control over myself!
     Cool!  Dunno how many paragraphs this act'll be.  Possibly MORE.  More than WHAT.  Five.  The standard.  If I just say MORE you can assume I mean more than What's Normal And Standard.  Well you can assume or not assume what you want.  The ball's in your court now.  Ugh.  What else is going on.  Wearing a nice adult button down shirt today.  I believe it's CORDOROY.  I wonder how you really spell that word and also what it means and also if it's this.  Let's look up the first two things and not the third one!  You spell it corduroy.  A fabric with raised, "CORDS."  Looks like parallel cords.  Yeah pretty sure This Is That.  Wonderful.  I think it's great.  I feel like as a child I had corduroy pants that my Mom liked me wearing but I personally didn't.  I can't remember that far back!  I vaguely remember having corduroy pants and That's The Story.  Hmm.  The REAL story here is I have a corduroy shirt now and I get a kick out of it!
     Fifth paragraph.  Let's see how this one goes.  I might be thinking of the childrens' book Corduroy which internet reminded me of.  That's why I remember the word and/or concept from being a child.  Anyway.  Finished coffee.  Finished snapple!  Comfortable drinking more soda now even though walk is relatively soon.  This will be a PARK WALK.  Those are 5 minutes shorter!  I'll make it home in time to urinate EASY.  Only will become a slight problem wanting to urinate the last 10 minutes of the walk.  And will only turn into a real problem the last 90 seconds!  I can handle that easy.  Also park has a small building which is a bathroom that is probably open and no one rarely goes into.  So it's pretty safe to pee there halfway through walk if I need to.  WOW sounds like everything is really going well in my life.  Wonderful.  The point is that's it for today.  I'll see ya tomorrow!

-1:05 P.M.




Wednesday, January 5, 2022

that's what i'm talking about

    Hey what's up.  Did some midnight snacking again last night.  This is TERRIBLE.  I'm not binging but it still counts relevantly!  At this point am I supposed to just work it into my diet?  Because I clearly can't control myself.  WHATTA GYP.  I feel like I'll learn to control myself.  That's the goal!  Anyway wearing a nice new small shirt today.  In that it's 14 years old but it was my brothers shirt and now somehow it's come into my possession.  I LIKE IT because it feels good sizewise.  Alright lets get into some Yukk Em Ups.  Have you heard the good news about... uhhh... wide world of sports...  The national food of the day is... National Whipped Cream Day.  I got nothin'!  I don't like it.  Who cares.  So I'm 300 calories off my target for the week.  THIS ISN'T A BIG DEAL.  THIS SHOULDN'T UPSET ME.  Get off my back about it.  If I want it to upset me it'll upset me.  MY DIET MY CHOICE.
     400 calories is an eighth of a pound.  AN EIGHTH OF A POUND IS MEASURABLE.  It's RELEVANT.  It's LEGITIMATELY SOMETHING.  Anyway.  Speaking of 8ths the delivery dinner bag yesterday smelled of marijuana!  No marijuana in it, though!  I didn't check completely but I pushed down on the bag after taking out my food and it didn't seem like there was anything else in it.  Seems like kind of a gyp.  Also YES the fraction 1/8th makes me think of marijuana.  Because that was my goal to get when I was buying it personally.  So it would last me longer than a gram.  But I wasn't going completely overboard and buying way too much that it wouldn't be acceptable in polite society.  Hmm.  Also that was an eighth of an ounce.  Not an eighth of a pound.  Although that would be nice too.  I crunched the numbers and I walk just about 3 miles an hour on my walks.  FASCINATING. 
    The point is there was a solid few days where I felt completely in control of my diet and whatnot and now I feel like I'm losing control again.  DANGIT.  Gimme control.  And I'll control it FOR GOOD.  Not for evil!  In my best interests.  In YOUR best interests!  Unless you want me to eat more Birthday Cake Celebration Fiber One Brownies.  I'll eat SOME sure but you're asking too much from me to eat even more!  Also I don't know the last time I had real birthday cake.  That's why these brownies are so great!  All the joy of celebrating birthday cake without having to celebrate someone's birthday.  Anyway.  Do adults eat birthday cake.  They might eat a SLICE of cake for their birthday as a treat.  They might be ON OCCASION presented with cake and/or candles as a treat.  But I don't think it's birthday cake.  Also even that seems too much for adults.  I can imagine seeing it in fiction.  Some adult being presented with cake and candles.  And if it happens in fiction it definitely happens in real life.
    Okay.  I guess I CAN work midnight snacking into my diet.  As long as I agree to snack on ONE THING and then cut it out.  That could work.  DANGIT.  Maybe I could tape my mouth shut while I sleep.  And my nose for good measure.  I'll figure out some other way to breathe don't you worry about me.  What stops me from taking off the tape.  I'll be discombobulated because it's the middle of the night!  I wouldn't think to take off the tape.  And even if I did think of it I wouldn't have the proper motor functions to be able to.  It's a foolish proof plan!  What else.  Went to starbucks bathroom yesterday.  DANGIT.  I have no choice.  I must empty my bladder!  Also WHY NOT LET ME TREAT MYSELF.  What else is going on.  Ended up getting salad yesterday instead of Chinese food.  Delicious!  Have second half of it for lunch today.  I got pretty much the upper end of what I was expecting.  There was a range of what I was expecting and I MET that range and it was a positive section of the range!  AMAZING.
  I feel pressure to eat these good bananas.  They're healthy and taste good and who knows the next time I'll get good bananas in stock.  Next bunch of bananas'll be mediocre!  That's how I feel.  Also I eat bananas at roughly 3 miles an hour.  Hmm.  How's omicron coming along.  Mild responses among healthy people!  WOW!  Now all those covid doubters can be like SEE WE WERE RIGHT IT TURNED INTO NOTHING AT ALL FOR MOST PEOPLE.  Also WHAT DO YOU MEAN A MILLION AMERICANS WILL HAVE DIED FROM COVID.  WHO CARES AND ALSO I CAN'T UNDERSTAND THAT BECAUSE I'M A BIG IDIOT.  Also is it just me or does Mild Covid sound kind of PLEASANT.  It's probably just me.  But I figure I'd throw that out there anyway just in case it's YOU too!  The point is I WANT AN AT HOME TEST.  I'm not sure I've EVER been tested for covid at all now that I think about it.  They check your temperature when I go to get blood work.  People ask me if I've had symptoms before I go into places.  Not sure I've ever had a test!  OH NO I'M SCARED HOLD ME.
Coffee time.  YA KNOW WHAT.  BANANA SOUNDS GREAT.  Midway snack between breakfast and lunch.  PERFECT.  Let's do it.  That's BUT AN HOUR OR AN HOUR AND A HALF AWAY.  I can't believe it!  BANANA TIME.  Also every time I inform you I'm considering eating a banana I feel great about myself.  HEY FRUITS. A DULTS EAT FRUITS.  I LOOK LIKE A BIG TIME RESPONSIBLE ADULT MAN EATING A BANANA.  I'm not proud of feeling proud for eating a banana but I AM still proud of eating a banana so overall I'm more proud than not proud.  YES!  Also my Dad cuts off the little pieces at the end that are black or brown.  NOT ME.  Brown part of banana is BONUS FLAVOR.  Although if he's watching me he'll tell me to cut it off and I will because I don't have time to argue with him.  I got THINGS to do.  I can't be busy eating this banana all day.  Also I know not to eat the peel or anything.  I GET IT.  Snapple World Travel Fact Of The Day Is ANOTHER REPEAT.
What else is going on.  If only we knew how many of the Going On A Million Covid Deaths were Dumb People Being Irresponsible.  I'd like to see those statistics.  How many people can we blame for their own deaths and how many people aren't responsible at all.  Hmm.  Seventh paragraph.  What a wonderful entry so far.  I've said NOTHING but at the same time that equates to SOMETHING.  I've said nothing for so long I CAN ACTUALLY KEEP TRACK of what I've been saying.  That's a new thing.  Normally I lose track pretty quickly and by the end of the act I have no clue what I talked about.  Now I know!  DIET DIET DIET.  GOTCHA.  Anyway.  Probably will have banana AT SOME POINT today.  Not sure when.  JEEZ.  I like bananas because they come pre-packaged.  Not a lot of fruits and vegetables can say that.  What about oranges.  Who cares about oranges.  We're talking about BANANAS.
     Ugh.  The point is I'm busy thinking in the halfway back of my mind how I can make up entire week's calorie deficit TODAY despite having snacked in the middle of the night.  That's why the entry so far is bad!  Too busy percolating diet micro-adjustments in the middle of my mind.  I got good IDEAS for how to do it.  Will they pan out?  I DON'T KNOW.  I JUST DON'T KNOW.  If they do that makes this terrible entry worth it, though.  That's how I feel.  If they don't it's a double whammy because not only does diet microadjustments not pan out but also I write a shitty entry!  OH NO.  PRESSURE IS ON TO GET IT RIGHT.  Also I still have time to turn entry around.  PRESSURE IS ON TO GET IT RIGHT.  Not really.  What's the worst that could happen if I write a bad entry.  NOTHIN.  I get no feedback either way.  I'll be none the wiser ultimately because I'll forget about it pretty quickly.  Looks like American Deaths from Covid right now is 828 thousand.  That's NOTHIN'.  That's only over 10 superbowls.  SUPERBOWLS ARE NOTHIN.  Just micro crowds all in all. 
     Sure.  Five and a half million deaths world wide.  Yeah but WHO CARES.  Those people live FURTHER AWAY from where I live.  Thus I cant conceptualize their lives as meaning as much as people who live CLOSER to where I live.  Makes sense.  Looks like it's raining lightly!  I'll walk in some light rain.  BRING IT ON.  I can handle water dropping on me.  The human body is 80% water.  Basically I AM water so why should water be scared of more water.  Also if the human body is 80% water gotta imagine what we THINK we have autonomy over our body is just an illusion.  In reality THE WATER IS IN CONTROL.  And water wants to get more wet because then it multiplies.  Like Gremlins.  So basically were all Gremlins is the point I'm trying to make.  I'm a CUTE Bad Gremlin.  Before they turn big and dangerous.  I'm not THE GOOD Gremlin but if you're gonna be a bad gremlin you might as well be one that isn't very dangerous.  MISCHIEVOUS SURE but that's the worst you'll get from me.
     Last paragraph of the act!  I'm not mischievous.  I'm CLEARLY THE GOOD GREMLIN.  I dunno.  I think I'd be A good gremlin but in reality there's only one and his name is Gizmo.  And my name is something else!  I'm certainly NOT gizmo the gremlin.  Why can't there be other good gremlins.  I guess gremlins by nature are bad and somehow Gizmo is a freak of nature in that he's good.  Anyway what else is going on.  Been settling into having lunch around 2:30 and dinner around 7:30.  PERFECT.  VERY REASONABLE TIMES.  I think these meal times are AMAZING and I'm glad SOMETHING is working out in my favor.  Also why am I in italics.  These sentences don't seem to need to be called-attention-to.  Oh well what can ya do.  GO backwards and delete these sentences and then write them again not in italics?  That'd take too long!  Also I don't think I have it in me to memorize these sentences before I delete them so I could write them again immaculately.  Hey I'm gonna take a walk I'll be back soon.




you're in the right place

    Hey you idiots.  Just was INSPIRED to refine daily schedule.  THIS NEW DAILY SCHEDULE IS MORE REFINED AND BETTER THAN EVER.  I feel very strongly about this.  Also new idea is to NOT CARE about bigness or smallness of snacks.  Relatively.  Eat as big or a small a snack as I feel in that very moment!  WITHIN REASON.  YEAH THIS SOUNDS GREAT.  THIS IS GONNA BE GOOD.  In the meantime though what else is going on.  ALSO snacks are at pretty much set times.   I measured out CAREFULLY when my meals and walks are.  Only makes sense that I figure out the perfect convenient and logical and physiologically best times to eat the snacks.  AMAZING.  Also room for ONE FLOATER SNACK.  THAT'S THE GREATEST PART OF ALL!  Also this is just a GUIDE.  Just a SUGGESTION.  I can be flexible with it!  ALSO moved up time I'm having lunch and dinner ESPECIALLY DINNER.  Now I'm free to have dinner as early as it gets here when we get a delivery!  That makes the most sense of all!  Just eat it when it gets here!  WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THIS BEFORE.
Sure.  What else is going on.  At this point Excel Spreadsheet seems OUT OF DATE for how I'm measuring my schedule and food diary makes MORE sense if I have to do something.  GREAT.  I'll start that tomorrow.  WAIT A SECOND I can't start something tomorrow.  It's 1/6!  THAT'S THE WORST DAY EVER.  Anyway.  What a year it's been.  Time just flew by didn't it.  The point is let's celebrate it by doing something I dunno.  Hold people accountable somehow.  That's a strange, "Out There," idea!  At this point kind of incongruous with reality.  It's been A YEAR.  I think the statue of limitations on holding people accountable for Attempting Couping and/or Killing Representatives is like eight months.  What's done is done!  I'M NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT EITHER.  What else is going on.  Gonna take a nice shower circumstance soon.  I feel like yesterday water was pretty hot!  That's something to be excited about this 1/6 Eve.
     Anyway.  ALSO new schedule maybe I write entry sections not in schedule of paragraphs but in schedule of time.  That's INTERESTING.  VERY INTERESTING IDEA.  Could be a good mix-em-up in how I think about things.  I CAN'T RESTART FOOD DIARY TODAY.  I already forgot what happened the first part of the day.  C'mon.  Get serious!  Hmm.  What else is going on.  GOOD PRODUCTIVE ENTRY... FOR ME!!!  For you I'm sorry as Hell.  I dunno how you made it this far!  Maybe you'll get something in the end.  Rest of the entry might be good.  But FOR ME I think I really clarified some things and have a better understanding of what I should be doing going forward with my schedule.  THIS MIGHT BE THE GAME CHANGER I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR.  Hmm.  Also if I CAN drop a walk, I'd just drop penultimate walk of the day and keep everything else exactly the same.  FASCINATING.  TO ME.  I can't get enough of this stuff!  I'M HAVING A BLAST DESIGNING MY PERFECT SCHEDULE!!!
     So that's good.  What else is going on.  I bet in a week something torpedoes my life and this schedule goes in up in flames of being useful or relevant.  No I don't.  Nothing will ever torpedoe my life.  This is what it is and it's gonna be like this for roughly As Long As My Parents Are Both Alive???  That's my first instinct on what will eventually torpedoe my life.  And my first instinct is it's gonna be at LEAST the better part of a decade that they're both alive and relatively healthy enough.  GREAT.  I GOT A BETTER PART OF A DECADE to do the same thing every day.  I dunno about that.  This schedule is designed for a matter of MONTHS.  Ideally in my head SEVERAL MONTHS.  Then re-calibrate.  What else is going on.  You Know Like The Seasons.  Schedule will hopefully last me through Winter DEFINITELY.  Then we'll see how Spring goes.  Summer is anyone's guess.  And I'm not even sure there will be a Fall.  We'll have to wait and see.  Really just imagining this for the winter ideally.  Then re-calibrate.
Anyway.  Gonna take a shower after this paragraph.  It makes sense Timewise AND Paragraphwise.  That's the sweet spot I'm aiming to be hitting for the schedule!  Everything will make sense Timewise AND... paragraphwise?  What's the equivalent of paragraphwise for other parts of schedule.  Like eating and walking.  I lost track of what I was talking about.  Everything just turned into a Big Blank.  Rest Of Life being In Paragraphs confused me.  What else is going on.  Oh.  HUNGERwise and/or convenient wise for Getting Food andwhatnot.  And for Walking WhenIJustFeelLikeTakingAWalkWise.  That sort of bullshit.  MAN OH MAN.  The loose schedule being a marriage between Timewise and Otherwise is gonna be a sweet spot that I anticipate HITTING more often than not.  AMAZING.  I have the time and the drive and the motivation to write another paragraph for this act.  SWEET SPOT.  Okay!
     What else is going on.  Oh.  Right.  I also have to have something to say.  Well not really.  I NEVER have anything to say but most of the time I figure something out.  That's how I operate.  Also when I DO have something to say it's invariably boring and pointless for you to read.  Like today!  SO MUCH TO SAY about schedule and whatnot but for you WHO GIVES A FIG.  Everything is better when I don't know what it's going to be exactly.  EXCEPT FOR SCHEDULE.  I gotta know what that's going to be every day!  Otherwise I'd get confused and be like WHAT THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO DO TODAY.  I KNOW I'M SUPPOSED TO EAT AND TAKE WALKS AND SHOWER AND WRITE AN ENTRY.  HOW THE HELL DO I PUT THESE PIECES TOGETHER.  IT MAKES NO SENSE.  What else is going on and crap.  Lots of talk about 1/6 being an attempted coup but it gets lost in the shuffle that it was also a murderous mob intent on killing people!  Sure that RELATES to there being a coup when the target is Representatives and Government Officials but it's also it's own thing!  So we got that going for us.  Hey I'm gonna take a shower now be back soon. 




that'll do for now

    Hey!  Shower was kinda hot enough.  Somewhere between Not Good and Pretty Much Almost Good Enough.  YEAH!  Took a longer shower than usual though because I kept peeing.  I had to pee near the end of it!  Fine!  Pee and then stop.  PEE JUST KEPT ON COMIN'.  Not a nice steady stream indefinitely, but short microbursts over and over.  LIGHT microbursts.  Not a VIOLENT microburst.  But at the same time not a Dribble.  Somewhere between a dribble and a burst.  In the SWEET SPOT of where you want your short streams of pee to be.  Anyway that kept happening so I had to keep showering while it happened!  Anyway what else is going on.  Gotta nice lunch coming up.  Second half of Large Salad.  Good stuff!  HEALTHY.  LOW IN CALORIE.  FILLING AND DELICIOUS.  Look it's not delicious but it's GOOD OKAY?  Get off my salad's back about it.  Hmm.  I went from vowing not to talk about lunch to ONLY talking about lunch.  Live and learn I guess!
    Hey coffee coming up after this paragraph.  I can, "Dig," that!  Maybe also have another snapple with that.  I can, "Dig," that!  A THIRD THING I can dig.  Hmm.  A grave.  For myself.  That's a saying.  You're digging your own grave.  HEY GOOD FOR YOU.  Saving someone else the work.  I think we should all dig our own graves.  Sure it might be FILLED UP by the time we die presumably years and years later.  But at least WE TRIED.  It's a phrase that should mean this guy is conscientious!  Guy takes care of digging his own grave.  Whatta guy!  When I first tried to write Conscientious Front Page did NOT know what word I was trying to say.  When I googled my misspelling Google DID know what I was trying to say.  SCORE ONE FOR THE INTERNET and ONE AGAINST Microsoft Front Page.  So now the score is 1 to negative 1?  How did FrontPage fall behind TWO POINTS on one thing?  Doesn't seem fair?
Okay.  Hey I'm here again.  What's going on and crap.  Diet Lemon Iced Tea World Travel Fact Of The Day Part II is... Another Repeat.  HEY THAT'S LIFE.  Repeat World Travel Facts over and over again.  Actually all these are NEW World Travel Facts.  Last year they were Patriotism Facts.  And were viewed as such.  Now through the lens of World Travel Facts we can consider and conceptualize and contextualize these facts in a brand new way!  Eh I'll do it myself.  I'LL do all that fun stuff but I won't waste your time by repeating the world travel facts.  If you really want to you can go back in time and read the facts from last year all over again but IN YOUR HEAD think about World Travel.  Go for it.  I encourage any sort of participation on your part.  Anyway what else is going on.  LOOK did I answer Doordash order in my boxers last night because I Don't Care YES.  And did I have door open when they took picture of my food outside?  YES.  And did they get a picture of me in my boxers standing 7 feet from the door?  THEY GOT MY FEET UP TO BELOW MY KNEES.  I'm comfortable with that.
Anyway.  How do we know these door dash deliverers aren't actually Thievery Stake Out Entreoupenours.  And they're figuring out our front door situation so that later on they can steal from our houses.  Or sell the picture to other people who can steal from our houses.  We DON'T know.  That's the problem!  Anyway.  Just set up stuff for next Super Market delivery.  Amazing!  I wonder if my diet schedule will still be intact by then.  Two days from now.  Gotta imagine it'll still be around In SOME Form.  What form that will be is anyone's guess!  MY guess is VERY CLOSE to the form its in now.  GOOD GUESS all things considered.  Even None Things Considered!  Or a few things considered.  I feel like I'm guessing based on ~50% considered and that's a pretty good guess!  Anyway I TALKED AND THOUGHT AND WORKED HARD ON DIET AND/OR SCHEDULE and now its time to REAP MY REWARDS.  The reward being it goes into the background, I'm healthy, and I'm free to THINK and WRITE about other things.  WOW!
     What other things are there.  Hmm.  I know there is OTHER THING.  That's math.  There's THAT and then there's EVERYTHING ELSE.  I just don't know what SPECIFICALLY constitutes the Everything Else.  I'll figure it out through the natural course of things, though!  Figure I'll write one more paragraph after this one.  That makes sense ParagraphWise and TimeWise.  And also Wise Potato Chips THOSE STILL AROUND?  Always seemed like a bargain bin mediocre potato chip.  Better LTURQ.  Looks like they're still around.  Too bad.  I was hoping they collapsed under their own weight of mediocre snack products.  I'm upset that people are still buying these chips!  Anyway.  Huh.  Whattado with the rest of my day.  Based on what I did yesterday the basic idea I had percolating was guess I'll watch more Tales From That Crypt.  Cool!  I can see myself SOMEHOW SOMEWAY being entertained by that.  Dunno how I'll manage it exactly but I THINK I have it in me!
     Last paragraph.  What a wonderful day so far.  Nothing terrible has happened.  I thought me eating 200 calories in the middle of the night was terrible for a few hours.  But now I'm over it!  WAY over it!  That sort of thing!  Maybe I was right.  Maybe the 200 calories IS and or WAS terrible.  Gonna have to chew on that one for a while.  Anyway.  What else is going on and crap.  Today is the day of the week that I shave at night!  Good story.  That's a keeper.  Gonna have to remember that one for a week from now when it's relevant to say again.  Hmm.  How can I end this entry on a high note.  Ending it is high note enough.  YOU GET TO STOP READING IT?!?!  THAT'S THE BEST NEWS YOU'VE RECEIVED SINCE I DON'T KNOW WHEN.  I DON'T know when.  That's your life!  How the Hell am I supposed to know the last time you received this quality news and/or better.  NO WAY THAT'S WHO.  Anyway I'll be back tomorrow.

-1:39 P.M.




Tuesday, January 4, 2022

i know what you mean

    Hey!  Act I will be interrupted by ZOOM appointment!  Solid 15 minutes break.  The point is who cares let's work around it real good.  Ate some snacks in the middle of the night but was already planning on getting SALAD as one of my meals today.  So it balances out!  ALRIGHT SALAD.  I'm gonna get MIXED GREENS as the base.  Not lettuce or spinach.  I like a VARIETY of greens.  Keeps my taste buds interested.  Also the salad is instead of Chinese food.  I made this decision last night before midnight snacking!  Not a reactionary decision!  Maybe the midnight snacking was a reactionary decision to getting salad.  I don't have all the answers.  I hardly even have Three of the answers.  What's today, Tuesday?  SEE?  I barely knew that!  And that's basic knowledge what day of the week it is.
     Sure.  I keep telling myself I'm gonna eat frozen breakfast sandwich and I keep eating pop tarts instead.  It's because they're delicious!  Get off my back about it and whatnot.  Hoping scale shows I lost even .5 pounds over the week next time I check.  Gonna drop down to 5 walks instead of 6!  I THINK I HOPE I GUESS that might happen.  Five walks?!?!  The afternoon and evening are FREE AS FUCK.  I don't believe it and/or whatnot.  HEY I PISSED OUTSIDE YESTERDAY.  I was about 4 minutes from my house and went inside neighboring neighborhood complex a bit into the innards of the complex where there's a driveway and some garages and let it go.  WHY IS THIS FROWNED UPON AND OR ILLEGAL.  This is the greatest thing I've done in months.  SO MUCH FUN.  I hope that gets added to the routine.  I figure if I do it every night at some point I'd face some consequence.  But one time at a time?  WONDERFUL.
     Sure.  Also it was after dark.  You couldn't make out My Shame because it was too dark outside.  Hmm.  Never snowed yesterday.  Maybe just barely.  On one of my walks there were tiny specks of snow for a couple of minutes.  First snow of the season!  And I was outside for it!  Good for me.  Good for the snow!  Good for the season.  Anyway National Food Day Of The Day is... National Spaghetti Day.  Seems weird.  I don't associate Spaghetti with January.  WHY NOT.  What does spaghetti have to do with months.  I dunno but DEFINITELY NOT JANUARY.  Something about the tomato sauce.  I dunno.  Either way I'm good with spaghetti!  I'm gonna have some today!  HEALTH spaghetti made out of HEALTH ingredients.  Delicious!  Hmm at this rate by the time I'm done with Zoom appointment I might be writing Worthwhile Things.  I wrote a worthwhile thing.  The thing about mixed greens.  I like variety.  NOT EVEN CLOSE TO WORTHWHILE.  About as far away as you can get!
    Oh well that's life.  Not even close to worthwhile!  DANGIT.  Life is pretty close to worthwhile.  Maybe not all the way there but it's in the ballpark.  What else is in the ball park.  Got a scab right in the middle of my back.  I dunno why but I like picking at it.  Perfect placement for picking at it!  Don't normally get to Pick At Back.  Right in the center of the torso both lengthwise and widthwise.  Huh.  What the Hell.  Anyway.  Appointment set to start in a couple of minutes.  Gonna sit and stare at message that Please Wait For The Host To Start This Meeting.  Be back soon!  HEY WHAT THE HELL.  It took almost 30 minutes overall!  Waiting for appointment to start.  Appointment going on.  Telling my parents key points that were important logistically re: blood tests and medication.  DAMNIT.
     Oh well that's life.
  Gotta do stuff for nearly half an hour that you thought would take 15 minutes.  Wonderful!  Great.  Also I told my Mom.  My dad was out of the house.  Gonna have to tell HIM now soon.  IT NEVER STOPS.  I have to tell people things for roughly 2-3 minutes!  WHEN WILL IT END.  Probably at some point. But I CAN'T WAIT THAT LONG.  Anyway enjoying some RESTING mid-day.  2 out of the last 3 days I tried that and it was a blast and a half.  And imagine how much RESTING I could get done if it's one less walk per day.  I don't even... I can't... WHA... HOLY SMOKES.  The point is what else is going on.  Coffee soon.  Look do I have some regrets of not getting Dumb Chinese Food and instead getting Dumb Health Food?  Sure!  I was looking forward to the greasiness.  In my head that's the main thing I feel like I'm missing out on.  Grease.  OH WELL THAT'S LIFE.
    I successfully got coffee.
  Wonderful!  I like the part where I pour it down my gullet.  What else is going on.  Maybe salad can be greasy.  I dunno if I have any grease in my pantry to add grease to it.  The good news is let's move on to more exciting subjects.  I'm just about ready for my break.  I feel like I should be nearing my break between Act I and Act II.  NOPE.  THE HALF HOUR WAS A GAME CHANGER AND NOW I'M BEHIND.  Oh well that's life.  Probably.  I've seen no evidence to the contrary.  But maybe it's not life.  I know very little about life.  I know what I've been doing with my life more or less but I dunno how universal that is.  Could be WAY OFF from what you're up to.  Anyway.  Started this round of Many Walkings in April 2021.  Now we're getting into THE WINTER.  This is a new experience for this round of walkings!  And I don't think I've ever done this much walkings in a day ever before.  OH NO TOO MUCH WALKING IN THE WINTER.
I got JACKETS.  I got jackets I CAN LAYER.  I'll be okay.  Also if someone specifically said go ahead and pee on my garage then my life would be EXPONENTIALLY better.  If that was in the cards every walk I don't think I'd have ONE CARE in the world.  Everything would be more or less perfect.  Hmm.  THAT CAN BE ARRANGED.  Just keep doing it every other night at my leisure.  And if someone confronts me I can explain my case and maybe they'd understand.  Or maybe they'd call the police.  The ball is in their court at this point.  What else is going on.  I also like peeing because it's marking my territory.  Now I'm the alpha of this neighboring neighborhood complex.  I've conquered them for OUR neighborhood complex.  Our power and territory is increasing thanks to my weak bladder!  So I'm a hero is the point I'm trying to make. 
    Got an e-mail from NYTimes trying to get me to subscribe.  I guess they heard I was being harassed by Washington Post and wanted to get in on the action.  GREAT.  I feel like when I was a kid our family had subscription to New York Times.  Either Daily or the Sunday edition.  It was a simpler time!  The 1990's!  Oh well that's life.  Also I don't BUY how they could make money with print editions. ALL THAT PAPER AND ALL THAT INK?  FOR SO LOW A PRICE?  SOMETHING DOESN'T ADD UP HERE.  What else is going on.  Eighth paragraph!  Also they have to pay the people who put the words together in a logical order for us to read.  I dunno how they're making any sort of revenue profit margins.  Also when you're in middle school and possibly elementary or high school they give you newspapers for free if you want it.  I don't think anyone ever wanted it.  What the Hell do I want with a newspaper.  Who are you kidding.
     Penultimate paragraph of the act!  Delicious.  Hmm I'm 12 years old LETS UNFOLD THE NEWSPAPER AND SEE WHAT'S GOING ON IN THE WORLD.  NEVER GONNA HAPPEN.  What else is going on.  Hopefully things that are delicious.  Either literally delicious or something that feels delicious just not on the tastebuds.  Influencer group called The Taste Buds.  Because they have good taste.  So you want to be influenced by them.  Also they're friends.  Buds.  OH they can also be a marijuana reviewer organization.  The Taste Buds.  They review commercially available strains of marijuana.  ROYALTIES PLEASE.  This hasn't even happened yet.  It probably will never happen.  YEAH BUT YOU IMAGINED IT.  I GET ROYALTIES FROM GIVING YOU SOMETHING TO IMAGINE.  IT'S ONLY FAIR.  What else is going on.  I get to take a break after the next paragraph.  So do you.  After an Act you should take a ten minute refresher break.  Give yourself some time to do something better before you come back for more crap.
    Huh.  Maybe make another ice cream cone for Act II.  I had good success with that yesterday.  What else is going on and crap.  I'd like to be finished with this tub of ice cream.  Make room for better things in the freezer.  Like maybe a new tub of ice cream that's exactly the same.  But will last longer.  Because it'd be full as opposed to half full like the one I have.  That sounds counter productive.  Well at least it's productive in one direction.  Might be the wrong direction but beggars can't be choosers.  Choosers can be beggars, though.  That's their prerogative.  I HAVE CHOICES BUT I'M GONNA BEG ALL THE SAME.  That's their deal.  LOOK ideally I'd have another one of my Dad's ice cream sandwiches.  Dunno if he has another one to spare, though!  I could ask him.  It might ENRAGE HIM though.  THESE ARE MINE IF YOU WANTED SOME YOU SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME AHEAD OF TIME.  On the other hand he'd probably just be like I'd rather you didn't.  Which I'd still recognize as Rage.  HE'D RATHER I DON'T?  OH MAN IS HE PISSED AT ME.  Time to take a break.  Or I could just forego all of that and have one of My Ice Cream Treats.  Not as big or indulgent but GOOD ENOUGH.  I'll be back.




that's where you're wrong

    HEY!  Dad said I could have one of his iced creamed sandwiches!  But upon further introspection I think I'll have one of my ice cream bars.  FOR TASTE REASONS.  More what I'm interested in.  Also 50 calories less.  WOW THAT'S A NICE ROUND NUMBER.  So I'll eat that after this paragraph.  In the meantime though WIDE WORLD OF SPORTS.  Kinda feel like I've talked about The Taste Buds before.  I might just be remembering talking about is 40 minutes ago.  That could easily be the case.  Or maybe it's been ruminating in my mind for a long time and it finally came out of my fingermouth just now.  Ruminating is a word that applies here.  More or less.  GOOD STUFF.  Maybe I'll have my Dad's ice cream sandwich.  GOOD STUFF.  Either way the entry today is the worst entry since Hmm let's ay November 21st so I might as well enjoy an ice cream sandwich at some point during the day.  So it's not a total loss!  BRB!
    Alright.  Got special ice cream sandwich.  Great!  I gotta eat more to make up for salad if I wanna hit maintenance target estimation goal for the week!  I'm being really reckless by eating salad as a meal two days in a row.  Oh well sometimes you gotta follow your heart.  Probably most of the time.  Biologically speaking and whatnot.  Maybe your heart is following you.  I don't have all the details.  Either way I think yesterday might have been a good day for hot water during the shower.  I feel like over the last week there's been a solid 2 or 3 good enough days.  So I got that to look forward to.  Sure!  LOOK am I gonna get red onions on my salad?  No!  There hasn't been an update on Onions in six weeks but we gotta play it safe.  I HATE IT AS MUCH AS YOU.  Potentially more.  And I know how much you hate it so that's a big statement!  The point is I'm slightly closer to being done with this than I was before.
Sure.  One interesting thing about loosening up diet that's been successful and a welcome change of pace is not thinking and/or caring too hard about size of snacks that are pretty close.  Say I wanna snack.  In the past it'd be a BIG DEAL if it was gonna be 75 calories, 100 calories, or 120 calories.  I NEED TO PICK THE RIGHT ONE TO HIT MY TARGETS FOR THE DAY I'd feel.  Now?  Just eat the freakin' one I want!  It's more or less the same thing and it'll even itself out over time probably!  Doesn't sound like a big deal but IT IS.  ALRIGHT ONE POSITIVE CHANGE.  I wonder what the next positive change I feel will be.  My guess?  I DON'T KNOW.  I don't know why I said, "My Guess?"  I HAD NO GUESS IN MIND AND I STILL DON'T.  Jeez.  You might be thinking well you just made a big deal about ice cream sandwich differences.  Yeah but that's FIFTY calories.  I said 25 calorie differences are negligible.  50 calories IS BORDERLINE.  Hmm.  Suddenly this positive change doesn't sound so thorough.  YOU DON'T SOUND SO THOROUGH ever think of that?
    Cool!  Looking forward to getting into the next part of the day.  I like writing entries when they're good but that's not the case today.  So instead I'm hoping against hope that the rest of the day will be good to even things out.  Which hope am I hoping against AND WHY.  Presumably some negative, antithetical hope to the hope I'm hoping.  That's why I'm Against It.  Not sure where or who this hoping is coming from.  Either way I don't like it and I hope My Hope will win out verse This Other Hope.  Hmm.  You people who can take walks without worrying 75% of the walks about having to pee desperately don't know how good you have it.  THAT'S THE LIFE.  All those great walks.  No worrying about peeing.  MAN.  I think I had that going on the first few months of current walking schedule.  Somewhere along the line my bladder decided It's Had Enough.  Anyway that occurred to me while peeing in driveway.  IF I COULD EMPTY BLADDER AT WILL EVERY WALK MY LIFE WOULD BE MORE OR LESS PERFECT.
I guess.  Can't be more.  And it WOULDN'T BE even if It COULD BE.  Anyway let's finish this paragraph so I can do the next step in life and take a shower circumstance.  What else is going on.  It's possible I've been underestimating how many calories I've been burning on my walks.  For most of the time lately I've been feeling I've been OVERestimating them.  Maybe I was underestimating!  HMM there's only one way to settle this.  Keep doing it or something.  Somehow I'll figure it out if I just keep doing it.  Overtime the math will come to me!  That's how math works.  You keep living your life and the math works itself out in the back of your head.  What else is going on in the front of my head.  Not sure ANYTHING.  Some stuff in the middle of my head.  It's a chore to get that to the front of my head so I can relay it to you.  It's THERE but the movement from middle to front is hard and not always possible.  Hey I'm gonna take a shower now.  Be back soon.




what makes you say that

    WORST ENTRY SINCE NOVEMBER 21ST. ...OF 2015!!!  Don't look that up.  Just accept that I'm telling the truth through lying.  I am lying that I Know That.  But I am telling the truth that I am lying that I know that for a fact.  The point is Snapple World Travel Fact Of The Day is... another repeat.  Great!  Let's move on with our lives.  Don't gotta spend sentences writing about a new fact.  Who needs to learn things.  It just takes up time.  Let's all just re-learn stuff we were already aware of.  And don't re-learn them.  Just be confronted with them and give no more extra consideration to them.  Move on with our lives!  That's my motto.  What else is going on.  Solid chance I'll have a great banana today.  Well they were great a few days ago.  Might not be as great today.  The quality of a banana is bound to change over the course of four or so days.  Maybe it will be GREATER.  Don't count on it!
     Coffee time after this paragraph.  Sure.  Even though I don't wanna do it even now, when I imagine only having five walks, I'm imagining hey I can play a bunch of CALL OF DUTY II uninterrupted in the afternoon and evening.  I don't wanna do it NOW.  But maybe if I had uninterrupted afternoons and evenings I'll wanna do it!  SURE I GUESS WE'LL SEE HOPEFULLY IF THAT'S IN THE CARDS.  We might not even see if its in the cards.  May not drop down to 5 walks at all. OH NO WHAT IS LIFE.  Stuck at six walks a day?!?!  I guess I can live with it but I've been dreaming about five walks a day FOR DAYS and now I feel it'll be a slight letdown if it doesn't come true.  OH WELL THAT'S LIFE.  CONSTANT SLIGHT LETDOWNS BECAUSE THINGS DON'T COME TRUE.  Dangit!  Like this entry.  We all might have been hoping it'd be better.  But it's low quality is a slight let down!  Only slight because while we hoped it would be better it still wouldn't have been that great.  So the point is you get what you give.  Is that the point?  And if so how did I come to it?  I dunno.  Sounds about right though.  COFFEE TIME.
    HEY.  Just finished coffeemate bottle where I was measuring how long it lasted me.  Figured out each cup I've been drinking 1.8 servings with comes out to exactly 45 calories of coffeemate per cup of coffee I have.  Figure coffee is like 5 calories.  50 calories a cup!  AMAZING.  WHAT PROVIDENCE THAT ROUND NUMBERS HAPPEN.  Turns out life is PRETTY GOOD.  I might be wasting mine and more importantly anyone else's time with this entry BUT some round numbers happened today and I don't see how you can ask anymore from life than that.  Being able to pee wherever whenever you want.  Well sure that's the dream but NO ONE can do that.  It's not just me.  Even the most powerful people in the world probably don't pee where ever whenever they want.  Maybe they do.  AND NO ONE TALKS ABOUT IT.  IT'S A BIG COVER UP.  I guess I wouldn't be completely surprised if this was the case.
     What else is up.  Penultimate paragraph of the entry.  What a waste of everyone's time.  Well, my time.  And the half dozen people I imagine read this.  It's not a SET half dozen.  Each entry it's a different half dozen people I'm imagining.  I'm probably wrong almost all of the time.  Except for the 1/6th which is me.  Actually THAT'S THE MOST WRONG OF ALL.  I NEVER read these entries.  Sometimes I scan 'em quickly just to get the gist of it.  See 3 or 4 things that jump out to me at random.  Sometimes like 'em!  Slightly more often I don't!  But I can't remember the last time I read an entire entry.  NOT FOR ME.  What else is going on.  My psychiatrist made our next zoom appointment for 2/22 and was like that's a lot of 2's!  2/22/22!  And I was like LOOK I GET ENOUGH OF THAT AT HOME.  My dad is ON TOP of giving me that kind of crap.  I don't need it from you, too!  Also I get it at home from her now.  Zoom appointments!  Everything I get I get at home.  Great.
Last paragraph of the day!  I had too much fun peeing last night.  Anyway.  Got a nice day ahead of me.  Same stuff as always.  But positive!  Nothing exceptionally wrong about how today will turn out per my understandings and assumptions.  Guess anything can happen.  What else.  Possible there were security cameras aimed at me while I was peeing.  Not completely out of the question.  In fact I'd say there's over 50% chance there's security cameras aimed SOMEWHERE around that general area.  Why not the spot I picked out to pee?  Either way maybe now they're gonna station a guard at night to make sure This One Guy Doesn't Come Back And Pee Against The Side Of A Building Presumably Some Sort Of Garage.  That's a good use of manpower and resources.  LOOK JUST LET ME PEE.  IT DOESN'T HURT ANYBODY.  IT HELPS PEOPLE.  ME.  AND HAS NO EFFECT ON OTHERS.  SO IT'S A NET POSITIVE FOR HUMANITY.  Great.  I'll be back tomorrow!

-1:38 P.M.




Monday, January 3, 2022

let's go through this again

    Hello friends.  Monday!  Got ZOOM appointments tomorrow and the day after.  That'll be fun.  Interrupt when I normally write Act I's.  The point is I had a delicious breakfast of six medium sized small chocolate chip cookies.  They're small!  But of small cookies they're medium sized.  And I counted them out to six overall.  I'm good at counting!  This went over the digits on a single hand but I was still able to manage it!  Either way delicious.  Let's get the National Food Of The Day out of the way.  It Is... Fruitcake Toss Day and National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day.  Not a fan of either!  I dunno what Toss means but I don't find the idea of fruitcake appealing.  And Toss SOUNDS worse.  Let's LTURQ.  It means you take a fruitcake you never got around to eating and toss it in the air as far as you can.  I'm not joking.  That's what the website says we're supposed to do today to celebrate.  Either way I GUESS now I'm on board with the toss?  Because if I had fruitcake that'd be what I'd want to do with it?  Either way not sure I've ever had a cherry.
     Sure!  I like/don't like how coffee machine beeps when it's turning off.  I get why it would beep when coffee is ready.  Makes all the sense in the world.  Then a couple of hours later it beeps several times more to signify okay not keeping it hot anymore.  I THINK I like it.  I definitely have strong feelings about it one way or another.  Pretty sure it's probably I Like It.  But POSSIBLY I Hate It.  What else.  Got new toaster 2 weeks ago.  Still using old toaster!  That'll show new toaster whose boss.  US.  Probably thought IT was boss initially.  Hmm.  My Dad's winter course starts tomorrow.  That's fun.  I'll eavesdrop on some lessons, sure.  Passively eavesdrop.  Not gonna go out of my way to eavesdrop.  But at the same time, not gonna go out of my way NOT to eavesdrop.  And when I'm eavesdropping inadvertently I WILL enjoy it.  That sort of thing.  Also what other sorts of things are there to talk about.
     HMM.  Had the sniffles yesterday!  Didn't notice it until my Dad pointed it out at night.  And he was right.  I was sniffling!  OH NO sniffles mean cold.  Cold means covid.  Covid means I spread covid.  I spread covid means my parents die.  Either way right now NO SNIFFLES.  No symptoms of cold at all.  I'm still SNIFFLING in the sense I'm BREATHING but there's no audible sniffle.  So maybe we're okay.  Either way gotta make a HARD AND FAST RULE to NEVER go into Starbucks bathroom again.  You know, until this is over.  Just pee my pants if I need to.  Really!  Go for it.  Starbucks bathroom is a breeding ground for covid!  The point is maybe if I make a hard and fast rule my body will get the picture and stop having a weak bladder during walks.  Maybe!  Also I made the rule fast and it seems hard as well.  So that's where phrases come from!
     Okay.  It's a RARE TREAT when I hear coffee machine beep.  Gotta be downstairs for it!  Usually upstairs in my room.  The point is HUH?  Hmm.  Diet going good.  Over last four days just 25 calories off estimation for maintenance diet.  Current idea/premise of what maintenance diet looks like.  Could be wrong!  Could still be a losing weight diet.  Could be a slightly gaining weight diet!  We'll see!  The point is I'm not overeating it and I'm not undereating it.  GOOD FOR ME.  I DO RIGHT THING SURE.  EAT 'EM UPS THROUGHOUT THE DAY REAL RESPONSIBLE WHAT I'M AIMING AND HAPPY FOR.  When Oh When can I eat onions again.  I probably could now.  And even if I can't I'd probably be okay.  DO I WANT TO RISK IT THOUGH.  I could get salmonella and spread it to my vulnerable parents!  Somehow!  I dunno salmonella is probably pretty bad for ME.  But it means I got to eat onions.  So there's some good news coming out of the whole deal!
     Huh.  So far the entry isn't so good!  But I feel that happens all the time.  I feel like I start off the entry with 8-15 paragraphs of Nothing, but by the end there's a solid Half Dozen Somethings overall somehow.  I dunno how that works.  Maybe over time I lose track of the entry being nothing and delude myself into thinking what I'm writing is something.  That sounds about right!  ALRIGHT!  DELUSION.  WORKS FOR ME.  Because I'm the one being deluded.  WHAT'S THE PROBLEM.  Hey great what else is going on.  HMM.  Is America boycotting Olympics completely.  Or just vaguely partially.  Better LTURQ.  DIPLOMATIC BOYCOTT.  No U.S. Government Officials are allowed to observe the games but players will still participate.  Well that makes a lot of sense.  I can see how that works logically.  NOT.  Makes no sense!  They wanna send a message but at the same time they also want their precious, precious medals.  You can't have it both ways!  You look THE FOOL.
     What else is going on.  Got coffee going on.  First day of the working week of 2022.  Hmm 2022.  Doesn't feel THAT WEIRD to write.  I feel like every year it takes some getting used to lately.  Not this year!  I totally BUY it's 2022 and it doesn't feel strange at all!  That might be a BAD thing.  A healthy dose of skepticism over what year it is is natural.  The point is let's move on with my lives.  What do I got in store for the rest of the day.  Worst case scenario is a lot of Tales From The Crypt.  Which is bad!  I don't enjoy it that much!  Best case scenario is Something Else.  That's good.  Can't quite put my finger on what that might be.  If I could then EASY I'd do it.  I'd move Heaven And Earth to Do Something that's a best case scenario for having a Pretty Good Entertaining Day.  Hmm.  Is that what I want out of days ultimately.  To be ENTERTAINING?  Yeah sort of!  Keep me interested and busy being interested and interested in being busy with what's being entertaining.  That's the goal!
     Sure.  I was happy with getting 8 clean shirts laundered yesterday but now I realize I'm out of underwear, too.  I have one pair.  Way too big on me!  GREAT JUST GREAT.  Gotta wear the pair from yesterday.  They're pretty clean at least!  If I Shit In Them it was only just barely because I can't feel or smell anything re: possible shit in boxer briefs from yesterday.  Pretty sure none exists!  Hmm.  Is that a scientific thing.  The average human produces .00075% of shit each day into their underwear.  It's possible!  I wouldn't put it past us!  What else is going on.  Better than producing shit somewhere else around your body.  Don't know how you'd manage that but you're REALLY doing something wrong in that scenario.  Huh.  I like how Washington Post e-mails me literally every day trying to get me to subscribe.  It's the most consistent e-mail I get.  Not sure why they targeted me for this.  Either way hey good luck persistence is key.  Maybe one day I'll subscribe by accident.  It's possible if this goes on for 300 years I'll subscribe by accident eventually.
What else.  Why would I subscribe to a newspaper.  The news is terrible!  All the time!  Anyway.  What's a worst best case scenario for the day.  Or a best worst case scenario.  IDEALLY WORST BEST CASE SCENARIO.  That sounds like a GREAT compromise for how a day could go.  I like it!  Well the real compromise is a Middle Case Scenario.  Which also sounds pretty good.  I'd be happy settling for a Middle Case Scenario!  Then come back tomorrow trying to match or exceed it.  THAT'S THE LIFE.  Living middle case scenario and then trying to match or exceed it.  What the Hell am I talking about and why does it make so much sense to me and presumably so little sense to anyone else.  Hmm.   Eighth paragraph!  I KNOW HOW TO USE MEASURING CUPS NOW.  If I get Chinese Food I can EASILY see how much pork fried rice I'm eating.  Which otherwise is notoriously hard to estimate.  Not sure about notoriously hard to estimate.  For ME it is.  Each time I get Chinese Food it's a sticking point.  Maybe for you it doesn't bother you ever at all even a little bit.
     Okay.  What else is going on.  OH NO only had liquid egg whites once.  Had 1/5th of the bottle.  Gotta have at least 2 more 1/5ths to make it really worth it.  I figure I got a few more weeks to do that.  But I don't know WHEN or HOW.  Changing calorie allotments for breakfasts have thrown a wrench in the plans I had for possible breakfasts with this!  GREAT JUST GREAT.  Maybe it is great.  I can figure out NEW and IMPROVED breakfast ideas with this.  GREAT JUST GREAT YOU KNOW LIKE I JUST SAID.  Hmm.  The point is HOW MANY CUPS are the average chocolate chip pancake I'm getting.  DANGIT THIS IS HARDER THAN THE OTHER THING.  What else is going on.  Supposed to snow a bit later.  Right now it looks like it wouldn't prevent me from walking.  But you never know!  Sometimes you know.  This isn't one of those cases!  This is one of the cases where you don't know!  Maybe if you have a graduate degree in meteorology you can kind of know.  A lot better than I would know at least.  GOOD FOR YOU WHAT DO YOU WANT A MEDAL?  GO PLAY IN THE OLYMPICS.  JUST DON'T COUNT ON U.S. GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS TO ROOT YOU ON.  THEY WON'T BE THERE.
Tenth paragraph!  What else.  Idea for spin off of the olympics-- just RANDOM PEOPLE doing Olympic events.   Not, "Special," people.  Just pick people at random like for jury duty.  Across the globe.  And have them compete in events.  I'd watch that because DUH it sounds entertaining that's why.  At the very least take that idea and make it into a cheap sleazy reality TV show somehow.  You lost me.  I don't like that idea.  I like it being OFFICIAL and ALL THE POMP AND CIRCUMSTANCE of Olympics.  Don't cheapen it!  Gotta be made to seem like a big global deal!  Anyway.  Zoom appointments don't muck up my schedule hardly at all.  15 or so minutes.  Join zoom room 5 minutes ahead of time, appointment is over 10 minutes after time.  It would be a whole hour or more if I had to drive somewhere and drive back and be in waiting room and then also in In Person Appointment it takes longer because they want to justify the whole ordeal so they make ya sit there for longer for no good reason.  YEAH.  Let's ZOOM all the time.
Eleventh paragraph!  Figure I'll aim for 12 or 13 for this act.  That's been working out well lately.  And by well I mean it's been working out without catastrophe.  Nothing TERRIBLE has happened because of it.  Not to my knowledge.  Anyway.  When I'm mayor PORTAPOTTIES on every other street corner.  Can't have them on the corner of every street.  Too much!  Every other street.  That's the compromise.  LET'S GET T DONE.  Wait that's still no good for Covid.  It's good non-pandemic because I don't have to find stores that have bathrooms in strange places where I don't know where I can go to the bathroom.  But I STILL can get covid in it probably easierly.  Oh well I guess there's no easy solutions to Using The Bathroom In The Time Of Covid.  Other than pee your pants.  I feel like I could be a trailblazer in terms of peeing your pants in the time of covid.  Every movement needs a hero to set it off.  THIS MOVEMENT NEEDS ME.
     Huh.  What else is going on.  Might even start snowing on my next walk.  GREAT.  I WELCOME IT.  DO YOUR WORST.  Well not really.  Do as far away from your worst as possible.  That's the most convenient for me.  Cool.  Also I don't like the Special Olympics.  WHAT the original Olympics aren't special?  You're insulting everyone who participated in Regular Olympics?  Why must you put other people down in order to lift yourself up.  Where do you get off and whatnot.  What else is going on.  Gonna take a walk after this paragraph.  See how that goes.  Probably like most other walks!  Anyway.  Still more Good Bananas from Amazon Fresh.  May have one of those today.  Not sure.  Seems too healthy.  I know bananas are high in sugar and less healthy compared to other fruits.  But it's still NATURAL.  I should eat weird Fiber or Granola Concoction with chocolate in it.  Play it safe!  Gonna write one more paragraph!  Play it safe!
    Okay.  Also I feel like I'm wasting half the banana when I throw out the peel.  Can't I do something with the peel.  Put it in some water.  Make banana soup.  Ya don't EAT the peel it's just there to flavor the broth or something.  Hmm.  Another million dollar idea from Michael.  I GET ROYALTIES every time it happens.  Not sure that's fair.  But that's how our economy works so deal with it!  Hmm.  Why did I have to write this paragraph.  I KNOW I'm already halfway into it so that's not so bad.  But now I have to write even more sentences.  That hardly seems fair!  The point is today is a 2 coffee/1 piece of gum per walk day.  Hopefully!  I binged on some gum last night.  Figured it was better than binging on food.  And I was right!  But still not an ideal situation.  Just sleep through the night without having to eat or chew.  That's the ideal situation!  Anyway either way I'll be back in a little bit.




i like the way you think

    Hey!  What's going on in the wide world of sports.  This act can easily be 5 or 6 paragraphs.  Real toss up!  I should get back into a routine where every day paragraph number is the same.  I don't know WHY.  But it feels like that extra bit of structure makes me write better.  Either way I'll worry about that when the time comes.  SOON.  Anyway.  Gonna have a small but worthwhile ice cream cone as main snack between breakfast and lunch!  We're talkin' let's say after the next paragraph.  Gonna be a good one!  The ice cream cone.  Not the paragraph.  The paragraph will be 75.00000% shit.  Hmm.  I'd settle for that.  1 out of 4 NOT Shit?  That sounds like a pretty good deal to me.  Anyway heard the coffee machine turn off just now when I was downstairs.  I think.  I heard SOMETHIN.  And the coffee machine was off.  Didn't expect it to turn off so soon.  I guess at this point it was over 2 hours since I made it.  Probably turns off at 2 hours I guess. 
     What else is going on.  That's ACT III consumption.  Let's cross that bridge when bridges need to be crossed.  Man oh man am I gonna get some dumb Chinese food tomorrow.  What an idiot to eat this crap.  But I'm on a MAINTENANCE diet.  NOW'S THE TIME to experiment with eating dumb food now and again.  That' what maintenance diet is all about!  Not sure that checks out.  Not an IDEAL maintenance diet.  When you read about maintenance diets on the internet they won't tell you to eat dumb food every now and again.  But if you look around at other REAL PEOPLE in REAL LIFE in REAL WORLD SITUATIONS they eat dumb food now and again all the time without a second thought.  So THAT'S the kind of thing I'm taking into consideration.  Let's do that.  I'm a real person in a real life with real world situations.  Roughly.  I'm about a third of that.  I am a real person.  I THINK.  And if I'm not a real person maybe I'm in a Real World Situations.  That's the third that's accurate.  I THINK.  Let's put off Ice Cream until after next paragraph.
    Wonderful!  When I was a kid we went to a Chinese Restaurant and I ate legitimate meals made up of things I like.  But when I was a bit older, as a teenager, if we got take out Chinese with my friends I would legitimately just leave over 85% of the meal.  Get something like Hunan Beef and eat the beef and leave over everything else.  I MAY have not even eaten the rice.  Or I MAY have at least eaten some rice.  Not sure if I was a rice eater at that point.  The point is everyone accepted this as if it was somehow okay.  Or maybe they didn't.  Maybe that was the starting inkling in their mind something might be wrong with this kid.  Probably not.  Probably had those inklings years before this started happening.  Oh well that's their problem not mine.  Kind of my problem.  And not really much of a problem for them.  DANGIT I HATE IT WHEN PROBLEMS ARE MINE AND OTHER PEOPLE DON'T SUFFER ALONG WITH ME.   Ice cream time!
    Just got call from therapist.  Cancelled appointment because of personal issues.  Then I got a call from psychiatrist.  CONFIRMED appointment because of personal issues!  WOW.  Something tomorrow but not the next day.  I don't believe it!  Anyway I hope everything is alright with this person's person issues because she's a good lady.  Always nice to me.  Kind of her job to be positive to me but she does it anyway so good for her.  Got the sense it was something bad.  Oh well!  Already up to the fourth paragraph of this act.  Only one more paragraph after this feels TOO LITTLE.  Maybe go for SIX this act.  I like the sound of that.  I don't like having to do it.  But it SOUNDS good.  And what sounds good ultimately turns out to be the right way to go roughly 70% of the time!  Anyway.  If I was living alone I'd DEFINITELY be experimenting with having Complete Lunch or Dinner meals of just Terrible Crap Snacks.  Like four pop tarts or something off the top of my head.  And that would be on the healthy end of the spectrum of what I might be experimenting with.  Oh well live and learn.
  Die and stop learning.  That's the ancillary lesson to the first one.  Quickly losing enthusiasm for Original Gum.  NOW I GET IT why they had to make 3 dozen more flavors.  I think I just liked it because I had been having only one flavor-- Spearmint-- for half a week.  So anything new was bound to be fun and exciting.  Oh well live and learn.  Starting to get into the phase o watching Tales From The Crypt in order where I'm like WHY AM I DOING THIS.  And WHY DO I HAVE TO KEEP DOING THIS.  I'm kinda in that phase The Entire Time but it really starts to kick in around this part of the series.  Anyway sure it's bad for my therapist but this is GREAT NEWS for me.  I don't have to do something for fifteen minutes that I didn't really mind doing in the first place!  ALRIGHT.  One less thing I have to do.  Things are FINALLY turning my way.
    Last paragraph of the act!  No ice cream with next act but I will have coffee.  That's a treat, too!  What else is going on.  Been eating a lot of ice cream and mock ice cream lately.  Dunno why.  You'd think it'd be counter-intuitive to want ice cream In The Cold Of Winter.  You'd be wrong!  All the cold just reminds me of how cold ice cream is delicious.  So I got that going for me is the point.  Also it's low in calories because it's HALF ICE.  Ice is zero calories!  Just water!  What else is going on.  Also if you throw out the stick instead of eating it that's 20 less calories you're saving.  Hmm MILLION DOLLAR IDEA-- ice cream stick you can eat.  Some sort of Very Solid Chocolate that acts as a stick completely and keeps everything stuck but then when you get down to it to can eat that too.  Well turns out I'm a genius.  Time to take a shower circumstance.




my eyes are up here

    Hey!  Took a shower.  Now I get to write another six paragraphs.  I can do that because sure why not.  Ya know what?  I think I didn't eat rice as a teenager.  Kinda feel like I would give my rice to someone else who would eat it.  Sounds about right.  The point is who we are when we're younger isn't the same as who we are when we're older.  And who we are when we're older isn't the same as who we are when we're even older.  And who we are when we're even older isn't the same as who we are when we're dead.  But that' the ultimate who we are.  Dead.  Just kinda NOBODY.  Ya lay there same as anyone else and don't do anything special at all!  Wonderful.  Still kinda LOOK unique.  Until your flesh disappears and you become Skeleton.  As long as you got some flesh at least you're kind of different than the other corpses.  COFFEE TIME.
    Today might be a good day.
  Why not.  Just pretend it's gonna be a good day and the goodness will follow.  What's going on in the wide world of sports.  If MLB Lockdown is resolved, Spring Training starts in six weeks!  That's less time than we've already had for the offseason.  More than halfway through!  Let's hope lockdown is resolved.  An they unchain the locks.  Or use a key to open them.  Or just use a really strong hammer or something.  I dunno how they're gonna resolve this lock but they have options is the point I'm trying to make.  Anyway.  Keeping track of how deep I get into CoffeeMate Coffee Creamer over time and I can now say my standard cup of coffee is SLIGHTLY LESS than 50 calories.  WOW.  Nice relatively deep cup.  Got some cream in it.  Sweet to a degree.  And I can say it's 50 calories for simplicity sake and I'll even know deep down it's SLIGHTLY LESS.  THIS IS THE WORLD WE LIVE IN.  THE GOOD PART OF IT AT LEAST.  TIME FOR SNAPPLE.
Snapple World Travel Fact Of The Day Is... another repeat.  Oh well that's life.  The good news is I only have to write four more paragraphs today.  Then it's ALL Leisure time.  If you consider walks leisure.  You might as well.  I'm not Working while I'm walking.  I might whistle while I work.  That'd probably be frowned upon in an office type environment.  Disturbing the other workers!  Also giving them false hope for their own lives that they think whistling is something they could achieve and be happy about.  Best they don't know whistling exists and/or if it does that it's not attainable by them, worker drones.  So that's a thing I guess.  What if whistling IS your work.  Like referees.  They got mechanical whistles to help them out, though.  Not a real whistle.  The machine is doing all the work, they're just incidental!  I don't like it!  Get referees to whistle themselves.  Now THEY'VE got some skin in the game!
    Sure.  Figure I should get three lunches out of Chinese Food Order.  The one I have in mind at least.  DELICIOUS.  In the past I might have been like I GOTTA EAT MORE OR LESS THE SAME THING THREE DAYS IN A ROW?  WHAT KIND OF HELL IS THIS.  Now I'm like I GET TO EAT DELICIOUS JUNK FOOD THREE DAYS IN A ROW?  WHAT KIND OF POSITIVE HELL IS THIS.  ONE CAN ONLY ASSUME I'M STILL IN HELL BASED ON HOW I'VE LIVED MY LIFE BUT THIS PART OF HELL IS ACTUALLY PRETTY GOOD SOMEHOW.  HOW IS THAT WORKING. AND CAN I KEEP IT GOING BEYOND THESE THREE LUNCHES.  That sort of thing.  Hey what else is going on.  I got nice meals today, too!  All in all meals are great and I get to eat a lot of great snacks and a lot of them and OVER TIME I'm gradually getting more an dmore comfortable letting diet drift into background of life.  VERY gradual.  It will take many weeks to get there completely.  Possibly THREE. 
     Wonderful.  Can't drift into the background until I've figured out how much I'm supposed to be eating/exercising to Maintain.  FINE.  Once I figure that out though THREE WEEKS and I'm OVER IT.  Wonderful.  Looks like it might be snowing moderately during time I was about to take next walk.  Probably gonna chance it and take the walk.  I assume I won't be buried by snow completely.  That'd be a net negative for my entire life.  I guess we'll just have to see how it goes.  What else do we have to see how it goes.  Pretty much everything.  Except for stuff that already happened.  And A LOT of stuff has already happened.  Been billions of years since Things Started Happening.  MAN that's... not so long.  It should be TRILLIONS of years.  Billions is nothing.  NOT IMPRESSED.  Huh.  The point is Peppermint gum is the greatest but for some reason I keep getting the brand where the gum seems smaller and doesn't last as long.  Why don't I get another brand.  I like the TASTE of this brand.  Also I like how it's a CRUNCH when you first bite into it.  Gum that starts with a crunch is GOOD GUM.
     Last paragraph of the day.  Let's do it.  By which I mean Let Me Do It and then You Can Watch Me Having Done It Later After The Fact.  Cool!  Looks like I'm wrapping up entry at right about the target time that I set for myself while working out Current Schedule.  GREAT.  Haven't been thinking about the schedule too intensely the last few days.  Been aiming to maintain it more or less all day.  But at this point I'm just following a loose routine rather than thinking IS THIS WORKING DO I WANNA CONTINUE DOING IT THIS WAY TOMORROW WHAT IMPLICATIONS DOES WHAT I'M DOING TODAY HAVE ON THE FUTURE.  Nope!  Still could make adjustments but IT'S NOT A BIG DEAL!  Not anymore!  Probably will become a big deal again later at some point.  But for now who gives a fig.  Internet tells me I'll be starting my walk JUST as the snow is starting.  Internet could easily be wrong.  But I hope it's not.  Let me and snow start off together in tandem.  I LIKE IT.  I'll be back tomorrow.

-1:04 P.M.




Sunday, January 2, 2022

reading hard or hardly reading

    Hey.  What's going on!  Presumably getting make-up Super market delivery today.  Possible it interrupts act I!  More likely it just interrupts my schedule.  DANGIT.  Anyway, Sunday, Sunday...  National Food Of The Sunday.  My guess is Sundaes.  National Foods of January Two be... National Buffet Day, national cream puff day, and national swiss cheese day.  National Buffet Day is GREAT because it rhymes.  So far one of the greatest days I've seen!  Cream puff is an INSULT and I WILL NOT STAND FOR IT.  Let's see what it is in Food Terms though.  HMM it's a puff made of cream.  Sounds delicious.  Also I neglected to mention how fun buffets are in addition to rhyming with Day.  Swiss cheese?  OKAY!  When I first started experimenting with cheeseburgers in college it would be a special promotional McDonalds cheeseburger where the cheese was Swiss.  And that was just ONE special thing about the burger.
Okay.  At the calories I allow myself for breakfast, I can fuckin' eat two pop tarts a day.  Does go over what I allot myself by 20 but STILL.  It's TOO good.  I've been neglecting other possible breakfasts.  How can I turn down eating two delicious pop tarts.  I CAN'T THAT'S WHO.  Anyway.  Been running the numbers and it's POSSIBLE I drop down from 7 walks not to 6 but ultimately to FIVE.  That would be CRAZY.  But KIND OF COOL?  What else is going on.  I COULD circlewalk today.  I dunno.  Don't WANT to.  Might end up DOING IT.  Sometimes we have to do things we don't want to do.  This isn't one of those situations.  This one of those situations where we do what we don't want to do even if we don't have to do it because we're dumb and whatnot.  STORY OF MY LIFE.  That's a weird phrase.  There's no story of my life.  And if there is, you gotta include the entire life.  The story of my life would take as long as my life to go on!  Actually LONGER.  For CONTEXT you might need to start with my Conception or even earlier.  And carry on after I'm dead to how my children remember me.  Story of my life is gonna take FOREVER.
Sure.  I'm not saying life begins at conception.  I'm saying CONTEXT begins at conception.  That's the Knocked Up rule.  Actually context begins when mother gets promotion or something and father gets high or something.  Then 15 minutes into the story conception occurs.  Haven't seen the movie in a while GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT IT I don't know EXACTLY how context begins.  What else is going on.  No dinner delivery today.  That gives me some flexibility in adjusting my schedule to accommodate Super Market order.  Don't need to hang around for deliver order and accepting delivery!  YEAH.  What else is going on.  Took a GREAT rest last night.  Around 5:15-6:45.  Lay in bed and fall asleep for and half an hour of it.  MAN OH MAN would that be great for the routine.  One can only dream.  If I'm doing Dinner Order I gotta be conscious for that at 6:00 and then accept order consciously at 6:45-7:00.  Oh well one can only dream it turns out.
Sure.  Didn't check my weight today!  Won't do it for another week.  Let's see how this shakes out.  I'm cautiously hopeful I can eat more or less an ideal amount of calories AND walk only 5 walks.  Based on how much I've lost lately it seems the calorie deficit and/or surplus SUGGEST as much.  WOW.  Think of all the resting I can do with FIVE walks.  I don't wanna rest much more than I did. GREAT think of all the things I could accomplish once I'm rested!  Or when I'm looking forward to resting!  OKAY LET'S THINK ABOUT THAT LATER I'LL SET UP A TIME.  No I won't.  FINE THINK ABOUT IT AT YOUR OWN LEISURE.  Okay.  They did end up giving us complete refund for Super Market order.  We paid six cents.  Not sure why.  Also my Dad made a Sixth Sense pun with it and it took me 2 minutes to get it but once I did I was like hey that's the most clever thing my Dad has said in a while!  So we got that going for us.
    Coffee after this paragraph!  Delicious!  I had a banana yesterday.  Delicious!  It's everything you want a banana to be and nothing you don't wanna banana to be.  I could have another one today.  I DUNNO.  Might be SAFER to eat sugar chocolate, "Health," snack.  The part where it has special chemicals to make it addictive REALLY turns me on.  What else turns me on.  Hmm.  Lots of options for lunch.  Does that turn me on?  No.  Not sexually.  Oh well what else is going on.  I get to drink coffee soon but first I need to accomplish a few more sentences?  And these sentences can be anything?  They don't even need to be good or even make sense?  Is that what you're telling me?  Hmm.  That turns me on sexually.  I guess A LITTLE.  Maybe .025%.  That's probably accurate relatively.  Maybe even .25%!  Let's be honest it turns me on a quarter of a percent.  Hey let's go drink that sexy sexy coffee.
   I like my sex like I like my coffee.. I LIKE HAVING THEM.  Genius.  What's going on that's delicious.  Mom did some laundry for me yesterday.  Got some shirts and everything!  All I need.  I already have socks and underwear.  Sounds good.  Sounds VERY good.  Hmm.  Maybe I should just start having my Dad's ice cream sandwiches instead of mine.  I'd have to work it out with him so he knows to get more to accommodate me.  I DUNNO.  THAT COULD BE A GAME CHANGER IN THE RIGHT OR WRONG DIRECTION.  Or it could leave the game unchanged.  Or a fourth thing I dunno what do I know.  How could context begin at conception.  SOMETHING very important to contextuals LEADS to conception.  You don't just have two people making the tender act of love OUTTA NOWHERE.  Maybe sometimes you do.  Like in KNOCKED UP.  WRONG. THEY KNEW EACH OTHER FOR HOURS.  That's big context.  The point is I forget.  Also is the story of my life just watching my life in real time but on a delay.  Cause that would be kind of boring.  It was boring for me!  One would only imagine it's ten times as boring for someone who has less invested in it!
     Seventh paragraph.  Excellent!  Using en Excel spreadsheet.  Excel-lent!  What else.  It's not really the new year until the working week.  Showing up at office on Monday and everyone is like HEY IT'S THE NEW YEAR.  January 1st was Saturday.  Today is Sunday.  NOTHING HAS MADE IT QUITE OFFICIAL YET.  I LIKE IT.  I like this strange ambiguous space between last year and new year.  DAMNIT TOMORROW WHEN I GO INTO THE OFFICE IT'S ALL OVER.  Because all the talk at the water cooler will be about how the year is 2022 and that's weird and strange and feels like the future.  Also at this point I think we should have more futuristic water coolers.  Not sure what they could be doing to improve on the technology but that's THEIR problem to figure out.  I WANT NEW AND EXCITING STUFF FROM WATER COOLERS.  Look are water coolers exciting enough as it is?  YES.  VERY EXCITING.  I just think there's still room for improvement.
     Sure.  Anyway.  Eighth paragraph.  I got that going for me.  Solidly exactly on target for what I wanna be caloriewise over the last 3 days.  We're talkin EXACT TO THE 25TH CALORIE DEGREE.  Good for me.  At some point I will stop thinking about calories and just be like hey I'm eating relatively often, relatively healthy and delicious stuff, and most of the time it's GOOD for my body what I'm doing AND good for my tastebuds.  COVERING ALL THE BASES.  Sounds good to me.  I dunno how you could cover all the bases.  They're like 90 feet apart or something.  And there's four of them.  You'd have to either be really really fast or really really big.  OR you're just really shitty at your job.  You can say HEY I COVER ALL THE BASES but then when put to the test you just do terribly and can't do it at all.  That's the way I'D go.  Solid chance you're never put to the test!  You get away with your blatant lie!  Hmm.  How far apart are bases.  YEP 90 FEET.  Looks like I know baseball as well as the best of 'em.
I can't run 90 feet.  How can anyone run it.  Some of these baseball players are obese and people make fun of them for being slow and whatnot but I couldn't run 90 feet even if you gave me half an hour.  That's a long run is the point.  Well if you gave me half an hour I could.  The more accurate point is I can't RUN 90 feet continuously.  I'd need to take breaks.  What else is going on.  Also I'm smaller.  90 feet is more strides for me than the average fellow!  Doesn't seem fair.  That's the main part of being a short man that's the pits.  Takes more strides to accomplish what a taller man could accomplish!  Oh well it builds character to stake more strides.  I guess.  Ninth paragraph.  At this point aiming for 12 for act I but we'll see how it goes.  I've talked about how hard it is for me to run from base to base before.  It comes up a lot!  It's a key plot point in the story of my life.  Or a key thematic element.  Or a key conflict.  The point is it's key.  Huh.
Yeah!  What else is key.  The think Benjamin Franklin attached to kite to figure out electricity.  What I wanna know what is Ben Franklin doing with a kite.  This is a grown man.  Why is he messing around with kites?  Anyway.  I never flew a kite in my life.  Not sure if that's something kids still do at all.  Might have fallen by the wayside at some point.  HEY THERE'S THIS THING UP IN THE AIR. FLOATING OR SOMETHING.  PLUS I'M HOLDING ONTO IT BY A STRING.  POSSIBLY ABLE TO DIRECT IT SOMEWHAT I DON'T HAVE ALL THE DETAILS.  Anyway.  I like Franklin as a first name.  I think it's got character!  But I wouldn't name my kid Franklin.  My Mom is named LINda.  Too similar!  Gotta keep names separate but equal.  Unless if it's at least one more generation removed than that.  Then GO CRAZY repeating names its a sign of respect and honor.  We can name our kids OUR OWN names.  Well that's great.  I'm the greatest guy around o why wouldn't I want my kid to be The Greatest Guy Around Junior.  I'd be doing him a favor!
     Penultimate paragraph of the act presumably.  Probably!  Anyway almost definitely not doing CircleWalking today.  Or hopefully ever again.  Or hopefully at least not for a while at least.  WHY DO I BASH CIRCLEWALKING SO.  It kept me exercising during complete quarantine for over a year.  I still gained weight but it woulda been twice as much without it.  Helps me make up for binging on stuff.  Gives me time to THINK and watch TV in a different viewpoint.  It's HELPED ME a lot but it's just DUMB and WEIRD and hard for society to swallow so in the end I think I'm better off without it.  YEAH.  THAT'S LIFE.  GIVING UP GOOD THINGS BECAUSE SOCIETY CAN'T SWALLOW IT.  Maybe society could swallow circlewakling.  I don't think anyone has ever confronted society about this.  Never came up!  Guess it's UP TO ME to introduce this practice to society and see how they feel.  Anyway what else is going on.
     Last paragraph of the act!  Delicious!  Gonna have some amount of downtime between Act and accepting super market delivery.  Theoretically probably half an hour to two hours.  OR it's a big fuck up catastrophe and it's more than that.  And/or it never comes.  Either way let's see what happens I'm on the edge of my seat.  Why am I doing that.  I should sit back.  OKAY THERE I GO.  THAT'S THE STUFF.  What else.  Got 2 zoom appointments this week.  One with maintenance physiatrist who keeps track of meds.  One with maintenance therapist who keeps track of general bulletpoints of mental health.  Each one's visit is about 10 minutes.  GREAT.  I CAN WORK THAT INTO MY BUSY BUSY SCHEDULE.  I don't feel like I've written enough this act.  I will write ONE MORE paragraph.  That's it!  That's where I draw some line!
     Cool.  ALMOST played some Rocksmith yesterday.  It occurred to me to play and I sort of 50% wanted to play it but the other 50% where I was lazy barely won the day.  But it's progress I feel.  I played guitar on my regular amp for a solid 90 seconds.  It was fun!  WOW THOSE CHORDS ARE COMING FROM ME?  I'M SOME SORT OF GENIUS.  I CAN PLAY TWO CHORDS IN A ROW.  Gotta re-start somewhere.  Chords were Dm and then C.  If we're being honest!  Not sure what that says about me and my life and situation.  That I'm a DM --> C guy last night.  That's for THE COURTS to decide.  What else is going on.  Probably put on some Tales From The Crypt in the meantime after this paragraph.  See where that takes me.  Probably nowhere.  That's where most things take me.  But that's okay because it's convenient because I started out nowhere.  So basically it's not a big deal to go nowhere because it's no work to get there at all.  Easy!  I'll be back soon.





if only you knew

    Hey!  Got Super market delivery.  Looks like we got everything. Looks fresh and untampered with.  GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME.  Anyway gonna have coffee with act II because I'm having lunch after act III.  I can't have coffee right before lunch!  It'd be redundant consumption!  Gotta space it out some more.  So basically I got a lot going for me today.  I ACCEPTED GROCERIES.  GROCERIES I WANTED TO CONSUME.  I START CONSUMING THEM TODAY.  Got a new flavor of gum.  ORIGINAL.  And ya know what?  NOT BAD!  I ca nsee why this is the standard bearer.  It's pretty good!  Walking schedule isn't messed up too much from waiting for Super Market but I don't think I can try taking a rest in the late afternoon again.  Busy talking walks slightly more grouped together!  That's okay.  Today is gonnna be good anyway.  Nice meals planned out.  Nice entertainment planned out.  Not really.  But I got a GOOD FEELING about consuming entertainment today.
    Yeah!  Got coffee going.  I wonder what the rest of this act will be like.  Anything worthwhile.  Right now I don't really feel like writing anything worthwhile.  More or less just continue with Schedule Talk and that sort of thing.  What else is going on.  WEIRD to drink soda now.  It's been THIRTY SIX HOURS since I last have a diet carbonated flavored beverage.  I LIKE IT but I'm not sure I'm COMFORTABLE WITH IT yet.  So I'm drinking Snapple right now.  A little easier on the palate.  I feel okay with this it's not an assault on all the senses like soda was.  HEY Lemon Iced Tea World Travel Fact Of The Day is... a repeat.  Fascinating.  GOT MORE ORANGE SODA THAN I THOUGHT I WAS GETTING.  Upon further introspection I probably asked for this amount rather than them giving it to me as a mistake.  Although they do make mistakes!  One mistake today was they gave us tuna salad we never asked for or paid for.  These bonus 2 bottles of soda, though, I THINK were based on ME and not THEM.
     Cool.  I wonder if water will continue being barely adequately hot for shower as opposed to barely mediocrely hot.  One can only dream.  Also be awake.  Or be asleep and not dream.  I know they say we're always dreaming when we're asleep, we just don't usually remember it, but I THINK THAT'S WRONG.  I THINK I'd remember if I was dreaming.  That's not the kind of thing you'd forget.  I'd at least remember it WHILE IT WAS GOING ON.  I know a bunch of times I'm asleep and I KNOW I'm not dreaming.  VERY BUSY not doing any dreaming.  The point is everyone else is wrong most of the time.  Cool.  This is the third paragraph.  The great thing about being very deep into the third paragraph is you're almost in the fourth paragraph.  That's what I'm feeling right now so Into The Web Journal It Goes!
     Sure.  It's not a Web Journal.  It's a Michael Journal.  It appears on the web.  But it's not ABOUT the web.  It's about The Michael.  That guy who I am most of the time!  Anyway.  ALSO all this soda was meant to comfortably last me seven days.  NOW I GOT TO MAKE IT LAST FIVE DAYS.  I'm overwhelmed.  Got too much soda to drink.  I'm gonna be drinkins soda even when I don't wanna drink soda!  WOW THAT SOUNDS LIKE A GREAT IDEAL UTOPIA.  You're doing things you like EVEN WHEN YOU DON'T WANT TO.  That's the American Dream per my limited understanding.  Anyway figure this act and potentially next act will be six paragraphs.  Take a nice solid shower circumstance between the two.  Get wet and everything.  Use the wetness to lubricate my body up so it's susceptible to being cleaned by a bar of soap.  That's the plan generally more or less!  Wetness might clean my body somewhat without soap.  Wow this is great news for my cleanliness!
     Penultimate paragraph of the act!  What else is going on.  I wonder how God feels about cleanliness is next to godliness.  God has gotta be like uh no not really.  Godliness is kinda MANY STEPS ABOVE cleanliness.  Look I'm glad you're keeping clean but that's really not getting you so close to Godliness as much as you think.  Originally the phrase meant MORAL Cleanliness.  Well great why don't you just ruin ALL the things I say.  I do!  I'm Me!  I say something then I ruin it myself presuming it started off as something which could be ruined and not something that can't be ruined because it started out as shit.  YEAH.  KEEP IT SIMPLE.  DO ALL THE STEPS MYSELF.  Anyway.  Finished snapple.  Poured more soda.  NOW I'M USED TO IT.  DELICIOUS YET AGAIN.  Doesn't stimulate or arouse too much confusion and negative excitement among my senses.
YEAH.  Anyway what else is going on.  I can't believe I only had a tiny amount of leftover Dr Pepper on New Years eve.  I'm A SODA GUY and toasting the new years is a thing that brings good luck for the new year and I could BARELY toast it with soda.  I think I had just enough soda to mix with the alcohol to toast the new year.  WELL when you put it that way I GUESS MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.  But it was cut very close.  What else is going on.  All these 8 or so clean shirts.  It's an embarrassment of riches!  You should never be embarrassed of your riches.  You worked hard for them!  Presumably.  I'd say there's a solid One In Two Chance that if you have riches you worked hard for them.  EASILY a relative toss up coin flip that's how you amassed your riches.  Off the top of my head at least.  Seems plausible!  Hey I'm gonna take a shower now.  Be back soon.





i don't blame you

    Hey!  Chewing a piece of gum right now.  EXTRA PIECE.  Not supposed to be chewing gum not on walks on my diet.  WHO CARES IT'S ORIGINAL GUM I NEED IT.  It's delicious is the point.  Also I always kind of assumed that Bubble Gum was just Original Gum.  Standard flavor of gum is your flavor that they call bubble gum.  Which I don't particularly like although maybe I should try as a novelty and like it briefly.  Either way THIS IS FINE.  What else is going on.  Shower was back to being mediocre today.  Oh well.  I totally cleaned myself anyway.  So it looks like I win anyway.  What are my best TV Watching Options today.  More Tales From The Crypt.  More The Simpsons.  Watch the second half of Karate Kid III that I started watching On Regular TV yesterday.  Hmm.  Lots of good options.  None of those are good options.  Lots of options.  I GUESS.  Let's be honest they barely even qualify as Options.
    Okay.  What else!  Gonna have lunch after this entry without taking a walk in-between!  That's how today's schedule is Shaking Out.  Fascinating.  Not a fan of drinking soda while chewing gum when the chewing gum presumably is still in its Having Flavor Phase.  They cancel each other out!  I get nothing out of EITHER of them now.  But I still do it because I NEED REPLENISHMENT in the forms of both beverage and chewing.  Oh well that's life.  Just took a break to put non fridge and freezer stuff away.  Normally I get to it LATER in the day.  Today?  Got to it PRETTY EARLY.  Because that's the kind of guy I am this early afternoon.  We're already at 2:03 PM.  This is the middle of the afternoon.  The beginning of the middle.  It's been the afternoon FOR TWO HOURS.  Yeah but the 12's don't really count.  I know they're AFTER Noon but I feel like 1:00 PM, when you get to single digits to start off the time... I dunno what I'm talking about.  I kind of do.  I dunno if I really believe what I'm saying I feel, though.  I just like to say things.
Sure.  What else is going on.  HEY THAT EPISODE IS WHAT I GOT COMING NEXT IN TALES FROM THE CRYPT?!?!  I like that episode.  It's not GREAT but it's one of the only ones that center around African Americans.  Possibly THE ONLY one.  So the novelty of it all is good.  It's good to get different cultural contexts in your entertainment and this one is a nice change of pace and it's good to see representation in Tales From The Crypt of other groups than your standard.  Anyway.  90% of putting stuff away that isn't fridge or freezer is 2 liter bottles of soda.  And that's not accounting for the 1 bottle of each flavor that I DID put in the fridge or freezer.  Mostly the fridge.  Always the fridge.  But you get the idea.  I think when we used to drink in college freshman year we would put vodka bottle in the freezer for 20 or 30 minutes after we got it.  Not sure what that accomplished exactly.  If anything it seems too risky.  You don't want frozen vodka.
     Oh well it always worked out per my memory.  Anyway.  Only new grocery that clunks up my 4/5ths of an entire shelf for my snacks was New Pop Tarts.  But it was a BIG New Pop Tarts.  It fit in fine but it is slightly clunkier now and I'm not 100% happy about that.  Not even ZERO percent happy about it.  I'm UNHAPPY about it.  Wait.  Let me amend that.  I AM Zero percent happy about that.  What, am I supposed to be NEGATIVELY happy about that?  No such thing!  The lowest percent of happy you can be is Not Happy At All.  Hmm.  Now would be a good time to take a Sit Up/Push Up Break.  I do that all the time but this time I told you about it for some reason.  Good to keep things fresh.  Also happiness is not a spectrum between happy and unhappy.  You can't say oh I'm negatively happy because I'm actively UNHAPPY.  Just keep Happy and Unhappy separate.  That's my first instinct.  Also, second through sixth instincts.  While typing these sentences I've formed instinct after instinct and so far ALL OF THEM are that you should keep Happy and Unhappy as separate categories and not on one singular spectrum.  Then again I just formed a seventh instinct that you CAN have them on one singular spectrum.  So there's that.
     Penultimate paragraph!  HEY if I'm taking six walks instead of seven, that's one less piece of gum I'm chewing!  So I can either bank those calories or chew a piece of gum at my leisure at some point throughout the day!  WOW I DON'T BELIEVE IT.  Seems accurate, though.  VERY accurate.  Other entertainment options are I recorded Shrek and Shrek II from Live TV.  I've seen the first one a dozen times.  Good movie!  Maybe not for watching!  But it's a good movie for all practical and theoretical reasons.  Not sure I've ever seen Shrek II.  Not sure if I'll ever see Shrek II!  That's part of life I guess.  What else do I got going on and crap.  Hey what else is going on and crap.  I just said that.  I know.  I was being SARCASTIC.  Not sure I know what words mean.  Who cares what they mean.  Just type some words and let people either figure out what it means or accept that it means nothing.  The ball is in OTHER PEOPLE'S court now.  How'd it get all the way to their court.  I could see how a ball can get from my part of a court to their part of a court.  Not sure hw this ball is traveling across courts.
Last paragraph of the day.  Great.  What else do I got going on.  25 paragraphs this entry.  It's important!  Since I wrote 13 paragraphs in Act I I've spent the entire act going through what I have to do so I could accomplish six paragraphs for both Act II and Act III.  Because it's important that things.. uh.. are even sounding.  Makes sense to me!  Gotta imagine that's how real writers work.  EVERYONE KNOWS that's how Charles Dickens worked.  He wrote for periodicals and they paid him by the paragraph.  Something like that.  I may not be getting all the details right.  I may BE getting all the details right.  I know I'm not but what do I know.  Huh.  Gonna have lunch in roughly 15 minutes!  It's good.  I'm not starving but I eat anyway because it's FUEL for the body.  Body needs fuel to operate at maximum capacity.  Hey Great What Else.  I'll see you guys tomorrow.

-2:28 P.M.





Saturday, January 1, 2022

one day at a time

    Hey!  Stayed up late last night.  We're talkin fell asleep right around midnight.  I had put on Tales From The Crypt the last 2 hours of the year, drank .75 drinksworth from 11:15-11:30, and fell asleep soon thereafter!  The point is I started off the new year RIGHT.  By being in the end of the process of falling asleep.  If I could do that all year then that's a WIN for 2022!  Anyway.  I was thinking.  If I lost more weight for reasonable reasons than I calculated, presumably that means I can EAT MORE and/or burn less to maintain weight.  Guess we'll see how that goes!  Checked weight again today.  Same as yesterday.  Now I'm gonna drop back to checking once a week.  GREAT.  Now let's spend a paragraph each for each national food of the day.  Start the year off RIGHT.  I already told you I started the year off right.  Ending Falling Asleep!  The best state anyone can ever be in!
     Cool.  LOOK did we get more bananas from Amazon Fresh than we anticipated?  Sure!  And was I happenstance thinking earlier before then that I'd be in the mood for a banana?  SURE.  Universe is balancing out!  Wait no.  That's just the start.  Universe just gave me a banana that I wanted.  NOW universe has to balance itself out.  Presumably by taking the banana away from me.  That'd be my first guess for how to evenly balance it out evenly.  Anyway.  Finishing the last of the soda Right Now.  Why not.  Let's have fun.  Finishing the last of my clean shirts today!  Why not.  Let's have fun.  Nice 52 degree day.  Got to wear my sweatshirt jacket.  Amazing!  Presumably we're getting super market order tomorrow and they triple double dog swore that it would be new stuff and not just the same thing they fucked up giving us yesterday.  Also I think we're getting the entire order free.  WOW.  That's a fifth to a quarter of a grand!  And all we had to do was waste an entire day and lose two days from groceries.  Hmm.  Was it worth it?  I DUNNO!  Not for me to say.
    Also they're spitting in all our foods.
  Open up the crackers.  Spit on the crackers.  Close em back up indiscreetly.  Repeat with the cookies.  GOD DAMN THEM.  Wait a second.  They're closing the crackers back up DISCREETLY.  Not indiscreetly.  Maybe they're doing it indiscreetly we'll have to wait to find out.  Anyway.  Gonna keep keeping track of calories and whatnot but no more keeping track of what I'm eating.  Too far!  What else.  I think it's nice that Betty White died just a couple of days after John Madden.  It's sweet when couples go together like that because they love each other so much.  Huh.  What to do with the rest of my day that I'll get a kick out of other than eating.  THAT is the question.  Hmm.  It's a new year.  Does that mean everything is new.  I'd like to rejoin the world after entry and find out Everything Is New.  Don't see that being in the cards, though!  I'd settle for 5% of things being new.  THAT would be pretty good!
Huh.  I'd settle for having clean laundry tomorrow.  Nice shirts I can choose from.  That sort of thing!  WAIT NO I WON'T SETTLE FOR THAT.  I really want that too yes but I WANT MORE!  The point is what else is going on.  HMM.  I know this sounds crazy but what if I am able to cut it down to five walks a day.  That's hardly anything!  That's just NOTHING.  Have the entire mid-afternoon through evening girl uninterrupted.  WEIRD.  We'll see how that goes.  Anyway.  I like being 115 pounds MATHWISE because it's a nice even number in terms of being odd but divisible by five AND ALSO for me at 5'2 height it's exactly 21 BMI.  Which is another even number!  Which is odd but NO FRACTION and also it's not EVEN EVEN but it's a nice clean fun number.  THEN AGAIN I CAN LOSE MORE which presumably 5% of which would come from my protruding gut.
  Anyway.  Maybe they updated National Food Of The Day for the year.  And cut 11 of the 12 foods that claimed January 1st.  I'm not gonna bother looking that up right quick.  There's no way they did that.  UNLESS...  BETTER CHECK.  NOPE STILL 12.  Tomorrow is down to 3 though.  So I'll update you on that I guess.  WHO THE HELL GETS ANYTHING OUT OF THIS.  It's a ROUTINE.  A DUMB Routine.  So it's FUNNY.  WHY DOES HE KEEP DOING THIS.  HOW AMUSING.  That sort of thing.  Hey I got coffee coming up in a few sentences.  Wonderful.  I feel like I also fell asleep right around midnight last New Years too.  It's a tradition!  A DUMB tradition.  So it's FUNNY.  WHY DO I KEEP DOING THIS.  HOW AMUSING.  Huh.  Today is gonna be a good day.  I can tell.  It's got all the good makings of a good day.  It's A DAY.  So far there's been NO HORRIBLE CATASTROPHE.   Sounds good to me.
Just told my parents about toasting the new year with left over .75 drinksworth.  Because I'm a GOOD SON.  I keep everything ABOVE BOARD.  They handled the news gracefully!  Anyway this way I can say I haven't drank since last year.  Wonder how long that'll last.  Also I wonder if the next time I drink will be by myself or in a legitimate drinking situation with others.  Gotta imagine it's 90% chance by myself.  Even if I make an effort NOT to do that, the odds are that I'm in a legitimate drinking situation with others At Any Time has got to be relatively low, right?  Either way TOASTED THE NEW YEAR.  NATIONAL CHAMPAIGNE DAY yesterday.  Also I'm glad I saved it to the end of the day instead of during entry.  EASIER FOR SOCIETY to swallow.  And my parents are society.  More or less!
     Cool.  Target range for BMI is 18.5-24.9.  21?  RIGHT IN THE LOWER PART OF THE VERY MIDDLE.  Amazing!  Then again 20 would be even MORE amazing.  What weight would that translate to. 109.5.  That's no good.  If it was 110.0 that'd be AMAZING too.  But it's not.  So let's move on with our lives.  Seventh paragraph!  Always a fun paragraph.  I realize I'm relatively deep into the entry, near the time to take a walking break, all that jazz.  Not sure I ever enjoyed jazz.  I never CONSCIOUSLY enjoyed jazz.  I probably have heard jazz a couple dozen times and enjoyed it.  But it never REGISTERED as enjoyment.  Oh well that's jazz for ya.  Probably.  I don't know about jazz enough to say that's jazz for ya.  I don't know about Anything enough to say that about Anything.  Except for maybe Tales From That Crypt.  I've seen that a ton.  I GET it for the most part.  Also HBO is shooting themselves in feet by not having Tales From That  Crypt on demand or cycling on their live TV channels.  DUMB.
Cool!  I guess they're saving it for later and when they finally do make it available people are gonna go out of their minds!  Huh.  IF BETTY WHITE COULD DIE IT COULD HAPPEN TO ANY OF US.  We were told for so long she would escape death indefinitely.  She was indestructible!  Now that I know she will die I am confronted by my own mortality.  Doesn't seem fair.  Why should I have to think about how I will be dead one day.  And then the next day.  And the day after that.  One day I'll be dead FOR ALL FUTURE DAYS.  Doesn't seem even half fair.  Huh.  HEY I figured out how to make today great.  At some point-- I don't know when!-- I'm gonna have my Dad's slightly bigger and more indulgent ice cream sandwich than the one I get.  It's SIGNIFICANTLY BIGGER.  And presumably more indulgent.  But only 50 calories more.  But the 50 calories more is 50% calories more total.  How much calories are they?  ANSWER AT THE END OF THE ENTRY.  Not really.
     Ninth paragraph!  Got frozen breakfast BOWL.  Gonna try that tomorrow morning presumably.  I was gonna try it this morning but I decided I wanted Some Sweet instead.  ALSO I decided to keep bigger breakfasts for maintenance diet and adjust snack allowance to accommodate for 1 less walk.  In the end I can probably have it all, though!  I don't KNOW how much calories I can exactly consume for maintenance!  We'll see how it goes.  I HAVE A CHOICE OF CANILLA OR VOCOLATE FILLING for ice cream sandwich.  Oh boy.  This is gonna keep me up at night.  I'm doing this before going to bed tonight.  Well it'll keep me up in the afternoon.  And then it WILL keep me up at night wondering if I ultimately made the right decision.  SEE?  NOW WHOSE THE IDIOT.  I think chocolate would be more interesting but vanilla is the safer bet.  Hmm.  I could see I put a lot of thought into this.  No I can't.  Fine great what else. 
 Tenth paragraph.  For some strange reason my instinct is to write 12 paragraphs this act.  Maybe that's a new routine!  12 paragraphs for the first act.  I DUNNO.  Why does everything have to be a New Routine.  Why can't I just do something today and then when tomorrow comes I do something for tomorrow.  I DUNNO SOUNDS RISKY.  How will I know what to aim for doing tomorrow.  I need AIMS.  Whether I accomplish them or not.  Also that's the way they teach you to be a teacher.  Each class you need an AIM.  Keep things focused.  Keep things structured.  I don't like it!  That's not how I roll.  I don't roll at all.  My body isn't designed for rolling.  I guess I could roll if I really had to but it might hurt to get my body into that position.  Also where am I rolling and to what purpose.  Such is life.
     Okay.  It's January now.
  Time for things to get accomplished.  I think back to last year and everyone was always like yeah we're done for the year.  Let JANUARY handle it.  Now it's here!  Like with MLB Lockdown.  Hey let's just let it sit for a month and a half.  We'll get right on it next year.  IT'S NEXT YEAR.  TIME TO GET RIGHT ON IT.  I WANNA SEE A RESOLUTION.  I need ESPN MLB news fixes!  I'm a baseball fan it turns out.  Oh well such is life.  The point is I got no soda last night and I just finished last of Dr Pepper so I will be soda-less for 24 hours roughly.  GREAT.  I'll have to drink WATER.  We have orange juice and cranberry juice.  TOO MANY CALORIES.  What I'm supposed to get NUTRITION from beverages?  That doesn't sound right!  It's supposed to be flavored artificial chemicals.  That's what's good for me!
     Last paragraph of the act.
  That's what's good for me!  You too!  The sooner we're done with this the better.  At this point you've probably given up on this website for months.  If I was you I would have stopped somewhere around October.  Good thing I'm not you.  I don't even know who you are.  I wouldn't know where to begin Being You.  And besides I'm pretty used to Being Me.  It's not all good but I get the premise and more or less what to do for the short term.  Asked my dad to call me to see if my phone is still working.  Let's see how that goes.  YEP phone still works.  They were trying to scare me into thinking it wouldn't work after New Years.  I called their bluff!  AND THE CALL WENT THROUGH.  Huh.  I feel like bluff is some sort of environment term.  Like hey there's a bluff coming up ahead.  Better LTURQ.  A steep cliff, bank, or promontory.  I KNOW WHAT ONE OF THOSE WORDS MEANS.  I'll be back in a little bit.




i'm glad you feel that way

    Hi!  No more keeping track of what I'm eating but I think I'm gonna keep track of times I eat the 3 main meals.  Just to see if I can get into a routine.  Or get into a routine of not getting into a routine!  That's a good routine too!  Sometimes it's 4 hours between lunch and dinner, sometimes it's 6 and a half!  And it makes no difference to me in this scenario!  I'd be happy with that non-routine routine if it works.  Either way finishing the last of coffee #1 now and gonna have Nice Great Ice Cream Sandwich with paragraph II.  Great!  Also my instinct is to still kinda think ok each day it'd be nice to get a little under the calorie goal I'm aiming for.  NOT THIS MONTH.  I MUST see what happens if I eat what I think is maintenance calories.  For RESEARCH.  So I got that going for me.  Hey ice cream sandwich time.
  Also I'm getting a sense memory that I've gotten this in the past for myself.  But that was ages ago!  Either way I'm gonna enjoy finishing this hardcore.  Enjoy it hardcore.  Not finish it hardcore.  C'mon!  What else is going on in the wide world of sports.  I bet there's some football going on today.  Seems like New Years Day is a football day.  That sounds about right.  Some college football games.  Nothing particularly special.  Oh well Sucks To Be Football.  Actually today is a GREAT day to be football.  On days with bigger and more football games the football is getting kicked and carried and thrown around all day.  OFF DAYS football gets to finally relax a little bit and not be abused over and over again.  Also I feel like one touch down celebration should be somehow destroying the football.  Tear it open with both hands like the hulk or something.  If you COULD do it you clearly SHOULD be doing it.  You might get thrown out of the game but it's worth it.  Besides you already scored a touchdown apparently so your team is on track to win anyway.
Cool!  Went with VANILLA.  I stand by my choice.  I have no regrets.  I regret finishing it.  I feel like I should still have 80% of it Again somehow.  Seems kind of wrong that it's no longer around for me to eat just because I already ate it.  What else is going on.  Right now looks like I'm gonna chew some gum each day and have 2 cups of coffee each day.  Unless it's Special Day.  Special circumstances can EASILY lead to more coffee.  I'm not totally against that idea!  UGH.  I feel like instinctively if I'm writing 12 paragraphs for act I, I'd be writing 6 paragraphs for acts II and III each, right?  I don't have to.  I don't want to at this point.  But I KIND OF have to.  And I KIND OF want to.  It's a spectrum!  I fall somewhere on the spectrum of having to do things and wanting to do things.  Sounds about right.
   What else is up.
  I dunno.  Gotta take a mediocre shower soon.  GOD DAMNIT.  Why can't me showers be adequate like everyone else.  What did I Do to deserve this fate.  Oh.  Right.  All those awful things accumulated over time.  I'm not an awful person.  And I don't go into any situation aiming to do awful things.  But look I've been around for 33 years.  Over time you're gonna do some awful things, either by design or by accident!  That's life!  What else is going on.  No Patriotism Iced Tea Facts of he day.  No Patriotism Iced Tea at all!  What a way to start off a new year.  No Patriotism Iced Tea Facts.  Actually I'm kind of relieved.  If I never read or talk about another, "Snapple, 'Fact," again I'd consider that my best possible life of lives.  So I got that going for me.  Look I'm gonna continue to DRINK snapple.  But it's possible I NEVER LOOK AT UNDER THE CAP AGAIN.  Just say no.  I can manage that!
     Fifth paragraph of the act.  We'll see how I feel after this one re: six paragraphs.  Also what else is going on.  I think part of the reason I'm not 100% happy about being the weight I am is THE MYSTERY.  What if it's a lie.  And if not WHY IS IT.  And if it's a strange mystery as to why it happened whose to say that it won' reverse itself in a balancing act strange mystery and next month I'm at the weight I thought I'd be 5 pounds heavier.  SOMETHING WRONG IS AFOOT AND I DON'T FEEL COMFORTABLE WITH IT.  Oh well that's life.  Something wrong being afeet and not feeling comfortable with it.  As far as I can tell that's what life is at least.  I think I'm just gonna stop after this paragraph.  Because that's what I feel like doing.  That's what life is actually.  Do what you feel like doing.  Makes sense.  Hopefully you often feel like doing the right and responsible and JUST thing.  Good luck with that.  SHOWER TIME.




why is this a problem

    Hello!  Seemed like shower was slightly hotter today.  It's a Happy New Years Miracle!  So we got that going for us is the point.  Gonna pour some coffee after this paragraph.  Got THAT going for us.  Nice easy breeze loose schedule for the rest of the day.  Relatively!  Last couple of days haven't been thinking al day WHEN I GONNA EAT NEXT SNACK I'M DUE FOR A SNACK.  WONDERFUL!  Probably jinxed it just now and will go back to thinking about eating next immediately after eating last.   Oh well we'll see how it all, "Shakes," out.  This paragraph is almost over.  I GET TO DO THE NEXT CONSUMPTION THING WITH COFFEE.  I've been waiting All Some Last Portion Of Time for this!  What else is going on.  Parents are like your weight shows in your face.  and when we say your we mean in general not specifically YOUR.  So don't worry about your gut which looks fine anyway.  It's all in the face!  I dunno about that.  Maybe they're right.  I can't judge how fat my face looks, though.  I know it doesn't look fat.  But I can't personally tell where it falls ON THE SPECTRUM of skinny and/or healthy and/or average.  Oh well that's part of life COFFEE TIME.
    Wide world of sports.
  I got the whole day ahead of me.  So much free time to figure out something halfway pleasurable or productive or entertaining to do.  Figure I can halfway achieve ONE of those things.  You know, 1/6th achieve all of those things?  WOW.  Achieving ONE SIXTH of everything?  That's actually pretty good!  Wonderful.  Still haven't had that banana.  That's something I should be thinking about as the day moves forward.  When's a good time to have a banana.  So I got that going for me.  I hope it's not convenient for me to do some circlewalking tomorrow.  It went okay yesterday.  But I'd really like to be able to say I Lived A Life Where I Never CircleWalked again.  ALSO doing it yesterday I can say I haven't done it since 2021.  I do it tomorrow?  Now I'm doing it in 2022!  Also who am I talking to in the future about the yearly status of my circlewalking.  I dunno, grandkids?  Off the top of my head that's who would be the most interested in this.
Okay.  Turned the page on World Travel Calendar To Remember.  What do they suggest I Travel To this month.  TRANSYLVANIA, ROMANIA?!?!  WHAT THE HELL.  This calendar was clearly written by Dracula!  I didn't see that coming.  HEY here's a free calendar COME TO MY CASTLE I WILL WINE AND DINE YOU AND THERE'S A NICE GUEST ROOM WHERE YOU CAN SLEEP WHERE I DEFINITELY WON'T EAT YOUR BLOOD OVERNIGHT.  I didn't see this stunning development coming.  That's why it's stunning.  If I saw it coming halfway it'd just be a development.  If I saw it coming completely not much of a development.  Sort of just a continuation.  But the point is hmm what are their REAL selling points for Transylvania.  Good environment things.  Snowcapped peaked mountains.  FORESTS.  Retreats and whatnot.  Carriage rides.  Okay sure wonderful but NO WAY AM I BUYING IT.
Penultimate paragraph.  Now I gotta worry about Dracula all month.  I'm not LITERALLY in Transylvania but I guess in some metaphysical way I am there all month because I put a lot of stock into this World Travel Calendar To Remember.  Well great that's one more thing I have to worry about.  Dracula.  What else is going on.  Also there's snowy mountains and ancient forests all over the place.  I don't need to go to one of those places where I might run into Dracula.  Anyway.  Also I'm not going anywhere.  There's a worldwide pandemic.  Maybe one day I can go somewhere.  But it probably won't be there!  What was the place December 21 offered/  Austria?  I'll go to Austria, sure.  I think I'm halfway from Austria.  I don't have all the details.  Possibly not.  Either way that's weird to think.  I'm just three or four generations removed from cousins in The Old Country.  I have THIRD COUSINS JUST LIKE ME that live in Austria And/Or Somewhere Else In Eastern Europe their entire life.  WEIRD.
What else is going on.  Another entry in the books presumably.  Was it good?  Of course not.  Was it decent?  Not really.  Was it something?  Barely!  YES!!  BARELY SOMETHING.  ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED.  Something like that.  Been keeping track of how deep I go into Coffee Mate to estimate how much I'm actually consuming each cup of coffee.  So far there's still some left and it looks like it'll turn out I'm consuming a reasonable amount that I was actually aiming for. And not actually going way overboard!  MORE GOOD NEWS.  The good news just keeps coming.  There was that.  And the thing before that I don't remember.  What else is going on.  Already starting to get dark slightly later over the last week.  GOOD STUFF.  Every little bit counts.  Also each day is a relatively large little bit!  Totally relevant amount EACH AND EVERY TWILIGHT.  Great.  I'll be back tomorrow!

-12:43 P.M.



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