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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Here Hold This

    I guess.  Got some coffee going.  Got some oranged juice going.  That's about all I have going right now!  I like watching #TheSopranosSummerSpringtime because I'm REALLY excelling at watching it this time around.  Look, I'm better at understanding the characters and relationships between characters better, that's a given.  I get better at that stuff with every viewing of everything!  But for Sopranos this time around I am absorbing the PLOT better.  In past times the multi-episode and even multi-season arcs just didn't register with me!  Each episode's action seemed like its own individual thing.  Because I'm an idiot or something!  I can't blame Phone for not paying attention.  Didn't even had FunInternetPhone first time or two around!  I'm just an idiot or something!
     Maybe next time I'll uncover EVEN MORE plot.  It's certainly possible.  I can't imagine it as of now-- I'm already absorbing SO MUCH PLOT.  But all things being equal I can GUESS there's more plot to be taken in!  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  Today is MAY SIXTH.  Thursday!  In the month of May!  Yep we covered that with, "May Sixth."  Well I just wanted to make it abundantly clear!  I got nice Bens: The Deli Delivery for tonight MOST LIKELY.  Ben is a mouse that lived with what's his name.  I wanna say CLIFFORD?  Oh Willard.  I figured that out without looking it up!  I typed Clifford and Willard is close enough that it came to me just by typing Clifford!  Also mice and rats are disgusting.  I wouldn't be friend with a mouse if my life dependended on it.  Maybe I'd TRY to be friends with the mouse if my life dependended on it.  Really pot committed to Living and I'd want to continue that by all means necessary.  I think I'd FAIL though.  Just can't do it!  We have nothing in common in addition to the mouse being disgusting!  Oh well There Goes My Life.
Such is life.  Do cats really eat mice.  That's not an appealing look for a cat.  Ripping a mouse to shreds.  Look I don't like mice as much as the next guy but this cat has got to play by society's rules.  Can't go ripping animals to shreds no matter how disgusting they are.  There's gotta be a better alternative to ripping mouse to shreds in terms of getting it out of my immediate vicinity.  Also it's a Sin to de-claw your pet cats.  Hows the cat gonna claw a mouse to shreds now?  Not gonna happen!  Totally useless cat now.  Now mice are gonna walk all over your cat and your cat can't do a damn thing about it.  Why do you want Mice to walk all over your Cat?  Whose side are you on anyway?  Also, do Dogs &/V Cats KNOW that dogs are higher up on our imaginary hierarchy of House Animals?  Doesn't seem right that society would deem dogs are above cats in the first place but WE know that's the case however unfair it is.  I'm wondering if THEY know, though.
     Cool!  Gotta imagine Helper Monkeys are above Dogs.  Whose gonna Help the Helper Monkey.  Hmm.  A disabled person needs a helper monkey to live, great-- but someone needs to take care of the helper monkey!  Unless helper monkey has been trained to feed itself somehow and whatnot.  I guess you can train a Helper Monkey to Help Itself.  Well, YOU can't.  I can't.  But whoever is training Helper Monkeys in the first place can probably do it.  Anyway.  What's the consensus on people shaving if they wear masks outside of the house 100% of the time.  I'm asking because I now can shave myself with Hair Cut Apparatus.  It takes maybe half a minute.  With an extra 5 minutes in terms of setting it up and cleaning up and putting it back for safe keeping.  And I KNOW how to do it.  So basically I WANT to have fun shaving again but I feel I don't need to with mask on all the time.
     Great, just great.  Figure I'll cut hair with Father's Help every 2, 2.5 months?  Seems reasonable.  Maybe 3!  I don't know how this hair is gonna grow out we'll have to wait and see!  I think it's been 3 or so weeks since haircut.  Less than four weeks.  Maybe JUST SLIGHTLY less than four weeks that we're supposed to round it to four weeks?  I don't have all the details in front of me.  I dunno let's just say three weeks okay get off my back about it.  What if your helper monkey becomes self aware and decides to go rogue.  He realizes he's in service for you as his whole purpose and decides he wants better for himself.  It could happen and it WILL happen.  I think this is how Planet of the Apes Starts.  Except they're apes.  This is a monkey.  Maybe we can have Helper Apes I don't know and I don't want to know!  Kinda do wanna know.  Better LTURQ.  I feel like a chimpanzee can help us.  Better LTURQ.  NOT SEEING ANYTHING RE: HELPER APES.
While looking at details of Helper Monkey the first thing they said was He Can Microwave Things.  That's the main priority I guess.  Using the microwave.  I'm not gonna argue, microwaving stuff is important, I can see that.  Also SO NOW THE MONKEY IS BEING EXPOSED TO RADIATION.  This is REALLY how Planet Of The Apes Starts.  It's like a cross between Godzilla and planet of the apes.  Apes get super smart because of radiation.  Prove me wrong!  It can happen!  It WILL happen.  Either in real life or in future fictional adaptations to this story.  We're talkin probably STEAK for tonight and again sometime the next day.  It's DELICIOUS and NOT TOTALLY UNREASONABLY EXTRAVAGANT.  There's a #TalesFromTheCryptSummerSPringtime where a lady feeds a dog a steak.  So based on this information I feel like I'm not being a jerk by eating steak.  Dogs eat it!  In fiction!  And the premise is that she's overindulging the dog!  So I can eat it.  That's also why I feel its in my right to have a Siamese miniature twin brother who grows out of my hand and we do ventriloquism acts together.  If that's how I wanna spend my life GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT IT.




Plenty Of Titles Left

    I guess.  Time for Act II!  What kinda fun do we have in store for ourselves.  Coffee II plus Same Glass Of Oranged Juice But Part II Of Glass.  The great news is I'm into the 150's Of Pounds according to my proven-inaccurate scale.  Good enough for me!  How do we know that every other scale in the world is inaccurate and this one is the right one?  We don't know!  Also I bet if we got together a hundred scales, Oh I Don't Know THIRTEEN SCALES would have me at even less poundage than this one?  You gotta look at the bright side of things.  Well, not too bright.  That could hurt your eyes.  Better to look at the dark side of things.  Safer.  Also, more character.  Because of shadows and whatnot.  Let's gladly look at the dark side of things!
     Anyway.  Taking a Bath &/V Shower when this Act is over.  Probably.  That's my impression.  Into my Third The Descendants Album.  I like it!  Time for a break, though!  I dunno what to listen to!  Maybe another WIRE album I don't have all the details in front of me.  Also I'm gonna be totally upfront and honest-- I'm considering getting FREEDOM FRIES as a side for my Double Dinner of Steak.  Why not!  Treat myself!  Eat A DOZEN or so Frenched Fries as opposed to half a baked potato.  Presumably I'll still be in the 150's of pounds thanks to Faulty Scale anyway!  Does the scale recognize Itself when taking weight.  Hmm that's a real Philosophy-Think-Em-Up-Brain-Teaser.  NO it isn't.  It doesn't.  We'd be aware of it if it did.  Then again how do we know FOR SURE.  We don't!  We've just been GUESSING scale doesn't include scale in weight assessment!  Hmm at this rate I might solidly be in the 158'S of pounds.  Today just keeps getting better and better!
    Cool.  Also if we took Scale to Moon would it give accurate weight assessment or would it still be attuned to Earth weight assessment.  Hmm that's an interesting question to ask a scientist.  Next time I see a scientist I'm bombarding him with Home Person Scale Weight Assessment Questions.  I like peeing before checking my weight.  You pee for a good 10-15 seconds you get the sense ya know what if I had a nice carafe of this urine it'd really be relatively heavy.  Scale might hopefully be giving me some good news in a second because of this!  Anyway I've talked about all this before.  Except for hoping I'd be in the 158's of pounds if scale counts scale.  That's brand new because it specifically refers to my accurate weight on inaccurate scale being 159.5.  I've been that weight a dozen times IN TRANSITION but I don't think I've ever referred to that exact weight on Website before.  If I did I AM SORRY I FUCKED UP BAD!
     Cool.  What else is going on in the wide world of sports.  I wonder if they touch on whether Tony Soprano dies at end of The Sopranos in Prequel Film at all.  Maybe there's a scene where he sees a fortune teller and the fortune teller is like there will be a time in THIRTY OR FOURTY YEARS, DEPENDING ON WHICH UNEQUAL TIME LINES WE'RE TALKING ABOUT, where you're at a diner with our family and you're listening to Jukebox and ANYWAY YOU DON'T DIE THAT NIGHT.  Man oh man would that scene get people talking!  HOWEVER we don't know if this fortune teller is telling the truth.  Pretty prescient that the fortune teller knows about this Diner Night.  But she could have her specifics confused re: Him Dying or Not Dying that night.  Last entry I used the word Forty and spelled it Fourty and then when I was done and doing spell check, spell check corrected me and said it's spelled Forty and I was like YA KNOW WHAT FUCK IT.  I'M STICKING WITH FOURTY FOR SOME REASON!!! I don't have a good excuse.  But anyway it just came up again and AGAIN I'm sticking with, "Fourty!"
Wonderful.  I wonder if watching Prequel Movie there will be aspects of it that makes us watch Original The Sopranos Series To Remember differently.  Whole new contexts we don't even know about that aren't just Stand Alone Contexts but make us return to the series seeing things in a whole new light!  That sounds WONDERFUL AND EXCITING but also TERRIFYING AND UPSETTING.  I told you I'm doing better this time around re: Watching The Sopranos Well.  Now you're telling me I've STILL been Way Off?  C'mon!  I just can't win with you people!  You Sopranoes People!  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  Got delicious Barbacoa Burrito Bowl for lunch in a little bit.  Barbacoa is Chipotle for Meat.  Probably should be calling it a Freedom Burrito Bowl.  Damn Chipotle Speaking Countries Now who don't like our freedom.  What is everyone's problem with our freedom!?!
Anyway.  Last Act I had a bonus paragraph.  Gonna go for it again this act!  Can't take a shower yet anyway.  Dad is taking a walk.  And I'm listening for Delivery Door Bell.  It's not Delivery It's HBO.  Anyway.  Hmm do I pour Chipotle Burrito Bowl out onto a plate so I can EVENLY microwave it as opposed to just the top getting microwaved?  I dunno!  Another thing in that option's favor is they have some ingredients (I'm looking at YOU Pinto Beans!) all on the bottom.  The ingredients are divided evenly!  Totally sequestered!  Putting it on plate not only ensures its microwaved evenly BUT ALSO that I can more easily have forkfuls with multiple ingredients more better!  Huh.  Hey bonus paragraph!  Never said it would be an ENTERTAINING bonus paragraph!  Jokes on you! So it WAS joking after all.  Huh. I'll be back in a little bit.




Now That I've Got You

    Hey!  Got lunch going on.  Freedom Meat Burrito Bowl.  Very hungry for liquids right now!  It's kind of like being thirsty, because I want to consume beverages, but it's coming from a Hungry For Food place in my belly.  Either way I'm drinking a lot of soda and its getting better over time.  Maybe I'm just hungry and threes some misfiring in my brain or something.  I don't have all the details in front of me.  Anyway went back to some YoLo Tango.  Good stuff!  All that proto-Pop Punk was STARTING to make me feel like my family wasn't safe.  I was just starting to get that inkling so I decided to change things up.
    Anyway what else is going on.  GREAT NEWS my Family is getting Amazon Fresh and there's a handful of things from them regular Super Market Delivery doesn't have.  We're talking TOOTSIED POPS.  We're talking POP.. TARTS: SMORE EDITION WHY IT'S ONLY THE BEST FLAVOR OUT THERE.  We're talkin Fiber One Cookies.  Nothin' to do with, "Pop," in their name.  Still though looking forward to them.  Oatmeal Raisin!  I haven't had a nice Oatmeal Raisin cookie in a long time!  Seems like a big oversight!  Whose oversight would that be.  God I guess.  God forgot to give me an Oatmeal Raisin cookie in the last 14-18 months.  Oh well that's life I guess.  I'm sure God has his reasons.  Maybe he doesn't.  I don't have all the details in front of me!
     Cool.  We're talkin a 2 parter Steak Dinner.  We're talkin' a Chickened Pot Pie.  God is Good!  That's what Muslims say.  Which is odd because it's most interesting in English on account of the words being practically similar!  In Muslim (Arabic?) the words probably are way off.  Allah Ackbah off the top of my head.  Better LTURQ.  Akbar.  Upon further introspection THOSE WORDS are pretty similar, too!  Hmm whats that all about.  The Arabic words aren't that similar.  Nah I guess not.  Also yes Arabic is the language involved in that there phrase.  Also GOD IS GOOD?  Sounds like you're underselling God a little bit.  I'd hope that if you believe in God you feel that he's at least SLIGHTLY better than GOOD.  That's my hot take.  Google said Allah Akbar means, "God Is Most Great."  I dunno I feel like it means, "God is good."  And that's a hill I'M WILLING TO DIE ON.
Uh oh no I'm not.  Was worried for a second someone would take me up on that and make me die on some hill for some nonsense I KNOW is wrong.  Technically I can end this entry any time I want.  Because of Bonus Paragraphs in previous Acts I am already at the standard 15 paragraphs.  Gonna keep going, though!  Dunno how long but presumably no more than 6 paragraphs for this act.  Just finished lunch.  Think I'll stop entry after this paragraph.  Because I like to MIX THINGS UP.  Anyway in the mean time lets have a fireside chat.  Hey you by side of fire.  Hey when I smoked cigarettes and people would ask me either for a cigarette & a light or just a light I would HAND THEM MY LIGHTER.  Some people, MOST PEOPLE, standardly are like GREAT LEMME LIGHT IT FOR YOU.  Keep that cigarette in your mouth and my hand will reach it and set the cigarette on fire!  NOT ME.  I don't invade people's space!  That's TOO INTIMATE for me and I don't feel comfortable with it!  Hand them the lighter and let me do it themselves. 
     Also IT'S A SIGN OF RESPECT.  Here ya go, I trust you to be able to figure out how this works on your own.  Not too complicated.  Push down here with your thumb and whatnot, you've seen this on TV, you can figure it out!  I HAVE COMPLETE AND TOTAL FAITH IN YOU.  Anyway I feel more comfortable writing 5 paragraphs this Act.  So here we are!  I feel like I'm starting to form impressions on the majority of bands and/V musical acts I've first listened to in the past month that will last me a lifetime!  This is just the BEGINNING of me having thoughts &/or opinions &/or observations on Yo La Tengo but what I've already got is a relatively substantial impression that will solidly last me however long it takes to form more COMPLICATED and INTENSIVE and INSIGHTFUL thoughts, opinions, and/V observations!  WONDERFUL.  MIGHT AS WELL WRITE SIXTH PARAGRAPH FOR ACT III.
Why am I yelling at myself?  Doesn't seem very respectful at all.  Also all things being equal I like myself.  Leave myself alone!  I think there should come a time and place where I eat two candy bars for meals.  I dunno WHICH candy bars.  Presumably NOT ONES WITH NUTS.  I can tolerate a Snickers but I'd PREFER NUTLESS.  Nutless isn't a word?  I dunno sounds like a word to me.  Maybe a Coco Nut.  If I've gotta have nuts, I'd enjoy a coco nut, as opposed to tolerating most other kinds of nuts.  Hey great the entry is over.  I'll be back tomorrow!

-4:30 P.M.




Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Let's All Take A Breath

    In fact lets take Breaths over and over again.  One breath just isn't gonna cut it re: Staying Alive.  Hey I had a wonderful non-Breakfast-Liquid Breakfast today.  In addition to the Breakfast Liquids (Coffee &/V Oranged Juice) I had a Pip Tart!  No real gunny way of saying a word instead of, "Pop," in, "Pop Tart."  Poop Tart doesn't ring out.  Pip is just dumb.  Prep Tart?  I dunno what that means!  I'm never gonna make it in Open Mic Comedy if I can't replace the word, "Pop," in, "Pop Tart," with a similar sounding word for some reason no one is really sure of.  Also I'm never gonna make it in Open Mic Comedy WITHOUT that qualifier.  Just plain never gonna make it!  Oh no I was hoping that'd be My Next Thing.  It could still be my next thing.  I'd just be bad at it and no one would want to be my friends :-(.
    Anyway.  Had delicious Potato & Egg Hero last night!  Half of it, anyway!  And ya know what?  It was delicious!  I was pleasantly relatively surprised that it was a relatively pleasant experience all in all.  Got PIZZA for upcoming meal, part II of Hero (paired with something??) and a Chipotle Burrito Bowl Enterprise.  Maybe pizza for lunch.  I've narrowed it down to maybe I dunno got several options why commit now best to keep options open.  I got pizza with GARLIC.  That's hardly a topping at all!  Garlic is practically zero calories!  Better LTURQ!  YEP practically zero.  So basically assuming the zero calorie garlic rubs off on the pizza I'm looking at a Zero Calorie Lunch.  That's how garlic works!  Probably gonna put pizza in MICROWAVE.  I can do MICROWAVE or OVEN or even EAT IT COLD or Perhaps ROOM TEMPERATURE or maybe JAM IT INTO THE TOASTER.  I could think of unlimited more options but these are the most likely one.  It's unlimited!  For example lets say I take the pizza out of the fridge, fold it into a magazine, sink that to the bottom of a swimming pool for 3 months, and then retrieve and eat it.  That's just one of Infinity things I might do with pizza.
     Cool!  Pizza magazine won't sink to bottom of swimming pool.  Gonna float at the top.  Not if I connect it to some anvil or something.  That shut 'em up.  Also I came to the conclusion last night before ordering food that oh right Potato Egg Hero from Italian Restaurant probably has Tomatoish Sauce on it.  Better specifically say not to include that.  And I did!  And they didn't!  And it all worked out in the end is the point I'm trying to make.  I may have to PAIR half hero with something else!  Last night wasn't very hungry so half hero was enough.  This time around?  I DUNNO.  My MOTHER got Bakedish Manicotti and left some over and we AGREED I may have a bit to pair with Half Hero.  That's still on the table!  Well it's in the fridge now!  It's on a table in the fridge!  Fridge has multiple level surfaces so we can fit as much as possible into it!  Level Surfaces are Tables!
     Cool.  Was walking by Mailwoman during recent walk and she said hello and I said Good Morning.  Then I started doing calculations in my head as to whether it was probably past 12:00 or not (upon later introspection I determined it to be around 12:00, 12:02.)  So now I'm in my head whether I did the right thing.  I feel Good Morning is still REASONABLE at just barely after noon.  I don't think she's gonna be judging me too harshly.  Good afternoon is obviously DEFINITELY reasonable.  Because it's correct.  I dunno.  Even if it was 11:30, to me that's afternoon.  I know it's not after noon but it feels like An Afternoon Time.  We've discussed this before.  But the main point is she's judging me for thinking its morning off the top of my head?  WHERE DOES SHE GET THE NERVE.
    Anyway.  I shouldn't be talking to people anyway.  Not safe!  Anyway what else is going on.  Today is 5th Of May!  Who celebrates Cinco De Mayo exactly.  Off the top of my head it's probably specifically one Latin Country as opposed to all of them.  And maybe it spread to all of them but I think it originated with one.  That wasn't Spain hundreds of years ago.  Better LTURQ.  Celebrated Mexico's defeat of France in 1862.  Odd that even in America we celebrate a date of Mexico's Defeat of France in 1862 and do NOT know the history of the date we're supposed to be Remembering And Celebrating At all.  Seems like the holiday is a FAILURE.  It was supposed to GUARANTEE we'd remember and NOPE NONE OF US KNOW IT.  I didn't even know Mexico had a problem with France!  Now I do!  Better LTURQ for further research now I'm interested!  Eh started reading and I quickly became Uninterested.  Either way though MEXICO WIPED THE FLOOR WITH FRANCE keep it in mind for the rest of the day!




What Am I Saying

    Hey!  Listening to The U2's.  Another band where most songs sound like most other songs.  Per my current impression!  Anyway not Appreciating it OR Getting What I'm Supposed To Get Out Of It BUT I am enjoying it to some extent!  That's gotta be worth somethin' I guess.  Anyway right now looks like I will have COLD PIZZA for lunch today IN ROUGHLY AN HOUR FOURTY FIVE MINUTES OR SO.  I can't wait!  I had some Garlic Bread to tide me over.  Delicious!  I'd eat garlic bread all day long if I had to!  Well if I HAD TO that's not really an endorsement of any kind.  I HAVE TO.  OF COURSE I would do something I have to do.  But the point is All Things Being Equal I WOULD VOLUNTARILY eat garlic bread all day long.  All things being equal WHAT'S THE DEAL with that phrase.  All things are either ALWAYS equal or all things are NEVER going to be equal.  Depending upon which philosophy you ascribe to that day.  And also why does All Things Being Equal always speak to the positivity of the thing that it precedes.  All things being equal This Thing Will Happen.  WRONG.  I think All Things Being Equal Whatever I'm Saying Will NOT PAN OUT.
That makes sense to me.  Solid 25, 30% chance it makes sense to you!  Gotta come up with the next thing to listen to.  How about some SPANISH SPEAKING band in celebration of May Of Fifth.  Hmm off the top of my head PITBULL?  I dunno about any of this.  I speak English I feel like I' be a, "Race Traitor," if I listen to Spanish music.  What The Hell.  I saw Donald Trump is gonna have a Social Media Network.  That's all I know.  I read the headline, Donald Trump Is Gonna Have Some Sort of Social Media Network and that's all I got.  Sounds scary!  These people are going to be radicalized and it'll be a Scary!  Or maybe it will be a huge flop and be a Funny.  Either way gotta imagine they won't tolerate Race Traitors like me!  FINE!  I'm HAPPY.  I Don't need them anyway!
     Cool.  Also I just looked it up and apparently Donald Trump's social media platform is just a blog.  Hmm go figure.  Sounds like a Funny Huge Flop to me ALL THINGS BEING EQUAL AS OF NOW.  Also I can EASILY be wrong but I read lots of Trump Tweets back in the day and it was VERY RARE if EVER that he would write Tweet Threads.  Now he's writing a blog?  I don't see it!  He could easily have written his fair share of Threaded Tweets and I just don't remember.  All things being equal I Don't Really Care That Much.  Maybe I can listen PEARL JAM next.  If not me, WHO!  If not next, WHEN!  If not Pearl Jam, SOMETHING ELSE.  The point is whatever Donald Trump Social Media Enterprise becomes I assume it will be first and foremost some kind of scam.  Presumably a short term money scam to milk the users.  Or maybe a slightly more complicated mid or long term scam. Probably the short term scam!  All things being equal that's what I'd expect!
  Milk the users.  BILK the users.  I feel like if Bilk is a word this is presumably a good guess for where its used.  NOPE Bilk is ALMOST the right word but it's ALSO ALMOST the EXACT OPPOSITE word.  Let's stick with Milk All Things Being Equal!
     Anyway.  It could be a Radicalizing Scam and not Money Scam.  Or most likely a combination between Radicalizing Scam and Money Scam.  The point is what else is going on all things being equal.  Probably whatever else is going on even if all things were unequal.  Or if some things were equal and other things were unequal.  TERRIBLE NEWS the WIRE connecting my HeadPhones to my PhonePhone has gotten twisted a lot over the last 2 weeks and NOW it shorted out for a few seconds before coming back in for the rest of my walk.  We're talkin the volume decreased by half suddenly with some distortion before coming back to regular.  I can't deal with that!  And wireless headphones aren't in the cards until I fight AND DEFEAT Bathroom Mold Experience.  Something's gotta give.  Maybe the thing that will give is I fight AND DEFEAT bathroom mold experience.  If not how, when.  If not that, who.  If not now, huh?
     Last paragraph of Act II!  I love it!  I'm going to be honest I had two small bites of pizza last night.  We're talkin I had a bite of crust of one, and then I bit off the tip of regular part of pizza for the other.  I don't know WHY.  I guess I'm OUT OF CONTROL.  At least I knew it would ultimately be my pizza.  I was sure of it!  If I thought someone else might be having that pizza I wouldn't have done it!  That's where I draw the line!  Also I'm gonna be honest I soaked up the pizza grease with paper towel last night!  Why wouldn't I be honest about that!  It's pretty standard and doesn't reflect badly on me at all!  Some people ONLY eat the grease on pizza.  Dunno best way of consuming that.  Eat paper towel after its been soaked?  Lick pizza over and over again until you've gotten all the grease and none of the pizza?  Somehow squeeze the grease into some cup and drink it?  I don't have all the answers.  Anyway I'll be back!




I'll Need To Think On That

    Hey!  I got lunch going on It's Called Cold Pizza.  Delicious!  Maybe a step or two below Delicious!  But solidly GOOD all things being equal.  Listened to a The Descendents Album!  They're pretty good!  Not a lot of roles for ROBERT ILER these days.  Maybe there are.  Better LTURQ.  I just went to google to look up if there are any roles for ROBERT ILER these days and then was like wait I don't really think I care that much.  OH WELL at this point better LTURQ just to put my mind at ease.  NOPE NOTHIN'.  Maybe that's how he likes it.  Good for him! Also he's 3 years older than me.  What the Hell.  Maybe I am the same age as AJ but this guy was just playing a kid three years younger then him?  I FEEL SCAMMED AND RIPPED OFF.  Of COURSE the actor is gonna show remarkable insight and quality playing someone YOUNGER then them.  They already was that age a long time ago!  No fair!  Then again, at 32 years old as I am, I feel like I could CURRENTLY play a 15 year old and I am 100% available to do that if anyone needs it.
     Anyway.  Man pizza takes a long time to eat.  I'm impressed!  Good.  Then again it probably means this pizza is bigger than your standard pizza and thus more calories.  Still though I'm impressed by the high quality taste not just the size!  Probably gonna have Potato Egg Hero Part II for dinner.  Chipotle for tomorrow!   WAIT A SECOND JAMES GANDOLFINI WAS 43 WHEN TONY SOPRANO WAS 40?!?!?  THIS GRIFT HAS GONE TOTALLY UNDETECTED.  The point is 15 was a joke, but if I'M playing someone 3 years younger than I am in My Real Life that'd be 29.  Do I think I could play 29 year old with Insight?  I dunno I guess.  What was I up to when I was 29.  2018.  Open mics I think!  Musicstyle!  I can play that easily.  I already did it.  When I was 29.  No particular gained insight or anything but I definitely DID play a 29 year old for a solid year of my life.
     Cool!  HeadPhones shorting out may have been a result of Rain Today and not Wire Getting Twisted.  There was Rain Today.  Still is!  Even more than earlier!  Gonna have to start a new mask!  Normally use 1 mask perday!  This mask got too wet!  Gotta start another one!  Just like I said!  I feel like I enjoyed The Some Descendants but was too focused on Can't Waiting Til Walk Is Over So I Would Stop Getting Wet.  Next album I can hopefully enjoy in Sunshine.  Probably gonna still be raining tonight.  Better LTURQ.  Looks like it will be raining during NEXT walk and MAYBE during final walk.  I've given myself a lot to think about.  I forget what but it had something to do with rain.
Cool!  It's POPULAR PUNK.  You know that sort of thing.  Apparently upon further introspection all these lists of best bands and albums and what not, they all have Pavement as best Indie Rock band of the 1990's.  I LISTENED TO THEM IN HIGHS SCHOOL.  We're talking THREE ALBUMS I KNEW HALFWAY BACK AND FORTH.  The point is I deserve some sort of medal or award or a Prize of SOME KIND.  My present is not listening to them this time around.  Already listened to them!  I'll work my way around to listening to bands I already listened to!  I got nothin' better to do!  'm also operating under the presumption that Jamie Lynn Sigler is 3 years older than her character.  But I was already operating under that assumption.  Probably read it somewhere.  It's an assumption based on prior information which confirms that impression.  Better LTURQ to make sure.  YEP HER TOO.  Edie Falco how old is that lady.  About right.  I forget what I was talking about.
     Last paragraph!  Wonderful.  Feel like watching some #TalesFromTheCryptSummerSpringtime when this is over.  I get a kick out of those!  Maybe watch the one with a SCARECROW.  Maybe watch the one about TREE CHOPPERS.  You kn... LUMBER JACKS that's what they're called.  They Jack (Chop) Trees and turn the results (Jacking) into Lumber.  Also in Tales From The Crypt Opening Introduction Sequence there's a part for 3-5 seconds when you hear voices whispering indistinctly and I GOTTA KNOW WHAT THEY WERE WHISTLING.  It's SOMETHING.  I can HEAR IT.  But I can't make it out!  Oh well what can ya do.  Put this out there.  Raise awareness for this.  That's step one.  Get people talking and then maybe some sort of answer will come to address this growing need for Whisper Distinctions.  Well, great, just great.  I'll be back tomorrow!

-4:11 P.M. 




Tuesday, May 4, 2021

You're Way Out Of Line

    Cool!  Another day, another entry.  I've already accomplished so much.  Why it's only I Listened to a Cheap Trick Album on Walk #1.  My thoughts?  FINE I GUESS.  Gotta mix things up is the point.  Also now Classic Rock is cemented as its own unique phrase, but when it started, was it just people going man the rock from 10 or 15 years ago was CLASSIC.  CLASSIC ROCK!  Upon further introspection this bit makes no sense.  Of course that's what people thought.  That's how words work! It's just that the, "Classic," has taken on a life of its own in this phrase!  Anyway next is Nick Drake Album #2: The Album That's Actually #3 Chronologically.  Hmm strange Album Title but ya know what in this specific circumstance seems VERY PRESCIENT.  Well done to him!
     Jeez.  Pizza tonight!  Lunch this afternoon!  Dunno what yet!  Either Home Meated Loaf or some sort of Food Delivery.  I think Home Meat Loaf is the way to go.  I hardly have to pay any Delivery Fees or Driver's Tips at all.  I might give myself a quarter for microwaving it but in the end that all evens out.  What made me think of Cheap Trick last night.  I don't have all the details in front of me.  Suffice to say somehow it occurred to me for some reason.  It was OKAY.  I didn't feel the need to stop listening to it after I already started!  However I didn't really appreciate it too much.  Maybe 25, 30% appreciated.  And did I get what I was supposed to get out of it?  The answer is no.  Also not a single song I would have identified.  Off the top of my head I'm sure I've heard 3 or 4 IN MY LIFE in the background somewhere.  But there wasn't a song I was like oh right this song.  Maybe, "Dream Police."  Definitely heard the phrase before.  Heard REFERENCES to this title.  That's halfway there I guess.
  Whatta TV Series to binge watch after #TheSopranosSummerSpringtime.  Too soon to start The Wire again.  HOWEVER later today I may listen to Wire: The British Band Enterprise again.  Different thing!  As far as I know.  Maybe in the end it turns out they're related.  Wire and The Wire turn out to be in the same cinematic universe.  Oh, right.  Reality.  They are in the same universe.  It's called Our Universe.  Yep that all seems to check out upon further introspection.  Today is May 4th.  If someone says May the Fourth be with you to me I'm gonna blow my top.  Luckily I only talk to my parents.  My Dad might say it.  I guess there's a 25, 30% chance he'd say it.  It's definitely the kind of thing he'd be interested in saying, but most likely it won't occur to him.  Also this counts as Me Saying It To Myself.  OH NO MY TOP IS GETTING BLOWN!
     Yeah!  It all comes out in the wash.  I'm trying to think if I ever did laundry for myself. I definitely have a sense memory of being in Dorm Laundry Room half a dozen times at NYU.  but I might have just been there for various other reasons.  Can't think of a good reason I'd be there.  OH maybe there was like a Vending Machine Machine where you put in money and get back quarters.  That's a good, interesting guess off the top of my head.  Maybe I was up to no good.  That doesn't sound like me.  I'm usually up to good or at the very least neutral.  Maybe it was just regular Vending Machine Machine where they gave you candy or soda in exchange for currency and it happened to be located in Laundry Dorm Room.  Lots of good reasons and one bad reason which is that I was up to no good.  No Good Reason!
     Wonderful.  OR maybe I just did my laundry a couple of times.  It's POSSIBLE.  Maybe 25, 30% chance.  Actually I think it's closer to 40, 45%.  It's just that there's a REOCCURRING JOKE where I'm saying 25, 30% for things this entry.  Hilarious!  I can't stop laughing.  It didn't just Occur once.  It is RE-OCCURRING.  I'm happy with that as opposed to Recurring in this context.  That would FIT too, but I prefer Reoccurring for this one, get off my back about it.  Also I had Laundry DONE when I was in NYU.  It's Called I came home once or twice a month for a weekend and my Mom did it.  Get off my back about it!  THE METS FIRED THEIR HITTING COACH.  Look these hitters who you're saying need coaching are in Major League Baseball.  At this point they should know how to hit better than whoever these dumb hitting coaches are.  Wow nice insight-em-up to end the Act I.   Yeah!  I'll be back soon!




Hey Break It Up

    Hey what's up.  Got lunch planned for Oh I Don't Know 2 hours from now.  Chipotle!  I like mixing things up and Chipotle is just the Mix Up my life needs for lunch today!  Running low on soda.  Not Low PERSAY.  Also lemme be 100% upfront with you, "Persay," should be a word and not have a space between the, "Per," and the, "Say."  Also re: Soda Reserves I can make it last 2.5 days until I Re-Up but I'M NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT.  If I had 1 bonus 2 liter bottle compared to what I have my life would be a lot easier and more pleasant.  That's just me being 100% upfront with you.  How is, "Upfront," a word and not, "Persay."  It's a crazy world we live in.
Yeah!  Really tweaking the preset presets on my Guitar Amplification System (GAS) so that the NAMES are names I'm on board with and that 2/3rds of them are SOUNDS I'm on board with.  Good stuff!  Now all I need to do is think of a real solid chord progression or RIFF or BASSLINE and we're off and running!  Is a Bassline just a riff with bass.  I don't have all the details in front of me.  Maybe a riff is just a bassline with treble.  Again I don't have all the details in front of me.  I hardly have any details infront of me.  In my immediate viewline is my computer, a note book, my 8 track, coffee, glass of water.  Mouse.  Computer Mouse.  Not any other kin of mouse.  Couple of pencils.  NOPE NO DETAILS.  Really should look into Accumulating Some Details so I'll Know What I'm Talking About in future entries.
Cool.  Today is a real Mix-Em-Up Day!  Why there's having LUNCH which is a MixEmUp for some reason I forget.  There's starting the process of getting some details in front of me!  Conception is 90% of the work.  90% conceptualization, 8% follow through, 2% Reassessment.  That's MY process.  What's a good Music to listen to POST Nick Drake.  HMM the question is Just how much do I wanna mix-em-up.  Not gonna stick with singer songerwriter folk whatever.  CLASSIC ROCK?  I dunno I wasn't 100% happy with The Cheapest Trick.  Oh hey another WIRE album is highly acclaimed PERHAPS MORE SO than the first one I listened to.  That sounds like a Blast & A Half.  Which is my new band which apparently sounds like WIRE.  Or, MORE ACCURATELY, my new band sounds like Me Listening To Wire.  It's the listening that's a blast and a half.  Hmm given myself a lot to think about.
  I had a dream a few nights ago where I either got a new keyboard (Music Type) or fixed one of my current 2 ones that don't work in real life.  It was a blast and a half!  Hmm probably should do that in real life.  I think I've been SHY to do it because in my mind I just recently got my last one.  But upon further introspection what I felt was recent was ELEVEN YEARS AGO.  We're talkin' 2010!  It's WELL WITHIN MY RIGHTS to purchase a brand new wonderful musical keyboard enterprise.  NO one's gonna argue with that!  Hey I can LTURQ in terms of Nice Ones To Buy.  Find one that has new FEATURES and DETAILS compared to my last one!  This is gonna be a blast and 2 fifths!  Eh I'll get around to it later.  STILL THOUGH I've given myself a lot to think about.
Hey get to take a Bath &/V Shower break when this Act is done.  Then Walking Break.  Then Ordering Lunch Break.  Then eating Lunch while writing Act III Break.  The point is upon further introspection Everything I Do Is A Break even the things I Thought I was Doing Which I THOUGHT Necessitated Breaks Around Them.  I'm no Keyboard Snob but I draw the line at having a keyboard with BOTH white keys AND black keys.  That's the minimum of what I'm comfortable getting is the point I'm trying to make.  Hmm keyboard design where normally white keys are black and normally black keys are white.  I'm getting EXCITED just thinking about it!  It'd be a real Mix-Em-Up I think people would get a kick out of.  Hmm better Mail This Idea To Myself so I have legal copyright rights to this premise should it ever be enacted.  Anyway I'll be back later.




Don't Make Me Come Down There

    Hey I got delicious lunch going on.  So far, so good!  I anticipate the rest of the lunch will be Just About As Good.  It'll get SLIGHTLY COOLER over time but that's to be expected.  The big question at this point, and it's a small question but relatively big in the greater context of things, is what kind of pasta to get with my Veal Parmesan.  I could go through the list of half dozen possible pastas that don't cost Bonus but I think we'd both agree that's relatively pointless.  I WILL say that right now I'm leaning towards Linguini or Rigatoni.  That's all I feel comfortable saying for now!  It's called, "Linguini," because it has to do with Language.  That's a goof-em-up but Let's Be Honest it at least has WAY MORE to do with language than your standard spaghetti.
     Cool!  Still don't know what to listen to after #NickDrakeSummerSpringtimeToRemember.  I've narrowed it down to HEY That Reminds Me To Continue #MarvelFalcon&/VWinterSoldierSummerSpringTimeToRemember.  And that reminds me I still need to narrow down what next music I will listen to is.  If I was gonna go with a Classic Rock Musical Act To Remember, what would be a GOOD choice.  Not just a so-so choice like The Cheapest Tricks were.  I feel like I like AC/DC and there's plenty of AC/DC I haven't heard and that's certainly one way to go with my Immediate Future Life.  I mean when you think Classic Rock you think Led Zeppelin and I'm all about Led Zeppelin but I don't think there's a non-live album I haven't heard.  Also when you think Classic Rock you think Marvel Summer Weekend Soldier To Remember. 
    Anyway.  What's the consensus of how much cheese of Parmesan Platters we should eat.  Obviously we have to eat some cheese.  That's why it's a Parmesan Platter.  But I think if we eat all the cheese that's too much cheese.  That's not great, either!  I think anywhere between 1/3 the cheese and 2/3 the cheese is fair game and what we should all be aiming for if we want to excel at eating Parmesan Platters to the best of our abilities.  Sure it's a sin to waste food but its also a sin to eat too much food.  So you really have to pick the lesser of too evils.  Hmm good insight em up.  It is a sin to waste food but it is ALSO a sin to gorge on too much food.  We've been dealt an unwinnable hand!  Unless you save food for another time.  But then you're just a CHUMP.
Penultimate paragraph.  You're the OPPOSITE of a chump with saving food.  You SEEM like a chump to other REGULAR people but all things told you're coming out on top while everyone else is, "Chumping," It Up!  Anyway I lost track of what I was talking about.  Looking forward to doing Spell Check and having them correct all my attempts to spell Parmesan.  Also there's two ways to spell it.  I feel like there's one accurate way to spell it and one well most people spell it this way might as well formalize it and such way to spell it.  Or maybe there's one English way and one Italian way.  We have no way of knowing as of this moment.
     In my head Parmesan was the colloquial way to spell it and Parmigiana was the right way to spell it.  Upon further Introspection Parmesan is English and Parmigiana is Italian.  See ya learn something new every day.  GREAT I just blew the one thing I'm gonna learn today on Parmesan/Parmigiana?  THINK OF ALL THE GREATER THINGS I COULD HAVE LEARNT.  Whatta monumental let down!  Also getting pizza for a separate meal.  WHAT KIDNA TOPPING WE LOOKIN AT.  Don't want anything that'll overpower the pizza.  This is first regular pizza in over a year I just want REGULAR PIZZA.  But maybe GARLIC or something on top of it I dunno!  No MEATS then I'm just eating meat with pizza under it.  Just want some regular pizza maybe some garlic I don't know!  Hey entry is over.  I'll be back tomorrow!

-4:57 P.M.




Monday, May 3, 2021

Wonderful Entry Title Part I

    Hey!  Started listening to a new band.  Why it's only WIRE.  I remember reading about them in 2 or 3 of my Music Memoir Accounts and it's good stuff!  Only a few songs in and so far I don't feel my family is TOO threatened.  That could change in the blink of an eye.  Also listened to a Blink 182 album last night that I hadn't heard before!  Wasn't that satisfied with it!  Only got THE BAD I'm supposed to get out of Blink 182.  It's good that I'm getting what I'm supposed to get out of it but sometimes what you're supposed to get out of bands is negative feelings and listening to this album was in that spirit.  I mean it WAS MUSIC.  I wasn't confused as to what I was hearing.  It made SENSE I guess.  Anyway what else is going on.
    Still losing weight!  Assuming my scale is correct and not the dumb phlebotomists I'm down roughly SEVEN POUNDS in 5 or so weeks of dieting.  ROUGHLY SEVEN?  We can round that up to SEVEN POINT FIVE.  SEVEN POINT FIVE is exactly 25% of THIRTY.  Three more of what I did and I've lost THIRTY POUNDS.  Sure I conceptualize things with math equations do you know a better way to conceptualize things?  THIRTY POUNDS?  WHY I ONLY WANNA LOSE FORTY POUNDS.  If I lose thirty pounds I'm roughly halfway there to forty pounds!  I've lost enthusiasm for doing math equations so now I'm onto guessing.  30 times 2 is roughly 40.  YEAH!  Also was right around Overweight/Obese barrier when this started.  Thirty pounds less?  Right at Normal/Overweight Barrier!  It all works out!  THIS IS GREAT STUFF.  SO GREAT I'M THINKING, "I BETTER WRITE SIX PARAGRAPHS THIS ACT FOR GOOD MEASURE."  Nah I ain't gonna do that.
     Wonderful!  JOE BIDEN'S APPROVAL RATE TO REMEMBER is down .1% from yesterday!  I'm not gonna remember this approval rate.  2 Approval Ratings from now I'll forget all about current approval rating!  Oh well what can ya do.  If Biden really wants to be FDR he'd bring back fireside chats AND do them every week.  Not on the radio, though. On TV.  And instead of fireside chats he hosts a weekly TV series where they show cult horror movies and he talks in-between the movie and commercial breaks.  I don't get the appeal of fireside chats.  Sounds dangerous!  If Man has learned anything from his time on Earth it Should Have Been STAY AWAY FROM FIRE!  It's one of the most dangerous things out there per my understanding an experience.  Also what if people don't have fire.  Are they excluded from these chats?  If they don't have fireplaces are they expected to light a match for the duration of these intermittent chats?  Also chats go back and forth.  This is a fireside lecture.  Also what else is going on.  If Biden wanted to do a War Of The Worlds he could really make an impact.
     Cool.  Also this War of the worlds seems pretty one sided.  Per my understanding the war of the worlds is Martians coming to Earth and wreaking havoc.  That's no war.  We're not putting up a fight at all per my assumption of the plot of War Of The Worlds.  I mean we're probably trying to defend ourselves feebly.  We're certainly not going to their world and fighting.  All in all it doesn't look too good for mankind re: The War Of The Worlds and one can only hope this story is some sort of piece of fiction and not reality.  Anyway what else is going on.  Maybe I should look up War Of The Worlds to see if my Assumption Analysis is correct &/or relevant.  Oh well what can ya do.  Also don't get The Worlds involved in this.  This is a battle instigated by Martians and responded to by Earthlings.  Mars and Earth don't have a DAMN THING to do with it.  Not involved!  Don't blame them They're Only Planets!  Again, per my understanding.  Maybe Mars itself is alive and fighting Earth.  Maybe Earth is alive.  Probably not, though.  We would have noticed that.
Jeez.  No Spoilers but upon further research, Earthlings do put up a fight against Martians in War Of Some Worlds but as far as I know we never take the fight to them because we don't have the technology.  So, still, only a war of a single world.  Also, Fiction!  I know there's been some confusion about this but upon further research I can say with 95% certainty this whole thing is a work of fiction!  I wonder what kind of wire Wire was thinking about when they chose the name Wire.  Off the top of my head I don't know could be several things.  There had to be at least one, Maybe Two, MAIN ones in their mind, though!  I feel very strongly about this!  Also re: Fireside Chats CHAT seems too informal and common and colloquial.  This is important stuff FDR is talking about!  Presumably!  Maybe he was just exchanging pleasantries I don't have the details in front of me!  I'll be back later.



Lemme Tell You

    HEY it's later!  Listened to some more #TheWiresSummerSpringtime and I'm, "Digging," it!  It's FUN music and my family is assuredly safe based on what I've heard so far.  Main thing I don't like is that they're British.  I wasn't sure what I was imagining them as.  American, I guess.  Either American or Non-Country-Specific.  Either way not 100% on board with them being British but that's life I guess.  I have nothing against Britain.  I don't think it's GREAT but under most circumstances I'm okay with people or things being British.  Anyway have delicious Part II of Chocolated Chip Pancakes an Part I of I Chicken Curry meal for today's meals.  In which order will they be?  Can't say just yet!  No spoilers!  You'll find out with the rest of everybody!
    Cool.  I think its great that I don't do laundry at all and my Mom doesn't do it nearly often enough if she's operating under the premise She's Gonna Do My Laundry And I have To Wait For Her To Do It To Get Clean Clothes.  Anyway, so I cycle back around to shirts I haven't worn since 2 weeks ago without it being washed.  I think spending 2 weeks on my floor or in my bathroom hamper has given it some good time to Think About What It Did and devote itself to Being Cleaner Than It Was after I wore it last.  What am I supposed to do, keep wearing the same shirt I wore yesterday?  What if people notice!  Also I do do that sometimes!  People won't notice!  They're too DUMB to notice.  Sure, great, what else.  Are guitar strings wires.  That would be a good meaning for The Wires Of Music.
What else is going on.  Up to Steven Buscemi season of The Sopranos of It's Not TV It's HBO.  He's a fun actor I think we can all, "Dig."  Just look at him!  He's up to something!  Also YES I spelled Buscemi right on my first attempt EASILY.  Somewhere along the line (wire?) I absorbed right the trick is you separate Steve's last name into Bus and Cemi.  EASY.  Cemi sounds like Semi.  Which is a truck.  Bus and truck.  Two vehicles in consecutive last name syllables!  EASY.  I have a sense memory of making this observation in Oh I Don't Know 2014.  EASY.  HOW FAR WE'VE COME.  Listen to some Nicholas Drake after Wire.  It's called Mixing Things Up and I think we can all, "Dig," that.  Sure I may have listened to one or 2 of his top albums before.  I don't REMEMBER though so get off my back about it.
     Jeez.  Lookin' up NYC Open Mics and if they're open.  I got bored immediately after looking it up so I didn't register exactly whom and what are open.  But the point is when things open up 80% or more, thinking about trying my hand at some COMEDY open miccing.  Got a joke from yesterday!  I have a reoccurring nightmare where I have to get up.  It's not really a good enough stand alone joke but I wanted to put it in this paragraph because it's a more SUCCINCT and PUNCHY way of saying the joke than I did last entry.  So I've ACCOMPLISHED something is the point.  Also 90% sure there's a word, "reoccuring," and NOT a word, "recurring," which is a word everyone says instead of, "reoccuring," EXCEPT Microsoft FrontPage recognizes, "Recurring," as a word and NOT, "reoccuring."  I thought I was a genius with, "reoccuring."  Turns out I'm an idiot!  Hey when you're 99.75% Brilliance sometimes that 1/400 bites you in the ass.  That's right I know MATH.
The point is that's a nice thing I can do with my life for the midterm future.  Probably a few months away at least, though.  What can ya do!  Wait.  I do that all the time!  I'm the BEST at waiting.  Well, in the top 60TH Percentile.  The GOOD 60th.  I'm better at waiting than 3/5ths of people.  That's right I know MATH.  Jeez.  Gonna finish up #TheSopranosSummerSpringtime episode I'm 1/2 way through.  Then do some other stuff.  I got lots of plans but No Spoilers Alert I'm gonna keep those plans close to the vest for now.  You get it.  HMM.  Reoccurring is a word.  HEY REOCCURRING IS A WORD TOO.  I've been spelling it, "reoccuring," mostly and that's wrong.  But reoccurring is a word AS IS recurring.  Presumably with the same meaning but I don't know I'd LTURQ but... FINE I'LL LTURQ.  RECURRING means something that happens over and over again.  REOCCURRING means something that's happened multiple times but maybe just 2 times and that's it We Don't Know For Sure.  Alright another thing I'm wrong about.  Add that to the list.  I'll be back in a little bit.




What The Hell

    I finished Wire Album!  Didn't start Nick Drake yet!  Got lunch going on!  Pancakes peppered with chocolated chips.  What else is going on.  As far as I'm concerned the role of Tony Soprano died with James Gandolfini.  I know his son is playing Young Him in Upcoming Major Motion Picture but I DON'T LIKE IT.  Upon further introspection I LOVE IT I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE WHAT THAT'S ALL ABOUT.  Something along those lines.  Takes place in mid-late 60's?  Soprano is around 40 in 2000?  His kid whose playing young him is around 20?  These numbers don't add up and I know numbers!  This entire film enterprise is predicated on a lie and I don't want my fiction to be based on lies!
     Cool.  What's new in the wide world of #JoeBidenApprovalRatingsToRemember.  He's up about half a point from yesterday.  NOT BAD.  NOT BAD AT ALL.  I'm only 4 paragraphs away from being Done With The Working Day!  Totally decompress and treat myself to a #TheSopranosSummerSpringtime.  Unlike watching it during The Working Day as a break.  It's not a Treat it's a Break!  Now its a Treat and not a Break.  AJ SOPRANO LEARNING THEM DRUMS in this season of #TheSopranosSummerSpringtime.  I've had the thought that I'd like to get drums &/V learn drums if only there was a place in my house that could hold them.  Wait.  I might just be thinking of wanting to get ROCK BAND: The Video Game for myself.  It comes with drums but not as intensive drums.  Either way sure I'd learn some drums.  Why not.  Whose gonna stop me.
     Anyway.  I'd be playing The Drums left handed like everyone's favorite drummer RINGO STARR.  Widely agreed to be in the top 10,000 drummers of the 20th century.  GET OFF HIS BACK HE'S DOING HIS BEST.  PETE BEST.  Which I'm assured is a Beatles Thing.  He was a Beatle or something.  Then they got rid of him.  Better LTURQ.  WHY HE WAS ONLY THE DRUMMER BEFORE RINGO STARR.  Presumably even worse than Ringo Starr.  That's why they replaced him.  Man oh man that's gotta be embarrassing for Pete Best.  Also LOOK if Ringo Starr would be My Drummer it'd be a dream come true.  Someone with that level of talent is MUCH BETTER THAN NOTHING when it comes to having drums in your music.  Also lets be honest if Ringo Starr was my drummer my music would suddenly receive A LOT of attention.
     Penultimate paragraph.  I bet it turns out Ringo Starr wrote all the Beatles songs but John Lennon and Paul MacCourtney and George Harrington somehow won all songwriting rights in some sort of gambling game.  I bet it turns out that DOESN'T happen.  VERY unlikely it happened.  Especially since 2 out of 3 of those people aren't people.  Is it possible The Beatles are the 2nd best band of All Time?  I feel like that's a good consensus.  No consensus on whose #1.  But Beatles at #2 I feel pretty comfortable with.  And I'm not talking my FAVORITE bands.  It's the bands which I deem to be the BEST bands.  Hmm what bands did Pete Best go on to participate in.  Presumably some even though he apparently wasn't very good at the drums at all.
     Last paragraph.  Is the number one best band Limp Bizkit?  Well he/it is in the top 100,000 at the very least.  In my adulthood I assume Bizkit is a reference to phallus (makes sense with the preface, "limp")  but that never occurred to me when I was a kid.  Go figure.  And The Beatles is a reference to Jerking Off.  Again-- never occurred to me as a kid!  In fact didn't occur to me until 12 seconds ago!  But now I can't get it out of my head!  Anyway hey the entry is over once and for all.  And we're a solid 18 or 20 or so hours away from having to start the next entry!  I'll see you guys tomorrow.

-4:17 P.M.





Sunday, May 2, 2021

Hi How Are You

    I guess.  Got some decadent coffee creamer again!  We're talking THIRTY FIVE calories per Serving Size instead of TWENTY FIVE.  WHAT HAVE I GONE INSANE?  Also I use roughly 2 serving sizes per coffee.  4 Serving sizes a day.  How many Coffee Units do I drink a day?  E-mail your answers to NateSilver#FiveThirtyEight.com.  What else do I have going on.  Listening to a 2nd The Yo La Tengoes album and I enjoy this one, too!  Liked the first one I listened to better!  Still deriving pleasure out of this one!  Anyway I've had my Music EQ set on Spoken Word for the last week or so and now I'm experimenting with having the EQ as NORMAL.  Kinda sounds normal!  At first didn't sound normal when I first started these ear phones!  Now I get the sense It's Actually Accurately Called Normal!  Go figure.  Spoken Word is still better.  I don't wanna miss a thing!  Wordwise.
     What else is going on.  There must be some way to do a Switch-em-up when mixing a song where spoken word would enhance the bass guitar or something.  Keep people on their toes!  I've been on my toes before!  I have this sense memory of being in high school and just standing on my toes all clandestine-like pretty much as the standard way of standing.  But in such a way no one would notice.  It's IMPORTANT because I look AN INCH taller.  Hmm gotta start bringing that strategy back into my life.  When I start going out and interacting with people, I'm Bringing Back Standing On My Toes!  Now I'm excited I can't wait. 
     Anyway.  Got some nice meals for today.  We're talkin same meals I was talking about yesterday as potential dinners.  I had seafood PART I last night and I still have 2 Parts of Chocolated Chip Pancakes and 1 part of seafood.  This is good stuff.  I just realized never in my life have I been following a person in person or online where they give me regular updates on the meals they're having, day in and day out.  Not even my parents and I live with them through every meal.  The point is I need a Pen Pal to discuss meals we're having and have a support structure to encourage each other to have the best meals possible.  Both in terms of selection of meals and getting the most out of whatever meal it is.
     Jeez.  I don't necessarily need feedback on meals.  I'd like to GIVE feedback, though.  Provide a public service and whatnot.  And get to live vicariously through someone else's meals.  Hmm it Patriotism Calendar says Monday is, "Last Quarter."  Which must be a Moon Thing because it said First Quarter a week or two ago.  Which I took to meant First Fiscal Quarter.  But now it looks like maybe that was First Moon Quarter.  Better LTURQ.  YEP I WAS WRONG.  I THOUGHT it seemed strange that the First Quarter started in late April.  Turns out I'm just an idiot.  HEY they just said, "First Quarter."  How the Hell am I supposed to know what kind of quarters they were talking about!  I'm placing ALL the blame on Patriotism Calendar.  Go figure.
What else is going on.  In America who cares about Moon Phases.  What does that have to do with Patriotism.  Who needs it!  Does MOON effect CROPS.  Better LTURQ.  Looks like NOPE.  That's life I guess.  Also America Is Crops.  Farmers.  Farmers are the real Americans and Farmers are All About Their Crops.  Wrong about Quarters.  Wrong about Percentiles.  Wrong about Little Pussies.  The moral of the story is it appears I don't know what I'm talking about!  The good news is I am still in the 99.75 Percentile of BRILLIANCE despite being wrong about pretty much everything.  Whew that's a relief.  Do I put pancake in oven or microwave.  This is a tough one!  Leaning towards oven!  Makes it like a cookie.  Cookies are Crisp.  Not soggy.  Microwave would make it soggy!  Not overly soggy, just as soggy as a pancake regularly is.  Soggy compared to something Real Crisp.  Then again I don't know I've given myself a lot to think about.  Be back soon!





Good Enough

    Maybe I'll have a Seafood Parade for lunch.  Half a parade.  First come two scallops, followed by one shrimp, followed by half a filet of sole.  Sounds like a parade to me.  And it's being run by half a baked potato.  And spectated by broccoli.  And waiting in the wings for that night's parade of matzoh ball soup.  That's all the ingredients of Seafood Parade.  Those aren't ingredients they're whole foods.  Ingredients are the micro foods in each whole food.  I feel very strongly about this!  Thinking of having Delicious Fast Food Lunches over the week.  We're talking Tuesday Through Thursday Lunches.  Burger King most likely!  Then MacDonalds.  Then Whited Castle.  Probably one of those.  I like it because it's Junk Food.  Junk Food tastes good to the palate!  I crunched the numbers based on past experience, etc.
     Cool.  Got some Orange Juice going with Coffee.  Go figure!  These scallops are big!  Not prepostoursly big but bigger and more hearty than your standard scallop.  Seafood Parade gonna be going in microwave.  You don't wanna Crisp Fish.  Unless it's fried.  Which this isn't!  I think the process of putting it in the oven is making it fried.  Yes, by setting my oven to Broil intuitively we can assume that it Fries The Food.  It does raise the question though How Come I Don't Have A Deep Fryer.  I feel like the Deep Fryer people really dropped the ball with their marketing efforts.  If I was in charge of marketing every family in America would feel pressure to have Deep Fryers.  Just to keep up with the neighbors.  You know, that sort of thing.
    Gonna take a shower before next walk!  Wonderful!  Will it actually be a bath?  Possible!  Sorry for potentially lying to you based on future circumstances.  What else is going on.  Still haven't gotten Italian Food as a delivery since re-igniting getting food deliveries Lo these 3 weeks ago.  I can eat real pizza!  It'd be delicious presumably!  I got that to look forward to maybe even this upcoming week.  We'll see how it all shakes out!  Get some sort of HERO so it lasts me 2 days.  What's a good HERO.  Trick question, there's Lots Of Good Heroes.  Potatoe and Egg comes to mind for some reason.  Probably seen it on The Sopranos recently.  Also if I was in charge of marketing The Sopranos would have had a Deep Fryer and that comes into play over a 3 episode arc.  Well great I guess.
  I like this act.  I need Every Other Act to have nothing redeeming about it.  It keeps us all in check and keeps us all honest and keeps us all humble.  That sort of thing!  I'm just trying to put on a brave front.  It eats me up inside when the Acts Are Bad.  Oh well what can ya do.  I feel like Potatoe & Egg are two non-bread things that you can make into specialty bread.  So a Potatoe and Egg Hero is just three kinds of bread stacked upon each other.  With one kind of bread doing double duty.  Assuming its not an open faced potatoe and egg hero.  Which it isn't.  Not in this case, at least!  Also what is a Pepper & Egg Hero.  Is it just an Egg Hero with black pepper sprinkled on the egg.  That's always what I imagined.  Upon further introspection no of course not that can't be it.  I guess red peppers.  Or green peppers.  Better LTURQ.  YEP seems to be some sort of hearty peppers as opposed to just fine grounded pepper.  I was right!  After being wrong for most of my life!  NOW whose in the 99.75% brilliance rate estimate.
Great.  I can see myself broaching the subject of getting Subway For Lunch at some point maybe next week or the week after.  I can see my parents generally supporting me in such a decision if that's what I have my heart set on.  Getting Iced Coffee every day is another story, though.  That's maybe a month or two away from being a possibility.  What kinda nightmare did I have last night.  I have a recurring nightmare where it's the morning and its the time I wanted to get up but I can't get up and go back to sleep and then I get up again and STILL don't wanna get back up and then I go back to sleep.  And this nightmare happens 2 or 3 times a night!  Near the end of the night!  It's already into the morning by the time I start having these nightmares!  When I would ideally be waking up according to Yesterday's Plans.  YEAH!  I'll be back soon.





I Forget What I Was Saying

    No we aren't.  Got lunch going on.  Chocolated Chip Pancakes!  Fish for dinner!  Started my third Nosotros Las Tengoes  album.  I like this music because I don't feel like my family is at risk by listening to it.  Anyway, I haven't fought my arch nemesis Bathroom Mold in at least a week.  Gotta get on top of that!  If not for my own health and sanitary reasons, for my own TV and TV Watching reasons.  I get TV when I'm done with that!  That's the unspoken arrangement we've settled on.  Kinda spoken.  Never 100% finalized and notarized but there's an explicit correlation there, that's been made clear!  What else.  I'm okay with the cookedness of the pancakes. Put em in oven but for shorter than usual.  Warm enough and right consistency.  Well done!  I'm congratulating myself.  I'm not saying they were cooked well done.  Yep seems to check out.
Cool!  Kinda nice routine I'm in.  After walk 1 is coffee 1 with act 1.  After walk 2 is coffee 2 with act 2.  After walk 3 is Lunch with act 3!  I feel BUSY 2/3rds of the day with No Real Payoff but hey you gotta spend money to make money!  That sounds like the financial premise of pyramid schemers.  Is it actually true you have to spend money to make money?  My guess is No It's A Dirty Dirty Lie.  Also Pyramids are three dimensional.  I feel in general, maybe 95% of the time, the phrase you're looking for is TRIANGLE SCHEMES.  Pyramid schemes are presumably possible but involve a much more complicated and nuanced scheme than your standard Triangle Scheme.
    Yeah!  What else is going on.  What exactly would non-triangulaic schemes look like.  A parallelogram scheme, per say.  Doesn't sound like a scheme at all.  In a parallelogram everyone's getting what they're after.  Presumably.  I can't even imagine!  I think it would be a real good pyramid scheme if during Ancient Egypt one of the slaves/low paid workers who built the pyramids hid in one catacomb of pyramid and died there and then reaped the same benefits of PHARAOH who lives for the rest of his death in pyramid.  Obviously this is a great honor for Pharaoh and presumably gives him lots of benefits, otherwise why would he do it... and now there's this slave or migrant worker whose BEAT THE SYSTEM and is enjoying the same Death Benefits as Pharaoh.  Sounds like a nice pyramid scheme to me.  Also Tower Heist was originally set in Ancient Egypt and it was called Pyramid Scheme.  Sure we're al familiar with the film Tower Heist.  It's one of the top movies in recent history!
     Penultimate paragraph.  Pyramid built on an ancient Indian burial ground.  That sort of thing.  Also how Ancient are ancient Indian burial grounds.  Let's say the one from Pet Semetary.  Are we talkin' REAL ancient?  Maybe 1000 years?  Or could it be as recent as I don't know the 1700's.  As far awe know this ancient burial ground can be only 4 generations old.  Your GRANDPARENTS' PARENTS could have been mucking around in its heyday.  Also what kind of use did Ancient Indians have for introducing an Evil Zombie element to society.  Doesn't seem useful for ANYONE.  Why did they make it in the first place is the point I'm trying to make.  Well hey the entry is over again.  That happens every day and it's always wonderful most of the time.  I'll see ya tomorrow!

     WAIT A SECOND I need to write another paragraph.  Good thing I double checked or else I'd never have known!  Well, great.  What's going on with you.  Are you WELL?  Going WELL ENOUGH?  Ugh.  I was so excited to do something else.  I was gonna put on another #TheSopranosSummerSpringtimeToRemember episode and watch it after I put it on.  Presumably while doing something else.  I don't know WHAT yet.  Looking at phone somehow.  I dunno WHAT.  I'm not on The Twitter anymore!  Don't read news except for a little bit.  HEY at this point I'm pretty close to being able to comfortably end the paragraph and thus the entry.  Finally my life is working out JUST A BIT In My Favor.  You know that sort of thing etc and whatnot.  Be back tomorrow.

-4:11 P.M.





Saturday, May 1, 2021

Please Continue

    I've got some interesting updated information re: NYC Mayoral Election: Primary Edition.  My brother is on board with MORALES first and not Stringer or Wiley.  I tend to trust my brother on these things.  He's been alive a solid 3 years and 2 months more than me and presumably he spent all that time researching and immersing himself in New York City Mayoral Political Election Projections.  Anyway I was sarcastically for Morales because she's #2 or #3 in my OLD Book but now I dunno what to think!  Maybe Morales is Best!  We want More of Morales!  Morales has Morals!  Morales, Wasn't That The Name Of Someone In OZ: The HBO Programme!  Morales, Sounds, "Like More Or Less!"  These are all potential high quality campaign promises.
Anyway what else is going on and crap.  Got myself some nice coffee going on.  It tastes like coffee PLUS creamer Why It's only Called Creme Brule.  Seems indulgent.  That's what the design logo on the container seemed to suggest.  DECADENT and INDULGENT and This is what The Nobles Of Europe might have been drinking back in their heyday.  I'm sold!  Listening to some Yo La Tengo.  I like it!  Good background music.  Like lets say I'm living my life, walking around, thinking about walking as my main thinking priority, but listening to music as my second or third priority-- this is where Yo La Tengo shines based on my experience with it over 26 minutes.  Go figure.  Yolo Tengo.  Is that a thing.
You only live once and that's why I don't have time to say the phrase, "You only live once."  Best to abbreviate it, otherwise that's wasting my one life.  Also, thing where its like you're talking to an Indian you only live once and he's like I DISAGREE HERE LET ME SHOW YOU SOME RESEARCH I'VE CONDUCTED.  Believing in religion or spirituality is research.  No one ever said research had to be GOOD or with scientific or logical merit.  Could just be reading a pamphlet on Hinduism at the airport.  Why is there an entire pamphlet dedicated to the idea of, "Hinduism at the airport."  What's going on at the airport with Hinduism that makes this a hot button issue that we should be researching.  Also I don't think that's Hindu People who annoy people at airports per my research of popular culture representations.  Better LTURQ.  Just googled, "Hindus at the airport."  Article from 2015 popped up about how Hindus aren't happy with lack of access to 'Hindu Prayer Rooms' at airports.  Go figure.  Hare Krishna is based in Hinduism.  I was right all along.  Get off my back about it.
What else is going on.  Hey I mixed up the colors this month.  White background black text.  The Regular.  This is what the people are used to in real life outside of Personal Vanity Website.  Saw the benches cleared last night at Mets game for potential fight.  One can only imagine at boxing matches sometimes the benches clear and they all play a game of baseball.  What benches in boxing.  You know the replacement boxers if the one in the ring gets too tired.  Those benches.  Getting Diner Dinner for Dinner tonight.  Dunno about lunch!  May get Chipotle, may eat something in the house, may get somewhere else, may not eat anything!  I've narrowed it down to those four possibilities. HMM got a good meal from Super Market Order Why it's only Chicken Curry.  That sounds about right for lunch today!
     Yeah!  I told you I was hit by HAIL yesterday.  Hail upon further research is Frozen Rain.  I dunno about that.  Feel more comfortable calling Rain, "Liquid Hail."  What else is going on and crap.  OH HEY gotta turn the page of Patriotism Calendar.  Lets go.  Hmm the theme of May is God Shed His Grace On Thee.  Seems about right.  HEY May 15th is Armed Forces Day.  How many days do Armed Forces need.  This is at LEAST the third day I'm aware of to celebrate Armed Forces.  And the other one is just 2 weeks after Armed Forces day Why It's Only Called Memorial Day.  I dunno is Memorial Day for armed forces only.  I know we're supposed to be memorializing armed forces but maybe we're just supposed to take this day to Remember Anything And Everything Possible Which We Want To.  Personal Memorial Day!  Memorize What You Want!  Huh.  I lost track of whether I was Following Logic in this paragraph.  I'll be back soon!





Here Comes Some Good

    Hey!  Looking forward to some dinner tonight.  The Royal We're thinkin' Broiled Seafood Parade.  Parades are fun, seafood is fun, broiled I don't have a problem with!  Also get some Chocolated Chip Pancakes!  FOUR MEALS OVERALL.  FOUR FUN MEALS.  For Fun Meals.  All meals are for fun.  That's what eating is.  Having some fun!  Enjoying Yo La Tengo.  I don't feel Threatened like I do with some other bands.  I like 'em but I just get the feeling me and my family aren't safe.  I can do without that hassle.  Anyway I wanna be a No Mask Tattletale.  Saw some people having a GRILLOUT in the park.  Half of them were sans mask!  Is there some sort of citizen's arrest I can do on them?  Maybe they're vaccinated?  Who cares.  Still wrong!  Also this is a public park.  If you're doing a grillout I hope you have enough to share with everybody!  That's the rules of having grillouts in public parks.  That's my assumption at least.
     Cool!  I don't like it when Dogs or Kids are walking with their parents and then run out far ahead and the parents keep their regular pace, sure that they'll catch up with their dogs or kids sooner or later.  And then I'm somewhat in front of the parents.  In between the parents and their dogs &/V kids.  Now these dogs &/or kids ARE MINE for all intents and purposes.  I'm closer to them!  I don't WANT them but I feel added responsibility being the nearest responsible adult is the point I'm trying to make.  Oh well what can ya do.  Can't just Stop and wait for parents to catch up.  Parents are walking TOO slow.  What else.  I'll eat some SCALLOPS.  I feel like when I was a kid I would sometimes just get The Scallops dinner.  Delicious!  Wait no I'm thinking of getting Broiled Seafood Parades when I was a kid.  That's what I'm doing all over again.  Nothing new.  The point is Scallops?  Delicious!
     Anyway.  With Morales, you get alliteration with, "Mayor Morales."  I feel like this isn't the TOP factor in deciding who to vote for in what order, but it's A factor, I don't think anyone is gonna argue with that.  What's Morales's First Name.  I need that to know who to vote for!  Otherwise I might vote for The Other Morales by accident!  DIANNE.  Good name.  Real solid name.  I don't have any problem with the name Dianne as the first name for Mayor Morales.  And even if I did, there's nothing to be done about it, so I might as well just shut up and like it.  Which I do.  No complaints!  Already told you!  Better LURQ Morales's positions on The Issues Of The Day.  SHE IS IN FAVOR OF NEW YORK.  Well she's in favor of a GOOD New York!  New York hasn't been all that good per my understanding.  Her main issue seems to be more or less A BETTER NEW YORK.  Good.  I dunno seems kind of radical.  I THINK she should be CLEAR that New York has been RELATIVELY OKAY.  Otherwise she's dismissing all the good we've accomplished!  Like, look at all those buildings going up to the sky!  Sounds pretty good to me!  Sure we can build MORE buildings that go even FURTHER up into the sky.  Whose platform is that.  Gotta imagine one of these dozen people have MORE SKYSCRAPERS AND TALLER ONES TOO as one of their top half dozen issues.  They've got MY attention!
What else is going on and crap.  I think we should build buildings that go 30 stories deep into the ground.  It's FUN to be underground in a building.  And that's just 1, 2 stories underground.  Imagine how much fun it would be to report to work 10 stories underground.  VERY much fun, that's how!  Also I Envy The Dead because they get to live underground for the rest of their lives.  Seems about right.  Is it an option for when I die that I can request to be Taxidermied and propped up somewhere nice?  I feel like I should have that right.  I mean, obviously, if my kids or other family members or friends WANT I can be set up in their living room or something. That's the ideal situation.  But lets say no one wants me!  There should be public facilities for the Taxidermied Deceased to spend time together at the very least, if no one else wants them.  I feel very strongly about this.
Anyway.  Not a lot of rice in Stuffed Cabbage last night!  There was rice mixed into the hamburgerish meat filling.  It was pretty good but I expected more rice.  Also wasn't a fan of the cabbage!  Just ate the meatmix.  Go figure. 
Last paragraph of act II!  Dunno who to have as 2nd choice now in Mayor Race.  Stringer or Wiley per my understanding.  Stringer has Sex Scandal or something from 20 years ago per my understanding.  Better LTURQ.  If he is guilty I'm not on board with him being in my top 3!  If he's innocent he's in my top 3!  I don't know whether he's innocent?  Isn't there some sort of way as to figuring out whether he's guilty or innocent and for it to be done in a timely manner?  Seems like that would be a useful public service.  Hmm giving myself a lot to think about.  I'll be back soon!





I See Where I'm Going With This

    Hey I'm back!  I got lunch going on.  Meatloaf!  Threw you a curveball with that one, didn't I!  The good news is what else is going on.  Amazon put a package outside our front door last night intended for other people!  Who live somewhere else!  Kinda close by!  Now it's on ME to bring it to them during my next walk.  My Dad called amazon and they said we could keep it!  Possible it's an anthrax attack though so I ain't openin' nothin'.  Bringing it to them because I am a Good Citizen.  Doing it 24 hours late because I am an Average Citizen.  Anyway.  2 Slices of meat loaf.  Two dinner rolls to make sandwiches.  TEN OR SO KETTLED CHIPS.
     Great!  I was finishing the Yo La Tengo album and there were birds chirping during my walk and I was like hmm kinda sounds good maybe they should put this bird chirping into the track.  Maybe they did and that's what I'm hearing.  Probably not, though.  Most likely this is REAL LIVE BIRDS.  I dunno, though.  What if listeners of this track want to imagine It's NIGHTTIME.  Its well within their rights!  Reasonable way to imagine things!  Now suddenly birds chirping are RUINING EVERYTHING!  LOOK is if I could go back in time and change things would I get 2 diet snapples instead of 12?  Yes but I CAN'T.  Not as of now, at least!
     Jeez.  I think my Man Mounds are getting smaller.  I really do!  That's possibly the worst place to gain weight as a man.  No man wants Man Mounds!  I guess some do!  No judgment!  But I don't!  The point is I can't wait to have a nice COMPACT body.  I'll be able to fit into TIGHT SPACES like AIR DUCT VENTILATION VENTS.  And that comes in handy in a myriad of ways.  I dunno looking forward to this entry being over.  Pretty close, too!  All things considered.  Well I don't know about ALL things.  Certainly have considered Lots Of Things but ALL THINGS?  Who am I foolin'.  No one, that's what!  I wonder what the SECOND most important &/OR good album of Yo La Tengo is.  My guess?  There IS a consensus second album that I could listen to next.  MAYBE it's between 2 albums which one is next.  No more, though!  Three or more Top Good Choices?  I just don't see it.  That's not to say there's not more GOOD ALBUMS.  I'm just saying it will be CLEAR which album comes next for my listening pleasure.  Go figure.
Anyway.  For all this talk about how great scallops are, I'll probably get four.  Two scallops for each dinner I make out of it.  A big nothin'!  You know what charachter I get a kick out of in The Sopranos its Why Its Only Artie WHAT A CUT UP.  He's the comic relief!  All characters are funny.  They're all comic relief.  I dunno I can think of some characters that aren't funny.  Like... uh... DAMNIT THEY ARE ALL HILARIOUS.  How about SIL.  What a snooze!  BIG PUSSY.  Not an amusing bone in his body!  For some reason the first few times I watched The Sopranos I was under the impression somehow that there was a Little Pussy.  There's a key character named Big Pussy in The Sopranos and there's NEVER ANY mention of a Little Pussy.  But I came away from watching it somehow thinking there was.  Go figure.  [EDITOR's NOTE-- Actually There Was A Little Pussy.  STILL THOUGH I stand by the gist of what I said]
Last paragraph!  Roughly 1/14th of what I've already written today.  That sounds doable.  Mom is gonna watch Tenet tonight and wants me to watch too.  Seems like a good movie, but I dunno!  It seems intense.  I know it's directed by The Christopher Nolan and that's intense enough for me.  Gotta wonder if me and my family are safe.  By watching this movie.  Who knows if there's even ANY comic relief in Tenet.  Anyway this paragraph is very short but I feel like its long enough.  I'll see you guys tomorrow. 

-4:09 P.M.







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